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But wearing a mask was a restriction of their freedom.


Same in schools. Parents were threatening school board members, administrators, and teachers for enforcing mask mandates but had no issue with making a girl put on a giant sweatshirt if she had a visible bra strap.


The policing of girls clothing in schools is crazy


The policing of girls in general is crazy. It’s like giving people the green light to blame a child for the way she dressed when she gets raped. I can already hear the “well if her skirt wasn’t 3 inches above the knee” line already


I remember a rape case a while ago in the US where the defense was since the young woman was wearing a certain kind of underwear, then she clearly consented to sex. There was a similar defense in Ireland a few years ago. I don't know if either was a successful argument, but still pretty stunning to even present to a court.


Your face is wearing a smug grin, so you consent to being punched in the face.


You had cash and credit cards in your wallet when you walked down the street, you were practically asking to be robbed


There's been all sorts of crazy things like that. Like saying if she didn't want it, then there was no way that her blue jeans could've been removed. (I think that was from a judge, but my memory is fuzzy.) Or if it was an actual rape then she wouldn't get pregnant. (That was a Republican congressman.)


"If it's legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down" That shithead is dead now, and the world is a better place for it




With Republicans; - voter: actually believe it - representative: deliberate lies to push agenda




Shit like that is infuriating. I quarantined the first 2.5 years of the pandemic, I wasn't dating, I still wore my sexy lingerie several times a week. If long skirts and chadors prevented harassment or rape most women would carry an emergency set in their purse instead of pepper spray.


Everyone knows that rapists don’t go after anyone with their skirt less that an inch above the knee (/s)


My mother (55 or 56 at the time- late 90s) was home in the late evening and I was working. She heard a knock at the door and thought I had come home early so she opened the door in her nightgown and robe. An unknown man pushed the door open and he pinned her to the back of the sofa. She hit him with something and he took off thank god. She called the cops and they actually blamed her for answering the door in her gown and robe. Like it was an invite 🙄. It terrified her for a long time those fuckers. ACAB. I felt so horrible for her ..


From the same folks who rail on and on about how Democrats "want to institute Sharia Law," we bring you "if a woman doesn't wear a burka, she's asking to be raped, by dressing too slutty around men, who can't be expected to control themselves."


But if you wear a burka then you're obviously hiding a non Christian agenda or a weapon of mass destruction.


It's because they'd rather try and force girls to dress conservatively vs actually teach boys that women are people


I’d give you an award if I could. But take my upvote


> actually teach boys that women are people Why would they teach them something they themselves don't believe?


Creepy men assume everyone is having the same thoughts they are having about their students.


Conservatives think this way about a lot of things. 'People on welfare are rorting the system' *because that's what I would do* is the unspoken part.


Creepy men pretending the rules would change the way they treat people. They want more rules so they have more shade to hide in. Gaetz is still in congress, and still aligned w the qanon fools despite literally trafficking actual minors.


Funny how dress codes only regulate *women's* clothing....


It's because young girls will lead honest men like Matt Gaetz into temptation. /s ​ The 'personal responsibility' crowd certainly love to blame women for the actions of men.


You wouldn't want to have to have those boys learn any sort of self control, would you? Having some sort of allegation could really hurt their potential and we _definitely_ don't want that.


I went to a high school with a pervy ROTC teacher who was known as ROTC Nazi. He measured girl’s clothes at every class change. Once he wrote me up for a dress code violation, after making me kneel on the floor in front of him to measure my dress. The 1/4” violation was obviously a distraction to learning in my gifted student classes. The boys didn’t look at us because they lacked social skills. It was well known that the teacher touched female students to measure their clothing. Being a young woman in a Red southern state is not easy. The focus on appearance while diminishing a woman’s worth is in the playbook.


Oh my goodness. I skimmed the title and just automatically assumed it's the state gov imposing new laws on schools again. They're seriously making a dress code for adults in a government building?! That's definitely a 1st amendment issue


You can wear a gun but not shorts.


Inb4 a congresswoman makes a skirt out of glocks


I assume Gaetz and those two idiots he runs around with will be showing up in short skirts. you know protesting like they did with metal detectors and masks [https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/07/gop-reps-protest-house-mask-mandate-by-barging-into-senate.html](https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/07/gop-reps-protest-house-mask-mandate-by-barging-into-senate.html) [https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/01/republicans-throw-a-tantrum-when-asked-to-follow-new-capitol-security-measures](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/01/republicans-throw-a-tantrum-when-asked-to-follow-new-capitol-security-measures)


Gaetz just wants to know if any of those outfits come in child sizes.


