Yeaaah just obey the signs. Don't let the others peer pressure you into getting a ticket or at worst getting in an accident. If the others want to risk it, that's on them.


One time some guy honked at me for not going right on red when all the people in front of me did it. I saw red for a little while. I've since learned to handle stupid people a lot better.


Had somebody do that and then at green he got stuck behind a bus


Lol. Instant karma


It can be hard to see the no turn on red sign from behind another car so they may not have known it was there tbh. The cops will absolutely ticket you for it so I wouldn’t turn if it were me


Just assume they want to say hi and wave at them


I just follow the rules. They’re there for a reason. Plus I don’t want a ticket.


Usually it has to do with fast oncoming traffic and poor visibility. Proceed with utmost caution if you ignore signs 🚫


They're there for their own reasons.


Why do *you* think the sign is there? What lead someone to believe it was necessary? Think *really* hard!


Not to turn right. Don't talk down to me like I'm stupid and you know me. I was just displaying the dynamics of the words there they're and their. Thanks for the downvotes everyone 😂 Their own reasons for the sign being there is to not turn right, dib. Obviously because visibility is limited and/or accidents are prevalent in this particular intersection. Doesn't take much thought to figure that out. Obviously is takes more thought and thinking REAL HARD, especially from you, to identify sarcasm and satire. Thanks, dib.


Yikes 😬


Lol I know right 😂


The places that don’t allow you to turn right on red are that way due to site distance issues. The shape of the interchanges can make it impossible to see oncoming traffic when turning, so it’s designed to protect you from that altogether.


Unless the people behind you are going to pay your ticket, stay where you're at and wait.


You see these signs where visibility is restricted. Don’t go because you can’t see what is coming. On the 60 the overpass is arched and you can’t see traffic that is moving 45 mph AND they can’t see you if you pull out.


2nd this. Most if not all 60 off ramp are no right on red


45 that's cute. Probably closer to 60


Got a ticket for this once when I didn’t see the sign. So they do enforce it


I’ve gotten a ticket for this too


My friend got a ticket for doing this too.


I got a ticket for it too.


Me as well


I was car pooling once, with an acquaintance as the driver. On our way we pulled off the highway into a red, with a no right on red sign. Unbeknownst to the driver and myself, a cop had exited right behind us. As my acquaintance started to creep forward to make the turn we suddenly hear a booomng voice say simply, and firmly, "don't do it." Scared the jiffy out of me, but rather that than a ticket!


Very nice of them to give you proper warning.


Good cop :)


Police karma, +1




Obey the signs. Who cares if the people behind you are impatient, it's not them getting the ticket. Edit: words are hard!


Iirc the one off the 60 and mesa Dr is due to the fact that it’s a blind turn. You cannot fully see on coming traffic. The possibility of an accident is why there’s areas with the don’t turn on red especially freeway off-ramps


I've been told that's the reason they started restricting right turns. You have to pull forward too far to see oncoming traffic.


You’re probably more likely to end up shot or followed than ever getting a ticket for that. Seriously avoid pissing off other drivers because sometimes your life will probably depend on it. *Edit: I’m not sure if this comment is so hated because people are in denial or they legitimately don’t understand the road here. I’m not saying it’s a certainty Jesus Christ. But if someone behind you is getting visibly annoyed your odds of paying for a ticket are worth it any day over your life because road rage shootings happen more than you think and the police almost never catch someone for it so there’s little chance of consequences for said shooter.


Americans may be dumb but holy shit, we become absolutely braindead when it comes to driving


LOL you think someone here is gonna shoot me for not breaking traffic laws so they can get somewhere 30 seconds earlier? I fucking dare them


Yes, that is exactly what happens here if you’re not aware and that’s why I made the comment


How many road rage shootings have happened in Phoenix this year? 3, 4? In a population of 1.6m you’re 47 times more likely to die in a car accident


And none of them were because someone didn’t turn right on red lmao


Exactly. While I'm not going to do anything to provoke that possibility (and I don't think waiting 30 seconds to make a legal turn is provoking), but I'd be more worried about some blue-haired geriatric entering the freeway on an off-ramp.


That’s not a common occurrence at all. It’s a big city, only a tiny fraction will ever experience anything like that.


