there's historically been a Pokémon Presents separate from the Nintendo Direct either before or after E3, so there's still hope


SuMo and SwSh were both at E3 despite that. People should remember this because it's where that whole dexit nonsense started. Even then in hindsight I do agree that there's likely not enough anything in BDSP worth going over in detail (a new trailer would be nice though) but Legends: Arceus doesn't warrent an entire Direct dedicated to it, especially so soon after an E3 where it could have been part of the show (and Unite *has* to be shown separately due to agreements) so is there really?


TGS probably. I suspect that's where Square-Enix is saving their best stuff too.


I doubt it. I'm sure pokemon would just rather do a pokemon presents. They have quite a few games in the making, so it makes sense for them to just save it for a pokemon presents.


Pokemon sleep


Do we have a clue *when* those could be? Xauwe honestly. The remakes are my big game of the year that I'm looking forward to. That and age of empires 4 but that's 100% different


Remakes are for the end of this year, arceus is the start of next year.


Have they said if they are going to be there for sure though? I haven't seen much about Nintendo themselves being at past Tokyo Game Shows outside of a couple of apperences, but I could be looking at incomplete sources.


I kind of doubt it. SE is a more Japanese-facing company, but Pokémon’s appeal is far more global. TGS tends to be very Japanese-orientated in terms of content.


The person who leaked that Nioh FF game also said SE is saving the good stuff for Sony’s currently-unannounced event in a couple of weeks. That leaker (Navtra) has also had correct rumors on other things this year, so I have reason to believe them.


All they need to do is show me a fire type in the game that isn't the chimchar line or the ponyta line and I will be satisfied. I want some sort of platinum features in there else I could just play platinum.


Bah gawd, that's Charizards music!!


XY also had a big presence at E3. It was where the Fairy type was finally revealed. I think there should have been a Legends trailer, to remind non-Pokemon fans it exists, since it’s not be highlighted in any general promotion


or gameplay so we can see if it really does look that jank when playing or not.


Also to see if there actually is any gameplay. Playing in a giant wild area is novel, but not a full games worth of open world content.


you already know the answer


Oh I do, but I would like to be proven wrong.


Certainly would love a reveal of megas or regional forms for BDSP


Why would it have regional forms? Not all regions have them, and since sinnoh is also in japan, the species would be the same as the kantonian ones.


What if it had regional forms of gen 5+ Pokémon?


then why werent they there before if theyre meant to be native to sinnoh?


Retcons aren't out of the equation when it comes to the remakes. Case in point: Mega Evolution and Primal Reversions in ORAS


Side note: the remakes aren't retcons, they're literally alternate universes/timelines to the originals.


Invasive species brought over time have know bred into the native species gene pool, creating new regional variants. In real life, evolution wouldn't happen thay quickly , but in pokemon, evolution doesn't follow the same rules


Same way Johto Pokemon became suddenly only native to Kanto in 3 years? You can just set BDSP around the same time as SwSh. Or make regional forms post game


Retcon, parallel universe, alternate timeline, pick one. I think ORAS confirmed timelines are a thing given that X/Y/OR/AS have Mega evolutions and prior games don't and a point is raised about some other worlds that don't have megas. Pokemon has a pretty fluid timeline to the point even two versions of the same game in the same gen like Gold/Silver might be parallel timelines where the other legendary is more prominent. Differing wild encounters between such games might also be a consequence of that.


Undiscovered? Or recently discovered, not added to Pokadex yet and protagonist never found out how to get them. I don't see why there would be a problem with just retconning though. Plenty of changes happen in other remakes. And new evolutions become possible in new generations


Sinnoh being based on Japan doesn't make it actually Japan. If basculin can have forms based on location in the same region then sister regions can too. Plus it's in the past


Don't forget Gastrodon, literally the first case of regional variants in the entire series


I think you mean Shadow Lugia, a form exclusive to the Orre region. /s


That’s because of allopatric speciation, where they develop different characteristics when there’s a separation of the species


More like Arbok, that looked different in each game of the first 4 gens.


Why does it have to be regional forms of Kanto mons? And why SHOULDN’T it have regional forms? Sinnoh could use some more mons, especially fire types, and it wouldn’t add to the National dex.


Regional forms would be nice. I am fine without Megas returning ever.


