COD developer responses to God of War’s Christopher Judge joking about the new MW3 campaign

"Imagine having short user engagement once your game is consumed. Can't relate,"

That's why you guys release a new game every year?


"Imagine having short user engagement once your game is consumed. Can't relate," That's why you guys release a new game every year?


Always Quality > quantity


I can’t stand when developers use “consume” when talking about games. It just screams MBA trying to milk your wallet.


“Consume” is an appropriate word when referring to call of duty players.


ConSuMe MeDiA


This goes to show how little they care about “good games” and how much importance they put into making sure people are hooked. If anything, their response was straight up gross


I was so disappointed with the MW3 campaign. Out of the ones that did disappoint me MW3 was the absolute worst. Not giving anything away, but they had the chance to right a very big wrong story wise. I actually finished it in under 5 hours. And left it with a very poor ending.


Not to mention that gow for the majority of people has a definite end point. Whereas cod has multiplayer. So realistically, as long as servers are up and there's people on them, there's no end point.


That’s why I haven’t played a single COD since 2010.


A game?? That’s a bit of a stretch here for the past few $70 DLC. I mean games….


“New” game


Exactly. Funny coming from a company that prematurely rushed out MW3 in less than a year just for it to be one of the worst CODS ever made. Dude cannot say shit before Activision cleans up their own yard first.


Bro, the metrics that McDonald's destroys every Michelin star restaurant in is laughable. Imagine only eating at such a restaurant once or twice in your life.


Baby Shark is definitely the best song ever!


No lies detected. It's the most beautiful lobotomy song


*cues Easy Street from the Walking Dead *


"and it's Easy Street and it's easy as 1-2-3....."


That's a good analogy.


But in this case McDonald's would be the same price as the Michelin star restaurant.


can’t relate 🤭 lol devs mad that their bad game is called bad


This...m,ay be the best analogy I've ever heard.


Any cod games ever get rated 10/10??


Only by the Devs mums.


Everyone gets a gold star for effort!




They put a whole lot of effort into ignoring great criticism and pretending they can't do shit about anything.


I think the earlier cod games actually got GotY nominations before Activision started milking the franchise


Started? They were milking it already. There has never been a year since the first game that there wasn't a COD. 2003: COD 2004: COD: Finest Hour 2005: COD2, COD2: Big Red One 2006: COD3 2007: COD4, COD: Roads to Victory 2008: WAW, WAW: Final Fronts 2009: MW2, MW Mobilized 2010: Black Ops 2011: MW3 2012: BO2, BO: Declassified And so on every single year...


I remember back in 2009 my friend was bitching the Uncharted 2 got GOTY instead of Modern Warfare 2, while I had never played Uncharted 2 I made note to check it out based on spite (I hate COD). I think that was the last time they got critical praise. Modern Warfare 3 didn’t get praise, Advanced and Infinite Warfares sure didn’t get praise. Black Ops 1 and 2 may have gotten praise, I honestly don’t remember but 3 sure didn’t. Note, I’m not talking about review scores, I’m talking awards aside from multiplayer. And even with the reviews, Activision is very good at making sure critics give a good score, flying them out to a private event and giving them helmets with their gamer tags engraved. This was a few years ago though, so even that may have stopped.


same ive played more CoD than God of War but from what ive seen on my little brothers gameplay GoW 2018 alone tops all of the CoD games period


I really liked MW2 but your friend has brain damage for actually thinking it deserved game of the year more than Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 was the fucking goat. I bought a ps3 literally only for that game


I got my PS3 the next year and it was one of the first games I picked up. I took it on a vacation we all went on in 2012 and got him to play Uncharted 2. He admits it was better now.


Glad there was a redemption arc lmfao


OG Call of Duty was considered the best WW2 FPS up to that point, and really innovated on the cinematic, visceral, and emotional presentation. Outside of the OG, MW1 released a good campaign and a very good multiplayer mode in the Era of Halo 3 (Very high praise, given the quality and quantity of Halo 3 multiplayer). MW2 ratcheted up that multiplayer quality, as well as delivering yet again a solid single player experience. I think those three entries would have a legitimate argument for 10/10's in their time period. The OG Black Ops was good as well, but that is when I think the formula was starting to become a bit stale for the reviewers.


I despise what multiplayer has done to campaigns. So many games gave up having a good story or one that lasts more than a few hours just cause multiplayer took over.


