I’m documenting every square mile (one image per square mile) of the mountain range I call home. It’s a huge sub-range of the Rockies and extremely rugged. This project requires a whole lot of strategy, planning and mountaineering… to say the least. It’s really important to me though and I’ve committed to it fully. I’m in year two of this project and it likely will be a rest-of-my-life kind of thing. These mountains are changing so fast, between climate change events, development and increased outdoor recreation, my aim is to capture them as close to pristine as I can- or at least as they are in my lifetime. (Edited for an autocorrect oops)


This project sounds like valuable work that may be a useful reference for a long time to come. Very inspiring.


Thank you! I hope it can be used in a multitude of various ways- I’m so happy to be doing it and so thankful that I’m able to.


This sounds like something Google maps would be interested in when done.


That project sounds absolutely incredible. I bet you could write a pretty amazing book, talking about both the mountains and the work to document them.


Thank you! I definitely plan to put out a book at some point in the longterm. Hopefully it’ll inspire folks to take care of our land, even in small ways.


There is a woman named Yan Wang Preston that did a project in a similar vein, except with a river, I don't have the book, but the photos look good: https://www.yanwangpreston.com/book-shop/mother-river


How do you even divide and map out the pieces?


It’s a ton of work- I had to learn an incredible amount about land navigation and maps to do it. That was one of the most challenging aspects of this project because of the rugged nature of these mountains and all of the unbroken wilderness. It’s very ongoing, with a basic and general plan in place. I never imagined having such a huge knowledge of maps haha☺️I’ve worked with some of the best mountain guides in the country to do it.


Honestly - right now my goal is just getting out and getting a couple photos a week. I've had the emotional year from hell and so I'm just trying to get by each week (although it's getting a little better each week.) My end game is getting out to travel a bit (my husband and I did a few weeks ago, went to Chicago for a day) and although we didn't get to do much (due to crowds and travel time), it was nice to get SOME photos before heading back home. There are no set projects on my board other than that.


If you're just looking for a few photos a week, 52frames might help with that. It's a weekly prompt kind of deal.


I was doing clondon52 but with everything that happened, had to stop. right now its literally just simple with no theme. Mostly just to make myself move and get out of the house


I can suggest 52frames for that. It kind of motivates you to go out every week and do some shots, it inspires you with prompts, you get useful feedback sometimes and it's just something to focus on.


Thank you! I was doing Clondon52 (for the same reason) but with everything that happened, it's just about getting out of the house right now. I am not using themes, just simple pics just to make myself do something. (I am so not ready for feedback right now, since my pics are lackluster at best and really just represent me not falling into a deep pit of depression and anxiety)


I'm sorry to hear that. I won't pretend to know how to comfort you, but as you know, bad streaks also have to end, just like the good ones. And in the meantime, if it helps, shoot a few pics and send them my way, and I promise I'll ONLY provide positive feedback :) For real tho, hang on. Time heals everything, right?


Its ok. Therapy and my husband are helpful with comfort. A lot going on, so stress will continue until everything is over and that may take a long time of dealing


Fingers crossed that things work out for you for the better soon.


I do agree. Some weeks, I just shoot anyting just not to lose my streak, even if I went from 6 to 0 one time on purpose, but some other weeks I am inspired! 52 frames is a way to keep in mind that you can improve your vision. And it pays off, I was in the 52 picks this week and I'm insanely a'd childishly happy about it! 😁


Another good thing you win out of it is the cumulative effect. As you say, sometimes you just shoot whatever to keep the streak going (just look at my [stranger](https://52frames.com/photographer/20340/photo/527519) shot), but after a a while you realize you've tried a whole bunch of things, photography styles, techniques.


Love your picture! Cold feet 😂 The idea is so good!


Here is my big win of the week! https://52frames.com:443/photographer/22327/photo/527311


Oh, wow, that photo is awesome, congrats on the extra challenge as well!


I would have to thank the cool guys that let me do it! 😁


You mean you went all the way to Chicago and didn't get a picture of the MJ statue?


Haha, no. Our main goal was to just get out of the house and try something new. We ate at a nice restaurant and stopped at a couple places before going downtown. Apparently there was something going on that weekend, so we weren't able to find parking anywhere. (Cost $26 to even TRY to park). So we gave up and headed home


That's on my list for 2023 is to take pictures of statues at different stadiums or building dedicated to someone for the greatness they did for the city or state...like MJs


Make sure to hit up Wrigley, they have 3 or 4 statues outside now too


I'm a chicago transplant but I will second this. I took some shots of Wrigley for a class project a while back & Wrigleyville as a whole is pretty refreshing vibe, with some good baseball town feels too.


My list for 2023 is to keep it together, haha. Sounds like you have a nice goal lined up! Good luck with it!


At least you got to eat some good Chicago food.


