Another Domestic Terrorist Arrested

Another Domestic Terrorist Arrested


The ONE guy where it would have made sense to shave to make him hard to find...


Good thing he didn't have any distinctive features like prominent tattoos on the backs of his hands.


Probably had his cell phone in his pocket, too


He didn't get the covid tracing app. You can't trace him. /s


Yeah and don't get the vaccine, there tracer nanobots in it. Had to since THEY can't track US any other way.


I always wear a nordvpn shirt nowadays, cant be too careful.




I was never here




I wish I didn’t know people that actually think this


Crazy how they don't want a vaccine cause "its a chip being implanted" but they carry a chip around in their pocket 24/7 that does the same tracking.....


every time I try to explain this point to my conspiracy theory reading mother, she just can’t grasp it. your phone is a gps and microphone that’s already great at tracking you, why would bill gates decide to spend millions upon millions to do it slightly better?


Not even slightly better, significantly worse to have a chip implanted. If a chip breaks while in you - “they” have to wait until you go to the doctors for another vaccine. If your phone breaks - you literally voluntarily go out the next day and get another $1000 chip.


He's wrote a "note" in his phone that's says "attention FBI, NSA, CIA, and all other private entities or public agencies, I do not give my permission to track, use,distribute or laugh at any information found on this personal device. All geo locations, meta data, messages or pictures of my micro penis are solely my property and may not be used under any circumstances, in perpetuity." So the case against him is gonna be weak.


At least one of those tattoos is the "Mark of The Outsider" from a video game called Dishonored. The back story is too damn ironic not to point out. In the game world, the Dishonored are the select few that receive the mark from The Outsider. They enjoy supernatural powers and protections (it's basically a magical rune). The other sect is an extremist cult called that tattoo themselves with the mark...


Ah, the video game that takes place during a deadly plague and where a successful coup starts off the game? Luckily that hasn't happened in real life, but the one marked by the Outsider was not part of the coup in the game (just framed for assassinating the queen). EDIT: Yes, Daud (who killed the Queen) also had the Mark of the Outsider. I was giving a general overview from the protagonist's perspective at the beginning of the game.


Dude! I never thought about that! Didn't the QanShaman guy also have a dishonored tat?! I'd love to learn more if this was coincidence or an IP that they appropriated and got as part of their movement and not just these guys really loving the game


I would love to learn they just liked the game, and not the mark of the outsider got appropriated by nazis, a lot of fans of the game have gotten that tattoo


While i was playing dishonored last year, when covid started, i moticed that the appartment block behind ours had a room that was lit with nothing but weird purple lights oozing from it. 100% there was a shrine with a rune there.


Cheap led grow lights...


Purple light is often grow lights


Nazis are really good at appropriating things and ruining them for everyone else.


The best part about the mark is the idiots saying it was a hammer and sickle and he was secretly an Antifa agitator.


Well, if you're looking for irony, the game is about politically-motivated murders to restore the rightful heir after a violent coup. If he liked Dishonored enough to get a tattoo, he's totally drawing parallels between what he's doing in the capitol and the main character. Ah shit, I just realised that the game takes place during a deadly plague! That the leader that you're fighting against is responsible for spreading! I also want to say, despite it's current association with this insurrectionist, it's a really fucking good game series.


The Outsider will not be denied


You wanna gather for whiskey and cigars tonight ?


Nothing a pair of mittens can’t hide


Leave Romney out of this.


You may find this difficult to believe, but these guys aren't terribly intelligent.


...or just wear a mask under the pretense of a "pandemic"


No no, he "[has a disability that prevents him from wearing a mask](https://www.wrbl.com/alabama-news-2/auburn-man-in-federal-custody-following-u-s-capitol-riot/)."


Oh man, that's terrible for him; seems like it would be better for his health and safety not to participate in a violent insurrection during a pandemic if he has a condition.


I'm a bartender and that excuse has always confused me. If your asthma makes it so you can't breathe while wearing a mask, you're gonna hate getting covid. Also, this isn't gym class, and you still need to be wearing a mask before I'm gonna take your drink order.


