With all the official art for Gen 9's new Pokemon out, feast your eyes on a compilation of all of the pseudo-legendaries in their official artwork together! Among these Pokemon, which designs have you liked the most over the years?

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Metagross, in a world of Dragon looking pseudos, Metagross is just a cool mecha-arachnid


It's also a supercomputer with four brains.


8 when Mega.


Quad core!


I forgot that metagross was made of TWO metang, not 4


While Metang is made of 2 Beldum.


Back then: Holy shit that's crazy. Now: My Ipad has more cores than Metagross


A super computer made of beldums.


I do, kinda, wish sometimes that we'd get some pseudos that aren't just dragon-looking again. I love dragons, they're my favorite type, but I'm sure there are other cool things to be made into pseudos too.


Yeah, like dinosaurs! ...wait


Maybe still a tad too reptilian but now I got myself wanting a fighting/rock type Triceratops pseudo.


SHH, don't let gamerfreak hear you say great ideas, they'll never implement them if they don't come up with it themselves!


Ok ok. Hear me out. Dino covered in feathers


skipped gen 5 did ya?


Is Great Tusk the only fighting-type besides the Musketeers that isn't upright?


Zamazenta and Slitherwing are both non-bipedal fighters. Passimian's idle animation is on all fours but it's still a monkey. And then there's Arceus and Silvally but they don't really count because they're all types.


Zamazenta, right. So until the Past Paradox fighters, it was only legends. Interesting.


And also Stufful, and Tauros' new Paldea form(s).


Lets get extra pedantic and say Type Null and Hitmontop, to add to what everyone else mentioned


Unicorns (Fairy), griffins (Ground/ Flying? Idk), vampire bat (kind of going with the immortal legend and adding elements of vampires without making it too humanoid. Would definitely be Poison and either Flying or Dark).


Has a cool shiny ✅ Has a cool mega ✅ Is "meta" relevant ✅ I love Metagross so much.


I agree and I wish he was in SV


Metagross is not meta relevant unfortunately.


It is in RU though! How the mighty have fallen....


RU? Damn they really fell hard.


its relevant in the RU meta!


The glorious days of mega metagross in early gen 7...


It is in pokemon go ;)


By far the best steel attacker, but steel is rarely the better choice for PvE so he's not *that useful* imo. I still sub it in my team because it looks cool but I hardly HAVE to use it :( I have 0 idea how relevant it is in PvP though.


Quite good in the Master League with Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash, and Earthquake.


I have a perfect iv one I love it so much


Super relevant in PVP since it wins against the now #1 Dragonite, #3 Lugia, #8 Zacian and #10 Mewtwo (in the master battle league). It also beats Dialga which is *only* #24 but people over-value it for it’s dragon/steel typing and use it as much if not more than the other top 10-15.


Meteor Mash blows holes in Master League last tine I checked


Aaah glad to see that my boi is shining in PvP :)


Just because he is metagross does not mean he is meta-gross


Metagross helped me win all 7 gold frontier symbols in Emerald. It will always be relevant in my heart.


Is it used in national dex in Pokémon showdown/smogon still?


Metagross gang


Tyranitar My favourite child but Metagross & Garchomp aren't far behind


Tyranitar was the first pseudo i ever fully evolved so it always has a special place in my heart


Literally the reason it has been my favorite pokemon for nearly two decades. I remember I was like 4 or 5, sleeping over at a friend and I had my gameboy with silver. I went to Mt. Silver for the first time ever (it was my big bro’s save file, completed already) and I found a Larvitar for the first time. Me and my friend were hyped and had zero clue what it would become, so we spent the entire sleepover training it. Once it evolved into Tyranitar I was beyond blown away. Truly a core memory of my life.


That’s so fuckin cute omg


Same. From a little Larvitar! Honestly, Pupitar is kinda badass too


It was in leaf green to so I got to use it vs the champions own tyranitar in the rematch, fun times


Tyranitar is great. Meta gross is pretty dope too. I’ll have to say kommo-o and dragapult were also really good designs. Not sure how much I like the new puesdo’s design yet. I just got scarlet so we’ll see.


