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Judging by the spices on the counter she’s about to run out of nutmeg


I'm here for nutmeg and slingin' hot lead. We're almost out of nutmeg.


This lady's got it!


#Yes, I've got your borscht right here


Praise the lord and pass the nutmeg.


My name is megan, call me "fuck it up Meg." When the army wants a leg up, I'll give em my leg, This war better end before I'm out of nutmeg cuz when it comes to mercy I'll make little Vlad beg Tried to head out to the market, stayed home and got head Cuz this bitch is a hot market and stocked hot lead You want Crimea? Cry me a river You hope I don't see ya Cuz I'm the death giver Grim reaper tried to hire me but I work independent My gun's bigger than your dick, and this pussy is resplendent Some come one and all, I'll be your Rasputin Come down to Ukraine and eat my ass, Putin!


Make no mistake - My name is Meg, but everyone calls me a Nut! 🤪 And it would appear... You're out of Thyme 😎 **Pumps rifle like a shotgun**


For some reason, I'm always really interested in pictures of people's kitchens in countries I've never been to.


Me, too. Eating and preparing food is what we all have in common, so seeing how other people do it has always been naturally fascinating to me. It's probably why Anthony Bourdain was able to have such a profound impact with what was seemingly just a travel show. He took us to kitchens across the globe, and we could all see that race, color, religion, culture, geography, conflicts, etc. became irrelevant when people prepared food and sat down with each other to eat.


I miss him, I was so sad when I heard he died. I hope he has peace and was truly done. I can't say he wasn't well lived.


Never really thought about it that way


Wasn’t expecting the ode to Bourdain, but I’m here for it 🥳


“I’m here to kick ass and spice things with nutmeg. And I’m all out of nutmeg.”


Oh, so she’s just getting ready to go to the store.


Townsend intensifies


[Here](https://i.imgur.com/oTvpplg.jpg) is a higher quality and less cropped version of this image. Per [here](https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/ukrainian-mum-buys-huge-rifle-26047160): > ByKieren WilliamsNews Reporter 17:30, 25 Jan 2022 > UPDATED17:42, 25 Jan 2022 > Mariana Zhaglo is a marketing researcher and spent $1,300 (£963) on the rifle, after listening in on a conversation between soldiers about the best rifle to get. > The mum-of-three bought a Zbroyar Z-15 carbine, a hunting rifle by designation, but the 52-year-old did not buy it to shoot deers. > She told The Times : “As a mother I do not want my children to inherit Ukraine’s problems, or have these threats passed on to them. It is better that I deal with this now. > “If it comes to it then we will fight for Kiev; we will fight to protect our city. > If the fighting begins, they will come here. Kiev is a main target.” > Mariana lives in Kiev, a city known in Russia as ‘the mother of Russian cities’ - a moniker which reflects a reported belief that Ukraine and the surrounding areas near the Russian border rightfully belong to those in Moscow. > Alongside buying her rifle, Mariana, a member of Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces (TDF), had a silencer, bipod and telescopic sight fixed to the weapon. > The TDF is a voluntary unit of the Ukrainian armed forces. > She also bought a helmet, snow camouflage, flak jacket, ammunition pouches, boots and British army surplus uniform for $1,000. > The mum also went on a two-week sniper course. > Alongside her new gun, she told the Times she had stocked up on supplies and food including “lots and lots of ammunition”. > Mariana is far from the only Ukrainian taking up arms to protect her home. > Ordinary citizens have flocked to join the ranks of the TDF and receive military training as Vlaidimr Putin’s forces wait at the border....


I'm surprised the equipment is actually not that expensive


It’s heavily marked up for the consumer market here in the USA.


“Murica, fuck ya!” Team America theme song says it all


Rifles are pretty simple machines


It helps when you don't have GQP and doomsday preppers buying up the entire supply as soon as anything hits the shelf.


But I need 10 more rifles and 10k rounds of ammo to defend my apartment that's smack dab in the middle of a barren city. Also, will not be training to hike more than to the mailbox.


Also will not be taking any courses or shoot more than 100 rounds a year for my training. My tacticool vest leaves over 65% of my blubber exposed and I'm a part of an organization but there's nothing really done except getting together with flags and taking pictures. I'm ready for anything except if the power goes out then I'll have to wait until they cut that back on so I can pack my stuff since it's just scattered randomly.


