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Mohs surgery can be brutal. Working in a dermatologists office for over 5 years convinced me to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen or clothing that protects me from the sun. I annoy people when I tell them to protect themselves but I don't care. Skin cancer, in any form, is a bitch.


Please continue annoying people. It's good, honest work.


It’s funny, depending on the field of expertise those in said field will implore to follow the riggers of whatever their passionate about! Example, when I got pieces of mulch launched into my eye almost having to get a cornea transplant the eye doctor was this person. Telling me that, annoying anyone who will listen, to always ALWAYS wear safety glasses. Then proceeded to tell about what his office looks like the day after the Fourth of July!! And ending with “It might be weird to some but on the Fourth of July all of my kids wear safety glasses and for good reason”!


Give them little lab coats, and then they'll feel like actual scientists! Maybe, even teach them about the power of chemistry, and let them learn firsthand what kind of power that holds by letting them create something powerful, but with stable materials and under careful supervision so they don't blow themselves up by being afflicted with immaturity.


> follow the riggers *rigors


Unless you're hoisting something.


That’s not a Mohs surgery, that’s a full blown melanoma excision. I have a three inch scar on my temple and one on my back just like this from two removed melanomas.


I had a Mohs surgery done last fall on my right cheek, and the surgeon had to cut a little above and below the hole to be able to pinch the skin together to suture it closed. My face looked very similar to the picture, so it very well could be from Mohs.


Wait is that just from mohs surgery??? Also: basal; squamous; or melanoma?


I’m not OP, but I had Mohs done on my nose from right under my eyebrow all the way to my nostrils and my face swelled up and bruised like OPs dad


Are you fucking shitting me? Jesus. I guess my family member got off easy. Well, in that regard. It was recurring, so they had it done like 6 times before finally having “real” surgery, and then radiation, and then chemo. There’s a new drug for both squamous cell, and small cell lung cancer. It is very promising.


My mom just got a melanoma removed and credits me for telling her about it and getting her to wear sunscreen more. Good thing I went through esthetics school before it was systemic. It was caught while still localized in “stage 0”


That is awesome that you were able to recognize it. Melanoma is scary. To me what makes it scary is that people usually do not see it or don't think anything of it.


That was my dad, he was even approached by a dermatologist at the beach once who recognized his mole as melanoma and told him to see a doctor. He brushed her off, and died 7 years later of metastatic melanoma.


They don’t think anything of it until it reaches stage 4 and is now in your brain, spine, and both lungs


Yep. It can stay there for years and years before it actually does anything too


yeah there were a lot of lesions that , clinically, looked like the person would die any second. We would get the results back and luckily the melanoma wouldn't be as advanced as we had thought, it was in a dangerous stage but still treatable.


She is lucky to have you. I lost a close family member to Melanoma in his early 40s. Devastated his children. He rarely went outside. Melanoma is scary.


So scary. A common misconception is that melanoma only forms after sun exposure. Yes it can, but it is not always dictated by sun exposure. We had plenty of people have it appear on areas of their body that would hardly see sun


Friend had melomania on the bottom of her foot she had a lot of surgery for it. She lasted for 8 year's it popped up all over. Nasty disease


I spent many years working outside and used to regularly wear long sleeve shirts and big ol hats and sunscreen and all the 'macho' dudes would always make fun of me and they would be out working for 8 hours in the sun with no shirt thinking they're getting "tan". Friggin chuckleheads.


They're confusing "tan" with irreparably damaging their skin.


My doctor said I have great skin for cancer and to get checked out. I heard him but waited a bit. Then a lady from my class found a spot on her head and was dead writhin a few months. Now I go regularly and if anything changes.


Skin cancer killed my Dad before he was in his mid-70s, you keep annoying people, it's good work that you do.


My dad was in his Mid-40s. It’s a bitch, man.


So, if I have to be out in the sun (I umpire softball in the evenings, plus the occasional tournament) making sure to slather on enough sunblock to avoid burns is the right move? Here I was doing it just because it's annoying trying to sleep when sunburnt.


