This one got me

This one got me


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Isn’t this kinda soft snitching on her mom though


Yeah, like all ICE has to do now is follow her home


Nothing soft about it : ICE is known to do stuff like that - attending protests to profile and identify targets.


yea they do that. when i was student at ucla a decade ago, ICE targeted the main UCLA protestors from the IDEAS group and deported them. they targeted and deported students fighting for their rights and those of others


I’m sensing some “doesn’t effect me so not my problem” under replies to your comment.


Hold on. If they're not citizens then how do they have rights of the country they're in?


You have some rights if you're legally in whatever country you're in. Like if I visit US, I can't just be murdered in the street legally because I'm not a citizen.


Brilliant! All we need is some way to get people to come here illegally, deny them any path to legality, and we'll have a infinitely exploitable labor force that have no rights! You have a bright future in a boardroom.


You should read the fifth and fourteenth amendments.


Some rights are guaranteed to everyone by international agreements. Such as the right to seek asylum


You have the right to seek asylum in the first country you come to that is a part of the treaty. You don’t get to pick and choose


You have the right to seek it. You don't, however, have the right for it to be granted.


I also thought that the right to seeking an Aslyum only applied if it was the closest safe country, not one you can pick and choose.


You were, unfortunately, misinformed. Neither US law (or EU law, for that matter) nor the 1951 Refugee Convention requires a refugee to claim asylum in any one country rather than another. There is no rule requiring refugees to claim in the first safe country in which they arrive.


Canada-US have one https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada%E2%80%93United_States_Safe_Third_Country_Agreement


Wow! You, sir, need some basic education!


They're fighting to get rights.


Everyone has rights under the Constitution. Citizens get extra perks like voting.


Some citizens.


Illegal aliens get deported. It'd happen to you too, if you were in their country of origin illegally. Not having a visa or over-staying your visa while abroad can land you in some serious shit. People often talk like only the USA has visa requirements when the reality is that every country does. It is a clever sign though.


You don't have the right to illegally immigrate to the US.


They don't have the right to legally migrate either. Thus the problem...


soft just means you didn't intend to snitch but did.


Who knew that publicly admitting to breaking the law was a bad idea?


I downloaded a movie once. Come at me bro!


only once? i downloaded 99% of the movies i have seen.




And here kids we have stupid in its natural habitat...


which is hilarious af lol >want to protest about your flagrant breaking of common sense laws? Okay, well, then fuck you. 1 ticket back home, coming up


“Common sense laws” lmao, not a thing.


I thought she meant legalise prostitution.. oops


Or maybe her mom has already been deported and can't come home


Plot twist: She hates her step mom, and is trying to get that bitch deported, but she's being passive aggressive so her dad doesn't blame her.


I thought it means legalize weed, fuck my mom


What if this is about pride month?


I ain’t smoking your mom


It isn't too hard, just gotta dig out a good sized pit.


On the other hand... Would you rather fuck weed or fuck her mom?


*"Crazy on You" intensifies*




But I'd smoke your dad.


What if her mom is smoking?


Por que no los dos?


fuck or legalize?


Por que no los dos?


>¿Por que no los dos? FTFY


>¿Por qué no los dos? FTFY


Yeah, I thought that’s how it was spelled but I wasn’t sure xD




Bro momento


Momento hermano








This was the comment I came here for.


Now imagine you mom, a full citizen, smoking a fat blunt legally


Fuck. Legalise. Smoke. GO!


I don't always fuck, legalize, smoke or go, but when I do it's hookers, prostitution, crack, and chronic diarrhea.


Now imagine your blunt, a full citizen. Fucking a mom legally


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or…. both


Um, did you mean the legalize part? Or...


Fuck her mom, marry the weed, kill racism??


Fuck racism


But then who would we kill?


Kill the weed. Burn it all.


I volunteer as tribute! Give it all to me, I'll burn it for ya.


Im doing my part, currently burning some now


Then who to marry?


Their Mom








You must scored the highest in life


I have a pretty decent job and was able to move to my preferred area of the world and I learned Russian along the way... so I don’t think my score is bad but it’s certainly not the highest. Definitely not as bad as Dan Quayle.


All Power to you, wish you the best!


Um... both


Oh no we're not signing 2 pieces of paper - the gubment


Especially because the “war on drugs” has also been ripping families apart to feed the prison industrial complex since it started.




