Spanish male teachers wore skirts to school after a student got expelled over it

Spanish male teachers wore skirts to school after a student got expelled over it


Students, if you think you hate your school administration and bureaucracy, I assure you your teachers hate it more.


High school teacher here. We recently found out that our grade 12 marks are due a week early ... A bureaucrat’s plan to give more time for “credit recovery.” Which sounds like a great idea - yay more time to find ways to help students “recover” credits. That sounds like a great plan, but well-intentioned as it might be, it’s not a good idea at all. Grade 12s are (a) the most experienced at gaming the system and (b) ready for summer/graduation. That last week of *online* class is going to be a total waste ... but the memo I got said: >Teachers: Grade 12 classes continue with ongoing meaningful learning Oh. So **that’s** how to keep my students engaged. Thanks highly paid board-level administrator. Your wisdom is worth ten times your six figure salary.


Oh, use that week for real life skills. Teach them to do their taxes!


Have you met high school seniors? Contrary to the Internet memes, high school seniors in their last week of school do not give a fuck about taxes.


Fuck taxes but I would have liked to learn something cool like, things your entry level job cant do to you legally but do anyways because you dont know better. Or car maintenance you can do yourself instead of paying a mechanic $1k for things you dont need (happened to my ex lmao). Teach em not to be gullible.


Fact is we need critical thinking classes waaaay earlier than senior year.


And data analysis. By the time a 5 year-old today hits up the job market, things will look drastically different with automation coming in.


I get that, but you know those kids aren't going to sit through anymore history or English lessons, so they might as well try to offer something useful to them.


I agree, but also...it’s the end of the worst year of teaching for many people. As an English teacher in the last week of the year, there was no way I was taking the time to make a new mini-unit that kids wouldn’t even give a shit about. We were all running on fumes.


I agree with the idea of life skills, but maybe not taxes. However, they probably have a lot of questions, since they’re getting ready to start living on their own. Half the people I went to college with didn’t even know how to do their own laundry or wash dishes. My high school had a senior life skills class where we went over things like what to do if you’re in a car accident, how to make a budget, how to pick a roommate, picking a credit card, different types of insurance, saving for retirement, that kind of stuff. If your school doesn’t have that, I bet your students would really appreciate a crash-course. If it does have that, then I bet they’d appreciate having someone to talk to and ask advice about their post-graduation plans. Edit: forgot who I was replying to.


Shitty admin led to me leaving the profession. In my experience, only the most incompetent teachers choose to move to admin.


That’s a shame - the job is plenty hard enough on it’s own without getting undermined (from very brief experience). Hope you’ve found something less stressful.


Not sure if it’s less stressful, but it’s definitely more lucrative, and I’m basically my own boss, so if there’s any incompetence around, it’s my own fault.


Ha, the couple of times students hit me with the ‘but we pay your salary’... Kid, if I gave you the level of respect my paycheck would warrant, you’d be getting an entirely different sort of education.


I had classmate who did try to pull that shit. It ended up with teacher having calm and yet systematic tearing apart that poor sod session for about half an hour.


Want details. Give summary and will provide popcorn and willing listener.


Teacher without missing a beat fished out answer he wanted from kid: T: I'm sorry, I was unaware that you are working, can I ask what you do for a living? K: no I don't work.. T: how do you pay my wage with your taxes then? K: my parents... Teacher didn't let him finish it and went on in a teaching manner explaining how taxes work and how he or any of us kids aren't paying them and about expectations and responsibilities to share a tax burden for common good etc. All the while he didn't take his eyes of kid and let inserting snarky remarks like "you wouldn't understand it anyways", "when you are not a burden which I highly doubt " and so on. At the end he said that he as a teacher has to apologize to his parents for failing to justify their tax share paid to him for failing make anything good out of their son. Inter thing is that that teacher was leading some after-school program in which that kid and me was part off too. Teacher was pretty good at separation between school and after school and never changed his attitude towards him outside classroom. He treated all of us as equal adults he just happened to be in charge of and he did regard that kid highly for his abilities there before and after event. Kid wasn't really a dickhead either, just as all teenagers had his moments with being a bit of a cunt


I think what would make it better is if that was an English teacher. You'd expect that from a Civics or Math teacher. But getting getting dressed down by an English teacher...


