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I just wear a new condom cath. I’ve only had a UTI twice in six years.


Don't even need one. https://c.tenor.com/2qiFpZhdMVkAAAAC/billy-madison-adam-sandler.gif


You know, it’s totally okay to say to a patient “get started on this, I need to use the restroom i’ll be back in just a minute”


Drink just enough water to get the lunch down. This way you don’t have to pee during the day.


What is lunch?


I legit had to schedule in breaks *out of my own time * to be able to have time to pee at work. Can’t be ignoring that as a pelvic floor specialist.


Yeah, that would be a bit hypocritical if you did. On the other hand, I never kegel harder than when I have to pee real bad. lol.


How about go to the bathroom between patients? 🤣


I'm at a corporate clinic as a solo provider with no aide/PTA with patients scheduled every 30 minutes and occasional double bookings and unscheduled visits...God damn, typing that out has me thinking about looking at indeed.com


Sounds like you figured out the hack for that job!


You poor soul.


What is "between patients"?


Learn to care, or not, depending on the situation.


I guess I should mention I'm perfectly capable of telling my patients "hey I'm gonna go take a shit" so while I appreciate people telling me how I'm allowed to use the bathroom, the spirit of thread is much less about how I handle my bowel movements during the day and more about tips and tricks to make the days a bit less stressful at high volume clinics with minimal support staff.