Yes! Korean BBQ and pastries from a bakery


>clondon52 Philly has a Mike Schmidt, Harry Kalas and a couple other 'greats' statues at Citizen Bank Park. Great stadium. Also, the Rocky Statue next to the Art Museum steps... erroneously called the "Rocky Steps". Dodger Stadium has a bobblehead statue of Tommy LAsorda.


Sorry to hear the parking was rough. I highly recommend SpotHero - typically can park for under $20


Hospitality behind the scenes. I’ve been snapping photos of wine glasses being polished, tables being bussed, food runners dropping plates, etc. Most people see the glamour shots of food and beverages, but I’m much more interested in the team behind fine dining service. I mostly sit at bars and lurk (don’t worry, I also order and tip well).


Getting some "Kitchen Confidential" vibes with your project. Sound really cool!


How do you get their permission to shoot


A little project i’m working on is all the churches in my city. I’ve moved here at the beginning of the year and took up photography. There have been lots of landscape and seascape shots, but now i am focusing on the churches.


I was listening to "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel the other day and the though of photographing all the churches in my city came to mind. Are you finding most of the churches in your area to be fairly "photogenic" or are they mostly dull prefab buildings like I'm used to seeing around my neck of the woods?


Most of the churches are beautiful here. Most were build in the early 1900’s and some were in the 1800’s. I know that in some places that is a “new” church, but to me that is old.


Same album but it was "Mercy Street" that struck me and the idea of documenting all the different churches in and around my area. I'm most interested in early morning light - no one around or in the photo. A portrait of the church. Square format. Hoping to begin next month. If no more life changing events coming knocking.


What a lovely project! Do you contact the vicar to ask if you can take pictures first? I don’t know what the etiquette is


I also don’t know the etiquette for that either. I’m planning on taking the shots from the sidewalk though.


Ah okay. I thought you meant insides too. The outsides should be no problem. But the beauty inside some would be a great opportunity


I will keep that in mind. If i did do the inside i would ask someone for permission.


There’s a very old nearby tree on a hiking path that I’ve always loved since moving to the area. I’ve taken photos of this tree from roughly the same angle in different seasons throughout the years. Last week I went back and found that it had ‘bent’ over, not cracked or completely broken, but bowed down, with various sprouts growing up out of it. My goal either this autumn season or come spring is to go back in good light and get a shot from that same angle. I’d then have a shot of that tree in each season, with the final shot of it too old and weak to hold its own weight, but giving way to new life.


That’s beautiful!


This is both a personal thing, and I guess you could say its for a client too. I am a disabled photographer. I specialise in nature photography. Next week the BBC want to send a film crew with me to a photoshoot to see how I do it and how I've adapted my equipment.


Nice. Be aware that BBC is pretty erratic on their follow through though. Maybe it'S a bit different in your situation, but over the last 8 years almost every year I get contacted by representatives from 1-3 different BBC projects to come film the species I'm working with on an island in Vietnam and every time BBC decides it's too difficult and goes after easier targets even though it means using species that have already been featured in BBC projects repeatedly.


Well they've said they want to meet me this coming Wednesday, so fingers crossed.


Ooh, please share to the sub if/when it gets released. I'd really like to see that.


Will do


Second this. This sounds really interesting and I am intrigued.


I've started shooting people again this past year. My friend puts together this yearly group shoot and I haven't done it in nearly a decade. Last time I shot it, one of the girls went on to win Miss USA. Did it again this summer and it invigorated me. One of the models, from that day, and I clicked really well working together, so we're shooting together again in a couple of weeks. Besides that, I'm preparing myself and doing "location scouting" for a week in Iceland in December.


That's great that your getting back into your groove! I mostly shoot wildlife so the process of shooting people in a controlled studio setting really intrigues me. People are a lot more work than just waking up early and sitting in the woods photographing birds all day!


I've been shooting commercial work for breweries and distilleries pretty much exclusively for the past three years. So, it's a bit of a re-adjustment getting back to working with something that is living.


Not sure if this is what you're looking for but it's different. While photography is my hobby, software dev/web dev is my day job. To that end I built a rough website for my photos that costs me 50 cents (US) a month at most and you could get that down lower if you went somewhere other than amazon AWS. I want to rebuild it and refine it to make it something non-technical folks might be able to use and setup a website.


Also in this same boat! If you don't mind me asking, what did you use to build the website with?


pure vue.js using json files for 'database' so it runs on AWS S3 static hosting. No backend needed.


links? is it viewable? sources? you have "features" there like liking, commenting, downloading?


still a WIP - and no features like commenting. I made my site out of, I dunno, boredom? And after listening on this forum, it seems that us photographers are running out of friendly places to host and show off our work. I keep having ideas I want to incorporate so it's still in the discovery phase.