Totally agree. I feel like it's a crutch for COD especially, due to the multiplayer popularity.


The original mw1 was a gameplay and cinematic masterpiece for it's time. The missions in pripyat? The characters we cared about when before it was just random npcs, the maps the modes etc. Then they ruined it when they took away dedicated servers. When they started to pull away from the single player missions long before the current iteration.


Yeah but that’s when they were still arcadey war simulators. Now it’s squads of Nicki Minaj teabagging the corpse of snoop dog and Lilith from Diablo.


the original Modern Warfare and MW2 were such amazing experiences, especially as someone who has never been big into online gaming. The local co-op stuff, the fantastic campaigns of decent length and replayability on higher difficulty, I enjoyed the hell out of them both. I don't know if they're 10/10 but I'd put both at 9/10 without question.


OG CoD4 Modern Warfare, Black Ops, World at War, MW2, MW3 and Black Ops 2 were all consistent 9s and 10s.


Yeah. Those were also released more than 10 years ago. After those it's all shit


Funny how the devs making COD are just as much angry 12 year olds like the people playing their game 😂


Yeah, they were trying to gain sympathy and make him look bad, but these responses come off as petty and childlike, it really didn't go the way they think it did.


I like the martyrdom in the last one where he says ‘as cod developers we’ve heard worse’


The truth hurts. Their responses are very telling. If their game was any good they wouldn't need to say anything, the work would speak for itself.


Underrated comment! By 12 year olds for 12 year olds 🤣


Know your audience 😛


Be your audience


Become your audience.




He really hurt them with that joke, and that speaks for itself. The games fucking suck now lol


They couldn't survive in their own lobbies


Not to mention that their work environment was made of a bunch of toxic masculine crybabies for the last 10 years before they got sued and god knows if they even changed after that


I wish the devs would understand it’s a joke. There’s some legit criticism, and maybe the joke isn’t as funny to them, but just let it be. Why leave the spotlight on any longer lol


They're so butthurt by a joke based on the biggest criticism they've gotten this year. Lighten up, dummies.


And the funny thing is the main point of that whole bit was Christopher Judge having the humility to poke fun at himself for giving a notoriously long speech last year, and he did it with a smile.


'And I still forgot to thank my wife' *camera pans over*


It's simple, he aint a bitch. They however are big bitches.


Yeah, I interpreted it more as him making fun of himself than making fun of COD. Not that he wasn't poking fun of COD, but they were the secondary target, after himself.


That’s the crazy part, Judge was making fun of himself while making a joke about the CoD controversy. I got second hand embarrassment from their responses.


They identify with their money, assets, and earning reports. Of course their ego gets bruised.


It’s because of their refusal to take any criticism. We all see how big of dirtbags they are. For instance, all the maps released with “MW3” should’ve been in MW2, because they’re MW2 maps. Instead, while they still had the good grace from MW1, they released 2 with a bunch of leftover maps to get rid of them, and released 3 with all the maps 2 should’ve had, bc they badly needed to create any incentive to buy, considering everyone knew off the bat it was basically a $70 DLC. I mean for fucks sake, the campaign was just objectives on the warzone map with cutscenes in between. I do shamelessly enjoy COD, but it seems only every other game is worth buying. Like they do well for a game, use the good graces of the players to take advantage and sell a piece of shit next game, and then they have to make another decent one to gain the trust back.


Metrics lol


You know, the metrics? All the metrics. The win (combined) in them (tbf) (please love me)


Please clap


All metrics except review scores lol


My metrics show.... that I've gotten most COD games free via ps Plus and they've never been played. Ha. Battlefield so much better. ... And obviously GOW


Some trash ass comebacks lmao


They are WEAK


Clearly the same people that write the script wrote these come backs because they suck equally.


Explains the dogshit writing. MW3 literally ends where it started, except Soap died in the most bullshit way and Makarov escapes. Honestly the writing for the reboot MW was a dumpster fire since MW2. “Oh we nuked a whole town with a AC-130 that we paid a private military to bring, but we can’t capture the main bad guy we blew up this town for because it’s “illegal” Like what? There were no stakes in MW19, MW2, or MW3. No one of real significance even dies and people are sure it’s so activision can sell their skins later. Look at the quality of the campaign writing from cod 4, to mw3(2011) compared to the reboot. It’s a real shame


What metrics? Milking a franchise every year with little to no adequate change? Imagine thinking being the FIFA of PewPew games is something to brag about.