It’s not “common”, because drivers have common sense and avoid doing shit to piss people people off because they know people have been killed for it…


Common sense is to obey the traffic sign - it's not a guideline like The Pirate's Code. "No turn on red" is not a "common" sign like the speed limit or a stop sign, it is posted there for a legit reason. Otherwise they would put up "Please Be Real Careful When Turning on Red" signs at all lights. In other words, being careful at red light intersections when turning right is already implied at all of them. These "no turn" intersections indicate that an unusually dangerous conditon exists there. More people have been killed in car accidents by running red lights than being shot because an angry mom *late to get her nails did* decides to whip out her gat 9 and pop some skulls in retaliation to Gramps refusing to turn right on a posted no turn on red. Please, prove me wrong. We are all impatient driver's at some point in life for whatever reason. If the guy behind me wants to try to ruin my life, and his, because he needs to take a shit, so be it. It is his decision to make. I shan't be intimidiated by his lack of impatience, nor his pathetic lack of intestinal fortitude. I don't live to infuriate impatient drivers, or redditors for that matter - but when I do, I feel I'm doing the Lord's work. God Bless! Rock On!


Source: Trust me bro


>Yes, that is exactly what happens here Source?


You seem to be a product of our 48th highly ranked spot in the education system..


The irony 😂😂😂


The callout 🤣


You’re really showing your cards right now if shooting people up during a road rage incident is where your mind first goes.


Says a lot about the ignorance of people here


You…you’re the “ignorant people” here


This response itself is ignorant bro who are you trying to convince 😂


You’re the one trying to convince people that they’ll get shot because they’re following traffic laws


From 11hrs ago to 2 hrs ago bro was still replying 😭 Bro driving the clown car of despair .


Dramatic much?


People here clearly don’t get out and drive much because it’s just common sense here shit happens when you piss off other drivers. If you think I’m being dramatic idgaf, I’m giving real life advice so do with it as you please lol


omg are you auditioning for glee? the most dramatic takes ffs


Lmao I drive daily all over the valley and have for 20+ years I’ve never even had anyone honk at me at a no red turn let alone shoot at me. Stop exaggerating.


That is 🧢 so hard 😂😂😂


Do you only drive around in the west valley?


Because obeying a sign that others behind you can’t see is the leading cause of road rage… /s


Because smart ass comments discredit reality…


It’s ok. You’re living in a perceived reality where you can get murdered over obeying a traffic signal.


https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/man-shot-in-phoenix-road-rage-incident-with-girlfriend-child-in-car-arrest-made Yeah bro only in perceived reality does someone obey laws and get shot for it…


In a metro area with more than 4.6MM people, you're going to need a lot more than one instance from a year ago to prove there's an appreciable rate of incidence.


I get the original commenter might be overreacting but some of yall are under reacting. Maybe it just depends on the area you are in, but between me and my boyfriend, we've had 2 incidents of people getting out their vehicle and approaching the car angrily. I've also been shot at on the freeway for unknown reason. It's not really uncommon for people to act crazy in certain areas.


Accepting anecdotal evidence and assuming all three of your anecdotes are different people, that puts us at 4 in 4.6MM, or 8.69565217E−5 percent of the metro population. Hard to undereact to such a small number.


Yeah, but everyone I know has some sort of story. It's silly to pretend there isn't a danger of road rage in the city.


But that’s not what happened in this story. The woman didn’t shoot him for “obeying the law” - she cut him off, apparently something had to have been said between the 2 cars at the light, and she shot him. “Hamilton (the wounded drivers girlfriend) explains that it all started when the woman driving a sedan cut them off. "He asked me, he said, ‘Hey did you see what that lady just did?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, forget it.’" When they reached the traffic light, Hamilton says both drivers had their windows down. The light turned green and as they moved forward, she says the woman fired a shot at them.”


It's ok, you almost got the last comment in, we'll say you won


you're getting down voted for saying stupid things. my family member got a ticket for that when they first moved here. guess what 0 people I know were shot or followed for it. fucking fear mongers




Nah…I’m just gonna wait for the sign to turn green before turning.


Not speaking for others, but i hate this comment because youre suggesting people commit a crime so that other people dont get their feelings hurt.


