George Santos didn't serve as Abraham Lincoln's chief of staff to see the GOP come to this level of dysfunction.


Thankfully his time as King of Harvard university prepared him for this


How did Byron Donalds become the figurehead for this band of weirdos? I had never even heard of him until Tuesday.




"Also your last name is Donalds which is close enough to remind people of Donald Trump"


So far, best moment is republicans stating “we could have voted in the first black man to be speaker” and the democrats being like “he’s right! Jeffries! Jeffries! Jeffries!”


I heard the Jeffries chanting but I missed why it began. Democrats on point in all this. I'm glad they haven't conceded shit to the GQP.


Shameless R's. Nothing says not a prop, like stating that person is not a prop.


Jeffries? Jeffries! Jeffries. *Applause*


Someone HAS to make a compilation video of just Jeffries voting for himself


212 for Jeffries for the 7th time. I'm kinda proud of the Dems for their unity right now.


I wrote my rep thanking her for holding the line. It's a reddish district so it's nice to see.


Raphael Warnock has won 4 elections in two years, McCarthy has lost 8 in 3 days.


1st vote: 212 Jeffries, 203 McCarthy, 19 for others 2nd vote: 212 Jeffries, 203 McCarthy, 19 Jordan 3rd vote: 212 Jeffries, 202 McCarthy, 20 Jordan 4th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 20 Donalds, 1 present 5th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 20 Donalds, 1 present 6th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 20 Donalds, 1 present 7th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 19 Donalds, 1 Trump because Gaetz is Gaetz, 1 present 8th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 17 Donalds, 2 Hern, 1 Trump, 1 present 9th vote: 212 Jeffries, 200 McCarthy, 17 Donalds, 3 Hern, 1 present 10th vote: 212 Jeffries, 200 McCarthy, 13 Donalds, 7 Hern, 1 present 11th Vote: 212 Jeffries, 200 McCarthy, 7 Hern, 1 Trump, 12 others, 1 present I cannot believe how bad McCarthy is at this. Wait, yes I can. Because he's Kevin McCarthy. 9TH ROUND EDIT: Buck has left for the night, apparently due to a doctor's appointment, hence the 200 for McCarthy in the last two. 11TH ROUND EDIT: They forgot to nominate Donalds, so he's the "others" votes. Can't imagine why. We've also passed the point of number of votes its taken since the Civil War. And the circus wraps up for the night so McCarthy, Gaetz, and the rest can go home and polish their clown shoes.


Ya'll can't win your own internal election after 7 fucking tries and you're gonna claim fraud when you can't win public ones?


I don't get it. Why doesn't McCarthy just say "The election was rigged and I won"? I mean that's what they do now right?


These are the 20 who voted against McCarthy so far: * Rep. Andy Biggs * Rep. Dan Bishop * Rep. Lauren Boebert * Rep. Josh Brecheen * Rep. Michael Cloud * Rep. Andrew Clyde * Rep. Eli Crane * Rep. Matt Gaetz * Rep. Bob Good * Rep. Paul Gosar * Rep. Andy Harris * Rep. Anna Paulina Luna * Rep. Mary Miller * Rep. Ralph Norman * Rep. Andy Ogles * Rep. Scott Perry * Rep. Matt Rosendale * Rep. Chip Roy * Rep. Keith Self * Rep. Byron Donalds


The democrats should absolutely not cave. People need to stop suggesting this as an option. Do you think the republicans would cave for the dems? Hell no. They need to figure this mess out for themselves.


There is not a single reason to believe the Repubs would honor any deal made.


Anyone else convinced that this isn’t getting resolved today?


100% not getting resolved today. The applause is far more than 4 people.


The fact that FauX News is giving Pelosi compliments on air right now for how she controlled her majority is all you need to know about the fight right now lol


That's because Nancy doesn't fuck around. While Kevin is too busy capitulating to everyone and contorting himself into new positions.


Also he doesn’t stand for anything. He constantly backtracks and breaks promises. The fact he never saw this coming is just comedy.


