Where did you start?

Where did you start?


Gen 3. Emerald is still one my favourite games


Same, except emerald is still my favorite game


Same, but sapphire


I’m only just now playing Emerald, Omega Ruby was my first Gen 3 game. I enjoyed it so much I bought Alpha Saphire to get to replay it. I started at Gen 4 as a kid and followed the series but I have never enjoyed the other games as much as Gen 3 games. *Trumpets* Edit: Added Trumpets by popular request


Needs more trumpets




I remember my older brother got it for his b-day and would only let me ride the bike. Those trick moves were fun though.


Dude was just trying to get you hatch eggs for him lmao


Omg u just ruined my childhood lol, I need to confront him about this


X2 :D




Not my first gen, but definitely one of my favorites! So many good memories playing through these on my gba as a kid


Yeah, I’d played Yellow, Silver and Crystal before RSE came out, but Emerald was the first I’d ever finished. Will always be one of my favorites!


Gen 4 platinum was nuts and I’ve played every mainline game because of it


I see a fellow platinum enjoyer


I see a fellow platinum enjoyer. I loved it so much and still do to this day.


Literally everyone’s favorite game is platinum wdym


Exactly the same for me! I just took a break when X and Y were released, I bought a 3DS for ORAS. But I'm currently playing X for the first time, so that's that...


Gen 1. My brother got red and I got blue.


Same but opposite. I got red and my older brother got blue. He told our parents blue was harder so he should get it because he's older...


Did you guys also feel obliged to choose Charmander in Red and Squirtle in Blue?


Not so much feeling obliged but I chose blue because I liked squirtle more and well my brother like charmander so he got Pokemon red


The first time I played Blue I chose squirtle for this reason!


I chosen bulbasaur cause he didn't have a game here... (Canada) and felt sad for him...


Hold on... You guys got to choose!? (I had Yellow)


I didnt learn this until I was in my teens but you can get all 3 starters in yellow as well as the pikachu


I actually chose Bulbasaur, but I was also too young to make the connection between Charmander and Charizard, I think. I was definitely not able to read yet, at least. If I had recognized the little guy at the start turned into the big guy on the box I mighta picked Charmander first playthrough lol.


I remember having these kinds of thoughts. The first game seemed so mysterious and full of adventure. It was a really exciting time


Here I am the rebel choosing Bulbasaur.


I went for Bulbasaur in Red because I thought he looked cool. My team was basically just a Venusaur and some trash by the time I got to Surge.


I got yellow my sisters got red and blue but eventually I played them all lol.


My sister and i shared a cartridge of Red. It was really our dad's though. We got separate copies when Gold and Silver came out




We are the OG playing on our Gameboys. We put a flashlight in our mouth so we could play on car rides in the dark because my dad wouldn't let us turn the headlamp on. It was good times.


I wasn’t even allowed the flashlight, I had to wait until the streetlights passed by so I got a glimpse of the screen


I remember doing that and not thinking twice about it, barely even bothered me (until we hit a patch of road without street lamps anyway). These days I can't imagine keeping a device without a backlight, haha.




But leaves a sense of nostalgia, doesn't it?


Did you ever end up getting that little light attachment that went on top? Lol not the best but it kinda worked


The worm light! Classic


We had a magnifying glass with a light in it which was amazing.


I ended up getting it for the gba.


Has anyone even confirmed if having the car light on is illegal or causes more crashes or whatever their excuse was?


There’s a lot of old timers like myself still in the fandom. Started on Blue then Yellow during the initial Pokemania.


I always wonder if it makes me cool I'm an "old school" pokemon fan. Or super lame that I'm over 30, and still love pokemon.


Red version at the tender age of 7...


Gen 1 for me. Little did my parents know they would start a lifelong obsession when they picked up the blue version at the store


Flashlight hiding under the sheet with a gameboy color ftw


Yes! And waiting for the next street light on the car ride at night. I later got one of these off brand kits that had various gameboy accessoires like link cables and a lamp which made it a whole lot easier. It also had a clip-on thingy that turned the d-pad into a joystick. Kinda useless but kids at school were jealous lol Good old times, man...