Any form of protection is better than anything. I fish a lot , and I am not a huge fan of sunscreen so I get sun protectant clothing and then I just put sunscreen on exposed skin. It helps a lot and has cut down on my burns.


Listening to the advice from dermatologists and other folks who have wonderful skin; what I’ve gathered is to generally live your life like a vampire, so this is what I do now. Drink blood.


I have met and ridden with a ton of cyclists across various disciplines (road, MTB, track) and invariably I’m the only one to ever bother with sunscreen. I always bring my tube of “sport” sunscreen in a jersey pocket also to reapply midway. Same people who are militant about wearing helmets always poo-poo the idea of protecting their skin. Weird.


I’ve had Mohs for a small basal cell carcinoma. It was rather unpleasant, but I got though it well. Injections to your face and nose hurt more than any other part of the process. When the tumor is small and the surgeon is good nobody can tell you had the surgery. I don’t want to know what it’s like to have anything larger removed.


Im glad you go through it alright. The doctor I worked for did a great job and had a lot of patients that would be happy with the final scar, if you could see it. She took a lot of pride in her work and it showed. Larger cancers did make it more challenging to try and make it look like it was never there.


**Jesus, I don’t care how many times he said it. Don’t hit him.**


It's always "sunscreen this" and "sunscreen that". A man can only take so much skin care advice. I have limits.


That sounds like hell. Glad you left him off easy.


“SPF 30?! How many times I gotta teach you this lesson old man!”


SPF 30 = son punched face 30 times.


He ran into my fist. He ran into my fist 30 times


If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!


Uh-uh. Not guilty!


“What lovely young people”


"I love the young people"


SPF = Start Punching Face




Why are we beating old men? I'm so confused!


Old guy must not have put on sunscreen that day.


>I have limits. But something tells me you don't have sunscreen!


**How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, Old Man?!**


Your restraint was admirable.


It’s always sunscreen in Philadelphia


From the injuries sustained, it’s clear he used a low SPF. I hope his recovery goes well.


[SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN!](https://youtu.be/Fk4kaRHoxl4)


What do you tell a dad with two black eyes who won't shut up about sunscreen? Nothing. You already told him twice.


Damn, it's not every day you see a top comment with more upvotes than the original post on the front page


Sun hits like a dude


Don’t tell him what to do! You’re not his real dad!


70 SPF stands for 70 Strong Punches with Fist


My grandmother grew up on the beaches in Australia and never used sunscreen. Her skin now just looks like scabs everywhere and she often has new places with stitches or something was removed every time I see her. Thankfully, my father always made sure to “butter us up” with sunscreen as kids and we still joke about it being such a process, but thank God he always made us do it and stay covered.


My grandparents are the same. They sit there in the blistering sun for hours on end without a drop of sunscreen. When I question them about it they just say "I don't get sunburned" while looking as red as a tomato. My grandad has had several squamous cell carcinomas and is waiting for surgery for another one. My grandma has solar keratosis which is caused by sun damage and increases your risk of cancer. I have naturally dark skin but now I make a point to wear sunscreen as much as possible. Two minutes of slapping on some cream could potentially save your life


I don’t understand people (often older people) so have a ton of health issues but never seem to get their wake up call. Like, I knew someone whose stepdad wouldn’t manage his diabetes so he kept progressively losing parts of his leg. You’d think after the FIRST removal, he’d learn that he needs to change his diet and watch his blood sugar. But nope. He never learned. Then he ended up dying. Super sad, but I just can’t understand it at all. If you were just suicidal, there are better ways to die than this.


Agreed. My mother obviously sees what skin cancer can do right in front of her and has also already dealt with it herself, but I truly believe people will only do what they want to do at the end of the day no matter the consequences.


My mom does the same thing at the pool, but she says she’s just “getting a tan”. We are naturally pale and freckled with my mom pretty much being a redhead so we don’t actually get a tan, just a sunburn. It kills me to see her do that since she has also had to have some things removed here and there, but another summer is here and she does the same thing. She also only applies a small amount once when we first get there and is getting in and out of the pool for hours without reapplying.


