We organized a skirt day at school to fight against gender norms..

We organized a skirt day at school to fight against gender norms..


We did that in high school in 1988. We wore skirts because we were not allowed to wear shorts. Most of the school wasn’t air conditioned. We got sent home to change. We just went to one guys house and played basketball


...in skirts


We'll call this one the skirts versus the blouses...


Game.... Blouses.


You guys want some pancakes?


In your face Charlie Murphy.


Why don't you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka


…..those were the best damn pancakes I ever had


Computer blue!


Shoot the J!


Wish I could say the same for you and your band of flunkies






I’m not on your team man!!!


You know where you got that shirt from, it damn sure wasn't the men's department.


I cannot recall changing but, I can’t say that it didn’t happen. It does improve the story so it’s cannon now thanks for improving a story I can tell at parties


Getting dunked on 1000x times worse


Shirts vs. Skirts, bro…


"Blouses vs skins"


That happened in our high school in the early 80's. Rather than recognizing the inequity and allowing the guys to wear shorts they banned the girls from wearing short skirts.


> they banned the girls from wearing short skirts. ABORT MISSION!!


The same problem happened at my high school. We wore uniforms at my school. Boys had to wear dress pants, and girls had to wear either dress pants or a kilt. When we protested to be allowed to wear something summer-friendly like the girls were allowed to, they just banned kilts for the girls. This happened in the early 2000's.


We did that in 1999. Nothing happened. Dress code didn't change, nobody got in trouble. A couple of teachers made snide comments, a couple of others were supportive.


Same thing happened at my school in the early 90's but the guys got expelled. My home town sucks.


I got expelled for selling weed like a normal American


“Work hard and be entrepreneurial and you, too, can achieve the American dream!” *sells weed* “No! Not like that!” >:(


Bet you aren’t rich? Some rich kid at my school got caught selling his parents pain meds. He got a whopping 3 days of in school suspension and went right back to selling. A minority got caught selling weed and he was imprisoned and definitely expelled (tbf he had like a pound of weed on him).


I went to a pretty elite boarding school in New England. Our principal expelled her own son for smoking weed at school. It was awkward since all the faculty (including her) lived on campus.


Good for her for not seeking special treatment for him. There should be more of this awkwardness


When I was in school a girl got caught with *3 ounces* of weed in her locker and got suspended for a week Meanwhile a kid who had a couple grams on him got expelled. She was an athlete and from a rich family. He was admittedly a bit of a troublemaker but not insane. Since he wasn’t rich he got kicked out


My son got sent home and a 3 day suspension for wearing an "offensive t-shirt" that said "free the nipple" that my daughter had worn several times that same year without consequence.


Same here, junior high 94


Expelled? Jesus that is insane. How did the rest of the school react to that?


Sounds like a good reason to get your GED and start college early. (Or these days, just do it quick online.) If you want to go to a nicer school, get your associates and transfer. Hop into the job market a a year or two early. With a few minor exceptions, no one will ever care about your high school info, much less verify it.


This happened in my school as well, he didn’t get expelled but he got sent home and suspended Edit: He was goth and wore it for himself not for any other reason


Uniform rules suck We weren’t allowed to come in baggy pants for our finals (4h each) because it wouldn’t look “formal” enough, to the literally one teacher who’d be reading something at the front desk while we were doing our thing. The girls all came in leggins instead, I had a pair of jeans with a ton of stretch in them. Tfw my second comfiest pair of pants was also the one I wore to all of my finals and to every job interview


Wait... why did you have to look formal during finals? They're tests, not proms.


Because people like power too much.


It was against the rules in 2001 when I was in high school too, a guy got sent home for doing it.


Dress code violation ... skirt must come down to your knees.


Unless it's a cheer-leading uniform of course, those somehow are always permitted.


You're wrong. They're **required**.


Or XC shorts... which are even shorter for both boys and girls


And we need to draw more attention to the ass by putting words on it.


>Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!


Our men's XC shorts were the 1" inseam and they were comparable to the women's shorts. I still wear them whenever I race 5kms or go on longer runs. But nevertheless they are uncomfortably short, coming from a guy who regularly wears 5" inseam shorts.


I was part of the swim team in the fall, and would cheer during the winter season. Swimmers were absolutely not permitted to leave the pool area without some kind of cover-up on, even if we just needed to use the water fountain or the bathroom. Our one-piece suits were deemed "too revealing" because most of our back and legs were exposed in our team uniform. However, the cheerleaders would practice in the middle of the commons in sports bras and their two-sizes-too-small spankies and nobody would bat an eye. (On a side note - it also used to infuriate me that everyone made such a fuss over what the female swimmers were wearing, but it was totally okay for the male swim team to run around without worrying about a parka or a shirt. Like, wtf?)


