Cali had to temporarily shut down refineries and that is where Phoenix sources its gas from to reduce on overall smog levels, the rest of the state generally uses gas from New Mexico/Texas.


Time to start importing gas in plastic bags from Texas


🔥Fire 🔥 FIRE 🔥 ![gif](giphy|lfVKT4qtv3Sa4)


What could go wrong?


DoNt CaLiFoRnIa My ArIzOnA! O wait we get our gas from them? What sticker am I supposed to put on my giant gas guzzling truck then if my gas is Cali gas?


Don’t modernize my Wild West


Nah but why is it always California plates 😭 i see so many of them everywhere I look 😭😭😭


I see way more plates from Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and *Scenic* Idaho. Although every time I've rented a car it's got California plates.


Yep, I worked as a tow driver, dropping off rental cars at Phoenix, AZ and Mesa, AZ Airport. I seen everywhere California plates! 😳


Scenic idaho always makes me laugh because it’s typically just white supremacy and a pretty lake lol


They get electricity from us...


Fair exchange, we get petroleum products from LA's refineries and in turn supply something like 20-30% of their power.




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Why doesn’t Tucson do this then? They’re required to have emissions in Pima county as well. I miss the MTBA stuff they added to gas, at least more than ethanol.


I believe they have an actual pipeline that goes to them


Well why’s Tucson special and not the rest of us!!??!(!!


Probably cause it was easier and didn't need the special smog requirement like Phoenix/Maricopa county does


MTBE seeps out of the underground tanks and pollutes the ground. It also does a good job of taking the dirt from your fuel tank and depositing it in your fuel system


Maricopa county has emission standards so we have to import more expensive better refined gas from Cali. We have to burn cleaner fuel in Maricopa county. If you drive outside if Maricopa county the gas is cheaper because it comes from Texas. Texas sells cheaper gas. Source: abc15 Article https://www.abc15.com/news/local-news/explaining-gas-price-differences-in-arizona


Thanks this makes perfect sense


Gas was $2.80 in Austin last week.


Yeah we had a sudden jump in price, this weekend I filled the tank at $5.19/Gal (even saw a gas station where the price was $5.50), the previous time to that one it was $4.19/Gal


I filled up at QT in far north Peoria for $4.90/gal on Sunday


Sounds about right this was a Chevron in Tempe, the one that had it for $5.50/Gal was also a Chevron but in Arcadia or South Scottsdale, not sure about that one


When I lived in Arcadia, I knew which stations where outside the 'surcharge' area and visited them. Even back then it was a $0.40 difference.


Interesting, so Arcadia has its own gas tax?


There are places where it is more expensive for whatever reason.


Property value


Texas is also right on the pipeline, less transportation costs


I guess Austin needs to pump up the Dem turnout next month.


I believe that Pima county (Tucson) is also held to emission standards, the same as Maricopa county. Unless it has changed, vehicles in both counties have to pass emissions tests.


I used to live in pinal county and no emmisons there, gas it literally the same price


Put of curiosity do you see ethanol being added to your gasoline? I’m from the mid west and you bet there’s ethanol added to our gasoline. I was thought at a young age that ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline. I was interested in building a naturally aspirated, carbonated, sportster with low goal of 100+hp 90+torque. The kicker is I wanted to run it on the head from some of our local distilleries. Doing this research I realized sure alc burns cleaner but just as gasoline, it needs a stabilizer for a slow burn controlled octane. This stabilizer doesn’t help the atmosphere all that much. Then I realized you have to use much more ethanol than gasoline per engine cycle. Then you have to consider how harsh ethanol is compared to gasoline on parts suv he’s as plastic fuel tanks, hoses, and diaphragms, this list goes on for days. Eventually you just have to admit that they’re robbing you. Not like the old Robinhood sense, steal from the rich and feed the poor, but more of a steal from the working and give to the filthy rich sense.


FWIW: Ethanol's great if you're only concerned about pure power. Going E85 is super common in the tuner scene to push absolutely bonkers dyno numbers


What compression are they cars running? I’ll assume there’s forced air too? I don’t know much about tuners but I do know fuel injection + a bunch of sensors and and damn near anything can run. The specs of an let’s say a newer Honda engine are very tight compared to a VTwin Harley. Now that you bring this up I’d like to know what timing they run on average. I’d assume with the ECU, knock sensors, and E85 the timing variables highly.