Traffic violations don’t necessarily equate to a crime, I’m not suggesting people commit crimes. What I’m trying to explain, especially knowing a lot of people aren’t from here, is that drivers get road rage and shit happens. Of course you don’t try to ignore signs, but if someone is angry at you and you can turn it’s probably just better to do that then the chance of getting caught up in road rage. If a cop does sees it happens, that’s even better because they’ll likely go after the car tailing you but either way you won’t get a ticket or be at risk from the other driver.


Im not sure why you keep doubling down and splitting hairs. You dont need to be from here to understand road rage. I see what youre trying to say, and i still think its bad advice.


Infinitely more people die from red light runners than road rage attacks. Wtf are you on?


Obey the signs, I know some of them in that area are stupid because you have visibility down the road, but seriously, two minutes is not going to hold anyone up that bad


Fuck em, they can wait. I’ve def made an illegal turn but I wait. And if they honk point at the sign


If the person behind you honks, they can go around. If they gotta poop that bad have them get the ticket, not you.


I've never felt rushed or bad for those behind me when there's clearly posted signs. However, I see them go anyway if they're in front of me sometimes. And more often than not, they get lit up for it. In \*most\* cases the no turn on red was posted there because it's a blind turn, you cant properly see the traffic to make a decision on when to go.


as far as I understand, you’re not allowed to turn right at some high traffic off-ramps because your view of the oncoming traffic is impaired. It’s for safety purposes and anyone that decides they need to honk at you about it just point at the sign and throw them a big Arizona wave.


I don't do it. Honk at me, I don't give a fuck. The one time I do is the one time a cop will come out of the bushes or jump out of a tree and pull me over.


Exactly! The one time I did it.... Out of nowhere came the red/blue lights, instant ticket. Cop was very chill tho, thought he was gonna just warn me but he said he's getting tired of so many people not reading sign!


There are so many wrecks at 7th Ave and Greenway because people turn right on red when they are not supposed to. The sign is there for your safety.


Oh I follow it. Get honked at most of the time, and then I rage internally.


I'm more scared of turning left on green.


Same, especially with a non dedicated left.


so many people are rushing lights these days, esp the yellow ones, that it makes it scary to turn left lol


When I moved to Phoenix, it seemed like there was guaranteed 2 - 4 red light runners. Sometimes it was really bad. I'm back in Mesa and now it seems like we're starting to get a minimum of 2 cars per red light now.


The light at Country Club and Southern has red light cameras, and we get to see a full ass camera flash rave when the light turns red about once a week.


I know at least one intersection that has that sign because a mother and her teen daughter were killed making a right on red when a cement truck didn’t seem them coming over the bridge. So no you’re not the only one.


I don’t turn if I see a “no turn on red sign”. I will admit though I have missed one or two


Yeah, not a good idea, they will absolutely enforce that ticket if you're caught and right turns are restricted in those areas because they have a history of fatal accidents -- Like on 60 and Mesa. Please stop and obey the traffic signs, the Arizona sun can multiple the stupidity of drivers and we don't need this kind of law breaking.


I know several people who have been ticketed for this. Furthermore, every time I see someone do it it makes them seem like an asshole- it’s a legitimate safety hazard.


I’ll wait, bumpers are pretty easy to replace and I’ve got full coverage insurance if they really want to press the issue


You see those signs for Lerner & Rowe, Raffi, Goldberg, Husband & Wife etc etc **all** over the damn place ??? They can afford their advertising. Because Phoenix drivers are fucking maniacs. At least compared to Minneapolis where I moved from. Love it here though, just wish people would chill tf out on the roads.


I moved here from Ohio 25 years ago. I thought Ohio drivers were shitty. I was such an innocent then. Happy cake day!


Same! But moved here from Ohio 11 years ago. AZ makes driving in Ohio a BREEZE! At least Ohio drivers don't merge into your lane without looking like they do here.


On the opposite end, someone was going and I was honking trying to point to the sign and they flipped me off. Lol so much for being nice.


Where I see those signs, I usually don't have good visibility of traffic coming towards me. Not worth the risk. The sign is there for a reason.


They’re there for a good reason.


Don’t feel bad. People don’t pay attention to the no turn on red signs. I sit there and wait as it says.


