Trump suggests Mark Milley should be executed in possible breach of pre-trial release conditions

Person who's never seen consequences for his actions, acts as if there's no consequences.


Person who's never seen consequences for his actions, acts as if there's no consequences.


Because there are none yet. If any of us had the order to not incite violence, and then call for someone's execution? We would be held.in contempt and jailed immediately.


Republicans consistently complain that there is a two tier justice system and democrats are not charged for their crimes. When Trump gets special treatment like this, crickets…


There’s a 2 tier system alright, it’s just not the one they think it is.


They are attempting to co-opt and alter the long held popular definition of "two tiered Justice system" the same way they co-opted the very old AAVE term "woke", and turned a positive word into a derogatory term. Republicans have a major edge in psy-ops messaging with Muscovy as their sponsor.


That's why I believe this will go nowhere, prove me wrong system!


Right? All these indictments, the mugshot, yada yada… I’m still keeping the mindset that literally nothing is going to happen to this guy. Until I see him convicted, charged, in a jumpsuit, behind bars Im not holding my breath. The fact he’s been able to get away with what he has _even under indictment_ gives me very little faith in the system to do the right thing.


And that everyone treats him as the leading candidate like nothing is going on.


I’m extremely scared if after all this, Trump wins 2024.


America is over if he does. Literally 0 exaggeration.


I hope his name is taken off the ballot in many states.


The fact that some polls show it close means that it *is* an existential threat. If he wins in 2024 it's game over for democracy in the US. We had a good run.


did we?


He won't win, but republicans could cheat enough to install him. They're projecting that exact scenario HARD with Biden, and we know everything they complain about is a projection. They know they need to cheat.


I mean, we know they cheat. Russian interference in 2016, literally trying to overturn the election in 2020 by trying to pressure Georgia into creating votes out of thin air and then storming the Capitol. There ain’t much we can do except vote like our lives on it and hope we can brute force a victory like we did in 2020.


The sad part is that actually IS still the leading candidate. By a LOT.


You need more very gullible lawyers who think you'll actually pay them.


Bingo. Every serial killer who was caught got stupid because they often didn’t face consequences but further weren’t even questioned. Trump has been questioned by the indictments. Time to catch him.


Good metaphor, but not actually true. The last two high-profile serial killers who were caught that I can think of were caught because forensic technology improved enough that re-analyzing the old evidence yielded new information.


No fair! They changed the outcome by measuring it!


I think the forensics in this case are good enough to find evidence. In fact, eyes and ears should be sufficient.no need for electron microscopes.


Well he's been right so far. There's been like 5 stories about how he's violated these rules and every one is like "but the judge didn't do anything about it," or "the judge reiterated that Trump's actions were against the law and the previous order, so the judge made a new order that was identical to the last order the Trump already violated but didn't enforce the previous order whatsoever."


Wake me up when the consequences happen.


Trump thinks he can sink the US into a dictatorship where his will is law as a way to save himself. It won’t happen. His statements are desperation turned into words as he faces his own serious risk of incarceration.


Set the precedent so we don’t have another one try it.




People keep saying he'll end up under house arrest at most, but I honestly believe that will set a terrible precedent. If someone can attempt to subvert our elections and the worst they can expect is house arrest in their cushy estate, then that's not a real deterrent. It seems the reward would far outweigh the risk to that type of person.


I agree. I want to see him in a jump suit. If not, we can expect more behavior like this.


I mean, yeah, orange IS his color!


If you get rich doing it it’s worth it, is the message.


And tax the ruling class / corporations so they dont have such a perverse incentive to support one. Fascism is capitalism in decline, many corporations will support a dictatorship in america as long as they remain profitable. He would not have got this far without lots of help from rich well connected people who are still working towards fascism in the usa. Even now trump has installed a unelected oligarchy on the supreme court. There needs to be much work done still.


A third to half of voters want him to. That's the bigger problem.


Yes... and around 25% of the country would be okay with some form of dictatorship that enforced their values. Ron DeSantis actually used the phrase "We will impose our will." Scary how close we are to the brink of ending the republic at times. Fortunately, Trump would need the cooperation of too many people who disagree with him. I would worry more if DeSantis became president.