A lot of it has to do with timing. Many engines - especially direct injection engines - are knock limited on the factory tune and regular pump gas. Since E85 has a RON number (octane) of around 104, it allows you to advance your timing WAAAAAY ahead in the compression cycle and eke out MBT timings (or very nearly). It's not so much adding power as it's simply allowing you to run at your engine's maximum theoretical volumetric efficiency at wide open throttle. Granted there are downsides as you'd pointed out earlier: special fuel pumps and lines are required, the injectors need to be able to handle pushing 30-50% more volume of liquid, and the EGT's are a bit higher which could theoretically damage the catalytic converter.


Ah, it’s always about timing. That is very interesting actually. I’m glad you brought that up. Now you got me thinking. I’m going to have to do a little reading in a different direction. In relation to carbureted motors like a older Late model evo VTwin motor. I love the idea of I’m the motor running cooler on a air cooled motor. Fuel consumption would be an issue. I can find cv40 carb for cheap and parts are cheap, as long as I can find a jets big enough it would be easy to tune. You say burns slow, how slow? What got me originally interested in a ethanol burn was I needing a high octane and slow burn. Race fuel is too much of a pain to get and not realistic for something to best the hell out of on the weekends.


Yet the piss we put in our tanks turns to sludge in mere months. Had to have my tank drained twice now because I didn't drive it often enough. Went 2 years on a tank in Wisconsin without problems


Any kind of gas starts degrading after a few months of sitting stagnant. It will clog your fuel system eventually. But I’m sure the heat here doesn’t help slow down the breakdown of the gas.


Basically the west is owned by a few refineries so whenever they get a lil greedier our gas goes up a fucking dollar over night


You should tell them greedy sumbitches they made a mistake and forgot to have tucson raise their prices too


Tuscon gets gas from Texas


He said "west," which includes tucson.


Oops, gotta shut down for "repairs." * money counter goes brrrrrr*


Tucson gets their gas form El Paso while Phoenix gets its gas from California. From what I understand it’s a myriad of factors. Some is the gas companies have closed some lines for routine maintenance and there have been some fires at others; as a result our gas has gone up while others part of the state is way cheaper than us.


If anyone is curious about the terminals in the state and where they get the gas from. Few years old but I'd imagine much is still the same. Page 15 & 26. https://www.kindermorgan.com/WWWKM/media/Documents/2019-March-Pacific-Ops-brochure.pdf


That PDF is absolutely fascinating and definitely answered a lot of questions for why(when I was living in SoCal) certain costcos had slightly more expensive gas prices. It seemed that the further away from long beach it was, the more expensive it was.


This makes sense. When I saw $5.20 I immediately felt like I was back in California


This weekend I saw a place that had it for $5.50/Gal I had to double check that it wasn't for e85


There’s more to it too that I read in a thread the other day. Phoenix being a valley makes the pipelines to Texas more difficult so that’s why we go with cali, while Tucson can get it from both Texas and cali. Also, Phoenix is concentrated enough population wise where we need a higher quality blend to lessen the impact of pollution so that also is a factor in cost as well.


My wife was in California over the weekend and it was $6.90 there. So we are doing quite a bit better


5.20? Well that makes me feel better about 4.99 here in Glendale


also do you think supply and demand impact prices, Tucson 5 million less people driving or using public trans in the city ?


Tucson gets gas from Texas. Phoenix gets gas from California refineries. Texas gas is cheaper.


Texas fuel is trucked in, while fuel from California is brought in by rail cars. So rail cars can bring in umpteen cars of fuel. While Texas can only bring in 18,000 gallons of fuel per trip.


This is categorically false. The Kinder Morgan West Pipeline brings gasoline from refineries in Watson, CA through Yuma and up to Phoenix. The Kinder Morgan East Pipeline brings gas from El Paso to Tucson.


there was another thread on this, IIRC Phoenix sources their gas from a different place(cali?) than Tucson.




Yeah it’s ridiculous. I was up in Bullhead city for work yesterday, paid $5 a gallon in Phoenix and like $3.60 up there 💀


I’m from bullhead- i get it 😅


Looks like I’ll be driving to Tucson for gas.


Quick - someone do the math


Per the Kinder Morgan attachment in this thread, Phoenix Metro is fed both out of Texas from the East via Tucson and also Cali from the West. Disruption on one side and the price goes up.


Time to build a pipeline from Tucson to Phoenix to get that Texas gas up here


they already tried that decades ago except it came from california, and was part of a project to build a refinery, to many complaints complained so it was cancelled.