Right? Love her or hate her, Nancy was first and foremost a *leader*. Something that the current herd of republicans desperately need.


give Nancy a 5 vote majority and she can whip almost any bill through the house. Give Kevin a 5 vote majority and he can't even get himself elected speaker. the gap in political skill is astoundingly vast.


At this point just make the clerk the speaker. Shes gonna be there a while.


She is doing the most speaking, so sounds about right


“In 2000, Donalds pleaded guilty to a felony bribery charge as part of a scheme to defraud a bank.” Lol this is the man of conviction he’s talking about


Don’t forget the best part, after that Florida R’s placed him as the CHAIR OF THE INSURANCE AND BANKING SUBCOMMITTEE. Cause if anybody should be running a banking committee it’s the guy with a finance-related felony


Man who was convicted.


I like that Donald Trump is branching out into losing elections he didn't even run in https://twitter.com/mrbenwexler/status/1611062010560786432


Pelosi: "For the seventh time, Jeffries."


Did she really? Thats fucking hilarious.


so now trump has officially lost in a speaker vote. love to see it.


Come on clerk, just find him 217 votes


Someone update the Wikipedia list of elections Trump has lost


He’s going to have the weirdest Wikipedia page of all time by the end of this


Friendly reminder: If you have OLED, be sure to change the channel or move the window around in order to avoid risking "McCarthy does not have the votes" burned in on your screen.


Ya gotta wonder at McCarthy's political savvy. At this point, he's got no power if he becomes Speaker with all the concessions, so he should just drop them as an option and test the 20's commitment-- instruct like 3-4 of his supporters to vote Present to let the Democrats come close to winning, watch the 20's sweat it out a couple of rounds, and see who among them comes to have a chat with him. Or, if no one does, then let the Democrats take the Speaker position, and he can rule over the Republican majority, using their power as a bargaining chip with the Democrats to pass/not pass what they want for the next two years since the Democrats won't get anything done without them. He can then point at the 20 hold-outs as extremists, deny them re-election funding, and effectively remove all their power by taking them out of the game now.


An issue with that route is Gaetz said he would rather have Jeffries than McCarthy. That's a game of chicken McCarthy already lost. I think the Dems should be approaching a handful of Republicans (not sure which, though) and say "Here are 12 committees. Which would you like to co-chair? First to say they'll vote Jefferies and follow through gets first choice."


Is this what we get for laughing at UK having a prime minister resign before a damn cabbage withered?


Can the US elect a speaker before the cabbage withers though


Get the livestream up


TBF, that cabbage was the best Prime Minister they had all year.


Reports suggested that McCarthy caved on basically everything before this vote. If he can't succeed after that, then he just can't succeed. Flip side though — who can?? Doesn't seem like there's an actual solution to be had, and if that's the case, what kinda weird shit is in store?


They don’t want a solution. The lack of a federal government is what these people want.


Have they given Jeffries a standing ovation every time he votes for Jeffries?


Yeah when someone votes for themself everyone supporting them has been clapping. McCarthy gets claps from his supporters when he votes too.




Dan, my guy, if the Republican party was so anti-racist you wouldn't have to point out that your black colleague isn't a prop.




McCarthy hasn't given up yet because he knows Gaetz will lose interest after the 16th vote.


"For the 7th time, Jeffries!" \~Nancy Pelosi


Things that should be stickied: - It’s a majority vote, not a plurality. Present votes bring down the total number of votes cast and thus brings down how many are needed for a majority thereof. (Ex: 435 votes requires 218 to win, 400 votes requires 201, etc) - A Representative-Elect can clarify their vote at the end of a voting round, so someone being skipped when their name is called doesn’t mean they aren’t voting. - They’re cheering when someone votes for themselves. - No other business can happen (including them being sworn in) until a Speaker is selected. Anything I missed of common things? Edit - additions: - The Speaker does not have to be a Member, but only Members have been elected in the past. - The clock on an electronic vote is the minimum amount of time allotted for voting, not the limit. Voting can continue after the clock hits zero at the discretion of the chair (in this case, the Clerk).