Oh, I post my stuff over at pixelfed. It's also a "social" platform, but I know it's not mainstream, and I don't actively post to gather likes, more for myself. In the meantime, I sometimes export stuff out of digiKam [like this](https://gallery.zlatko.dev/plants-off-the-street/) or just manually do html, [like this](https://gallery.zlatko.dev/fred/), just for kicks. The entire photography site is not maintained, backed up or anything, I just manually do stuff there. But I do want to make it better, I want to make a proper setup and everything - but for now it's more fun to photograph things than to backup docker volumes :D


one of the nice things with this is dev is super simple, no need for docker. Vue + Vite is pretty slick for development. S3 can support versioning and backups, so a lot of it is or can be automatic. I'm also thinking about some social aspects, but I want to avoid social media kinda.


That's really cool! Being able to bring your various skill together to create one finished project sounds very rewarding.


Nice to see someone going that path. For long time I thaugh I want to be full time photographer but after making some paid shoots (portrait/product) I realized that making it for money kills my passion and ceativity on long run. Now Im working my full time job , learning web dev and doing tfp shoots with models at my free time. Fells good.


I've done professional sports photography, and some model work, but the market is just too saturated and was an unpleasant experiences. I've been in tech for 30 years now and walked a complicated but enjoyable path. Tech def pays the bills and lets me afford amazing cameras and other hobbies.


I think it’s gross that so many landscape photographers travel 10k+ miles in a year and bring drones into wild areas to get the same pictures of Iceland, the Dolomites, the Canadian Rockies, and Namibia, so I’ve been going in the opposite direction and just focusing on [taking pictures within 5 miles of where I live](https://thaddeussissing.myportfolio.com/ ) for the past 3 years. I’m not in some super obscure area, but I think it being on no one’s checklist helps me be more thoughtful with my compositions.


I love it. I have long thought that so many people travel so far and never fully explore their own neighborhood. Many years ago, I did a 365 project where every day I took a photo with 365 steps of my front door! It was a fantastic and creative project that I enjoyed immensely. [If anyone wants to check it out on Flickr.](https://www.flickr.com/photos/c-towner/albums/72157622993341215/with/5308661277/)


You've got a lovely eye! Thanks for sharing your work.


This is a super cool project, and environmentally friendly. Plus, great photos!


I had this idea, shooting my hometown. Not famous at all for anything. Didn't start yet, but with your comments, that might push me to get outside and just look and capture!


I love hyper local stuff like this! Showcasing the beauty of your own "backyard" is a great message to use your photography for. I'm a huge proponent of local travel, being from a "flyover state" its hard to convince people there's anything worth seeing here sometimes.


Ain't that the truth. But for me, living in a flat field-y area in my youth taught me to find the little beauties, not just the big grandiose ones. Now I live in the pnw with a macro and am surrounded by lush awesomeness. My fave trick to relax is to go sit outside (or walk) with my camera and wait to notice something neat nearby. I love travel and new things - but I also seriously enjoy tiny things and those are everywhere around us - not just fancy distant and dramatic places! Thank you for asking this question OP.


Same here. I also hate the photography travel business. Often that even extends to chartering helicopters at the desired destination to one up the other photographers. And it’s always the same boring stuff, Iceland, Lofoten, namibia etc. I started shooting only local a couple of years ago, but this year I also ditched my car, and concentrate on stuff that I can reach on a bike in half an hour max.


I agree completely. If I never look at the same Icelandic Geyser or volcano from 1000 different people it’ll be too soon. I also agree becoming knowledgeable of your own community’s great photo-worthy sites and experimenting with different angles, juxtapositions of objects, etc is more valuable, at least to me. Plus if your town has a community FB board you can post photos there & maybe get some photo gigs, if that’s what you’re interested in.


It actually makes those large scapes kinda boring tbh Like I’ve seen thousands of pictures of Dolomites which makes them less majestic and grand


Holy shit I LOVE #5.


That's a great landscape and those are lovely photos! I also love exploring what's right around me, there's so much more with my macro lense I can see and so much beauty nearby. Enjoy your adventures!


I bought a bunch of preserved butterflies and beetles. Going to take some macro photos of them in a lightbox.


I'm spending my summers cycling around my home county (Suffolk, in England) photographing interesting, attractive or significant buildings, as well as every current and former pub. In a few years I plan to donate the entire collection to the local county archive as a snapshot of Suffolk early in the 21st century. As well as creating what I hope will be an interesting collection, it also gives me lots of motivation to get lots of cycling miles in. And it means I'm actually taking a lot more notice of what's around me than I might otherwise. The pub photos are also good for illustrating the website documenting Suffolk pubs that I created a few years ago.


I’ve been going down a product photography path mainly, but throughout my journey I’ve made a point of photographing any events that I go to just to change things up and see what I can do. It started with a couple air shows in the area (fighter jets look soooo cool) and now that we’re into Halloween season I’ve been bringing my camera along to haunted houses and taking pictures there. The complete genre shift keeps things fresh and exciting, and I now have great photos to point to and share the stories: win-win


Over the course of several years I've been documenting the evolution of the downtown core of the city I live in. Over the span of only 8 years, it's almost unbelievable how much the skyline has changed (gentrification, rapid expansion of infrastructure and building projects), as well as how much worse the socio-economic/housing crisis has become (homeless encampments).


