He has two blades on his arms and a massive physical move pool, SO WHY IS SCEPTILE A GOD DAMN SPECIAL ATTACKER!?!?


I think it's beacouse of the phisical-special split that fucked him up, since before grass move were only special


They honestly should have changed Sceptile's stats a little during the physical special split. It's clear if they were designed in gen 4 they would have been a physical attacker.


Empoleon would like a word.


They gave it… Defiant.


Tbf they never touched stats untill gen 6, and only around gen 7 did they actually really start fixing some of them.


I believe that they wanted to put the physical-special split in Gen 3 but something occurred that made it so they couldn’t do that. Crawdaunt and Mightyena have the same problem.


I think they just didn’t want all three Hoenn starters being physical attackers, since Blaziken and Swampert already are


Swampert aint an attacker, he's an annoying wall


I think if his mega made him more of a phys attacker he would be viable during gens 6-7 imagine if like instead of his tail his blades grew it would be the coolest shit ever


I think they didnt do that cos of his tree tail


The tree tail would have been cool if he actually used it like a rocket like in the trailer not just in a half assed animation that you don't see 50% of the time because of the camera angle


Been my favorite ever since I was a kid, and a big part of his appeal to me was how cool I thought his blades were. They had the perfect chance to redefine the limitations of the generation he was created in, like they did with Pidgeot and Beedrill, or just into something uniquely powerful like the other mega starters. Not to mention the emphasis of his design has *always* been on his blades, from his signature move to his Pokedex entries to his anime appearances, but instead they were like **"big tail lightning rod lol"**


Because grass was special in gen 3?


Makes a Pokemon with decent ability, decent stats, and decent movepool. Bug & Grass


Leavanny is my favorite regional bug. Sad it's typing is so hindering.


That's how I feel about Hisiui Growlithe. Why rock type? It synergizes with fire in all the bad ways.


Leavanny right


I dunno man, shitty typings can still make really great mons. Just look at tyranitar.


I can agree with you here, but it also gets the pseudo-legendary treatment, 600 BST and everything, on top of an ability that make it tankier AND can help the team, AND great coverage moves, so it’s not exactly the best example. It was just given the best stuff. For something more Bug related, Scolipede. Bug/Poison isn’t particularly great overall, and only 100 Attack isn’t as useful as it was generations ago, yet it gets Speed Boost, Swords Dance, Substitute, Spikes, and Baton Pass, alongside Ground and Rock type coverage options. At only 485 BST, it makes it a solid option for anyone. It’s no pseudo-legendary, but it is certainly viable.


IMO TTar has really good typing for its role - pivot: it has 6 resistances and an immunity, so it’s often a great defensive check and easy switchin. rock type also gives it a 1.5x special defense boost in sand which makes it even tankier - breaker: dark and rock are both only resisted by 3 types each, so you can usually hit a wall for at least neutral damage - counter to hazard removal: most defoggers are flying and rapid spin is normal, neither of which loves to see an offensive rock type


Absol being slower than a giant pig mammoth and a giant frog with a giant flower on its back will never cease to baffle me.


There’s also Vikavolt who’s said to zip around quickly, yet it’s slower than Grubbin, it’s first form…


Friggin' Alola...


Design took to the "laid-back lazy island getaway" trope a bit to hard. The entire region is slower then you woupd think.


Lurantis is based off of the orchid mantis, which lures in flies to give them a split-second decapitation. So the slow speed’s fine, just… why do they not have a priority Move that’s based off of that? I get that they’re a REVERSE orchid mantis who’s supposed to mimic a bug to scare off smaller bugs that would normally nibble on it, but they could really use it.


I feel like it could be something to do with how it's similar to a railgun and takes some time to "charge" it's moves before "firing" them


Vikavolt with speed boost?!?


Youre being generous


Headcanon: the crescent blade on its head is just really heavy


That's a headcrescent then. Not a head canon.




Nah it's the weight of knowing how doomed the world is.


He knows too much Brain too big


It even has a pokedex entry talking about how fast it is... like come on. It's my favorite pokemon, so even though it doesn't have amazing stats I'll still use it, but it is unfortunate. At least it has a great movepool though, and sucker punch can somewhat remedy its mediocre speed stat.


Absol is even a Speedster in Unite, while Mamoswine is a Defender


The Flygon tragedy: Gamefreak carefully designing a badass Earth Dragon, and then immediately making another slightly better one.