Oh man, the link cables! When Gen 2 came out, I borrowed my neighbours Gameboy to trade Gen 1 starters to my Gen 2 game.


I remember trading with my cousins in the car and thinking "Holy crap! if we hit a bump our pokemon are done for!"


Definitely had a light. I remember the times before lit screens lol


Ha. You just reminded me of a clip-on device I had for mine with a light and magnifying glass. It was the key for playing Pokemon Red when my parents though I was asleep!


Gotta step up your Wormlight game


1, the late 90s were incredibly fun


I remember I was in after school care when gen 1 came out, I was probably in 2nd grade. I remember spending the evenings and lunch time at school power leveling my Pokémon in the elite four so I could whoop some ass at daycare in link battles. It was also genuinely so surprising the first time seeing the 4 trade evolution Pokémon evolve. It was all rumors at that point because no one was using the Internet and everything was word of mouth. That one kid at daycare that had mew and wouldn’t tell us how to get him - **fuck** that guy!! What a magical, magical phenomenon to have experienced.


Dude, yes. The first time I ever got in trouble at school was because of Pokémon.


Pokemon leaf green. So gen 3 ish.


Yea I got fire red, so half gen 1 half 3??


Gen 2 and loved every minute of it


Same, my babysitter's daughter who was in her teens had a gameboy color and gold, I was allowed playing it but not saving so I had the day to push as far as I could before I had to go home and restart the next day, only once made it past Whitney xD


Wow, I’m amazed she even risked letting you save over her file! I’ve had that happen a few times with various games through the years and it was rough...


Got Gold for my 6th birthday. I remember only training Feraligatr and Noctowl. Good memories...


Same here, Silver was my jam.


Silver gang rise up


Gen 7. I loved it


Gen 2


I started with gold on an emulator, then red on the emulator, then ruby and sapphire on the emulator, and then my first physical game was emerald.




Gen 2 is amazing and my favorite overall.


Agree with that. Gold was my first Pokémon Game and I really enjoy it even today on Virtual Console I always go back. I sometimes prefer it over the Remakes, even if I love them, too.


Gen 1


Get 1. Great memories. Yellow version on gbc. Second game was blue version. Third, crystal.


Are you me? That's the exact same order I played them.


Gen 1.


Gen 4 heart gold still one of my favorite games


Same, I started with pearl and ss, and hg/ss are some of my favorite video games of all time still


Gen 4 in my opinion is the golden age of Pokemon, we got HG/SS, DP/Pt, and explorers of time/darkness/sky. All of which are up there on my favourite games of all time, with Sky probably taking it I would say.


Best. Remake. Ever.


Gen 7. My first game was Let's Go Eevee at 13 years old (I'm 16 now), and I still like it today, but it isn't my favorite anymore (that honor belongs to a different Gen 7 game)


LGPE are 3 years old already??? Damn


Gen 6 baby but I’ve gone back and played a few of the earlier gens


Finally I met someone who also started with gen 6 lol


Lmfao we Stan brother


Same yoooo


Same here


Gen 4, sinnoh is my favourite region


Started at 5, got 7 and 8 then got 4 and 6 recently. Only ever finished 7 and 8


Gen 3 also. I played emerald and got my brain exploded :))


Gen 1. Also, I need help. Should I play BW, XY, or RSE after finishing USUM


BW are honestly some of the best games of the series. They lose a bit of that pokemon charm but they feel much more like a traditional polished triple A game if that makes any sense. High quality stuff, im sure you’d love it. RSE might feel a bit jarring going back to after usum


Play them all! I'd say play RSE, then XY, then BW (just to intercalate 2D and 3D, really). BW is the only one I never really got to finish, though.


Ight Also, I'm liking USUM so far, mostly because I get the Exp. Share early so I don't have to grind


Play them all when you can. I’d recommend Emerald, then your flavor of choice for BW and then XY.


Finish USUM! Rainbow Rocket and Ultra Necrozma are cool as heck, Ultra Moon is by far my favorite game. But to each their own! Go with the one you feel most attached to :)


I'm going to finish USUM, what should I play after beating it?