Omg, yeah, the sexualization of a one-piece. At that point, people are just looking for reasons. Ok, they are form-fitting, yes. They are bathing suits, grow up. This isn't the '20s. Ok, well it is, but not that one. lol I always thought it was peculiar that the boys in school were allowed to be shirtless for different events, but girls couldn't even wear tank-tops. Like ok, I understand girls not going topless as well, but there are several degrees of dress between full t-shirt and topless. lol


Creepy old men making the rules and all the cute girls they like to stare at joining the cheer squad.


tbf a lot of girls roll up the waist for aesthetic purposes, most cheerleading uniforms aren't actually as short as a lot of ppl wear them (at least this was true with *some* girls at *my* highschool, I don't know if thats true everywhere)


Most of the schools round here who have a uniform involving skirts, this picture is pretty accurate.


Say you went to Catholic school without saying you went to Catholic school


Been doing it Scotland for centuries boys


Which I don't understand, given how fuckin cold it is. I'm not sure its worth the breeze, gents.


Have you ever worn a kilt before? Those things are hot, esp if they are made out of wool. Literal unwearable in any temp above 80.


Depends on the fabric weight. 13-14# wool, sure... that's a winter kilt. 8# wool? You can wear that in the summer no problem. There are also a *lot* of polyester and (or canvas, if you want to go that route, but that tends to be on the heavy but not warm side) kilts on the market for warmer months that wear great.


>8# wool? You can wear that in the summer no problem. Yep. Might need velcro underneath tho, for breezy days... good luck with that


What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? His shoes


A blue silk ribbon tied into a bow.


I dinnae know where ye been wee laddie, but you won first prize!


As a kilt wearer myself, here’s a couple more: “What’s worn under there?” Nothing, it’s all in perfect condition. “What are you wearing under the kilt?” Your girlfriend’s lipstick.


Your mom's lipstick Edit: someone beat me to it


I wore a kilt occasionally for formal wear, and its weird how little people know what kilts are.


Why would it be weird for little people to know about kilts


If anything, kilts are more obvious to little people.


It's like the kilt is directly in their face. They should definitely see it


Wdym? im a little person too. ​ Also wait . what's a kilt?


Now the kilt was only for day-to-day wear. In battle, we donned a full-length ballgown covered in sequins. The idea was to blind your opponent with luxury.


I wore a pink t-shirt to school one day in 1997, and was called gay so many times it was crazy. Teachers were so mean back then.


When I was in high school in the early 90s, our football team wore pink jerseys breast cancer awareness and had pink shirts to wear around school. It became weirdly fashionable for the time period in my school for guys to wear pink.


The was that whole "Pink is the new Black" trend also


You know when pink was also fashionable for men to wear? Literally for hundreds of years until the 1940s. In fact, originally, pink was considered a "boy colour" while blue was considered a "girl colour". Baby boys were swaddled in pink fabric while baby girls were swaddled in baby blue fabric. Pink was considered manly because it's a tint of red, the colour of blood, war, guts, etc., whereas blue, especially pale blue, was considered feminine because dainty things like the sky, flowers and the sea were blue. Which just goes to show how this entire Pink vs. Blue thing is just 100% bullshit. There is no genetically coded human propensity towards either based on what gender you're assigned at birth.


Pink clothes for boys is popular in high school in my area. Also little pink backpacks and weirdly feminine hair ties. I embrace the de stigmatization of pink. It’s just another color like blue or green.


Yeah, I went to high school in Alabama in the 90's. If we would had done this, then we would have gotten the shit kicked out of us while the teachers looked the other way. I quit the football team my Junior year and got beat up in the locker room by four guys on the offensive line where I had played. The coach was in the back but waited a few minutes before shouting in order to give the guys time to run. That bastard came up to me while I was on the ground and said, "Hm. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if you had been on the field where you were supposed to be." That was my exit interview.


We had slave day. Grade 11 and 12 would purchase a grade 9 or 10 to carry their books, get their lunch. Money went to charity. Still, fucked up.


They beat you up because you quit football? So like “we miss you so much and wish you’d play with us so we’re going to beat you up”? What was the message they were trying to send? I’m so confused.


It's a warning to anyone else thinking about quitting.


Oh, so it was a gang thing. Got it.


That is some toxic maxculinity


Football + small town America = some crazy ass levels of toxic behavior all the way around. The stuff you hear isn’t hyperbolic.


