Ryan’s Toy Reviews


Ryan’s World the type of kid to invite you over to look at his toys but not let you play with any of them


and i was the type to steal them


then help that nigga look for it like it wasn't in my bag 🦔


Wtf he do 😭


that dumbass owes me 5 doubloons bro fuck him


its prolly like less the actual kid and moreso the channel itself, the kid is being forced by their parents to make fucking toy reviews for like years now hes probably absolutely miserable


Nah. Fuck that kid.


i thought he was like 16 now but hes like 8 how has this mf looked like a third grader for 7 straight years


You’re probably thinking of Evantube cause he’s like grown af now


I remember younger seeing this dude I never really gaged how this kid was literally not that much younger than me lol


sssniperwolf, she’s so fucking bland and that fucking baby voice she does is so ear grating to me. The only people watching her are her army of simps and little kids


Not to mention the fact that she ghosted a dying child that was a fan of hers


All the more reasons why I hate her, she a real narcissist. (Carti reference)




SSSniperwolf, she’s an asshole who literally flaked on a terminally Ill kid.


All of em I’m a hater fr 🧛‍♂️


David Dobrik almost killed his friend for content, keemstar taunts terminally ill cancer patients, jake paul & faze are out here running crypto scams, bro SO many youtubers are massive pieces of shit


Keemstar beefing with Ricky Berwick and then calling him a retard when Ricky Berwick makes fun of his own disability was so funny.


the process of becoming a massive youtuber often selects out people who aren't massive narcists


Every single family channel ever.


They all reek of unoriginal content and child exploitation


david dobrik face piss me off


Bro look like a golden retriever


no way, goldens are one of the cutest dog breeds ever. don’t insult them like that


Those kids in comment sections which post shit like “if your watching this in 2030 jus tikis this guy was a legend” type of shit


"Quarantine got us all going back to old songs"


And what sucks is that EVERY COMMENT is like that, I want to see people talking about the song and more of the artists music instead of fishing for likes. Any dead singer (ie. juice wrld) have the worst ones, it’s all just people looking for likes


david dobrik omg bruh


Ima hit a lick on david dobrik 😡


Him and his friends seem like lizard people. Just weird as fuck. Especially his fuckin smile.


How many people gotta seem like lizard people before we quit giving them the benefit of the doubt fr


His face all the fucking time 😋


Callmecarson. Never actually found out what happened with all the claims of sexting minors and being a manipulator. But it’s weird how all his friends got together and decided to distance themselves from him, and in Charlie’s case, call the police. I don’t think they would all have done that if there wasn’t some real degenerate shit going on. On top of that Carson apologised for sexting someone who later said it was a lie for clout? That reals of being paid off. Then after he disappears for a bit he comes back and says he won’t talk about any of it. His friends are hurt/disgusted with his return. And he makes a 2 hour joke stream titled “addressing the controversy” where he just lets media share run to get some easy dono’s and never actually shows up. Dude’s a creep either way.


MiniLadd. Hated bro before he was outed as a pedo


he was always repeating jokes and trying to make himself the center of attention


I wanna put no life shaq in a headlock


On my mama


Jay-z VEVO


Nut in 18 year old Jay Z VEVO


Anyone ever heard of Beluga? If not, keep it that way. So fucking bad


Haha discord mod funny


beluga fans the one t say eminem the top of trap game


My 6 year old cousin and all his friends loves his content, but despite beluga whale clearly knowing this based off his comment section, he still makes sex jokes constantly. Be a youtuber for kids sure, some of them are entertaining, but at least cater your content to your audience


Holy shit I watched one of his videos, they automaticly clicked dont recommend this channel, he is so horrible


BELUGA should throat a LUGER


he needs the beluger


No life shaq, it feels like he just dick rides eminem and tom McDonald


He does it for the money because idk why when you react to anyone like Eminem or Tom McDonald whilst also being black you pull an insane amount of views. Also I don’t even think he reacts to those guys like that anymore💀


I mean Eminem..sorta but Tom McDonald? Lmfao


Token black guy so the racists can pretend they aren’t racist


“I have black friends” type beat


Playboi Carti - Topic


most, if not all vloggers


Steezy Kane, Jimmy Zhang, and Sneako are pretty good




She a fuckin asshole tho real talk


never heard of her til now, is her name a MGS reference?


Used to crush on her so baad




facts but she a douche and her content is all lazy n shit, that bitch legit reads her reactions off of a script lmao


My son is currently going through his SSSsniperwolf crush phase (he's 12 going on 13.) I walked into his room the other day and he was embarrassed he was watching her, gave me a story about how he'd fallen asleep and one of her videos just happened to be on. I'm his mom, so I just said something vanilla-like, "I've always thought she was a pretty girl. Her content is just a little repetitive." He was still watching the video when I left the room. Later, I looked through his searches and what he had been watching. My (not so) Little guy had definitely looked her up.


sorry mommy


Good lord 🤦🏽‍♂️😂


lmao she called me an idiot on twitter like 5 years ago


That damn girl is mentally challenged


I hope Morgz gets mistaken for a pumpkin one day and gets his shit carved open. I cant fucking stand that mf or his entire bloodline


I hate his channel but he seems like a decent dude outside of the videos.