That’s a good question! When I finished USUM I worked on finishing the Pokédex so I could shiny hunt! I’d then rechallenge the Elite Four/Title Defense and face some familiar faces in the Battle Tree! I’m not too sure which separate game you should go for next however :,) maybe try the game you’ve least interacted with?


Gen 6, I'm young lol


Gen 6 is like, 8 or 9 years old now if that makes you feel any better!


This makes me feel unbelievably old.


Gen 8, always had friends that played the games, but I wasn't one of them


Gen 1! Played every gen after that, now can't wait for the diamond/pearl remakes!


Gen 7 because the atmosphere and awesome story


Started in gen 1, fell for the franchise in 3 though


Same, I love first two gens but 3 have best design mons


Actually it become the story and game play that got me, though I was also 9 by that stage and understood things better so it helped 😅 Add in an early Gardevoir and I was sold 😄


Lmao the Pokémon mafia wasn’t good enough you wanted people to save the turtles by expanding the ocean😂


I wanted conflict between the bad guys, no one has these animals able to shatter mountains and burn valleys and just... Agrees and gets on 😂


Ya I love the first 2 gens, but gen 3 is also where I fell in love. Just the whole aesthetic of it was pleasing to me, the environments/music/story etc.


Gen 1. I didn't know what pokemon was and hadn't seen it in nintendo power yet, but I saw that rad ass turtle with cannons on it's back and couldn't pass it up.


Gen 1. Cousin who was basically my twin and I both got Yellow for Christmas.


Gen 3. FR/LG was technically my first, though not listed here.


Gen 5. I chose tepig


Smae but I picked osshawott and I don't regret it


My brother picked oshawott. I do kind of wish I took oshawott. Osbawoot stayed cool throughout, but pig man did get a little creepy


Lol tottaly agree


Same Tepig is my favorite fire starter


Gen 1 with yellow


Gen1 red & my neighbour had blue. It was a great time.


Gen 1


Gen 5 Pokémon black


Same. Not sure if it’s nostalgia speaking but I feel like gen 5 aged better than most of the rest


Gen 5 holds up rather well. The Unova Dex is a bit inconsistent in terms of quality, but there are a lot of bangers. Solid story, actual fleshed out characters, and probably the most ambitious Gen in terms of region design. I think the ‘enhanced’ Gen 3 and 4 games (Emerald and Platinum respectively) both hold up extremely well, and I have a lot of love for HGSS.


Gen 6. Still my favourite gen btw.




Gen 3


People post those stupid polls for every little question (even when it doesn't really work) and the one time a poll would have been useful you don't use it! Shame on you OP! Mostly kidding, it's still interesting to read the comments.


Torn between Gen 1 and Gen 2. Gen 1 was my first game ever, but when we went back to Kanto in Gen 2...oh boy!


Gen 2


1, 4th grade. The playground 4th and 5th grade were so fun.


Gen 1. Brother got red and i got blue. Had gen 2 also. I never got a gameboy advance so I stopped playing after 2. Picked back up with gen 6 a few years ago and have been going back through 3-5 recently.


Gen 3


Gen 4. I played Pearl, but it just stopped working one day.


Gen 1. Only Gen2 is better.


Gen 5 w an Oshwaott that made my childhood the best


Only now i realise how similar Calem and Hilbert look


Gen 6. They introduced more customization, it was 3D, there were the Pokémon Amie and training features, Mega Evolution was amazing, it was a revolutionary Pokémon game!




gen 6 Pokémon x




I though gen 6 was kalos


Gen6, and from there back to one and so on


That’s actually really cool. I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like playing the series from Gen 6 then back.


Probably a lot better than those of us going the other direction. Playing them in reverse order means you generally get to see them improve as you play more of them, at least to a degree. XP


To some degree, but it’s not like the older gens don’t have some duds. Platinum really shows how underbaked Diamond and Pearl were, Gen 2 still has the bad level curve, etc. Mulling over the gens as a whole I’d be inclined to put 3-5 above 1 and 2. There’s also little reason to play GSC when HGSS exist. Unlike Gen 1 there aren’t nearly as many technical quirks and unique glitches that make it memorable over its remake.


