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Didn’t know I was the only person that loved 4-10s Love having 3 days off. 10 never felt that much longer.


Me too. I have had to become an early morning workout person. And do them on my 3 days off.


I think a lot of people underestimate the Wednesday off 4-10 schedule! The psychological safety net of "just one more day then some time off" has been helping me a lot.


Had this on my last clinical which I loved. I still like having Thursday’s off and I actually don’t feel drained after my workday. Just having a hard time fitting in a consistent workout schedule mostly.


Gotcha! I guess it depends on what you enjoy doing at the gym. Weight lifting with some biking thrown in is what I typically enjoy. What's helped me is super sets and an upper/lower split. I only workout twice per week but have managed to make steady gains regardless. Still chasing my lifetime goal of 225lb squat for 5x5 though ☹️


Have you been running a 5x5 linear progression model awhile? And weight? Before PT school I was very into powerlifting (and school, poor time management has kinda ruined that but over breaks and rn i can run a 5x5 LP and put a good 5 lbs on weekly but I’m nowhere near my one meet peak of 385/245/445). Male here fwiw. But absolutely can provide programming advice either sex.


Wednesday off is awesome. I do three 10.5s and one 8.5. Wednesday off. Prefer it to Friday. Whenever I want I can take a Friday and flex to work Wednesday.


My daughter is a nurse in the OR and this is her schedule and she loves it.


Just go straight to the gym or whateve it is you wanna do. I find that if I just go and start without thinking I feel fine. If I think about it or procrastinate it’s over


4 10's was not for me. Switched to M8, T9, W10, Th9, F4.


Must be nice having that flexibility. Cash-based outpatient clinic?


Nope. Hospital based outpatient but I have cash-based hybrid private practice separate. Having my Friday afternoons open is where I see most of my patients. I negotiated for that schedule during my interview.


You hate it so much during the 4 days... but then once the weekend rolls around you feel like "I guess it wasn't so bad". It's a rollercoaster of love/hate.


Sundays feel so depressing tho


Yep, the Sunday scaries. And Tues are like "Omg I have to do this again for two more days..."


Still in school but during undergrad I worked construction over the summers which was 4 10s M-TH. I found that getting my workouts in before work was beat because after a 10 hour shift I had no energy. I learned to cut the fat out of my workouts and work more efficiently. Biggest thing for me was making sure I got to sleep at a decent time the days before work so it felt like I had no axial life in those 4 days. I was also playing football at the time so the motivation to continue to workout came from my coaches checking in a few time a month.


Girlfriend does 4 10s, she does shorter workouts 30-40 mins max on work days, I help with most of the cooking, prepping for the next day, dishes as I have shorter days working through lunch. Then on off days she does longer workouts. If you're a social person during the week you can not workout on your work days and just do 3 more intense workouts on the off day, I'm a fan of legs push pull.


Worked 4 10’s once. Thought I’d love it. Hated it for this reason. The extra 2 hours just made me so tired that my after work life was so limited. Didn’t work for me. My next schedule was M and W 10 hour days, tues and thurs 6 hours, and Friday was 8 (there was no way with patient volume/staffing that Friday could be a short day). Loved this schedule because I had time/energy to get long workouts in Tuesday and Thursday, plus daytime off for life stuff.


40 hours suck enough on its own. Compressed into four straight days is really the worst. Though, admittedly, I just hate 40 hour weeks in general especially for the pay. I kinda miss my travel gig.


Worked 4 10a and it was great with a weekday to ski. But then started a family and not much quality time.


It sucks ass. I pull 4 tens and have a long commute. It makes me miserable during the work week and I’ve fallen into unhealthy practices because of it. Trying to fit in a good workout after work sucks. By the time I’m done, it’s 8pm. If I want dinner, I’m looking at an hour to decompress before bed before having to do it all over again. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be unless there’s a paid holiday that week further shortening things or using PTO. 11 hour days just at work is dreadful and is slowing killing my soul. Yes. 4 work days is nice. But four straight tens is hell. It just pushed the dread of Monday morning off to Tuesday morning. I can’t even do my preferred morning workout because of this nightmare. I LOATHE evening workouts especially after a ten hour day of teaching exercise. NEVER turn a hobby or a de-stressor activity into a career. I used to love the gym. I’m growing to hate it right along with this profession.


This is me unfortunately, can't stand to go to the gym and work on my body after helping 16 patient's with their own.


Perhaps you could move your off day to a Wednesday to break your week up. 4 straight is rough.


Too many folks at our clinic with alternating days off already and we’re partnered with another therapists schedule so no dice.