I'm white as a ghost while my mom has olive skin that darkens. However, she thought for most of her life until I was a teen, that she didn't need sun screen. Now she's on board, but it's weird being 16 and threatening your mom with skin cancer if she doesn't put on the damned sunscreen.


There was a woman that used to come into the store that I worked at. Her skin was so fried from over tanning in a tanning bed. She was maybe mid thirties to early forties and her skin had the consistency of leather. It looked like she had scabs everywhere and large moles. She had other skin conditions it looked like as well. She also had massively fake tits. Those things could have functioned as flotation devices. Anyways body dysmorphia is a bitch that no one deserves. Also, stay the fuck away from tanning beds.


I'm 32 and just had skin cancer removed from my face. Wear sunscreen. Please.


I’m 41, I have a pretty large basal cell carcinoma on my nostril and I cannot get a surgeon that takes my insurance to call me. I’m so scared I’m gonna lose my whole nose. I’ve had this thing for 15+ years. I haven’t told anyone yet so thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


My Mother got skin cancer in 2004-2005 I just remember bush w was president . It started out as a small bump on her nose. First insurance wouldn’t cover it as it was “pre existing”. I think she was also in denial about what it was and didn’t push to get anything done until it spread more. Eventually it spread to the entire nostril. By the time she was able to get proper medical care they couldn’t stop it. It kept spreading. Eventually it metastasized to the bones in her face. They had to remove her nose and upper jaw in 09. She lived like that going through surgery after surgery. Cancer coming back over and over. Then they couldn’t remove anymore. Nothing else they could do. She passed away in August 2019 with me holding her hand. What she went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Please wear sunscreen and take care of your skin. Have your doctor check out anything that looks funny ASAP.


Fuck your insurance. Go get it done, file a claim later. Can always work with the clinic to write it off or get you on a sliding scale for payment. Money is money. You don't want to lose your nose, friend. Also fuck the United States. We need universal healthcare already. Hugs, you'll get through this.


The dermatologist tried to refer me to a facial plastic surgeon, so I’m concerned. I found out Tuesday that it’s cancer, and then not a word.


Take it frome someone who just lost a dear family member to basal cell. He waited. He didn't tell anyone. Now the last few pictures we have of him are going to be in medical texts because it was the worst they had ever seen. Tell your family, it's treatable if you don't wait.


The nose is a smaller area and mostly cartilage so it makes sense. I can imagine it's scary. Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. Keep calling and keep pressuring. Have to lookout for yourself, most people won't.


Yeah, don't feel bad, it's YOUR nose.


It it helps I had a procedure on my nose called VivAer that helped rebuild cartilage. I was able to go to an ENT for it. So there are some new options in case they have to cut into some of your existing cartilage.


Thank you, any info helps since I haven’t seen a doctor since diagnosis.


Please find and attend a skin cancer survivors’ group. In my area, they meet in/near treatment centers and are free/open to anyone. The facilitator is usually a social worker or nurse. The facilitator and group members can recommend doctors to see and to avoid. Some may also be good models of self-advocacy, which you really need.


You have to decide whether to treat cancer based on insurance ? Medical care in US is a fucking joke


You have to decide which doctor you can have in the room specifically because of insurance. Hospital for my nose surgery took my insurance but the anesthesiologist didn't. So the 12k surgery was covered but the anesthesiologist was 3k out of pocket.


How in the everloving fuck is people in the US surviving, in this shitty ass broken fuck up of a system...?


They aren't.


100,000 Americans die EVERYDAY. Our country is famous for being good at MURDER, shit is not sweet here. We have large swaths of major urban cities that are in disrepair, our children and teens shoot each other, we have a major homelessness problem. If you get hurt, you pay, if you go broke, you starve, if you get robbed, you shoot. These are the realities of American life as I know it. My country is not heroic or just, my country is brutal and vicious. My country has gladiator fights on TV, and the god given right for teenagers to possess self contained explosive projectile systems. This is not a gold paved utopia, this is a dog pile of people feasting on the layers of the pile below them. There’s such a horrible “fuck you, I got mine” attitude here.


