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I really loath people who harass patients outside clinics. Planned Parenthood was the 1st place that would take me without insurance while trying to get a lump checked out that turned out to be stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Lots of these clinics do so much more than provide abortions.


Just wanted to add that if you *are* there for an abortion, it’s no different. No one deserves to be harassed for any type of medical procedure, whatever it is, whatever the reason.


I agree 100%. Whatever medical procedure someone has is between them and the medical staff. No one should have to deal with 3rd party input unless asked for.


I’m so sick of Jag Revere. I’m so sick of this guy it’s not even funny.




This guy is a complete moron. One time he made a left into to some shops right in front of my car. Another time he was riding up hill in a rainstorm at night dressed in black. I’m hoping he’ll win the Darwin Award, but I just see people laughing at him. I ignore him except when he does something stupid.




Yo fuck off. I'm autistic and know tons of fellow ND people. We do not act like this. And it's a dick thing to say. Are you seriously 16 or something? Grow the fuck up child. We're perfectly normal everyday adults. I'm a professor by trade. This whole the idiot weirdo must be autistic thing is over. Comments like this is why we don't tell people IRL what we are. It's bigoted.


“Paul Not Revered”


What a fuckin’ loser. Get a life


I guess "body autonomy " and "personal freedom" only applies to vaccine deniers. In other matters, Christian extremists decide for you.


They are there to speak for those who don’t have a voice or some other made up BS. If they really cared they would be lining up to foster and making other improvements for the community but instead they are riding bikes and singing songs.


And/or making sure birth control was easily available to everyone. I mean, there would be few abortions if unwanted conception didn't happen. But they're really concerned with imposing their "family-oriented" way of life on everyone. Some of them even want to deny birth control to married couples.


> And/or making sure birth control was easily available to everyone. I mean, there would be few abortions if unwanted conception didn’t happen. Exactly what swayed me out of my Catholic “pro-life” upbringing (I’ve drifted further left since then). If the goal is preventing abortions it turns out the most effective method is preventing people from needing them—i.e. easy access to effective contraception to minimize unwanted pregnancy, and easy access to healthcare to help carry wanted babies healthily to term.


Don’t take this as argumentative, but honest question - I thought birth control was easily available? Is it not?


Regardless of the availability currently, there are many people who are actively campaigning to make it either not legal or not legal for anyone not married. Likewise employers arguing that their medical insurance shouldn't cover it for their employees. Also, beyond condoms, all forms of BC require a doctor's involvement and many involve a pharmacist as well. There are all too many cases of doctors who won't provide BC to unmarried women (primarily) and in some cases to anyone at all. And similarly there are pharmacists who refuse to fill prescription BC under similar circumstances.


Thank you for explaining


It also has very intense side effects, and for many, can be a massive health risk to take it.


It depends a lot on where you live & whether you have health insurance (or money). Reliable birth control (i.e., better than condoms) isn't cheap, and requires a prescription. And less populated areas aren't likely to have a Planend Parenthood location.


Because they get to be a hero, finally, to someone who can't tell them to eff off like everyone else has already.


It's BS for that reason but also ingenious. Who better to speak for than those who can't do so for themselves? You'll always be right because who you're speaking for can't tell you that you're wrong or what they want. It's just what you want and what you think is best for them. Absolutely sinister but smart.


They very deliberately stole that kind of language specifically from the abortion rights arguments and used them for something completely different.


It's not "stealing", the phrase is used purposely to reveal the perceived hypocrisy of abortion advocates who are also anti-body autonomy when it came to the COVID vaccine mandates. In their view you are okay with killing babies because "my body my choice" yet forcing people to undergo a clinical trial against their will is okay because it might save grandma. I don't even agree with that view but it's not that hard to understand, people on Reddit are damn dense sometimes. It's also pretty funny how on both sides of the spectrum people will point to the other side as hypocritical but never ever admit that it happens in their camp too.