Sounds a lot like where I'm from. One place when from a warehouse district you shouldn't be in past dark to a well funded entertainment district. Now most locals consider it a tourist trap with a growing reputation for being a high crime area. I'd love to see some of your work to see how much your city's growth compares to mine.


I'd be happy to share once it's complete! (I literally have hundreds of photos I have to go through and touch-up, so it'll be a while LOL)


I love projects like this! My only issue has been things changing so fast I sometimes miss getting a good “before” picture. Please share your project!


Finding new and exciting birds and trying to capture them doing bird stuff. I really am just trying to figure out what works and what looks good. Getting good focus, background, lighting and the right shutter speed and finding the bird is part of the challenge as well.


I’m looking forward to the fall season. I just got a drone so I will be focusing on foliage photos and am excited to take snow photos. I’ve also had the chance to take photos of animals. Very different from landscape photos and can be more challenging based on the weather conditions. This weekend there’s going to be a dog agility event that I’m going to be taking photos at.


I’m fairly new to using an actual camera and trying this whole “professional photography” thing so I’m thinking of monthly projects where I try different subjects or themes in order to learn better methods, techniques, and editing. October is going to be “Leaves” - the different colors, patterns, veins, etc. Eventually I want to move to more artistic shots.


Two suggestions for you then: 1, reddit photoclass (r/photoclass2023) is being held for the last time (at least by the current "teacher"). Not too slow, but also plenty of time to do things, and it goes through all the basics, and you get useful feedback as well. 2. 52frames, to keep you occupied.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely check those out!


I'm trying to photograph as many cityscapes/skylines as I can. No matter if it's just one or two low-rise buildings or over a mile of skyscrapers, I want to photograph them all. So far I've photographed over 100 such cityscapes in 42 states.


I live near the "halloween capital of the world" and I'm thinking of doing a little bit of documenting the town from oct 1 to oct 31.


Where is this?


about 25-30 minutes north of Minneapolis in Anoka, MN.


I had no idea! Must be awesome!


So I'm picking parks and local community fixtures and making photo books of them. I've just about finished one so far. The concept in my mind, and I'll only know if it works after I try, is to make these books, then market them locally on Facebook to the surrounding communities. I would hope to make some sales from that. The photo books will have a QR code that brings the viewer to my store where they can purchase prints of the images from the books if they'd so like. I live in the NE which has a lot of higher incomes and no shortages of parks or community spaces people might want a physical memento of. Right now I'm still in the creation phase because it's giving me motivation to go out and shoot. I've printed one book, and the quality was good, but I'm reviewing pretty much all photo book companies to figure out which has the best sweet spot between quality and pricing so that I can make this somewhat work. I don't intend to make a lot doing this, and would be totally content and fine if it didn't get any traction.


I bet you get lot of great pics of fall foliage up there in the NE! One idea, giving a few of these books to the local parks department as a "thank you" for up keep of the parks might be a nice gesture. Plus there's the added benefit that they might give you a shout out on social media, I know my parks department frequently features photographers on their insta,


Thanks! And yeah I was thinking of making it so some of the proceeds go to the "Friends of" organizations that tends to the trails/parks. I've connected with one of the orgs and provided them with some photos for their website, so I'm definitely hoping to kindle relationships that way. I feel like people have an easier time reaching for their wallet when the purchase does some good. Kind of an incentive. 'I got this book and helped maintain the park.'


I just finished my Space themed campaign, where i took a fake space helmet and did a bunch of fashion shoots with it, i meant i milked it lol. And now those pictures gets to go up at my friend's coffee shop


I’m also a hobbyist, and compared to what people have shared here, mine is much smaller in scope: I’m trying my hand on post-processing for the first time ever using RAWs I took from a recent trip (I made a wordy personal experience thread about it a few days ago). I recently culled a bunch already, so now it’s time to mess with the parameters.


That's a big project for personal growth, even if it feels small in scale. Post processing is something that just never clicked with me so I'm still trying to figure things out. Best of luck! I'm sure you're going to love the outcome once you get the hang of it!


I’m also new and perplexed by any post processing! So used to film!


I’m working on a “humans of” portrait project in my hometown. I’ve met some very interesting people and have gotten to hear some great stories. I hope to make it into a book.


lightpainting landscapes with my drone


I'm currently working on my HOUSTON series, I posted a portion on my Instagram if you'd like to take a look! Instagram : instagram.com/iaygomez


H-Town's got a lot a character, def a great city for street photography!


Going to the studio more often. I am completely obsessed with moody portraits, and I am so lucky that I have a couple of models that I work with who shares my enthusiasm. Also I have an exhibition in January, but I am still denying its existence


Good luck with your exhibition! What will you be showing?