He's history teacher and he is history teacher for my kid now too


I've had some boss English teachers, my high school English teachers were hands down the most aggressive with discipline. One was a police officer for 20 years before moving into teaching.


My 7th grade English teacher thought the word stingy, which is pronounced stin-gee, was actually pronounced sting-eee and he didn't even get the definition right. Iirc he said it meant someone who was quick witted and their words would sting like a bee. I laughed/interrupted the class and told him how to pronounce the word and what it really meant. That was too disrespectful for me to be allowed to stay in school that day. Teachers can be cunts too.


I got in trouble in band one time for this. No joke got suspended for it. I messed up a part several times, teacher comes back irritated showing me how to do it properly while saying “not like this (my example), *like this*(better example)” When he played it later on in the day he did it the same way I did before he angrily corrected me so I quoted him and showed him how to do it properly. He didn’t like that lmao


Maybe you were right, but it's all in the *way* of being right. As a college teacher, I'm not afraid to say "I don't know" or "You're right, I was mistaken", but if the person bringing up my mistake "laughs [and] interrupts the class", it sure could send a bit of a wrong message here, something like the person wants to show off and be snarky in place of really wanting to be helpful to me and the rest of the class.


I love how kids are confident morons. My wife knew a kid that swore it was called "skin" and not "skim" milk because it has skin in it.


My 6th grade English teacher was a moron. She'd correct my papers incorrectly, I'd correct her corrections (with citations) and turn my corrected papers back in. We did NOT get along.


An acquaintance of mine started doing the math on the blackboard. "Well, my hourly wage is X, there are Y students in this class, you've already attended Z minutes of class..." It was a very large class, like 150 students in a prep course for university admissions. So in the end it came down to like 30 cents. The teacher actually gave the student those 30 cents and kicked him out of class for that day.


Thank you for what you do. You have one of the most important jobs imho. I’ve been lucky, almost all of my teachers growing up genuinely cared. A good teacher can be a defining figure in a kids life. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Also the latter part of your comment actually made me lol, I needed that.


What's great is that unless the school is private, the kid's parents probably don't even pay the teacher's salary if you were to take the tax they pay and divide it up amongst all the public services that they use. Hell, where I live, even the most hoity-toity private school student can't claim that, because every single school in the country receives some amount of public funding.


This is absolutely not true for Long Island, NY where I live and teach.


Entitled kids like that deserve a verbal smack down. Maybe, "well let me use what you pay me to teach you about a little thing called respect you little shit."


I don’t disagree - but that line was always so ridiculous I couldn’t even get mad. Like - I know you’re trying to push my buttons but wow are you bad at this.


That is usually my response. I just start laughing and tell them not to bring that weak sauce into my classroom. Show some effort. I also like to use " You know how sometimes you lie awake in bed at night, thinking about all the embarrassing things you said and did, and you can't get to sleep because your mind just won't let that memory go, so it keeps replaying over and over and you keep trying to convince yourself it wasn't that big a deal or how you should have handled it differently and how the outcome could have been better so you can finally get some rest? This is one of those moments." But a student has to really be a jerk to get that one.


As a teacher AND someone with anxiety, wowwwwww. 🙌🏼


Ran into an old teacher of mine at a pub years later. He said to me "the least you can do is buy me a beer - oh wait, I've already seen the least you can do" Great teacher, great guy.


I feel like I've hit my teacher with that at some point, I don't remember when... but I can tell you that it happened. I feel terrible about saying that to someone who just wanted to make sure you deduce logic from solving for x or whatever it may be.


I vowed never to work for idiots again. sadly that rules out self employment.


Teacher here, my old principal was a manager at Applebee’s, spent 1 year as a teacher, then somehow got a principals gig. She’s been terrorizing that school for 14 years now.


Teacher here. The worst principals are the ones like this, who barely/never had their own classroom.


My husband was a teacher and loved his work, but between the pay and administrative BS, he worked for the post office. Far better pay, not as personally rewarding.


No time for professional development, certifications, management courses, applications, and endless ass-kissing when you're doing silly things like your actual job and giving a shit about students.