No I get why they did it. I just think it's ridiculous. Anti abortion people have always been ridiculous. They make hyperbolic arguments all of the time, which is why they refer to an embryo that's barely distinguishable from any other animal embryo as a "baby." It's intentionally an emotional argument made further emotional by bringing up the idea of a little pudgeball giggling at us making faces. From the people who are always doing "muh science and logic, stop being so emotional" for literally any other argument.


Sure, appeal to emotion happens on both sides of that fence though. It's not like there's any scientific basis in claiming a foetus is somehow not a human life until it's 9 months old and out of the woman's body either. I think most people are reasonable enough to realise that there's an ethical difference between early and late term abortions but the conversation always gets dragged to the extremes because everyone is so eager to point out how "crazy" the "other side" is.


"Muh both sides." Shut the fuck up.


Go outside and talk to people sometimes instead of getting angry at your computer screen. Social media truly is poison for people's brains.


I do. Me being on social media doesn't mean I don't do things in real life too. We are currently on social media. That's why I'm saying it on social media. Unless you're suggesting I figure out who people are, find their address, and then go say stuff to them in person, which would be weird.


Correct. And nothing embodies the true spirit of our founding freedoms and liberty like demanding "let me control your uterus total stranger!"


All this loser wants is attention. If anything he is driving people AWAY from Jebus.


This right here is what i fail to understand... do they really think that shoving a made up man in the sky down my throat is really gonna make me wanna dig deeper into religion? Fuck no! It drives me farther away then i already am!


No. They don’t think it will. Their goal was, has been and is Christian Dominionism.


Good luck with that. They'll have to throw me in prison before I'll ever conform to the bullshit. Religion is nothing but fear and hate.


The sad thing is we are getting closer to christofascism.


Seriously - I mean any high school history class will show you that the only reason it was brought over from Europe to the Americas was as a subjugation tool to convert (most often forcefully) the natives, thus justifying their inhumane treatment of them (look up the Encomienda system, really fucking gross stuff)


The founders also never intended for the US to be a white Christian nation.. they believed in Deism which says that a god may exist, but logic rules the day. Not believing some mythical man controls every step you take.




They likely won’t make you convert at gunpoint. You’ll just have to live under their rules.


Somehow this guy is even worse than the losers who are always hanging outside of the downtown Planned Parenthood handing out anti-abortion flyers.


If I had more free time I’d grab a stack of adoption flyers and trade them. “I’ll gladly take your anti-abortion flyer to pickup my dog’s shit, but here’s a flyer you can read to continue to be “pro-life” after birth.”


They're the same people rallying for death penalty and voting for social safety nets to be reduced. Just call it like it is... Forced birth


This guys clearly an asshole with nothing going on his life. I lost a friend to getting radicalized via YouTube and can totally see him doing this in 40 years. What a loser.


Sadly I have a close family member who has been completely indoctrinated by Fox News. I’m ashamed to be so closely related to them.


I went to CAPA High School, downtown. I remember walking past Planned Parenthood everyday after school and there were ALWAYS protesters. Us weird art kids would GIVE THEM HELL every damn time and oh jeez the things they would yell back at us. Horrible. WHY THESE GOD LOVING PEOPLE THINK HATE IS THE WAY, BLOWS MY MIND. I grew up Catholic (I’m not anymore) but I always think about what “god would want” and how you’d get into heaven…and I would always think about those people going straight to hell. Screw the forced pro birthers. Edit: spelling


I always yell at those assholes when I see them downtown.


