Today was my last day of chemotherapy!

Today was my last day of chemotherapy!


Brain cancer here. I hope to be there one day.


I truly hope you get back to good health and live a long and happy life full of amazing moments and memories. Not just that but I hope you shake off the emotional toll that cancer inflicts on you.


I was diagnosed in March. I just wish I could put it out of my mind for a full day


Drive it out of your mind forever. kick its ass baby


I hope for all of the best possible fortune for you from here on out! 🙏


I think time is the only antidote for that kind of anxiety. Video games are the best for that, and brainless happy YouTube/tv shows are 2nd imo. Good luck brotha


Video games, and… and… and *what* kind of happy YouTube/tv show did you say…?


Lol holy fuck I didn't even realize


I battled throat cancer last winter and spring. People don’t realize how the thought of it is always in our minds


brain cancer joke? I hope it is out of your mind forever! ♥


What did the brain say to the tumor? You're getting on my nerves


Same here bud, GBM4 and last 5 day stint of TMZ next week. Can't wait. Good luck to you too, all in this together and we'll find a cure


I'm lucky because I haven't had to have chemo yet. How are the side effects?


First month of it I was extremely sick because I went from 145mg/day every day during radiotherapy to 320mg/day for 5 days every month for six months. Had anti-sickness tablets prescribed to help which they eventually did, once I got the doses right. Other than that just feeling weak and a lot more tired than you usually are. Pretty easy to figure out just how much you can do until you're absolutely knackered.


UK? Thanks. You sound one tough cookie(biscuit)


Yeah, in the UK. Thank you so much, keep up the hard work. Cancer's not easy for anyone including the families


Kick its ass!


good luck!




I heard once and it stuck with me. I don't have an incurable tumor, the tumor has an incurable me.


Rorschach mentality, I like it!


That’s badass, I like you


Brain cancer...you're not welcome here...




Thankfully no. Oligodendroglioma grade 2. It's the best kind of brain cancer but it's still terminal right now. I got the best shit sandwich


Best of luck to you going forward—sending you lots of positive energy. I yearn for the day that we finally vanquish brain cancer. GBM took my dad from me in August.


Thanks I somewhat feel early survivors guilt because ov been in contact with gbm patients. I have 10 or 15 years if I'm lucky. I'm sorry about your a dad. It's a shitty disease


I’m sorry you’re feeling survivor’s guilt. If it’s any consolation, I don’t think many people diagnosed with GBM would want you to feel that way. At least, I know my dad wouldn’t have. Hopefully we’ll find a cure soon—that’s one thing everyone can rally behind.


Confirmed. I have GBM, I don’t want you to feel that way, /u/salsashark99. Don’t worry about me, though. I’ve got lots of advantages and I’ve got a good chance of being around a while. My 1 year dx anniversary is coming up mid-October!


Best of luck to you, too, friend. It’s not easy for anyone involved. Keep fighting!!




Such a fitting song for both of us. Thank you for sharing <3


I don't know what you believe in, but I'll put you in my prayers


Noice! Did you get a port for your chemos or do them all through the arms? Hang in there! 🤘😁


No port for me, just the PICC for 6 months which came out today!! Can finally shower without a plastic sleeve wooo!!


Having the PICC removed right after finishing the last chemo was the best. I hadn't realized they would do it so soon but was so incredibly delighted when I found out. Congrats on the freedom!


I was so scared it would hurt but it took 2 seconds and I didn’t feel it at all! So happy!!


It's fuckin gnarly just how tube much they pull out, eh?


For real. And for as much care and delicacy they use in snaking it in, they sure pull it out like they’re starting a lawnmower.


Congratulations. I’ve had 4 rounds, got the port taken out under consciousness sedation. Docs were talking about Volvo wagons…. 2nd time was a PICC line and it was right around this time last year when hospitals were full. Got it taken out basically in a hallway behind a sheet and man the tugging and length was crazy. Good job getting through it.


Taking out a port is a fair bit more involved than taking out a PICC!


Dude, I had that same thought, such a weird fucking sensation. But what a relief to not have that constant aggravating reminder dangling off your arm


LOL! Happy days ahead!


Watched them put a PICC in on my wife once... mildly disturbing. Things are so much longer than you expect.


I didn't know what it was going to be like. They showed me the tool they were gonna use and I thought it was gonna be like a hole punch. I almost cried whenever they mentioned anything about it finally having to happen. I was really worked up. My PA got annoyed because she couldn't imagine what I must have thought was gonna go down to get me so tightly wound.


I'm surprised they let you watch. I've been kicked out of the room every time, despite the fact that I *want* to watch.