The idea of four 10s looks amazing but I struggled with the same thing you did. I would work 7-6. It was all I could do to go for a run and cook before I passed out. The day off was nice but it wasn’t worth having no evening on my work days to relax.


My schedule is 8-6:30 and I end up going to the climbing gym or just working out some nights after work for a couple hours. I sneak in a quick dinner beforehand or after. I save meal prep for the weekends. I'm lucky that my commute is very short. I've somehow gotten used to this lifestyle but I seem to be okay with it for the meantime. I'm young and can manage this for now, but I don't imagine myself doing 4 10's the rest of my career.


Become a morning person my friend. Once kids and family come you need that good habit. If I’m not done working out showered and had breakfast by 5:45am I’m not getting it in that day. Maybe during that hour for lunch. But you lose motivation fast as the day goes on. It stinks for a few weeks but then you embrace it


I exercise every night after work, typically don’t get done until 930pm. Sucks but can’t be out of shape as a PT, and like you I’m not a morning person


That’s how I rationalize it. I can’t give people crap for not sticking to there HEP or missed appointments If I skip stuff myself. My patients are making time to come in before work after work hiring a baby sitter to watch kids to come midday. Least I can do is walk the walk. Or else I lose all ability to scold them for missing appts hha


Exactly. Plus the physical and mental toll is far more manageable


I worked this schedule before, having experienced Wednesday as my off day and then switching to Monday. I enjoyed having Wednesdays off. As someone mentioned earlier, the psychological relief from knowing you only have to work two days in a row before being off is actually quite nice. Working four 10 hour days in a row is rough, especially in a high volume, fast paced OP clinic. That was both physically and mentally draining for me. Even though l had three day weekends, I felt like I needed at least part of my off day to recover from the condensed work week. As far as time management, I just had to prioritize exercise after work, no matter how I felt. I knew I’d feel worse off if I didn’t move my body. That being said, my schedule was switched to 5 8’s at the beginning of the pandemic and I find that has worked out better for me with regard to work-life balance. I have a lot more time and energy to be active and complete other tasks at the end of the work day. Hope this helps.


The secret to working any 10 hour job is not being there for 11 hrs Edit: I realize this comment isn't helpful at all lol but it just sucks to be at work an extra hour just to be a human and eat


Too bad the 1 hour lunch doesn’t count.


Yea 4 10s are a love hate. Love the extra day off but the 4 days I work are jam packed and have no wiggle room. I think it's worth the extra day off but I only have time to eat, clean, bathe, and sleep before my next shift. I may occasionally fit in a 30 min workout but it's hard.


I work out on my lunch with my co-Worker’s. It’s a lot of fun, and keeps us all active.


I love my four 10s. I'll admit I don't always make time to work out, but I'm in acute care and moving all day - so unless I worked out before work I was too beat after. I am on maternity leave now and am hoping to give my old schedule a try when I get back, but not sure it will work/I will like it with a baby. But I LOVED having 3 days a week off, and I felt like being there two more hours each day wasn't a huge deal.


I do really enjoy the extra day and I’m not phased by the 10 hour workday. Two of my clinicals were 4-10s so I’m very used to the workload. I’m just having a hard time managing the pre/post work life now that I’m actually a clinician that wants to do things outside of work other than studying.


I miss 4-10’s so much. I did it on a travel gig in Arizona so I did a lot of exploring on the weekends. In general I’d say one day to explore or be social, one day to sit around and mentally/physically recover and one day to run errands. During the week I went to the gym in the morning before work


I work four tens and love it, personally. Right now I lift on my day off and on Saturday. I also go to a spin class twice a week, once on my off day and once right after a day of work. Not having downtime in between work and spin helps me cause I don't have time to sit on my couch and realize I'm tired lol. The group fitness setting and paying for a class also helps keep me motivated to actually go. Does your facility allow you to use the equipment while on lunch? As long as patients aren't using it and I'm out of the way, I jump onto the machines for a quick workout during my lunch. I do my max weight for fifteen reps on leg press, leg extension, HS curl, chest press, rows, lat pulldown, and then head to the cable column. It's not even close to the program I would do when I just go to the gym independently, but it's enough to build a little bit of strength and keep my aches and pains away.


Just go after work


I was 4 - 10 s t-f for the last 6 years - loved it. Weekend warrior style workouts for me. Not much of a gym person. I’d either get in a road bike or mtb ride in after work when daylight would allow. Rock climbing when sun would set earlier - hit longer bike/ski touring/ what have you on the weekend. To be social - just skip the workout! Never fret because of the 3 days off!