I mean the games are increasing a lot in disk space consumed at least.


You wanted bigger games, pal. Well, you've got it!


Increasing?! Blue Ray can only handle 100gb’s, if it wasn’t for the download it’d have 3 discs lmao.


Man, I need to incorporate PewPew games into my gaming vocabulary. This is perfect


I like what Yahtzee calls them: Spunk Gargle Wee Wee games


I guess we know now why CoD tries so hard to cater to kids. It’s because it’s made by kids.


Yikes who knew game devs are more sensitive than Oscar nominees when getting roasted by Rick Gervais


They know they released a shitty product, that’s why. Jokes hurt more when they’re true.


He spoke the truth and it burned like fire.


Golden globe nominees, the Oscar's don't have the balls to let Ricky Gervais host.


They don't even have the balls to let Kevin Hart host.


Be careful. Someone might go up and slap Rick for bad mouthing their game.


Judge was talking about the campaign. These guys are talking about the multiplayer. Do these COD developers know that only like half the COD players or less even start the COD campaign, much less finish it?


Only COD campaign I actually finished was last years because it was short.


They really can’t take a joke haha


Must be why they don’t take themselves seriously.


While GoW Ragnarok got critical praise from everyone, and is considered a masterpiece, the same can't be said about CoD.


But… the metrics and user engagement say so…?


Nowadays even 10 year old kids are playing CoD. It's a shit hole


This was the case when the original *Modern Warfare* came out, too It's always been a shit hole


Wow the level of insecurity is actually surprising


From my personal experience, a lot of devs are massive babies


>Metrics / User Engagement / Consumed Interesting language. These people aren't artists or innovators - they're corporate content creators.


First thing I noticed too That’s a *reeeal* weird way to talk about video games if you’re (allegedly) passionate about them But that’s a quite understandable way to talk about them if you’re just ticking boxes on corporate’s checklist


They're just trying to leverage disruption through holistic integration.


lol they are making us pay $70 for dlc and not even hiding it. I don’t have MW3, just MW2, and I still had to install an extra 100 gb just to play 2, and my home page says “MW3” 😂 They deserve every bit of hate


It's so fucked




What a bunch of sore losers. LMAO


They were celebrating this year's achievements. CODs crappy campaign and the fact people actually got a refund. That's their achievement. If you don't want people to criticise your games and make jokes, then maybe you should put some effort in? The GOW games have always been well made and action packed, with some stunning cinematics in the newer ones. COD just gets copied and pasted out each year.


This just illustrates how absolutely tone deaf these developers are; imagine trying to sling shit and humble brag after releasing what has been recognized as the worst game in your entire franchises history… It’s like they don’t even realize just how catastrophically they fucked up, or they simply don’t care. In either case it makes me feel like the future of CoD is utterly fucked.


Their temper is as short as their campaigns apparently.


Well there goes any potential job in the industry for you.


Only way to settle this, 1v1 nuke town


I do t believe you. You didn’t swear enough for me to believe you’re any real threat in 1v1. Everyone know you have to fit ten swears I to a sentence while challenging 1v1. /s Honestly, the amount of time I’ve heard people swear excessively (especially one that starts with n) has made the words lose all meaning for me.


I’m still baffled at how dense and clueless CoD devs are about a joke. GoW and GoW Ragnarök are generational experiences, while CoD is the same thing on a loop. People criticize the current game due to the fact that Activision generates boatloads of income and aren’t willing to invest in an innovative, quality, campaign.


Awww that must’ve cut deep 🤣🤣


“We don’t expect this from a peer” LOL bitch please. Activision would love nothing more than to have literally every other developer go out of business so they can take their money and become a monopoly. Look how bad MW3 is. You think the devs didn’t know? They released quickly even though MW2 just came out. Look how long Rockstar is taking with GTA 6. That’s a developer that cares about making a good game. Activision only cares about making a quick buck even at the detriment of their fans, which MW3 is. The game isn’t even worth $20




They should’ve been like the No Mans Sky team. Came out and showed their new game and later poked fun of their past with the way No Man’s Sky launched. You have devs who acknowledge their past mistakes and learned from them and then you have whiny babies who can’t take a little joke like these COD devs.


they got called out. they need to hire christopher judge in cod to make their campaigns better because that's what players loved about cod. No matter how they make their multiplayer good, there's always gonna be a valorant or overwatch or fortnite or apex or destiny. Diablo 4's Lilith with a gun is just... idk 🤣


Toxic people make toxic game, no wonder why COD community is like this


What did COD accomplish other than grabbing money ?


