Violent anti-fascists pose with a flag they stole from a gathering of right wing demonstrators, 1944

Violent anti-fascists pose with a flag they stole from a gathering of right wing demonstrators, 1944


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[This was taken at the Marmion Farm, a rally point for the 101st on the morning of D-Day, inland from Utah Beach. Here is the exact spot on June 6th, 2019](https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-CKQ7bQ2/0/X4/i-CKQ7bQ2-X4.jpg) The top photo shows two members of Easy Company, I do believe Walter Gordon on the right.


Easy Company you said, ok good time to rewatch band of brothers :)


Currahee! I need to rewatch it now too. I can hear the intro music in my head.




Hiiii-yooooooo sillllllllvvvvvvveeeerrrrrrrr!


I love that The Schwim was basically just rehashing his Ross character from "Friends" and it worked perfectly for Captain Sobel.


CURRAHEE!!!!!!!! (Its been awhile since I've seen this fine epic of a series and can't wait for the bombers series to round out the nice trilogy Spielberg and Hanks have started)


Bombers, you say?! My great uncle was a ball gunner on a Liberator. Shot down and captured. Horrible story. But I would LOVE to see a series about bomber crews. Is this happening?!


It’s always a good time to rewatch Band of Brothers. Curahee!


Mmm spaghetti for dinner tonight then


Army noodles with ketchup


That ain’t spaghetti- it’s ketchup with noodles


We pull upon the risers, We fall upon the grass..


We never land upon our feet we always hit our ass!


Those less common these days reading the book is an excellent option as well. It offers a bit of a different perspective on Sobel. Specifically, that while most of the original Easy Company hated his guts and knew he would have been a terrible field commander, he did managed to help produce a damn fantastic fighting unit.


This is the same perspective the show offers.


Yup, Sobel was great at his job training soldiers, not so much at leading them into battle.


We salute the rank, not the man.


Obligatory Nix smirk and head shake.


Love that scene!


I read Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends, the book about/by Babe Heffron and Bill Guarnere last year, highly recommend! Philly peeps represent


My grandfather brought back a nazi flag as a war trophy. My great grandmother made him burn it in the back yard.


My grandfather climbed a flagpole after liberating a camp. Brought one back. Think it ended up in his small town museum.


[Here](https://i.imgur.com/W7SppM8.jpg?desktop=1) is a higher quality and less cropped version of this image. [Here](https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/paratroopers-display-a-nazi-flag-captured-in-an-assault-on-news-photo/2641664?adppopup=true) is the source. Per there: > US paratroopers display a Nazi flag captured in an assault on a French village. > Credit: [Keystone](https://www.gettyimages.com/search/photographer?family=editorial&photographer=Keystone) / Staff >Date created: June 01, 1944 [Here](https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/tributes-paid-to-the-101st-airborne-division-in-normandy.html) adds that this was at Utah Beach, St. Marcouf, France. 8 June 1944.


I was in 2-504th PIR, 1BCT, 82D and walked passed a looted nazi flag riddled with bullet holes that had been hung on our wall in the battalion HQ. From the outside looking in, it was probably quite suspect. My battalions nickname was “white devils” and we had a nazi flag hanging in our HQ. To us however, it was a constant reminder of what we stood against, and what we still stand for. It was a trophy that serves as a constant reminder that even against the greatest evils we will prevail. The name “white devils” was a derivative of “the devils in baggy pants” which is what the whole of the 82D Airborne Division refers to themselves as now after finding correspondence between the Nazi’s which referred to us as such.


Yooooooooo. Sup Devil fam? 307th support bitch here. 04-09


Aye, I was at 307 BSB for about a month before they moved me to 2-504. Also a support guy. 11-14’




I may have worked with some of your brothers and sisters in KAF Afghanistan 05-06. I don't remember too much except they called themselves the Bravo Dogs and they were a great crew to work with.


There's nothing suspect about a captured enemy battle flag. It's an ancient tradition.