Please go get help soon. My husband would not listen to me (we had insurance) and waited far longer than he should have. They actually had to take the back of his earlobe to make the nostril part. Please find help.


I looked back at pictures and I’ve had it for at least 12 years. But I’ve seen a dermatologist for it all along. But he was never concerned and froze it and zapped it. My wife finally said enough and made me an appointment with another doctor. She immediately said it was almost certainly cancer and after biopsy it was. Can’t believe I waited all these years thinking it was fine. Just a bad situation.


I am sorry.


United State medicine $$$ is disgusting.


You might consider going to a different country to have it taken care of like Mexico.


I had half the skin on my nose removed at 25. Pleaaaaaase wear sunscreen!!!


What we’re the warning signs?


I had a little pimple bump thing on my nose for a few years. It was like a scab that would never heal. I’d pick it off and it’d be back the next day. Also it was like 50% pus 50% blood when I would pop it


Oh, holy shit. I have something similar happening in my ear. And my sister and cousin both had skin cancer -- Thank you. I've been meaning to see a doctor about it. I figured it was persisting because I have OCD and can't keep from picking at it sometimes. Maybe that's all it is, but now I know I can't be complacent. Thanks again.


Yeah dude I had some discoloration on my nose at 25 and made a dermatology appointment because I have a family history of skin cancer. The doc checks me all out says I'm fine, I ask about my nose which was under my mask, she looks at it and was like oh yeah that's definitely pre cancerous. Like wtf, if I didn't pull down my mask you would have let me walk off without checking one of the most common places for skin cancer?


31 here. I now have a lightning bolt under my eye from mohs. DO NOT FIGHT THE SUN, screen up!


Got one removed last yr from about the same spot. Its so uncomfortable having work done right next to your eye. Still remember the smell of cauterization. Fortunately only needed to cut 2x to remove it all and didn’t make it to my eyelash. My scar is not cool- I should’ve requested a lightening bolt


Hopefully at some point, society stops idolizing the act of tanning.


I know the advice is universal but did you spend a lot of time in the sun and frequently get sunburned? Or was that from casual exposure?


Not too much, and no. And while I didnt wear it daily, if I knew I was gonna be outside in the sun for an e tender period, I always put in exposed areas. I think my pre cursor was getting very very sunburned in hawaii when I was 15 visiting my grandma. Large portions of my cheeks are permanently red since then. And my cancer was removed from near my right temple.


Well, it's not that universal. White people are 5 times more likely to get melanoma than Hispanic people, and over 20 times more likely to get it than black or asian/pacific islanders. Obviously everyone should be careful in the sun and wearing sunscreen is a good idea for everyone, but it's important to note that this is a far heightened risk for people with paler skin tones.


I worked commercial construction as a carpenter for a bit. One job was working on a yet-to-be-poured cement roof. It is basically a giant metal mirror until poured. First day up and I go home with sunburn UNDER my nose and even BEHIND MY EARS! Next day, I have a modified headband to cover my shoulders, long sleeves, and sunscreen applied every hour. The rest of my crew just scoffed and laughed at me. Construction guys are their own worst enemy.


My dad’s almost deaf because wearing hearing protection on the job site was frowned upon in the 70s/80s.


You’re so sweet that you use the past tense. Just a couple of weeks ago I passed street workers who were fucking *jackhammering* the pavement with no ear protection and it hurt my ears even when giving it a wide berth. Oh and then there were idiots literally torching asphalt with big wide-nozzled flame guns with no masks or anything and I could smell the fumes from across the street :) Just stupefying


In America, the concept of HEALTH is really strange. We only have one body.. And so many people refuse to take the most simple precautions like toddlers saying no to eating vegetables... Wear sunscreen? No. Get cancer. Wear hearing protection? No. Lose hearing. Exercise? No. Die young of preventable heart disease. It's cultural and it's insidious. People don't value their health....