I wouldn't be surprised, I mean there's tons of Republicans that use the 14 words live on TV, put 1488 in every username they have online, and believed Adolf Hitler was the first coming of Christ in which they hold Christianity beliefs but with "What if Jesus was Adolf Hitler" takes. The world is fucked it's weird how people see the Two sides and still think being in the center is the best option.


I really don’t want “Hitler was Jesus” in my search history, could I get a tldr, because that’s a new one for me.


Hitler also manipulated the christian right


Turns out "faith-based" thinking leads to being a useful idiot just waiting for the next charismatic leader to show up. People keep asking why Republicans still trust Trump after he's lied so often, but the experience of the average christian going to church isn't much different than a Trump rally. They just see a man on a stage in a suit and tie saying things with conviction, and they just go along with it without question.


I mean not just the Christian right, from what I found, the whole fear of God thing, makes any Christian manipulable. Confirmation Bias with the source being the Bible, which can have whatever you'd like in there to reference from.


Fear of going to hell and “dont question just believe” attitudes make critical thinking hard. Plus there were a lot of frustrated Christian incels that are also easy to manipulate.


Angry people are always prime manipulation material. Being idiotic religionists is just gravy. Just look at the Tate followers and the Muskists. Total devotion to their moron in chief. Usually why accusing everyone who doesn’t agree as being Sheep.


Happy cake day!


Their entire religion sets them up as pawns of those above them.


Yep, the ultimate Rohrschach test.


The wildest take I heard from a repub was that the Holocaust was a lie, that was anti hitler propaganda BUT he should have because Jews run the world. Just wtf?


It's not a wild take, Nazis need to throw enough shit to get you confused and think "wait Maybe they're not that bad" or "maybe they are confused" just long enough up until the point they are ready to strike out.


That's a running joke in nazi culture. "The holocaust never happened but it should have". As someone who watches these people from a distance since 2016 I lost my main account saying this shit is leading to violence and the left isn't prepared (in more blunt ways) to seeing the rest of the community go "oh fuck we need to get prepared" is a bit refreshing. I think our goal moving forward is simple: be in control of the military and get the Republican party to strike first. If they strike while in control of the military we have a holocaust 2 on our hands


They keep doing this logical both sides thing: Biden is senile and also runs a world wide deep state conspiracy that keeps MAGA supporters down. Pick one fellers.


It's Doublethink. Orwell didn't invent the concept, he simply observed the Nazis and Stalinism and drew on what totalitarians on both ends of the spectrum were doing.


Little further down the hole, known as the Right Winged Fascism pipeline. So a bit of 2016 Election mixed with Mormonism like religion. Similar to how people were drawing photos or god watching Trump as he, idk signed a bill or something? I mean you can find a lot of weird stuff like that for any president but with the post about Adolf Hitler I was reading through what I think was 8Chan? It was after 4chan basically got killed off, so I'm not sure. But I remember coming up to a post talking about this prayer thing they were doing, I have been pretty Atheist all my life even when I was "Red Pilled" and taking my own Journey religious things never peaked my interest but I assumed this to be a meme, I wasn't right winged enough to believe Adolf was anything other than a Nazi, not realizing the path I was going down was filled with Nazis. So I joined this small discord a week before this prayer thing and I figured I was going to be in for a good memeing, 1000s of users at the time too... I was not... TLDR: I joined an Adolf Hitler Worshipping Discord filled with other disgusting shit. Quote from Wikipedia: "Though Hitler has often been portrayed as a neo-pagan, or the centrepiece of a political religion in which he played the Godhead, his views had much more in common with the revolutionary iconoclasm of the Bolshevik enemy." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_views_of_Adolf_Hitler#:~:text=Though%20Hitler%20has%20often%20been,iconoclasm%20of%20the%20Bolshevik%20enemy.