I loved my Baxcalibur I got a female one so named her Freya


That’s a good name!


Kommo-o has such a great design. It has a stat spread making it extremely versatile. Love that pokemon. Now if fairy didn't exist, Kommo-o would be high up in usage. Just too bad the shiny is so fucking ugly. 😂


Ever since I first saw tyranitar in the celibi movie I have always had it on any team I have.


I’d swap Garchomp for Hydreigon, but it’s close. Hisuin Goodra found it’s way into my heart too when playing PLA.


I agree 100% with this


Traded myself a freshly-hatched Dratini and Larvitar in Silver when I was younger and played the whole game with just them. Had the best time and I still love them both. Also shoutouts Tyranitar and Metagross for not being Dragon-type


This is extremely correct


I just love salamance like bagon is super cool and it's love levelling to get to salamance is always worth the grind


Right? I remember seeing Bagon's Pokedex entry for the first time and it talking about its dream to fly. Then finally getting to Salamance and helping fulfill its dreams.


This is exactly why it's my favorite tbh


That also really stuck with me. It was so gratifying evolving bagon to Salamence, and js a big reason why it's my favorite dragon Pokemon today (closely followed by the baby dragon yeeting dragapult)


Yes! I love Bagon’s lore. I always get so excited when I find a bagon


Salamence has been my favorite Pokémon since it came out. I love it so so much and I use it in every game it’s available in.


And neither one of Salamence's designs missed. They both were amazing


I've never liked base salamence but the mega is one of the best megas imo and the paradox version might be my number 1 fave pokemon now it's so fucking cool


We need more non-dragon pseudos man


I'd personally like if we got 2 pseudo lines per game like what gen 3 did. Got a cool dragon and a dope looking super computer monster, which I feel would appeal to a wider audience. That way all the people who didn't really like Baxcaliber for example, might have a second mon that they would potentially enjoy more, and give us non-dragon options for pseudos like you stated.


Metagross is such a weird situation; it almost feels like it was directly designed *for* Steven, when Pokemon mostly feel like they were made first and then assigned to a character. They knew they wanted the Champion to be this cool, calm rock-collector who *wasn't* a dragon specialist like Lance last time, and they also knew they needed his signature Pokemon to be a powerful psuedo-Legendary, so we got Metagross.


Further proving why Steven is the best champion.


I do believe in gen 3 supremacy, yes.


I too believe in Gen 3 supremecy, Praise Lord Kyogre.


Kyogre deez nuts, groundon gang rise up!


*rayquaza has entered the chat* (air lock activates)


I sense a Landweeb, Seas Supremecy!


Oceans suck, land is the good stuff. But i think you dumbasseas have too much water in your brain to understand


False, water is delicious and we can swim in it, screw the land, Kyogre supremecy for thy has created the planet!


I feel the same way for Glimmora, it looks like it was only a thing for Geeta, except it also feels like it wasnt.


Or on the other hand, 3 Evo Dragon lines that aren't necessarily Pseudos but still strong like Axew


Tinkaton wouldve been a great option for 2nd pseudo


Same with Volcarona, Lucario, Zoroark, etc. Even though they're all two-stagers.


Aaron vs Tyrantar would have been good imo. Maybe it's too cluttered, but imo it would be neat to have the dragon psuedo, amd then version exclusive psuedos.


Hard agree. I also think Grimmsnarl would be a cool one, as well.


Can't believe we had two in the first 3 gens and haven't had one since. Dragon is a regular type lol I'd like a little more diversity with the psuedos


Metagross and dragapult.


Dragapult was a very cool surprise in sword and shield. Ghost is my second favorite typing too


And the first duel type Dragon pseudo without a 4x weakness Also, only ~~3/10~~ 4/10 without a 4x weakness since TTar is 4x weak to fighting Edit: fixed my typo, thanks to those who pointed it out


Always a great thing to see. Fairy type really messed up Hydreigon in gen 6


Am I counting wrong, I count 4/10 not having a 4x weakness?