Explain why diesel is less than regular!!! I have never seen it like that!!


The phoenix prices are literal bullshit. I just drove Phoenix, ABQ, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago. The prices starting in Payson were all 3.40-375 the whole way. This is pure price setting collusion.


Nothing is normal right now


Wait I thought Joe Biden was the reason why gas prices were so high? /s


I just got gas in Tucson for $3.13/gal. Lots of refinery storage around the rail yards makes Tucson gas cheap. Or so I have been told.


Tucson always has cheaper gas than Phoenix. Something to do with where Tucson gets their gas vs Phoenix.


Currently in the Boston metro area. Regular is $3.39. I paid $4.91 at Costco before I left.


I'm in Columbus, Ohio at the moment paying $3.69 The real answer: because they can! What are we gonna do about it?? We have no choice, no say, no power...except your vote! I'd just like to remind you that one party voted to make price gouging illegal and to heavily tax the types of profits the oil cartels are making from us...but the other party said, "SOCIALISTS! HELL NO! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW THAT OIL TYCOONS MUST MAKE HUGE PROFITS AT ALL TIMES AND ALSO THIS IS THE ONLY TANGIBLE THING FOR US TO CAMPAIGN ON! KEEP PRICES ASTRONOMICAL UNLESS WE TAKE POWER AGAIN!" So...there's that


It used to be Phoenix was cheaper than everywhere else. I suppose the people that control the gas prices have changed their strategy since they know we can’t do anything about it.


You must be talking about really far back because in my experience it has always been way cheaper in Yuma


It's $6.79 in OC.




Cause we’re California-lite now. Sucks. I miss the AZ of old


That’s what happens when republicans run the state.


You miss the lower air quality? Okay.


No I miss when it wasn’t hell getting around and we had affordable housing and affordable cost of living


It was always a lie paid for by the current situation. Everything was cheap and freeways empty because there was a ton of capital investment put into Phoenix expecting it to reach this size, and now it’s hit capacity.


Blame air conditioning. It would be a lot less crowded without it.


Yeah, its all California’s fault 🤦‍♂️


Stop it you're making me uncomfortable. What's next? You going to suggest we take responsibility for our own state rather than blame everything on California?


Cause Maricopa and North get their gas from CA. Tucson get theirs from TX.


This....and Phoenix has stricter guidelines on the blend of gas which makes it more expensive as well.


Phoenix uses a more expensive blend sourced by California. The cost of doing business, esp something that is heavily regulated due to environmental reasons will be more expensive in CA than TX. And yes supply and demand are still a thing, who do you think buys gas from refiners. Gas station chains do and refining capacity is falling for several reasons.


Price gouging. Plain and simple. The price of gas has absolutely nothing to do with supply and demand. For the people who disagree? OK. Show me a gas station that can't get gas because somebody else outbid them for it.


i would partially agree to this. as the closest gas station to the phx airports price is always way higher than other stations


The lower-income area just south of the 202 for me's gas is usually about .50 more expensive than the gentrifying area just north of it. It's awful to drive by and see.


What area are you referring to? There’s hardly any low income neighborhoods south of the 202. Maybe a one mile radius of Chandler but that’s about it


The northern portion of the 202. The area south of the 202 between 32nd st to downtown.


My favorite is when the price goes up before the tanker truck even gets there.


Lmao. Fucking clowns in this world


Exactly. Just imagine, for example, looking at the price of gas at a Circle K, then 2 miles down the road the exact same branded gas is a full $.50 higher per gallon and then thinking to yourself, "The price of gas is totally based on supply and demand. And furthermore, gas stations only make a penny or two per gallon." Absolute clowns.


It's true though. Not the supply and demand part, but the pennies part. It's the people that sell the stations the gas that make the money off of it. Gas stations are told how much to sell it for based on how much they pay for it. They are only making cents on the gallon. Maybe don't speak on something if you don't know the facts. Why do you think all the food and stuff in a gas station has such a high mark up? That's how they make their money. They don't rely on the gas.


Your a clown 🤡


I don't have a clown, so I'm not sure what you mean? And, just so we are clear: You should probably learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before attempting to be taken seriously.


😂😂😂 I have no horse in this race, but I hate it when people don't use your or you're properly.


But you gotta love it when they’re telling you “you don’t know what you’re talking about”.