Metrics are bs if they count downloads they made everyone that had mw2 download mw3 even if they didn't purchase which I can only imagine helps skew some numbers


Some COD devs are about as mature as their players...


You're right. We are celebrating this year's achievements in gaming. And COD ain't one of them lmao


The fact that he mentioned metrics in his response tells you where their priorities are. It makes sense.


Devs, take the L, you fucked up and deserve the roasting. To quote the God of War, "be better."


Bro, you say you're a Michelin star restaurant but your post-meal engagement metrics are worse than McDonald's 🤣🤣


Damn I usually maintain respect for devs even when games failed to meet expectations, and tho I know not all the cod devs are like this, I've lost even more now for them after seeing this. Judge was right, and more people should call them out on it especially someone with Judge's platform so that's why I genuinely applaud him for it


Maaan…it was a joke (damn good one too)- no need to get all butthurt about it


Sensitive child


The cope is real.


They’re mad at the truth.


That’s called being butt hurt.


The words they use tell you exactly that these people only care about number..


Their tempers are as short as their campaign


Not responding to the joke is probably the better option vs drawing attention to it. I have nothing against the CoD devs, (Activision as a publisher? Different story) but just shrug it off. Their games sell like hotcakes apparently so someone making a joke at an awards show that most gamers say is bad anyway- shouldn't really matter. And taking a swing at God of War is . . . Just goofy, he voiced Kratos in 2 games out of what, the other 6 games? Something something, two wrongs don't make a right something something.


More numbers = better game apparently lmfao


They’re hurt lol


I mean as a fan of both franchises COD is at an all time low and GOW is at an all time high. 1. It was a joke. 2. Stop making shit games and listen to your community.


This just makes me think of the Spongebob episode were he competes against Neptune in a cookoff: 100 subpar creations versus 1 well made creation. A real Quantity over Quality situation.


Are they defending the lowest rated COD campaign ever? And why would the Length of a game be the developers fault?


Because they developed it maybe??


To be fair , did they hahah


What a bunch of corporate wankers. COD can’t disappear fast enough.


Dude they need to chill, it was a joke. Tbh I love call of duty but he’s right, MW3(2023) is the worst and shortest campaign of a call of duty game. The development conditions were terrible, they’re right, which is exactly why the joke isn’t ABOUT THEM. It’s about activision.


Not a good look mr CoD


Their response is perfect. Goes to show they are a bunch of babies. Not to mention, it struck a nerve because they know full well they’re releasing junk every year.


Looks like their temper is shorter than the campaign too.


Well maybe if the CoD Dev Team actually had any achievements to celebrate they wouldn’t be getting roasted. Pretty sure CoD and Bethesda were invited out of pity


Congrats, they’ve been able to release the same game every year and convince the casual market to spend more money by saying it’s “new”. Yay exploitation!


This just proves how crap COD is when the developers who work on these subpar games can’t even take a joke. If you don’t want people making fun of your product; here’s an idea, *make a COD campaign actually worth playing*. I haven’t played COD since BO3 and even then it was getting stale but nothing with touch OG MW1, MW2, WaW, BO1, and BO2.


Just admit it devs. COD campaign is sucks


I see the frat bro culture at activision blizzard hasn't changed one bit


Recents CODs are trash tbh, especially campaign, he's absolutely right


Cod developers should do better and learn to take a joke. This year's cod was laughably bad. And that's coming from a decade of garbage before it.


It's always nice to see devs of an awful series of videogames crying 🤣🤣🤣


I thought he said something WAY worse but this was it… ![gif](giphy|kZD8cN1MycfKw)


Cry me a river. Do better so people don’t talk shit about your games.


You know the quality of their games based on how devs responds like butthurt 10-year-old kids.


Coping at its finest


Man, Judge REALLY hurt some feelings lmao. That’s hilarious.


Excuse ma waiter, I'd like this dish to be returned to the kitchen. It has way too much salt.


Facts the campaign was short, deal with it


Not sure they can even defend CoD at this point... considering it's a copy/paste game released nearly annually for the last 20 years.


Hey man... truth hurts. They produced shite, now they have to clean it up.


I only hear 14 year olds or drunk ex-frat boys talk about COD…


COD as immature as their player base and them being unaware that they set themselves up for this anyways


What do they mean. Most cods last less than a year... I will remember GOW games forever I can barely remember anything Cod related. They make the same game every year.