We used to do "Crazy Day" in junior high in Texas. This would have been the 00's. I was made to go home and change and Crazy Day has never happened again since. All because I wore a long skirt and stuffed bra outside my shirt.


Man I bet that was pretty funny though


Watching fundamentalist christian administrators lose their wig? Yeah, not bad.


I’m also from Alabama. 8th grade talent show all the guys dressed in drag and danced on stage. One did it exceptionally well…and came out of the closet not long after. Another guy, the only black guy in our class, dressed as Gladys Knight and sang Midnight Train to Georgia. 1996 — Catholic school system.


Sucks you were home schooled too, huh?


Ah, the ol' Reddit [teacheroo!](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/ot15ym/non_americans_of_reddit_what_is_the_weirdest/h6uf6er/?context=3)


Hold my breezy knees, I’m going in!


1997? Do they not remember 1993 when neon colors were in like flint and everyone wore them?


\*In like Flynn




Wonder if your region is just kind of shitty? I wore pink a fair bit in the same timeframe. Then again we did still use gay as a slur but not in a literal sense typically


Yeah.. the 90's were rough.


I had a teacher physically shake me because I couldn’t possibly be in her honor’s class (I’m a minority). The schools response was to move me to another class and then they made her retire when my dad said he would get lawyers involved. He also made me promise not to tell my mom or she’d have done something illegal.


I had a teacher threaten to beat me because I was drawing on my jeans in between classes. They denied my little brother playing baseball because he dyed his hair... the 90's were just the death song of the 80's


We had “switch day” in highschool. I fucking loved wearing a skirt, holy shit the boys had a cross breeze all day and I filled my purse with snacks! Ladies the skirt didn’t have pockets but that bag held 4 pounds of skittles plus 3-4 butterfingers, chips, and 2-24oz sodas. Edit:one of my most upvoted comments is about crossdressing lol


this is the true value of being socially allowed to carry a purse. snacks


Snacks, chapstick, multiple hair ties, a lighter, hemp rope, some yarn and a crochet needle for if I get bored, a power block for my phone, a taser, one of those utility knife thingies that has all the things on it, bobby pins, floss, perfume, backup mascara, eye drops, and more. I love having a purse. My guy is super ADHD and would lose his stuff all over, and so he started carrying what I call his manbag, which is like a tactical-looking purse, basically. But ever since he started carrying it, he knows where all his shit is. It's great.


Man bag, we call those satchels


I call my bag a purse, because in my mind it literally is a purse, and I love it! It's so convenient.


What I've learned during Covid is that the shoulder issues I thought I had from some forgotten incident in my 20s was actually due to carrying too heavy of a purse on a regular basis. Turns out, not carrying one for a year plus on a regular basis did a world of wonders for my shoulders. Let's just say I carried a purse like yours plus a book. Learn from us 40 year olds and buy a Kindle.




Knowing that the vast majority of women have a small pharmacy on their person at all times has been a lifesaver on many occasions.


I call it the infinite pocket dimension. No wonder my GF has the biggest freaking purse possible when you can just store it in endless space


Jesus let’s just degender shit and be done. Everyone can have bags, skirts and fucking pockets.


Never understood this: why aren’t we allowed pockets in our jeans/trousers (pants)? Like, I have shit I need to keep with me at all times without lugging a damn bag around…


In this era, it’s when guys finally try on some leggings. In college we were playing a drinking-jenga game in someone’s dorm in which one piece pulled had “everyone switches clothes with the person to their right” written on it. Holy crap, those things were comfy and my bum looked divine. If it weren’t for the crotch outline, I’d 100% wear leggings as a guy.


Just wear a tunic for your top and it'll cover your crotch. You'll look a little renaissance tho.


he might look like a guy who needs to save Hyrule


Just make sure he stays away from the pottery stores


wear a skirt with the leggings so you don’t have to see the crotch


Now ya get why Lois Lane was digging Superman. It was the tights all along.


Some men’s skinny jeans have stretch in them now. They’re almost jeggings. Super comfy.


Fuck it, wear a cod piece with he leggings next time.


>Tonight on FOX, the unspoken dangers of cross-dressing the LGBT community doesn't want you to know about... *Diabetes!*


I was thinking the same thing!


[You mean diabetuhs ](https://youtu.be/BME0639IP5g)


When I worked in the office I was always jealous of my female coworkers. On hot days they could wear flowy dresses with sandals. Men were not allowed to wear shorts and definitely not sandals.