"Slightly better"


Garchomp’s stats might be better, but Flygon has an extra immunity due to levitate


The immunity doesn't give it much, and garchomp is an absolute beast. It's speed is perfectly calibrated to exactly outspeed similar sweepers, and that attack doesn't take hostages.


It’s bulk is also good for what it is. It says a lot that Tankchomp was a viable set in gen 7 ou (haven’t played gen 8)


It’s honestly no contest between the two. Flygon suffers from being a perfectly balanced Pokémon stat wise in a world that loves specialists.


It was also in the same game as Salamance and Metagross which definitely didn’t help it’s case.


I avoided this problem by having all three on my Emerald team back in the day


Flygon should've been bug dragon anyway.


The opportunity to create an awesome Bug / Dragon type


Masuda even wanted to give it a mega evolution in xy, but he couldn't figure out a design


I was always surprised how weak Onix is, in RBY/GSC, as back when anime ran side by side he was a beast, than in game he was weak and slow **EDIT:** - **Found this on SMOGON; “Despite its imposing appearance, Onix has the second-lowest Attack stat of all fully evolved Pokemon (GEN1), only beating Chansey.** - Hell, Onix has the same base attack as Butterfree! So essentially, this giant snake made of boulders, is as strong as a itty bitty butterfly. - Here’s an amusing list of GEN1 Pokémon who a physically stronger than Onix; Oddish, Poliwag, Meowth, Clefairy, Pidgey, Zubat, Jigglypuff. - I acknowledge his stats are probably due to him being the first gym leaders ace, as his high defence and typing poses a challenge in RBY, to those unfamiliar to the mechanics of the game. I guess with good offence Onix would be otherwise unbeatable to a brand new player starting Pokémon, but still, come one man, you did Onix dirty.


My classmates would joke that sprinkling drops of water is enough to kill Onix.


When a bubble is enough to ko onix. Sprinkling water seems like a big overkill


Drowning him Man...that's torture ! Relax guys !


That 4x weakness does hurt.


Crystal Onyx was my favorite pokemon as a kid, and I'm sad it's never been in the games after all this time.


Omg I just remembered how I saw that episode as a kid and was convinced GF had hid a crystal onix somewhere in Crystal. Spent so much time looking thru caves


I was thinking the other day that they could do a regional variant based on Crystal onix.


They had a great opportunity to make an Ice type Galarian variant.


Or in Alola. They introduced Ice-type variants for Sandshrew and Vulpix lines in Sun and Moon.


[Yeah Onix really seems awfully weak for a giant snake.](https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/rsz_squirtlewins.png)


I'm pretty sure there was some math done that determined that based on it's average size and weight Onix is about as dense as styrofoam.


Pretty much all big Pokemon suffer from that though. I think someone calculated that Wailord should be lighter than air and thus float naturally. And sure it is based on a blim, but nowhere is it said that it can fly in the main canon.


Mudsdale weighs more than two wailords


mudsdale is literally just the weight of a real horse for some reason. They dont do that for any other animals tho so he just seems obscenely heavy


Wailord is literally called “float whale Pokémon” though. It’s supposed to be lighter than air.


I always thought that was more referring to it floating in the water since it is likely also based on an inflatible water toy.


They did my boy Golurk dirty too. How is a ghostly goddam metal golem weaker than a ghostly tea pot?


Golurk looks so damn cool. Can't recall him ever being useful. Shame. From a quick search, he's in Smogon's NU tier (never used). And I remember being excited to get him in PoGo because he was rare and cool, only to forget he existed until this comment, lol.


Golurk was a lot more popular when it first came out, being a UU staple. 2 things happened in Gen VI that kinda fucked it over, aside from general power creep: 1. The buff to Defog made Rapid Spin (and hazards generally) a lot weaker, making the niche of spinblocker basically obsolete. 2. The Steel nerf, Dragon nerf, and Knock Off buff all made the general meta a lot more hostile to its existence, making offensive Dark and Ghost moves omnipresent.


When I was younger I used a masterball on an Onix for the same reasons, imagine my surprise when it turned out to be really weak


I used mine on Ursaring. Imagine my surprise when I somehow stumbled into Ho-Oh later lol. I’m pretty sure little me just quit the game at that point.


From Gen 2 onwards I'm surprised there's people who didn't assume it should be used for the Pokémon that's on both the box and the cartridge. That was my assumption back then.


