Was doing a 5 star Houndoom raid. We actually had a great team for defense and offensively against its Tera type. We actually got its health all the way down before it could go super Saiyan. Then the game refilled its health. We beat it to a pulp yet again and then none of our moves started taking any health off. Then we sat there. Then half the team just fainted. No reason. The timer shot down to almost nothing. Thankfully someone got one last hit off and we got it in time, but we basically beat this thing 3 times, but the terrible set up came very close to making us lose.


Same thing happened in the Charizard raid for me earlier. Everyone had full health from double health cheer then all of a sudden we just all got knocked out from nowhere. 2 Sylveons and 2 Azumarills.


The healing is a problem with Azumarill’s huge power, so the Pokémon almost everyone was planning on using just makes the raids harder from a glitch


I think it’s Play Rough that’s bugged. Happened to me a lot with Tinkaton


Pokemon was built on a turn based system, while the idea of time based raids sounds nice. The execution just doesnt work. The raid mon seemingly can do 3 moves at a time before you can even select anything, and if you get so much as confused, put to sleep, frozen, or paralysed say goodbye to the timer. Then top it off with lag or health glitches it makes even the most consistent runs pure rng


I couldn't beat this stupid–I can't even remember what it was–mon with yawn because it kept sleeping everyone, every single time we woke up. It was a 4 star raid and I had a level 75 Mon Lucario in


I feel that. I tried to take on a 5 star Amoonguss and never will again. Had both spore and clear smog so the team was either asleep or unable to gain any stats whatsoever, and if we did get a chance to buff, straight back to sleep and repeat


Safety goggles. Pick up some safety goggles for your mons and you never have to worry about spore again.


Sadly if you're shiny hunting You want 5 star amoongus or 6 Both are hell but can give more than 1 HM


Breloom's a better choice for shiny hunting. With Amoonguss you have to worry about accidentally killing the target by poisoning it wih Effect Spore (unless you were saying you want a 5 or 6 star one to get its hidden ability). Either way, if you can get a HA one, Breloom gets a Technician boosted False Swipe and Spore. Sure it can still get Effect Spore, but if you can't find a HA one it can also get Poison Heal, so you can slap a Toxic Orb on it for sustain if you're hunting a particularly hard to catch mon. Normally I'd rather Smeargle over both for its utility, but *once again* it's not in the game. Hope this helped anyway!


They mean the Raid for Amoongus is pretty much a guaranteed drop of two herbs mystica, which obviously with the sandwich making give you 3 star sparkling power if you use the guide.^^ Breloom is the best for weakening and catching the Shinies though. I also would put a word in for Chien Pao, who while he doesn't have sleep access has ruination to pair with false swipe for dealing with Ghost type shinies that need weaking :)


Bring an insomnia or early bird pokemon


Hah! That sounds like crap


Use Electric Terrain. Completely stuffs the sleep inducers, plus it makes Iron Hands more powerful without needing Booster Energy.


So what if you had a lvl 75 lucario? Did it have any relevant ablities to counter the raid mon? Did have a clear type advantage? Did you equip Lucario with a counter item? Did you EV/IV train it? What was your thought process, the strategy you devised, when you brought Lucario to the raid other than "I can steamroll this with by overleveling"? I'm glad there is some challenge to those raids with realistic failure conditons. I'm glad that we can't skip all strategic elements by just overleveling. Granted though, lag and bad netcode should't be a factor...


Possibly hippowdon? I had a 6* one yesterday that I couldn't beat because of the constant yawns meaning the entire team spent 95% of the raid asleep. It was a joke. Even when you get its hp down that shield made it nearly untouchable


Most of the time when the mon is doing multiple moves it is because they are hard coded to do certain moves at certain points, such as when their shield goes up or down. If they are hit for a large amount of damage this can trigger several at once.


Yeah that's true. I wonder if it's the case for all or just limited event ones. Like charizard definitely has this, immediate overheat and fire blast or hurricane turn 1, then sunny day after the shield goes. It almost makes a 7* easier since you can prep for these assuming hard coding only happens on event mons. Whereas randoms can be chaos.


Stuck on a 6 star bug type dragonite. He can dragon dance all the way to +6 insanely fast and everything he does OHKOs. Cant set up because he will wipe it away quickly and and everyone who brings a fire thinking it will work gets hit with his big ass +6 aqua tail


That one sucks. There's ways around it like Taunt/Haze but that's impossible to get with randoms.


Build it yourself the random will always have DPS


this. i've done so many raids successfully because I bring light screen/taunt grimmsnarl. everyone else will bring the heavy hitters.


I've been doing this with in the Charizard raids, but with a support Florges. Light Screen and Helping Hand are great to buff defense and give a hard-hitter an even harder hit. My one disappointment was that you can't target allies with Pollen Puff, which would have gone a longer way with supporting the team.