When people try to tell me they have a health condition, i tell them its too bad, because i have a federal law condition. They always appear smug and full of themselves when presenting that excuse, but nobody can ever provide documentation or a doctor's note. Its as if they made it up to cheat the system.


I figured the shaving was because they all knew they were screwed, and typically looking unkempt during an arrest/trial doesn't help your case. Being a clean-cut white guy is a super power in the legal system.


I’d wanna look my best for any picture I know will be the top result when anyone searches my name for the rest of time.


Good point. This just reminds me of the officers who turned themselves in during the BLM events, all showed up in suits and ties for their initial mugshots.


Honestly that's one of the best reasons that if there is a warrant for your arrest it's best to contact a lawyer and the law enforcement office, so that you can set the narrative and not look like shit when your mugshot is put out to the public.


i knew a girl that did this. i don't remember what she and her friends were doing that night but in her words "i knew we was getting picked up that night so i made sure to be on fleek" and she did. she was so proud of it that we googled it once AT WORK so she could show it off. She sadly passed away in 2019 and I tried to find it again to share in memorium but no luck. RIP.


Mr. Cell Phone Tower would like to have a word with you.


I t's actually even funnier. The capitol has their own cell network. So anyone on capitol grounds will have their phone connected to that building. While ATT might have been able to place him close to the insurrection. Capitol cell service will be able to place everyone who entered the building. All they have to do it send the collected SIM information to the cell phone companies and they will have the names and addresses of everyone who was there with a phone.


William Watson of Auburn, Ala., was taken into federal custody on Monday. *Authorities say Watson, 23, violated his bond on a July 2 drug case when he traveled to DC to join mob that stormed the Capitol.


He is only 23!


That's a hard 23


It's the beard; I easily look 10-15 years younger if I shave.


Yeah, he looks 35 in the photo on the left cause it’s far enough away but the photo of the right is clear enough to see that he’s still got a young mug behind that beard


>only 23 He's aging in Post Malone years.


>He's aging in Post Malone years. He's only 25? Holy shit. I thought 35+.


It'd be more impressive if he was 35+ and breaking into mainstream rap. Last person I can think of who did that was 2 Chainz.


Lots of drugs and drinking and bad hygiene will age you very quick


Storming the capital is probably the most exercise he's ever gotten.


> violated his bond Aaaaaaaaaaaand boned. *ROFL edit* Dude was out on a $103,000 bond in Alabama for trafficking marijuana and LSD...yet took part in a coup on behalf of the party that wants to keep those things illegal. Congrats, you played yourself. https://www.wrbl.com/alabama-news-2/auburn-man-in-federal-custody-following-u-s-capitol-riot/


Well, yah. So long as they're illegal, he gets to make money trafficking those substances.


Fair enough. I wonder if his opinions on working in a dispensary will change in the next 10 - 15 years.


Wonder if he'll legally be able to once he's a convicted felon.


At least here in PA, if he was convicted of a drug related felony, he could not.


So, if you've been convicted of selling drugs, you can't and if you haven't then you can? You would think they would appreciate a little bit of previous experience.


You have to show you didn't get caught.


I would hope so, I'm all for convicted felons being able to work after they're released along with them being able to vote and if their crime wasn't violent (so not in his case) being able to own firearms. Having said that I don't think he should be out of prison until after he has completed his sentence for insurrection, sedition, felony murder (along with whatever his current drug charges/trespassing on federal grounds are) so he might not be in working condition by then.


That is exactly what growers did in northern california a few years back before weed was legalized. They voted against legalization because it would hurt their profits.


There was some cartel leader that put out a public statement thanking America for drug prohibition because without drug prohibition he never would have been able to acquire obscene amounts of wealth and power. You know why there aren't drug dealers selling cigarettes and alcohol? Because those things are legal and regulated... And I've never seen Budweiser and Sam Adams get into a shootout over territory...


Don't kid youself. Differences in state taxs make cigarette smuggling lucrative. Edit to add background source and spelling. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5733801/


Yeah Go buy a pack of smokes in a bodega in Brooklyn. You'll have no State tax stamp on the bottom unless you look like a narc.