They don't but he does.....allegedly or something


Allegedly nothing. Sue me, Matty! Let's get these Venmo transactions as a matter of court record!


“Come at me bro!” Is Gaetz love language


If you get sued I’ll gladly contribute to your legal fund. Let’s crowd source getting these creeps out of our government.




Matt "public venmo transactions" Gaetz?


Hey are you all talking about Matt Gaetz the child sex trafficker?


What, so all of a sudden paying a minor for sex and transporting them across state lines makes someone a child sex trafficker?! *taps earpiece* Ok, my editor is telling me that’s exactly what it means.




Compare Matt Gaetz and George Santos to Al Franken. Then tell me the parties are basically the same.


Damn, I miss Al.


Me too


AKA PizzaGaetz


This is the State House in Florida not the US Senate. So at best he will say it’s their right or something like that


*House, but you're correct.


Some people really haven’t ever gotten over whatever they thought about their high school experiences. Gaetz is an actual child trafficker at MINIMUM. Boebert is married to an actual child molester at MINIMUM. But sure a secret cabal of something is doing things to kids.


> Boebert is married to an actual child molester at MINIMUM. Boebert is *one of her husband's victims*.


Only men need freedom. If mask mandates were just for women I don’t think they would’ve cared half as much.


But men only need Approved^TM Freedoms. For example, these same people would very upset if a man entered the house wearing a skirt that was two inches *below* the knee.


If only women had been forced to wear masks, they'd be fighting to be allowed to take them off again for the next hundred years while Republicans insist that women wearing masks has been a part of American Tradition ever since the continent was discovered by Moses.


Just to point out, the new dress code appears to be targeting men too and appears more restrictive towards men (ie: must wear a proper suit in the chamber and must wear a suit or a button down shirt, blazer, tie, and pants in the building..... and men cannot have any patterns on their suits as that would be fun). There's definitely something to be said about mandating a dress code but not mandating masks given the health risks experienced during Covid.


It's not a popular opinion, but professional dress codes are almost always more restrictive on men because men have way less variance in what constitutes professional dress. People see a code telling women their skirts can only be so short and complain but that same code allows women to wear skirts or pants. Men have to wear suits - always. Just suits.


Dress codes always have additional caveats for women though. Part of women being “well-groomed” in corporate culture, whether formally written or not, is a face of makeup and fully (Caucasian, no braids! 😑) styled hair. I’ve been talked to by supervisors at my non-client facing white collar jobs for “not being up to dress code standards” and “looking tired” by not wearing makeup and only styling my hair in a plain utilitarian bun. I was also only wearing the same 2/3 identical pant suits on a rotating basis (clean, of course but I was fucking poor what did they expect) and got called slovenly for that too. I had no issues with cleanliness or hygiene, I just didn’t have a unique outfit or makeup/hairstyle every day. I had to raise holy hell with HR *twice* just to have my supervisors cut that crap out. I’ve heard many stories from women saying similar things happened to them. So you get shit if you’re too feminine, and shit if you’re too uniform as a woman. Can’t win. Thankfully I switched to nursing and no one gives two shits if you wear the same scrubs daily as long as they’re clean and they REALLY don’t give a shit about “presentability.” Be clean and do your job, end of story - it’s refreshing.




I mean, many of them can’t, but that’s a them problem.


The women need to propose a law that men’s pants can’t be so tight that they show any outlines of the genitals


That reminds me of an old Rodney Dangerfield (RIP) joke about a man’s pants being tight enough to be able to tell what religion he was.


Bring back the codpiece!


You all are missing the larger message. This isn’t the first state to enact a dress code onto women. This is an agenda. Arguing about how this is fine yet masks were viewed as “restricting freedom” is playing right into the agenda. This is simply pushing for control. Campaigns against masks were also about control. This isn’t about morals or perspectives or health or freedom. It is about control. Control of the base to direct their anger. Control over the opposition to limit their actions and force them to get used to the control.


Several years ago I had seen where a number of Republicans were pushing for it to be illegal for women to wear pants - that they want \\traditional gender roles in regard to dress'.


Sooo men wearing loin cloths and furs? Or, oh sorry, I guess for men that tradition refers only to suits and fedoras? Sorry I thought we were just picking and choosing?


No, [manly clothes:](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FfoUbblWAAA9Mso.jpg:large) pink, corsets, stockings, heels! For horse riding and war!


*Missouri enters the chat*


Absolutely all of it is metaphorical for, "Women in Florida are OURS and we WILL control you. Stop complaining and get into line."


Right? This requires SOCKS be worn with your mens shoes. Socks are just feet-masks sheeple!


Can they wear pants that are cut above the knees? Or sexy shorts?