If you are born here. You are a citizen. Even if your mom isn't. That's why they try to come over here for their kids.


One of the few countries that does that still too, if I remember correctly.


Jus sanguinis (Right of Blood) vs Jus Soli (Right of soil). The US isn't one of the only countries though. It's more of a eastern vs western hemisphere thing. I think a bunch of countries have some mix of the two now too.


Canada has it, lots of anchor babies and people flying in just to get their kids citizenship. There are "hotels" set up specifically for this


Yes the US has some of the loosest immigration laws in the world and even allows anchor babies. You'd never know that if you only get your opinions from Reddit.


I feel like 30 isn't really that little.


Yep. Birthright citizenship is an absolutely idiotic policy in this day and age with such ease of global movement.


What's idiotic about having rights in the country you were born in? You were born and raised in your country, you live there, why shouldn't you be allowed to work, vote and pay taxes? You'd rather it should only be blood rights? By that logic pretty much everyone in the US loses citizenship overnight - except native americans. France does both, I honestly think it's the best way to do this.


>What's idiotic about having rights in the country you were born in? You were born and raised in your country, you live there, why shouldn't you be allowed to work, vote and pay taxes? I guess the idea is without this kind of law you wouldn't be working/voting/paying tax in a country you don't belong to? If you're an Australian temporarily in Nepal (a temporary worker, tourist etc) and become pregnant and give birth in Nepal I think the case could be made that the baby doesn't really need Nepalese rights. You just carry on being Australian.


>You'd rather it should only be blood rights? By that logic pretty much everyone in the US loses citizenship overnight - except native americans. How is that? I was born here, just like my parents and their parents and their parents. Just how far back does one need to go to be considered naturally here in your mind? Because I got news for you, even the natives in America immigrated here, they just did it before record keeping was a thing.


You just said birthright was ridiculous but invoke it for yourself and your parents? Where did their parents come from? We can only go as far as recorded history, but why do you assume your parents and you have more rights to a country than someone else who was born here?


No. France definitely does not do birthright citizenship. France, like almost every country on Earth, only awards automatic citizenship if at least one parent is a citizen. To do otherwise encourages the problems of anchor babies and birth-tourism. It's not sustainable in a world with billions of poor people and an incredible ease of global movement.


Dude, I'm french. You are talking out of your ass. There are conditions to ensure people can't just sprog in France, bounce and get citizenship but if you are the first of your family to be born in France and you live there, you are entitled to French citizenship.


Why should we legalize her mom? Just because she came from somewhere else and made it here doesn’t mean we owe her shit let alone citizens ship


I fucking hate when people pit one good argument against another good argument. We do not have to put something down to elevate something else. Both are possible. If people broaden their minds and stop thinking in black and white the world would be a better place.




I think they meant it as ideas not arguments and kinda rushed with their thought So in this case they mean that you don't need to give up weed to legalise the immigrants Or like getting both pizza and the ice-cream


Leega.. leega leega leeegalizee


So does that mean we all can smoke her mom?


Weed does more for this country than your mom ever could...


Have her fill out the paperwork and apply legally like the rest of the good seeds. Stop looking for easy free hand outs.


People in the comments are some weirdos. Get out more


New to reddit?




If she's here illegally...why?


Like applying for citizenship?


If you cross the border illegally 99.99% of the time you can’t just apply for citizenship. There isn’t a line you can wait in. Some people have been here for 30 years and can’t get legal status because of this.


Just imagine there would be a way to apply for citizenship before entering. Just imagine.




Well no shit other countries are kinda similar in that regard. Try getting permanent citizenship in Switzerland for instance good fucking luck. Working and living is manageable but citizenship takes lots of effort and time to make it reliable. And that’s fair for me and I think a lot of people mistaking these two things.




Why is the system bad for the Swiss or Norwegians? Honestly. People feeling entitled for services of other, most likely better off, countries. And no You don’t get citizenship in Germany in weeks the hell are you talking about?


This in itself is another problem. The majority of people that are willing to go to a different country to work in would not qualify under any circumstances. They wouldn’t qualify for a short 30 days visa, they wouldn’t qualify for a 6 month extended visa, they wouldn’t qualify for a work permit, let alone legal status under a residency program nor citizenship. Again. There simply isn’t much of a line the majority of people can wait in. If there was, they’d be in it and wouldn’t risk their lives. If you’re interested in learning more, you should check out this [episode](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tXqnRMU1fTs) of john Oliver. He explains extremely well how broken the immigration system is.