Still lower key than a drug war, innit though?


unless your name is eric garner


Yep that is one thing so many people for some reason don't understand even thought it should be obvious - no one is more against legalization than drug dealers. Who likes giving up a virtual monopoly?


Dude obviously never heard of "one crime at a time."


In his defense, coups are only a crime when they fail.




Bond Boned


Boned. James Boned.


Sorry, I'm from the UK and we don't have bonds. What does this mean? Does he lose this money? Did he have to pay 100k to avoid prison for the first crime?


He was arrested. Judge determined that the guy would not try to flee to a non extradition country or go underground so he let him leave jail (but still have to show back up for trial and if convicted, he goes to prison). As an added incentive to not flee he had to give the court a lot of money and he has to follow certain conditions like not contacting co-conspirators (or in this case, not leaving the State). If you violate the bond (as he did) you face additional criminal penalties (more time in jail) and likely bond forfeiture. If you don't violate your bond and show back up to court when its time, you get the money back (even if you're convicted of the crime as the bond was just there to make sure you don't go into hiding). I'm not sure specifically on Alabma's laws on bond forfeiture, but that money probably is the states money now. Also, that guy looks like he doesn't have $103,000 on hand so he probably owes some people money. IMHO it's a shitty system but it's currently our system.


Yep. I'm also not in alabama, but the way it works in my state is that you usually have to put up 10% of the total ($10,300 in this case), and the bond company is essentially a guarantor for the other 90%. If you show up for court, you get *most* of the 10% back (minus fees for the court, usually 5%). If you don't show up, the bond company is on the hook for the remainder, so they can come after you to pay it back. In my state, violating your bond isn't necessarily an extra criminal charge, but often leads to heavier sentences, and you're *much* less likely to be given a bond in future cases. They'll just keep you in jail until trial. Edit: I also forgot to mention that you have to put up collateral with the bond company. If that's how this seditious chucklefuck did it, his momma might be losing her house.


> If you don't show up, the bond company is on the hook for the remainder, so they can come after you to pay it back. And this is where bounty hunters come in.


Yep, they send Dog the bounty hunter.


Guy in my old neighborhood was a bounty hunter. Always had the best coke


> If you show up for court, you get most of the 10% back (minus fees for the court, usually 5%). If you don't show up, the bond company is on the hook for the remainder, so they can come after you to pay it back. That's really strange. How I've always seen it work is that the bond company actually pays the courts the full amount of the bond up front, and they charge you 10% of that amount. When you show up to court, the bond company gets back 100% of their "investment" and you, their customer, get's back zero. If you don't show up, the bond company is motivated to go find you, so that they can take you to jail, and they can get 100% of their money back. They'll often also require collateral (sorry bout your house mom, you shouldn't have trusted me) that they can exercise the option on in cases like this where catching the guy won't get them their money back.


I'll never understand how people can take psychedelics and fall into such hateful movements. Prob was fake LSD.


My brother loves psychedelics... he’s also a trump supporter. Blows my mind too


I can’t imagine tripping acid and thinking “we should drug testing welfare recipients”


I think psychedelics are useful, but that doesn't mean the Manson family didn't use it to brainwash and murder people. Its just a compound.


Well, drug dealers are the only group (besides cops) that benefit from prohibition...


>yet took part in a coup on behalf of the party that wants to keep those things illegal. Congrats, you played yourself. I see now contradiction, if those things stay illegal he can keep trafficking and making money, clearly working out on his favor. /s


like the repo guy interviewed at the trump rally saying he's never been making more money than when trump was president https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH329MmRikQ


Its important to note that he says this while talking about how, not just his finances but the country's finances, have never been better. Everyone is clearly doing better financially because he, the guy who makes money as a debt collector, is making more money than ever.


world hunger is gone because he just ate lunch. global warming is a hoax because it's cold where he lives


Holy shit. This guy is 23? He looks terrible


>Holy shit. This guy is ~~23? He looks~~ terrible


> \*Authorities say Watson, 23, violated his bond on a July 2 drug case when he traveled to DC to join mob that stormed the Capitol. ​ Andddd of course dopey potato though it wouldn't matter... Hope he enjoys his new housing facilities.