I'm pretty sure that daisy dukes are considered formal wear in Florida?


Only if hemmed.


Are they even daisy dukes anymore if they're hemmed? I thought the fray was an essential part.


Instructions unclear dress code now mask-ONLY


If you show up "improperly dressed" does the state legislature have to call your mom to bring you more appropriate clothing or do you just get sent home for the day?


I know you asked the question jokingly, but, I imagine they could just send home any women they disagree with for “dress code” and then vote without them. It doesn’t matter because Florida is so gerrymandered that republicans control all three branches but in other states I could see that happening.


> because Florida is so gerrymandered that republicans control all three branches but in other states I could see that happening. And they kicked out federal election monitors but *we're not allowed to ask those questions*


Remember when Trump tweeted that when he was President he helped Desantis rig the 2018 gubernatorial election, while Desantis was not allowing federal oversight of elections?


You have to wear a robe and recite verses from a very old fiction novel called the “bible” then you get 1776 lashes


When do they get sent to John Lithgow's office?


Good For You!


I think it's a robe and cowl, actually. They're made of red fabric.


Can't speak for the legislature but I know in law school I was coached that if I applied for any jobs in the south, I would be expected to wear a skirt suit and pantyhose and if I tried to wear a pantsuit or went without hose I would likely not get a job if it was an interview, or be sent home by the judge without hearing my case if it was a court appearance. I went to law school and nyc and even for the job market there I was coached on how to dress "conservatively" and had many classmates instruct me on where to buy hose that were worth the money if I was going to wear a skirt. It was such a culture shock after moving out of the pacific northwest especially since I don't even shave my legs or armpits which is frankly taken in stride in the pnw. I interned for a male judge in brooklyn for a while who once complimented a young female lawyer's cardigan during a motion hearing and she intimated that the cardigan had gotten her thrown out of a couple courtrooms for being "unprofessional." It was the middle of summer and swelteringly hot outside but freezing in the court room bc of the air conditioning. A suit jacket would be unreasonable for the weather but the cardigan was perfect layering for the courtroom and very professional looking. My judge commisserated and turned to me and the other intern (both of us women) and told us solemnly that some judges are stuck in the past but that we should never be ashamed of needing a cardigan if it's cold. And it says more about those judges than it does about us if a judge shames a woman attorney for being chilly in the courtroom.


I was coached the same way in some of the pre law classes that I took while I was getting my bachelors degree. My professor even mentioned that she’d had a judge call her unprofessional for wearing pants in a court room before. I can’t guarantee that that actually happened but I do live in Florida so I wouldn’t be surprised.


There are still SO many judges who can't handle women wearing pants


you get fined and they take it out of your salary


You have to wear clothes from the lost and found...


This paragraph really gets it: > We do applaud the impulse to look more professional in the House. Acting more professional, though, is the real trick. One way to do that: Quit wasting time on the transparently cynical “woke” wars pushed by Gov. DeSantis in his quest for the White House and focus on the real needs of the people. Stuff like affordable housing, a solution to the escalating property-insurance crisis, rising seas, diversifying an economy too dependent on tourism. Florida, quite literally, is promoting *style* over substance in their legislature!


Walter Benjamin and many critics of fascism in the 1930s and 40s said that a key component of fascism was the 'aestheticization' of politics. That is, prioritizing political style and the appearance of politics over actual politics. The culture wars are a fantastic example of this, and while both democrats and republicans are guilty of this, the republicans have taken it to extreme levels.


So you're saying Hitler was the original tiktok influencer?


Hitler's crew were styled by Hugo Boss...so that tracks


And Chanel, she was a known nazi


This comment section Bill Burrs 👍


I watched a documentary that included a photo shoot of Hitler while he was figuring out his vibe.


Can someone give some examples of democrats propagating the culture war? This is just something I hadn't really thought about.


I don't think there's a fair way to say both sides engage in culture wars, so I disagree with that portion of their comment. No one's life gets ruined by taking diversity training or being more inclusive. Contrast that with the legislation targeting LGBTQ folks, or stripping the rights of women to choose.


They benefit by dangling these issues in front of voters for years and not fixing them when they have the power to do so. So not that they’re the antagonists, but they keep certain issues in their back pocket


When you vote to turn your state into a theocratic shithole to own the libs. Great fun all around


How long till Florida republicans go all in and just try to rename the state to Gilead? Sheesh


It's already Adirolf backwards


I mean some people do pronounce it Floda


I laughed.


Redneck Gilead


>to own the libs It's not this anymore. That ended around 2020. Now it's simply control over women.


Oki fair. I'm apparently no really keeping up with the times.


Medieval times, it would appear.