4chan was never destroyed, 8chan kinda was but still exists


From the perspective of someone who wasn't on 4Chan before 2016, and popularized by the media, you would see it as not being dead. But if you were an alt-right propagandist, 4Chan died when they started revealing identities. If you think today's 4Chan is bad, you haven't even broken the surface. It's the CP filled Discord servers, the Incel rape chats, the online snuff video watchings where groups of dudes would watch but not care because the tortured woman was a "Jew". It's something I can only describe as a mythical fantasy. Which is what a lot of these nut jobs relate most with, I can't tell you how many times I had to win an argument by exposing that their ideologies were directly plagiarized from Lord of the Rings.


FTFY - The world is fucked and people are weird.




"Love your neighbor like you love yourself.. well, I hate myself so it's okay if I hate them more right?"


It's how they justify "I'm not getting involved, so it doesn't reflect on me", that's why they say the "both sides" crap. We are way beyond covering one's eyes and ears and chanting "I can't hear or see anything". The Repugs have already chosen sides for all of us - you are either one of them, or *you* are the enemy. There is no in between, not anymore.


I was somewhat surprised to stumble across a woman's dating profile a few years back that contained the phrase "14 Words." I was unfamiliar with it then. People should get familiar with it now, because the days of these pointy-headed morons feeling as if they have to hide their racism is basically over. And being ignorant of the language they use is doing no one any favors.


You know what's scarier to me? How fucking hard it is to get any person in my life to give a shit about how close to the brink we are. Like... I know it's exhausting being so close to the edge for years on end, but I remember how all these people behaved in 2016, and it's way worse by now, and everyone I know is completely burnt out on hearing about it. I can't have a single conversation like this with the most leftist people I know without them looking at me like I'm a fucking 9/11 truther or something.


Yup. It's pretty wild. I think the problem is too abstract and it's too hard to accept it.. Much easier to just go about your life and pretend things will just work out. Democracy takes work and vigilance though. The average person seems to have forgotten that.


Totally agree. Constant vigilance is just part of the price of a decent society. In tepid defense of my friends and family, it's really hard to conceive of what some random schmuck like me could even do about something this big, and I think that's a lot of why they so completely shut down. But boy, it sure is terrifying and isolating.


Have you read the GOP's Project 2025?


I used to feel that way about DeSantis. I no longer fear him. He can't corral the cats, and he lacks the aura of fear. Dude is a lumpy, slightly more angsty Jeb Bush.


Really at the end of the day, anyone smarter than Trump isn't going to actually believe the nonsense they are spouting, and that lack of conviction is gonna end them. Trump is the perfect storm of dumb but with the resources to get the platform to be relevant. I'm not even sure he is replicatbale at that scale.


It’s a good thing that Desantis seems to be such a unlikable,uncharismatic goober


Ron DeSatan is terrible , just understand why every hurricane MUST hit Florida.


Jesus after all of the shit he has done these idiots still want this guy


They are completely brainwashed. I had the mispleasure of watching Fox News when I was in the USA (the gym played it 24/7), it’s ridiculously transparent lies followed by outrage-baiting statements. And somehow a good chunk of your people lap it up.


It’s crazy wild the shit they believe. MIL ( maga ) tells me ( stumped for Biden ) that Obamas family was fake / actors. This was after calling him ‘GayBlade’ … lacking the ability to let this shit slide, I asked her to what end would any of that benefit Barack and to explain how long this would have been planned. crickets. She’s an otherwise nice lady, but you get that Facebook feed in her and she gets all sorts of weird.


I visited a very elderly lady once who said, "Come on in, I'm just watching the news." She had Fox playing in the background as she did her daily chores, like the soundtrack of her life. She, right out of the blue said, "I don't know how anybody could vote for that Hillary." She was the kind of lady that could have benefitted from the policies Hillary promoted, but had been convinced to vote against her own best interests by the constant barrage of lies she invited into her home every minute of every day.


Another win secured by stepping on someone’s head to get more $$. Just how republicans like it. That “last dollar given” tastes sweeter to them. *shudder*


My pet theory is that a large amount of people don't want to admit they're wrong about anything. If you've already voted for him one or twice, voting against him may look like tacitly admitting you were wrong before. Some people have a *huge* problem with that. In a way, I feel like some of the propaganda we're seeing feeds into this a bit, even if not directly.