Arizona has some of the most brain dead people running the state. Not only is gas high, but food is high also, now you can't force companies to pay above the federal minimum wage and that be the end of it. Now I'm all for people able to make a fair living but their is no wear to pass the cost on except to the customer this has nothing to do with the pandemic this was before that.


>but their is no wear to pass the cost on except to the customer this has nothing to do with the pandemic this was before that. Profit margins. I can never understand why people put corporations above regular people.


If they really want to sea why gas prices are elevated, start a real investigation and figure out who's receiving the kick backs.


Bc gas companies are gouging prices


It’s because you, and everyone else has moved here


Compared to the rest of the world our gas is very reasonable if not cheap.


The rest of the world (meaning, developed countries in Europe and Asia) also have amazing public infrastructure that allows people to get by without cars. Gas can be heavily taxed in those countries without it causing adverse economic impact because many people don’t own a car and those who do typically drive much less than we do in much of America. It’s not reasonable to compare the US (especially Phoenix) to other countries when a 50 mile daily commute or a five mile drive to the nearest grocery store is completely normalized here. Let’s not even get into the fact that the US is geographically very large and spread out, and thus much of our goods are shipped by truck who pass on the cost of gas to consumers. This is just not an A:B argument. Higher gas prices without better public transit or cheap electric vehicles do nothing but hurt the poorest people. It would be one thing if our gas was expensive because of tax increases to fund improved public infrastructure, but that’s not the case— much of the cost increase we’ve seen in the past year didn’t just coincidentally pop up during one of the most profitable eras for fossil fuel companies in history. But sure, expensive gas is just our way of catching up with the rest of the world, and not oil companies squeezing us during the slow decline of their industry.


That's really a totally different discussion, look at our major metropolitan areas with good mass transit, gas is no cheaper than here.




Joe is that you?


No, it's reality checking in.


The refinery is broken


It’s damn near higher than San Diego!


Idk if you've noticed but this state and its inhabitants will do anything to drain your wallet. They'll even make up their own bs like municipality taxes. Whatever they can for a few extra dollars.


Az is turning into a shit hole. AKA California 2.0. Thanks California for ruining my Arizona.


Then you should ask why the Republican controlled state government is making it that way.


Then please move and whine elsewhere. The “Commiefornia” trope is beyond inane and tiresome. Decades of ya’ll using this excuse. Suck it up already or leave. 👋🏻


We have the highest inflation rate.


Gas in Casa Grande used to be about the same as Tucson. Yesterday I filled up at 4.99 gal. I drove to El Paso . Tucson was 3.26. Benson was 3.69. Willcox was 3.99. San Simon was 3.39. Lordsburg was 3.57. Deming was 3.39. Las Cruces was 3.69. Vado was 3.28. Anthony was 3.35 and El Paso was 3.50.


I anticipated “Joe Biden” at the top comment before looking


Tacos are expensive. Hence BEANS are expensive. You’re welcome.


Tucson gets its gas from New Mexico. Phoenix gets it from California. At least that was one theory I heard when I lived in Tucson.


Well if gas wasn't as expensive at baseline as it has been then a quick increase due to refinery issues wouldn't freak everybody out as much or make everybody as pissed off. But gas and the cost of living especially in Phoenix has gone up considerably so people were already really stressed out so to see it go back up sucks.


Phx is the largest growing city Many people moving here= high demand and it seems everyone and their parents drive a unnecessary 3500 As well I’m assuming plus added cost of having to bring the gas into the desert from either cali or Texas. Bottom line is people are paying for it, until that stops were at their mercy


Price gouging, greed and no accountability. Always.


Taxes are the biggest culprit. 2nd is zone pricing.


Isn’t the whole state pushing to get rid of gas cars? We clearly have America’s finest running the country right now. I’m mean who wants to live in the future democratic America? The America that’s financially socialist but regulates with a dictator, an America without legal guns and muscle cars. Idiots Edit: many of down votes but only one decent response.


Most people, as evidenced by who voted for who. But the president doesn’t set the regulations that cause Phoenix to use a cleaner burning gas than the rest of the state which comes from California who is having issues with the refineries there that make it.