I used mine on a Magmar because I had just seen the cinnabar island episode smh


Onix was made weak so he could be the first boss. A challenge for unevolved pokemon who most likely don’t have any special moves and low defence. If he had higher attack on par with other fully evolved pokemon there would be no way to get past Brock without serious grinding. Hopefully once day they pass back over Onix and readjust the stats to where they should be


This is of course the logical explanation, especially with Charmander needing some kind of a bone thrown at it to get past gym 1, but it still makes for a rather funny situation for Onix.


Charmander demolishes brock with Ember. Brock has no rock type moves, and all of his Pokemon have atrocious special, so Charmander brute forces with Ember easily.


Pretty sure Onix has Rock tomb in FRLG. But Charmander does get metal claw, so I guess it evens out.


Oh yeah in FRLG for sure, but in the original Red and Blue charmander demolishes onix


That makes logical sense, actually


Brock's Happiny having super strength still makes no sense.


Giving Onyx Rock/Ground typing was the most perplexing part as a kid. One “Squirtle hit my man with a Bubble!” and he’s dead. What was the point?


I swear in gen 1 they thought ground and rock simply hsd to coexist, like grass and poison.


Regardless of the weird early choices I just wish they’d rescale the mons. Release a game that recreates stats and types who cares


Onix is one of the worst pokemon stat wise, ever. Even since gen 1. And his evolution doesn't help much at all either


He's actually not slow. That's one of Onix's two decent stats, at base 70


Decidueye :(


Decidueye is amazing in lower tiers. He can schmix you up cus you never know what set they're running


Still wish he was faster tbh. 70 is shit, they should've switched his special attack stat with his speed stat


Nah, a big part of decidueye's viability in lower tiers is that their attack stats are very similar being able to run both nasty plot or swords dance effectively is better than it just being slightly faster.


Mightyena, really cool looking wolf/hyena thing that I feel should really get an evo. It stats are worse than you think it would. With a BST of 420, distribution of 70/90/70/60/60/70. EDIT, And yes, Luxray got robbed. Even in future gens all it got was Wild Charge, its better, but still not great.


Mightyenq is by far one on my favorite doggos only thing that sorta saves it is having Moxie


I would run intimidate tanky mightyena and spam snarl, and toss it out with intimidate arcanine is doubles back in gen 6. Actually did its job wonderfully. I don't think it works anymore though due to powercreep and dexit removing important pokemon from the team. Gotta love gamefreak..


Cough cough omega ruby an ai did this in the battle tower. It ended runs.


Mightyena has always been one of my favorite pokemons. I'd even do runs on Emerald with him as my *starter*. He has a cool but simple design. And I love that he's a Dark-type.


I don't get how Luxray didn't get dark type


Regigigas is my favorite legendary design and lore wise. But God damn his ability and shallow movepool.


He just needs to sniff Weezing's fairy dust to get goin


The worst part about regigigas having a god awful ability is the fact that they needlessly nerfed a LEGENDARY like I get slaking because he's a standered pokemon so u have to nerf him but regigigas has near the same bst as groudon, another LEGENDARY who doesn't get nerfed cos he's a box art legendary. It makes no sense


Thanks to weezings neutralizing gas, he was everywhere for quite a while.


I still don't get what the designers were thinking when they came up with Regigigas. With his stats and ability he is roughly equivalent to Slaking... except the latter is an ordinary Normal-type line that could be found early on in the forest. So why exactly is a legendary Pokemon given similar viability? Puzzling indeed.


Regigigas pissed me off so much as a kid. I never looked up any info online about him, other than seeing his picture and thinking he looked super cool. I took me quite a while to capture him cause I had to collect all the other Regis first, and I didn’t want to cheat to figure out how to find him. Then, after I spent all that time getting him, I found out he sucked ass my first time using him. I was so disappointed.


I'd sacrifice my firstborn to have Torterra learn Shell Smash


ice shards are dangerous but yea i agree


I don't like thinking about what Torterra would look like without a shell.




Archeops is such a cool pokemon only to be hamstrung by such a bad ability in defeatist.


A rather large prehistoric bird monster that was resurreccted when it get below half health: *Whelp, might as well give up.*


It gets extinction ptsd. Imagine if you were about to die after all other members of your species got fossilized.


Plus, it's not even that powerful *without* defiant. They straight up just nerfed a Pokemon that had no reason to be nerfed.