I didn't get to be right in the room... but she has anxiety and they let me stand outside the little procedure room doorway where she could still see me and I could watch what they were doing. Helped that we were literally the only people in there that day.


Its awesome i took a video cause it was so nasty lol. Best feeling ever when you can shower normally


And it feels reaaaally weird.


Warrior! Fight on, baby, fight on!


The worst part about the PICC line for me was when they would have to take off the dressing and clean the skin and then reapply it, I don’t know why but it was so uncomfortable and it hurt


Oof yes, my skin was often so tender each time the nurses took the dressing off.


No better feeling than getting your central line taken out! Congrats on finishing chemo!!


For some reason when you said "central line" it made me think of catheters and then I made a joke about them being called "dick PICCs" in my head.


I think we’ll need to contact the medical board and get the official name switched 😂


I had a port.


The best!


The nurse probably told you this already but keep the insertion site dry for a while longer and maybe use an alcohol swab to sterilize it.


Oh I remember that. Certainly a pain. I had several piccs and some thing called Hickmans. Doesn’t feel like you’re running around with a straw hanging out of you? Or fear someone’s gonna run up to you with a bike pump?


I am really really happy 4 u 😁


All the best mam, hope you recover as quickly as possible :)




That’s cool! Didn’t know that was even an option for some people. I had one in the chest.


Fuck cancer see you in hot RIP your inbox . Did I miss anything?


Hey if the universe sends me cancer, best thing it can do is get me some karma out of it 🤷‍♀️


Well I'd give you an award but I'm at 777 awarder karma and cant fuck that up


That is the most Reddit comment I’ve heard in a while. I hope to one day achieve 6969 post karma.


I gave an All-Seeing Eye award then happened to look at it a couple days later... now what the fuck am I going to do with 1850 coins


Who can blame you though 777.. that is quite an accomplishment indeed.


Goes with the username


Oh my god I just barely put that together. Yeah you would need to wait until 7777 if you ever award again.




It is what it is…




Congrats!!! The wife finished hers about 1.5 years ago. The red devil is no joke. Just keep that amazing attitude. You may not feel 100% for a while but don't let it erode your resolve. Mad, mad respect to you.


I'm so very glad you made it! Congratu-effin-lations!




No bell at my hospital!! But I did a pole dance on the IV pole with my fav nurses to celebrate 🥰


My husband’s in chemo for lymphoma right now…we LOVE those off-color nurses who really take the time to know us and laugh with us. So glad you had your faves with you at your last treatment! Congratulations and nothing but healthy wishes to you moving forward!


You are awesome. Way better than bell!


Damn…and I just rang an old decrepit bell. Congrats!


That’s certainly one way to celebrate. Congratulations on still being fun after what you’ve gone through. If anyone slipped a dollar bill in your gown it needs to be framed!


What a way to celebrate


>did a pole dance Go on..


Get it together man. Do NOT get horny on the girl that just bear cancer. Anyways OP, you got a video of that pole dance?


Why not? She’s a girl and this is Reddit. Plus, boobies.


Healthy Reddit girl with boobs, what else is needed?




Bazinga! Sounds like an awesome hospital Congratulations!


This is just what I needed to see at this moment in my life. This morning at 9:30 am I sat down for my first chemo treatment for stage 4 lung cancer. You've been down the road I've just started. Probably started out with many of the same unanswerable questions I have. You mentioned your husband, hopefully he was there by your side from the beginning. I'm so lucky, my wife is totally involved. I told her when I finish my chemo I wanted to do a post like yours. Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone! And thanks for showing us it can be done.


If you haven’t already, get your tumour biopsy sequenced to see what mutations your cancer has. It is not standard but is really important now. There are a lot of amazing targeted therapies coming to or already on the market for lung cancers (depending on what part of the world you’re in), specifically non-small cell the most common type. Best of luck with the treatment! You got this


This. Absolutely this.


Hey, best of luck with your treatment. I’ll see your post on here when you’re finished. :)


Kick cancers ass!! All the good vibes your way!


Congrats and F cancer! Also, you kinda look like Pam Beesly…which is most certainly a compliment.


Ooh thank you! Never been told that before


Seconded, came here to say that, it's the teeth that spark the similarity recognition I think


I had the exact same thought when I saw your pic, although I’ve been binging the office for the past few weeks so I see Pam everywhere I look ❤️ Here’s to you for kicking the ass of cancer 🍻


I know there are a lot of different types of chemo and everyone’s recovery is different but if your recover is anything like mine has been, you’re going to feel absolutely amazing soon. After six months of chemo feeling so fatigued all the time became my new normal and I almost forgot that I could feel full of motivation and energy but here I am five months after chemo and I feel fucking great. Wishing the same for you 🙏🏼


Its nice to see that people get to feel good after this shit. Im on year 3 of remission and i feel like absoulute DOG SHIT. My nerves are so fucked up i struggle to sleep at night and my days are pretty much spent on the couch feeling bad if not on the toilet due to my stomach lining being fucked after the treatment. Now im stuck on opiates that makes me also feel like doodoo


was on reddit for the wrong reasons. accidentally swiped over and seen this. congrats that’s a huge accomplishment




Yaaaay!!!!! Congratulations!!! I wish you many years of awesome!