I believe you are correct


Yeah it would be Dragapult, Metagross, icy boi, and Goodra?


I fell in love with Dragapult, loving the Ghost Type too ! But Metagross is so cool !


Yo my exact two choices! I love Dragapult’s colour scheme and Metagross is a mean-as arachnid tank


My man


I agree


This needs more upvotes. Dragapult and metagross all the way


Garchomp just hits different to my edgy soul…


It's so edgy that even its stats reflect this (with a speed of 102 it flips the bird at any 100 speed pokemon like Salamence, Palkia, and Dragonite)


almost shit my pants when I climbed the cliffs outside of the crater in SV. A level 55 Garchomp jetting through the skies


Was looking for this comment, thank you. Also he's Cynthia's ace, the best champion. Great design, great stat spread. Really a menace design and gameplaywise


Some might call you a Cynthia simp for just saying that…


Dragapult gang rise up


Its sneaky little hands and squinty eyes make it look like it’s always plotting something hahaha


I love his little feet's stickin' out!! I would die for him.


Yo he really grew on me over time love him now


Its shiny is beutiful.


I love them so much! i take their parenting tips to heart!😍


Do you also throw your babies at your enemies?


Dragapult is my favourite Pokémon.


If I didn’t smogon I’d probably like him a lot more, one of the strongest and most versatile mons around.


Other pokemon: Power pose. Dragonite: Hi.


Dragonite and Goodra really be the chill ones in a group full of monsters driven by sheer domination


Goodra, specifically Hisuian Goodra. There’s something about a sad snail dragon that I love. The mega forms of the pseudos though are all painfully to look at. A lot of the Megas were “over designed” but the those 4 are just bad.


Hisuian Goodra sleeping inside its shell is too adorable


So much Goodra disrespect in this thread. I love both forms and I’m happy that finally Goodra got some additional love. It’s easily my second favorite pseudo.


Hisuian Goodra is my favorite psuedo legend! Such a cute sad snail dragon that deserves all the love. Plush the Dragon/Steel type combo is really neat


Hisuian Goodra is very cute, especially when sleeping! It's also makes for a very good tank with Shelter, eating attacks like nothing, or not taking them at all since it also obscures Goodra!


Goodra and dragonite are pure, concentrated friend shapes. 10/10, would die trying to pet those animals.


You wouldn't die from trying to pet them, you would die by being hugged very hard because they are very friendly but strong.


Absolutely love Hisuian Goodra


A fellow H goodra lover I see,its just so cute and I like cute and lovable pokemon as compared to tough pokemon and Hisuian goodra is just adorable


Fun Fact! It's clingy as hell and will riot/run rampant if their trainer happens to leave their side for a bit!


I wish we got more goofy looking ones other than Dragonite and Goodra.


Isn't baby yeeting goofy too ?


Absolutely, however it also pulls off being legitimately cool really well. But of course, that's to be expected. Dragapult does everything well.


Yeah, Pult is peak character design. Oozes personality, love me a Pokémon whose entire schtick is foetus yeetus


I wouldn't call them "goofy" but they do look like they were pulled from PBS's Dragon Tales.


I wish we got less Dragon-like pseudo-legendaries, like Metagross (I consider Tyranitar dragon-like, even if it’s not a dragon type). A bug pseudo-legendary would be great


Yeah, would be cool to get a buff to the bug type in general paired with a cool bug pseudo. Maybe som kind of monster bug/steel beetle.


Isnt that Volcarona?


Nope, not a pseudo.


It should be though


I think volcaronas bst is 570 not 600 Edit: 550


It really seems like it's higher than that. Just shows how good it is. Best Bug imo. A true Bug pseudo would be so cool.




Dragonite is a cute little bb please watch your language


I honestly wish we'd have gotten something other than Dragonite, because Dragonair was a wonderful design that just kinda went 180 on evolution.


Trust me, if you've read up on the Dragonite line's lore that 180 suddenly makes complete sense. Doesn't mean you have to like it but hey, the intent here was clear.