There’s a lot more idiots in office than just Biden, although I get why you would think of Biden when I say “America finest” sarcastically. Last I checked there were more registered Republicans than democrats in the state of Arizona by well over 100k voters. Not sure how true it is but aren’t the conservative areas populating much faster than democratic areas of Arizona since that election? Hell, the last election Biden “won” Arizona by .3%. Yet trump won 10 counties and Biden won 5 counties. Im not a trump fanatic but I’ll admit that I do not believe that election represented the good people of Arizona appropriately. Realistically, there is no legit reason why Phoenix has to purchase its fuel CA. who’s responsible for this decision? WTF, so your telling me… Phoenix pays a state (CA) that has poor fuel refining practices a significantly more amount of money for their fuel, because it’s refined… better?


Because the winner is based on number of votes and those counties have more people. Also there were enough republicans that didn’t vote for trump. There are still a few sane ones left that aren’t in the trump cult. Just because you’re a member of a party you’re allowed to vote for someone other than who they picked for you (not you in particular, the general you)


I only hope most people understand how electoral voting works. Do you honestly believe Joe “The Big Guy” Biden honestly won the 2020 election and that he was and still is worth your vote? “Come on man” how many people looked at Joe Biden and thought to themselves OMG, Joe Biden would make the perfect president, he proved him self as VP, he was top of class intelligent, great morals, great father, great health and has a steel trap for a memory. That goes both ways though. Many people aren’t registered to a party but they’ll go as far as far as voting down a party line. Maybe my memories fizzy but I remember there being 30+ dems running for President and 3-5 republicans, those odds are not in favor of the democrats. Not to mention I don’t know a single registered party voter who votes for the other party, the last guy to get votes from the other party was Obama and he burned that bridge. The 2020 presidential election and the US currently is so sided due to dramatic media propaganda. I’ve never seen this country so politically divided. Hell, I thought Bret Weinstein Unity 2020 was a great idea but it got squashed before it had a chance.


I sure do believe he got more votes. That belief was strengthened by the fact the despite after all of the made up claims none of this “evidence” they claimed to have was ever used in any of the 60+ court cases (because it’s illegal to submit made up evidence and none of them were willing to go to jail over this obvious con), and then they had their ridiculous “forensic audit” they STILL found no evidence of anything except that Biden actually had more votes than were originally counted. What’s hard to believe is that there are still people that actually think there was a stolen election and that they’re still falling for the con.


Lol. People did go to jail. There were people charged and sentenced for voter fraud in Arizona. Of course you’re right. There couldn’t have been voter fraud in 2020 election, especially when it’s set up for a anonymous vote, we’re not voter I’d is necessary.


Not enough to change any results and none of it was used as a defense for the fake claims of a stolen election. Because their claims were bullshit and they knew it. And still know it.


I disagree. That election was obviously rigged. Just because the mainstream media lies about or hides the coverage doesn’t mean fraud didn’t happen. Tennessee’s voting machines just got pinched recently. I can’t remember what county it started in but it was something like 8 out of 21 voting machines were found to all lose the exact same amount of votes. You’ll have to look into it. I believe it was a little over 30% of votes were not counted. All dominion machines. 4 different auditors had to do an analysis including dominion as the last. Dominion said votes were inconclusive. It’s now. As “Erroneous code”. The Delaware Supreme Court just concluded that vote by mail and same day voting were unconstitutional. Many cases haven’t seen a court room yet, time will tell.


I looked into it and everything I found says the opposite of what you’re claiming. I would like to see your sources, but I understand if you don’t feel like finding them for a 2 week old thread


To make you value what we used to have. We like to humble ourselves every once in a while u know?


To make you value what we used to have. We like to humble ourselves every once in a while u know?


Gas is about the same if not more expensive in other states compared to az. The avg is over 5.00. What is the explanation for the other states?


The average price around the country today, per AAA, is 3.805. Phoenix is WAY above the average.


Gas was $3.70 in Denver when I just left & you can find it under $3 back home in TX. I was shocked to see $5+ in Phoenix. Not even close to average.


In Iowa, I pay about $3.60 a gallon right now


3.20 in North Carolina. It got up to 5 for premium, 4.85 ish for regular. Corn gas was a bit cheaper but it would ruin my engine so no thx.


Refinery issues + Florida


Florida has nothing to do with this. Gas was going up before the hurricane hit


I wonder if Phoenix is moving to ethanol added gas for the fall / winter, which tends to be more expensive.


winter gas is cheaper...


Oil crisis (will continue to go up till at least end of year. Hello 7$+). Will mostly impact top ten cities in the US by popularity


Tucson is like 300 miles away man. It's like 29¢ per gallon in Phoenix. (By the time you get here tho bro, the price may go up)


Joe Byron