Then maybe they don't get to? What kind of expectation do you have of other countries where it is their duty to let you in?


So let me get this straight. The US takes more immigrants than any nation on earth by a large margin. Moreover our immigration requirements are more lax than basically every other nation, and yet somehow, WE are still the bad guys. Am I reading that right? Where's this indignation at the EU? Canada? Australia? How's about they all meet us where we are and THEN you can start talking about how much more WE need to do. Sometimes in life you get born lucky. In a first world nation, wealthy, to a 2 parent household etc. And sometimes you get born in Rome under Caligula or Nero. Thats how it works. Its nobodies fault, and you don't go to a man who just pulled 10 people out of a burning building and berate him because he didn't pull out 20. Meanwhile everyone else is on the street having run in to save a bauble and are being praised for it.


Then maybe you have to undertake efforts to make yourself more appealing for immigration processes. I mean come the fuck on. If you don’t have much to offer don’t expect others to make an effort for you. Just compare it with companies.


"just compare it with companies" this definitely sounds like you think it's similar to applying for a job where you get an answer in a week or two. in reality, even if the process goes "smoothly" and you're a perfect candidate, it can sometimes take 10-20 years to become a citizen. you have no idea what the process is like or what the requirements are but somehow you conclude it's because they're not trying hard enough lol




If you don’t have much to offer you can’t expect much in return and yes I might not be overly familiar with the American immigration process in particular but very well with the Swiss and Norwegian immigration process where the bars are very high but guess what they are high because of the quality of living those countries provide.


As an immigrant living in Norway for a decade now I can attest the bar is terribly high. I still have nightmares with the amount of documents the immigration demands. USA is not setting the bar high, their system is just a big mess.


I'm Cuban, living in the US. My brother is Cuban. My sisters, mother, father etc. Immigration is hard. Youre also blowing out of proportion how it works. Yes it took 10 years for my father to become a full citizen. However he had a visa and lived IN THIS NATION the entire time. He had a visa, worked hard, raised us. You need to understand we fled Castros men raping and literally butchering people. Ever seen a human butchered? Like literally ACTUALLY butchered? We would have waited 50 years. And somehow some privileged white kids now think that this nation is somehow less. somehow evil and selfish. Yall are so unbelievably privileged youre blind to it. The US saved my entire family. Every one of us. Be grateful for the blessings you do have my friend.


People don't usually immigration illegally if they're well off and can afford school/tuition and a good quality life in general, y'know. Takes a lot of desperation to leave your homeland for a foreign land where you know no one, leaving everyone and everything you know behind.


That’s really not anyone’s problem though. Is it sad that some people are in unfortunate scenarios? Yea it’s tragic. That doesn’t mean we should put ourselves at risk by taking every stray that can walk over the border. The US has immigration laws, and those laws are much less stringent than many other 1st world countries. Immigrate legally or stfu.


Well, what about the one's who are in such tragic situations directly because of US actions? You okay with taking them in?


Too difficult.


I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic but have you seen The requirements for citizenship from other countries around the world?


Sarcastic. It's apparently easier to actually protest, than it is to go through the citizenship process like everyone else does.


Why are we comparing its difficulty to protesting? Is protesting supposed to be something difficult?


No, you miss the point. It's *easy* to go out in the street and protest. That's a big part of our first amendment. It's a lot harder to actually 'apply for citizenship"


I didn’t miss your point, I think you missed mine though. You said “it’s apparently easier to protest”, as if protesting was something hard to do. Of course it’s easier. I can’t imagine any kind of application process to anything being easier than going somewhere and waving a sign around.


Your mom can legalize herself..


I like how photos from 8+ years ago are somehow still relevant.


Dude old folks now went to Woodstock 69 when they were teenagers and they all spoke of legalising weed lsd and mushrooms Yet here we are


So what's the cut-off date for a photo.....and does this no longer happen anymore or something? Edit* Total misread by me. I thought op was dismissing the image because it was not recent. Clearly, I can't read vary gud.


i think hes implying more that no progress has been made.


I think you can say that progress has been made in such that US is becoming a less desirable place for people to migrate to.


I disagree. you cant compare the US's shortcoming in a vacuum. The US might be less desirable only when compared to what the US use to be. but when compared with other countries the US is still highly desirable place to migrate to. as is evident by the situation at the border.