To be fair, a plate carrier is only meant to cover your heart and some of your lungs. Its not supposed to make you a CODMW2 juggernaut, its just supposed to make sure they can't pop your aorta and pulmonary arteries/veins with one shot.


A plate carrier should also not have your body squashing out the sides of it like pasty white dough when you open a roll of Pillsbury crescent rolls incorrectly. For that matter, the same person wearing the plate carrier should not consider Pillsbury crescent rolls an MRE.


God damnit. Now I want crescent rolls.




Having worn the IOTV body armor with neck, groin, and shoulder protection in the Army, I would prefer the slick plate carrier every time...


> I'm ready for anything except a pandemic. Definitely a zombie pandemic, tho.


There's a lot of argument down thread, but the reality is this is a domestic made weapon (Zbroyar Z-15) that she might have even purchased at a discount through her membership in a civilian defense force. There's nothing particularly complicated or expensive about making an AR style rifle. It was developed for production with 50's technology and metallurgy and many can and have built one in their garage. This price isn't really that shocking, especially considering the cost of labor outside the US, and most US manufacturers of AR style rifles could sell theirs for this cheap if they needed to, but the market allows (and perhaps even encourages) them to sell them for premium prices.




"I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace." - Thomas Paine Some things never change.


The only thing she failed to do was remain anonymous. Hopefully that won’t come back to bite her. Hopefully.


Slavic women don't fuck around. They know what's up.


Tak* instead of Da, because she's Ukrainian in Kyiv (wait, is she? Or did someone just say that in a comment I read) who refuses to speak the invader's language 😉


An AR costs less an an iPhone?!


With minimal effort you can build one yourself for 400 depending on the parts you get. It does call for some special tools, but they are reasonably priced. You might have to order a couple parts to keep the price down, but it is worth it.


Meh, you only even need the tools if you're building the upper. Considering the upper can be mail ordered, it's just as easy and just as cheap to buy a complete upper and a stripped lower. Then it's just plug and play no special tools required. Hell the hardest part is probably the trigger guard roll pins.


Guns are stupid simple machines compared to what goes into a device like a smart phone.


On top of that, the first model of ar15 was built in, like, the late 50s or something. The first iPhone came out in 2007 and every new iteration has been significantly more complex. We've had literally 60+ years to perfect the AR (and there really hasn't been that much new shit added to the basic design since its first iteration) and get the kinks out of manufacturing. On top of that, the patents expired like forever ago, so now everyone and their mother is in the AR game, and the excess of options drives the prices down on a lot of the lower tier stuff. Also worth noting that today's prices are pretty high. Back in like 2017 you could pick up a full psa build kit for less than $400. It wouldn't be the best gun out their, but it'd work well enough.


AR's don't have any parts measured in nanometers


Technically you can measure the parts in nanometers sooo


Ahh the best kind of correct


Her rifle has a 406,400,000 nm barrel


You can get a decent ar for $5-600. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-13-5-lightweight-m-lok-moe-ept-rifle-w-mbus-sight-set3.html


Bonus MBUS sights, that's a pretty good package deal. I built my first AR15 from a PSA lower and still love it today


>> The mum-of-three bought a Zbroyar Z-15 carbine, a hunting rifle by designation, but the 52-year-old did not buy it to shoot deers That's because it's intended for hunting BEAR.


You gotta be worried about BEAR.


Every Ukranian should just buy a mosin and be IRL scavs


The donbas rebels are literally raiders


Why is Ukraine becoming Tarkov irl


Just wait for USEC to drop in


Looks like she already nabbed her gear off a PMC


She is not fucking around and some Russian soldiers are fixing to find out


Thing is...most, if not all, of the Russian soldiers don't actually care to find out. They'd rather be home.


There's an old saying from the 60's: Imagine it's war, but nobody shows up.


Almost like they’re people too


*What might save us, me and you* *Is if the Russians love their children too*


Considering we made it through the dark days of the Cold War without nuking the planet, it appears to have saved us. So far.


If the history of human warfare (I called it 300, 000 years) was 80 years long, we've had nukes for 6 days.