I’m so glad my union was able to negotiate PD time into our total “instructional days” required by the state. We get our PD done without extra contractual time being added.


good employees do not quit jobs. they quit managers.


this is true. or a toxic work culture.


In sociology, there is something called the Peter principle. It essentially says that a person rises to a position of incompetence within an organization.


For those unaware (and unwilling to check it out on Wikipedia) the Peter Principle works as follows. Generally speaking, when a company promotes a worker they pick the best worker at the previous tier. This is entirely fair and reasonable - it promotes working hard and making an effort by rewarding those behaviours. Unfortunately being good at sales (for example) doesn't mean that you're going to be good at management, so a person will be promoted up to the point where they're not competent enough to excel and then they'll just remain stuck at that tier forever, slowly becoming more irrelevant and out of date as time goes by. To give a good example of this, look at Michael from "The Office". Michael is a bad manager, but he was an *excellent* salesman. He was promoted entirely on merit, but the things that made him a good salesman didn't transfer into his new role. He was promoted to his level of incompetence.


Interestingly enough, exactly the traits that made him a good salesman made him a terrible boss. He's very nice in a naive way and extremely friendly to everyone (except Toby).


this was a cool reply. Thanks for writing that


I firmly believe that the title “administration” needs to be changed to facilitators. Their job should solely be to ask what teachers need, then make it happen.


Think that goes for any profession. Ive had bosses, and we have upper-management, who are so disconnected from the front lines (the same they used to work). Just who you can suck up to.


I'm from a smallish rural town, 400 in our school. The drama was insane, we had a headmaster fired for ruining the budget, then his replacement STOLE more money and vanished. The replacement was the old head of French, and she went on a total power trip, the school ended up feeling like a nazi camp. And that's not a poor taste joke, she put posters up ever few meters with different school rules. Red posters with a white circle and a black image representing the rule.


Admin: You have poor classroom management skills. Also Admin: When you refer or write up kids we are going to ignore that and not show them any consequences so that you have no tools to maintain authority over your students.


Most of my admin I’ve worked for were great, but there were a few who had no clue what they were doing. That sums up every profession.


Depends. If you’ve ever taught in the NYCDOE, horrible administrators tend to be the rule instead of the exception.


Indeed. A former Principal was the reason I left one school. She now works downtown under the Superintendent. As a friend put it, she "failed up". She wasn't a good leader and it's scary to think she's in a higher position now.


That’s because the good teachers love teaching students and have no desire to move into admin


I would think it is a good thing to that bad teachers go into admin. The problem is if they think they are great teachers and everybody should learn from them. Difference between being a manager who let's there experts do what they are good at, and power hungry micromanagers who run it for everybody.


Totally true!


It's a perversion of the Peter Principal where only the shittiest ones move up or stay.


I swear lots of jobs are like this. Two people move up. A type want to make changes, and the people who want to sit around and make changes about the work instead of doing.


Same here. I was willing to hang in there for some stupid ass reason, pride or the belief I could make a difference, but administration just made me give up.


Am teacher, can confirm. I dress code students because I *have* to, not because I want to. And before I send them to the office, I generally say something like “if you were wearing some kind of awesome printed leggings or tights under the jeans (alternatives: if you were wearing a tank or cami that covered your midsection, if you have a belt that can show your style and stop your pants from slipping down), that could be a really neat fashion statement…” Most students catch on, and those who don’t, classmates are like “Mrs. Mantle is telling you how to get away with wearing that (item of clothing) at school!”


Of course you are teaching them how to get away with it - that's the whole point! ​ I mean, a teacher's job is to give kids the skills they need to be 'successful' as independent people in the world. Math, History, Science are all a part of that, sure - but fundamentally 'here's how to navigate all the rules and still get what you want' is, like, the Most Important skill you can give them. Kudos to you.


Heck yes, just this week my professor and I had a one hour rant about all the B.S going on lately, the dude did not hold back 🤣🤣🤣


Some teachers are quite vocal about it. Source: grew up next to two very vocal public school teachers.


This is why I always laugh at the fools who think the Teacher's Unions run everything. Like, if they did, wouldn't they be getting paid exorbitant amounts of money by now? People seriously misunderstand who has the power in this system, and it sure as shit ain't teachers. Don't get me wrong, there are some jerks in there, growing in quantity as you get into truly shitty districts that no one wants to teach in, but regardless, they aren't the ones who make up these asinine policies, they're just the ones told to enforce them or get packing.