Yeah, he admitted he plays up his persona because it's a hit with the kids


ive never wanted to push someone off a bridge and watch their body split on rocks more than tommyinnit


Same with dream, but idk if i could push his 500kg ass off a cliff


bro i hate that dudes face so much




Hodge Twins used to be mad funny til they started all that political shit


Mfs started hanging out w STEVEN CROWDER I couldn’t believe that shit 💀




Keemstar, man’s a weirdo and a dick who keeps trying to appeal to the w community, really grasping at straws


u see that shit he did on adin ross’s stream?


When he killed the vibe? Lmao


shit got me dying bruh his gf broke up w him shortly after that too


Keematar is corny and a phony Grown ass man making videos about corny dramas about late teeenagers while he’s like 40


He started rambling about his H3H3 beef lol. And he made his girl stand the entire stream


David dobrick or the Paul brothers


Idk about worst but “Skippy62able” AKA “The L.A. Beast” is one of the funniest ones out there. There’s a video where he goes through a car wash with all his windows down and at the same time he attempts to eat an entire pound of fruit cake. Easily the best out there.


The thing I love about the LA Beast is that his channel is the only one on YouTube that is literally 0% clickbait. If he says he’s going to eat a 5 pound bag of sugarless gummy bears, mfer just goes and does it. Drink a gallon of honey while engulfed in bees? Sure, just Tuesday for the Beast. Eat the world’s hottest tortilla chip? Nah, let’s smash four of them. He’s great. I know it’s hard to come up with creative ideas and I’m sure his body is regretting some of the ones from the past, but I consider his channel destination viewing whenever anything new comes up. Hell, I’d consider getting a picture with him as a high honor.


Nigga could put *"I'm gonna die in 3 weeks"* and 50 million people will still watch it thinking it's a regular video


Davie504, cant stand his content, talented bassist though.


holy shit bro i fuckin loved his old videos like the fretless bass videos cuz they were sick, then his videos turned into horrifically outdated memes


Whoever told him “🅱️ASS SLAPPER” with echo effect is funny deserves jail


Bro took that 2018-19 pewdiepie humor and RAN with it fr


I feel bad, his old content was really good. Then the PewDiePie humor came in


my dad watches him 😭 he's a bass player tho but still


So..cuz like that nigga So was fye until he cut his hair n turned into a completely different nigga


chicken sandwiches


Bobbalam: Dude dick rides Carti and Yeat and he says the dumbest shit, bro said Jack Harlow brought back 90s beats like wtf is that.


best take i’ve seen in the comments, man is a true dick rider.


I liked his vids at first but started learning about some of his dumb ass opinions... Made me think less of him tbh


Mr beast used to be good but now he's basically a company and makes TV show ahh videos


‘We need to keep corporations out of youtube! 😡’ Then proceeds to like mr beast like tf


His whole channel brand was making fun of "company" channels which is why he was obsessed with pewdiepie but thats littlerally why Mr beast is now


Pewdiepie 🤝 Mr Beast Making bad content for 8 year olds


Pewdiepie is seriously so shit at making jokes nowadays when he started the meme review his channel was over


I mean, dude has no reason to try anymore and already considered himself retired. at least hes doing vlog about being in japan now is much happier. but still miss his dark age era


fr i used to watch him in like 2016 he was a lot more fun to watch now it’s like trash tv at least he gives money to ppl tho


I used to like MrBeast when he was roasting kids and their worst intros but goddamn I just cannot for the life of me watch his new shit


I loved his intro videos, his new content is not up my alley but its wild that a dude who once just made videos roasting intros now is the biggest youtuber rn


miss the days of the inhaler grandma poster


Giant Asian sticker


sandwich sticker


Frr he just woke up one day and no longer had a personality


I think he bought a manufactured personality from YouTube. My son was watching an older video where Mr. Beast (Jimmy) was playing a game with some kids or other YouTubers, I'm not sure. Anyway, his personality was (seemingly) so much more authentic. My son said, "Look Jimmy does cuss!!!"


I’m still mad at him for deleting all the worst intro videos they were so funny I stopped watching years ago and I don’t mind the challenges he does but I don’t care for it


Thequartering sucks, most anti sjw YouTubers are ass too


Plus that mofo pees and shits in his basement


Ah yes...the culture warriors...who "destroy sjws" by being snowflakes that complain about everything in pop culture bc it does not pass their political purity test...then turn around and claim that is what sjws are doing


The Korean vegan. Defo not part of this demographic but oh my god I cannot stand that woman and her overly deep messages about the most mundane shit




pewdiepie recently😔 been a fan since amnesia days but recently its j different.