Thank you! I was hoping to showcase some new work, but a spate of Covid this summer prevented me for pursuing my ideas. The original idea: it sounds silly but I run a homebrew D&D campaign with it's own pantheon and I was hoping to do some gods & goddesses portraits.... It's a small, local, gallery but a first time for me. Some of my stuff I'll hang up is here: https://www.behance.net/atomsmurf


I’ve been wanting to do some creative self portraits as a self care thing - but I feel like coordinating it might be even more tiring than getting editing. But I know the future me would appreciate me documenting myself at this age.


I’m trying to build up my portfolio and network. Complete beginner photographer but recently got myself a camera and lens so I’ve been just taking as much pictures as I can, slowly trying to develop a style. Loving it so far! Wish I took this leap sooner


All kinds of dental work I’ve been neglecting.


I live in a small but very historic town in New Jersey. I'm in the process of recording all of the manhole covers for a project that will be featured in the old city hall here. All of the photos are on film. Most will be taken on my K1000 or Spotmatic. Maybe a few will be on Instax just to mix it up a bit.


What town? I love documentaries that capture an ever changing place.


Great question! I’ve really enjoyed reading what others have been working on. 52 frames sounds interesting. And love the local photography portfolios! In the spring I exhibited a series I did on the Faces of Covid Lockdown. It was a series of side-by-side portraits of individuals both masked and then unmasked. I made the photographs after having asked the muses to think on their experience of lockdown. So much was able to be captured through their expressions and eyes. It was quite powerful. Some really enjoyed it. Some weren’t phased. Some had a very challenging time. It was a really excellent experience for us all. I hope to be able to share the exhibit at a gallery as a paid artist one day so that I can apply for grants for future exhibits. I have SO many ideas but it’s all passion work and that doesn’t buy bread for my kids :/ What kind of projects have you been working on, OP?


I've spent the past few years photographing the remaining structures of the Yosemite Rail Road.


Waiting out the last bit of summer so I can actually go out and shoot everything nature/landscape/automotive.


Practicing environmental portraiture with a friend, outdoors, while the weather holds.


I love environmental photography. When I began my first shoot (school assignment), I felt so awkward asking people if I could shoot them. I’m glad because without the class “forcing” me to do it, I would have never ventured there on my own.


I'm not a pro as well, similar like you. I went to reddit photoclass 2019 and said that I "graduate", I can get myself a new camera. I did, and I got it (and even changed the system to a different one), so I am doing something similar again currently: I am trying to have a 52-week streak of shooting photos over at 52frames.com, and if I make it, I will not only have an actual photobook printed (of those 52 shots), I will also buy me a new prime :D I have a few other projects in mind to do, but not yet started: - shoot black&white for a year (or maybe 6 months or something, the point of it is not for it to be trivial 3-week "challenge") - single prime lens for a year - making a photobook of "landmarks" of my street, or maybe village (I moved recently)


How did you like the photoclass? I've been wanting to do it for a few years now but I've been too busy to fully commit.


TL:DR; for me it was worth it. You systematically learn a lot of basic concepts, get the habit of photographing regularly, and it's over a longer period of time (ca 7 months). You learn the jargon, a lot about techniques and even a little bit about the "art" of it. --- Longer version I read things about photography before the photoclass, but either it was too much or too little. So it went like that for a while (maybe a year and a half or so), but then I said, I'll go do this, learn for real. So some lessons seemed like I knew them, but in each lesson I picked up something new. There are great things to learn, and there are boring things - you go through a lot of stuff _but gradually_, like every four days or so. So that's good. The downside is that if you don't submit your assignments within a week, when you do, like 3 weeks later, you will likely not get a lot of feedback. Feedback in general is also hit and miss. It's definitely usable, but not always, and it's usually not very verbose. In general, as said, I find it a good way to commit to a longer run (about 6-7 months or so) and the assignments are not mandatory so you can pace yourself. The downside of _that_ is that it's easy to flunk yourself out by just giving up. A lot of people give up relatively soon, and then it is gradual from there. And I know that some people were in a group with me who already did it previous years and wanted another run - I was sometimes bummed at how great pics they have and I do not. --- My suggestions, if you decide to go for it: - open a google doc, or a note or file somewhere and just add a new row with a link for each assignment (and a link to a finished solution), so you can keep track yourself what you have done and what's still missing. - open your "photography" social account somewhere if you don't have one already. I don't like Zuckerberg so I avoid instagram, so I started with [Pixelfed](https://pixelfed.social/zlatko) - in the beginning it was like "omg my photos suck, why do I even" but during that course I kind of built up a bit of knowledge, plus an initial habit to post online regularly. - don't skip the "stranger" assignment. It's scary and difficult for most people, but when you manage to do it, you'll be happy that you did :)


Honestly about the only thing I've had much time to do lately is attempt to get some good action shots at my nephew's football games. The parents seem to really enjoy it and the coaches like when we shoot video so they can review plays. My honest confession though is while the games can be surprisingly exciting, I have a hard time just "attending" events. I need something to do while there. I'm so used to always being in the band, being the sound guy, or having some other role I just feel kind of lost. That and unless the action is continuous its just hard for me to pay attention to just one thing for much more than short bursts.