I’ve never really played with them. I want something new added more than anything else. Doesn’t have to be megas, but SOMETHING. I don’t wanna pay $60 for a DS game I own two of ya know


Really? I thought Megas were cool. Much better than Z crystals or the dynamax “just make them big” bs.


Agreed. I think mega evolution is a sorry gimmick that, along with Z-moves and Dynamax, adds little to the game. None of those are on par with the mechanic changes they made in Gens 2-4, adding natures, abilities, breeding, hold items, berries, contests, etc. Those things actually added greater depth to the gameplay.


I was hoping for a quick blurb talking about how, yes, they *are* bringing back the Battle Frontier. I still am...


I just want to know what they're going to do with the Underground. With the Frontier its like... they'll either have it or they won't have it. Its not a very interesting subject ultimately. Not to say that it isn't important of course. A lot of us would love to have it again. Its just there are only two possible options. But the Underground? That's an interesting subject. Its going to be there but it almost certainly will not work like it did in gen 4. Personally, I hope they give it the same treatment secret bases in ORAS got. That was a lot of fun.


If all they do is have a smooth running wifi connection, then I'm happy with the underground. They could make the wall mining less RNG, but that's not what's important to me in that aspect of the game.


I probably spent most of my time playing in the underground. Getting that in its original format at minimum would be amazing. Though I do hope that they change around the acquisition of the traps to make it a tad more streamlined. As much as I would love to get the battle frontier back, it's not really going to be a deal breaker for me. As much as I would love to go back into and beat the battle arcade again, it's not strictly required for me to enjoy the game.


wasnt in DP, so they wont like with ORAS.


I thought the dexit stuff was at the Pokémon Presents after E3? Is my time all wibbly wobbly?


That was during the Treehouse during E3. IIRC they showed a trailer with Nessa during the direct though. (Or maybe that was just the Demo since that was going through her gym?)


I mean, everyone's time is all wobbly wobbly, after all From a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, its more like a big ball of wibbley wobbley timey wimey.. stuff


I'll go get dialga to help sort it out.


Wow it’s actually been a year, what happened to Unite, thought it was coming out summer of last year


We technically already got it earlier this year with brilliant diamond, shining pearl, and arceus legends


"Don't,don't give me hope"


That was us metroid fans for so so long. Finally we get a bone ;-;


I'm hyped that they decided to uncancel dread because they knew we have nothing


Underwater FZero skeleton lol jk idc about FZero


Sorry but F-Zero couldn't be brought back. Kazuya killed Captain Falcon and dropped his body into lava so there can be no reviving for him.


But he made the classic mistake of dropping a bird-based protagonist into a fiery doom, so he'll be reincarnated as #**Captain Phoenix**


what about time travel to bring falcon back?


As a Metroid fan who also don't care about F-Zero, I stand with my F-Zero brethren in hopes that they one day be heard as we have. I know how they feel, yet only know a fraction of their pain.


I have given up hope of ever seeing a F-Zero game again at this point. At least I am also a Metroid fan in these trying times.


Hey, if Advance Wars can come back after 13 years of Intelligent Systems milking the Fire Emblem cow there might still be hope (I say this as a fan of FE but a bigger fan of AW lol).


I feel like since they tried to make it twice and the hardware was the limiting factor that there was always hope for it to come back in the developers hearts. I'm glad it's real and we can finally put this game up on the shelf like it always deserved :)


Metroid and Advance Wars fans win this year's lottery


And warioware, I suppose


Warioware has no fans, only victims


*Warioware never changes.*


Bro, Metroid fans got a whole damn steak! Reconfirming Prime 4, a brand *new* game, ***and*** a release date for the brand new game. edit: last time this happened was...E3 2017, like exactly what happened this year.


I cannot wait for MP4 any longer, I need more Dark Samus fights they're always so well polished. Also the music, can't wait for that either, I still have rundas and gandrayda's battle music in my main playlist and always a treat when they come up on shuffle.


SMT got it, Metroid got it, now it's time for us Bayonetta fans.


Spare a thought for the forgotten franchises -Star Fox -f zero -Golden Sun There's always rumours and it always hurts. Great E3 though!


One of these games is not like the other! One of these games was on the Wii U!


Golden Sun NEEDS to come back.


Star Fox 0 and Star Fox 2 were released in 2016 and 2017, respectively.


Meanwhile Pikmin fans be like...


I kinda figured there wouldn't be news. Pokemon usually has their own thing they do. Maybe we get small pieces of news over the summer but I expect the coverage to happen in fall.