He was legit a reaction channel in all of quarantine like holy fucking shit do something else, atleast now his Japan vlogs are somewhat fun to watch


PewDiePie had one of the biggest YouTube fall offs ever, his older vids from 2012-2016 were his prime imo


like every mcu theory youtube channel, they just give them ticket sales


Dj Akademiks


[Still the best video of all time though.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6vVS6v58II)




Him passing out from a shot of henny is close 2nd




Ricegum even though bro fell off hard


Even when ricegum was blowin up when i was like 13 i thought he was a little bitch


That era of YouTube was so cringe his music makes me wanna jump in front of a bus 😭


I used to think he was hilarious when I was 13 and I clicked on a vid a year ago and it was the worst shit ever . His channel just for lil kids.


Good thing I'm not seeing any sidemen or beta squad shouts here...


beta squad is really fun to watch


The sidemen are great. I admit, I don’t laugh at every joke they make, but overall they’re entertaining and they put out such long videos.


Harry never fails to make me smile


Nelk boys, all of them are obnoxious assholes


James Charles he’s a damn predator why is he still allowed on YouTube after he groomed young boys.


what is this fucking r/askreddit


Until carti drops or shows his face lol


mr beast thats some npc shit


Fr he’s a good guy for like giving away money and doing that environment shit but his content feels like such npc shit and I hate when people call stuff npc shit


All hose racist and homophobic channels that just live off of popping like 30 rant videos a day every single time a minority member gets included in some hollywood project lfmaooo 😭😭😭




Pretty sure he once tweeted “yikes” at a guy for saying Hitler was bad like wtf???? How is disliking Hitler a “yikes” moment that’s like the most basic thing u should do????




The quarter pounder


The critical drinker


That man has brain rot.


Hate that mf so much bro. He is racist/homophobic as fuck and just plays it off by saying companies are woke lmao.


The Quarter Pounder


The Quartering moment


And if the project actually turns out bad, of fucking course they are gonna take advantage on that fact and use it to ride the hate wave that everything made by or marketed towards a minority is bad and must not exist.


James charles can suck my dick


Wait no not like that


james charles can suck my dick


Bobbalam, this nigga Can't stop the Dickriding to the point where his opinions aren't even Real anymore. This dickmunching is at prodbyzaqq level if not higher, whatever the Fuck happens in music industry this nigga needs to dickride yeat.


nah bruh prodbyzaqq is crazy😭😭 hes the biggest meat muncher of them all


“Ye the 🐐 no cap”


I fucking hate leafy, he just rosted people who can't defend themselves or like that guy who wanted to make the world better, and then that bitchass had more insecurities than me, good shit that his channel was deleted


Leafy looks like the type of person who would get bullied heavy in HS just look at him


Speed, humor gets old real quick but it’s clear his appeal is to edgy 14 year olds anyways


speed is a weird one. he puts on this crazy persona but i really think he’s a good guy at heart. also what’s up with him constantly lying about his age?


Prob just him wanting to fit in with the older people around him


Aiden Ross and nelk, Danny Mullen is a funny guy though


Steven Crowder. Painfully average intelligence guy who tries to stage himself as an intellectual, by setting the discourse of conversation at such a low brow level, that the only people who even bother to argue with him, are dumber than he is. His most popular trope is arguing against the lowest common denominator of a certain type of argument, which leads his idiot viewers to believe that he is smart, when in fact he has just set up a filter in the format of his question that assures that only stupid people will approach him.


TheOdd1sOut, he fell off


All the animation YouTubers fell off tbh 🤷‍♂️ i used to watch them heavy back in 2017-18


Facts I used to love them in like middle school but now there are hundreds of them doing the same thing & even the OGs aren’t at the level they used to be (except Swoozie of course)


i can’t even pinpoint why but i hate story time animators with a passion every time i see one of their little characters bouncing as they talk i want to fucking split heads open


Gotta give dude like Swoozie credit tho, bro basically created an entire wave of story time animators. He’s the OG and has hella classics that everyone has seen.


Swoozie’s storytime vids were crazy. They were actually interesting stories that probably happened, animated really really well for the time too.


fell off so hard it’s crazy he went from making relatable content to stuff that literally only 6 year olds would find entertaining


Joshua Weissman. Dude is just annoying but his recipes are pretty good.


Besides the obvious dream group I'd say schlatt. He's just not what he used to be and as his following grows I find his newer stuff to be more and more basic. Also game grumps.


PewDiePie is so unfunny.