Since we're getting "5D chess"-style comments: there is no super secret Republican plan. That's not what's happening. They're just incompetent. Too many extremists and too many idiots for them to work together effectively. This is Veep, not the West Wing.


I gotta say I have a lot of respect for the Dem reps for sticking to their guns and being consistent and not doing dumb shit to mock McCarthy like the far right freaks are. It's easy to see which side is more mature and capable comparatively.


And that’s a wrap! McCarthy already at -5. See you guys at vote number eight.


The lady reading off the names looks like she’s having flashbacks to when she would take attendance during class and no one is listening.


Guys I don't think Trump is gonna get enough votes. Just add this to his list of losses.


Someone please nominate Nixon's head in a jar.


The Speaker’s chair has been vacated for so long, a Spirit Halloween is gonna open up there pretty soon


Saddest thing I've seen is that conservatives are starting to blame Democrats, saying this would be done with if Democrats just voted for McCarthy. Yes, they are starting to say that it's the Democrats' fault that Republicans can't govern their own party. They lit the House on fire but Democrats are to blame because they didn't put out the fire.


"Get in Loser. We're going Losing." -Donald Trump


Because my list of demands is worth the same as the Freedom Caucus’ demands, here we go. 1. Santos isn’t seated and is tied up and flown to Brazil. 2. Gaetz shall have his browser history posted and his phone records made public 3. Boebert will need to take the GED again live broadcast. If she fails, she resigns. It’s better for CO that way. 4. Marjorie will get zero committees and clean toilets 5. metal detectors go back up. 6. Biggs will be called Smalls because he is killing us. 7. Jordan will be required to wear a blazer always and a David Byrne sized one. All name plates and signs will be spelled as Gym Jordan 8. Kat Cammack will be sent to improv classes and will find a new joke or be expelled. 9. the speakers office will be renamed the Pelosi Hospitality suite. 10. Government stays open, programs get funded, blah blah blah.


Big picture I know if it’s not McCarthy it’s probably Scalise which isn’t better, but knowing McCarthy pathetically sold his soul and his only reward was historical humiliation… that is a small victory worth enjoying


Ahahahaha Gatez nominating Trump is fucking perfect. Republicans are finally at the “Find out” step of the two-step process they started by courting and condoning batshit insane people. Holy fuck I am so goddamn giddy. This may very well be the Congress where the Republican Party schisms and dies. But I’ll predict here - the very second it’s evident the schism is going to occur, McConnell and all his cronies will move quickly to pass legislation bringing in Ranked Choice Voting. It’s the only way they survive future elections.


Everyone keeps talking about a “deal” but Democrats should simply keep voting for their guy and let Republicans handle their own infighting, as Biden said. “But this will go on forever!” A Republican-led House wouldn’t get much done, as we can see, who cares if they take forever.


D'awww, bringing up our troops who gave the ultimate sacrifice. *[VOTES AGAINST VETERAN BENEFITS]*


Pelosi dealt with this shit. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. That's why it's so embarrassing for McCarthy. What a loser.


If you are about to write a comment suggesting Democrats do something don’t bother hitting submit. They are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing.


Not for nothing, Cheney warned McCarthy. When he removed her from leadership and cast her out of the party she told him they’d come for him next. I cannot imagine anyone is enjoying this show more than her.


Can we just start calling him Kevin't McCarthy?


Kevin't McCan'thy


It looks like McCarthys concession to the far-right was simply a public statement rather than some kind of actual deal being achieved. And they are rejecting his offer.


I survived the Andy Biggs speech of 2023. Honest to God, I think I blacked out for a minute in there.


"Republicans will never vote for a Democrat, so please vote for a Republican and help us out. This is humiliating." Lol, no sweetie. No.