Yep. Right now i work at a private school outdoor maintenance. We have a ton of grass to cut and chores round school to do. When one of our team of like 5 moved on to another job they didnt hire a replacment and wont. The admins say they dont have money for a newer lawnmower or small truck they promised us but when they have a something they care about they spend up to 20 grand on it.


> The admins say they dont have money for a newer lawnmower or small truck they promised us but when they have a something they care about they spend up to 20 grand on it. There's actually a legitimate reason for this, which generally happens above the school admin level. Budget comes in and is allocated for certain things, and it absolutely 100% can not be spent on expenses that aren't under the defined scope of the budget item. Say, a school needs a new HVAC system, but $10k comes in earmarked for sports or IT. That money has to go to what it's marked for, otherwise it's considered fraud. Now, some of this is on the admin. They can make requests. There's no guarantee they'll *get* those asks, though, and I've seen some important things stall out(I work at a library, but we have a similar command structure) despite repeated attempts to secure a budget line item. Sometimes this happens at the director level, sometimes it's the board, and sometimes it's even the county executive's department nitpicking our budget proposal. Another major issue is grants, where we might get a grant that *has* to be used for STEM-related programming, and sometimes there's stipulations where it can't replace funds for ongoing programs(so you can't use the grant to continue programming as normal and free up funds for elsewhere), and has to go toward a new initiative. So it's really, *really* complicated, and unfortunately if the cost of what you need is too high over the cost of normal operations it's likely to never happen(that's the story of why we're not ADA compliant, grandfathered in so it's legal), barring a sympathetic doner who knows how to work the system to help you out. I'm sorry you haven't gotten new equipment.


My social studies teacher hated it so much he ran for the school board to beat it himself.


Depends on the teacher, I had one assistant principal who was fantastic. I had many teachers who were atrocious.


Its the same for every profession. Some shite workers, some good, a lot in between. The difference is we remember teachers because they're such a big part of our formative years.


Way back in the 1990s while I was at University, there was a local nightclub that would serve free drinks from 11.30 to midnight to anyone wearing a skirt. It was just the done thing that half the guys there would be wearing skirts. It was a super conservative town too. No way you could get the local rednecks to wear a skirt to highlight some important social issue like this, but if there was free bourbon on offer it suddenly wasn't a problem.


What IS the societal hangups with a dude wearing a skirt? There are some places in this country where if you walk outside wearing a skirt your liable to get kilt.


Man I wish they were more normal. For thousands of years men wore robes or skirts or dresses. Its hot as fuck here most of the year. The air flow a skirt would provide would be amazing.


I can assure you, it is amazing. Go put on a kilt and wear it with confidence.


Listen, just do it. I also have kilt I wear from time to time, I don't care what others say about it. You wouldn't insult a 1,90m man who probably can send you flying with a punch about him wearing a kilt.


Heyoo! 👈👈


Ive gotten some friction from some dudes just for wearing a kilt. Some people are incredibly insecure.


It makes insecure dudes uncomfortable. If they see a guy's thigh and it gives them a tingle in their pp their reaction is "I-I'm not gay that guy is gay! Wearing skirts is gay! Stop trying to make me gay skirt guy!"


So many people missing the pun.


In Scotland especially, you sure are liable to get kilt!


At school one year for spring day all the guys in my year just decided to all wear girl's skirts for the day (I'm in a country with a school dress code) just for laughs. In the morning we all filed into our respective changing rooms and had runners exchange pants for skirts. It was funny and all, an not much the administration could or did do about it. I think they were just as amused. But, as guys we don't really know how to sit with skirts so... too many bad views were had throughout the day, we didn't do it again.


Bad viiews... might be good views for some people...


And here we are giving beer for Covid vaccines. We may be doomed.


Ohio was offering the chance to win $1,000,000 to anyone who was vaccinated because they knew their demographic was the type to be anti vaccine and buy scratch offs


Yeah and iirc a like 20 something year old chick who was getting vaccinated anyway won 🤣🤣🤣🤣


She deserved it


For sure she did! It’s also to hustle along the procrastinators, which it seems to be doing well.