Oh no! Now he lost his right to vote AND lost his right to posses a fire arm for the rest of his life. BOOHOO 🤣


Ahhhhh... it's the antifa guy with the antifa tattoo that was first used in the antifa game Dishonored. Edit: Too many of you think I support this terrorist so throwing out the obligatory /s


The irony when I realized it was a Dishonored tattoo was almost too much for me. Dishonored is literally a game about a group of people trying to overthrow the government and it going REALLY poorly for the people involved in the overthrowing.


Don't forget that it was also during a plague.


Guess he was so detached from reality he forgot he don't have superpowers, despite the mark of the outsider.


People on my fbook were like “ThAtS a HaMmEr AnD sIcKlE”


And everyone knows the famous hammer and sickle from the antifa country of Russia. Stalin was antifer. That symbol definitely means antifer. Everyone's antifer!!!


Dishonoured is actually an antifa game isn’t it? I mean there are quite a lot of Antifa games if you think about it. Half Life 2, Abe’s Odyssey. Little Big Adventure...pretty much any game where the protagonist(s) fight for freedoms against those who want to regiment and control society.


Rising up against fascists is a super common theme in video games, and really media in general. Off the top of my head, Wolfenstein and New Vegas. Indirectly (observing the fallout of it), the Bioshock series. Dark Souls also has an anti-establishment/monarch/fascist theme. Not a game, but Fullmetal Alchemist is pretty heavily anti-fascist. It's probably the most common conflict you see in man versus society storylines. Which is also why it's funny watching republicans try to reason that their greatest enemies are... enemies of fascism.


Also Star Wars. But you have a bunch of Trump boomers who unironically love it and don't understand they are supporting the real-life Empire.


Not even in like an accidental way George Lucas like explicitly said the rebellion is the Viet Cong and the Empire is America.


Just reminded me of this article by Frankie Boyle where he argues [“...American Sniper ... was basically Star Wars from the point of view of one of the stormtroopers...”](https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jun/30/west-racist-wars-bombs-radicalisation-frankie-boyle).


Wolfenstein, yeah. New Vegas, sorta. It's basically Liberal-Right v. Fascists v. Robber Baron v. Right-Anarchist. DS is definitely about dismantling old systems of monarchy. FMA is only marginally anti-fascist. Amestris doesn't become a democracy in the end. It's still a military state at the end, iirc, it's just run by a leader who's not a supervillain. --- All that said, it is rather funny, but they often think the "evil empire" is the same as real life soft, boring-ass American liberals.


>!No but you see when you finish Dishonored 1 you regain power over the throne (or at least your daughter does) of Dunwall that's peak authright, being the monarch!<


Wasn't there more than one ending? I seem to remember it not being so bleak


Yeah, depends on how many people you killed.




Of course. [Didn't you see the tattoo identification guide?](https://i.redd.it/6xtjw36sw5a61.png)


The best part is the video game tattoo that R's took as a hammer and sickle and called him Antifa.


Gohmert tweeted that specifically: ["Those leading the charge like the guy in yellow with the communist hammer & sickle tattoo: stopping the violence applies to you too."](https://twitter.com/replouiegohmert/status/1346934205377343491)


LMAO >On his Instagram account, he has regularly posted conspiracies related to the election and COVID-19, reposting videos from the conspiracy peddler Alex Jones and InfoWars. In one video, he claimed to have a disability that exempted him from wearing a mask at the Auburn restaurant Niffers. Other videos clearly support Trump. https://www.alreporter.com/2021/01/07/no-this-capitol-insurrectionist-isnt-a-communist-but-he-is-from-alabama/


“In a following tweet, Brooks said: “Evidence, much public, surfacing that many Capitol assaulters were fascist ANTIFAs, not Trump supporters.”” Fascist ANTIFA? Fascist. ANTIFA??!? Is that like schrodinger’s fascist?


Conservatives' favorite game is using words they don't know the meaning of to sound smart.


I love watching them try to convert original grass-roots content into their own slogans. Black Live Matter vs Blue/All Lives matter. **Anti-Antifa**, Be Best, etc. They are sad little twisted mirrors.