Due to Russian demographics, most of the conscripts are likely to be the only son or only child. Are Russian moms going make life hard for Putin once 5000 body bags per week start coming home?


Then Russian soldiers and their families should blame Putin if they die as a result of any Ukrainian's rightfully defending their home. Also, there are more Russian soldiers than Russian oligarchs.


That’s eventually why the Soviets shave up in Afghanistan. Their people wanted to stop having their kids come back in body bags


>Mariana lives in Kiev, a city known in Russia as ‘the mother of Russian cities’ - a moniker which reflects a reported belief that Ukraine and the surrounding areas near the Russian border rightfully belong to those in Moscow. That's not what it reflects and has nothing to do with Russia. It's a quote from 882 fragment of "Tale of Bygone Years".


Most of the major Russian cities were originally founded centuries ago as colonies by the [Kievan Rus](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kievan_Rus%27?wprov=sfla1), that's a historical fact. If that fact should have any bearing on modern geopolitics is what's debatable. 😉


So what you're telling me is the modern Russian territory rightfully belongs to Ukraine? /s


We call it "Northeast Ukraine", actually.


Sharing a border with West Taiwan?


Yeah, there is a LOT more shared culture and history between Ukraine and Russia than the average commenter here comprehends. This quote makes about as much sense as "Americans call their language English, reflecting their belief that America is part of the UK." Just.. wat?


Wow 2 week sniper course even, she means business


She is so anti-russian that she’s using an AR instead of an AK


I noticed that as well! She’s got her priorities straight.


~~According to another commenter, it’s a~~ **~~Z-15~~** ~~carbine specifically. She can fire more rounds than an AR10 and it’s lighter to carry as well. Smart choice, Ukrainian lady! (not trying to be sarcastic)~~ ~~EDIT: Changed “15 carbine” to “Z-15 carbine” because people have rightfully pointed out to me that the former just sounds ridiculous. Sorry about that~~ ~~I chose an AR10 for a comparison because the person who originally said it was a Z-15 carbine had someone saying that that’s what they thought it was in response, and~~ u/Spartan2470~~’s post was top-level when I said this. Hope this amends everything addressed because the confusion I caused was definitely warranted~~ ~~Thank you for understanding and have a great rest of your day~~ EDIT 2: Ignore what I said earlier. I made an ass out of myself pretending to know more than I do on this topic and I really should’ve known better to just not say anything. I am very sorry for spreading misinformation and I would like to apologize to everyone


Casually chilling with a 3,000+ dollar gun w/attachments. Average ukrainian


article says she paid $1,300 for it https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/ukrainian-mum-buys-huge-rifle-26047160


That is quite a purchase based on average Ukraine salary.


She is counting on getting some nice loot drops from the first few Russians


If I really need to defend myself I am willing to spend one year savings, also it's not like the Russian will go away even if there is no invasion.


Yeah, when it comes to an invading army I'm prob not going to be too concerned about my savings and investments in lieu of weapons.


That $40 amazon bipod though.


Looks like a Harris, and if not a close copy. I deployed with a $40 UTG Pro bipod on my M4a1 and while the legs telescoped differently it was functionally identical to the Harris models used on the M14, M110, and M40A5 I also carried. It was only afterwards that I found out about UTG's reputation. The Harris is great but its formed sheet construction isn't exactly expensive. Not saying the copies are as durable but then again unless you're putting it on an MG or really loading into it at full extension you're unlikely to have issues. Of course Atlas and others would certainly have you think that anything sub $200 is wholly incapable of supporting half of a 7lb rifle.




I mean it's just a bipod, not exactly the world's most advanced technology so there's no reason to break the bank for it


Our entire production line is cooled with liberal tears and our metal is forged from the fires generated by burning communist manifestos with a single bald eagle feather added for freedom. This is the kind of commitment that our competition just can't match.


God those commercials are so goofy. Tired of a soft belt? No one likes it soft. You need a **hard** belt for carrying your big gun. You’re so cool. Buy our belt.


You're not cool unless you're *Tacti-*cool.


Wait what? There are actual commercials like that?


There is a lot to unpack in this comment


Wait, so you're telling me that if my AR barrel gets too hot, then I can just cry on it to cool it down?