I'm talking from a meta perspective here, not an in-game, where lore can be bent to logic anything into place. From what I've heard Dratini and Dragonair were designed by someone different than the one who designed Dragonite, so the design turn is understandable, but I don't think it was correct for the family. Dragonite should have honestly had a more traditional Western dragon pre-evolution, while Dragonair should have kept with the Eastern dragon style.


I can talk about some of that lore if you want. Okay, so obviously Dratini and Dragonair are based off of serpentine water dragons but the specific dragon of importance here is a Korean dragon known as an Imugi. These dragons are said to live for 1000 years, if they do live to 1000 a jewel is said to fall from the sky and if they catch it they will transform into "true" dragons. Basically, they completely change appearance. Sound familiar? This potential reference is even shown through their designs. Dratini has no jewels, Dragonair does and the resulting transformation is Dragonite, a "true" dragon. It is likely a drastic evolution entirely on purpose and Game Freak in the 90's must have known this. Clearly, they did their research.


Kommo’o has been a fav since it’s reveal. A great typing and visually great design. Goodra always felt like it should have been a top contender but since it’s hosuian fork it’s my number 1


I wish Kommo-O was more useful in battles though. I dislike it’s mixed stats and how it’s signature move is special while it’s best stat is physical


It is rly fun in draft leagues, where it‘s versatility makes it usefull in almost every fight


He's actually one of the better psuedos, due to his plethora of support moves, and sheer unpredictability. I got a ton of milage off of a surprise choice specs set. I slapped Stealth Rocks on it just to make my opponent think that he was a standard lead set, but I'd always switch after using rocks, aiming to come back in and roast the ever-loving shit out of a Corviknight coming to blow away the rocks.


Only issue with Kommo’o is that Fairy absolutely annihilates it lol


Fairy annihilates all of the pseudos, except for my boy Metagross.


And of course hisuian goodra.


Fairy specifically extra annihilates Kommo-o and Hydreigon though because of 2x weaknesses to Fairy.


True. One reason it rarely makes my team.


Hydreigon. The downside is the high evolution level.


I love hydreigon but dude that thing takes forever to evolve


That’s a common thing with Gen V.


Gamefreak need to give dragonite love he got no new forms for 8 gens and every other pseudo is getting it left in right


While I am *surprised* that they haven’t ever given Dragonite a new form (or exclusive Z-Move like in Kommo-o’s case, or even just a signature move), I think I actually kind of like that decision. Over all the years, Dragonite has remained sort of “pure,” which is kind of a unique thing about it in its own way. Plus it’s not like it’s ever really *needed* a power boost. It’s always performed consistently well. (Although granted, it’s not like the other pseudos that got Megas really “needed” them either.)


Most of the other pseudos would have been fine with an updated ability / hidden ability instead. That being said i love the artwork of the mega pseudos


I think Dragonair needs an alternative evolution to keep with the graceful serpentine look that Dragonite just went completely in the opposite direction of.


I feel like it’s inevitable that Dragonite will get a special form of some kind *eventually* (as it’s one of the few Gen 1 Pokemon whose design has yet to be revisited in some way), but your idea would be much more interesting to me, and could make for a more unique Pokémon than just “Dragonite, but more powerful.”


It would be great as a Kleavor type of evolution in a Legends games or something, where it's the only evolution in that region.


I now want to see a new split evo for Dragonair that also looks nothing like it. Wouldn't that just be so _funny?_ 😈


Dragonite got love receiving an amazing ability in multiscale in gen 5 and adding more to its move pool over the years. It's still one of the top competitive singles pokemon nowadays


Paradox Dragonite would have been so cool


Gen 2- extreme speed Gen 3- dragon dance Gen 4- roost, physical/special split, plus extreme speed being legal again Gen 5- multi scale Gen 6- defog Gen 7- z-moves Gen 8- heavy duty boots, dual wingbeat Gen 9- tera normal extreme speed.