If all your friends jump off a bridge…


My friends? I'll probably jump too. My friends are cool and sensible people and there's likely a good reason they're jumping.


I used to work at an office that was right on the corner of one of those signs. We'd have cops sitting in our parking lot multiple times a week waiting to catch people. Combine that with the obvious; they are there for your and others safety, it's just not worth the 30 seconds you might save.


Take the moment to enjoy pissing off bad drivers by... obeying the traffic laws so you don't get a ticket, they hate that. Judge D*red*d light. Never rush or worry about the people behind you, these people cause accidents and tickets.


I follow the rules and enjoy the possibility of annoying assholes behind me. I'm soooo sick of the drivers in this city, I'll take any small victory i can get. If only something could be done about the non stop red light running and excessive speeding too


Technically you never HAVE to turn right on a red light! Unless you have a green light for right turn only light up, you can wait until the main green light to turn right...especially if the person behind it honking at you.


Fuck em. Let the impatient people deal with it. Your safety (physical & financial/legal) is much more important than shedding 45 seconds off of someone else’s ride. If you don’t mind waiting, you’re well within your right and the law to not budge. I never turn right on those either. I’ve seen too many intersection police traps & accidents take place at them to be comfortable risking it.


I’m not getting a traffic violation for failure to obey signs. No thanks.


pissing people off for following traffic laws that make common sense should be considered an accomplishment you can be proud of.


I used to live right around the corner from the 60 and Mill and they have that sign too. I saw so many people get tickets for making that turn. One time the person behind me was losing their mind, honking, rolling down the window screaming at me all because I refused to make that turn on red. It gave me a ton of anxiety but still isn't worth it. Not only because of the ticket but also because you can barely see the oncoming traffic and it's really dangerous.


I don't turn right on red when there's a sign. Usually there's a good reason that the sign is there.


There's a sign for a reason, don't let people in a perpetual state of urgency pressure you.


All the drivers who knowingly disobey traffic signs and make the turn are bad drivers and you should be grateful they are distancing themselves from you on the road. The only exception to this rule is if there's an ambulance flashing its lights behind you.


Oh really? I've always wondered what to do in those moments. I've never encountered one (nor do I hope to) but I've put thought into that. Thank you!


I used to get so anxious about things like this then I got into a head on collision because some asshat “just wasn’t paying attention” and I have my precious cargo of three kids. I just wait. If they are in such a hurry they should have left earlier.


There's a reason behind it. And you don't want your insurance finding out you don't believe in statistics nor physics....


Isn’t the exit at 7th street and the I-10 a yield sign?


I’ve been looking for this response; there’s not a sign (or a traffic light) for right turns at 7th St and the I-10—in either direction. And it’s not at 7th Ave either. Sorta confused.


Don't feel bad for those behind you. They need to chill.


You can turn right on red in Arizona unless there is a sign stating otherwise. On the 60 (and a few other places) there's a sign, so follow the rule. What's the hard part of this?


I get off on the Mesa Dr exit every day and I too just can’t do it. If someone behind me throws a fit it’s not my problem. They won’t be getting the ticket I would.


Who is scared to turn LEFT after the signal has turned red? *crickets chirping*




Never turn in 59th and I10. The semi trucks will not slow down for you.


I don’t do it. There’s one at Power & the 60 that everyone ignores and I can’t figure out why. The concrete barrier for the sidewalk obscures the view So you can’t see if anyone is coming over the bridge until they’re like right there. I always sit there for the green


Honestly there are multiple freeway exits near where I live that don't have the 'No Turn On Red' sign but **should**. Because you can't see a damn thing down the road. So I just treat them as if they're No Turn On Red and I wait for the green light. I'd rather someone behind me be mad and impatient than me and my car smashed to smithereens because I didn't see someone's massive lifted truck coming at me.


Phoenix driver following the rules of the road challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


I just stick my hand out the window and point at the sign.




I obey the signs, as I like having lower insurance premiums and 0 points on my license, while I dislike writing letters in response to traffic citations in the hopes of getting a higher price to reduce the citation to something without points.


Yea just follow the rules because if you cause the accident. They will use that against you.