Many of these people have been voting Republican for DECADES, been wrong about literally everything for decades, their cars and houses are adorned with Trump signs and stickers, and everyone they know is conservative. Admitting they've been duped and voting against their own interest that whole time, and for the interests of moneyed elites, would be like publicly shitting their pants.


It says news! They would lie to us on the news arthur! No joke though the format and look of their programs is to look like news so you can believe it is if you like the "facts" they tell.


There segments are designed with bright lighting, upbeat music, and 'inside' jokes repeated so the viewer feels included. Such an obvious format.


I didn't say they try hard. But it looks enough like news that if you already agree with their philosophy it's enough to justify treating it as news for their viewers. Seeing these not subtle but not glaring differences requires a level of media literacy they just don't have. My mom falls for their stuff at about the same rate she falls for the onion. I've explained the onion to her and she'll still text me articles about doctors killing patients cause they want to go home for a long weekend


You act like it’s an American problem yet you also have Hungary, Turkey, and sometimes Poland and Israel. Hell even Western Europe has rising right wing parties.


Crazy thing before Trump. Alot of the folk I knew that were impoverished basically camping out on properties. Hated the US. Caught up in Felony charges can't even vote. They became super hard core American flag waving patriot's under Trump. They had this idea that Trump would collapse America and they'd be absolved of their crimes. I think they also thought if it collapsed that it would be like fight club and all their debt would be erased. Literally half of Trump voters are this shit. The rich folk saw a way in to get possible tax breaks by exploiting the weak. Go Murica


30% of all people and all times support these kind of assholes. As long as everyone else retain their sanity, we can overcome.


Remember, 7% of people think chocolate milk comes from brown cow. Lots of people thought Hilary Clinton might literally be a deamon but 14% of undecided respondents on one survey thought that but still considered voting for her. 2% of Clinton supporters said she was but they found definitely vote for her! 5% think magic 8 balls can predict the future. It is unknown if those are the same 5% who voted for Obama despite being part of 13% who actually believed him to be the Antichrist. I long ago gave up on the sheer stupidity of some folks. And on being suprised how big that proportion can get.


About 38% of Americans think the universe is 6,000 to 10,000 years old. Sometimes sheer stupidity isn't in the margin, but a large slice of society.


I'd vote for a demon that supported progressive causes. Sigh, how far we've fallen.


A third to half of his party not voters. The rest of his party will just vote for him out of fear of "super communist Joe Biden."


I know some lifetime conservatives who voted for him twice. J6 was the point of no return, they want nothing to do with him now. Still, Vote!


Make his high profile supporters pay a price. The Jet's owner Woody Johnson: Woody wants to execute generals who anger Trump.


I believe the bigger problem is that we have blatant propaganda pretending to be news, and half of the country falls for it. Although it’s pretty awful all around.


I mean he sent terrorists to attack the capitol and he's not behind bars. I'll believe he's at risk for incarceration when he's actually locked up.


The sad part is, if he wins the 2024 election, he could make it happen. He’s already tried with an attempted coup and they still haven’t held him accountable for it even though there’s tons of evidence that he encouraged it. We can’t be complacent and assume that justice will be served. We need to vote these fucks out of office that support Trump. That means every election no matter how big or small or local it is. Because one thing that I’ve learned is that these assholes are really good at getting support at the local level and worming their way into having a major voice when they’re the minority.


> It won’t happen. I wish this was true, but it is far from certain.


If we convict him before the 2024 elections. Otherwise he will stop all federal investigations. Won't help him at the state level, but he'd try. However, I truly think the pro-life at all costs sentiment, and his bat shit crazy talk, will motivate more liberals, and "independents" to the polls.


>It won’t happen. Dictatorships and theocracies have occurred all throughout history and all over the globe. It takes a severe amount of head in the sand to think it can't happen to you.


Because he’s faced so many consequences so far


It seems he can. Plus, every threat he makes it’s always pointed as “he could have breached X or Y” and at the end nothing happens and he continued to do whatever he wants. I’m really worried he might end not facing any consequences at all ….