I have been to medieval times. Ate some chicken, had a giant Stein of beer and watched a bunch of dudes on horses fight for the Queens pleasure. I think the green knight won when I was there. Definitely way more progressive than anything a conservative has to offer. Don't sully Medievil Times with such mean comparisons!


Seriously. Pre-gaming while hanging out with a semi-legit blacksmith, enthusiastically yelling for "your" knight and watching people encounter soup with no spoon = hilarious evening, even without all the horses and swords and stuff.


It can be both. Desantis advancing his stop woke shit further and further serves absolutely no function other than adding to his resume of owning the libs.


It's total control babes. Power doesn't care what brand you are. >On a side note: We keep comparing this to Germany 1930 - 1946 because there are great parallels, however, US Fascism will be much different than that in comparison and likely a lot worse. Especially considering we're 100 years in the future from then. The way wars are waged have changed and so to have the means of conditioning the populace. As fucked up as this will sound, Fascists then wasted alot of time getting to the points they adopted from the US whereas the US alone will waste no time exterminating anybody they see fit which includes white people. As they have done so historically.


Yeah control over women. He said theocratic shithole. Did you miss that?


God forbid any of them had to wear a mask, though. Then it's Sharia law.


Republicans: ‘Muslims are bad because of sharia where they tell women what to wear’ Also republicans: ‘no skin, women scary’


They should just criminalize boners at this point. Get all this stuff fixed right at the source.


You gotta up your conservative blame game. It's never the man's fault in a red state. Always blame those naughty, naughty women for doing something that you might think is completely innocent and ordinary, but under conservative logic is actually forcing men to become sexually violent against their will. They're the real victims. ... Do I have to put an /s here? It *seems* obviously sarcastic to me. But in today's political climate, better safe than sorry.


It's funny how the same people that run around screaming people are "TaKinG AwaY MuH FreeDomZ" Are literally the ones taking people's freedom away.


Not even so much of an accident. Accusing your "enemy" of what you yourself are guilty is a standard play from the fascist playbook.


>Are literally the ones taking people's freedom away They don't care if it's taking away freedoms from people they disagree with.


TAkiNg AwaY MY fReeDom to Take AWAy oTherS FrEeDom


It's funny how the same people screaming about "GROOMERS!" are admitting they can't be trusted around women.


There's an "in-group" to protect without constraint, and an "out-group" to constrain without protection.


What they're talking about is their freedom to treat people like shit. If you say that your religion requires you to treat people like shit, you get to play the religious freedoms card


How is this going to solve any problems real people are facing?


It won't by design. Republicans have no real ideas to solve problems and that is why they fight culture wars and appeal to the lowest common denominator of the population that hate everything that isn't white and male. They are not interested in governing or solving problems, only staying in power.


Short skirts get these christian men all hot and bothered.


It’s honestly more problematic than that. It is “as a woman you can’t be trusted to dress appropriately so we need to define it”. Baring an actual problem that’s a really weird priority.


Tbf they addressed men too. You can't wear a patterned suit to work or shoes without socks. What kind of men dress like that I wonder. And to make their motives questionable, they've included no torn jeans or shirts with writing on them.


The point of this isn’t to encourage productivity of professionalism. The entire point of this is to find reasons to censure congresspeople. Why that would need to be one of the earliest bits of work should suggest the level of busybody that might work in such a house.


No patterned suits? Imagine some clown telling me I can't wear a pinstripe.


Well, for Republicans it solves a problem because they are constantly at war with women, and continually need to flaunt it.


I continue to be astonished at how many women still vote for the GOP. It's almost as if they *want* to be repressed and go back to the days of Little Suzy Homemaker. Edited to add: How many women? Just now, I saw this posted on Reddit: https://i.redd.it/aypq5xvja1fa1.jpg Consider how the electoral map would have looked if only white women voted.


It's called growing up in a sexist society that cultivates anti-women attitudes. It's all they know. The unfortunate part is they aren't happy about being repressed either, sadly their go-to *solution* is to force all women to conform to the same life of repression.


Then the old observation "misery loves company" has some truth in it, I guess. Too bad. It doesn't have to be that way.


There’s no fucking way that map is accurate. Iowa is 96% white and voted republican. And there’s a disclaimer at the bottom saying that no matter how he broke it down, all non white votes in every state went democrat.


Internalized misogyny is a hell of a drug.


They don't want to solve any problems. Republicans are reactionaries. They thrive off of anger and hate. Without anything to be angry about or anyone to hate, they have nothing.


Republicans can’t solve real problems, all they can do is create more problems and blame them on the libs.


Under His Eye.