I think the rationale is that it has higher base stats than other fossil Pokémon, which usually are around 490 or sth, so they had to nerf it be letting it be 60 higher and 60 lower across health bar. Still, they already have a stronger fossil in aerodactyl in gen 1, so I don’t get why they are slow wary of archeops being op. It’s not even like it will entirely outclass aerodactyl since aerodactyl is faster.


It'd be filthy with Unburden as an ability... and flying Gem available.


Tropius comes in mind. No one talks about it.


He's one of my favorite design wise. But damn they did him dirty. He is one of the most forgotten pokemon. Even the ugly ones get more attention


He’s kinda useful in go. But it’s region locked so only people that happen to live in that 50 sqkm area can use it.


I stocked up on a few on my honeymoon in Cyprus :)


I always forget that Tropius exists and then someone reminds me and I'm just confused.


Just don't hurt yourself in your confusion


He looks like a Legendary but is complete trash


I literally remember using a masterball to catch one in emerald as a kid...


Ah yes, the other Sinnoh HM Slave


You mean Hoenn or was it also in Sinnoh?


Platinum only- you can catch hem pretty easily in the marsh


In a did you gaming video (black and white one I think), it was mentioned that the Pokémon designers/artists have no to very little say when it comes a pokemon stats and lore as there handled by different teams.


Sure, okay. But why do they do it that way? That sounds like a recipe for problems.


In terms of getting a complete game out quicker that kind of compartmentalization makes a certain sense. It means the devs and writers can just have a big bucket of designs to play with and pop into the game with little issue. Whereas if the devs and artists have back-and-forth communication, the artists will have to go back and revise their designs to fit the stats, or the devs will have to rebalance things to fit the design, and you're introducing lots of bottlenecks and delays.


this is how you get pokemon that look like they should have literally zero defense having higher defense than fucking turtle and shield pokemon. i have no doubt that when the artists design these pokemon, they do it with specific combat in mind. "this guy is really, really fast so im gonna give him sharp points for aerodynamics or whatever" and then they make it a slow special attacker


This seems to be common among Electric-types i notice. Luxray, Electivire, Eelektross, Zebstrika, Vikavolt, Toxtricity etc. They all suffer from being great designs with far suboptimal stat distributions, abilities, movepools, or some combination of all of the above.


4 of those have Physical Mono Electric Type syndrome Vikavolt is stupid slow for zero reason At least toxtricity is omegabased in doubles


Vikavolt also not evolving until basically the end of the game is stupid as well.


They somewhat mitigated it in USUM, being able to evolve him in the same spot youd catch turtonator in (i forget the place's name)


Yknow you listing them out makes me realize what all my favourite designs have in common...


Electric type would be far better if they had some good physical moves


I’m still mad that Golisopod doesn’t have at least a hidden ability. Emergency Exit is awful and ruins an otherwise amazing looking Pokémon.


Works the other way around, too - most legendaries are ugly buggers


Lando-T moment.


I want to stab that shitass thing


Whenever I think back on why I got out of competitive, that ugly fucker is a significant part


The lake trio is not only ugly, but boring as hell. How many people can even tell the three apart by their sprite? I can name nearly every sprite, but I forget which of the lake trio is which (and don't care to memorize it).


Water/fire typing is cool but Volcanion is ugly as hell


Me: doesn't read title, reads meme Thinks of Luxray Reads title. Yep. Luxray got robbed


It didn't even get a bone thrown to it in the gen 4 remakes, wtf. Also why is the only 90bsp physical electric stab doing recoil damage


My favorite animal is a lynx. My favorite Pokémon line is Luxray’s. I live in a constant state of pain


I was so upset when I found out luxray wasn't part dark type


No let's instead give electric/dark to the hamster Pikaclone. Thanks, GF


Guts sucker punch would had been cool.


Mawile looks cool, stats are garbage :(


They should’ve made Mega Mawhile it’s standard evolution because it looked great and would make it an actual good Pokémon


Atleast it got the mega


Poor Ledian.


I know early game bugs are supposed to be bad (until gen 5 that is) but damn. They really dropped the ball on Ledian


I get giving them low stats as a weakness but my issue is that a lot of bugs have basically no redeeming quality. They should have made them bad but they made them mostly absolutely trash.


I am convinced something went wrong with Ledian's stat. Look at that MASSIVE Sp. Def! I think it should have been put in ATK so it could be a glass canon. It would explain all the punching moves it gets.