It's just so sad because people truly believe it's all fake and it "goes so deep" that antifa put these people in place to cause chaos and make trump look bad.


ANTIFA wanted Trump to lose the election. So it makes *total* sense that ANTIFA would want to disrupt congress on the day where they make Trump’s loss official, right? /s


It's a false false false false flag.


To be fair, a place like Niffers sounds exactly like a place that is mask optional.


I don't think the blue ticks tweeting that nonsense actually believed it. They just wanted something to rally their fellowship of fuckwits with and to feed their victim mentality.


Here's the best part of this little bit, the plot of the video game is to abolish a fascist state and my mans is out here trying to install one


During a plague, no less




Holy shit I completely forgot about that


what game?


Dishonoured (the name gives a certain level of irony to the situation)


And he’s not even speccing in to a stealth build


What is the tattoo actually? It does look like a hammer and sickle in the photos, and I saw some Trumpers posting about that too.


It's a logo from the game Dishonored


Now that you mention I see it now, I thought it was a poorly done hammer and sickle but nah that's fucking Corvo's mark from Dishonored.


This is the clearest picture I could find https://i.imgur.com/GeLfRiU.jpg My own father was dead set it was an antifa tattoo


The mark of the Outsider(from Dishonoured). Just like the 1st and 2nd Amendments this dildo also didn't understand the game at all.


A game literally, explicitly about the perils of violent military coups during a plague? Guess this guy thought the high chaos ending was the good option.


Not only that, but >!the villains of the game were complicit in spreading the plague around, hoping to wipe out the homeless population. Can't help but draw comparisons to Trump's blatant disregard for science and his repeated withdrawing of supplies from blue states in the hopes that they would be hit hardest hardest by the plague (which of course backfired because of his dipshit supporters' denial of science/masks).!< It's uncanny and this dude missed the point of those games by a MILE.


It is the symbol from the protagonist's hand in the game Dishonored. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121018104849/dishonoredvideogame/images/1/18/Dishonored-The_Mark.png


Pretty sure it’s the logo from the [Dishonored](https://www.google.com/search?q=dishonored+logo&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari) game series.


It's the mark of the Outsider from the video game Dishonored. Pretty sure the tattoo on his right hand, your left, is actually Sigmar's hammer from Warhammer fantasy.


I loved him as Gimli. This is heartbreaking.


"you have my bow" "And mai flag"


And my AXE body spray.


*AXE body spray does not condone trailer park coups*


I don't know, it's basically just a canister of tear gas anyhow


That actor, John Rhys-Davies, was a hologram Leonardo DiVinci on my latest Star Trek Voyager rewatch. It was a big surprise seeing Gimli trying to give Captain Janeway advice.


Redneck Gimli: toss me! cmon! Weird shaman guy: \*raises eyebrow\* Redneck Gimli: don't tell the FBI


"Well, here's one dwarf she won't ensnare so easily!" Wrong.


The rasputin of alabama they called him.


There was a certain man, In alabama long ago


He was dumb and fat, and his eyes a dim glow


Most people looked at him, with disgust and with sneer


But to Huntsville chicks, he was such a lovely dear


He could eat hot cheetos like a cheetah, selling ecstasy, a liar.


But he also was the kind of leecher, trumpmen would desire.


Ra Ra Rasputin, Alabama’s love machine


It was a shame how he carried on. (this one doesn't seem to need changing)


This is the best thing I've read in weeks.


Ma Ga Rasputin, lover of his first-cousin


Oh those crazy *Russians*




They kind of pulled a Leroy Jenkins if you think about it.


*"When the right wing sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”*


Honestly, even Trump was disappointed from the people who supported him. For some reason he expected a high class riot or something.


He expected a full paramilitary coup. He expected several legions of 'Enrique Tarrios' in matching gear using coordinated tactics. He got the 497th:Q-cumbers regiment


Pinkies out when you storm the Capitol Building with the intent to disrupt the election process and potentially murder people.


Yes, flourish the pinky. Very fancy.


have any of these domestic terrorists had anything redeeming? I'd take my chances with immigrants. Almost all of them I've met IRL are good people.