>I like that Donald Trump is branching out into losing elections he didn't even run in ::chefs kiss:: [https://twitter.com/mrbenwexler/status/1611062010560786432](https://twitter.com/mrbenwexler/status/1611062010560786432)


The longer this goes on and the more antics the rebels pull, the better the democrats look. They’re unified. Focused. Acting like adults. They really look like the party that has their shit together. I know it’s a long shot, but they don’t need to negotiate with the GOP to elect McCarthy. It’s looking more and more like the sane wing of the GOP is going to have to negotiate with the democrats to finally neuter the rebel 20. It sets a terrible precedent to negotiate with them and give away the farm for _this_. They’ll just pull the same bullshit for every vote they give a damn about and hold the country hostage.


Do not agree to adjourn. Bring in sleeping bags, warm milk, and PJs. Pillow fight at midnight decides the Speaker.


The Republicans are also milking this charade some more until tomorrow so they can grandstand and act all sanctimonious on 1/6.


I nominate Esteemed Character Actress Margo Martindale


I know it’s partly funny to see Boebert and Goetz nominating gag candidates, but it really shows how unseriously they take their job. It’s so disrespectful to everybody there on both sides of the aisle, their time, and their families to treat this like a joke.


I just wrote my congressman (a republican who has voted McCarthy all 11 times) to please consider voting with the Dems so we can move on. I'm sure I only wasted my time.


Pelosi throwing some shade by saying “for the 7th time, Jeffries.”


As a veteran, fuck you. Don't stand there and talk about veterans and their sacrifice but do nothing to help them.


Why was George Santos pulled barely alive from the rubble at Ground Zero if he can't even serve the people?


It is fitting to see the GOP learning a hard lesson about the *tyranny of the minority*.


Gaetz will lose interest after 16.


George Santos didn't rescue his entire platoon in Vietnam for this.


I'm trying to catch up, did McCarthy just surrender just about all the speakers power and apparently not getting any more votes than yesterday?


as a Lions fan, i want to see McCarthy get to 0-17


Fool me 7 times - can't get fooled again


George Santos is late to the vote because he was on a shareholder meeting with the board of Vandelay Industries.


Whatever happens, this has been *prime* CSPAN viewing. Thanks to there not being a Speaker, CSPAN cameras can not be instructed to keep a single, static shot on the podium, and are free to let chaos reign by doing floor shots, push-ins, cross-fades and all other manner of anarchy.


January 6, 2021, insurrectionists failed to take the Capitol by force. January 6, 2023, insurrectionists take the Capitol by farce.




Worst win-loss records, all-time: 1 (tie) 0-16 2017 Cleveland Browns 2008 Detroit Lions 3 0-14 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 (tie) 0-11 2023 Kevin McCarthy 1942 Detroit Lions


I'm starting to think Santos might not actually be his name - he doesn't react to it when called.


lol did Boebert vote for Kevin Hern just so she could start off by saying the name Kevin and pivoting to a different last name?


So.. do you think Kevin is actually calling and negotiating with his caucus in-between? Or is he just like "Maybe this time.... maybe this time..." Cause I cant tell the difference.


Shoutout to the Dems for being rock solid through this.


What’s the difference between a newborn and Kevin McCarthy? The newborn will eventually be a speaker


GOP is feeling what it’s like to deal with the GOP now 😂


Knock, knock. Who’s there? Owen. Owen who? 0 - 11


I dislike Gaetz and he is still a pedophile, but when he was nominating Trump, and Gaetz called McCarthy a 10 time loser and squatter in the Speaker's office, I couldn't help but laugh, LOL.


Fanfic for the day: After the 7th vote, McCarthy goes nuclear. Stands up before vote 8 and nominates Matt Gaetz, who, in his words, “has the right vision for the future of this congress and party.” It then leads to the OK-ers (*only Kevins*) to vote present, then giving Jeffries the speakership, and allowing the GOP to use Gaetz/Freedom Caucus as their big baddie in the next primary season. Hitting the hopium HARD at the moment.