I love the image of you showing up to a middle school game with one of those massive 2 foot long sports photography lenses! I bet the kids love getting those high quality action shots too.


Haha I'm not hardcore enough for that, just a 70-300 with a half busted vibration reduction. But its still better than you can get with a phone.


I have none, but feel like I should. Guess that I will look for the sugestions too lmao


I just started a photoblog on the pictures I took staying in Italy for a month this summer. I probably took about 2k photos and now I am trying to pick the best.


I always give myself a few weeks after the trip is over before I look over pics from my trips. It allows me to look at the pics with fresh eyes and also lets me reminisce about the vacation when those "post vacation blues" start coming on.


Contemplating taking a series of pictures of a few creeks in the Santa Clara (silicon) valley. From head waters to the bay. Contrasts the neighborhoods they pass through as well as the general flora etc. Goes from forest to expensive homes to commercial/industrial to some low income neighborhoods ending at sloughs and salt water marshes.


I like it! A sort of "life cycle of water."


I'm working on a remote abstract experimental project: https://www.fameinacan.com/blog (18+ / nsfw) I just don't fit into the modern photography landscape and I'm terrible at marketing/ social media so I can not find anyone to do the type of photography I do in person. This let's me cast a wider net and gives the subjects a lot more flexibility. I also like the intellectual challenge of trying to do different things


I’m documenting my home state of Florida! It’s been interesting and has made me more aware and grateful for where I live.


Florida really is one of the most naturally beautiful states! I've been meaning to make a roadtrip down there to watch the manatees and shore birds.


I got a camera as a birthday gift a couple of years ago now and use it on/off to document summer trips and such. Total newbie. Last couple of months I've been pretty melancholy, so I've decided to take at least one picture a few times a week (daily is the goal) of something beautiful I see. I live in a beautiful part of the country and mostly like photographing nature and architecture, so there. I think if I stop to give something beautiful a few moments of appreciation it'll help refocus me to the good things that surround me and I sometimes forget about.


Photographing birds at the local nature park is one of the few things that gets me out of bed most mornings, so I totally get where you're coming from.


I did a year-long project of Roadside Memorials, and another year of Fallen Saguaros. Currently in a private group on 47 weeks of 52 weeks of creativity with a new color each week.


I have one project that I’m always kind of working on - shots of my city at night, more sliver of life shots than landscapes. And doing that recently got me thinking about working on a “people of” project, but that would involve interacting with people, and that just sounds awful lol. But maybe pursuing it as a photography project will get me to be able to approach people for photos


I am just trying to take more chances and branch out with what I shoot. Currently trying to capture one of my bucket list items (Vapor Cone on a fighter jet)


Photographing a big tree every month of a year. Few months left


Love this! I have an ongoing one every season.


I collect out of order signs. Any time I see one I snag a pic. At one point I had hoped to turn it into a meaningful project of some sort, and it still may yet be, but it's just a fun little thing to do now.


The fun part is the best part! Took a photo last week of an out of order sign over a bathroom sink. Obviously left and used copious amounts of hand sanitizer. Gross.


i’m collecting janky looking doorways and building entrances in b&w.


I'm photographing the local Corner Stores (Convience) stores in my area, as well as the ones from my childhood. These won't include chains like 7 Eleven and Ezymarts. I find that there's more personal attachments to conner stores and a lot of great stories to go with it.


Currently trying out car photography. I have always lived in the realm of architectural and cityline photography and decided to branch out to something new since i can still incorporate some of those former elements.


Just getting out and shooting. I dusted off my cameras recently (the film one was literally covered in dust and had to be cleaned up) and I need to push myself to get out and shoot. A recent partner was interested in boudoir photography, which is what prompted me to get more serious about shooting. Things fell through with them, but I still want to shoot now that my equipment is in useable order. People have never been my favorite subject anyway.


'Grey space' - which is an architectural term for under-utilised urban spaces under fly-overs etc. I tend to push hard for a few weeks and then let off steam for a bit.




"Multi busy" is exactly how I'd describe my last few years! Here's hoping you get more free time to pursue your project, it sounds very interesting.


I've been working on a stop motion project for the last 3.5 years. The process is called pixelation and uses humans. I'm the DP. The director wanted to make something that he could share with family as everything in his portfolio was adult level comedy. So it's kid friendly. The undertaking has been insanity. He created a silly sport concept for each letter of the alphabet and each letter took about a day to do. We have 6 letters left. Here is the trailer. [Alphabetical Athleticalz](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-KIQNyv16A)


Looks great! I especially liked the "Pirate Pilates" and "Cat Curling."