Smash directs are also a thing and they at least announced one today I wouldn't say fall Mid-late July, Early August perhaps


I'm betting we'll get a Pokemon Present in August or September. I imagine it'd be pretty beefy too with Unite, remake features(if any), update on Legends, actual info/drop of Sleep, announcement for gen 7 in Go, and hopefully letting us know of a new project or two. There's a ton of info they need to relay to customers about games releasing within the next 6 months.


For some reason I read the first sentence in Smeagle's voice.


Every main series game since the beginning of E3 has been featured at E3. You are wrong.


Me after Bandai Namco just now Where games?


I was really praying for Digimon Survive :/


I really, REALLY hope it’s not dead


The E3 stuff was my last hope honestly. I started to get some hope because I heard it was on their E3 lineup and I’ve seen images online of GameStop’s setting up signs for it but they have not said a word about how the games been coming in a long time. Could be years, could be never


You mean monster hunter stories 2?


I swear to god


That thing has better graphics than sw/sh ._.


I'm getting that it looks fun, or am I missing something about stories?


But it's right there. It's called Shin Megami Tensei V. People keep asking for dark mature monster-catching game on Nintendo consoles, well here it is.


Plus monster hunter stories as an intermediate step


My hype for MH Stories has literally no ceiling right now. I loved the first game and I wish they would port it so more people could play it. I remember in Japan they even ported it to iPad and it ran and looked beautiful 😣


It’s actually ported here to iOS too!


Wow I love monster hunter stories!!!! I couldn't finish any pokemon game past black and white but I binged stories in a week. I couldn't put that game down. I loved it and am more excited for the sequel than I am for pokemon to be honest!


You can buy the first for your phone both iOS and android.


Honestly everyone go play SMT. Nocturne just got a remaster. They're good games and pretty difficult but very easy for newcomers to just jump into it.


I’ve only played a bit of Persona 5, but I know about how Persona is a spin-off of SMT. So it was kinda funny seeing so many people saying “Is this a new Persona game?” and “Wow, they really copied Persona?” in the live chat.


It honestly made me cringe because I've been an SMT/Persona fan for a long time and I hate it when people say that...


I’m sure most of them are just trolling lol


I heard from an SMT fan that the new Nocturne is kinda worse than the original


Did he give any reasons?




Nope. It's a more traditional jrpg in that sense, so no calendars.


They're more traditional in their structure, so dungeons in over world, and no calendar.




Honestly I wanted the release date for Bear & Breakfast. ^I ^just ^want ^to ^be ^a ^bear ^and ^decorate ^things.


I mean, we just got new games and release dates announced. Not surprised to not see more news when we have so much.


If the games were releasing further into the future I'd agree, but we barely have any gameplay and BDSP is coming out this year.


I mean, it's a Sinnoh remake. If we got gameplay, I figure it would be Legends Arceus.


It is, but why should I buy the game over platinum? I think that a trailer that showed off some of the new stuff was needed.


The launch is still literal months away, they have plenty of time to advertise, and they likely don't see the remakes as E3 worthy material compared to the other stuff Nintendo had in line.


> They likely don't see the remakes as E3 worthy material That doesn't scare you, though? ORAS was at E3. Right now all we have of BDSP is a janky mobile-looking presumed 1:1 remake. I honestly feel like it's going to be bare bones and disappointing. It's legit the first Pokemon game I'm skipping in 23ish years.


> showed off some of the new stuff was needed. there is no new stuff though


No new stuff that we know of. Which is why they should show it to us


they cant show what doesnt exist


It might. You can't just say it doesn't unless you work there and you know


Oh? And you know this how?


just watch trailers from 2006 then


What more gameplay do you need to see of BDSP? It's a 1:1 Worse looking version of Diamond and Pearl


What’s new is what I want to see


It's not 1:1, it's going to lack all kinds of things that were in the original DP!


Point to where they said 1-1 remakes. First you will have to remove your head from your ass though.


They were announced 4 months ago and one releases in 5 months. 3 weeks ago, all we got was a date. They have been completely silent otherwise. People want details or clarification. Is this really just going to be a faithful 'remake' (which will actually just be a reskin)? No updates to the game from past entries or any new change? Just ugly 3D chibis that look like Pacman 2


Same with us fire emblem fans


Hey, maybe FE and Pokemon are doing something together and their going to announce it in a few days.