May the Lord open


Blessed be the fruit


Under his Eye


These conservative men who yell about Sharia law telling American women to cover up.


Their problem with Sharia is that it comes from a competitor religion. They don't care about the quality of evidence or lack there of for why people should follow it, or the impediment on rights.


If it wasn’t for different beliefs the extremists of every religion would love eachother.


Christianity and Islam are kissing cousins. Not surprising they mostly agree.


Florida Republicans admit they are unable to control themselves if they happen to see the slightest bit of lower femur.


The whole goal is to drive women out of political discourse and high school athletics. The right wing hates Title IX so they instituted the menstrual rule. Now they are trying to make being a women in politics a burden. The GOP and the right wing are a theocratic crazy land.


Republican men can force you to birth. You better believe they can tell you how to dress. If ya keep voting republican, pretty soon you will lose the right to vote. But y'all go ahead and keep drooling at the polls......


Next up - All women representatives must make sandwiches for everyone's lunch


and always be prepared to assume any position of subservience.....


I would happily make them a sandwich. Hope they like bread I've wiped my ass on. :)


But concealed guns are OK - Amiright


Men's dress code is much stricter. Nothing above the ankle.


Ohio did this too. Women aren't allowed to show their arms, among other restrictions.


Are Men? Holding both genders to the same dress code and style is fine as long as its equal in restrictions


Missouri did the same.


Gilead did the same.


Florida sounds like a right shithole.


It is literally and figuratively America’s cock and balls.


Also no spaghetti strap tank tops. Violations will result in you having to wear your PE clothes for the rest of the school day. Your parents can collect your clothes at the end of the day.


Was this a problem that needed fixing? Were members showing up in mini skirts, low cut tops, swim suits, or some other overly revealing clothes?


It was if you are a misogynist.


To be enforced by nuns with measuring tape and paddles


Small government party folks.


The GOP want women in the kitchen making dinner. They’re incrementally reestablishing their control over them with rules like this.


As said before - guns have more rights, than females in Florida


Texas as well. By far.






I remember they'd make the girls kneel on the floor and use a dollar bill as measurement.


That's a little too on the nose


It's what they did, though.


Please refresh my memory, this is the party that champions personal freedom?


Lol can't wear shoes without socks, they probably think it makes you look gay. You can tell someone over the age of 50/60 thought this up


If I were a member, I'd show up every day in a men's suit and tie. Fuck these creeps.


American Taliban


Apparently fliers have been put up throughout the Capitol in the past few days informing people what they can and can’t wear: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/584005-florida-house-administration-dress-code-asks-women-to-cover-their-shoulders/


I'm surprised they're allowing the women to wear pant suits...


American Taliban


But this will expose ankles!


Do people really care that they're instituting a pretty standard business dress code? I mean, no sleeveless shirts and nothing too short seems pretty boringly usual for so many things I just can't bring myself to have an issue with it if the majority of the legislature wants it that way.


I see nothing wrong wit this and Florida’s government antics usually pisses me off


You should look professional.


It’s just political theater.


My line of Star Spangled Burquas is about ready!


But they still want all the hotties to come down and fornicate nearly naked on the beaches because spring break is great for the economy. Such hypocrisy. There is nothing Christian about any of the nonsense perpetuated by state or federal government.


Pretty sure this dress code is only for in the Capitol building, not when they're on their free time at the beach or whatever. It's a business dress code.


Maybe they should consider having women cover their faces too. That is a novel idea…. What a wonderful regressive society built on greed and power to control others.


This is pretty much standard professional attire dress code. Don’t really see the big issue here.


Are there restrictions for men? Because if men are required to wear a suit and tie I think it should be no different for women - literally also wearing a suit and tie. However if they’re just pulling rules out their ass for no reason then yeah fuck all of them and let those women skirt.


The last person who should be telling anyone how to dress is Ron DeSantis. https://images.app.goo.gl/2MEoiMhtiaQQD5jW6


Professionalism a problem? Men having less options not?


Males should all show up wearing jean shorts above knee.


Of all the things to complain about regarding republicans ...I don't think this is one worth the wasted time. While I'm not a fan of dress codes in general... It's fairly established for the past billion years to have professional standards in terms of dress codes. I would say that any Congressional place of business would qualify as a professional place of business. This is a nothing burger to create faux outrage. Focus the anger on abortion rights, education, and ethics.... Not a version of something that every white collar job has to put up with.


It's always been about controlling women


Went to an all girl Catholic high school . I know about uniform enforcement. It’s all about control.


So at 2 inches every dude gets a boner?


Meanwhile my nieces who go to school in Florida: “it’s non of their fucking business how I dress or my last cycle.”