Thanks! We called the Pirate one "Yarr Yoga" because there aren't any sportsy things that start with "Y".


I'm trying to motivate myself and find the time to put together a set of photo and ecology books on the places I've lived and worked. Doing that is one of the reasons I started [my old ecology blog](https://writingfornature.wordpress.com/) a long time ago, but the job I got back in 2014 has kept me busy enough that my time to write has pretty much evaporated.


"Real jobs" getting in the way of our passions is something I feel many of us can relate to. Your writing and photography complement each other nicely! I especially like your pic of the mudskipper! I used to volunteer at a aquarium and the mudskippers were one of the more interesting fish I had the opportunity to work with. Its very cool you got to see one out in the wild!


It's a very slowly-moving project, but I'm taking photos of prescribed burns, focusing on detail shots of the unburnt pieces left behind. I love the crazy contrast that you get naturally. It started four years ago in college, [with photos like this](https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-GgX78dk/0/dee29a75/5K/i-GgX78dk-5K.jpg). The project was dormant until last fall, when I noticed that a nearby prairie had been burned. I went out a few times, with [this photo being my favorite](https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-STCSn6C/0/03151551/5K/i-STCSn6C-5K.jpg). I got a few more shots in this spring. [This oak leaf is my favorite from this year.](https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-9hgm3qH/0/bbc3696e/5K/i-9hgm3qH-5K.jpg). Now, I've contacted a land manager who coordinates burns. I'm hoping to get out on some live burns to shoot the flames themselves. I have a background in conservation, including conducting burns, so this is a nice intersection of my academic knowledge with my interest in photography. I already have a few prints hanging up, but I'd love to eventually make a little coffee table book. I'll probably do a bit of writing about the ecology of burns and maybe even a bit of poetry if I'm feeling spicy.


The shades of black that fire can produce are really intense and contrast beautifully with the subjects your photographing! Prescribed burns are a bit misunderstood with the general public, and these pics could do a good job with showing the life that comes from these fires.


I've got a very long-term theme of bicycle photography. It's not really a defined project though, and lots of times I shoot landscapes and things unrelated. But over the years I've taken a bunch of photos I really like of bicycle and cyclists.


I’m doing collages Ala [Hockney’s Pear Blossom Highway.](https://www.thedavidhockneyfoundation.org/chronology/1986)


Very interesting, I like how he takes a 3D scene and makes it much more 2D and claustrophobic. Really condenses a lot of visual info into one image. Any examples of the collages your working on?


Nothing yet… still learning. But I will!


We made those for an assignment when I was at art school. It was actually a graphic design class, but it was a pretty fun assignment. I used a disposable camera for it.


Taking pictures of local bjj gyms and street photography of Ventura county


Culling and editing the 16k shots I took on my recent Africa Trip.


Currently working on capturing black and white images in the streets of LA. I have grown fascinated with Pasadena, just so much beauty in that town. The next project is to take pictures of my old neighborhood that I grew up for the first 19 years of my life.


Don't know if I would call it a personal project, but... I travel to different parks and nature reserves and just go walking around them and taking photos with a friend of mine.


I’m trying to just do one photoshoot a month. I’m doing a car shoot tomorrow, first one and it’ll be a trail before we get a model for it. It’s on a 60 Chevy nova, pretty clean. For October I kinda want to do a dia de los muertos style


I'm a beginner and my goal is just to go out and shoot whatever my eyes preceive as esthetic. That's the main thing. I've noticed, I love to capture the sky with clouds and silhouettes of trees or other subjects. "Simple but beautiful" is my topic.


There’s a railroad trestle in my town that crosses a river, but no one ever takes pictures of it. It’s pretty inaccessible unless I do some hiking or cut my own trail, but I’m determined to get a photo and drone session out of it.


Taking a photo of every native bird in my area, with a certain style so they will all look nice together in a portfolio.


i live in a post-communist country and i take photos of buildings from the communist era


I'm about a year and a half into it, but there's this 1 road near me that over 109 miles, goes through every facet of American life. The sights and sounds that this one road takes you through is a pretty incredible journey when you really pay attention. There's so much history to it, from the founding of one of the largest cities in America, the underground railroad, presidential addresses, to rolling hills and mountains. Basically I'm working on a photo book of the road.


Every time there’s a new moon I pray it’s clear skies, and try for an all night timelapse. I have a gimbal that I want to program so it follows a certain part of the sky as it rotates at night.


I photograph downtown storefronts and organize them by city and street- finally starting to assemble them into a book.


I'm just back from a trip to visit a friend on Whidbey Island. She was interested in a collection of shots of the island I took while I was there, so I'll be working on that.


I am shooting a 14 month timelapse of a construction site they are working on across my flat. Set up an old camera from my living room.