Congrats! I hope you rang the bell obnoxiously loud. Also clearly it wasn’t breast cancer, so at least you got that going for you 🥳


No bell in my hospital but I definitely made my presence known lol. My life motto: my blood may be full of cancer but at least the tiddies look good.


Non Hodgkins?


Hodgkin’s! Stage 2B Advanced :)


3A whose last treatment was 20 years ago wishing all the best for you. i’m reading up on picc lines today, they sound awful. i was a dumbass and didn’t get a port and no one offered a picc back then. my arm veins are still scarred and hard and getting blood tests is difficult. but chemo did its job 100% and there’s no more cancer.


I hope for the stage 2 not B advanced lol Seriously though, I hope you have happy and fulfilling life with people you love! Thanks for sharing this post, it brightened my day.


>but at least the tiddies look good. That's facts.


So next post will be on r/gonewild To rack up more karma?






That almost c*rack*ed me up.


They do indeed!!


Cancer free cleave is the best cleave


Stage 3 high grade breast cancer here! Lol screw this cancer.. Im in my 30's and its stripped me of everything that makes a girl.. Congrats OP! Wishing you all the best!


Hi so my dad is starting chemo soon, I'm just asking how the whole process works because I am incredibly worried for him, and being a 16 year old male I can only do so much to help him.


Being there for him will be enough. It’s hard on the whole family. Just give him love and be with him. I wish you all luck ❤️


I’m mid chemo and have a 16yo step-daughter. She has been awesome through the whole thing. Just knowing that she’s sending positive thoughts my way every day has been amazing for my mental state. All you really have to do is be you. For me, the normalcy of her actions has really helped. She still gives me shit for stuff she always gives me shit for (a step-daughter’s job I suppose), but it’s always done with love and I certainly give her plenty back. For me, and my family, we also have an open door policy when it comes to questions about chemo/cancer. She is allowed to ask any questions she wants and my wife and I do our best to answer them (we don’t always know ourselves). Tl:dr: just be you, and your dad will be grateful.


Be there to help without being asked. Things he once could do, will become dangerous to his health. Going ‘round and making yourself available to help with whatever will mean a -lot- to your father, and your relationship with him will flourish. My father just went in to remission; I hope yours does the same.


You're a bad momma! Congratulations!


Amazing! Have an awesome, long future!


Welcome back to normal life, fuck that shit


Fuck yeah Girl!!!


Congratulations!!! You’re a warrior!


Soo happy for you !!! Have a wonderful life


Best of luck. Just got my year after checkup today with all clear indications. May you have the same for all your years.


Fuck yeah! Fuck Cancer! Fuck... Nah, enjoy all the karma girl. you deserve it!




PICC lines are the fucking woooooorst. My skin reacted to almost every dressing they put on me. Edit: Ugh, this post triggered something and I can smell that shit they use to clean your skin when they change the dressing.


Funny. I LOVE my PICC and central lines. 1) no more looking like a blind knitter at my arms and hands; 2) the pain meds hit INSTANTLY


Yeah, whenever I had a bone marrow biopsy, the sedatives hit hard and fast.


Why do you still have hair? Or is it the drugs used that makes you bald?


My hair never fell out fully! I’m one of the lucky few. Before I cut it, it was super thick and I had lots of it. The chemo made it fall out very gradually, like 3 entire brush-fulls when I would brush it. I got sick of shedding hair everywhere so I said F it I’ll rock the buzz cut 🐝


No it’s chemotherapy that makes you bald. Even if you shave it, like she said she did, your hair doesn’t come back until weeks after the chemo treatment is done. So I’m not sure why her hair grew back midtreatment or why she has eyebrows too


You don't always lose your eyebrows. It depends on what chemo drugs you're given. I never lost my eyebrows and my hair started coming back even during chemotherapy after it initially fell out.


My ex was going through chemo while we dated. Lost their hair and eyebrows too. OPs really lucky they didn’t lose eyebrows and their hair grew back!


Depends on the drugs and the intensity, and luck. My wife's first round (6 months) she didn't lose any hair. It wasn't until her second round when they had to step up the drugs that she lost all of her hair.


dem tiddies tho


We were all thinking it


Sadly I noticed too




Was I the only one that checked for Onlyfans?