Which is why my home state of Minnesota will never return Virginia’s battle flag from the battle of Gettysburg where 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment made up entirely of volunteers held the line against a much larger confederate force. This bought the rest of the Union army more time to organize a counter attack. The 1st suffered an 82% casualty rate but captured the Virginia battle flag which we still have to this day and have refused to return it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.twincities.com/2017/08/20/minnesota-has-a-confederate-symbol-and-it-is-going-to-keep-it/amp/


Fascinating. Thanks.


Why would the Virginians want it back? "Hey give us back that important souvenir from when we decided to slaughter Americans because they might vote to end slavery. It meant a lot to our horrible traitor ancestors."


Why do people still fly the confederate flag...


You’d be surprised the shit civilians will come up with. I took a picture before I ets’d infront of that flag and posted it along with a story of why it was there, where it came from and what it meant. Didn’t take long for that photo to be used against me, sans caption of course.


I’m surprised that you’re surprised about that picture being used against you. Optics are a thing in spite of good intentions.


I don’t have a stellar track record of making the best decisions...you see, I did enlist in the U.S. Army, haha.


I did worse, i almost let them commission me...


I can't imagine the Germany I would have grown up in if it weren't for those heroes. The thought that this way of thinking is still widespread makes me sick. Fuck Nazis.


You can get an idea if you watch "triumph of the will" from 1935. It was commissioned by Hitler to document the 1934 Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg. The cult-like adoration of thousands of people, the massive parades, and the rhetoric in Hitler's speeches are very unsettling, especially when you know the country would be war-torn and split in half in 11 years time.


That sounds familiar


As a Dutchguy, i get goosebumbs from these pictures and it reminds me of all the people that gave their live for my freedom. I will never forget this.


One of the most touching parts of the book Band of Brothers is how fucking stoked the Dutch were about the Americans breaking through. Several countries were very reserved and the Dutch were ready to party on sight.


Well, we do know how to party. I would fucking loose my mind at the sight of the first soldiers liberating my country and I think I speak for every Dutch person that we would go fucking crazy for 2 weeks straight probably.


Hell yeah! It's kind of fascinating how different each country reacted. The French were super ashamed. Barely engaged or celebrated. The Germans were just cleaning everything. He said they went to sleep one night in a bombed out town and the next morning all the streets were swept clean. But the Dutch... they just wanted to party. All booze and flowers and sex lol. Representation from the mini series: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/wikiofbrothers/images/4/4a/Marshmallowhell.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180528052204


My grandparents came over after the war and talked about how a lot of people they knew starved to death later in the war. They happened to be lucky enough to live by the river. Oma used to spit every time she'd walk past the German bakery in her small town.


Yeah a lot of people who lived during 40, 45 will never forgive any German for what they did, never. Me, who was born in 85, thinks there were probably a lot of Germans who were drafted into the war, they are victims too. Its just such a sad part of our history. Funny that you said Oma btw.




The good news is, they're just a bunch of sore losers. 80 years and they still want you to know just how stupid they are.


[Nazi punks fuck off](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyc62g7YQM0)


It's like that recent story where some southern state pussies wanted their Confederate flag back and the people who had it where like, "Fuck you, you lost and we took your shit, cry more." Those may not have been their *exact* words, but I like to think maybe they were.


You're thinking of [Minnesota](https://www.sayanythingblog.com/entry/minnesota-has-been-refusing-to-return-a-captured-confederate-flag-to-virginia-for-more-than-a-century/)! Republicans and Democrats don't get along very well here, but everyone agrees Virginia can fuck off and they're never getting their flag back.


This is poetry. >And for 100 years, Virginia has been asking for it back—even suing for it, as a bunch of Virginian re-enactors tried to do in 1998. **Then Attorney General Hubert Humphrey III told them to go fly a kite.** >In 2000, Virginia legislators got involved, asking Governor Jesse Ventura to return their captured icon. >“Why?” he asked. **“We won.”** >In 2002, the U.S. Army chief of military history declared that a wool flag like the 28th Virginia should be housed in a Virginia military history museum. Minnesota thought it should be housed in **the proud halls of Step Off, Virginia, It’s Never Going to Happen.** Tim Pawlenty turned the Virginians down once more in 2003, and Mark Dayton did it again in 2013. *(emphasis mine)* Modern-day Nazis and Confederates can both go suck it.