If there's a sign that says no turn on red, then people behind you can go pound sand. It's there for a reason and if you turn you face getting a ticket.


I had a buddy get caught doing that and he copped a $300 ticket, it's not worth it


You are driving you are the one who has to be comfortable and confident in what you do screw who ever is behind you they can wait !


Fuck them don’t turn. That’s there for a reason, they can’t see oncoming traffic well enough


Don’t do it. There’s a reason those signs are there. You can’t see any oncoming traffic unless you pull WAAAYYYYY out. Not worth it. Edited for spelling


Don't. It's an expensive ticket.


I obey the signs. I’m a police magnet anyways, so it’s just easier to follow the rules. If someone honks at me for not turning, I just put the car in park until it’s green. That really pisses them off.


No turn on red means just that. Most of us who live here are very familiar with these signs.


I don’t turn but I do feel like the person behind me is probably talking smack about my driving skills lol. If they honk I turn on my emergency lights for a few seconds so they can just go in front of me. It’ll be them getting a ticket not me.


I have to get off on the 10 and 59th, turning right, every day for work. Don't worry, Reddit Friend, you aren't the only who follows the sign.


NO! Don’t feed into peer pressure ❤️🙏


Why would you turn there? Take my down vote


When I first moved here I didn't know it was a thing and got pulled over twice before I learned to look for the signs.


Wait, you didn't know a "No turn on red" sign was a thing? Did you not learn that white signs with black lettering on the road has the force of law?


Yeah still trying to figure out what the black and white ones with numbers mean...?


Even if it doesn't say no right turn, you are under no obligation to turn on a red light.


most times it makes sense why there's a no right turn on red sign because it's a blind spot. I only disobey the sign if I'm in a BIG RUSH, 90% of the time I just wait until it turns green. It's really not worth getting in to an accident even if someone is honking at me. Unless, the person behind is willing to pay for a new car, I'm not moving.


I got pegged once when they had them off the 51


I see so many dumbasses “ignore” the signs. I also see a lot of accidents… I wonder why?!


I’ve definitely been pulled over for this.


There has been, pre covid, cops that would sit at the maintenance entry waiting for the bold ones to ignore those signs. Not that I fear the ticket, its dangerous because of limited visibility.


I've gotten a ticket doing it, don't feel bad. What's worse, people behind you being miffed they are waiting for the light to turn green which legally they have to anyways, or you getting an unnecessary ticket and paying the fine. Personally, I'd rather let the people behind be a little miffed going forward.


I was going north on Gilbert and some douche turned right on red off the 60 right in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes and I honked at him. He completely stopped his car and got all mad that I was honking and honked back. What a piece of shit.


Don’t do it. Phoenix has horrible bicycle infrastructure and many bicyclists using the access roads are hurt on these turns.


Not giving more money for cronies because some idiot is in back of me who is impatient.


Yeah once I was just waiting for it to be green, and the guy behind me honked and flashed his gun at me


I watched someone turn on red through the sign. Cross traffic T-boned the guy. RIP he ded that day It’s not worth it.


Service street has some of these as well. Macqueen and Quadalupe no right turn on red Going east on quadalupe to Macqueen


Top 3 Reasons that people ignore the “No Turn on Red” signs: #1 - no Habla English #2 - drunk/high #3 - don’t give a F$ck


I don't turn. I use to see so many people get pulled over doing that at Rural & the 60 turning north. Not worth it, the signs are there mainly because the visibility isn't the best.


I guess you don't feel bad enough to turn.


Better safe than sorry with how the average driver is here. There are some, very few, were it feels unnecessary though.


7th st has lane just for right turns


Those tickets suck. Stay the extra minute or so.


I can’t believe you’re actually asking this in a public forum! Obey the law!


What I have noticed here are people get confused...NO turn on red vs STOP here on red. No turn means exactly what it says. Stop here is where the line they paint down means that's where you stop. And sooooo many do not turn on the STOP here and that is infuriating. You make your stop at those and keep it pushing, but so many just sit there.


I always roll my window down and point at the sign. If they honk a second time, I flip them off and point at the sign again.


What if they honk a third time?


I drive a big Jeep Wrangler....that's a manual... So I'm no stranger to a little roll back and watch in the review mirror as they shit themselves.