Try using Flutter Mane with Sunny Day and Mystical Fire. Sunny Day will power you up while weakening Aqua Tail, and of course you will be immune to dragon type attacks.


Putting a time limit on a game with super slow gameplay and crazy lag is insane. I can't believe anyone playtested these raids and thought they were a good idea.


For sure. I understand the timer if the game play can keep up. It silly trying to attack for 3 turns with nothing happening.


I've had so many raids where I thought for sure I was going to win since I still had half the timer left with barely any health remaining on the boss, but then the game all of a sudden tells me I lost because apparently the timer ran out already.


lmao there was this one raid where the enemy had like a tick of hp left, and almost still full time remaining, and somehow I still lost because fuck Counter on Krookodile.


that sounds like three of your mates bit it and cost you all of that timer


I've had multiple instances where I thought the pokemon fainted, but the mf is still attacking. Legit had a pokemon with sleep stat on, and this dude still attacked my Clodsire. :/


I had an instance last night where I was doing Raids in a Union Circle with friends and we KO'd the Pokemon, but two of them were stuck in long move animations, and they got booted out by the timer and failed the raid while me and my other friend were catching the Pokemon. It's absolutely ridiculous something like that can happen.


Probably benchmarked on local/regional multiplayer, which of course immediately blew up when it went global


Yup. Most likely true. 0% chance they playtested online, with random matchmade teams no less.


The timer shouldn't tick down during the unskippable text portions, or during the den boss animations.


Salt Cure Garganacl with Sandstorm is such a pissoff for that reason. Thank fuck he doesn't have a multi-attack move.


Tbh, with what we've seen of this game so far, I have doubts they play tested anything outside of a pristine environment in a PC. It runs nice on a gaming PC emulator, but nowhere else. The raids run kinda ok in individual play, I guess, but it's absolutely impossible any tester saw this game, played it and said it was okay. Even worse, it's impossible that, even if some did, nobody pointed out the huge issues.


shoot I might give it a shot on my PC. Although with how bad the optimization is I’m really hoping it runs at a solid 60 fps with a 5700 xt


The technical issues are unforgivable my issue is the game is fundamentally flawed in how raids are handled.


I have no idea how the Charizard raid made it out of playtesting.


But thank God they focused on fixing the duplication glitch instead of making sure their limited-run event worked, right? Ugh


We lost the benefits of a buggy game but kept the drawbacks! Wooo....


In all seriousness I doubt they were playtested all that thoroughly. The playtesting would need to be done by someone who has played through the entire game else these raids would be really confusing. They probably didn't playtest online play as much as they did local coop or solo, and if they had allowed any testing to be done on random matchmade raids they'd see that the win rate for players is abysmal, as these raids are way too hard for random, who are mostly children bringing their level 70 starter as they don't know better.


Try joining a discord server, you will get matched with people who know what they’re doing. I was also losing just as often, this has helped dramatically


Dude, sometimes even having a good team doesn't help. I was with some dudes who were ready to rock this dragon Tera Flapple. And we did. Until it got to 10% of its life on the third turn, at least on my screen then it decided to recover 45% of its HP, put a shield up, then do 4-5 moves where it cleared all effects in our asides and on his side, buffed itself with dragon dance, then fucked everyone with Grav Apple.... And I could do nothing but sit there grumbling to myself.


Yeah, I have had similar experiences - I find the lag so ganky. It was especially disappointing with the Charizard raids - would get to no HP and suddenly back to half and a shield would pop up 💀


Charizard has given me a newfound hatred for charizard. I tried several times with friends and we had it knocked down to zero multiple times but still somehow lost because it only showed it on one or two screens. Probably didn’t help that I had a charizard who really enjoyed nerfing us. I swear I had worse lag issues playing with my friends and carefully planning than I did with random people.


Any server in particular you could share? I’m interested in joining one


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the name of the discord I'm in with raid channels.


the r/pokemon discord server should probably work!


Look up Blaines on youtube. His discord is extremely active with raid groups. Like, constant nonstop stream of invite codes. They also have agreed upon meta strategies that increase odds of success, are generally helpful, etc.


I love when people in any game say "Want do to X in Y game? Just join a discord server!" and never provide the link to the server.


Yes. Bad pokes brought to the raid. Turns take forever to happen. Game can't keep up with the turns so some turns are invalid or happen way after something else. Raid pokemon gains health back randomly. You have to wait for teammate to tera and can miss a move. Pokemon will be at 0hp and somehow is still standing. Sometimes moves don't even deal damage. ​ They're so broken and just not pleasant to do.