Yeah those are all things that have kept him competitively viable, but none of that is special treatment. Every single Pokémon got z-moves, the physical special split, Tera, HDB. Most flying types got wing beat, roost, defog, etc. I think OP is wishing for more dragonite specific love, like a new form/mega or some dragonite event (which would be sweet)


Why are they so afraid to stray away from Dragon type pseudos? I have always thought this was a silly restriction.


Definitely Hydreigon, but shouldn't Roaring Moon, Iron Jugulis and Iron Thorns count under other forms?


The paradox forms don't meet the criteria for being pseudo legendaries so I don't think so


They’re completely different species


Why does the official art for bax look like someone just traced over its model, what happened to cool poses?


I like Bax overall, but even its model is very stiff. It would’ve been cool to see a bit more personality with this pose.


It's doing the stiff godzilla pose. Just like TTar


I get that but since it’s design is so…sparse (to put it mildly) it just looks like a socially awkward dinosaur that doesn’t know what to do with its limbs. TTar looks ferocious and Bax looks like it’s brain is buffering


Godzilla is WAY less stiff than this, as shown in the movies. At this point just make him throw around his arms as if he was beckoning someone. TTar made sense because it's literally built like a kaiju, with little arms and legs not made for reaching around. Bax is justm whatever they were doing, at least they got the silhouette right.


It’s the same for Salamence and Hydreigon. This isn’t new, a lot of official Pokémon art is the same as the sprite/model. I’m almost willing to bet the art comes first in development, actually, and the sprites/models are made to copy the art.


That’s true in those cases but usually if they do that the pose is at least a bit dynamic, this is just bax in its idle animation


Love Dragonite for having cute round and adorable design but still can be scary and threatening (shout out to that one short episode with Lance and his Dragonite love that episode). And the fact that it evolves from a pool noodle makes it cuter. Love Tyranitar for having such bulky and glorious design. Spikes and armors looks really perfect, and shout out to the person who decided to give him that greenish color, was a perfect choice for him. If you don't like this big boy you probably hate sand bc can't find any other reason, Larvitar is cute too! Love Salamence for being the only quadrapedal flying dragon in the game. Really he's the closest thing we have for a western dragon. Unique wing style and a cool lore for them. Really love him. Love Metagross for having such a unique design idea, a robot supercomputer spider. Also it's evolution pattern being just it's combining itself with other beldums is so cool. Though fuck whoever thought giving Beldum same catch rate as legendaries :( Love Garchomp, badass design, a jet plane which goes in the air, a hammerhead shark which goes in water, combine them in one badass design and MAKE IT GO UNDERGROUND. Such a fucking genius design. It's evolution going from little Gible to that big Shark is also so good. Love this boy Love Hydreigon, a FUCKING HYDRA WOOHOOOO, really well executed design, really represents its malicious and dark aura. Love how its wings are like uhh, not like wings but instead that paper looking things (whatever they're called but love em) Wish they gave it a better ability that portray him though, levitate is ehhh (its not even levitating its literally flying) Goodra Love Kommo, a monk Komodo dragon with dinosaur traits, it's standing pose with it's big arms on the side also really represents its fighting type. really cool and smart design. Love Dragapult, not a big and bulky design like the other ones, but idea of combining a stealth bomber jetplane with a diplocaulus (an extinct amphibian) and adding the best part to the idea, SHOOTING IT'S BABIES, i mean catapult, A REALLY PERFECTLY EXECUTED IDEA, i don't think those 3 could be combined any better. Dragapult is a perfection love him. Love Baxcalibur, i know most dislike him for having a repeating design idea, godzilla, and a worse execution of it even. but my main problem with Baxcalibur is because it can't show it's Ice type that good. It's pokedex shows how it freezes around etc. But it's design don't look that icy at all. It's also kind of bland, could be better. Wish they kept its pose same as its previous evolution like a Spinosaurus, but this also works. Overall love him, i want to slap his bald head! So uh its Garchomp -> Dragonite -> Tyranitar ->Salamence -> Dragapult -> Kommo-O -> Hydreigon -> Metagross -> Goodra for me




> Garchomp -> Dragonite -> Tyranitar ->Salamence -> Dragapult -> Kommo-O -> Hydreigon -> Metagross -> Goodra for me Didn't even put Bax on the list but you remembered Goodra lmao


I know! I love Baxyboi and I’m upset he’s not included.


