Fucking piece of shit


Seems to be the general consensus


I'm pretty sure guys like him want posts *exactly* like this to circulate on the internet. Name and pic. They want to be remembered. They don't care for what. Absolutely vile.


Hope he has a miserable fucking hell of a time in prison. What a waste of life.


If it stays in Illinois as murder 1 he will get life in prison (no death penalty in Illinois) If the feds pick it up and charge him with domestic terrorism, he will get the death penalty. We will know what they are charging him with in the next 48-72 hours.


Life in supermax is worse than on death row.


Pretty sure Dylan Roof is having the time of his life in ADX and doesn’t regret his actions one single bit /s Edit: someone pointed out that Roof actually isn’t in ADX. My apologies, didn’t mean to spread false information. I coulda sworn I saw somewhere that he was in ADX. Feel free to roast my ass


Not too long ago I read an article on the science of these shootings. The article talked about the motivation and most importantly how strong the copy cat effect is. These mass shootings tend to happen in clusters as they inspire/motivate people on the fringe to carry out their plans. Messed up. Be vigilant these next few days as this plays out. Statistics show there is usually another one usually on the heels of the last. Stay safe. Edit: Link to article I referred to: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2022/05/27/stopping-mass-shooters-q-a-00035762


An earlier study showed the same thing about suicides. San Francisco made it a policy to downplay jumpers from the Golden Gate bridge. If one made the papers, others would soon follow. Another reason for not naming mass shooters. ID them once and then never mention their name again.


> Another reason for not naming mass shooters. ID them once and then never mention their name again. New Zealand did this pretty damn well. Everybody remembers the mosque shooting, nobody knows the name of the shooter. OFC the name is out there if you wanna know it, but media didn't mention him.


Iirc you also had statistics to show that suicides increased when cause of death was mentioned as suicide in the newspapers. As soon as newspapers stopped disclosing that, suicide rates dropped. Really interesting and an easy thing to implement.


Well that tracks, sure - the shootings never end in the US.


Kinda surprised we haven't had a mass shooter taken out by another mass shooter. "Oh shit dude! Your rampage was *today*? My bad..." Edit: thanks for the awards, y'all! 👍


That sounds like a great episode of South Park.


They did something similar already: https://youtu.be/HjdK6w6KLXA




Like a self fulfilling prophecy or Rosenthal effect in modern studies


Yes, it is called 'labelling theory'.


We are at the point that releasing names don't even matter. Dude won't be famous. There are so many mass shootings in a year now we forget all of these fucks.


This should be higher. Who fucking remembers the buffalo shooters name?


The people who are unstable enough to carry out these acts are the people who will remember their names.


His social media posts are crazy... was no one paying attention?


What did he have on there?


One has him ranting interspersed with cartoons of using what he used on the public. Says things along the lines of “people will respect me.”


Waiting to hear that he was on an FBI watch list. Amiright?


It only took the unibomber's family turning him in twice for the FBI to catch him.


That illustrates how intelligence is only as good as the ability to connect the dots. Post 9/11 there's more intelligence than ever before, but that also means there's more mountains of data that have to be sorted to literally find the needle in the haystack. My understanding is that various departments all had different levels of Intel on the hijackers, but no one had it all or the ability to connect the various elements together. The shooter in Nova Scotia back in 2020 had been reported for illegal firearms on multiple occasions, but nothing ever came of it until it was too late.


It's also known that there was an internal quarrel between the CIA and the FBI. The FBI had known for months that the hijackers were in Florida, with the several flight trainers complaining that the hijackers were never interested in landing the plane during their flight training. The CIA asked several times where the hijackers were, but since the FBI deals with domestic intelligence they never shared their intelligence together and thus we know what happened next...


A big part of the difficulty is that there are many people who say vaguely threatening things on social media, and the vast majority of them don't mean it or follow through, so you have hundreds of thousands of people saying the same sorts of things as the shooters and you can't meaningfully find the shooters from that. You need secondary information that comes from people who know the person like changes of behaviour, escalation of threats etc.


And that someone reported that he was a clear and present danger and the cops did nothing to investigate it.