I don't even know who you are and all I care about is that smile you have and you having your last day of chemo!!!! So proud of you and not even knowing who you are? are you single? wink wink. ( but seriously )


I had a boyfriend but he broke up with me midway through treatment because Cancer Girlfriends are too much effort lol. Thank you ❤️


What the fuck


I have a family member who was dating an older woman throughout her breast cancer treatment. The saga lasted over a year, double mastectomy, the whole nine yards. He let her and her two kids move into his house. At that point it was basically a single-income household. His credit cards suffered, he stopped hanging out with his friends, basically just worked and stayed home to care for the family. He waited until after she was all healed up and back to work, then broke up with her to try and recover his life back. She resorted to lying about the whole thing and telling everyone they mutually know that he basically left her for dead, or that's what she'd make it sound like. There are always too sides to "what the fuck" but the bottom line is life is hard for everybody and everybody is entitled to their own decisions. I personally know somebody who risked bankruptcy because he cared so much and is now suffering through the harassment of somebody who apparently thought they were entitled to even more. That's a "what the fuck" to me. I'm surprised he stuck it out that long.


That sucks they dumped you over cancer. I have a little secret fear over cancer in my partner. Not because it would cost money or would be an emotional struggle. Or less sex, or more financial worries. But because it might mean less time with them. More time in a hospital bed than camping under the stars and watching shitty movies. Or discussing the benefits of olive oil vs peanut oil. Just being stupid with someone sweet. Cancer is not a gentle adversary. Thankfully they showed their true colors and you can find someone more awesome and cool. One of my college friends had his mom die at 55 because of cancer. His dad loved her to bits. Sometimes I feel detached from people and their pain but seeing him crying at her funeral was a great memory for me. It's kinda bad to remember someone for their pain. I cried because of his love for her. He really loved her. It was unfortunate but beautiful.


Urgh.. I love cancer girlfriends.. You wanna date an aries boyfriend?


Fuck yeah! You go girl😀


Fuck cancer. My husband is currently in hospital for his last chemo regimen. Go and live a fantastic and wonderful life and give that bastard disease the finger!


Great to see this. My sis has cancer so it’s always good to see someone get better


You made me smile. Thanks.


Gorgeous! Best to you!


I accidentally gave my award to a stupid commenter when I wanted to give it to you, but congratulations and best wishes!


I thought you said Chemistry at first and assumed you finished a class in high school. Although that just started... But same energy. Congratulations! Be well.


Your teeth is fabulous my friend. Hope you have a good recovery


Fantastic, congrats on beating it! May you have many happy never-returns! Also you look *extremely* cute. :-) Keep being awesome!


Awesome day, wishing you the best to come!


From one cancer survivor to another, congratulations!! I'm so proud of you and so happy you made it through.


Yay good for you! May you live a wonderful life!


Just finished my chemo today too for stage 3 hodgkin’s lymphoma, OP! Congratulations ☺️❤️


Kinda late but this comment is obligatory: Dam girl you put the cans in cancer :) Thank you have a good day!


Congratulations! My last chemo was almost a year ago now. Such a great thing.


WOO-HOO!!! That's some good news for you!! Must be an amazing feeling after going through such hardship, this is so awesome!!


Happy for you. Had cancer last year. Doing well. Go forth and do great things


Congrats!!! Now enjoy climate change with the rest of us.


Yay! Fuck cancer and fuck pic lines!


Fuck cancer yeah but picc lines are pretty useful tbh, even though they're annoying


Woman + feel good cancer story = the perfect recipe for a shitty post that gets thousands of upvotes on this subreddit


Making the most of a shitty situation my friend 🤷‍♀️


I gotta say: just the right amount of boobage. Enough for front page but not so much you lose plausible deniability. Perfectly framed


Was bout to say that






Very happy for you. Sending positivity your way!


Congratulations! I’ve seen my worst in 2012, believe you me… this experience humbles you.


So...now you have superpowers, right?


Baby, you’re glowing. Or is that just the radiation?


People comment on my tan. I haven’t been in the sun at all. Radiation tan!






Congratulations! That's awesome!


Congratulations!🎉🎊 I wish you the best in your health! 🥰


Should be in r/badass




Fuck yeah dude. If I ever see that dickbag cancer walking around, I’ll kick it hard in the shins. And then I’ll murder it and make it look like an accident. There will be no physical connection between me and the scene of the homicide. Fuck cancer dude.




Nice one. Good luck.


Congratulations! Ring the bell!


Ring that bell loud and hope it boosts the morals of other families. Next step a great future!