Hey second drawing is tonight! Then 3 more after that


Scared of a vaccine due to unbelievably low risk of complications... ...Willing to get vaccine due to unbelievably small chance of winning $1m...


COVID has taught me to never underestimate the irrational nature of human beings.


And that America is pulled by very few people to the top. My god are they dumb.


At least they are consistent in thinking a negligible chance means it's almost guaranteed to happen.


They still are! They're picking one every week, plus a high schooler is getting a full ride scholarship each week


A million dollars to not die sounds like a pretty good deal.


Spring it on them halfway through "thanks for coming to our lgbtq event" throw confetti unfurl the pride flag.


"gotcha, darling!" 😘👉


[More details](https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/male-teachers-in-spain-are-wearing-skirts-to-class-to-bust-gender-stereotypes-3801596.html) for anyone interested. (As I was, so I looked it up) Short version is that last fall a boy was expelled for wearing a skirt. That started a movement called "clothes have no gender" that has been growing in support. These teachers heard about a kid in their school getting bullied for wearing an anime shirt, so they decided to do something about the bullying over clothes and started wearing skirts at the start of May and have done so every day since then.


A lot of kids from other schools, including the high school where my mom works, had "wear skirts to school" days and uploaded videos in solidarity.


Should have twirling parties where they do group dances. Half the fun of a skirt is twirling in it.


Skirt goes spinny


The first time my skirt went spinny was euphoric


Egg moment


David Attenborough voice: ...and here we witness a flock of majestic r/egg_irl users bravely venturing forth outside of their natural habitat. What will they see? Will they survive? Only time will tell.


Especially if the skirt is kind of lightweight and full so when you spin it whooshes up and swirls around the legs so when you stop spinning it keeps going, then twirls back the other way on its own while you strike a dramatic end pose. Twirly skirts/dresses are *the best*.


I have one that has flutters of silk that float around when I move. Love that thing.


Agree. I've bought many a skirts because of their twirliness


That’s amazing


Happened at my school. I did my part! It was super embarrassing, but you realize a period or two in that nobody cares and nobody confronts you about it, aside from the people talking about the actual demonstration


I just wish you would carry on from that, and think how good it felt once you got over that embarrassment, and keep on doing it!


I actually really really suck with social situations, feeling like everyone's judging me, that sort of thing. It took a lot of brute force to do the skirt protest on skirt protest day, I don't think I could do it more than that However, I think you'll be happy to hear I have some nice outfits waiting for me at a friend's house, a skirt and a dress, and hopefully I'll get to wear them out once we find out if they fit lol. Apparently I'm the right body type for that sort of fashion


Oh, I was like that when I was young to. One of the advantages of getting old is losing all those fucks I had to give, but I do wish I'd realized how unimportant worrying about other peoples reactions was. I could have really enjoyed showing off my legs when they were ***really*** good! The most surprising thing I found when I started wearing them in public, (especially at work) was how confident it made me feel, and from that, more *masculine!*


This reminds me of the comedian Eddie Izzard who has been a transvestite for many years (as well as a hilarious comedian, polyglot, marathoner - loads of labels). Back before she started (publicly) identifying as female, whenever anybody asked why she wore women's clothes, she would say "They're NOT women's clothes, they're MY clothes. I bought them, I paid for them." There are plenty of times when I've felt like it would be so awesome to wear a skirt. It's wrong to stop people from expressing themselves in whatever way they choose. Next to hair, clothes are the most significant form of self-expression there is and people shouldn't be dictated to about how they can and can't express themselves.


Eddie Izzard is such a gem.


Tea and cake or death?


*Ciaoooooo* Love Eddie.


I'm a mostly straight male. I have a few dresses and skirts. They are great around the house. I live alone work from home. Just toss on article of clothes . I get the comfort of knowing I'll not freak my neighbors out if they see me standing at my desk naked while working. I get a mild protective coat from a breeze. And less laundry. Plus it's easier to go to the bathroom.


