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Erin Morrow Harlwey, a member of the plaintiffs legal team on a case that could lead to a national ban on an abortion drug, is the wife of Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. Senator Hawley has played a notable role in shaping the nation’s courts - he previously threatened to block the confirmation of a judge who he deemed insufficiently antiabortion, and he has pushed for nominees to have records believing the ruling of Roe v Wade was wrong. The article has a LOT more awful stuff from him.


Real question... Is all this no abortion, no birth control thing part of the "white replacement" horse shit? If all pregnancies are made to go full term the scales swing back again? I could see Haul Ass Hawley be the architect of something that stupid.


Yes. Also there are less babies to adopt as countries want them to stay with relatives. Most adoption agencies are religious and get tax dollars to run. They get to discriminate about who gets babies. So more forced births equals more tax dollars as they feed their church new bodies.


But adoptive parents most often only want babies. The foster care system is full of 5-17 year olds who will never be adopted because they aren’t cute babies and they have baggage from the families who tried to raise them or birthed them. Babies are often born after months of prenatal substance abuse resulting in emotional and mental issues after birth. And, the GOP is thinking nice, white, blond Gerber babies…they don’t care about anyone else.


The "white replacement" theory is nothing more than cover for the evangelicals that want to have their puritanical world view made law, separation of church and state be damned.


And, both Hawleys clerked for John Roberts. The conservative apple never falls far from the tree.


Fascist scum


Shitty people clearly attract.


[Katie Miller.](https://www.businessinsider.com/katie-miller-says-unmoved-by-child-detention-facility-visit-book-2020-7)


Yes. Worse than the Hawley duo.


I am always in stitches when these sanctimonious sacks of shit blather about the sanctity of life. They care nothing about life. What they do care about is power and control. If one succeeds to take away reproductive rights imagine how much easier it will be to take away other rights


Erin and Josh have **two** kids. Are they not planning on having any more? * Isn't that "birth control"? * Isn't that interfering with god's plan for their marriage? * Isn't that stopping "life" so she can have a career outside the home? * Isn't that called **family planning** so they don't bear more kids that they can afford to take care of? * Isn't that a right **everyone** should have in planning for THEIR families too?


>Isn't that a right everyone should have in planning for THEIR families too? "Rules for thee and not for me" the motto of the GOP You get God's plan for your family Healthcare and science? That's for the Hawley's.


To be fair, they haven’t actually come for contraception yet.


That was an ugly conversation I've gotten caught in, with individuals charging that even contraception is murder.


It's easy to not have more kids if your husband is Josh.


It's like Phyllis Schlafly being against ERA. She tells all the other women they should stay home and have no rights as she is a hot shot attorney and speaker at GOP events. I get to do what I want but you stay home. Think she was pissed her mom had to work when she was a kid so grew up grumpy. But instead if decideding she would stay home decided every women must except her as she must make sure they do (AKA power).


It’s very Serena Joy of her.




Ah good old SchyPhyllis.


I hate this state.....


the wife of a traitor is political news? I get it but... she is the wife of a known traitor.


You would not think that imbecility could be passed on by marital relations, but here we are.


I almost felt sorry for the woman married to this d-bag. Not so much now.


She, too, must be quite the runner if she's "leading the charge"...


Birds of a feather…