Some guy tried to bring a fuecoco when they clearly had better Pokémon for charizard raid so I just cancelled because they were gonna die in the first 5 seconds


I'm not sure why people have such a problem with others canceling raids. Its one thing if you are being super picky about what mons your team brings, but if you can tell someone is bringing something god awful into the raid and will just die over and over you might as well save everyone the 5 minutes




i've accidentally killed an ally twice because the game decided to make me target an ally for no reason


I did that, hopefully that guy doesn't think I was jealous of his shiny lol. After switching from azumarill to flutter mane or sylveon I haven't had problems.


>Bad pokes brought to the raid. [No, no you have it wrong. We owe our time to these people because they might be children.](https://old.reddit.com/r/PokemonScarletViolet/comments/zb2lwz/yall_take_a_deep_breath/?ref=share&ref_source=link)


Rather not waste my time personally. When you bring a Gyarados to an Electric Pokemon raid, I'm cancelling whether it hurts their feelings or not. Did a Hariyama raid yesterday and someone wanted to bring a Tyranitar, you know, the one that's notoriously 4x weak to Fighting. I'd rather not waste all of our time watching them get obliterated over and over until time runs out.


it’s laggy for offline too. i think the raids really are just that poorly designed.


Yeah was gonna say, I quit joining online raids because joining was a measure in patience, and hosting them was a shitshow. Do them offline and somehow they still lag. Even after closing and re-launching the game. I just did a 5* where I chunked the mon in 2 hits before it got its shield up. Instead of dying, it... regenerated half its health, then put a shield up, then lost about 25% of its health but kept the full shield, then lost the full shield but kept doing moves and not taking damage, then its health went empty and the shield was empty but it still didn't break, then the shield broke, then it finally died with about 1/8th of the timer left. Thing legit died in two hits, but because of... whatever spaghetti is holding this jalopy together, it goes bananas and I almost lost. Not to mention all the times I've sat there for 5-6 rounds, where I get attacked 3-4 times by the boss and finally get my turn again... Even though I'm offline. I really don't even want to do raids because of how ass they are, I just want some salty herbs for shiny hunting the handful of shiny pokemon I actually want. :(


literally, the only reason i’m still doing them is because i want the sweet hm for saguaro’s quest. the weird hp has happened to me literally every raid, it’s insane.


the heal is cause play rough is bugged showing twice as much damage on the big health bar than is actually being done, so your apparent KO is actually only halfway done, which triggers the shield and resyncs the health bars, "healing" it


Probably because the reflection rendering tbh


I was doing a charizard raid earlier, and keep in mind this was 15 seconds into the raid, I went to use a defense cheer and was stuck waiting for over 20 seconds. My team went through 2 attack cycles. My previous raid, was the same issue, but for 30 seconds. The whole idea of the raids is amazing. Attack at your own time to take down a powerful target. Just taking dynamaxing raids another step farther. It was actually one of the things I was looking forward to the most in S/V. Man am I disappointed with the execution. Oh and the Play rough bug is a unique one. Surprised that made it through testing when its one of very few physical fairy moves in the game.


What’s the play rough bug?


Play rough against raid bosses shows it dealing double damage. For example, Azumaril against Charizard would show it doing almost half its health with 1 play rough (with only Belly drum for set up). In reality, you're dealing roughly 25%. It also causes the bosses health to be really glitchy. Today alone, I could see the grayish shader over no health (as in, some health that was already damaged), or Charizard literally coming back from the dead and gaining a 3rd of its health. There may be other moves that do it, but Play rough is one of two physical Fairy attacks (the other being Spirit break), so something like this is kinda weird.


I think you're on to something here. Did a raid with flutter mane and Sylveon groups, and moonblast/drain kiss didn't seem to bug as much. It still has its fair share of wtf buggy moments though. I ended up preferring flutter mane to azumarril builds on this, but I know it's tougher to set up a working flutter mane build unless you're playing scarlet or have access to someone who does.


Sylveon is a good replacement and you could use gardevoir as well, no fake tears on gardevoir but you could use a healing move or light screen so teammates can get it off a second time.


it appears to do more damage than it actually does, so the health bar drops more than the health number. Then the game sorts itself out and it looks like the health is rubber banding back up.


I'm so tired of trying to get a sweet herba mystica...


I can’t get HM at all. I haven’t gotten any in the past week and idk why. I’ve been doing 5 and 6 star raids every day and haven’t seen any in a solid week at least.


I'm getting all of them except the one you need for the quest. If the Titan rebattle just gave you one, I'd be much happier


Wait you can rebattle the titans?


Yeah, and you can catch them. They'll just be a normal pokemon but they have the "Former Titan" mark. Just go back to where you first found them and it'll act like a static encounter where you have to press A on them. They'll be standing completely still so you'll know which one it is


The Titan Mark affects some things about them though, right? Like it's automatically the tallest/heaviest measurement for its species.