What exactly does 'mostly straight male' mean? (Not hating or taking the piss, honest curiosity). Also, on the topic of clothes designed for women, we need more workout leggings suitable for guys. They look so comfy, but they ermmm, don't leave much to the imagination in the crotch area if guys wear them >_>


Seeing them on my wife, leggings don't leave much to the imagination on women either. Though, hugging the contours has a more extreme effect with external genitalia.


"mostly straight" is a place i was in for a while. i've since come out as bi, but for a while, i was in a happy relationship, not meeting new people (especially since covid), and felt no real need to explore my sexuality, although i figured there might be something going on there. there was a chance that i would explore more and figure nah im straight, but i didnt feel pressed to figure it out. dont wanna speak for the guy above, just my personal experience. also, ive been wearing a lot of tighter fit sweatpants and joggers and they do the job pretty nicely for me !


HE was lucky my teachers would either ignore the bullying or get into it. PD: I got bullied in front of several teachers (People hit me, grab my head and smashed it against a wall/door/table, insults, at one point i almost lost an eye once). 0 teachers helped me at all even the headmaster tried to cover up as "something kids do" after 10 years i still have nightmares


I’m so sorry that happened to you. I feel like all of the adults need to start thinking of “bullying” as PEER ABUSE rather than a rite of passage.


Yeah I’d regularly get physically assaulted (let’s call it what it is) by bullies in the middle of class and I’d get told to settle down or stop causing trouble. Not sure how I was responsible for another student wrapping metal wiring round my neck and choking me till it cut into my skin and drew blood but then I’m not a teacher


Same here. I specially remember a day in history class with one of my favourite teachers, i was in the first row (We changed places every week by lottery) someone run to me from the other side of the class and smashed my face against the tabel making my glasses break and my nose bleed. The teacher looked at me and asked :"Why do you provoke them?". I was literally doing the task he asked 10 min before....


Yup was told by a teacher once to stop making myself a target in response to me asking them for help.


Those are the same kind of people who say women deserve to be raped because of the way they dress .... AKA human garbage.


Yeah I’ve had that excuse thrown at me, or “have you tried being more nice to them?” Bitch I’m the one that got his head cracked open by some acne covered cunt with a cricket bat without provocation but I’ll reflect on your words whilst I’m in hospital having multiple scans on my skull and brain because I was acting weird after and was covered in blood


My school had a zero tolerance policy for bullying. I was bullied ruthlessly throughout elementary school and not once did a teacher do anything about it. In grade six I was sucker punched by a kid because they were playing the game redass, the ball rolled passed where I was sitting so I got up to get it for the guys playing, when I turned around this kid Donald punched me in the face and broke two of my teeth. He was the grandson of the superintendent for the district school board, so I was suspended for 3 days and he got off with nothing. In grade 8 I was bullied by a teacher ms. Richards. I would be centred out in class all of the time. A black friend of mine was being picked on by another kid, who was being racist. I beat the piss out of the kid. My family is German, we live in Canada and I have a very obvious German name, well it turns out the kid who was being racists' family was Jewish. I was suspended and my dad was brought in to talk to the principal and my teacher, who accused me of being a Nazi, while defending my black friend.


In hindsight, some of my school teachers were as childish as the kids they were around all the time.


“Headmaster” makes it sounds like a possibly private or religious school. Those places are fucked as theyre technically just privately owned businesses and the jurisdiction is way different


Those teacher with has some nice hairy legs. He can Sparta kick me any day.


Now i'm freeeeeeeeee......freeeeee baaaaaaallin!


I remember being a 12 year old girl and one of my teachers trying to ban girls wearing shorts and skirts in summer, because it was "improper". I'm from Spain it's really fucking hot here in June. Sometimes I think about it years later and wonder what the hell was wrong with that lady trying to ban 11-12 girls from wearing shorts


We kind of had the opposite problem. Junior school boys could only wear shorts the whole year even through winter when it was snowing. I envied the girls getting to wear fleecy tights. I have no idea why this was the policy but it probably was along the lines of bare knees encouraged manliness in 5 year olds.


That happened to me! I'm Brazilian, so it was actually around the end of the year during spring/summer. We were 7th graders and our history teacher pulled all the girls out of class to talk to them about how we shouldn't wear shorts, especially not loose shorts, because if we sit with our legs open it's possible to see our underwear if someone looks. He said, and I quote, "who's the idiot who won't want to look?". I was baffled.