> “Why?” he asked. “We won.” > > Can't not hear it in exactly his voice.


"Governor Jesse Ventura" is such a fever dream of a phrase.


America kinda loves electing celebrities, off the top of my head: Governor, then President Reagan Governor Schwarzenegger President Trump Senator Franken


Both Al Franken and Schwarzenegger were good politicians though, they were both good choices for the electorate to pick from. "Celebrity" isn't necessarily the problem if they're intelligent enough.


Also, Schwarzenegger and Ventura were in a movie together.


Dude you skipped the best part! > Years and years of bipartisan agreement that Virginia can go pound sand. >You gotta love it.


Telling dirty rebs to cope will never not be funny


Somehow Fox News has been able to label ‘antifa’ anti-fascists as a bad thing, I think my dad, who served in WW2, if he were still here, would not believe it if he saw it.


They're saying the quiet part loud


Fascists will rarely declare themselves as such. But they will make anti-fascists their enemy.


Also warriors for social justice. And back in the '60s, people who wanted to improve living conditions of starving children were sneeringly called "do-gooders", like doing good was bad.


dont forget in the 90's being a bleeding heart liberal was a bad thing cause its weak to care about people you dont know.




> Date created: June 01, 1944 5 days before the D-Day?


Maybe the original info only had the month, but along the way it was converted to a datestamp that required the day.


One of the few times it's acceptable to pose with this flag.


The Von Trapp exception


I heard a story on NPR about a lady who loved The Sound Of Music growing up, but she only saw the first part, and didn't realize there were Nazis in it at all. She thought the Hitler Youth guy was just a mailman.


I only saw the movie for the first time last year and I can honestly say I've never seen a movie take such a hard turn in plot and tone


yeah, that shit turns dark fast as fuck, for real. i used to be genuinely terrified as a child.


You have clearly never seen life is beautiful. I saw it last year without knowing what it was about and was thinking it was such a charming little love story, shame it ended so quick i should get ready to turn it off OH WAIT NO OH MY GOD IT'S NOT OVER THIS IS AWFUL oh lord that was one hell of a turn


Ironic that the same people who waved it today had grandparents who tore them down.


Ironic and heartbreaking. If there’s one thing that gets my goat, it’s God. Damn. Nazi. Scum. We’ve been depicting Nazis as THE de-facto evil villain for decades and yet these fuckers just came crawling out of the sewers. I don’t get it.


It might be related to the "drugs are bad" type message we had in the 80s. In the sense that portraying Nazis as absolute cartoon-like monsters creates a situation where some people find out they were regular humans as well, they start thinking that maybe they weren't so bad.


The baddies are cool and/or misunderstood. This is the edgy default now somehow


I think it's more that anti social people are pulled towards antisocial things. Aka, the neckbeards don't have real life friends, but the online nazis know that pain and will welcome you.


I mean, that is a common tactic for any radical group; not just the Nazis, but cults as well. They target the people who feel marginalized, or alone and give them the feeling of belonging to a group.


Our current society is very good at making people feel isolated and marginalized. We feed that beast.


Yes the internet has been a way for your local town crazy to get incontact with other town crazies all across the country, and suddenly they dont feel like they are crazy anymore.


My grandfather jumped into Sicily, glidered into Normandy and survived Bastogn with the 101st.


I never understood the whole anti-fascist thing... like, yeah, clearly fascism is bad. Shouldn’t we all be anti-fascist? What am I missing here? Edit 1: what party does this sound like to you? > Definition of fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime that: 1. exalts nation and often race above the individual and 2. that stands for a centralized autocratic government [that is] 3. headed by a dictatorial leader [with] 4. severe economic and social regimentation, and 5. forcible suppression of opposition


> clearly fascism is bad. its not clear to everyone.


And most of those people barely understand what fascism is, some of them think it's having to wear a mask in walmart lmfao


It all depends on which end of the spear is facing you.


Well, that's the best, more succinct way anyone explained it to me. Thanks!