Bro, pass that my way


It's painful to watch but the longer it goes on, the worse Republicans look. So fuck it, right?


This confirms my theory that Gaetz 100% was a 4chan user in the past


I'm honestly shocked it took this long for one of them to nominate Trump. And of course it was Gaetz. Sexual predators gotta stick together.


If the Chaos Caucus really want to strike fear into McCarthy and the GOP establishment, just _one_ of them should vote Jeffries. They've been holding the gun this whole time - voting Jeffries would be cocking the hammer.


As someone who’s watching this for the entertainment factor, I enjoy the “Dems give standing ovation to Jefferies when he casts his vote for himself” trope because A) the sh*tshow causing Rs all have to sit through it, and B) it compels the Rs to do it for McCarthy and so 8 times now he’s had to smile and wave through the halfhearted applause while he is clearly crying on the inside. As far as sitcom tropes it’s up there with “dog covers eyes while humans kiss”


Jefferies may go down in history as the person to win most Speaker election ballots without becoming Speaker on the last ballot.


I will laugh hysterically if McCarthy wins and Lauren Boebert calls for a vote of no confidence on his first day.


The conservative sub is calling 200 republicans rinos. If the vast majority of the Republican Party agrees on something, you’re the one outside the party not them lmfao


Seriously, shout out to the Clerk, Cheryl Johnson, and both Reading Clerks, Susan Cole and Tylease Alli, for their work overseeing this.


Me: Every person deserves to speak Boebert: *exists* Me: I withdraw my assertion


Congratulations to Hakeem Jeffries for getting 212 votes for the 9th time in a row! Shall we so it again?


As a reminder of previous "rumors" that turned out to be utter BS: * Democrats are considering flipping to McCarthy * Some Republicans are backing down on negotiations * McCarthy felt "positive" going into today McCarthy appears to use rumors as a tactic to try buttressing his negotiation position. I wouldn't read too much into this one, either.


Highlight of this whole mess: the same dude going haKEEEEM JEFFRIES!


I hope everyone realizes what a colossal failure the midterms were for the GOP. This is the living representation of that failure. With a larger majority, this wouldn't have mattered.


Neguse is right. You vote for Democrats when you actually want work to get done. You vote for Republicans when you’re mad that Democrats fail to give everyone $10 million/a hand job and ask you to stop being jerks to trans people. Democrats aren’t perfect but they’re the only serious political party of mature adults.


Voting makes a difference guys, if this had been a red wave, the GOP would’ve already started with whatever their agenda is. Instead, they are here embarrassing themselves in front of the whole world. It might not be the greatest victory, but tonight your vote counted.


I wonder if Kevin McCarthy is coming around to the idea of ranked choice voting.




How do i fast forward a livestream


I think you can lie down in bed to fast forward, like nights in Minecraft.


McCarthy looks way too smug for someone who's lost 7 votes, by increasing margins.


I want that guy to say "mmmHakeeeemmmm mmmJefferies!!!! again EDIT: OMG he did it!!


Political science professor here: how the fuck am I supposed to get anything done today?


The most absurd part is once this all ends, the Republicans will give a standing ovation to whoever gets the gavel and spin this entire process as a flawless victory "for the people."


"Hey guys, let's vote for Kevin Hearn because his name is Kevin, that'll be funny" These morons are worse than children.


Typical Republicanism… pure opposition with no alternative solution. If they were serious about replacing McCarthy, they had 2 months to find someone else to rally around. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Republicans have lost their ability to actually govern and are nothing but a party of trolls.


Must be weird for Republicans not being able to gerrymander their way to a Speaker of the House win.