Yeah, the one societal benefit from gender norms I really enjoy is being able to bring shitloads of snacks into movie theaters with me. My bf and I always stop at the gas station on our way to the theaters and load up for 1/5 the price.


And the friends never wore shorts from that day forward..


If anything guys should wear skirts. Allows for a lot more ball to air circulation.


Man how times have changed lol. When I was sophomore in high school my best friend bet a Ramones ticket (which you never passed up) that I wouldn't come to school in this gothy looking skirt. So I did. And in return was given 3 days in school suspension. Then again this is also the same school that would give me detention if I had even a single hole in a pair of jeans... which being of the punk rock persuasion was every pair of jeans I owned. The town in footloose was more liberal than my midwest public high school.


I got in school suspension for having died red hair(cool-aid red). That was probably 25 years ago and I'm still salty about it.


My school in the 90s had a rule that hair could be dyed a "natural" color. It was selectively enforced.


That is one of the things to learn in public school. The rules are arbitrary and applied unevenly. Everyone is in the same boat, but that doesn't prevent people from being shit to each other for no reason. Or great for no reason.


Exactly this. Well minus the Ramones ticket. I think you had better friends than I did. Got a 3-day suspension for wearing a skirt on Halloween. My senior year I decided to test the waters again and a friend did up my makeup (I was one of the unfortunate-fortunates who hardly had to shave ever). I tried passing myself off as the new girl. Fooled three teachers but not the rest, I just couldn't make a convincing feminine voice without it coming off like something out of Monty Python. Oh, and I can't even count the number of times my ass got slapped/grabbed. Holy crap, ladies, how do you deal?




> I can't even count the number of times my ass got slapped/grabbed. Holy crap, ladies, how do you deal? I went to a night parade in drag once in high school. Tons of grabby hands. It was a real eye opener.


Reminds me of that episode of Boy Meets World where Cory and Shawn dress up like girls as a social experiment and Shawn went through that kind of harassment especially. Guys really can be assholes


They made me fail a year because my hair was long and I didn't attended a procession. F them!


Honestly I hate to be that old guy but lgbtq kids don’t realize how good things have gotten.


[same energy](https://imgur.com/MQbA4b8.jpg)


*bagpipe playing intensifies*


Why did I *hear* this comment


"Nice knees" "Thank you. They're my mother's"


Freshman year of high school in South Florida, I wore a shiny blue blouse from a thrift store with my wallet chain and oversized denim pants. Got called slurs all day among other threats. Didn’t give a fuck then and as a straight dude with a 3 year old daughter, I sure don’t give a fuck now. Good on ya boys.


Not all heroes wear pants.


I gotta admit, if you negate all of our 'gender roles' (macho vs. feminine, etc.) I think it makes more sense for men to wear skirts than it does for women to wear them. I guess the Scots were right all along! Hoot man!


Free the balls


This needs more traction in the mainstream.


But less traction in the bedroom


My ac died in my house and now I’m wearing a shirt and a wrapped towel. Thanks for the Idea broski. Lifesaver.


I'm all for that, except the "tactical" kilt. Give me plaid or give me death! ... Or cake. I can't remember which.


Cake or death?!?


Well we're all out of cake! We only had three bits and we weren't expecting such a rush.


Thank the germans for the tyranny of pants.


And the Romans, *THE ROMANS*, thought they were savages for it. Turns out the people who invented concrete knew what they were talking about.


Skirts were very common for most of history, the domestication and riding of horses as everyday conveyance shifted that norm (or so I’ve read) to pants to avoid the chafing and scuffing of riding. Also, every time I see something like this it becomes less edgy…just like Lil Nasx wearing a dress when Kobain did it in ‘94 and Bowie practically lived in the clothing of the opposite sex…every generation thinks they’re breaking new ground.


I reckon it wouldn't take all that long for it to become fairly normal for guys to wear skirts if enough guys just started wearing them. Especially if they are just grey school uniform ones.


Let the boys breath!


And for men, who are always warm, to wear strapless tops while women, many who are always cold, to wear a long sleeve collared shirt with a jacket all the time.


Though woman actually have a higher core body temperature than men do. Why are women always cold I genuinely wanna know.


Wouldn’t a higher body temp mean the outside world feels relatively cooler? Men also have a larger lean:fat body composition, and fat has less bloodflow which means less heat.


Fuck yeah, I wish I could wear skirts without people thinking things.


People are always going to "think things". You do you. As long as you're covering your bits, nobody can stop you. Unfortunately this might not apply for employment, but if you can manage WFH, you can be naked all day and nobody will be the wiser.