Or flagpole


yup, the pointy end makes it clear real fast


Too many people think that the Nazis were bad because of the holocaust and don't comprehend how the Nazis got there. And that's why we are dealing with another Nazi problem.


100%. If you find yourself laughing at "Jewish Space Lasers" remember Nazi rhetoric employed over-the-top jokes about Jews before they used more extreme and absolutist language.




Well the republicans have been using extreme language about POC for years - ex anytime a white person muders a bunch of people it’s a tragedy and it’s political focusing on how to stop the real issue - a POC is even alleged of murdering someone and they are a thug, terrorist, gangsta, etc... automatically


Or for exact recent examples... 13year old black kid that was shot this week was "a man" to the media. The 17 year old dipshit that shot and killed two protesters in "self defense" was "an innocent boy".




Wtf, he went from calling them rapist to saying they're good people in one sentence. I guess **he** of all people wouldn't see that as unusual...


Yea it's really bizzare how some people seem to think world war two started and ended in 1945. when depending on whom you ask it started in 1932.


or 1918. I truly have to believe that fascism is born out of fear and desperation more than it is out of pure greed and selfishness. it doesn't excuse it, but if we can target the root of a movement or a problem, it can help eradicate it


Have you read "Hitler's beneficiaries"? That is how you get there.


Complete with antisemitic blood libel.


And especially, that we set fascist equal with the Nazis. Yes, the Nazis were Fascists, but so was Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, ... And in none of these countries you would have had much fun living - unless you never disagreed with the government.


Usually the best way to make fascists is by having them believe they're not the fascists. Even fascists think fascists are bad. They just don't recognize they're the fascists.


Usually, but not always. Though a lot of public facing fascists will contradict themselves to try to avoid scrutiny ("I would never, of course, advocate violence, but what can you do when they're forcing DEGENERACY on us?" and similar rhetoric which attempts to avoid legal responsibility for clear incitement to violence)


It's also easier to radicalize those that are extremely impressionable. I mean, if you're taking that deflective rhetoric and pretense from obvious fascists at face value then it's likely you're not going to be thinking all that critically.


This is why, it needs to be spelled out for some folks and even when it is, they side with party over logic


[It would seem the Germans are bad](https://youtu.be/VzuaW8GD3X8)


Same reason there are anti-racists. “Shouldn’t we all be?” Sure, but we’re not. Racism is alive and well, and so are fascists.


I'll take a whack at it: There are a lot of fascists out there, unfortunately. One of their primary tactics, at the moment, is normalization of their viewpoints. So, they start by spinning their ideas in a way that's more acceptable in main stream society. That acceptance opens a way for more extreme ideas to also be accepted by mainstream society. Antifascism is a political stance (not an organization, no matter how many letters you remove) which holds that fascism should be 1) opposed at every opportunity and 2) opposed in as public a way as possible, in order to combat the tactic of mainstreaming, as the normalization thing is called. I don't know if that's OPs motivation, but that's the logic behind a lot of what antifascism types do, as I understand it. It doesn't necessarily require violent opposition, however, and most sane people recognize that peaceful opposition is a better way to go at this point. Some folks are just nuts, though, at any point on the political spectrum. Edit: I'm just going to say I regret opening the box of worms that is discussion of peaceful responses to fascism and leave it at that.


their primary tactic always is normalization. Its why Richard Spencer doesnt call himself white supremacist. He calls himself identarian like the European identarians ( which are mostly white supremacists)


The people screaming about Antifa have no idea that it even stands for "anti-Fascism", nor are they even likely to know what a fascist is. Edit: for the record y'all, I am not antifa personally nor do I give a fuck about your opinion of them. I do hate fascists though, and MAGAism is absolutely fascism for what it's worth. And I say this as someone in another country entirely with no skin in the game.


I argued with a guy who said Socialists were Fascists. If you have any sort of knowledge on that topic you would know that is a hilariously stupid thing to say.


was it senator tuberville?


No it was just some dumbass on Reddit. What was great was I baited him by asking him why he thinks the Nazis were socialist because I always get the same answer. Because they were called the “Nationalist Socialist Party”. I asked him if he thought the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea was a Democracy then and I shit you not he tried to argue with me that North Korea was even remotely Democratic. That’s like Olympic Gold Medal levels of Mental Gymnastics. Literally tried arguing NK was a Democracy just so he wouldn’t admit he was wrong.