No! That will ruin the barrel. Common misconception. Can't be your OWN liberal tears. Has to be someone else's. Though you can completely share and support their political ideologies.


Now ***this*** is pod rating!


The most important part on a rifle, the bipod


Here I was thinking it was the bullets


The enemy is expecting bullets, come on now.


*loads last plastic fork into rifle* are they?


The most important part is the Ukrainian woman who knows what she is doing.


The most important part of a knife is actually the bipod.


If it's a Zbroyar Z-15 you can apparently get it legally for $2090 + throw in 500 for silencer, (decent) sight and bipod: around 2500-3000. Add in, according to the source, "$1,100 on a helmet, snow camouflage, flak jacket, ammo pouches, boots and a British army surplus uniform." It's still a propaganda shot, the entire article is basically "Ukrainians are arming themselves bro, them Russians are in for a surprise..." Can't wait to see the babushkas with top tactical gear.


A true babushka just needs a wooden spoon to route any army.


saying this can shoot more rounds than an AR10 is a really odd comment. its an AR15 variant..


The AR stands for Anti-Russian


>The AR stands for Anti-Russian This one trick gets Russians out fast!


Putin hates her for this one trick.


This just sears the words from some youtube analysis I saw saying "It would be a mistake for Russia to go into western Ukraine, the populace is..... not fond of them there, and they are better armed than the Afghans were during the Soviet/Afghan conflict"


> some youtube analysis Reddit's geopolitical understanding in a nutshell.


The American government and media is calling it "lethal aid" lmao


What are the gun laws in Ukraine?


You are fine as long as you keep them pointed east.


wow bravo lol


Holy shit🏅


This seems like a perfect representation of Scandinavian humor. Top quality comment. Edit: For the geographically confused, please look up "Scandinavian Countries" on your preferred search engine before commenting.


Whatever gun laws they have at the moment are probably going to be overlooked for a while.


Ukraine is functioning like the GLA at this point minus the part of being terrorists AK 47s, FOR EVERYONE


After Crimea attitudes changed a bit if I recall correctly. This article is from 2015 https://qz.com/397525/photos-ukraine-civilians-firearms-right-to-bear-arms/amp/


Everyone I've ever met from eastern Europe who emigrated to the US says we'd be crazy to give up our gun rights. It's only people who've never had it rough that think it's smart to get rid of them.


"Do you have a license for this weapon?" - "It's just for the Russians" - "Alright, we sell extra ammo if you need"


What is this law you speak of?


forbidden, only hunting weapons with license, but there are a lot of uncontrolled weapons from Donbas conflict




Remember, no tags


CIA give you present from America! Free stinger shoulder fired missiles for you!




Tanks. You’re welcome


Mostly overlooked by the authorities since the last crime an conflict began. Unless you are a known Russian sympathiser that is


Legit piece of hardware


I too love an electric kettle


Tfw a middle-aged Ukrainian woman can afford a whisper pickle but not me


I got an Instagram ad that was for a suppressor, but it lacked a final exit hole. It was marketed as a "solvent trap". Anyway, the prices were basically $75. Nice try, BATF.


How’s your dog


My dog Spoterite is very good at standing still just inside the front door.


woof woof motherfuckers




Damnit I miss best gunnit


ATF: Alwayshoot The F(dog)


I believe you can make your own suppressor and form 1(?) It and get it all legal. It's bullshit you have to do it that way. But you can.


I saw some on Amazon for 30 bucks marketed as custom threaded high flow oil filters. Not falling for that one!


Suppressors are depressingly cheap anywhere not in America. Someone in a European country (I want to say Finland) a while back posted pictures of his collection and there were over a dozen suppressors. He laughed when everybody bugged out and said that suppressors were like $70 USD there because they were legal. If you want the cost of suppressors to come down, get them off the NFA registry.


They’re actually mandatory in many European countries, that’s why they’re so widely available and cheap despite the strict gun regulations. It’s about noise laws.


Plus a sniper course. She's not playing, she's dead fucking serious. Get some.


A lot less legal loopholes for whisper pickles over there. Whisper pickles here are only expensive because the market is artificially limited by the complicated process of getting one. You should just save up and get one though, waiting time is going to be tough so might as well get the paperwork in as early as you can.