I went to a Catholic school all my life till highschool. My parents were liberal but sent me to one for a reason I still don't get. The education wasn't better... But anyway... 8th grade year my class was going to DC for the "march for life" shit... And I said I didn't wanna go. So my mom and I ended up celebrating my birthday together instead of me being in DC for that stupid rally. I'm an atheistic satanist now and ended up with a Christian who hate these types and says "which one of u asked god what he likes?" And holds the "I ain't a woman... Why am I gonna tell them what to do?" Sentiment. Everytime I walk passed the PP I typically look at them and just be like "fuck you"




When I was pregnant w my son planned parenthood was in the same building as my Dr. I walked thru the protesters then turned around and said” how many of you have adopted children? How many of you have Foster kids ? Before I dropped any F bombs my husband whisked me inside . Everyone has a different situation- and a PS My neighbor was a counselor and my son and I were invited to swim. A 13 year old with a 18 month old came one of her patients. The girl was rapped by her cousin at 11. (Didn’t understand what was happening but by the time her parents found out it was too late). Because she wasn’t physically mature enough to deliver she would never be able to have anymore kids. All this girl wanted to do is swim and have fun with the others. I had to leave. Maybe this guy should hear this story. …..


I work with this guy. He’s as hardcore a trump cultist as you can ever imagine someone being. Also he legitimately thinks everyone in town thinks he’s a hero. Constantly regales us with takes about how people daily “stop him and thank him”.


What does he do? Bag groceries or hand out shopping carts? He seems “special.”


I’m not allowed to post it or the mods will get really UPset. SoMeone earlier posted it and it got deleted before I Could even confirm it.


When he’s in Bethel, I roll my windows down, flick him off, and call him a fascist as he looks directly in my eyes with his cult flag wearing the uniforms of men who fought for actual freedom.


I’m sure in the delusional cultist mind, you WANT to thank him but can’t because the liberal media makes you afraid to!


I guess he forgot when I actually stopped my car in mt Lebo and pointed at him and laughed very loudly. I believe I called him an idiot as well. Took his photo and all he did was turn around to pretend I wasn’t there. So brave. Lol Petty? Sure. Accurate? Absolutely


I thought I was initially a republican. Right before voting last election, I decided democratic. Simply bc some republicans are absolutely sickening with this shit.


My friend, at this point we don't need labels. You can be liberal or conservative and decide you don't want to vote for a crazy cunt. Doesn't matter their party, people need to stop voting just for "their party" and get rid of these crazies.


Agreeing on basic tenets of the Constitution like every vote counts, the peaceful transfer of power, and the separation of church and state should not be partisan issues.


You’re 100% right. When I was more Republican leaning, there were republicans that. IIII was even scared of. I agree there shouldn’t be labels either.. I have some liberal friends that are the most accepting human beings you can ever meet, and others that are more racistthan you would think. We all just need to work on being decent human beings regardless of your vote.


Even Shapiro is running on lowering taxes and increasing policing. Republicans don’t even have that on him


Shapiro is what Republicans used to be. Mastriano is an outright fascist lunatic.


For sure


It's all relative.. living in western PA I'm relatively liberal; living in Seattle I was relatively conservative. Overall, in a more historic sense, I'm a moderate/centrist/independent/other or however you want to label it. But in 2022 with the GOP so far off the deep end, I'm only voting Dem for the foreseeable future.




Imagine thinking that the old KKK loving Dixiecrats didn't jump ship in the late 60s when the Democratic party took a solid stance in favor of not being shitty to black people. And the GOP craving power starting courting them hardcore and instantly got back the rural southern base they'd been trying to reach. If you legitimately believe the Party of Lincoln are the Republicans of today, and the Dixiecrats are the Democrats of today - I have a big stack of books on US History that you may find enlightening.


Yep, when LBJ signed the civil rights acts in the 60s, he knew he had lost the southern Democrats who opposed it. I think his quote was, "We just lost the South for a generation." He also knew that it would cost him politically. But he chose country over party, which only a few seem to do these days. Republicans saw the opening and over the next decade swooped up all those southern racist Dems who fought for segregation and brought them into the Republican party. They also courted the TV evangelists and their followers like the "moral majority" who wanted a "Christian" nation with their version of Christianity as law. And here we are today.