Huh, so that's why I found an Iron Treads randomly trying to blend in with the regular Donphans. I didn't realize all the titans did that.


That's so cute. I'm imagining the other Donphan being like "Yea, Frank's a little different but we love him anyways"


I just finally got one today, it probably took me 30-40 lv 6 raids before I got my first one.


Each HM only drop from certain pokemon in 5 and 6 star raids


I know but I don’t get any. At all. I have one Salty HM from like a week and a half ago. That was the last drop I got of any of it. I’ve gotten three ability patches in that time and they’re supposed to be rarer than HM by a long shot.


Are you doing the event raids? Those don’t drop mystica i don’t think


No, I’m specifically going for the 5 star regular ones and the daily 6 star one that spawns on my map. Sometimes I’ll do online plain 6 star raids too. I’m swimming in XP candy, bottle caps, and ability capsules. Just not getting any HM for some reason. Edit: finally just got a single sweet HM off of a Cyclizar 6 star raid, made a water shiny sandwich, and have a shiny Iron Bundle and Golduck for it… I’m a firm believer that nothing will go right until you complain about it, then the universe will fix it just to spite you lmao


Hey if you want, I can trade you a poke one with a sweet herbs mystica. I think I have one around in my bag somewhere


Pokémon can't hold it, or I'd take you up on that!


Aw seriously? Dang, sorry dude.


I’m pretty sure HM drop at the same rate in 5 star raids, if not, then slightly less. I’ve had relative success getting HM just by doing all the 5 star raids on my map and then date skipping.


Honestly its not really worth it for that quest. Unless you want to 100% the game i say ignore it


Unfortunately, I do want to 100% it. I just want the quest finished for my OCD. The random raids are the worst, with Charizard, basically everyone has it figured out, but Ground-type Talonflame? Nope.


6 star electric Garchomp (which had a fire move) Gave up on it in the end. Didn't get more than 3/4 the way through it's health bar in a dozen or so attempts.


Honestly there should be a daily HM Spot for harvest, where Ardven find them in the story in my Opinion.. I know there suppose to be rare and all... But still..


Christ ikr? Took me forever to get that sweet herbal mystica as its so rare to get it. And you cant even give it to a pokemon to hold so even if I had one I can't give it to ya, otherwise I honestly would cause that quest was so annoying.


Wait what quest


One of the teachers at the end of talking with them requests a sweet herba mystica to progress with whatever it is they wanna talk about. I’m assuming it’s underwhelming versus the insane luck and effort needed to get it cause I’m grinding the stupid thing too.


You get a Slowpoke cup


I was so disappointed when I got this. Some of the other quests give you 50 tera shards like come on.


I'm so tired of trying to get any herba mystica


Why is it so rare? I have multiple of the others, just not any sweet.


Same here. I've basically given up. Hopefully there's an event or something with it.


Same but with the spicy


Why? Does it do anything good? It’s just a sandwich ingredient right?


It’s how you get shiny power meal effects.


I got one but I gave it to the teacher, expecting some cool reward. I mean the language teacher gave us Galarian Meowth just for talking to him. What did I get? A cup


For all of the horrible, awful raids I've encountered, I did have one that turned out to be magical. It was for Charizard. One person brought Sylveon, one brought Azumarill, I brought Flutter Mane, and the last brought... well, I honestly didn't know which one it was. But it ended up not mattering. That fourth person saw the three prepped pokemon for the raid, brought a tank, and sat there cheering and hyping every turn they had. We coordinated, in some unspoken agreeance, popping buffs and shields, and it completely decimated Charizard. It almost felt too easy. No one dropped/fainted. These raids COULD be fun. But they rarely ever are. If I could recapture that sort of magic every time, I'd be addicted. Maybe when they're eventually finetuned.


Having not prepared at all for Charizard(been taking my time through the story, just unlocked 6* today) I was in a raid as that 4th guy. Brought my Great Tusk. Didn't want to fail it for us so I did all the buffs and heals basically the whole time. I fainted once or twice and it was suuuper close but caught me a Charizard totally unprepared first try.


This was my exact charizard raid last night!!


same raid setup, or were you playing a silveon/azu/etc in a raid of 3 others? I did another one today and this time it was Flutter/Fluttter/Azu/fourth (i think it was one of the legendaries) and the fourth buffed while we destroyed charizard. I think it's becoming a pattern!


Hey I had the same thing happen? Mine was 3 Azu/1 Grimmsnarl and everyone coordinated with buffs and destroyed that poor Charizard. Of course, I did see the health bar go to zero like five times before we actually beat it


I had a raid like this where one brought sylveon, azumarill and flutter mane. I brought chansey with eviolite cuz I wanted the easy win. Set up light screen and just spammed life dew every turn to heal us. It made it really easy.