I’m sure they don’t have a $200 tax and 9 month process for paperwork approval in Ukraine.


All across the EU / Europe, which has some of the most rabidly pro gun control politicians in the universe, suppressors are seen as essential hearing protection and encouraged by licensing authorities.


I know. We mandate mufflers here but ban people from protecting hearing and reducing noise pollution.


This makes me nervous. There’s a jar of honey or molasses or something like half off the counter.


And her teddy bear isn't getting enough water in that vase.


"Thank you." - Teddy Bear Freedom Alliance


But her orchid looks healthy.


She ain't Putin up with anybody's shit.




I’ve heard of those training sessions, but they often ask you too many questions. I finally had to tell them, stop Russian me.


Reddit trying to decide if armed citizenry is good or not.


“You’ve alerted the horde”




Armed minorities are a lot harder to oppress


*nods in roof Korean*


"bUt tHAt wOuLd NeVEr HaPpEN hErE!"


If this was a picture of a USA civilian it would be bad and never hit the front page. Or it would hit the front page due to people criticising them. But it's ok if it's a foreign nation defending themselves. Zero understanding of why the second amendment exists.


I know we're supposed to be like "ooh, old Ukranian lady is so badass," but this just makes me feel worse that this is the state of the world. No person should ever have to do something like this, and this isn't something we should be in awe at. This is something we ought to be disappointed in that it must be this way.


my first thought was "this isn't going to end well".


Yea sure but in the face of an overwhelmingly disappointing modern humanity, I'm going to celebrate those individuals that actually fight for a better future


This is the answer. No one WANTS war, death or conflict. But it's not practical, it happens.


People willing to fight for their freedom are always something to be celebrated.


This has always been the state of the world. You don't have to go back too many decades in history books to lose all your trust in the better side of human nature prevailing over anything


Actually, the past “state of the world” was dramatically more violent than it is today. We’ve never lived in a time with less war, murder, and violence. And while we’re at it, I’ll also mention that we’ve also made astronomical gains in fighting poverty, curing illnesses, extending lifespans, and reducing prejudice just to name a few. Humanity is obviously far from perfect, but considering that we evolved from primates, we have come an incredibly long way.


> We’ve never lived in a time with less war, murder, and violence. Yeah, but Ukrainians have. Been a while though.


100%. I've spent decades reading history and right now, with all its flaws, is still a very good time to be alive.


Yeah. People really lack perspective on this type of thing. Pre-WWII, the world was a much more dangerous place.


My only hope for this is that it might somehow reach a few Russian soldiers and foment dissent about marching into somebody else's home, both because it reminds them that it's genuinely dangerous and makes them question if they really want to go kill women in their 50s. Though given human history I doubt the humanity or self-preservation of soldiers will kick in as they march on the orders of the wealthy who will discard them when no longer useful.




Foment, not ferment. Ferment is what you do to grapes to make wine


If it makes you feel better this has been the way for all of mankind’s existence throughout the entire world. Nobody has ancestors who weren’t aggressors at some point in history. Recent examples off the top of my head: The Bosnian War about 30 years ago. Somali Civil War about 30 years ago. Syrian Civil War still ongoing (and forgotten it seems) There will always be people like the lady depicted in the article caught in the middle. I think a case study of Herzegovina during the Bosnian War would have a lot of people understand her position and fears.


>but this just makes me feel worse that this is the state of the world. The state of the world has been massively worse than this and has never been better. This is the reality of the world.