Unlike the other guy who got his door busted. The cops really got their priority in order.


That guy had weed and donuts.


Reefer madness and a sugar high! It's lucky the cops survived. /s




If there was a buck for Google to make in recognizing at-risk behavior, you bet they would find posts like his. But the way things are, I fear that he instead got helpful „other people also bought these things when planning mass murder“ ads. I bet there is an „aggressive edgelord“ advertising category.


Or try to attach it a song owned by UMG (Universal). That'd do the trick right quick.


If FB or Google could easily flag these things before they happened, they would, and they'd enjoy the PR win. The problem is that for every deranged-sounding person that ends up going on a killing spree, there are 1000 other similarly crazy sounding people that are harmless. And so any effort to sick the police on people that are acting like this is just going to result in the harassment of tons of innocent people.


so true right? I can probably stop worrying about the database of me whackin off vids


I’m always watching, Wazowski.




His IG accounts are private but his headline says “Kiiiillllerrrrr (3 emojis) this is my last year here” so there’s that. One links to a YouTube video of a kid flashing guns and money


Is it just me or does Social media help these lunatics? I know we had Columbine and maybe one other I can remember growing up, but Social Media has made this younger generation…lost may be the right word. They don’t know how to communicate with others, deal with adversity, they are glued to the internet/phones close to people that feel like they do (even though that group is an EXTREMELY small minority of people as a whole), and they only see what they think/see as true. Again just my opinion and opinions are like buttholes and everyone has one, but geez.


Yes, it plays a role. It's why the term "lone wolf" is in all truthfulness a misnomer, imo. Yes, they commit the act alone but they're radicalized and acting within a larger extremist ecosystem with like-minded individuals who rev each other up until one day, one of them decides to act on all of the rhetoric and exchanging of ideas on whatever forum they were on, be it 4chan or what have you.




You can check my last post. He has a weird music video where he pretty much says he is going to do this. I have no idea why flags weren’t raised.


I mean if someone's weird/creepy/scary they aren't going to have a lot of social media followers beyond other weird/creepy/scary people. Who if anything are probably egging him on so they can live vicariously.


The newspaper about Lee Harvey Oswald plastered on the wall seems ominous.


He sounds like 90% of the virgin edgelords on the internet.


Did you see the uvalde shooter's profile when it got leaked? I don't even wanna mention his name/account as it'll only feed into their ulterior motives of being famous and going down in history. Possessing and boasting gun collections publicly when they're explicitly for non-sporting reasons and by an underage should be easily a red flag He made threats online, posted pictures of dead cats, joked and harassed girls with threats of sexual assault and including an incident where he said "shut up before i shoot you". I mean how low should a person go before these telltale signs become prophetic? They definitely give the warning signs Edit: I'm not very against things like privacy and gun-ownership by the masses, it's just that he was very young and in a country were mass shootings take place more often than daily you need to be slightly wary how guns are handled/owned. Mental health is taken as a joke for our generation, fascist/racist/dark ideas are purported as "based" and children have easy access to something as powerful as a gun and they don't minutely have the maturity to handle a thing like that. Edit2: I'm just a teenager, also not an expert regarding tackling such issues. I'm not a US citizen nor am I white . I am just concerned by such developments in the USA. Please don't bombard my inbox holding me or my country accountable over this event or spewing hate speech in my dms


A recurring theme with all of these mass shooters is that they threatened or abused women online or IRL. And time and time again, when women report these creeps, the police don’t care until someone gets murdered.


A girlfriend of mine has a guy she dated for a couple of months that calls her and threatens her [with raping her, her daughter, killing them] so much from random numbers, she can’t get work calls some days. He even calls and harasses her grown kids. The cops: “Call us when he shows up at your house.” When he showed up to her house, drunk and banging on her windows and doors, the cops let him sleep it off in her front yard. He’s also a felon but, whatever, right? It’s been *months* of threats and this guy still hasn’t gotten bored. Since he’s from another state I told her to call the FBI since the local cops won’t do anything but for some reason, she’s reluctant and and I have no idea why. I think she blames herself because they dated? I dunno. I’m sure he’s going to escalate. At least she’s heavily armed? No one else will protect her, that’s for sure.