They may have been me with you in there unless we both got lucky to not get a lobby with 3 other azumarills. I was a Support Gardevoir and my team just never died. That’s the best team setup I seen so far.


I fought a Glimmora yesterday and my teammates brought a charizard and two talonflames Glimmora is a *rock-type* It was over before it started


don't lock in your pick until everybody else picks their pokemon. You can leave.


They looked at the teratype and felt big 😅


The timer itself is understandable they should just remove the part where you lose time for fainting


Good point. The penalty on top of an increasing timer is nonsensical.


The real kick in the knads for me is how common it is to get teammates that only look at the Terra type, and not the pokemon. I just got out of a Grass-type Bombirdier raid, and all 3 of my allies picked fire types, who are Weak to Birdiers ability boosted rock type moves. Its like the Crystal Caverns type is just baiting people into getting one-shot.


Multiplayer raids in a game targeted at children was a bad idea.


Max raids in SwSh were great fun. And Dynamax Adventures were even better. But the Tera raids in SV are just horrible.


The dynamax raids in SwSh were some of my least favorite things to do in the game, they were incredibly slow and tedious.


Lmao take off the glasses bro. Dynamic raids and adventures had the same issues with players and somehow even had worse AI


were they fun because everyone used the dog with the sword?


There was the occasional call for dynamax cannon! But mostly sword doggo. They knew what they were doing giving it those stats, that ability, and a very strong STAB move that does double damage against dynamaxed pokemon...


I think the raids are easy enough that you can consistently beat 5 stars.


I spammed the event Florges raid to unlock six star raids and the sheer quantity of people who brought the bike legendaries and proceeded to do a absolutely nothing but die over and over was insane. Half the time I couldn’t set up before their deaths drained all the time.


The thing to do right now is not press Ready until you see everyone with a sensible pick. If anyone brings a mon that will get wiped by the boss, just leave. This way my raid winrate went over 90%.


it's likely easier to just bring something with eerie...something, the electric move that lowers sp atk and light screen. then no one can lose.


Eerie impulse. I've managed to solo the charizard with miraidon, so they're not dead weight, or at least miraidon isn't. It resists hurricane because of the electric typing so charizard never even tried using it, it just focused on relatively weak dragon pulses. Koraidon does have the hurricane weakness though...


I can’t even join raids 99% of the time it just says failed to connect. Anyone else?


I just do random raids.


You can keep selecting the same one until it finds one you can join.


I wouldn't mind them so much if it wasn't for the HP bug. It often looks like we took the Pokémon down to zero, and then its HP goes back up? I heard there is some problem with calculating the damage of the ability Huge Power. But, yeah, bad teammates are always an issue in online cooperative play. It is what it is. Shout out to the Dragonite yesterday that died so many times to Charizard that it completely drained our time meter all by itself.


I don’t think it’s huge power. That shit happens to iron hands constantly


Take a shot if your teammates...: - Use Belly Drum on Turn 1 and get KOed the same turn - Use a type that deals super effective damage, but takes super effective damage from the enemy's STAB moves - Uses an ability or move that triggers Defiant / Competitive / Guts / Opportunist - Brings a Koraidon / Miraidon against a Dragon type - Never use a single cheer for the entire match


Rest in piece, my liver 🍺🍻🍺.


Even shots of just water would be fatal


To be fair, I've been KO'd using the Belly Drum technique and it wasn't because I didn't know what I was doing, but because lag or whatever didn't give me my turn when it should have. That problem isn't always on the player's side.


My favorite part is when you deal a ton of damage to the raid boss only for it to decide it doesn't really feel like it and it just heals off half of that damage for no reason.


The charizard one is broken sometimes it just freezes up and you can’t do anything


No, that's regular raids too unfortunately. I've gotten it twice so far. You get stuck in a menu and can't do anything, and nobody attacks or does anything, but the timer keeps ticking and only when it hits the last sliver of time left does it free you. I *think* it happens when you mash through menus. Which the game encourages since the raids on a timer.


So let me get this straight they fixed a bunch of minor graphical bugs but didn’t fix there broken online systems


This was actually in offline solo raids. I'm not sure if that makes it better, or worse


My only complaint is certain animations are so long and they run out the clock like bro we need to terastelize to break this dudes defenses but it costs hella time


Stealing tera orb charge is so fucked. Design wise one of my least favorite “mechanics”


How are people to learn? I don't expect everyone looking up builds for pokemon. That's pretty advanced.


I’ve wondered this too, specifically because the game is marketed toward children who probably aren’t into EV training and/or competitive play.


Exactly. I've been playing since the beginning and only now have i really cared to take the time and build something out. Just never was that appealing to me to jump online and get fucked by some heavily built players.