Umm, NK is the epitome of Democracy. In the last parliamentary elections, turnout was 99.99%. Google the pictures. So many happy voters. So many smiles. Don't you wish you too lived in a land of smiles?


You are now a moderator of r/Pyongyang.


But bro....they’re named the *DEMOCRATIC* people’s republic.....you think they’re going to lie about their name? Everyone on the internet is so gullible


Always love when they try arguing pedantic technicalities to avoid being wrong. Happens every time.


Not terribly surprising. The people that tend to blindly label everything as socialism and/or antifa tend to be world class mental gymnasts


thats the only activity they can compete in.


Can confirm. There are a lot of dumbasses on Reddit.


Yes, I am one, for examle!


> ...for examle! We took you at your word, no need for proof. But thanks anyway


Or propaganda bots.


When they claim that the Nazis were actually a left wing party I like to remind them that the Nazis fought street battles in Munich against the Communists in the 1930s. Then I ask them why 2 left wing parties would be fighting each other if they have so much in common political wise.


Er, to be fair though, lefties fragmenting and disagreeing with each other is a stereotype for good reason. The People's Front of Judea vs the Judean People's Front was hilarious but also based on the reality of 20th century politics.


I had a discussion with a person from a communist party that said she preferred to talk/argue/discuss/interact with people from centre-right than with the people from the other left wing party (basically socialists/communists that don’t/didn’t side with China, USSR, etc). So yeah, sadly, conflicts between left wing parties are very much a thing and partly the reason why is so hard to get a stable left wing government - unlike right wing parties, left wing parties tend to spend more time fighting each other and less time fighting right wing parties. I wish that the left wing parties put the differences aside and focus on their common ground. There is so much unfairness in this world, why argue about issues that, in practice, are not even going to matter in the short term?


In the Reichstag the Nazis formed a coalition with the conservative parties, not the left leaning ones.


Some Youtuber made a video one of them didn't like, I'm sure.


also why the leftists were the very first people the nazis sought to exterminate. Eliminating your most fierce opposition first is dictator playbook 101.


What sorta weird ass arguments did he even give that NK is a democracy? im trying to think of any at all but can't besides it's name.




No, antifa groups are literally antifascist.


I'm sure the democratic people's republic of korea is totes democratic, and a republic. I mean, it's right there in the name. You can always trust a group to give itself an honest name, after all.


It should have *never ever* been shortened. And just stayed as it is: *Antifascist*. You cannot put a spin or weird pronunciation on that.


>You cannot put a spin or weird pronunciation on that. Fox News: Hold my Beer.


I won't call myself antifa. I can't believe the stupid sounding "non-word" has become a word. I am proud to be an antifascist though.


Yep, they see Socialism in the Nazi party title (Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party) and they think it's some form of checkmate on leftists. But, they're typically arguing either from ignorance, or worse, from dishonesty because they conveniently forget that North Korea is called the DPRK or Democratic People's Republic of Korea; and that their Form of government is a Unitary One-Party Juche Republic. My point being is that titles have no bearing on the actual actions taking place. It also doesn't help that Nazi Germany was proudly fascist and it was plainly encouraged in the party doctrine. It's also why Italy, more specifically Mussolini cozied up to Germany. Fascism was extremely popular in Germany and Mediterranean countries for it's highly machismo-istic, nationalistic, and ethnocentrism.


The issue is more with who people think is fascist. Take Prince Philip as a recent example. The man literally fought against the axis in WW2 in the Royal Navy, and yet modern day "anti-facists" online accused him of being a nazi/fascist. He has a hell of a lot more in common with the men in this picture than modern antifa, so is he a facist anti-facist? No, he isnt. Hence the issue.


The British fought aginst the Axis but that doesnt really wash away the blood of the colonies from their hand. British troop were gunning down peacefully protesting civillians in 1919 Jalianwallahbagh massacre, mismanaging famines resulting in millions of deaths in 1940s Bengal Famines and ran their own concentration camps in the Mau Mau Uprising of 1950s. Brits were fighting their competition not because they morally disagreed.