That is dreadful. Can she get a restraining order so the mere fact he turns up is enough to make it easy for the cops to respond? I think we need to make it easier to get restraining orders since even if somebody is using it in bad faith you've only got to avoid contact right?


And then they still don't care.


>harassed girls with threats of sexual assault I have never, ever seen one of these white male extremist mass shooters who wasn't a misogynist creep.


Fun fact, over 80% of mass shooters have a history/pattern of violence and threats against women. And I mean documentable, clear behavior patterns.


Many mass shootings start with a separate incident where the shooter shoots a woman.


Exactly how the Virginia tech shooting started.


And Sandyhook


And Uvalde. He shot his grandma first.


And the 2014 Isla Vista shootings.


Or, like the DC Sniper attacks, are entirely about disguising or enlarging an attack against a single woman.


Living through the DC sniper was crazy. Doing the most mundane task like getting gas or shopping at the store felt like you were risking your life.


They told us at work to walk sideways, create a smaller profile. Like how were we supposed to even know where the shot was coming from?


imagine crab walking while getting shot at.


The DC Sniper shooting at the middle school in Bowie, happened about 20min prior and less than a mile from the ATM I was using at the time. I remember hearing all the sirens - and immediately wondering if it was the DC Sniper AND if I was safe. Not a lot of people remember, but outdoor malls like the Bowie Town Center I was at - were absolutely EMPTY during that time. Everyone was afraid of getting shot. My car was the ONLY one in the parking lot at that bank and I was nervous as hell getting my cash.


Was in high school in Stafford, VA during this. Two victims very close in the fredricksburg/spotsylvania area. One at a gas station, the other at a Michael’s that I had been to/near a bunch of times. It shut down all of our after school activities. No football season, nothing. It was scary. Go straight in to school, go straight home. And this after the anthrax mail attacks the year before. Was really stressful to live in the DC area those couple of years.


Seriously! His targets were so random. It really felt like a game of chance stepping outside. I can't even watch anything about it when they run documentaries. Living through it was traumatic enough.


Worked at Columbia Mall in Maryland during all that. Always had one TV on the sales floor turned to news. Was nuts.


My girlfriend used to get pissed at me during that time for walking like I was drunk out of my mind after we parked the car. I told her a moving target is harder to hit and she should be doing it as well.


They weren’t random. They were trying to seem random, so when they shot John Muhammad’s ex-wife (they never managed to do so, but planned to) it would also have seemed random. The first victim was a relative of his wife’s friend, shot at the residence of the friend.


Right after 9/11 too. And the Anthrax shit. It was a tough time.


he didn't shoot her, but canadas biggest mass killing in recent history started with an attack on his wife. and the two next highest death tolls were clearly motivated by misogyny. the way that the war on women is so happily ignored by so many people is so disturbing.


The Toronto guy who ran his van into a crowd was targeting women and posted incel stuff online.


Watch his police interview. Its like talking directly to 4chan.


He was. The crazy part about that was that all his stories about women being mean to him never even happened. He was just repeating stories he read on incel websites.


like, even a majority of his victims were women. he probably drove until he found a larger group of women to attack.


...and the other 20% have an undocumented history/pattern of violence and threats against women


Heyyyyy, maybe we should take violence and threats of violence against women seriously! And maybe we should take away the guns of such men.


Just an excitable boy.


He built a cage with their bones.


I always upvote a Zevon reference. Even one as ghastly as yours.


Problem with social media is we avoid following crazy people. It’s the ‘if the tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?’ situation


Couple of his songs on Spotify has 2 million plays(before today), so plenty of people probably seen it


😳 I'm definitely part of this number.. this guy has appeared on my daily mix a bunch of times, he did a song with another rapper I like (which is his 2 mil streams song) I think many of his listens are not from actual fans. He's one of those people that keeps appearing on my daily mix despite constantly skipping him. I think his fanbase is pretty small and probably trends young and edgy. Nonetheless I'm horrified to hear I've been served up this guy's stuff many times before


his songs were actual garbage. he 100% bought streams and wrote his own bios. it's super obvious.