His newer content is just for his npc fans that still watch him. He dont try no more tbh


True but he doesn't have to try anymore. Mf is set for life and has no obligation to have to put any effort into making content anymore seeing as he's already established himself for like a decade. Has pretty much just completed life and can do all the side quests now without any risk.


so he's the drake of youtube


Thats a really good description actually


Financially he's set for life off of what he's made so far, and he still makes revenue, so i feel like he's just the reached the stage where he can say fuck it and just make whatever he wants for the sake of it without having to worry about catering to a specific audience or worry about getting a certain amount of views etc


I always loved his more “mature” videos. When he made book reviews of philosophy I really enjoyed watching him. His vlogs are also pretty good.


Anytime he's actually himself I really enjoy his videos. He's surprisingly mature when he wants to be


same. i’ve really been enjoying his new blogs documenting his move to japan. it’s really calming to watch and it’s just nice to see where he is at now and stuff.


Jellybean video makers


Nah ain’t no way y’all made a tread just to hate😭


Your fatass hoe mom


TheQuarting, Ethan Klein, Keemstar, Memology 101, Boogie2988 (There are others but these guys are on the top my head) I just hate how Ethan tries to instigate drama or just do the same ol’ shit with Keemstar through Tw*tter and feels like nothing has changed since 2016, he’s just very toxic on the platform and acts like such an ass, I would never hangout with a guy who just does nothing but start pointless drama. Now he’s with the Hasanbi crowd and doesn’t know how to appeal to anybody now. I honestly don’t understand why people like him, he’s just such a huge dick and will do anything to gain relevancy and drama is the only thing he clings to. I also feel like he backstabs people, he’s just not the guy you would wanna make content with. His fanbase is absolutely another issue as well and will deflect any criticisms that people have with Ethan Klein and will just insult you instead of listening. TheQuarting annoys me because he just nitpicks every little thing and complains about it everyday in a video. There was a time I actually did like his content but I got tired of the same old shit, it’s like “I get it” but I don’t care anymore. There’s only so much complaining about woke shit I can handle, sometimes you have to take it 2-steps back and not let it get to you and be rational for a minute. It’s just not mentally healthy to complain about everything all the time. Keemstar is no different than Ethan, just kinda fueling up the drama and tries to fit in. He’s just trying too hard, I never liked him before and I never liked him now. And another YouTuber I want to mention and that I actually did liked was Memology 101 before he started going political even though he stated “I don’t like politics” but is just a simplified Quarting with his 1-2 minute videos now. There are moments where he does non-political shit but it’s rare nowadays and it’s sad because I do enjoy that type of content instead of the overly political bullshit. Boogie2988 was a YouTuber I also enjoyed for years until I got tired of the victim complex and always being hypocritical and so much controversy piling up, and has said some really scummy things in the past such as insulting his deceased ex-gf who died from cancer (I’m not joking). I do not care what he has to say and I’ve lost total respect and pretty much stopped feeling bad.


Faze rug


Does PragerU count


prageru's existence is justified becuase the edits of their dumbass videos are so fucking funny


idubbbz set back society by at least 20 years holy shit. i used to like his content but looking back there was literally zero need for him to be saying the hard r and all that


i think part of how he was able to get away w a lot of that bullshit is because he was going after worse guys like keemstar and leafy


And his audience mainly being 10-13 year Olds who don't know better and can easily swayed by easy justification like he did. If he pulled that shit today the internet would have a field day with him like they did when his gf had an OF


Filthy frank was the only good edgy youtuber and noone can change my mind. Hes the only one that was entirely self-aware, and understood that edgy humor only works when someone very clearly understands the horrible shit he says ACTUALLY IS horrible shit. Mfs like idubbbz and leafy felt like they thought they were cool, frank knew he was a clown.


Cody Ko, he used to be very funny until around when covid started, and since then there's been a lot more unfunny video where he'll just ramble on about it, and not really make any jokes or good commentary, and a lot of jokes that he does make are anoying and will milk them throughout the entire video.


i agree. i mean i know that in one of his latest videos he addressed this and was saying that he admits that he is just pushing out content atm because he is building a family and has his focus on other things and that he is really struggling to find motivation and inspiration. imo tbh i think it would be better if he would just take a short hiatus but whatever floats his boat ofc. guess he needs to keep his income as well. just think it’s important for him to up his content and jokes not too long from now or ppl will just stop watching him


I sadly agree with this and he used to be my favorite YouTuber in like 2017/18. He’s another case of turning into what you originally made fun of.


Hate to say it, Noel Miller carried him


Noel is fucking hilarious, I think Cody can be funny but needs someone like Noel to bounce jokes off of. I haven’t been watching much of his content cuz nowadays it just isn’t that funny anymore.


I went to a Noel Miller stand up show a few weeks back and he killed it, that man is so funny


Playboy carti