The 20 have no reason to yield. They’d lose all their leverage and clout. McCarthy has no reason to yield. He’d lose his dream job and be a marked failure of a politician within the party. Not expecting anything to change soon…


1st vote: 212 Jeffries, 203 McCarthy, 19 for others 2nd vote: 212 Jeffries, 203 McCarthy, 19 Jordan 3rd vote: 212 Jeffries, 202 McCarthy, 20 Jordan 4th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 20 Donalds, 1 present 5th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 20 Donalds, 1 present 6th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 20 Donalds, 1 present 7th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 19 Donalds, 1 Trump, 1 present 8th vote: 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 17 Donalds, 2 Kevin *Hern*, 1 Trump, 1 present So we've reached the trolling stage. I'm sure that will play well with independents and moderates that they're taking this so seriously. The Kevin Hern thing is kinda funny, though, gotta admit. Won't stay funny, however.


"This is what a day at work looks like for these people?" I said, spending all day on cspan and not doing work.


"You, Maxine" "I did not use anyone's name". Lies come easy to this fuck.


"Bacon also said he spoke with McCarthy staff about the promises to include members of the Freedom Caucus on the powerful House Rules Committee. **He said he wasn’t worried about it because they assured him there would be enough other GOP members on the panel to offset their influence.**" I love how they are seemingly unaware that the Freedumb Caucus can read this too.




this is the most boring but the most entertaining shit at the same time.


“Nine! *Nine* failed votes for Speaker of the House, ah-ah-ah!!!” —The Count from Sesame Street


On the 10th vote for speaker my true love gave to me, Matt Gaetz in jail for trafficking


If you had told me last year that I'd be sitting here with a beer hat and foam finger to watch the speaker of the house vote...I'd have called shenanigans


On a scale of congressional historical clusterfuckiness (CHC), based on the number of rounds of voting required to elect a speaker of the house: 6th Congress (1799–1801) 2 11th Congress (1809–1811) 2 19th Congress (1825–1827) 2 3rd Congress (1793–1795) 3 9th Congress (1805–1807) 3 30th Congress (1847–1849) 3 68th Congress (1923–1925) 9 23rd Congress (1833–1835) 10 26th Congress (1839–1841) 11 118th Congress (2023-2025) 11 (So far...) <- YOU ARE HERE 17th Congress (1821–1823) 12 16th Congress (1819–1821) 22 36th Congress (1859–1861) 44 31st Congress (1849–1851) 63 34th Congress (1855–1857) 133 I'm gonna... I don't know. Go outside. Touch some grass. Do something else.


It’s great trolling how in every nominating speech the Democrats mention that Hakeem Jeffries has been the leading vote getter each time


Gaetz's girlfriend may be of legal age by time they elect a speaker.


Pete Buttigieg making Brett the robot Baier look like a fool earlier: https://twitter.com/acyn/status/1611151176447164418?s=46&t=9R4uBE1nM6pNHEs5pISjdQ


This hasn’t happened on this scale for 164 years It’s fucking funny just how hard the GOP has fractured. For years many of us have been saying this would happen and here we are. You reap what you sow you stupid motherfuckers. Foment chaos and chaos shall reign upon you.


NEW: @mattgaetz reviewed the “round one” deal and he’s NOT supportive of it. “That’s correct,” he said leaving Emmer’s office when asked if he’s still not on board w/ McCarthy. Asked what his issues are w/ it, he said “it results in Kevin McCarthy becoming the Speaker.” https://twitter.com/mychaelschnell/status/1611174830480523264


People are saying no one saw this coming and nobody knew the holdout caucus would be an absolute, unmovable No on McCarthy. Well McConnell and Pelosi cooperated to push the fiscal cliff far enough away that McCarthy can't use it to run out the clock. That's evidence that at least 2 people saw this coming....


Can they just vote in the clerk? I mean she's handling these votes fine and it's very tiresome and combative. What bill will be more challenging than this? I feel like she could get a budget passed.