You're not wrong. DP were especially not great. I like GSC a lot personally, but that's after growing up playing them alongside Gen 1 and the Stadium games. Without that full experience, HGSS might be better. It might also be a bit jarring to go back from the Phys/Spec split or to before abilities, but I don't think that's necessarily a negative change myself.


On original hardware that’s definitely an issue, though Gen 2 ran surprisingly slow as well. Playing on emulator these days I pretty much always speed up every game unless there’s a particular track I want to listen to. Gen 2 also has...a lot of weak Pokémon, some of which at least got good evolutions and/or benefited a lot from the physical/special split in Gen 4 (looking at you Sneasel). HGSS is also, IMO, the best the series has ever looked. I have a lot of fondness for Gen 2. I’ve probably done more distinct runs of Crystal than any other game. Looking back though it has a lot of warts that HGSS at least helps to address.


The stadium games let you speed up Gens 1&2 too like emulators would, so the somewhat slow (although still not close to Gen 4 iirc) gameplay is a lot easier to handle imo. Gen 2 does have weak Pokemon, but imo, that's not a negative. It just means you can choose to have more of a challenge during your playthrough if you like. But yeah, still generally agree with you lol. I can understand liking HGSS's art. It's not my preference, but it's not butt ugly like base DP either. If we're talking mainline only, I think Gen 5 is my favorite, which isn't too far off. Although, obviously, the spinoff console 3D games tend to be the best looking in the series. Think my favorite of those is Battle Revolution if we're just talking graphics, but XD and the recent New Pokemon Snap are good too.


I was mostly thinking of the mainline games in terms of graphics comparisons, but yeah new Snap is easily the best 3D we’ve gotten. While I do love the GC era spinoff titles, the limited animation has always been a rough spot for 3D Pokemon. Simpler sprites work much more seamlessly with the low-fidelity animations than they do with 3D models. There’s also a sort of flatness the 3D models in the mainline games has struggled with for a lot of Pokémon, though it’s most noticeable in Sword and Shield with the higher res and more ‘realistic’ look. I haven’t played Stadium on original hardware...pretty much since it was a new game. I only found out about the speed up emulation function a few days ago tbh, which is pretty neat. I wonder if an emulated Stadium could run RBY (it’s pointless when direct emulation makes more sense but it would be pretty funny). Emulation within emulation.


Gen 1, I got pokemon blue for Easter and later learned my parents went to a pawnshop to buy it. My next game was pokemon ruby.


Gen1, red. My cousin bought blue. It was great.


Gen 4 Diamond, can't remember if Diamond or FireRed was my first game, but Gen 4 was the current generation when I started playing.


gen 1. yellow then blue


100 years ago in gen 1. Couldn't read English yet, but having a video game where almost 100% of the interactions are driven by text was a good incentive to learn.


For me it was when I was 5 or 6 and I got diamond from my friend as a birthday gift


My first game was pokemon: sun


Gen 4, forever in my heart


I grew up watching the anime (I watched every single season of the show) and then finally got a game in gen 7


Gen 1 - I played my brother’s version of Red and then I got my own copy of Yellow, played every gen since apart from 8, but it’s on my ‘to-buy’ list


Gen 5 for me


Which ever one black and white was


Gen 5


Gen 1 back in 1998, I was around 8 years old at the time! Still love Pokemon to this day!


Gen 1! My parents got me Pokémon Yellow for my birthday at the time. I've played every gen since 🤭


don’t hate me for it, but gen 7.


Gen 8, I loved it. It might be because it was my first game, but it was so underrated. Playing competitive is super fun to do and I highly recommend playing them if you haven’t!


One. Yellow. About 9 years ago (am 30 now). And that's how an obsession began.




My favorite pokemon generation of pokemon designs was gen 5. I have nostalgia for gen 8, as it was the first one I played. My favorite story is gen 3 Emerald.