I'll preface this by saying I break a lot of speed limits (admittedly) and In now way am I perfect - but I ALWAYS abide by no turn on red signage. They are usually there for a reason. Due to visibility, speeds or something else. Someone wants to honk? Fucking go around me.


No but I wish you were 🙄


Follow signs when you see them, but am I the only one that does left u turns on red?


This seems to be an AZ thing. I’ve seen it a lot here but I’ve never seen it anywhere else. It’s so strange. Is everyone in such a big f-ing hurry?


Nope. Remember a woman was just shot to death last year in the early morning, in the west valley, for obeying the sign.




https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/woman-dead-following-shooting-in-north-phoenix-police-officials-say She eventually made the right turn off the freeway, but they were upset and shot her. I lived near there, and that right turn light was a huge thing in the morning, especially after this happened.


Thank you, but that article says nothing about a no right on red being the cause.


True. God bless.


It’s funny you say that. I don’t live in that area but I’ve been driving down there and I take the 67th exits access road to 51st Ave, so I pass 59th and on 59th and 51st (by the Qt and hotel) I used to wait to make a right because the sign says so but I’ve seen almost everyone just take a right when it’s clear so sometimes I do it. It’s up to you, if you wanna risk a cop happening to look over notice the sign and see you. I will say though on 51st by the Qt it’s actually a useful sign because it’s really hard to see when making a right because of the wall by the sidewalk, so it is a safety issue and a lot safer to just wait Edit: not recommending you break the law and turn on red, if I were you I would just wait. Usually I’ll wait unless I’m in a hurry, but it’s up to you haha. Just don’t let people behind you try to Harass you into turning if you don’t want to, people can be assholes


Just stay off the avenues


If its **safe** to go, I go. Sometimes in the early morning, the left turn to get on the 202 where I live takes forever to give you the green arrow & appears to sometimes skip the turn. I'll check my surroundings to ensure its safe and drive right through that red arrow.


I sometimes ignore those signs and turn right on red like at any other intersection, because as far as I can tell, that rule was a half-witted fix for a problem that doesn't really exist. The issue (if I'm wrong about this, correct me, but this is what someone who I won't identify told me) is sight lines; to see if it's safe to turn right at those intersections, you need to pull forward quite a ways before you can see oncoming traffic. And they recently (at least at the ones near me), for whatever reason, moved the pedestrian crosswalk *back* several feet, so pulling forward puts your car either in the crosswalk, or even past it. The thing is ... there is never, ever *ever* pedestrian traffic at the one I visit most on loop 101. If there were, they'd be easy to see. So there isn't a good reason not to treat those intersections like any other intersection, other than following the rules just for the sake of following the rules. Obviously this wouldn't hold true at intersections with high pedestrian traffic, but this is Phoenix. There aren't many of those. Having said all that, I never fault anyone for following the sign. I don't expect anyone to break a rule just because I do.


Sheep obey traffic signs


Okay so I’m not from here and my in-laws and husband all say it’s okay to go on those reds when you exit the freeway. If there’s not a sign, is it? I feel like the answer is no, but no clue! I have also been honked at.


I totally understand your feelings, however, think of it this way. If you run the red light (that's what you'd be doing) none of the people behind are going to be like: "Excuse me, Officer, it's actually my fault they turned because I was being impatient and tailgating them. Will you please ticket me instead?" So in summary, they don't give a fuck about you. Don't do nice things for selfish people like that. Sit at the light and enjoy being ticket free. AZ drivers are the worst.


I feel sorry for the people who obviously have difficulty reading and have the inability to follow a simple traffic law. But no I don't turn right when there are signs at eye level with additional ones higher on the street light posts that clearly state "no turn on red". So no need to feel scared or bad about following that instruction.


I lived near an exit off the 10 and for literals years I didn’t notice the no turn sign. I had been turning on red since like 2011 because everyone else did and I just never noticed the sign! It took until I had kids and they were in the car with me that I became hyperaware of every street sign and traffic law.


I always say “is that eager motherfucker behind me going to pay my ticket when I get pulled over?” Just ignore them and follow the signs. Nothing Phoenix cops love more than pulling small time traffic offenders over to extort and dump in their slush fund.