Funny I also misread it the same way at first


If there is room and she applied to be an American citizen, then sure. I will agree the process is comically lengthy for many, but, it's one county, we're trying. Also... legalizing a recreational drug is nowhere near the complication it takes to legalize a human being. A lot of stupid in this post.


Exactly, there is no comparison. Agree or disagree with illegal immigration or open borders, but that has nothing to do with a fun plant. This post is some dumb shit.


As the son and now husband of legal immigrants with a personal knowledge of how arcane and frustrating the immigration system in the US is I can understand illegals to an extent but at the same time think fuck 'em. I went through the ass pain of getting my wife legal status to come to the US and watched my mom finally being allowed to naturalize 35 years after coming to the US. The immigration system is undoubtedly broken but blanket amnesty is not the way to fix it. Reagan tried amnesty in the 80's and it only made it worse. **By all means, reform the immigration system, I am all for it and it is desperately needed.** It is obvious that people are finding jobs regardless of their immigration status but people in the US illegally should not get to jump the line because they jumped the border. They knew they were violating immigration law when they entered the country. Let them go home and reapply. I have zero sympathy for those that enter the country illegally, it does not get them a pass for legal status in my book.


> I have zero sympathy for those that enter the country illegally, it does not get them a pass for legal status in my book. They're already here in the United States and working. We can simultaneously enforce immigration at the borders (land, sea, air) while helping those who've been here working already. They're going to be here either way. The effort should be to seek them out and offer a pipeline to legal status. I'm a first generation immigrant who entered the military to obtain my citizenship. I've helped lots of troops get their citizenry. I've seen a lot of xenophobia towards Puerto Rican troops too with regards to "legality". Fixing systems starts with a little empathy.




Wrong. Those who willfully violate our laws are subject to the consequences of violating said laws. Those who illegally immigrate should be deported. No exceptions. Illegal immigration costs this country hundreds of billions every year, no matter how hard illegal immigrants supposedly work they will NEVER pay back that amount in taxes. EVER. I don't care how long someone has been here, if they didn't arrive legally they have no right to stay. Period.


What if they're sexier and cooler and smarter than you


Her mom is already legal is Mexico. Why complaining?


I don't see any incentive to.


Legalize weed, fuck her mom




Lol wut? Laws?


I don't get it?


Fuck that, they’re not mutually exclusive and shouldn’t be.


There are proper channels for gaining US citizenship.... and im not referring to the rio grande. Maybe your mom should try to gain citizenship legally.


Idk maybe you should try smoking weed legally


I live in California, its legal here.


The weed helps more people than her mom, bad argument


We can do two things at once, and the same people want both of these things. For her mom, and for other parents


My dyslexia kicked in and I read " Legalize Weed....Fuck my Mom....


Get them all out of here. All the illegals who came consciously. You knew the possible consequences, you took the risk thinking you wouldn't get caught or that the rules wouldn't apply to you. Guess what? They do. Get fucked. My dad came here legally and he had to go through all kinds of hoops to EARN his citizenship. Granting amnesty to illegals is a fucking SLAP in the face to every good honest immigrant who followed the rules and do the right thing. "Oh, you heartless bastard!" You cry in indignation, collective liberal hive mind of reddit. "Not all those people have the same opportunities that your dad had, you privileged prick!" You're right, but guess what? That's not my fucking fault that they didn't get the opportunity. And it's not America's fault either. We are a nation, and nations have borders. If you have no border you have no security. Look at Japan! They are a first world nation, they have an aging population, they have a need for labor in the market. They have every reason to import foreigners. But they don't, they barely allow anyone to emigrate to Japan. Nobody calls them racist. Because they don't tolerate Marxist communist ideology in their politics or culture, unlike us. Nationalism should not be a dirty word. Nowadays you can't say you're nationalist, they assume you are one of those ethno-state neanderthals. What happened to the idea that a country should have its own identity, and compete with other countries to become powerful and prosperous? When did that become such a reviled concept?




Fuck your mom, legalize weed


Bring her here legally then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 4,314,710 comments, and only 1,292 of them were in alphabetical order.


I agree we should legalize prostitution


Why not both?


I just don't get why *that* was thrown under the bus of all things but yeah legalize her mom .


❤️ but also legalize weed


I agree


I dont get the joke, can someone explain please?


I think it refers to her mom being an illegal immigrant.