Gen3 with Gale of Darkness oddly enough. I have memories of and nostalgia for Gen1, though, since my brother had Yellow growing up. Probably helps that Fire Red was the first mainline game I played (not owned, though, since I borrowed it; that honor goes to Emerald)




Gen 4 with SoulSilver


I've only played 1-3 and 8. Loving 8 right now but Sapphire was my favorite as a kid


Gen 1; but promptly left the series after that and ignored until this year.I feel like i was too angsty teenager to appreciate pokemon to the max back then. Loving getting back into it though and trying to complete a living pokedex is literally the passion I've missed in games for years. Also getting into pokemon in 2021 has helped me break my unhealthy relationship with mmo's! The funniest thing about it all is I feel like I picked a controversial time to get into Pokemon as well!


Technically Gen 3, but my first game was Diamond


Gen two but it is emulated coz we can't afford to get the console that time


Gen 1.5 Pokemon Yellow, though i did get blue and red shortly after.


Gen 1 was my start, 2 is my favorite, and I still have never played 4.


Gen 1


Started with gen1 Pokemon Yellow when i was really young so never got very far. Really started grinding with Emerald


Gen 1 was my first. I was there right at the start of the series, being basically the ideal age when it first came out. Gen 2 or Colosseum/XD are my favorites, although Gen 1 + the Stadium games combined are probably still my favorite experience with Pokemon overall. I ended up being very invested in the series for most of my life until recently. I played gens 1-3 obsessively growing up, getting every game that came out and playing most of the spin-offs. With gen 4 came massive disappointment due to the game's butt ugly and dated 2D graphics, painfully slow game speed, weird Pokemon designs, and the lack of Pokemon variety during the story. So, after playing DP on launch and hating it (I appreciate them a tad more now with hindsight), I took a break from the series until Gen 5 reeled me back in (although I did still play Battle Revolution and Ranger). Definitely enjoyed both Gen 5 games, although I never got super invested like before. Gen 6 was decent, but it's when it started to become clear that Game Freak were buckling under modern game development. The graphics were relatively poor for 3DS, the game had insane performance issues despite no stereoscopic 3D, and they were still using 2D design philosophies. I appreciated ORAS, but they were mostly a downgrade from the original games - a massive problem for a remake. During Gen 6 I also started playing VGC competitively with friends, which was fun even if I was very bad. And then Gen 7 happened. VGC tournaments started costing large amounts of money (effectively killing them off entirely), the games became unplayably linear and easy, they still hadn't fixed any of the issues with their badly made game engine... And I sadly haven't bought a Pokemon game since. I played SwSh other ways and it confirmed my suspicions - it was easily one of the worst games I've ever experienced. I'm really hoping Legends Arceus will get the main series back on track so people like me who started on or appreciate the better games in the series can have fun with Pokemon again. I'd love to continue to enjoy the series I grew up with.


gen 1! they played the cartoon on syndication from 6:30-7 and I'd catch the later half before taking the bus to school. level up my pokemon on the bus. battle with friends in school! absolutely loved my routine back in middle school!


Mt first game was gen 6. I got it from a friend but I never finished it. Shield was my first completed game and first dex completion.


Gen 1. But 7 is my favorite


Gen 3, I got Colosseum on the gamecube


Gen 4 like 5 days ago


Gen 1 I got blue I was really confused when both Misty and Brock didn't join you on your journey


Gen 4, got heart gold when I was 4 and didnt know what the hell I was doing but had a blast anyways (I got a hand me down ds from my sister who didn’t use it anymore)


Gen 6, yes thats right, I am one of the 10 people who actually started with gen 6. Crazy right?


Gen 1 Red FTW!


Gen 1


Gen 3 leaf green


Technically Gen 3, but it was a Gen 1 game


Gen 4, platinum shall forever be my favorite pokemon game


Gen 3.


gen 2, i played pokemon silver on my gameboy


Gen 2. The last presents on Christmas Day, my brother and I had to open at the same time. We each got a Game Boy Color. He got Pokemon Gold, I got Pokemon Silver. So awesome.


Red. I can still hear us all talking out our asses on the playground about Pikablu, Bill’s Garden and heaps of other Poke-BS