How long until one of his crazed cult members makes an attempt on Milley's life now, as a result of Trump's statement?


This is what is concerning TBH.


On the other hand, I would love to see Milley beat the ever loving shit out of a failed MAGA assassin. They're not all Ya'll Queda, but most of them are. JCoS aren't just vulnerable old men left unattended for 12 hours out of a day. Realistically, we should start considering expanding executive protections for any critical one that doesn't have them *yet*, that is a juicy target for MAGA types.


> I would love to see Milley beat the ever loving shit out of a failed MAGA assassin. Terrorists don't get into fist-fights with generals. They set pipe bombs and target vulnerable people.


Idk, that guy showed up to the Pelosi's house with a hammer expecting to successfully kidnap a Speaker of the House. Only time we've seen pipe bombs was J6 and they didn't even go off. Though I'm assuming that was the bombers ineptitude rather than a proper response from the bomb squad. They're not the brightest folks.


That dude had way more wrong with him upstairs than being brainwashed maga.


Neanderthal Barbie placed those bombs and probably built them too. No wonder they didn't go off. "I saw how these work in that famous documentary, *Terminator Too*."


MTG has entered the chat room.


To the best of my knowledge, the military does have protection units for senior officers and various high-ranking civilian officials to prevent these types of attacks.


It’s super concerning that the law seems to be weirdly inadequate when dealing with calls for violence like these. Did Trump explicitly call for Milley to be executed? No. But, he did explicitly state that’s what would’ve happened which is implying that’s what *should* happen. Because why else would Trump make that point? So, how should the law handle such a threat? For some reason tho makes me think about the attack on Comet Pizza in DC due to Alex Jones spreading conspiracy theories about it. Jones never explicitly stated someone should show up at the restaurant. He was just using it to fill time & drive engagement in his show between hocking diet pills. Trump’s tactic seems similar.


Stochastic terrorism. [“Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_no_one_rid_me_of_this_turbulent_priest%3F#:~:text=%22Will%20no%20one%20rid%20me,Archbishop%20of%20Canterbury%2C%20in%201170)


I was just about to make a turbulent priest comment. And even though it happens weekly, the courts just say “now, now, now, Mr. Trump, didn’t you hear me count to 2 & 63/64? Don’t make me count to 3 or you’ll be sorry!” And next week when it happens again there will be much finger waggling and the warning that he’s at 2 & 127/128 and he’ll do it again, and yeah, one of his wackadoodle supporters is absolutely going to kill someone. It seems like over the past month or so the far right has gone completely masks off, they’re not even pretending to use a dog whistle, it’s more like a dog megaphone from the top of a mountain. And I mean, can you blame them? It’s not like they’ve ever faced any consequences for their actions.


Exactly. This is Trump issuing a fatwa, just like when Supreme Leader of Iran Ruhollah Khomeini declared that Salman Rushdie should be executed.


That's the entire point of him saying this kind of stuff. The man needs to be in jail. Should he charged for attempted murder as well but unfortunately the law doesn't take obvious intent into account.


Yep. Trump is very dumb, but even he understands that much of his base is utterly deranged. He absolutely knows that saying this is putting a target on Milley. And if something did happen, *he would blame Milley.* He would say he shouldn't have done/said the things he did, and that if he had been loyal nothing would have happened. It's also a message to anyone else eager to speak out about Trump - if you do, you're getting a target on your back too. So, you know, standard issue witness intimidation.


Won't someone rid me of Meddlesome Milley?


I doubt Gen.Milley will be an easy target.


It is absolutely amazing how many of them drone on about 'military tribunals,' for everyone they don't like. Many of the MAGAites are now calling for him to face a military tribunal and execution. They have also said this about Biden and Hillary. Many of them actually believe that Biden and Hillary have already been executed through military tribunal and that the Biden and Hillary we know are fakes. There is no end to their insanity.


I think this is Trump's best shot at this point. One of his crazy followers takes out Letisha James or Jack Smith or one of the judges, which will delay the court cases enough for Trump to win the presidency and pardon himself.