Same, I’ve played since Blue and only last gen did I even attempt to play competitively. It was fun team-building but quickly got boring because I was constantly facing the same Pokémon and could only successfully use a couple of my favourites. 6-star raids are basically impossible without at least one level 100, 6IV, fully-EV-trained Pokémon on the team. They’re just not accessible to more casual players whatsoever.


I don’t mind teammate picks, or performance. Ideally it’s a few minutes of my time at most so whatevs. I do mind having to watch half the timer tick down before I can take my 2nd action


Hell even solo raiding is super laggy


I also join raids and wait to see what people bring. The second I see something that will get KO’d i immediately leave. Once I stopped just joining and accepting without caring, this made raids go so much better for me. (Esp with the charizard raids; if I saw someone queue up with the goddamn charizard they got or a -raidon or baxcalibur i said goodbye not worth it)


I had someone bring a chien pao to a charizard raid


Like most other aspects of this game, I can see what they were going for, but there was no way on earth they tested this shit at higher levels. For example, can anyone give me a single *good* (and I mean *good*, like it makes sense and is perfectly reasonable) reason why the timer keeps rolling during Tera animations and status effect text boxes? I could feel my brain matter leaking out my ears watching a raid boss bleed the timer as the UI had to display a check for confusion as well as all 5 Ancient Power buffs.


Watching the raid Pokémon go to zero health, then mysteriously regain 80% of its health and keep fighting is mildly infuriating.


I just want some salty herba mystica, done so many 5 stars and haven't seen a single leaf of that herb


If you do know, only certain Pokémon/raids drop salty herbs mystica


Which ones? Only ever heard "they drop from 5 star raids", never anything specific


https://upcomer.com/how-to-get-salty-herba-mystica-in-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet That’s the one I’ve been using


You dont actually need specific herbs. There's a new guide where you can pick any 2 with other specific ingredients


Charizard was a weird experience. I’ve beaten it solo, and the first 3 online runs had pretty good parties (8 Azus and a Chansey). Now I’m seeing Koraidon’s & Iron Valiants everywhere (we survived the latter because the rest of the group was on point).


The real fun are the trolls, had a 5 star raid where the last person came in and waited til everyone else confirmed then they picked a igglybuff and confirmed so we couldn't back out. Have had too many people either not think of matchups or picked a weak mon on purpose.


At least some of you can connect. Most times I have to force quit the game and restart the switch in order for it to work. And that's with me sitting 5 ft from my router.


Raid teams will get way better over time. People hit a new star level and immediately try to participate, and it just doesn't work at high levels. It'll even out with time... and also there's plenty of places to seek more prepared help. I just can't stand the sluggishness. I feel like I'm waiting for my menu to come back 95% of the time spent during the raid. Also why are we watching a lengthy transformation scene as a primary mechanic in a time-sensitive battle? Just bad design.


There are quite a lot of pokemon by now in which you can basically solo EVERY boss. And don't get me wrong, I was in discords from phillybeatz or AJP, but people there are absolutely atrocious at the game. I know Pokemon isnt a hard game, thats what makes it worse. I was on a discord server, especially for pokemon, where I was in a 6star raid room, precisely manufactured to group together the "postgame" players and man the amount of simple raids we failed like a 6 star Boliva or something is ridiculous. People watch videos see azu and iron hands and think they can bring that crap into every raid. They basically act like NPCs that lose u your time. I can't even being to comprehend how it must feel to play with absolutely randoms when the ones from a pokemon server are already horrendous. There are a couple of hard raids when the tera typing is cheap for example mons like Garchomp and Dragonite, man the amount of times we have failed, because people think they can just bring korai-miraidon. BEST TIP: Just do them solo, this is also better for the "longevity" since you can go and do a physical and special version for almost every typing. (go youtube n9kai he is the goat of solo raiding and has some spicy picks)


The NPCs at least have the decency to use status moves and do a defense cheer turn one haha. Tho I have to say, I finally went into my first raids online (got tired of not finding 5 star raids that drop all herbas solo) and both times it was absolutely a flawless experience with people bringing the correct counters and supporting eachother through cheers. Not that I wouldn't have had an easier time solo though - I still spent multiple turns stuck in cheering menu and got regenerating health bars. But it was better than anticipated, even though my sample size is 2.


I don't understand why raids are on a timer versus just a set number of turns.


Honestly doesn't help that the game doesn't really give you a hint how strong your pokemon should be for each raid. Was clearing 5 stars easily with a couple of my pokemon. Tried to do a 6 star with one of them online and despite double type resist and the fact i had my pokemon EV trained/nature altered/IVs altered to perfection... Got my ass beat and dragged the team down


My game is constantly slowing down in solo raids. Either HP levels are incorrect, animations freeze, or just the whole game softlocks me in a raid. I really wanna play it but have picked my switch up then just put it back down after a few minutes because it's so slow/janky.