Design a Pokémon Powerful enough to match Legendries Truant


Design a tree Treant


Design a late game Pokemon that doesn’t evolve in gen 5 True ant


I just want to say i hate you three and take my upvote


Slaking is still perfectly good though, Truant is its thing.


Durant can probably knock out a Diancie I guess


why does Durant even have Truant? Is it quite literally just for the meme? Ants don't loaf around lmao


Ants DO loaf around, something like 30% of a colony do nothing at all.


Make an absolute beast out of Gallade by giving it the coolest Mega, an absolutely killer attack stat, and then ruin everything by chucking Inner Focus at it. Out of all abilities, he got Inner Focus, while Nintendo's Hoenn Charizard Gardevoir gets Pixilate


Upside, inner focus now blocks intimidate, which means it can make use of the full breadth of its attack without needing to worry about being crippled by Incineroar or Arcanine etc.


At the same time there aren't any Megas in Gen 8, so that change is basically useless for M. Gallade


Remember when the Sun/Moon starter got a unique move just for them? Yeah...


the moves aren't that bad, honestly, their base power is decent enough. darkest lariat is probably the best one with it ignoring defense and evasion changes, so it could probably punch through something with max def and evasion the others aren't anything to hoot about but they're not godawful


So did the gen 3 starters but that didn’t last very long


It was Leaf Blade, Blaze Kick and Muddy Water right


Darkest lariat and spirit shackle were amazing tho ? Darkest liarat ignoring defense changes was huge for incineroar , and spirit shackle was the best physical ghost move during the time which made decidueye the only physical ghost type that didn't suck Sparklong aria tho .... like just use scald/surf


Prim and incin got their move stolen as a tm while deci gets to keep his


Wait, primarina too? I thought it was just Lapras who could learn it, and as an egg move


I was gonna say "Exploud, then I realized Boomburst was a thing lmao" but then I realized his mediocre defense and speed don't make him good either


Sometimes all a mon needs is a busted ass move to succed.


Yeah, Boomburst is one strong move


Shedinja is so neat in appearance and concept, but not only is its base stat total lower than Nincada, but almost a third of it is in Def. and Sp. Def., which Shedinja has no reason to care about. If they redistributed those stat points to Attack and/or Speed, then Shedinja might actually be playable.




While, we are at it, lets design 5 more legendary pokes with great stats and powerful abilities that will end competing with this cool pokemon anyway because even if they have great stats and typing, they arent as broken as all the box legendaries. Oh, and to that add 2 random event legendaries furbaits with unique moves that you probbaly have to be aware of even if they are unique moves.




Meganium isn't even that bad on its own (in the lower tiers), it's just that there is absolutly no reason to use over other bulky grass types.


Pure grass ain’t that great,that’s the problem.


Really wish Luxray was Electric/Dark so he could at least get stab with Crunch


I think this is Onix Syndrome, not Luxray Syndrome.




Mega Luxray with Strong Jaw, based on a sabertooth tiger. The one mega we needed more than any other.


sad flygon noises


gen 3 Mightyena being a physical attacker despite dark being special gen 3 Sableye being a special attacker despite ghost being physical Absol in general


Liepard , like at least give the poor thing parting shot


I weep for Arcanine. My favourite pokemon as a kid. Absolute garbage in competition. It's only "good" moves are recoil moves and I hate using recoil moves.


Yeah he’s pretty much there for intimidate and snarl


Arcanine is good, but it’s just a worse Incineroar


Yeah, poor Arcanine. I do remember having fun with it in Doubles for ORAS pairing it with Contrary Skill Swap Spinda so you could just spam Overheat and Close Combat to making it hit super hard then use Morning Sun for recovery.


Extreme speed is pretty nice though.


Arcanine was pretty good in sword and shield VGC before the dlcs. It was a fire type with intimidate, making it a good incineroar replacement before incineroar released, and it had justified, meaning you could gain +4 attack using beat up.




LUMINEON IS SO FUCKING GOOD, there is literally zero reason he should've been so bad statswise


Give it Quiver Dance already! It literally has butterfly wings and is based on a butterfly fish


I’m working on a fangame right now, and I did buff Lumineon pretty significantly. I gave it Quiver Dance, plus the Fairy typing and like 40 more special defense




My boy Dusknoir is only out there to make Dusclops viable...


The golisopod tragedy, a wonderful Mon with amazing potential...ruined by a gimmick ability...


Replaying sun rn with set battles on and it's either very convenient (it gets hit by a supereffective move) or the opposite