Hey dude if you wanna look like a pussy be my guest! /s


To be fair on most sites nobody is gonna give you shit if you choose to be safe, and that’s assuming you aren’t on a site with a real big name GM who are going to actually continually hound everyone to wear PPE to avoid liability. I’ve been on sites where guys are sticking hands into live panels and I’ve been on sites where people get kicked out for not wearing a mask while hammerdrilling. But end of the day most guys that aren’t assholes have seen enough people get injured or die that they aren’t gonna frown on you using PPE even if they’re just too lazy or or don’t care about their health enough to do it themselves. And the one cool part about working on a construction site is if someone gives you shit about something stupid like that you can tell them to go get fucked and you’re not gonna get fired over it


They’re often the same dingbats that willingly suck on cancer sticks every break. The idea that they would do anything to lookout for their future is humorous.


Im not immune to it, but ive drastically cut back my time of hanging in groups of "tough" guys and ive noticed that the constantly hurt or fuck themselves to try and appear "tough" in front of their group. Humans can be so stupid when they get together in groups. Groupthink can be a death sentence eventually.


44 years old and I can tell it's crazy what I considered minor injuries in my youth that haunt me these days. I see these videos of people jumping on tables and im like ya, you're gonna bounce back in a couple days and 20 years from now you're gonna wonder why your neck hurts. All the fucking time.


Exactly! I've walked off a dislocated jaw, shoulder and hip, which now got my chewing, my spine, knees and feet all screwed up at the sweet age of 25... Always see a doctor after some unusual injury. Even if you think it 'popped back'


Just explained the whole construction game to a tea, my family help pour West Edmonton Mall, Calgary Saddledome and developed the LRT across the N.Saskatchewan river to the university… every single guy I met in construction has this kind of attitude very rarely will you find a humble dude amongst these men!


Or cement cutter guys with zero masks to be seen on top of no shirts and super tan...like silica dust dont give a fuck who you are and how much you made per hour


I understand that this is an example of toxic masculinity.


I would not give a care if I looked like a clown to them. They can pound sand later.


>Construction guys are their own worst enemy. Guy I worked with on a job site gave me so much shit for wearing a respirator…on an active renovation site in an old building


Did he physically get punched by the sun?


The sun didn't fight fair. Had a knife hidden in its boot.


Should've done an ocular pat down. Assessed the threat level. And clocked the knife in its boot.


Anyone know any non greasy sunblocks I can kinda use casually? \-thank you from florida ​ Edit: I don't wanna be spammy so I'll just edit here and say thank you all for the great responses! Will definitely be giving this a look since I'm out in the sun 8 hours a day for work down here and desperately need to take care of my skin




SO expensive, and SO worth it for facial sunscreen. Another decent facial one, if you’re not sensitive to alcohol on the face, is Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence (Japanese, but can buy online or in an Asian beauty store) and it’s not as expensive as Supergoop. For body, the Coppertone Sport suncream in SPF 50 or SPF 30 (not the mineral version), is amazingly non-chalky and is pretty resilient.


Upvote for Biore UV Aqua Rich. That’s my holy grail sunscreen. Do not purchase from Amazon though! Fakes galore.


Sun Bum Face 50


Look at Asian sunscreen. Key words to look for are 'milk' or 'milky', 'watery', or 'airy'.


la roche posay have some good stuff, its not greasy but more “sticky” when it dries. best in the skincare game imo


Missha sun milk (affordable on Amazon, I use the waterproof one with the blue top) feels like an incredibly light cream that just instantly melts in to your skin and offers SPF 50+, not greasy or heavy at all


I'm going to second this. I use the essence version but there is a dry one too. I put it on my toddler daily too.


Went to a dermatologist recently just to get a skin cancer check. Everything was good. With skin cancer on the rise, I advise everyone to get their skin checked. It is the most common of all the types of cancer.


My 67 yo dad now says the same thing. My mom finally convinced him to go get a small mole in the middle of his forehead looked at and it turned out to be melanoma. By the time they felt they got rid of it all it went from a size smaller than a pencil eraser to a skin graft the size of silver dollar. Definitely changed my lazy attitude on sun screen, so good for getting the word out.