Won't matter with the criminal case in Georgia. He can't pardon state charges.


It’s already happened with Nancy Pelosi and AOC. That may just be the right wing media in general though, not just trump.


stochastic terrorism


Mark Milley probably knows something Trump doesn't like very much. Sad.


Or Trump knows he is not a witness and is doing this for publicity is my worry


I’m genuinely not sure Trump is capable of even this level of 1-D chess at this point (ever?). The man just compulsively throws trash from his high chair at any and everyone who he considers a threat on that particular day of the week.


This seems to be the most accurate description of him on here.


> Trump knows Let me stop ya right there.... Trump and the k word don't usually occupy the same clause. There's been a lot of coverage lately of Milley having stopped Trump from using the military in his coup attempts, so FOX News has been smearing him as a traitor 24/7 over the last week. Trump watches FOX. That's all this is.












Reminds me of his thing of executing drug dealers and the news interviewer saying "so this would apply to that woman you pardoned?" and [Trump looks totally confused like any of this would apply to his people.](https://youtu.be/lWP-QL6KX-8?t=46) Starting *NOW*...


Brilliant link, thanks for that. It shows the liar caught and fumbling to get out of it with more lies


I can’t help but wonder how batshit crazy Republicans would go if Biden said *anyone* should be executed…


Wouldn't change anything. If you asked a Republican, they'd probably tell you that Biden calls for the execution of his political enemies every day at least three times before breakfast. They have to already live in that world, because it's the only way they can justify extreme measures (like insurrections, domestic terrorism, suspending democracy, etc etc) as a way to "fight back". See also: Nazi propaganda techniques.


I honestly don’t know how people can listen to trump speak and take him seriously. He doesn’t sound intelligent or mature at all when he talks. I’ve been reading a bunch of news tonight, and feel like each time I read stuff where trump speaks a few of my brain cells die lol


Because they all relate to his ignorance. Education scares them, and this guy is the anti-education posterboy for them.


"hey, he done talk like us! He aint no Washington insider, he's a real man like me!! He washes his hogs just like me and my pappy did. God bless yew presee-dent trump!"


It's actually closer to this than you think. Like, Trump had a WWE storyline before he ran for president, it's just the sort of thing he likes doing. These voters see themselves and their likes/dislikes in him way more than the politicians that are well-educated, high achieving, etc. When you hear, "coastal elite," think not about income, but more about things that culture likes/dislikes, as in going to operas or ballets vs monster truck rallies.


And one of the many ironic bits about the kind of people you're talking about? It's well reported that 45 is *disgusted* by them in any kind of social setting. I'm not sure if he simply loses himself in the ego-dream when he's diving into rallies, but at times when there have been dinners or any kind of event where an attendee might be afforded a more direct kind of interaction? While he may love the "loyalty" they bring to the table, he's fucking appalled by the nature and status of how they live (which in itself brings a whole new fucking wave of irony).


Oh, he’s the anti education poster boy for the whole damn world, but your point stands




>They know how he sounds I'm not sure they do, at least not all of them. I had a couple office people talk about a speech trump gave last year and they basically said he was completely cogent. I think it's essentially Duckspeak. It doesn't matter what words he says or if he says words at all, his followers hear what they want to hear. Communication becomes irrelevant. They know what he's going to say and their addled minds complete his addled sentences.


Trump is amazing at using buzz words and buzz phrases while saying absolutely nothing of substance. He markets ideas, but has no actual plans to implement them. Build the wall. Lock her up. We're going to have the best healthcare. Infrastructure week. He had all these 'ideas,' and he'd talk about them, but you'd rarely ever hear him go into any detail on how he'd get these things done because the reality was/is that he had no idea on how to implement them. It is just like a middle school election for class president. The kid that wins promises you free sodas from the vending machine and everyone loves the idea despite the fact that the kid running really has no idea how to make the sodas free, nor does he even have the ability to do so.


And the same people will complain about Biden “talking slow.” Meanwhile, Covfefe hamberders.