Wait who has songs on Spotify with 2 million plays?


The shooter.


The album Sleepily by the Michigan band Vulfpeck managed to rack up nearly 3 million plays.... Each track was 90 seconds of silence. Spotify pays $0.007 per play in royalties as long as a user listens to at least 30 seconds of the song. They made $20,000 from Spotify by encouraging their fans to set the album on repeat and letting it play as they slept.


didnt expect vulfpeck gBLESS the metal frat kids


Epic way to game the system


To be fair Spotify doesn't give a fuck what the content of a track is.


Only 20k for 3m plays? Even decently famous artists don’t have that many plays. Spotify is truly ripping off artists, wow.


I think autocorrect made you write Sleepily instead of “Sleepify” … I’m a hardcore Vulf fan


the shooter did. He went by Awake the Rapper, corny name for a corny punk


Holy fuck. I’ve been mostly offline all day and didn’t catch that. Thanks for the explanation.


It’s… not good https://youtu.be/0dmUVwVlG8Q Edit. Yes y’all. I get it’s gone now.


You were right! That isn’t good.


>not good Understatement champion 2022.


Lmao, that's like a parody of xanax zoomer rap...


He has 1.6 million followers


and evidently, none of them were his parents?




I mean his discord server was full of school shooting memes and racist right wing memes and his social media was full of him wearing trump flags, at trump and thin blue line rallies, he talks about ben shapiro in his songs, his youtube shows him at trump getting off of Air Force One. Add that all together and its pretty clear whats going on here edit: this is anecdotal because his discord is down now but there was a link from his twitter page > to his website [https://www.awake.rip/home](https://www.awake.rip/home) \> to a Join Us tab that led to a discord server. On that server I saw racist memes and far-right memes. One that particularly sticks in my mind is a video "meme" of footage of real life bombings spliced with footage of a notorious truck bomber set to the song "Downtown" with an overlay of a man dancing over it. The server was being DDoS when I was on it and is currently down. Its really hard for me to say this person wasn't radicalized at the very least after seeing all of this and spending a few hours digging through literally everything I could find Edit- Shooters linked website has bright and fast FLASHING COLORS so please be mindful of that if you are sensitive to that


I first saw he was apprehended on FB, this photo is being passed around along with additional photos from his various other social media accounts. Trump flag cape and a few others from trump related events.. people in the comment section are all “oh look, another antifa nut!” Omfg 🤦🏼‍♀️


Ah so that's why this shooting was unpinned from the top of /r/Conservative


These people are fucking cowards. That entire thread is just "oh this is what happens when you are mean to white men." Like holy fucking shit, grow the fuck up.


One comment says something like “these young men are fatherless, this is why the shootings” the dude literally has a dad who is in his life… whatever the conservatives are smoking is causing permanent brain damage


His dad is literally a former republican mayoral candidate lol.




It’s a whole shit orchard, Rand.


I checked out the thread there, example post that was upvoted, "the left is happening to them. People are raised to be much more selfish. Much more narcissistic. Much more disrespectful of others. Much less tolerant of people they disagree with. Less family values and morality. More broken homes. More tolerance and the normalization of criminal behavior. Normalization of violence." The mental gymnastics to blame "the left" when its a right wing terrorist.


The right always blames the left for literally anything bad that happens. '1/6 was Antifa', 'Trump election was stolen', etc. It's based on nothing except 'since I wouldn't personally do this, neither would 'my side'' and when the facts come out they've already moved onto something else


> The mental gymnastics to blame "the left" when its a right wing terrorist. They've been on a "look what you made us do" thing for a while now. They "have to" come threaten pride parades/drag shows, because the radical leftists are trying to corrupt innocent children. They "had to" try to violently overthrow the government to install Trump as king of America, because the radical left stole the election. They "have to" hold Nazi rallies, because the radical left is attacking white men with MeToo and BLM movements.