My dad is 66 and had a mole that turned out to be melanoma. They then found it is in one lymph node also. So he has stage 3 melanoma. Scary stuff, it can happen to anyone. I hope your dad does well with this and has no more issues.


I wish sunscreen didn't feel so gross. Or better yet, that the atmosphere filtered out even more UV so we didn't need it.


> I wish sunscreen didn't feel so gross Get a wide brim hat.


I mostly either suck it up or try not to spend too long in the sun. Shade is more comfortable anyway. The hat idea's not bad though.


I also hate the feeling of sunscreen so I bought a very wide brim hat from some random Chinese company on Amazon. It was about $15 and is really great. It's not like the urban sombrero so doesn't really look weird, and other wide brim hate people notice it and we nod at each other.


>wide brim hate You can't protect your skin with just hate. ^^^or ^^^can ^^^you


Check out Asian sunscreens. I’ve worn it every day since I was 23 and most of them feel like nothing. Sun protection is a much bigger deal in East Asia so they’ve worked harder to formulate elegant sunscreens


Can you recommend one ?


My favorite is a Japanese sunscreen called Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk it's on Amazon and is pretty cheap. It's the one in the blue bottle. I wrote a more thorough review above but it has very strong UVB and UVA protection but doesn't feel gross.


Ty ty


Here is the one I get: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B084C4VGLN


I was the same way plus I have mild rosacea so my skin got super inflamed by most sunscreens. Found a japanese sunscreen called Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk (SPF50 pa++++) that is super light/thin texture not thick and greasy. No fragrance and it gets absorbed very fast and dries down matte (no greasy feeling, feels like nothing is there). No alcohol, no fragrance, no irritation or breakouts but have very strong UVB and UVA protection. I have very pale skin with a lot of skin cancer in the family, and this really protects me from burning or getting tan. I get it on Amazon and it's pretty cheap. It feels like it's years ahead of most American sunscreens, I don't know why they are so thick and goopy and gross. ~~JoeBob~~ Hazeldazel says check it out!


Buy Asian or European sunscreens. They have modern filters that you can’t even feel and are actually more protective while the US can only use the old filters due to the FDA.


There are nice ones for one's face, and I got used to a heavier ones on my hands


My cousin who has since passed worked on pools his whole life. He always wore sunscreen, but he never got the back of his ears. Guess where he got cancer? They cut out a piece so big it looked like you could see the back of his eardrum. And all he could do was cover it with a bandage.


I'm pretty diligent with sunscreen but I didn't even think about the back of my ears. Glad I saw this comment.


NSFL NSFW My Dad's [legs](https://i.redd.it/9ba87f9wwyd71.jpg) after cancer lesions removals and skin grafts. This wasn't his first time. He had the back of his hands redone and lots of lesions removed over the years. My Dad has darker skin that yours but it still happened. (A lot of people with darker skin think they can't get skin cancer but they are wrong. ) Wear sunscreen people. I do every day, even during winter time.


No offense but that’s not even close to NSFL. I was barely revolted at all when i clicked the link


Really if you have to buy only one skincare, sunscreen is the one to go for. A dermatologist told me to put sunscreen everyday (got an extremely white skin) and it felt so good I never stopped. Sun is the first aging agent so that's an added benefit : your skin will never feel that great. UV lip balm is great too. I still don't understand why this has not become a common thing.


When I was a teenager I use to mow and weed eat a lot during the summers and would only wear shorts and a tank top. Decades later I have a permanent tank top tan essentially. I freckled everywhere except where the tank top was at. I went to a dermatologist once to look at a suspicious mole and the first thing they said when I took my shirt off was "Well what we have here is damaged skin." I wear it religiously now when going out in the sun.


Even then be careful. Lost my father to skin cancer 2 years ago and he always wore sunscreen despite being in the sun a lot.


Lost my mom to skin cancer 9 years ago. My condolences 😞


Or stay inside as much as possible like me.


Same. I have a special skincare regime I've named Basement^^TM. 100% success rate at avoiding skin cancer.