I love when he called Pence's wife (Karen), "carrot" and said Detroit was, "Motang". Not long ago he ended a sentence, "action replays of mactified fortion" - what he meant to say, who knows. Or calling Thailand, "thigh land" and when he said, "I'll elect pro-crime judges". Buh, buh, buh Biden! SMH...


I do not understand how Biden is supposed to be a bumbling fool barely able to function and also a genius mastermind who made covid happen to make trump look bad and created inflation before he was in office just to hurt the american people.


It's like watching the Teletubbies where they repeat things over and over so the little children can understand.


He is fucking illiterate. That is why he sounds so stupid.


Republicans would listen to Trump fart into a ceramic bowl and claim that he’s the smartest man on earth.


It's like the sound of a heavenly choir of angels. Shitting themselves


"Don't take him literally, take him seriously." Anybody else hear these weak excuses from Republicans early in his political reemergence? Republicans know, they just like him anyway.


DJT is a danger to the world.


I can't believe the judges let that deranged psychopath just walk around free and say whatever he wants while so many other people get locked up for more trivial things.




What good are our orange trees if not for hanging orange men??!


Trump talks like a tyrant


And he and Gosar walk and threaten others freely. How about you being indicted 91 times and giving four judges the finger . Go ahead and try that BS ... oh, only if you're a Democrat. Republican traitors are exempt.


So, Donald Trump is now threatening a 4-star general who dedicated his entire adult life to our country and was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, which—if you ask me—is a far greater accomplishment than anything Trump did with his daddy’s money. I hope the judge throws Trump in jail to wait for his trial. He was told this sort of thing is not allowed. It’s a condition of his pre-trial release. Lock his fat ass up and let him stew for the next few months before he’s dragged off to a courtroom. And where is the party of “Support Our Troops”™ right now? Their front-runner / cult leader is shitting all over one of our decorated, distinguished soldiers, and they’re just going to sit this out like a bunch of cowards? Par for the course.


Totally normal thing a very stable genius would say. /s


I don’t understand how he keeps getting away with trying to hire a hit man all the time. Posting a contract for killers poster in public for all to see!


If Milley is so bad, we should definitely not vote for the idiot that appointed him.


Trump WANTS to be jailed for the fundraising optics. i’d bet he’s got an entire series of emails ready to go to his supporters for the grift.


From the Article.. "“Mark Milley, who led perhaps the most embarrassing moment in American history with his grossly incompetent implementation of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, costing many lives, leaving behind hundreds of American citizens, and handing over BILLIONS of dollars of the finest military equipment ever made, will be leaving the military next week,” Mr Trump wrote on Truth Social on Friday." In case anyone has forgotten, it was Trump and Pompeo, who made the deal with the Taliban for US withdrawal from Afghanistan. And they made this deal without including the Afghani government. I am not saying Biden's execution of Trump's policy was spotless.


Republicans refuse to acknowledge that 100%


There was zero chance we would be getting out in a clean and tidy fashion. It just is what it is. We had to go


Well that’s the last straw I bet now that… absolutely nothing will be done about it!


"he learned his lesson" Susan Collins


trump is scum, trump supporters ARE SCUM…EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.


how about.. we execute his traitorous ass instead?


Let's keep in mind that FOX News is broadcasting the propaganda that drives so many Americans to think this is OK.


Keep in mind, it’s always projection. What he said was communicating with China would be treason and should be punishable by death. So in his trial about mishandling classified documents he understands he committed treason and the maximum sentence should be used for him as well.


Definitely sounds like he's trying to get ahead of a story and shaping a narrative to his benefit.


That would suggest he has not got donkey brains. He absolutely does have donkey brains. He just accuses everyone else of the stuff he's done.


He only has to have successful survival instincts. Doesn’t have to be smart about it.


So Trump just put out a hit on General Milley for having the temerity to undermine his coup. What will it take to lock this insane traitor up?


So locked him up then? no? Oh well, I am sure next time they will finally put him in prison..any day now..The only thing keeping him out of prison is the fact the system is working exactly as planned. Protect the wealthy and powerful at any cost..this time though, this time he will finally be held accountable like the endless masses of regular people before him. This time I am sure of it.