Married an anchor baby. Most immigrants I've met are nice as hell and work harder than anyone in my family. Wife is a pediatric nurse. BIL protects old people from elderly abuse. These people would not be in this country if not for illegal immigration.


my grandad got carried into the country by his mom fleeing an abusive husband. went to WW2, jumped out of an airplane over france, shot some nazis, came home and married his high school sweetie, started a business, made some bank, retired mid 40s. of course then he got a divorce and started dating 20 year olds but still, he had a solid run.


The undocumented ones are even more law abiding... https://news.wisc.edu/undocumented-immigrants-far-less-likely-to-commit-crimes-in-u-s-than-citizens/


Wow this man completely missed the point of the dishonored games


Why are these terrorists not smiling now?


Dude's probably realizing he just ruined his fucking life lol Imagine trying to get a job.. "I did a quick google search and it appears that you took part in a violent insurrection against our country. Sorry I think we're going to go with someone else."


His job is low level drug dealer.


I mean I wouldn’t buy weed from someone who tried to overthrow the government. I do have some standards.


"i'll get my drugs from someone else"


>Imagine trying to get a job.. Pretty sure the guy with hand tattoos and prior convictions isn't too worried about getting the next job.


They all look sad. Poor proud boys /s I figured they would be happy since most failed revolutionaries have their fucking heads chopped off.


As a liberal, I feel so “owned” rn.


Oh yeah, they totally got us. My liberal tears are turning into snowflakes I'm so owned. lol




And a Trump supporting cop, at that


He should have shaved.


and cut his hands off


Jawline shame is a real problem for some guys.


Trump nuggets were trying to claim the tattoo on his left hand was a hammer and sickle and he was an antifa actor. It's literally an exact copy of the tattoo on the main protagonist in the Dishonored video game series. It really is astounding what these people will believe.


They don't believe it. They just need an excuse. They know that what they are doing and what they believe is wrong, they just aren't strong enough to own it. As soon as they admit that they are horrible people they can't claim to be heroes. It's not surprising, cowardice is a defining characteristic of their type, they live in constant fear of everything. Not brave enough to own who they are.


Isn't this the guy conservatives used as proof of Antifa involvement because of his hammer and sickle tattoo? Which is, you know, the actually the mark of the observer from Dishonored?


It looks like the profile for domestic terrorists and ISIL terrorists is pretty similar. Political radicalization for violence doesn't change much whether you are in the US or in the Middle East.


Vanilla Isis


I'm more prone to Y'allqaeda.


Don't forget that both are extreme right-wing as well.


The great neckbeard purge of 2021


His wife/sister must be pissed


Yeah, now she is left at home to raise their 9 sons/nephews.


It's tough growing up without an uncle/father.


Ha, one of the people on my FB feed had this guy's picture and another one of a bearded dude at a BLM march and said it was rock solid evidence that antifa was behind the coup. I pointed out that the two pics didn't look that similar except for the beard and belly and long hair and all these idiots told me I was blind and that they hoped I didn't drive if that was how bad my vision is. I came back to them about 10 minutes later and apologized and said I had done my own research. I told them they were right and that I had found another pic of the guy. I posted my pic and they ate it up, thanking me for the pic I had found and for being big enough to apologize. Then I revealed that the pic I had given them was Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, and pointed out that it might not be a good idea to jump to conclusions based on blurry internet photos. I woke up the next morning to find I'd been blocked.


Why do Trumpies always look like they’re Lamb of God band members?


Whoa whoa whoa I resemble that remark


My criminal father back in the day always told me to never mark yourself so you can't be identified, he had love and hate tattooed on his fingers and 'Born to lose' on his upper arm, I was 5 and asked him what it meant and my mom said I would find out. My dad was too a loser.


Currently out on bail, so known to the Police. Check. No face-covering. Check Prominent tattoos on hands in full view. Check. Big beard. Check. Identifiable jumper. Check. Yes. The lad is ready to rock the Capitol. .


I hope the steady flow of these arrests continues. It’s like catching fucking Pokémon and it’s giving me life.