So Matt Gaetz is so smug and confident that he said to Laura Ingraham that if Democrats join up to elect a moderate Republican, he will resign for the House. Not as fast as I'd hoped, but I want him to take his word on it. https://twitter.com/Acyn/status/1611205867449319424


I'll take "What joke is still funny, even the 11th time" for $500, alex


We need someone like Jorge Santos as Speaker; he's an accomplished artist (having painted the Mona Lisa), a successful published writer (the 'Harry Potter' series), an amazing doctor (discovered antibiotics), he founded the Stella Artois brewery, and was a top general in the Brazilian army (and led the assault on Normandy). He's the man we need, but don't deserve.


| | 1st| 2nd| 3rd| 4th| 5th| 6th| 7th| 8th| |:-----------------------|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| |**Hakeem Jeffries** | 212| 212| 212| 212| 212| 212| 212| 212| |**Kevin McCarthy** | 203| 203| 202| 201| 201| 201| 201| 201| |**Byron Donalds** | 1| | | 20| 20| 20| 19| 17| |**Kevin Hern** | | | | | | | | 2| |**Donald Trump** | | | | | | | 1| 1| |**Jim Jordan** | 6| 19| 20| | | | | | |**Andy Biggs** | 10| | | | | | | | |**Jim Banks** | 1| | | | | | | | |**Lee Zeldin** | 1| | | | | | | | |**"Present"** | | | | 1| 1| 1| 1| 1| |**Total in Attendance** | 434| 434| 434| 434| 434| 434| 434| 434| |**Total Votes Cast** | 434| 434| 434| 433| 433| 433| 433| 433| |**Needed to Win** | 218| 218| 218| 217| 217| 217| 217| 217|


“Democrats should-“ FFS people. Republikkkans need to clean up their own mess. Stop pointing at Democrats and telling them to fix a problem they have nothing to do with.


In the past these Ballots have taken: 3rd Congress (1793–1795) Passed on the 3rd Vote 6th Congress (1799–1801) Passed on the 2nd Vote 9th Congress (1805–1807) Passed on the 3rd Vote 11th Congress (1809–1811) Passed on the 2nd Vote 16th Congress (1819–1821) Passed on the 22nd Vote 17th Congress (1821–1823) Passed on the 12th Vote 19th Congress (1825–1827) Passed on the 2nd Vote 23rd Congress (1833–1835) Passed on the 10th Vote 26th Congress (1839–1841) Passed on the 11th Vote 30th Congress (1847–1849) Passed on the 3rd Vote 31st Congress (1849–1851) Passed on the 63rd Vote 34th Congress (1855–1857) Passed on the 133rd Vote 36th Congress (1859–1861) Passed on the 44th Vote 68th Congress (1923–1925) Passed on the 9th Vote 118th Congress (2023-2025) TBD


Me at 15: politics is boring and I don’t understand it Me now: politics is a sometimes entertaining shitshow… I still don’t understand it


"So as for the chances of electing a Speaker in the next vote, what do you think Bill? Can you give me a number crunch real quick?" "With thirty two point three three, repeating of course, percentage of McCarthy getting a majo-" "Hakeeeeeeeeeeem JEFFries!!"


Just vote for Bran the Broken. Everyone wants him as speaker.


Only JFK Jr could unite the republicans at this point. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet so my guess is that he'll storm in for the 17th vote and be nominated unanimously before he starts exposing the lizard people in the room.


“Nancy Pelosi, who closed out her own tenure as speaker on Tuesday, described the repeated failed votes for a new speaker as ‘insanity, doing the same thing over and over again with no change,’ as she entered the chamber.” — NYT


Boeberts husband is gonna be suspicious when their next kid comes out with gaetz's forehead


why do they keep putting this on the democrats. Literally not their problem.


Democrats list a bunch of policy achievements in their nomination speeches for Jeffries. Republicans list a series of grudges in their nomination speeches for McCarthy.


I want to see a moderate republican get tired of this and give Jeffries 213 for the lols.


Everyone in this thread asking the same questions and not talking about how Boebert aired the dirty laundry that McCarthy promised them committee assignments...


>Freshman Anna Paulina Luna of Florida says it’s the media’s fault for portraying the past three days as an example of Republican dysfunction. She says the votes have produced productive conversations. Lol. Lmao even.