"Who's the idiot that wouldn't sexually harass a bunch of preteen girls?" Ftfy


Just had a huge deal in US with a teacher modifying yearbook photos of around 100 girls who had any amount of their chest/cleavage showing. Nothing was said to the girls during school when photos were taken, but the yearbook editor teacher and the school admin thought it shouldn't be in photos.


Asking for forgiveness instead of permission rarely works because of this. Students may have grumbled, but just making it clear what would have been acceptable and unacceptable for the school photos would have cleared up most of the grumbling, and the issue likely wouldn’t have even made it to the news. Instead, I was watching the news, and several young girls mentioned that *nobody* once clarified to them that what they were wearing was inappropriate. Best part? They had a completely unedited photo of the boys’ swim team in their swimsuits in the year book, something which would also have violated the school’s dress code, but failed to contain any regular female anatomy in it.


In my high school the cheerleader outfits were pretty questionable, too. As were cross country shorts. Fingertip length on below waist, and shoulders covered. No mid-rift. I don't recall cleavage being defined in dress code. That was before having clothes full of holes was a thing though. But none of this was even remotely in play on that yearbook. Teacher took it far and nobody reeled her in, I think she wanted burqas or whatever amish wear.


I’m loving the skirt & tights + hoodie + ‘lack of fucks to give about haters’ in his eyes


It's a pretty hot look, tbh.


Expel that teacher for giving all his students weird feelings. (/s)


My husband has a kilt and it’s awesome! :D


Yeah they totally pull it off. Or should.


He’s trying, the other guy has no tights and old running shoes on.


Eh, they both look hot to me. *shrug* *unzips pants* *puts on skirt*


I mean his shirt does match.


That's almost a kilt even


They look like skorts to me. A shorts/skirt combo.


Hey- dude is standing there teaching all day in a skirt in support. They’re both trying. He may not have hit the mark, but I’ll take it.


To be fair, guy with the thights is wearing a mini pencil skirt, while the other guy is wearing a pleated skirt. Thights don’t look very good with those. Especially not with that tartan pattern. His lack of socks on the other hand...


Alternative headline: "School staff expel student for wearing a skirt, then all wear skirts themselves to rub it in"


Different schools involved


Should have worn a ball gown, for added awesomeness.


They are wearing ball gowns technically. Ha... ^(Dumb joke. Sorry.)


Maybe not as accessible as a skirt for some


That is really cool. Good for them for standing up for their students.


I suppose if they were sitting it would be harder to notice the skirt under the desk


On the opposite end, in my high school there was an incident where, in short, a girl asked to be excused to the restroom and the teacher said no. She asked if she could speak to the teacher in private and the teacher said no. So she eventually just left because she was having her period and at this point was horrified because it was already visibly an issue. She was suspended for a week, effective immediately. Her mum came to get her and was livid but more focused on getting her kid home as quickly as possible. They were later told they could've appealed if they thought it was unfair but the appeal needed to be in person, and the student wasn't allowed back on campus until her suspension was finished. And for some reason the parents were told they couldn't do the appeal on her behalf. So there was this idea to do a protest in which students, right after the first bell, would all go down to the office and file the appeal form on her behalf. The class I was in, the teacher before the bell made some quick comments about how she understood we felt passionately about this and if we felt like we needed to miss part of class for it, that was our decision and she would respect it. Which we took as a wink and a nod of support. She instead had a 'pop exam' while we were gone that counted for a rather large grade and gave us all zeros.


I work at a high school as a school psychologist. I am astounded daily by the number of asshole teachers who do and say asshole things for the powertrip.


And now that teacher lives a lonely life with her pet birds.


We did that in high school in the 90s cause one of our male friends got expelled. So all us girls brought all our skirts and distributed them to the boys that wanted to make a statement.


Lmao. A school administration basically tried to ruin a student's academic pursuit simply because of a skirt.


Wait til you hear what they do to males with long hair. Which is stupid since there's not even a cross gender thing about long hair unless you're doing pig tails.


As a straight man who's rocked pig tails, fuck your limitations on my hairstyle.


There's literally nothing about gender and hair that has anything to do with each other even pig tails. People need to stop worrying about other people's lives.