Self portrait, next project in my degree coursework.


Photographing the remaining lighthouses on the Hudson River! It’s been going very slowly due to just being too busy with other work, but I’ve been doing it both with my drone and my regular cameras


I'm doing doll photography. Realisitic dolls and I try to make them look as real as possible. I love it, it's relaxing and satisfactory .


Don’t know if it counts as a project, but earlier this year I started collecting and taking photos of playing cards. I’ve learned a lot and it’s really fun. I’m going to continue this for a while.


I’m working on an abstract project and absolutely loving it so far.


Trying to come up with ideas (and eventually photos) for the theme of my camera club's first competition of the season - "Night Photography" Trying to take a self portrait IDENTICAL to one a co-worker of mine uses for his profile picture, just to troll him/for the luls, lol. I'm learning a LOT about portrait lighting as I don't like humans enough to do portraits of others, but I'm having quite a bit of fun trying to do this as a self-portrait.


trying to find a good set of plans to make my own view camera. to replace my old calumet cc400. parts have gotten hard to find. I some cherry crotch veneer for the lenes face plate. not sure what style to go with yet. A rail system or fold up like some of the press cameras 📷


I travel for work to various cities around the US and have been trying to do a “night cities” project. Nothing specific just whatever i find out at night. Pandemic slowed me down big time so hoping to start up again soon


My sister wrote a poem and I'm currently planning how to do a photo series based on it. The themes are depression, fat phobia, and peer pressure. I'm a bit lost on how to go about it. Has anyone come across something similar?


getting started again..


I just finished cleaning up my archives and deleting a bunch of RAW files. It wasn’t fun, but I’m glad I did it!


I've had a slow burn of doing shots of any random flower in my home studio, against a solid black background. Some of these are tiny weed flowers, which you wouldn't notice otherwise, but with macro, and good lighting, they can look really neat. Fun playing with lighting, posing, pruning, etc... looking for just the perfect blooms, and half the year, something new is to be found around the neighborhood.


My project is to find the motivation to go outside and take photos. I just got my brand new camera and lens last week and now I feel like I did before I got it. I do more photography in my head than in real life :(


I was interested in some new topography night photography, for a year I recorded some surreal places on my gps to shoot, and now that I upgraded I'm working on a night photography series with a sequential story in mind with flash and multiple exposures using myself as a character for the locations. I'm also going to use some VFX to add to the overaching story. Programzero is close to the overall vibe and from the 9 pictures I have so far 3 are incredible and on a completely other level. But I'm waiting until I have 100 finished ones so I can post 2 per week for a year.


Currently in the planning phase of a project (or multiple projects) where a friend and I travel our home state and take photos of a series of things that are interesting or cool. We want to take these photos and turn them into photo books. The goal is to sell these books in local gift shops and the like. We hope to make a little bit of money off of it, but in the end it's mainly for fun, experience, building a bit of a reputation, and adding to the portfolio. We'd also like to have some of the proceeds go to a charity. We're thinking the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, since we live in a poor state that regularly ranks near the wrong end of the national ratings. The thing is that no one runs the program here, so we were hoping to raise a nominal amount of funds, and asking other businesses and organizations in the area to contribute as well. Maybe it'll never work, but we'll cross that bridge when we've done more research.


I’m planning on doing a little coffee table photo book. Not sure on the subject/theme, I’m currently figuring out what I actually like shooting.


Just getting back into photography. Haven't done much for the last couple years. I've recently made a new insta account to show a heap of my photos from work.


Heading out to LA tomorrow to shoot a bunch of tv and movie filming locations


Trying to get a YouTube channel off the ground. I have about 8 videos, and closing in on finalizing edits for upload..


Just trying to organize all of my photos and get rid of duplicates, edit anything that needs it. My phone has over 12000 photos and I have no idea how many GB of unsorted photos on my computer from my DSLR in raw format.


Water drops. Macro photography of water drop collisions. Sometimes one drop, but often a few


I join a few photography friends and travel to an interesting area for a week or more. No big deal - however I ask each photographer to send me their top 7 shots and place them in a book. That gives each of us to see the “same” locations with each photographers interpretation. Trips do far: 1. Grand Tetons 2. Banff and Jasper 3. Oregon Coast 4. South African safari


A couple of years ago, whilst walking through Manchester, my girlfriend asked how old I thought a building was which we were walking past. I didn't know exactly. So when we got home I did some research, and found that it was of the Edwardian Baroque era, and that there were 12 or so other notable buildings around Manchester of the same era. They all have similar detailing and features, and I decided that I would photograph them, and make a short book out of them. Until I got to one of the buildings which was under renovation, and found that I wouldn't be able.complete the project any time soon. I was discouraged, and put it off to the side. We've since moved to Germany, and I am looking for a similar scope of project. One idea which has cropped up is to photograph the local barns, which are quite aesthetic.