Only this is Kiev. And no one will go there. We have been living in Donetsk under shelling for 8 years now. And they shoot every day. And now we are again being scared that they will shoot. Dad was killed here. We were not provided with medical care and were deliberately infected with the coronavirus. A rich military man robbed us here and stole grandfather's medals. Another military family cut off our water. And they extorted money from us. The military man hit my mother and she had a huge bruise on her arm. At work the second where they infected us, we were directly told that we were slaves. And I couldn't take my mom to the hospital. If hostilities begin, I will only shoot at us. As for 8 years, fighting has only been near our homes, and we are like a human shield and hostage slaves. Near me people were killed by shelling. I have a post where I posted shelling recently. I'm trying now to grow seedlings of flowers and leave. But I'm afraid they'll just kill us. If I had the chance, I would have left earlier. Although I never thought of leaving my land before. But now, after all that they did to us, I generally wanted to apply for political asylum. Because here they threatened us with violence that they would kill us. And they rob all the time. But this is that we were specially infected with the coronavirus and then they refused to treat it .. Because of this, we have very strong complications with my mother. So far she has been able to walk very little. But she's already started walking. But the big complications on the heart are that the pulse is higher than 144 beats. And we modicum and found other doctors. Until now, they do not know what happened to her and why. Medicine is terrible. I also have complications due to the fact that they refused medical care after the coronavirus. It's been 4 months since I got sick. And we still go to hospitals. There is almost no money left. And now, if they start shooting a little harder than they shoot every day ... Yes, even tired of the fact that they constantly frighten us with shelling. Now we are even told by others to go to another part of the city. Do we have money to move? I do not know. This is my last investment in flower seedlings. If we get fired again. I'm afraid we'll be killed sooner. But even if there is damage, the seedlings will disappear and we will have nothing to live for. And we still do not know how much money will be spent on medicines. We have already sold even my father's car and we have no way of delivering seedlings of flowers. Mom is already very worried about the death of dad. And now, after the coronavirus, she has heart complications, coronary heart disease and pericarditis. And these sounds of exploding shells nearby do not have a very good effect on health. I hope I can grow plants and we will have something to buy food and medicine for. And I hope we can get out of this terrible place.


I looked through your profile as well. It's such a strange mix of the depressing reality of living in a warzone combined with your joy in raising beautiful flowers. I really hope you get through this dude. Much love from Ireland.


Holy crap. I'm so sorry you're in that situation. The fuck is wrong with this world...


I hope you will be ok. I checked your profile and I feel for you. I am sorry you have to go through this.


Yes, now is not the best time for us. shelling. intimidation with this that they will shoot more. The main thing for me is that my mother is cured now. And that they would let me grow seedlings of flowers. And I'll try to get her out of here somehow. And then she can’t worry now because of heart disease.Thanks for your words. I try to believe in karma and wishes. It brings hope.


Please be careful and i hope you get out of there with your mom. Watch out for her.


Yes, I'm trying. I learned how to cook a few months after she was released from the hospital. I was able to feed her at least a little after the hospital. She even started walking. She is being taken back to the hospital. Hopefully the holter will figure out what the problem with the high heart rate is. I am pleased when good wishes are given to us. 'Cause I think they powerful.


You are a very brave person, brother. I wish for you to stay strong. I will pray to God for you and your family to find a way out of this situation.


Thank you. It is very important.


They are, because we really wish for you and your mom to be better. Keep learning to cook new things to distract you from the shooting.


May we all be so brave in the face of tyranny.




The number of jokes under this picture of a civilian having to pay out of pocket for partisan warfare gear because of sheer apparent necessity is staggeringly depressing to me, and would be even if I weren't Ukrainian.


Nobody wants this fucking war to happen. edit: except for the terrorists in Eastern Ukraine since 2014.


Ukrainian civilians putting up a better fight than the Afghan military.


I saw that this woman is part of the Territorial Defense Forces and trains regularly to help support the armed forces in the event of further Russian invasion. [It's very impressive to see Ukrainians from all walks of life standing up to protect their lands.](https://youtu.be/7xCuDYRTSyk) I wish them the best.


How long has she been standing there?


Anyone who’s Anti gun now sees why gun rights among citizens are important




Reddit is fucking dumpster fire 😂


This is the most accurate statement in this entire thread.


Agree. Surprised you’re not downvoted into oblivion right now


Reddit in a nutshell


Guns for the people I agree with! No guns for people who think differently than me!


Redditors have no backbone and just jump to whatever they are told to believe daily


I was about to say something similar. If this were an American lady trying to protect herself from whatever she fears, reddit would be trying to crucify her. Make her a foreign woman that is trying to protect herself from what she fears, she's heroic. It's a simple case of it shouldn't be allowed where I live more than it is a case of rights. They just won't speak the truth.


*teen daughter walks in* "Ugh! Mom, what the fuck! You're so weird!" *mom, adjusting the scope* "The Russians are due any day now, sweetie. There's a glock for you on your dresser, and don't touch your brother's RPG."


Thats a very expensive gun isn't it?