Lots of Qanon imagery, conspiracy bullshit, racism and id love to know what the celtic sign he posted everywhere means. I bet his 4-chan posts are a sight to behold


The problem is that when you do pay attention, and you say some thing, nobody does anything, including the cops. The cops won't do anything until something has *happened*, not preventing something from happening.




just checked FOX "NEWS" and the first thing they mention is him going by a rap name. Didn't bother beyond that, you know the narrative they're going to run with,


I just checked you know where and they're saying he's antifa. Jeezus.


They also say his Waldo costume pic at a Trump event was clear proof he was there mocking Trump Supporters. They sooooooo badly want this guy to not be one of their core demographics.


Yep. Apparently because he “looks” Antifa. Meanwhile people are posting pictures of him wearing a Trump flag as a cape and attending Trump rallies and their reaction is to downvote those comments and claim he was doing it “ironically.”


I love the "what conservatives do you know that have face tattoos" shit they're pulling. Uhh, Neo Nazis, for one? Extremist white supremacists with face tattoos is borderline archetypal.


Yep, "had long black hair, sounds like some antifa nerd". Just like that.




Someone on r/conspiracy just said he can’t be right wing because he dyed his hair and raps lol.


These "iT wAs AnTiFa" types kill me because they are insinuating that ppl have to go to great lengths to make them look bad. Nobody has to do anything to make Trump Supporters look bad. They've had that on lock since back when he started campaigning.


> idolizing ben shapiro Same as a mass shooter in canada


Crazy social media posts or not. No one cares. No one acts on it until it's too late.


A kid in San Antonio, I believe, made remarks about how he was going to "terroriser an Amazon warehouse" where he worked. Within hours, he was arrested. Yet, people like this piece of shit will make threats against women and it's "oh, he's just blowing off steam, he don't mean nothing by it"...smdh


Fuck him. So tired of this shit.


that is verbatim what i said when i first saw the pic. lmao. fuck this shit for real. i can’t believe this is still allowed to be an issue. mind melting.


Fame and glory? Thoughts and prayers? Mental Health? Thoughts and prayers? Gun control? Thoughts and prayers?


Fuck the people who continue to enable this. Edit: Wow, this is even bringing insults to my DMs. If your reaction to these tragedies is to worry about potentially increased regulations instead of *actual people being killed*, there's something very wrong. We need to actually try *doing something* about this instead of just insisting it's impossible to address.


Brow tattoo?


Anybody know what it says? Couldn't quite make it out


Awake, his rap name


He was part of the stupid "awake, not woke" shit a few years back. Went to Trump rallies and made awful music videos


What does awake not woke mean?


Awake is the qanaon word for woke, more or less. The Great Awakening was when all the evil people werr going to be arrested and Trump would be installed as president, showing the world what was really going on


That’s supposed to be any day now, right? Aren’t Prince and JFK Jr. supposed to show up to swear trump into office?


People just make up their own realities now. It's like religion on crack. They worship conspiracy theories as if they're the key to unlocking their salvation. The whole world's gone ill.


Some would argue that America has deliberately constructed it through insufficient education.


Not just insufficient education, but also intentional mis-education (read: fox news).


Remember when conspiracies were fun?


Does it say “awake”?!


that was his corny rapper name, Awake the Rapper.


Good, fuck him




Supremacists angry that society simply refuses to accept their innate superiority... Always been a danger to everyone, historically


I do love that they are just calling these idiots incels outright now. That is how they should be covered in news stories, not as shooters, but as lame no pussy getting losers who can't cut it in life so they take the cowards path.


Hey now, I don’t get much pussy and I’m a nice fella, I’d like to think. But it’s been a couple years…




Shouldn’t even say what his name is, so he can die in obscurity.


Denmark had a mass shooting two days ago and they arrested the guy at the scene, but it's illegal to use his (or the victims') names, and all news organizations respect this. It's great - the asshole who did it gets zero attention, and the victims get some privacy.


I’d agree in most cases, but this guy didn’t get stopped at the scene. He was out and required a manhunt to track him down and arrest him. The best way to do that is probably blast his face, car, and name so anyone who sees him or might know him and have info can reach out to the authorities. I do think there’s no point in giving him any more publicity now that he’s caught though.