Hate to burst your bubble, but approx 35% of melanomas can be caused simply by your genetics. So, in theory, you could live in the basement your whole life and still get skin cancer, simply from existing.


Bummer, simply existing is what I do best.


Stop existing. Checkmate, cancer.


That still leaves 65% which are actively avoidable. I'll take my chances


It’s also a good birth control option


And a great treatment for social anxiety


Until we find out that computer screen radiation also gives skin cancer. 😂😭


"Skin cancer hates this one trick!"


“Indooooors, Indooooors, INDOOOOORRRS!”


speaking as a mostly inside guy software dev take a dab of sunscreen and put it around to your eyes before leaving the house. you will thank yourself 20 years from now for doing this 15 second thing of course if you are less lazy, actually apply more


why just around the eyes? most risky zone or what? lol


i'm a 'compromise' type of guy rather than most dudes who essentially won't bother... all i am suggesting is to do the minimum but do it consistently if there are guys out there that are indoor based and want to go full application of sun screen every day, go ahead


Yes, since the skin around the eyes is quite a bit thinner than other parts of the face. If you don't use any sunscreen and see moderate amount of sun, there is pretty high chance you will have visible wrinkles around eyes by early 30's.


oh no! the dreaded march of time! My eyelids! They're wrinkling before my very eyes!


Adding to this: get lip balm with SPF. I always wear sunscreen on my face, never even thought to wear sunscreen on my lips. Had to get precancerous growth cut out of my lip. Not fun.


Glad your dad got that taken care of. Went to the dermatologist couple years ago to have some moles on my back checked out. They were nothing. Doc asked me about a thing on my face, told him it’s just a pimple or something. Said that’s no pimple. Turned out it was squamous cell carcinoma. Had another on my neck. Had Mohs and got it all. Now put on moisturizing sunscreen everyday, wear wide brim hats in the sun and Buff on my face when I’m fishing or hiking above tree line. Should’ve started doing that 30 years ago though.


Damn this is an eye opener. I work outside and I don't sunscreen at all.


I’m 45 and had melanoma at 24…..I say the same thing.


Omg I’ve already sentenced myself to this future. I never use sunscreen and I’m 34.


It’s never too late to start!!


So I’m Brazilian and have my whole family that have spent all our lives on beaches and in the sun with no sun screen. Have several members of my family that have made it well past 90s and have never seen skin issues. Small sample size but is there something there genetically?


I meannnn, are you darker? That plays a big role so I’ve heard


the Mario Angry sun was like am i a Joke to you? before beating the UV beatdown


Everybody should use sunscreen. People joke it’s only for white people but my brown ass (not literally my ass) got sunburned last year because I was one of the people that believe oh I’m not white I’ll be fine. I wasn’t. And it hurt.


Pro tip! For a day by the water! Invest in a long sleeve ‘wet shirt,’ essentially a thin neoprene style shirt that not only gives a little insulation in the water, but allows you to avoid applying and reapplying sunscreen on your torso/arms all day. Really cuts down on product and effort! Best of luck to your Dad in his recovery!


Yeah a rash guard. I also use sun sleeves too when golfing


So I either get skin cancer or become the guy wit the shirt on in the pool. Damn , this is tough .


Go to the gym. Get ripped. Then wear the rash guard/wetsuit. Then you’re the ripped guy at the pool.


But then I don’t get to show off my sexy body, pfft no thanks (sunscreen it is)


Hope it heals well! "*But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.*" -- Baz Luhrmann


I'm confused, how did the sun do this????


This is the result of the surgery needed to remove the cancer cells on his cheek. The doctor had not expected it to be as extensive as it was, and it ended up requiring 2 procedures to get it all.


Ahhhhhhh. I really thought he like fell asleep under a giant magnifying lens or something


Ha no but "My 81-yo dad says never fall asleep under a magnifying glass" would have been an awesome title.


That is an awful-looking bruise and scar but your dad is clearly a very handsome dude despite it all. Speedy recovery to him! And yeah, thanks to both of you for reminding me to put on some sunscreen.