Wow, just laugh it off, it was funny. Get over yourselves. CoD sucks compared to GoW.


Kinda sad they kept trying to hide between "engagement scores". GoW is art. MW3 is overpriced dlc.


I really hate how the people takes the joke so personally, Christopher didn't say that the game is bad, or the devs did a bad job, we ALL know that the CoD MW3 crash is thanks to Activision bosses and their need to rush money, is like all the jokes on GoW 2018 because kratos cant jump, or the spiderman puddle


One thinned skinned dev couldn't take a joke from a voice actor who probably had that joke written for him by some game journalist. Kinda bad to react that way but I get it, he was provoked. Still not as bad as when those devs from Ubisoft/Nixxes/Guerilla Games dragged the Elden Ring devs through the mud just because their game was so successful. It's in poor taste to attack your peers but you're also inadvertently attacking the players of the game.


The username was cut off from the screenshots but I thought it was multiple developers


“Imagine having short user engagement once your game is consumed”… this cannot be real… this cannot be real… this cannot be real… do they sit the employees infront of a pendulum and brainwash them into thinking GAAS is favorable by the majority public?


The Way online multiplayer and that game is nothing.


Ooo they cryin


No way COD developers said that when they’re on every platform an GOW was Sony exclusive. Call of duty has been copy and paste for the past 6 years it’s been shit until treyarch gets ahold


No way they actually got butthurt over that


If CoD could fix its awful, awful spawning, then I'd be happier with it. CoD... CoD never changes.


COD devs, your butthurt is showing!


Truth hits hard I see


Yet with all the “worse” comments they get they refuse to learn and correct their mistakes.


COD devs having thin skin and trying to come for one of the best games of a generation without giving full context or fair argument. Checks out.


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Imagine being that salty. Jfc..


Salt of Duty


Imagine getting offended at cod joke. These devs for sure sell the cheats on the side


There is no way that COD Dev can make any one hate Christopher Judge. He have his own fan base


Surely they know their games shit


Imagine making shoot-em-up war games and then being that sensitive about a joke


The COD devs thought that they'd win the debate, but in reality, they turned themselves into the biggest clowns. What a bunch of manchildren, just like the majority of their playerbase. Also, history has shown countless of times that popularity isn't necessarily a sign of quality. You can have your numbers, COD devs. The GOW franchise is 100 times greater than your 1 million recycled games combined when it comes to quality. Your games are like FIFA: the same crap, over and over. Nobody actually respects you or your low-effort projects. You're popular because 14-year-olds keep bothering their parents for Christmas.




Lol the fact they compare a multiplayer game that has over a dozen entries to a single player game. God of war is art. COD is a short burst Rollercoaster ride where half the time you get off of it nauseous and pissed


Cod can’t fathom the idea of a free dlc


Or, you know, maybe just IGNORE the mild joke and not broadcast your insecurities? Blah blah shut up and appear stupid, something, something open your mouth and remove doubt.


If anything they SHOULD expect it from a peer.


Yet again, they'll put this much effort to respond to a celebrity who made a simple joke, rather than answer and communicate with the fanbase who gives them constant informative criticism every day. He should have made a joke about SBMM, then they wouldn't be able to say squat about shit. 😂


What a corporate shill, fuck those motherfuckers. How about they reference the most important metric for a game, how much people enjoy playing it.


And this type of response tells you all you need to know about the COD team's mentality - 'metrics' & 'engagement' are all that matters. Artistically bankrupt.


Fragile, butthurt crybaby loses his shit over getting lighthearted teased for something valid.


Jesus it was a joke, and an accurate one at that. Don’t wanna be called out? Make a good game.


Activision put half assed effort into the campaign. The story was meh and half of the missions were essentially built in pre-existing warzone maps and used warzone assets. The only noteworthy missions were the overwatch plane missions. Warzone is so god damn stale at this point that it is not worth playing. GoW games are centered around story and huge set pieces that give you an engaging experience. Sony doesn't have two or three studios tag teaming the same IP, taking turns farting out lazy sequels every year.


Imagine thinking any COD is better than GoW at anything other than multiplayer


COD is in the same boat as Madden/FIFA/2K. Release the same game year after year and people will still buy it, even as quality goes down and micro-transactions go up.


Crybabies didn’t like gettin called out I guess 😭