I just dislike how it heals every time I kill it, requiring me to kill the boss at least 6 times from half each time it goes to heal up again😭


I kept having it last night where the timer would suddenly jump and remove a portion of the bar, incredibly frustrating!


This happens when participants get knocked out. It’s likely you had two or more teammates hit 0HP at the same time. Nowhere in the game does it tell you this, of course! We’re supposed to just know somehow.


What confuses me...how things can desync so bad. Played locally with the partner, and I basically one shot a 4 star....and was waiting there with it at zero hp for about a minute while my partner went through an extra 2/3 turns hitting it before the game went "OH DAMN" and suddenly half the hp disappeared. Or my favorite...5 turns spamming attacks but nothing happens...only to suddenly get a Is Asleep....but still no sleep status marker... But I could forgive that...if the bloody system to connect to people wasnt so bad. Last night it took almost 20 minutes of trying to join people before I got to the point of everyone readying up...then as the screen goes blank... "A communication error as occured" and i am locked out of random joining for w/e length of time. But I can spend double that time trying to connect to people listed on the page for nothing, since each failed join takes 0:45-2:00 each. Compounding annoyances. if it was one or the other, I would write it off as just meh. But this just sucks.


The lag isn’t good but the raids aren’t that bad, they go by much faster than SWSH and are much more plentyfull


Problems I see: Pokemon on the raid card are always in silhouette even if you've encountered them before. The tera type icon is also not clear for some of them if you haven't memorized them, and it's uncolored. We need to know the three types of the pokemon so we can properly counter (the non-tera types hint at its move types). As you said, players who join with badly typed pokemon or pokemon too low in level. I see ways GF could fix this: 1. Don't take time off for faints, but make the time-out of the pokemon equivalent to waiting for that time to pass, or longer. Make the penalty THEIRS, not the group's. They'll learn faster that way. 2. For each raid star level, have a minimum pokemon level. 3. If a Pokemon gets OHKO multiple times in a raid, for multiple raids in a short period, have some sort of penalty. Maybe a temp ban from raids of that star level and higher for a bit. Maybe the pokemon they sent in gets happiness reset to 0, can't go on raids for a bit, and refuses to obey them for a bit. Also remove the stupid Run button. and don't allow me to click on things I can't use (like Terralize). Disable the button in the UI and provide indicators on when they'll be available. When there is a delay where nothing happens provide UI feedback about what's going on. I only did two moves in one raid and then didn't have the opportunity to move again all through to the end (where the group failed). I also had another raid where all the pokemon just sat there doing nothing for a minute before I could actually make any selection. They need to change the UI so you can queue up actions instead of trying to remove the UI while you're using it, sometimes failing and making text boxes show up over the UI or other weirdness. Also fix the damage calculations for Play Rough since it is very confusing for players who don't know about it.


Honestly it really bothers me that you have to bring specific Pokemon to specific raids to even have a chance. It's like that in Pokemon GO and that's always been something I hated - maybe when I was a kid and I could spend all week training the *perfect* countermeasure I wouldn't have minded at all. But as an adult I really don't have the spare time to be breeding, grinding for resources/money, training, and spamming raids of the same type over and over - especially not with Pokemon I don't even care about half the time. I know the world at large and the community hates swsh, but the raids there felt so much better. They worked, for one, but most importantly I didn't have to breed and raise a specific ability with specific moveset mon specifically to counter whatever the random raid of the week was to even have a chance at fun. And the fact that shiny hunting in this generation is tied to these awful raids is just making me not want to play the game at all - which is a shame. I love the region and a lot of this game, but I'm honestly sort of forcing myself to even play it at this point. And I haven't even finished the dex yet. It just doesn't feel like it's worth the invested time as it stands right now.


Especially considering you pay for the "privilege" of online play


Ya I avoid online raids at all costs. I can solo 6 stars easy it’s just a shame that it requires like only 2 specific cheese strats to beat them instead of being able to use all the mons I trained yp


online raids are terrible because they're designed terrible. and the game doesnt lag, high level battles are just coded with event stuff, like raid gets under certain health, it'll do a debuff, then a weather or a move, which happens out of turn order at times and which can interrupt you.


Solo raid are terrible too since your own Pokémon is the only thing that gets attacked


It's not even the lil kids, I've gone into 3 charizard raids and lost due to some type of lag, either I get caught in the heal screen. His health goes down but replenishes or it says I lose and have a white screen still playing animation sounds for about a min. Don't get me started on trying to solo raid it!!! This Is awful!!