Catch rate of beldum is just a carry over from when you weren’t supposed to catch it.


If GF gets their head out of their gimmick hole they can have Mega/Gmax Baxcalibur look like a family friendly Space Godzilla but with ice instead of crystals.


Goodra and Hydreigon.


Respect to Metagross and Tyranitar for being the only pseudo- legendaries with no dragon type My favorite is probably Metagross>Kommo'o>Hydreigon>Goodra>Garchomp>Dragapult>Baxscalibur>Salamance>Tyranitar>Dragonite.


I wish they would revisit this and make future pseudos as anything other than dragon.


1. Dragonite 2. Dragapult 3. Metagross


My top 5 pseudo-legendaries I have loved over the years(in no particular order): -Dragonite: super cute and dopey. Plus it’s super strong. -Tyrantitar: The Goat from Gen 2. Tyranitar has just been cool and nothing more. Plus Larvitar is the cutest first form of all pseudo-legendaries (fight me) -Garchomp: Cynthia. That is all -Hisuian Goodra: I adore this depressed Slug with a passion. It’s honestly sad it goes on a rampage when left alone for less than a minute. Apart from that, Steel/Dragon is an awesome typing and I’m so glad it now gets Flash Cannon -Baxcalibur: I’ll admit. I wasn’t a fan at first when I saw the leaks. But after using him on my first playthrough of Scarlet. I love him. Feigibax is so stinking cute, and Baxcalibur is an amazing Pokémon to use. Ice/Dragon is something I wanted in a Pseudo-legendary for some time and Baxcalibur pulls it off well. Not amazing, but well. It also gives me Tyranitar vibes what with it having a rather simple design that looks like it would be from a past generation. Overall, I’m one of the few people who really loves Baxcalibur. Easily one of my new favorite Ice and Dragon types


I love Hydreigon, I've never liked the idea of "Pseudo-Legendaries" but Hydreigon's design primarily drew me to it. Then I started using it, meeting others who enjoyed it and developed an even greater appreciation for it.


The fact that Dragonite has yet to have a variation is unbelievable!


Salamence is my all time favorite Pokémon so that’s an instant win Hydreigon and Dragapult have sick designs as well


Top 5 in order: Kommo-o Metagross Hydreigon Tyranitar Dragapult


Kommo-o. The evoline itself is kinda lame, but Kommo-o is my love on first sight, that is still working out


Seeing this makes me realize Hisuian Goodra could have easily been a Mega Goodra


Goodra and Tyranitar


1. Hydreigon 2. Dragapult 3. Tyranitar 4. Metegross


metagross, hydreigon and goodra have my heart 🤍


We need more non Dragon type pseudos and that is just a fact


I believe in Hisuian goodra supremacy


I like Baxcalibur but mostly because I have been a big Godzilla fan since I was a kid. I played the original Gen 1 games when they came out and even I think Dragonite looks like a puffy goofy boy. Tyranitar looks like a monster that cannot be stopped. Hydregion’s design is the stuff of nightmares bur it takes so long to get I have never really used one.


Tyranitar supremacy


Tyranitar, metagross, and hisuian goodra are top 3


“I still don’t think we give enough love to dragon types” Someone at gamefreak, for years now Seems like they’ve made it a full on tradition like Route 1 bird or Fire/Water/Grass starter, and I really dislike it Using a 600 BST spot as a way to get some worse/underused typings more usable mons is how it should be done. Where’s the poison or bug psuedos? Why not get some fun type combos like Grass/Electric or Fire/Fairy? There’s all of 2 of Grass/Electric and none of Fire/Fairy At 600 BST people are gonna like them and use them, not everything needs to be a dragon even if they are cool! /rant