It’s likely because his siblings were Nazis and people love to assume that your family defines you. Prince Philip cut contact with them and married Elizabeth. IIRC they didn’t attend Elizabeth and Phillip’s wedding




Kind of related to this: I am playing through Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus right now (a game set in an alternate universe where the Nazis won WWII and occupy the US). I happened to check Metacritic for reviews and noticed a lot of negative user reviews, when the game was generally well-regarded by critics. Virtually all of the negative user reviews were complaining that the game was too 'political.' A game about Nazis. Too political. My mind just can't process how you can reach that conclusion. The game has some left-leaning themes and characters, which I'm sure is the source of the complaint, but if you find yourself complaining that a game about Nazis that displays the Nazis in too negative a light is too political than I think you just told on yourself.


That guy with the cutlass tho. Mans a savage


Pretty sure that's a machete, I think cutlasses have a handguard.


That's definitely a machete. I don't know enough about swords to say if you are correct about the cutlass part, but I think you are right there as well.


I'm pretty sure his mates were treating him like Brick in Anchorman. "Dude, where did you get a machete from?" "I don't know."


It really ties the photo together.


Hugo Stiglitz


He probably owed his CO some nazi scalps.


I have a very large Nazi flag that my father captured when he helped capture a town in Germany (he was a front line, combat sergeant in Patton’s third army and fought across Belgium, France and Germany and helped liberate a concentration camp. He’s passed away, but when he was still alive he would take that flag out of storage in his closet and air it out on the clothes line of our house once a year to help preserve it. My mother would sometimes question this because of concern over what the neighbors might think. My father always responded that he had fought his way all the way through Europe and faced Hell itself to seize and defeat that flag and he needed to keep it so we, his sons would always know how necessary it was to fight such evil early and if the neighbors didn’t like it, they could say something to him and he would be glad to explain to them why he had it and why he kept it.


This, this is the way. If you ignore history it will just repeat itself.


many of these soldiers went to fight in korea against communists... violent anti-communists too, I would say


Only 2.5% of WWII veterans fought in the Korean War. It's unlikely more than one man in this picture would have fought in both.


Yeah. Authoritarians of all stripes.


Dude has a fucking sword, imagine getting to kill a nazi with a sword


Not the guy in the picture, but you've probably heard of him already cause he's pretty famous but there was an British officer called "mad" Jack Churchill who used to say 'Any officer without a sword is imporperly dressed'. There's a lot of crazy stories about him, which are dubiuosly true, but there are multiple accounts of him killing a German officer with a longbow during an Ambush in France. Later on in the war he lead a Commando squad through Italy, and whilst there took a observation post comprising of 42 prisoner. He left the prisoners with his men to walk back into the battlefield to retreive his broadsword, which he dropped during hand to hand combat. Aparently later on in life after the war, he used to throw his breifcase out of the train window on his way home from work, before explaining to the passengers he was simply throwing it into his back garden so he didn't have to walk it home.


>he used to throw his breifcase out of the train window on his way home from work, before explaining to the passengers he was simply throwing it into his back garden so he didn't have to walk it home. I have never identified so much with a person I just heard of. I've been following this guy's footsteps and had no idea. Not with the heroics or sword-handling, though... I guess I'm just a pussy.


This Jack Churchill guy sounds like the George Costanza of his time.


Fun fact! Machetes were first introduced as a tool to cut down sugarcane, and, during the Haitian Revolution, the slaves used machetes to kill the slave owners, making machetes an icon for anti-slavery


That IS a fun fact! You’ll never hear me cry over slave-owners and/or Nazis getting killed with machetes!


It's a good dose of machetedicine!


That's badass as hell omg


Thats a machete and wasnt likely used as a killing instrument unless as a last ditch weapon. Normally used for clearing brush and such.


Is this r/politicalhumor?


It’s not humorous so it would definitely fit perfectly on that sub.