Not the first time and certainly not the last. When you don’t discipline someone for breaking the rules they have no inclination to actually follow them.


Trump needs to be executed for being a traitor and a terrorist.


We have documentation of him violating the terms of his bail. If a regular person like you and I were even just accused of doing one of the things he has so far, our bail would be revoked, and we’d be held without bond until trial. Two systems, indeed.


This is surely defamation of character and subject to libel law? The shit about colluding with China alone should see Trump facing and expensive visit back to court.


Put him in jail already


So how's that "no intimidation" order going?


Wasn’t Trump just ordered to cease and desist with all threatening or intimidating posts or comments? What a fucking lunatic. Can’t wait to see him sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.


Has r/conservative been fed it's talking points minimizing this or will they just ignore altogether?




How many times are they going to slap this guy with gag orders that he simply ignores before they decide, "you know what, he can't be trusted, time to lock him up"?


Now a former President and a sitting Representative and said "he would have been executed" or "would be hung". The media is just going to pretend this is normal? This sounds very much like dog whistle tactic and if is not coordinated, you have two separate politicians calling for the "idealistic" execution of a military leader. Republicans / Democrats - where is the outrage?


I am willing to consider the ethics of executing the people who are dragging America to hell. Especially if Trump keeps his promise to suspend the Constitution and eliminate the Department of Justice, I presume we will have something like the Wild West with public hangings. It might then be reasonable to hold the likes of Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and of course Donald Trump accountable for the damage they have done.


Right. The withdrawal of Afghanistan is his fault and wasn't forced at the "last minute" by Donald Trump, who didn't give enough time. We knew Afghanistan wasn't yet won and might be unwinnable, and yet we should execute the guy who tried his best to accomplish the impossible goal?


> We knew Afghanistan wasn't yet won and might be unwinnable There was never anything to "win" - other than for the thousands of defense contractors to "win" lucrative contracts with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. The US invasion of Afghanistan was a knee-jerk reaction by GW Bush and Co. to rally America's spirits after 9/11. "Someone hit us, we need to hit back!" "But who, some rando terrorists did it. They're likely Saudi -" "IT WAS BIN LADEN AND AFGHANISTAN". Even after the *first decade* of war in that country, we **still** hadn't clearly spelled out conditions for what a "win" was. "Let's stabilize things" - Their natural state is unstable, tribal, nomadic. "Let's give them democracy" - They don't care about that. "Let's eliminate it as a base for terrorism" - Terrorists just move to another country


Truman and MacArthur were never this broken up…


Trump suggests Mark Milley should be executed in POSSIBLE breach of pre-trial release conditions.. Possible? Possible? Couldn't be a more blatant breach! Stopping tip-toeing around this and say it like it is!


I feel like there is a reason there is a plethora of movies about WW2 on Netflix right now.


More projection from Traitor Trump


I feel like if I suggested a high government official should be executed, I'd have some not so friendly gentlemen knocking on my door. I understand trumpy is a *special* little boy, and why they aren't running a bulldozer over his flabby ass. What I will never understand is why normal republicans put up with it. They've had every chance to make him go away and they refuse to take the opportunity.


More threats of violences, more pieces of paper ordering him to stop. ANGH


Add it to the pile. Wait...this just in...NASA cannot afford to build a rocket that will go high/far enough to add this to the top of the existing pile.


Throw this Pinochet wannabe into jail ffs.


Just love the wording, "possible breach" He is calling for the execution of a public servant


Continuing to see what he can get away with. This country is fucked.


lock trump up, lock him up!!


Another day, another **'you've been warned'** America. It's like trail blazes on the road to hell and we're fortunate this dictator is stupid enough to telegraph his moves.


Christ, just put him jail and take away his internet access.


Isn’t he out on bail and can this be a sufficiently reasonable to revoke bail.


This shows his desperation and the lengths that he will go for reasons that are purely selfish. At this stage there is no promise he will not break and no person he will not betray. To understand the current situation we need to remember the Shakespeare that we learned in school.


Trump is projecting again.