Finally, Kanto Mirage Sessions #FE


I was thinking pokemon conquest x FE myself


This was edited by me 😏😏


Yep true.Big shoutout to my brother for helping me edit this meme.


Aww both Pokémon names!


They announced a new Metroid and showed BOTW2 so I don’t even care!


ACNH want mentioned either 😭 still no frog chair


More like yo Kai watch fans who desperately wanted YKW4 localisation and jibanyan in smash


Please just give me all the previous Pokémon games on Switch. Is that too much to ask for?


This! Honestly can’t believe they haven’t done this yet… would throw all my money at them as would many many other people I would imagine.


Yes, it's not as easy as porting because gen 4-7 had two screens. Gens 1-3 on the other hand, could be very easily ported


Hey, we're getting Danganronpa on the Switch, I'm AOK with that.


I really enjoyed the Direct. It would have been nice to see a Pokémon trailer, but we still know that there’s (at least) 4 different games coming our way so it’s alright.


4? I know of Legends, Pearl, and Diamond, but what's the fourth?


Pokémon Unite and the Detective Pikachu sequel that they announced 2 years ago, also


I very highly doubt Nintendo would be willing to give Pokemon Unite some E3 spotlight, not after what happened during the announcement of the game.


Yeah I would not expect them to showcase it either. I only meant to imply that I’m glad to see other unexpected titles being highlighted because we already know we’re getting plenty of Pokémon games.


Isnt there also an open Pokémon sleep?


Oh yeah! Some days it feels like that announcement was just a dream but you’re absolutely right


People really love rushed games huh


Naw i be like: Where doomslayer in smash?


Monster hunter stories 2, I guess not technically an announcement but it's close enough to pokemon


The better question... #Where Yokai Watch


Aren’t there like 3 games on their coming soon list? First of which came out last month?


I just remembered pokemon sleep today. What happened with that? Wasn't it announced back with pokemon home? Did they forget about it?


Where Splatoon 3 tho


my guess is, right now, it looks too much like splatoon 2


No, but seriously, where pokemon? I mean, not even Diamond Pearl remakes, wtf.


HaHa, looks who’s America now!


Try Shinmegami instead. You'll get what you want there.


A game with all Pokémon and megas is pretty much all I want but apparently its too much to ask, dynamax gimmick was fun for a week or two but its just a worse mega evolution. Playing dens with events brings some serious life to multiplayer and the game as a whole which is good though I gotta be honest. If they put some effort into those they could be amazing. At the moment though its a little stale where everyone just attacks and using any other type of move is completely pointless. The dynamax adventure doesn't allow you to use your own Pokémon so that's garbage. They feel like 3 free faints I swear.. Looks like my Pokémon are going to be in ~~jail~~ home for another year or two. Diamond remake is a pass for me, I already have the game not to mention romhacks I still enjoy. Artstyle is worse than the original lmao.


They stopped caring about pokemon when they allowed niantic to make that disgrace of a game. Money hungry rich companies is the end of fun in this world


Digimon fans are also devastated because we got shafted with no news on Survive


New Metroid game and gameplay trailer of SMT V though, so it's all good. SMT V keeping a turn based battle system is nice, considering rumors of Dragon Quest partially replacing or significantly overhauling the battle system (Dragon Quest being anything but bog-standard, super basic turn based wouldn't feel right).


It makes me think there's gonna be a Pokemon Presents later this month. June is like their prime hype month after the initial reveal, there's no way they'd skip out on that opportunity altogether.


Pokemon's all well and good, but new Metroid after 20 years, and I'm beyond hype even though it's made by the people that did Samus Returns


I wouldn't worry. We basically know what's coming out between Age of Arceus and the P/D remake. I'm sure there will be a separate Direct coming out focusing on just Pokemon alone in the near future.


And splatoon : (


Patience that one was announced not long ago


I mean usually Pokémon have their own directs and stuff so this isn’t really a big thing


Are people actually upset over it? I had 0 expectations of Pokémon being showcased at E3 with Nintendo today because they always do their own type of presentation (Pokemon Direct / Pokemon Presents) close to E3. Personally, I think they’re just waiting on Pokemon Unite to be fully ready to do one, because they’ll probably announce it as “Releasing later today” during the presentation.