This picture should be the only one used in the media. Just to let it be known that they don't live in a fantasy world where they get away with their bullshit.


Just number him. Asshole #739


Fucking coward still gets to breathe while families in the area are in shock and grief. Fuck you man.


Wait, the criminal’s last name is Crimo?


If only his parents changed their last name to Crentist, this could have been avoided


Your dentist's name is Crentist?


Maybe that’s why became a dentist


You mean Dentisto, surely Edit: nevermind guys, I missed an Office reference. As per the law I will go rewatch the entire series.


Michael: Sounds an awful lot like crime… Dwight: *starts sweating* Maybe that’s why he likes committing crimes…


Don’t do the crimo if you can’t do the timo


Shocko: Waaaaa!?


Where's Arresto when we need him?!


Hi I'm Elfo.


He's going to be serving a lot of timo.


Perfect Opera Man punchline


I scrolled, stopped, then came back to upvote this comment. Well played.


If 4chan was a person, this is exactly who and how I would imagine him.


this is who I picture every time I get called the N-word in an online game






Stop putting their names. Just write something like Edgelord Virgin Psychopath.


We are reaching Gladwell’s tipping point where shootings become the norm rather than a lack of shootings being the norm.


\-like an ice-cream truck from a millennia ago, the droid patrols the metallic apartment corridors chiming:- "***Eat Recycled Food!*** *It's Good For The Environment, And OK For You!"*


why even say his name ? That's all these pieces of shit ever want




Got a link bossman? Sounds intriguing and I'm a fan of his docos




Love Louis and his approach of Radical Listening. He gets all of the best information and reactions out of the most detestable people. And gains their trust without ever agreeing with them. He’s a wizard.




‘Misogynist Terrorism’ it happened in Toronto in 2018 when a self-identified Incel drove a van down a busy city street and killed 11 people and severely injured 16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toronto_van_attack they are dangerous people.


So, let's see. Buffalo was 10 people dead a few weeks ago. Um, then, wait, it was the 19 children and 2 teachers like, last week, I think,.. then this mass shooting.. or was it Detroit... or California.. or.. wait a minute... I can't keep my mass shootings up to date anymore. Even for just June and 4 days in July.


"Now is not the time to talk about politics, let's give the families time to grieve." Oh, shit theres been another one. Rinse and repeat.


"I am ashamed of the left using this horrific event to push their agenda. Now is not the time to politicize this tragedy, you can wait for the one tomorrow".


If you’re wanting to read the comments, I’ll sum it up for you. 40% don’t like that the guys name is in the title, 40% is about statistics of black people being dead and not just arrested with a sprinkle of what-about-isms, and 20% is about how America is fucked and there is no coming back, the end is near and peril awaits all Americans. Edit: Grammar; thanks for the award kinda stranger :)


I actually wanna know how he got caught.


https://twitter.com/TreWardTV/status/1544107721653379073?s=20&t=dIVX5F11pD7195H2N9XG8g Video of him getting caught.


I had to lol at the unmistakable sound of a V1 radar detector chirping about a cop (or automatic door) in the area during all of this. *Dozens of cop cars around* V1: BRAP BRAP


I mean he drives a Honda Fit, you’re not gonna outrun much in that car.


Videos shows cops surrounding his car at an intersection with rifles and screaming orders at him. Not sure what led up to that, if they just found him driving or if there was a chase.


I don't think he was really trying to get away. Roughly 7 hours after the shooting took place and they found him 10 minutes down the road...


Wait, seven fucking hours later??? And they caught this dude just chilling in his car?


Not only 10 minutes down the road, but driving back towards the scene. The guy was spotted by police in North Chicago and was caught in Lake Forest.


Guess shooters don't really plan for the after.


Most go for suicide or suicide-by-cop. I'm surprised he was taken alive tbh. Pretty rare.


I used to live there, so my friends kept me pretty updated with the news. But really they found his car, tried to pull him over and chased him down. It wasn't anything crazy.