Bold of you to assume they are capable of reading and understanding books


Please research the Southern Strategy.


Who gives a fuck what the Democrats were doing in 1960. I care about their policies today. Because I see the policies that Republicans push today and they are horrifying.


All in all, no one should be judging/bashing or doing what these nutcases are doing for someone choosing to do something to their own body. Republican or Democrat, if it’s not YOUR body, mind your goddamn business. Jesus isn’t the answer for anything. Throw a stick in that dudes tire spokes.


Faith over fear? I get a strong feeling that this is projection again. Had an evangelical room mate once and the guy was the most fearful nut I ever met. "Faith over fear" sounds exactly like faith due to fear. Faith from love, and love from faith.. that's Christianity (the kind Jesus actually taught). Fear? Modern GOP and Christian Nationalism in a nutshell.


I see this guy riding all around the south hills. Last year he trolled Bethel Park's community day parade and the self defined but otherwise historically illiterate patriots here cheered him on. The high school kids know better. Over the summer he decided to pose at this jacked up intersection of Irishtown and Logan road in Bethel Park and some teenage girl posed right next to him with a sign that read "I'm with stupid." I give the guy credit though, he's burning serious calories wearing that getup - even if the bike is a ~~hybrid~~ ebike that he probably got at a discount thanks to Joe Biden.


Yeah, he’s been posted up in Bethel Park and the surrounding area for years now. Fuckin shitbird.


Personally I think he’s harmless and I kind of feel sorry for his family.


He trolled this year’s Memorial Day ceremonies as well, and brought a friend along for fun. Of course the geniuses that run the moderation for r/pittsburgh were very quick to take my post down because we can’t hurt conservative feelings apparently!


Love seeing him in Bethel, so I can yell out my window calling him a fascist.


You’d think this guy wouldn’t be wearing a mask???


He’s afraid to reveal his identity because he knows what he’s doing is fuckin lame


Let's not use ableist language tho..


Nobody, and I mean nobody, still uses the original definition for “lame” it just means bad now.


Tells you how much he actually believes in the "Faith over Fear" flag he is flying.


Ask him if Jesus helps trump grab’m by the p*ssy!


It was retold in Two Corinthians!




All these religious nuts are pretty much the opposite of Jesus.




Faith IS fear my dude


The first thing I thought when I saw that flag was "these are not the actions of a man who is not afraid."




Douchebags gotta douchebag.


These people are torturing families - there are no family “values” here.


He's mad that all those women would have sex, just not with him.






Ignore him. Using violence against someone exercising free speech (no matter how annoying) is unethical and would really only bring further attention to the situation.


Does Pittsburgh have a volunteer program for people to escort patients to clinics? I’m moving back and would love to help


Yes they do


the abortion defense committee is a good starting point for volunteers, they work with all the abortion providers in the area


Yea I used to work in the building near there. They are there every day and love to fight


It could be worse - you could be him.


This motherfucker parks his truck in front of my house when he stands at the corner of Washington rd and my Lebo blvd. trying to find a creative way to fuck with him that’s not illegal


At least get a pic of him without the mask and expose his identity!


air out of the tires


If you're afraid it would be too obvious because you live right there, give someone else the heads up about it.


A note tucked under his wiper blades; the envelope full of [phallic confetti](https://www.amazon.com/Colorful-Romantic-Confetti-Valentines-Supplies/dp/B07NWT12HT) ?


Just take off one of the nuts on his tires each time he parks there


I got some sugar for his gas tank


Kamala harris bumper stickers


You know, chalk is a very effective and legal way to quietly make your point. Like, draw lines around his truck and write something like “moron parking” or “trump for prison 2024” or any number of things. Also works on the sidewalk on that little island thing. Make sure to share photos :)


Where is that?


Kirkwood street and N Beatty street.


allegheny reproductive health clinic specifically


I think it's north side. Looks like it at least. Edit: east liberty confirmative


Jag Revere is deviating pretty far from his home territory!