Well, Pokemon has been present at E3 most years since 2013 I believe, so expecting something about Pokemon to be part of the show was not unreasonable \^\^.


I'm cool with no Pokémon news. We only recently got the remakes and Legends news... What exactly would they show off? We know pretty much everything about BDSP. It's a remake. Beyond the question of whether recent Pokémon will make an appearance, we're good there. As for Legends... It's still being worked on. I don't want to see anything until it's in a stable build.


It releases at the end of January, so that's like seven months away. It should be fairly stable by now.


Fair point, but I would prefer to see gameplay representative of the final build, and not some smoothed out, pre-rendered footage like a certain game set in 2077...


There is a middle ground to the two extremes.


> What exactly would they show off? How about... BDSP or Legends?? Why are so people adamant to have **no** information about games coming out in 5 months?


I'm pretty sure we know like 90% of what BDSP is going to be like. For Legends there still time.


We’re better off not being disappointed again


Pokemon fans are always being shafted


I was about to say something mockingly, but then I thought to myself "oh yeah, that's right, they haven't had a genuinely great game since BW2."


I hate the narrative of "its a kids game so it's doesn't need to be jammed with alot and be a complete game" GF is just uncreative and lazy. I always use games like Breath of the wild, Red dead redemption 2, Fallout New Vegas and Horizon Zero dawn as examples of what Pokémon needs to be like. Lack of side content, Shit main story, graphics and animations/Physics are 15 years behind, dumb unnecessary new gimmicks with Dynamax. How Pokémon has the money and resources they have and fart out games like this is beyond me.


Zelda, Wario, Metroid, Advance Wars, SMT, Fatal Frame, Monkey Ball, Danganronpa, and Smash Fans: *Joyous Celebration* Pokémon Fans: "I SAID WHERE POKÉMON!!! NINTENDO SUCK, GIVE MORE!!"


Weres Animal Crossing? Pokémon? New System!


It's kind of concerning that there was no Legends gameplay, but the amount of reveals also wasn't as high as I expected. I'm hoping that there is going to either be a big presence at TGS, or we get a good Direct in August/September.


My girlfriend about Kirby. She was crushed


To be honest, what I really want is a port of all the old Pokemon games (especially Yellow/Crystal) to switch. Though I would also be happy with a port of FR/LG and SS/HG.


Y'all almost as baby as r/Splatoon. Patience is a virtue.


Splatoon ain't got a game releasing in 5 months from a different studio than the one that normally makes the games with next to no details on new features or online functionality.


Can anyone link me the Nintendo direct i didn’t watch it.


Here https://youtu.be/IH7QtiX1I7Y






You guys just *got* a new pokemon.


Honestly I don’t even care there was no Pokémon stuff because they usually get their own announcements. I care that they focused on the random indie titles more than the recognizable Nintendo titles. We got the Metroid game, another new Smash fighter, info on Mario Party and the Mario golf game, and another vague trailer for BOTW 2. The presentation was just an excuse to highlight the random upcoming additions to the eShop.


Still trying to fix the massive lags on Arceus...


Im gonna be honest pal.. at this point better nothing than other delusions. We are already worried about the early 2022 lunch of Pokémon archeus




Pokémon is never really at E3. There are obviously exceptions, but it’s rarely a part of the presentation, even when a game is coming out. They always tend to treat it as it’s own separate thing.


Wrong, we’ve had Pokémon at E3 every year since 2013. [source](https://twitter.com/joemerrick/status/1404839369526157321?s=21)


Oh I’m sorry, I’m just older and used to the early E3’s where Pokémon rarely showed up so I just never expect it.


Who gives a shit, they just keep getting worse either way Makes me sad


Didn't we just get a pokemon direct not too long ago with new games and remakes? I can't say that I'd be expecting anything new to come up just because another games con appeared. Nintendo has been known to do things at their own pace, including annoucements.


The Direct with Legends Arceus and BDSP was almost four months ago now, and they've been almost radio silent since then. They randomly dropped the box art and release dates on Twitter a few weeks ago, but we've still not actually had any new information about the games themselves. Given that they've been available for pre-order for some time now, I really think we should know more about them.


I’ve lost hope for Pokémon anyways so... 😔


where dk


Wait, there was a nintendo direct and they didnt show anything about pokemon? Those games will be release in some months but still no infos? I hope they build it up from scratch.


Yep it was the big e3 direct and nothing 😂


us animal crossing players are in shambles