Let the balls of Spanish pride flow free


Every single year when it gets hot there's some story in the UK where a boy is told he's not allowed to wear shorts to school, then wears a skirt, and the school change their policy. Realise that this story is slightly different, but just amazes me schools have to put themselves through this to sort out stupid rules theyve imposed


I’m all for school uniforms and dress codes - but I am also all for equal treatment. If boys are allowed to wear a uniform, so should girls. If girls are allowed to wear it, so should boys.


Dress codes are cool, but have you seen the racket that is US elementary school uniform clothes? $40 a shirt, $50 for pants, and they MUST come from one specific embroiderer on the edge of town which is apparently the sole business qualified to apply such a prestigious mark as the logo of a public school. Most people bought far cheaper (but for some reason nicer) copies of the uniform colors and got them embroidered by other parents, or they bought/traded handmedowns from other students. I wonder if there are still polos in rotation from when I was there lol.


I’m a junior high teacher in a title 1 school. Any khaki pants/shorts/skirts, and any polo that is white, sky blue, or navy blue. If students don’t have uniforms because they don’t have money, we provide them. We even have washing machines on campus for students/parents with no way to do laundry at home. Every school is different.


One of our company licensees wears kilts. He is a New Zealander and only wears American made kilts. Go figure. Anyway one of our female reps (South Australia) had a problem with it during a drunken conference. It was hillarious and broke every stereotype.


I love the idea of kilts. But everyone I have ever known who regularly wore one was both a total tool and in no way Scottish. I definitely have some deep-rooted negative biases there myself. Would never stop someone from wearing one though! I just might be silently judging them while they do so.


The main problem with kilts is that they're incredibly heavy. There's a surprising amount of fabric in all those pleats. And thick wool at that


I mean Scots don’t even regularly wear kilts, it’s mostly special occasions. It’s like wearing a dinner suit every day.


Or have a few options for everyone and avoid dealing with any stuff in the future that would result from someone being openly non binary


Yeah, pretty much my intention. Skirts or pants, blouses or shirts for all!


Hell fucking yeah


I'm native, and in one of our ceremonies skirts are mandatory for us males. These guys are cool. And sad for the administration.


That’s so cool. Can you tell us what the ceremony is about?


For sure! its a Lakota ceremony. If you want details feel free to pm. I dont feel comfortable speaking of it openly.


Once you wear a skirt/kilt you'll know what true liberation feels like


All i see is 2 people wearing clothes


What about the chalkboard


Missed the context. What started this?


u/BranWafr has posted this earlier > [More details](https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/male-teachers-in-spain-are-wearing-skirts-to-class-to-bust-gender-stereotypes-3801596.html) for anyone interested. (As I was, so I looked it up) > > Short version is that last fall a boy was expelled for wearing a skirt. That started a movement called "clothes have no gender" that has been growing in support. These teachers heard about a kid in their school getting bullied for wearing an anime shirt, so they decided to do something about the bullying over clothes and started wearing skirts at the start of May and have done so every day since then.


Solid move to wear tights, good call there lol


Amazing teachers!!!!! I know there's a lot that is wrong with my township's schools. But a short story... When I picked up my daughter from school one day freshman year (7 years ago now), I asked her how her day was. She told me her friend wore a skirt to school. Her friend Charlie, a young man. No teasing, no problems with the administration, nothing. He even got compliments on it from others. I am so sorry it did not happen here.




why is this hot 🥴


Because confidence


confidence is the Secret to everything


Just look at those legs!


How any of them had to be told how to sit properly in skirt, not showing your balls.


The whole clothing being gender specific just baffles me, its a skirt, who gives a shit if a boy wears it, women/girls wear basically anything and no-one bats an eye, a man wears a skirt (outside kilts) or leggings (outside cycling or football players which is oddly acceptable but anything else isnt) and they get vilified for it.


Sorry but they both look so fucking good in a dress




Ive got nothing to say except respect him


God I remember my best friend getting sent home for having hair that was too short. He wasn’t allowed back until it had grown out. School systems are horrific when it comes to how people dress and look. Wish they focused more on the standard of education they provide and how the pupils are treated, rather than irrelevant things like this