I get frustrated when the game steals my attack and the mon eats my Tera charge before I can Terastalize because of it. Grumble grumble. But in all seriousness, I haven't found them to be too broken, and I've done a fair few of them, enough to bring a few Pokemon up to lvl 100 off xp candies, and in my experience, the biggest issue is when online randoms bring their untrained lvl 70 starter to a 6-star raid and then proceed to get mopped up every turn. I've taken to just soloing raids offline with my Miraidon because of this. We need a PSA about people bringing untrained mons to raids and ruining the experience for everyone else. Also, team synergy. I realize not everyone has a perfectly min-maxed Pokemon, but as someone who uses Miraidon as my main raid battler, the number of times I see people switch \*away\* from something like Iron Hands is disturbing. Also, to the guy who brought Koraidon to the Charizard raid last night...I just don't have words.


It’s honestly annoying that the rewards are really good because I agree the raids just feel soooo bad to do. You’d think they’d be faster than the Sw/Sh raids now that you’re not sitting through everyone else’s attack animations but somehow it is just so much worse. Even besides the absolutely ridiculous desync, the fact that there is a timer really just emphasizes how ridiculously slow the progression of battles is and makes it so much more frustrating that you constantly get halfway through picking your move before the UI just decides to disappear. It feels kind of crazy to me they thought it was a good idea even on paper, let alone play tested and still stuck with it.


Go solo (if possible) It’s much easier. This way you can actually die and not worry. In a team, there’s 3 other people who can die and lower the timer Some mons like Azumaril or Iron hands is god like for solo raids. And atm, I’m currently solo farming Charizard 7* raid with a flutter main


Breaking the stupid tera shield 4 times because it didn't properly register the last 3 times certainly feels great. And the health going from almost no health back up to half health when that happens also feels great. And that fact that this somehow happens even in Solo play makes absolutely ZERO sense (they could have an excuse in multi-player regarding player latency and lag, regardless of how bad of an excuse that might be).


I think the big problem is that none of it is in real time. My buddy and I tried a raid in the same room together and we were both seeing drastically different things on our screens. He died on my screen but was still attacking on his or vice versa. It’s super janky… just like everything else in the game lol. If this was a new IP and not Pokémon no one would buy or play it. Such a shame. Nintendo and GF have set the bar so unbelievably low that they could release literally anything now and it would not matter if it was playable or not.


I’m kinda surprised to see this much frustration in this thread. Yes the lag and bugs are annoying (I’ve been stuck in cheer hell way too much), but it’s probably the most fun part of the game for me. It’s rewarding both in a literal sense and a sense of accomplishment. Strategizing things out with my friends is fun too, but I’ve been doing 5-stars with randoms all day and haven’t had much problems. Only thing I’d want (aside from bug/lag fixes) is higher drops for tera crystals but that’s just me being greedy


I love how they tried to improve raids from Sw/Sh, but timed raids on wifi with no option to turn off the long animations on moves, with constant health glitches (we 1 shot a Charizard, then it went back to 50% health, had it's tera shield), it just doesn't sound like this was properly tested before release.


I managed to get the Charizard raid completed a few times but I want to state that at no point in time did it feel fun or exciting to do it. It was a constant fight against nonstop Jank. Is it dead at one hp? Nope. Oh it got one shot by that attack? Nope. Oh I'm stuck in the cheer menu for 2 minutes. OK.


Bro I went to cheer for health. It kept me on that menu and wouldn’t do anything. Then it randomly had me do a move instead. Never saw the move menu. Not only do we have to wait after your Pokémon is dropped, but you also lose time. One or the other please.


Sometimes I wish Pokemon wasn't Nintendo so that we could have real lobbies.


Solo raids are just as awful. Pokemon spam status moves and it's like. Idk. From a game design perspective it very much comes off as "how do we keep the player playing the game" and not "how do we craft fun and engaging gameplay" like. it is not fun to just smack away at a big Pokemon that you probably don't even like and is only viable because of the broken abilities. I am just completely, utterly flabbergasted that this is the one feature they decide needs to live on from one game to another. it is by far the least engaging part of the game and is kind of opposed to the core experience of the pokemon games imo


I had a jackass bring a (what I assume) lvl 1 gabite that died every time it spawned in a raid we would have otherwise won if not for that guy😭😭


Yep. I've had some charizard raids where it appears the picks are fine but the azu will be level 60 and instantly die repeatedly.


I had a pendejo who did the same thing but with an Eevee.


I hate the entire idea behind raids in pokemon in the first place


Imagine a proper 4 v 1 turn based system where you can chose four of your own pokemon and go in. The challenge fights you could make would be amazing.


A multi player co-op battle? Or is there something I am missing?


raids feel awful because players are terrible. stop going in with charizard, it's pretty bad. stop trying to make azumarill work, it's too squishy. use 2 brain cells and everything becomes so much easier.