Gab, the social network that has welcomed Qanon and extremist figures, explained

Gab, the social network that has welcomed Qanon and extremist figures, explained


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It's time for Cloudfare to follow AWS and ban this site.


They apparently court controversial websites on purpose. I doubt they would do that. They may even take on Parler.


Do a DNS lookup for Parler...it’s already there


[Cloudflare banned 8chan after the Christchurch attack in New Zealand](https://blog.cloudflare.com/terminating-service-for-8chan/). They are normally *extremely reluctant* to do this, though.


Don’t they host 8kun?




Gab's ISP should quit their peering contract. That will shut them down.


>The platform made headlines in October 2018 after a gunman opened fire in Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue and killed 11 worshipers. Robert Bowers, who is accused of the crime, spent years posting anti-Semitic rhetoric on Gab. His final post before the shooting read, “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.” >After the shooting, Gab said in a statement that it took down Bowers’s account and contacted the FBI. Nonetheless, PayPal banned the network from its platform, and GoDaddy stopped hosting the site. >Gab went dark for slightly more than a week, during which it migrated to the Epik, a domain registrar and web hosting company that hosts the neo-Nazi message board the Daily Stormer and the imageboard 8chan, where QAnon originated.




8kun is hosted by VanwaTech. Same as the dailystormer.


Gone the way of 8chan. YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING YOU WANT. 1st ammendment. But actions and words carry legal consequences


I find the 1st Amendment interesting. It states that Congess shalt make no law. It doesn't guarantee freedom of speech just that Congress won't do anything against it. Therefore, if a company says get stuffed, you're off, there is no protection. Luckily, Australia doesn't have a Bill of Rights and we don't have to put up with this shit. Mind you apathy helps. Few of us know and fewer care.


Its so broad that it covers near everything. The SC says not all speech is free, but free speech is not unlimited. Make no law means that the youre screwed if you think all speech is free


Bill of Rights. ‘Tis both a blessing and a curse.


Wasn’t that nazi terrorist who murdered all those people in that Synagogue in Pittsburgh a frequent user of Gab? If so, no wonder all the Trump supporters are getting even more violent.


> Trump supporters are getting even more violent. Sleep through Jan 6? :P


No, I saw all that unfold, it’s just that it’s very likely there will be some targeted political violence akin to the troubles in Northern Ireland in the future.


Yeah they could potentially be a crap ton of Timothy McVeigh's in there.




Oh, you mean that site that's been unreachable for days?


Just released. A lady has downloaded 99% of all of Parlar's data, commentary and videos since it was created and will make it available. No where to hid now.


[This is generally as far as I can get trying to access Gab](https://i.imgur.com/4wOoQOV.png). Usually it's not even that much.


These people aren't going anywhere. We should prepare for more domestic instability.


The supposed beacon of free speech on the internet according to Q’s... has replies turned off on their twitter posts lol


The following is not a quote. - “I didn’t set out to build a ‘conservative nutcase network’ by any means. But I felt that it was time for a leader of nutcases to step up and to provide a forum where anybody can come and express their insanity without fear of censorship,”


GAB must be banned too. The are equally dangerous as Parler.


It was fully banned... Gab owns their own servers payment system everything nothing left to ban


Gab is already banned on Iphone. Damn it, I want to spy on them!


You can still add it to your home scream like a app they have instructions for it on their site 🤷🏻‍♀️


Damn, why they gotta use froggy for that bs...


If Parker was shut down for having extremists on its platform, then gab is probably soon to follow that direction


Parler was shut down by AWS but now it's back up on Epik alongside Gab.


Ewww that’s so fucked


I don't get this. Do people really think Amazon and Google control the internet and that Parler was gone?


Parler and all the twitter refugees were saying that was the case, so understandable some buy it. They just quickly disproved their arguments


"When a Post reporter reached out to [Gab founder] Torba for comment on new developments on Gab over the weekend, he responded with an insult and declined to comment." Now I'm dying to know what the insult was! C'mon, WaPo - report the important parts!


The Whack-a-Nazi-Mole game begins . . .


Why bother learning about something that will get itself ex-communicated from decent society in the next week?


“Decent society”? Conservatives represent half of the nation you brainwashed, holier than thou moron. It’s cool though, stand by and watch your rights get stripped away 1 by 1 until you wake up one day and realize that we basically live in China where having your own opinion will get you jailed.


Plotting violence and calling for the murder of public officials is not "having an opinion". Yes, I said decent society and I meant it, I don't give a fuck if conservatives, one of their elected officials being so fucking stupid he called climate change a "religion" in DC today, get kicked the fuck out for plotting violence that they are clearly willing to execute. I do not give a fuck. I do not have to worry about this happening to me, I'm not actively plotting to assassinate Government officials. For what its worth if these places were just discussing disappointment over the results & discussing why they are dreading a Biden presidency / discussing policy that is one thing, but there is no reason IMO to give people plotting politically motivated violence spaces to do so. If the worst thing that happens to these seditionists and would-be violent traitors is that they get booted off twitter and Parler they got off easy. Too many people are muddying the reality of these violent plots into a pool of "conservative opinion", because its much more marketable to say "these places are being censored due to conservative opinion" than the reality - "these places are being censored due to groups plotting large-scale political violence".


Coincidence that the creator is from the same town Biden is from