It took me the longest time to start using sunscreen/skincare for my face. My main issue was the white cast it leaves and not liking spray on sunscreens, but I found out about chemical/mineral sunscreens with no white cast and incorporating it into my skincare every day. If you don’t know where to start with skincare, sunscreen is the most important and last step. Just figure out your skin type and what sunscreen would work best for you.


Where are these found? I hate being self conscious about looking like a weird ghost when I go swimming.


I just had 3 of my moles scraped and tested after a massage therapist gave me a scare. I came up negative but don't wait for someone to say "ummm have you had that thing on your back tested? You really should..." to you. Wear sunblock in the sun, and get any blemishes that look weird looked at by a doctor.


As a 52yo guy undergoing skin chemo cream treatment on my face, I concur. It is freaking hell. Wish I was more educated about the dangers of skin damage. Look up flourouricil 5% treatment. I am on day 15 and the outer layers of skin on my face are gone. I can't even sleep with my face on a pillow without pain. Fortunately. I am almost done and everything I have was pre-cancerous keratosis stuff.


I also did the same at 45. Forehead nose and under eyes. The worst part after day 7 was trying to wash and applying the cream was also hell. I wanted to quit at 15 days but was told to keep going as long as you can stand it and I am glad I did, I was literally applying cream on scabs. But I'll tell you, if you avoid picking the scabs when they clear up your skin is brand new, supper smooth and clear like when in yours teens! Good Luck


Colorado is like this all the time! People don’t think about how much closer you are to the sun at altitude. I’ve know lots of folks that has gotten skin cancer and quickly get sun burn when outside doing menial tasks like mowing the lawn or walking to the friggin mail box. The sun is no joke. Find a decent sun screen and make sure you apply it if going hiking or doing any outdoor activities! Or if you’re a lady make sure if you’re rocking make-up, the make-up often has an element of SPF to it too! Stay safe out there folks !


I'm going to need more details about the "getting suburn walking to the mailbox" part lol


If you get a sun burn from going to the mail box, you either need to rethink why it's a few miles from your front door or you need to move to an underground bunker. That dingy sunscreen isn't gonna save you at that point.


Yep. I travel to Colorado every 1-2 years to ski. I always bring a small bottle of SPF55 along to avoid that under-goggle/ above-neck-gaiter sunburn! You CAN get sunburned in the winter!


Yea, ever get or see someone with sunburn on their eyes ? It’s not fun. I was a mountaineer for a long time and I took someone up to a relatively easy climb once. It was sunny and there was a lot of snow on the ground. I told them to keep their sun glasses on to prevent snow blindness. They didn’t listen at some point and took them off and got sun burn on their eyes (the UV rays reflect off the surface of the snow = snow blindness) —-they had a horrible couple days dealing with that. They didn’t think it could really happen.


Preach it. I have a nice scar from the corner of my eye up to the hairline. The surgery sucks and the repair sucks worse.


please thank your dad for me. i HATE sunscreen, but recently have been realizing how important it is, and have been trying to figure out how to be safe from the UV rays. i'll wear UV resistant pants even when it's warm etc, but i've been really stuck about the skin that always sees the sun. this post motivated me to pick up a UV protectant face moisturizer as i'm hoping that'll be the sweet spot of my sensory needs, and my UV needs.


This is why my kids wear swim shirts with uv protection when swimming and I absolutely slather them in sunscreen any time we spend time out in the sun. I even set a timer on my phone so I don’t forget to reapply. They hate it but I don’t care.


Im asian and one of the things that was part of the “culture shock” when I arrived in the US was that people don’t use umbrellas on sunny days, they just mainly use it on rainy days.


I just had a precancerous spot frozen on my face a few days ago. It wasn’t fun but I’d rather go through that than having cancer cut out of my face.


I had my first cancerous lesion removed off my face before I turned 40. Had a nice black eye as well. Please everyone use sunscreen. These are the worst types of facelifts.


Your 81-yo dad looks badass! (Also, wear sunscreen)