We had a “Senior Skirt Day” in 1997 but when I showed up in a skirt (with Docs, a Prong shirt, and my long hair in braids), I was called slurs. When I defended myself, I was sent to the office and got detention while the jocks who roughed me up got off scot-free. Things have come a long way for the better.


When I was in high school in the 80s, my friend Kirk got sent home for wearing knee length board shorts. He argued that guys should get to wear shorts because girls wore short assed mini skirts. His mom agreed. The next day he wore his sister’s mini skirt and his mom escorted him to class just daring anyone to object. They changed the dress code. It was epic.


My friend groups always joke about doing this but then I'm the only one who commits. :( I just want a breezy undercarriage.


Allow me to introduce you to the Scottish.


Scots have been fighting for gender norms for centuries


This has happened in a lot of schools over the lat few years, I just hope some of them continue to wear skirts if they find they like the freedom.


Looks comfy AF


Dudes be rocking it.


So high above knee! Tsk-tsk. 😂


never before have I seen so many people on this website creep out of the shadows to cling onto harmful societal pressures that they are too insecure or narrow minded to stop identifying with


It genuinely confuses me that people think it’s okay to hate on these kids.


Seriously, the number of hateful comments that demonstrate the exact reason why the fight against gender norms is so important which are upvoted and the number of downvoted positive comments is insane...


Don't be daft. People hate on these kids because they hate gender bending... Or it makes them uncomfortable... Or they want an excuse to abuse someone. This is known.


Kid in the middle killed the backwards caps and miniskirt combo 🔥🔥🔥


We did this in 1998 to have fun. Just about our whole school participated. The boys dressed as girls, and the girls dressed as boys. Had a fun day, we changed names too. Some boys even wore lots of make up. Good times.


Yall effed up. Now you know how comfortable skirts are.


The students at my school organized a similar day a few months ago. Boys wore skirts and girls wore ties and pants. It was awesome to see so many students getting involved.


were they comfy? always wanted to try a sundress myself


This doesn’t rustle any oddness to me. Just folks wearing skirts. Everyone should be able to wear skirts. I’m masculine presenting and miss the breeze of skirts and the colorful Ed’s of women’s clothing. I’m half black and get some latitude on colorful expression but I really feel like anyone wearing a shirt or colorful patterns just isn’t a big deal.


The weird and yet normal part is - it doesn't look anything out of ordinary. It looks super normal and "understandable". Maybe its just me who thinks this way but yeah. It looks like a reasonable thing to wear as compared to jeans. Add pockets to the skirt and you also have a storage option.


I wish I was that cool when I was your age!


It's called a kilt wee lad


Would love to so I could air out the boys in the summer. Swamp ass in jeans sucks.


Honestly go for it dude, if you don't have anyone you could steal a skirt from you can buy one for cheap. Sure might not be able to go outside with a skirt but at least you can enjoy the flow of air at home


> Swamp ass in jeans sucks. then dont wear jeans? there are plenty of other options between skirts and jeans. No idea why people wear heavy, uncomfortable jeans. they were made to be durable pants for rough manual labour, not casual wear.


Looks like good friends. Keep it up.


I really want to wear a skirt someday but I’m just so afraid that people will make fun of me.


Epic lads


Hell yea


[https://utilikilts.com/](https://utilikilts.com/) You see enough guys around Seattle wearing these you don't even blink anymore. It's a guy wearing a kilt. So? And they have pockets! See, a guy designing it for a guy, it immediately has pockets. If you guys want to challenge the gender norms in your area, keep it up! Seriously, it took me seeing about three guys wearing Utili Kilts for me to stop noticing. It doesn't take long for a shocking thing to become a normal thing. The lovely benefit of Americans having short attention spans.


Godammit I’m really proud of this next generation


Mfers in the comments whining about socialism or emasculation or whatever, if you were born 50 years earlier youd be whining about girls in pants, get fucked boomers.


Honestly the negative reactions make me think more boys should do this. So many people are offended and name calling. It opens to conversation to why that is.


Id be proud to have all you boys as sons, thank you.


Showing there knees, whores the lot of them. /s just in case


Hmph. Trollops.


You look great! <3


Ngl they look good


I love this; you guys rock…


It's crazy how much times don't change, seems this happens every 7 years or so. Maybe one day things will change.


Punk rock af


Dang, sorting by controversial I see that this has tickled some neckbeards on reddit.


All the fragile masculinity in these comments


Let’s be real, these guys have been wanting to wear skirts for a while now…


I'm a dude and have tried a skirt, not in public. it was unbelievably, astoundingly, infuriatingly comfortable.


Skirts help keep the twig and berries happy and free