Here's an old post about him for reference. https://www.reddit.com/r/pittsburgh/comments/pbquts/who_is_the_revolutionary_war_guy_on_a_bike_with/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


[I saw him in the south hills earlier this summer, too.](https://www.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/x04duc/spotted_in_suburban_pittsburgh/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Just saw a dirtbag in a pickup on the Parkway with a "Fuck Biden" sticker on the tailgate. The fuck part was spelled out with various guns. Yes, they want attention.


Someone should really loosen the bolts on that bike


There's a guy like that in Frederick. I have in mind to buy an air horn to greet him with.


Are there an inordinate amount of nutters in Pennsylvania because it sure seems the case


How can he breath with that mask on?


What a loser!




What is wrong with this guy? Go away, clown.


Anybody got a stick?


I love calling this guy a fascist to his face every time I see him.


Same asshole who supports trump at south Park. These people need qma good ass whooping


I hate that guy.


Jesus wouldn't be on these types of people's side. Your religion doesn't determine what a person can and cannot do. My religion doesn't determine what you can do. Do not ever be like these evil, selfish, controlling pricks.


This guy's a fuckin loser, get an actual hobby


Jesus is the answer, but what if the question is, "What's that stuck up your ass?"


5 iron citys to the man who doinks this jaggo with a 6 volt.


Dude put more work into his flagpole than anything else he has ever done in life


Seriously, fuck this guy


Someone needs a paintball sniper rifle to take some pot shots at that douche


Protest for me. Not for thee.


Because it is distasteful to do it when these people are seeking care. The people outside of PP are gross and annoying. Most of the people going to PP are not seeking abortions.


"The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable...To folks who complain protest make others uncomfortable... that’s the point" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 12/2/20


Where is this? Which clinic? Just curious


Is this the same guy I see sometimes by the Petco and Delallo’s on Ft Couch or is there more than 1 of them?


Yep, but once I was horrified to see another one with him.


Usually just him, but occasionally he brings a buddy along.


Bro needs to wait for tekko and leave people alone fr. What someone else does is no one's business. Women getting an abortion doesn't effect u and not everyone conforms to ur belief system.


Being shamed and yelled at has always worked to change my mind on deeply personal decisions. /s




Added the "/s" for sarcastic--as I was being neither disingenuous nor that fucking dumb--I was just making fun of the idiot for doing something so rude and useless to someone else.


Where is this? I bet this guy could use a hug and a long, soul searching conversation.


This is a travesty. There should be a bike lane for him to ride in.


Margaret Sanger


Jesus didn’t say a damn word about abortion. In fact, the only thing the Bible really says about it is a recipe.






Ahh yes expressing ones opinion = harassment. I think it would be a different headline if it were anti gun owners protesting outside a gun shop


yes, because this is a medical facility for very private medical care and a gun store is... a gun store. One of these things is not like the other.


They both are business about killing people, lmao


This. The liberal bias of this sub is comical.


Riding by with a flag??


Harassing by sharing the road and exercising his first amendment right via a sign? Not sure that’s how “harassment” works.


Yeah man, I'm sure the dude biking around with big religious banners behind him for a denomination of faith that's known to harass and even attack Planned Parenthood clinics is just there to support the folks walking in. He certainly wouldn't do it to imply any kind of threat or consequence should people follow through on their clinic visits. Totally out of the question given the dude's support for factions known to be determined to undermine, villainize, assault, and outlaw reproductive health care.






Not freedom of consequence.






What cities.


What patience


[ Removed by Reddit ]


The free are coming! By land! By land!


These douche bags were in cranberry yesterday


Is this local? Is there a local clinic escort volunteer program.


What was the time of day that he was there?


Surprised he’s wearing a mask


I’m sure this guy is a pest to most people that know him. I hate rabid trump supporters with a passion. But this pic… this pic goes hard, I’m afraid.