"The Democrats would like to announce we have set up board games in the back two rows, and we are looking for people for Betrayal at House on the Hill"


Democrats should not waiver. Voting unity has always been the GOP's strongest card and fairly soon we should see Right Wing pundits 'blaming' Democrats for holding together.


Those babies and kids in the House chamber will grow up there. The House will be the only world they know. They will become pages and then staff, and they will live in the tunnels below the Capitol.


Remember the lettuce that outlasted Liz Truss as Prime Minister? I wonder if that lettuce would outlast how long picking a Speaker is going to take.


Let's give it up for Ms. Johnson, she's doing a great job. I don't know the other two clerks' names, but they deserve thanks as well. edit: spelling


Gaetz **totally** humiliated Trump by nominating him and getting 1 vote !!!




Gaetz has to get home before nickelodeon turns to Nick at Nite


I am so proud of the Democrats. Love seeing them united. 💯


And they say conservatives aren't funny. I haven't stopped laughing for three whole days.


So the Roast of Kevin McCarthy will continue at noon tomorrow. People take turns standing up at the mic and telling anecdotes about Kevin while he looks on awkwardly, and then vote to humiliate him, and then do it again and again!


Emily Cochrane from NYT: "McCarthy also pushed back on the suggestion that reviving the rule that would allow any lawmaker to force a vote to oust the speaker would weaken him." “No. It’d only be a weaker speaker if I was afraid of it,” McCarthy said. “I won’t be a weakened speaker.” Kev, if you even get to 218, you will have given up so much power and control that you will be nothing more than Speaker in Name Only. They'll call you a SINO.


The Dems should lull the GOP into a false sense of security indicating a whole bunch of people aren't showing up tomorrow, and when the GOP has members missing have all dems show up and vote Jeffries in.


These bastards call an election a hoax when we have to wait more than 24 hours for Federal Election results from in 5 seperate time zones. But they can wait out 3 days and 11 votes and still not accept the results. Faaack off


Let’s all keep in mind that these folks have had literal months to prepare, align, and unite to select a speaker and move forward with their legislation.


Sean Hanity: "This just proves there's diversity of thought in the Republican Party." Fox News Viewers: "Yes, this just proves there's diversity of thought in the Republican Party."


And of course Gaetz does something idiotic with Greene applauding him


**SNL cold open this Saturday:** I imagine a set looking like the House chamber, everyone in dirty shirts and stained ties, complete disarray, people sleeping on the benches and on the floor, empty bottles everywhere, looks like a Hangover scene. There is a chicken running through the floor. The counter on the wall says Voting #462. Gaetz gets his head up off the floor, drunk, yells TRUMP and passes out again. Just setting the scene, use your imagination to continue :D


1/6 was the perfect spot for "normal" republicans to rid themselves of Trump and the crazies. It may have been a painful year or two (perhaps even through the 22 midterms). But it had to be done for the long term viability of the party. And they just didn't.....


I'd like to point out that Trump's re-endorsement of McCarthy yesterday didn't sway a single vote. He can't even influence the MAGA Caucus anymore. Fucking done.


Childish and immature, but can they say ANY name and it gets tallied? Some jagoff: "The honorable Mr. Poopy Butthole" Clerk: "Butthole"


The MAGA crowd has now branded Marjorie Taylor Greene as a RINO


Waiting for Lin Manuel Miranda to write a musical about this


For people who are saying "Stop the voting and let Republicans negotiate" Republicans have had months to figure this out and haven't. What needs to change is their nominee, the quickest way for that to happen (though it won't be quick) is for them to keep voting.


Santos keeps missing his vote because I promise you that’s not his real name and he keeps forgetting


The C-SPAN guy being so excited about getting their own cameras is adorable


If the Dems can trap 10 Republicans in the bathroom, they could be speaker again


McCarthy would have been the worst pirate ever. He can't survive the C's.


Lmao while this clusterfuck is going on Biden is apparently just out chilling and eatting BBQ (at a place called Just Q's which im sure will make the lunatics froth at the mouth)