The two issues are actually quite intertwined. We made weed illegal cause it was the plant that caused “reefer madness” associated with “dangerous Mexican immigrants” back in the day. Today, the number one thing we could do to help stop illegal immigration is to end the war on drugs, which would make it more difficult for the cartels to make money, which would loosen their hold on their native countries’ governments, which would make those countries more habitable for their natives. Not to mention the benefits of finally addressing hard drug addiction and tacking the prison-industrial complex, yada yada.


I’m from the Uk and I just did not get what they are talking about. Checked comments and remembered in America people can be illegal.


You can be an illegal immigrant in any country though.


The fuck are you on about. You can enter into the UK illegally as well. The UK has around 500k illegal immigrants.


You can still be an illegal immigrant in the UK, it’s just much harder and less common since we’re a small island.




We have illegal immigrants in the UK too, we just don't approach the issue in the same way. And our police officers are mostly not arseholes.


Could fuck her mom


then immigrate legally? lol


no offence to your mom. but. NAH...


She's already legal in Mexico so it's a red herring.


Texas pushes back hard against this.


Probably because Texas is most impacted by illegal immigration


Arizona and California called to tell you to get over yourself. Also, I know quite a few undocumented immigrants (born and raised in SoCal) and they are the hardest workers/best people I know.


I don't think work ethic and character have ever been the issue here. I think its more of the business's that employ them to dodge taxes and other legal requirements that fall under employee #'s. such as health benefits and insurance, or even safety requirements. Some of it does come to payroll tax type things, but I feel like the issue is more with the corporate side than the individual. The numbers of illegal immigrants would have little impact on tax revenue or "stealing" jobs from citizens. I do think they should get citizenship or face some sort of repercussions as it is a legal requirement, such as x amount of time to get citizenship or out you go but not internment camps / prison, or immediate deportation. give them temporary green cards or something to get a chance to make something of themselves, allow them to prove their value and give them the opportunity to do so. I also think any business caught hiring illegal immigrants to dodge benefits and safe working practices should be nailed to a cross. or dissolved entirely. Especially for poor safety practices or not giving medical benefits for those injured on the job or because of the job.


Arizona isn't even in the top 5 for undocumented immigrants. Texas has the second most total and is #1 if you adjust for total population


I am from Texas myself and have worked in a legal office to help people declare and attain legal status. I know and have worked with plenty of people who are or have benefitted from people who have crossed in an illegal manner. So Cal does probably have more but Arizona isn’t even close. It doesn’t mean that the undocumented influx of people hasn’t changed the makeup and dynamics of communities. Its impact is significant. It does have a financial cost for the people living there. It does affect how schools teach (especially in some areas where the majority of students don’t speak English at home).


> undocumented immigrants (born and raised in SoCal) This is a contradiction. Anyone born in the US is automatically a US citizen.


If you are born in the US you are a citizen. Hard working isn't the problem here. Nobody is debating them as a person. Its about social order. If someone is undocumented they don't exist. They don't pay taxes, they can't receive the benefits of a tax payer, and more importantly if someone does some illegal they are essentially a ghost. My ex's cousin was in Iraq for 2 years, came home, was killed by an illegal, who promptly ran across the border. Society needs order. Try illegally sneaking into Mexico for example, have fun sitting in a Tijuana prison. There are few countries that allow, promote, or excuse illegal immigration. My family came here as immigrants and worked hard to become citizens and its something they are extremely proud of. I am currently dating a foreigner and its been so hard with the immigration policies but we are going through them because thats how society works. Responsibility of the person and responsibility of the state.


My wife immigrated here on a K1 visa, and I'll second that last point. There's so much added expense and difficulty to the *legal* immigration process as a result of people trying to circumvent/abuse the system. My wife has zero sympathy for visa-overstayers or border-hoppers.


We're applying for a K-1 soon. I agree the abuse of others hurts those who really want to be here or those whom we can help. There are legit people who need to come to the US for their safety or for asylum and people who want to come here, work, pay taxes, and take part in the American dream. I work with a lot of people who pull this scam. They come here on work VISA's, overstay, rack up credit card debt sending things home, send all their money home, and then leave when they are done raping our system. It disgusts me and my former job actively supported it to virtue signal. Meanwhile, a guy and his family moved here, bought a house, on a work VISA, was working on getting his permanent citizenship, got laid off, and deported. The abuse is killing the dreams of others.