I served in the army I thought I was a republican mostly do to family influence.I will never again say I am a democrat or republican because never do I want someone else speaking my mind for me. I would say I have conservative views and liberal. Definitely pro 1st and 2nd Amendment but I am totally against the war on drugs and racism and cops not being held accountable . I am married to a beautiful blonde liberal btw so my own views could be distorted


The question is... are you pro 3rd amendment?


No fuck the 3rd ammendment. I want my house being a soilder frat house 24/7. Sounds like a party


Those soldiers would probably be considered right-wing extremist nazis by today's standards. They probably had strong religious beliefs, believed women should stay in the home, and would not think very nicely about homosexuals.


What is this title?


This title is more fitting on r/fakehistoryporn. He might have posted to the wrong sub or just a karma farming account.


You're not comparing the men who helped defeat the Nazi regime in Germany to the Antifa protesters?!?


So brave


Legend has it they stormed an Apple store right after the photo was taken.


That’s Reddit for you. They use pictures of Airborne infantry in WW2 and try to compare them to some lardasses burning down a small business and running away while wearing an Antifa shirt


Cool pic, cringe title.


Comparing antifa to ww2 soldiers is a massive insult to the soldiers.


This kinda smells like delusional self aggrandizement. I ate a fascistic burrito yesterday and blew up my toilet in protest.


Is this the thing where we pretend WW2 was some moral fight against racism and facism and our grandparents or great grandparents who fought in it weren't super racists as well?


LOL we were fine with them taking over until they rioted our naval base.


I talked to my GFs grandfather who fought in WW2, I tried asking about his experiences back then... all he wanted to talk about was how the Mexican food trucks near his work was ruining the neighborhood, and they should all leave


They hated communism too.


Just a quick note, the right and fascism aren't the same thing.


They were destroying a murderous regime not the local mom and pop hardware store.


I’m anti-fascist but I’m also anti communism. Where’s the “just don’t be dicks to people” movement?


My approach is: If your politics involve, at any point, mass executions and prison camps, *even if you pinky swear that it’s necessary to create a utopia* then I want nothing to do with it or you. Period, no exceptions. It’s served me pretty well so far.


Likening the US Military to Antifa is something special. Besides, the US weren’t driven by ideological opposition to fascism so much as Nazi dominion. Americans had a largely non-interventionist stance on the war until it feared for the safety of its own Nation. It wanted to put out the fire on it’s neighbors’ house because it’s own backyard was starting to catch fire. To lionize the US or Antifa and to imply any connection between the two is to wear some serious funhouse mirror like glasses.


The vast majority of soldiers weren't super progressive soldiers of equality. Most of them disagreed with, like, the holocaust. But there's a reason FDR didn't have much opposition to Japanese concentration camps in the US. Same with the Civil War. Most union troops were virulent racists. I would love a historical study on how many were even abolitionists.


And today, the person who submitted this picture on reddit would call the men in this photo, fascist XD


r/all is a 💩factory


Out of the loop: What did ANTIFA do this time to a political opponent? Whenever Reddit is flooded with the "ANTIFA = WW2 allies, the attacked = nazis" there's usually something bad going on.


After being on Reddit for a few years, you start to recognize astroturfing from miles away.


OP’s got 9+ million karma in a year from posting biased, divisive content like this, with the majority of his posts earning thousands of upvotes. Nothing fishy here, no sir!


The important thing is to keep everyone at each others' throats. There's a lot of money & political power in dividing the populace. The easiest way is to define each side by its extremes, that'll keep everyone distracted for years.


This is exactly why I’m about ready to archive and cancel my FB account. The algorithm *clearly* wants me to fight with people that I once got along with. It is a clear attempt at division. It constantly puts the conspiracy theorists in my circle at the top of my feed because they know I can’t help but troll them. I’m tired of being manipulated.


The MN National Guard has been out in MN because of the riots here and the upcoming verdict in the Chauvin trial. Yesterday someone [shot at them, injuring 2.](https://www.fox9.com/news/2-national-guard-members-injured-in-minneapolis-shooting) This might some kind of attempt to defend that.


Holy shit I can't believe this isn't at the top of the front page. Actually I kinda can, but still, wow.