That's totally up to you. No harm either way. I'm commenting because I'm concerned about the fact that there's enough moisture to grow fungi and want to be sure that it's getting enough light. In general, if properly cared for, the conditions should be too dry and too bright to cultivate fungi. I'm going to give my spider plant spiel. Just disregard if it doesn't apply to your situation. --- Spider plants should dry out completely prior to watering. When ready for water, the foliage will pale and the leaves begin to fold in half lengthwise. It's very advantageous for them to get direct sun. The lift of the foliage and offset production are both directly related to light exposure. When the light is sufficient, the foliage will be suspended such that it doesn't touch the edge of the pot.


Thanks! I will start letting the soil dry more between watering. My apartment is really humid and I have been misting the plant a bit. Maybe that’s the problem? I stop spraying the plant to see if that helps also.


Misting doesn't increase humidity, but it can promote and spread disease. It's a good idea to give that up. :)