Goddamn theres dust everywhere? No green? I'm from Vancouver, bc. .... very humid heat here... I enjoyed the vegas dry heat, I'm assuming its similar to that?


I've been thinking about moving to Phoenix. What's the worst and what's the best thing about Phoenix?


Worst: the heat, and that everything is some shade of brown. Also the dust in your home. But really, the summer heat is hard to explain. Unless you are from someplace like Miami, or Dubai, it's just hard to describe. Best: Seriously a good food city. From food trucks with awesome Sonoran dogs to Bianco Pizzas to .... Not bad: for 5 months of the year, the weather is pretty great for hiking and other outdoor activities. Mountains and snow sports are 2-3 hours away by car. LA and San Diego are 6-7 hours away. Traffic and the city streets are also pretty easy to navigate. Even more the Worst: housing prices and rents, in any neighborhood you would really want to live in.


I have an extra ticket to see UPSAHL tonight at Valley Bar, free to whoever wants it. Doors 7pm/Show 7:30pm. I should be there around door open time. I'll be at the show if you want to hang but don't feel obligated if ya wanna grab the ticket and enjoy by yourself, I'd just hate for it to go to waste. Come out and support a good local artist at a cool venue.


You know that creosote smell that we get in the desert whenever it rains? Does anyone know of a diffuser, scented candle or similar that has this smell? I have been looking around but haven't been able to find anything.


Hang a creosote branch under your shower head 👌


Bisbee Soap & Sundry makes a [creosote candle](https://bisbeesoapandsundry.com/products/creosote-candle) that is quite nice, though not particularly strong.


Places in AZ to do some leaf-peeping. https://www.azfamily.com/2022/10/01/want-do-some-leaf-peeping-check-out-our-list/


I have an old Nike duffel bag that I have been using since the 90s that just had one of the straps break. I really dont want to get rid of it so I was wondering if there was a outdoor equipment repair shop or someplace like that in the valley that repairs gortex items?


If Hiking Shack can't do it, Phoenix Tent and Awning at McDowell and 32nd probably can.


I have had buckles and straps on the kids hiking carrier replaced at the Arizona hiking shack on Thomas. They do all kinds of camping gear repair, that may be your best bet


I'm so over the weekend freeway closures. I had to go from Goodyear to Scottsdale today- the 10 to 35 ave to McDowell to the 17 to Glendale over to the 51 and up. Every single major freeway has a huge closure on it preventing movement from one side of the valley to another. Can they at least rotate this shit or something?


I feel this soo much!! My favorite was when Phoenix was doing some construction on Northern ave, between 19th Ave and I-17. While Dunlap Ave was already severely restricted because of the light rail construction. And then ADOT decides to completely shut down I-17 in the area for resurfacing.... Needed a MF helicopter to get anywhere out of my neighborhood!!


Serious question: Why is 10-1 Fox yet 10-2 Fox HD? Why? HDTV's have been standard since like 2005.


For several years, 10-1 was an HD channel coming from KSAZ's tower, while 10-2 was an SD rebroadcast coming from KUTP's tower. Lots of people had reception issues with 10-1, so 10-2 was a nice backup that allowed people to watch the channel who otherwise couldn't. I'm not sure why it's flip-flopped now, but I'd bet it has something to do with things getting shuffled around for the NextGen rollout. Re-scanning probably won't fix it if that's what's going on, but it might be worth trying anyway. Worst case, your TV can probably hide or skip 10-1.


but then if they switch it everyone will be confused again.. damned if you do damned if you dont situation for them lol


Just delete the SD channel. It's been 17 years since the "HDTV mandate" was supposed to originally go into effect(affect? IDFK). EVERYONE should have upgraded TV's at some point in the last 17 years. (I worked at Wal-Mart in the electronics dept back in 2003 and we were telling people why they should buy an HDTV back then)


The amount of times I've watched College Football or NFL games for like 3 quarters before I remembered to switch to 10-2 is stupid. (This comment brought to you by my smart brain, who actually realized it in the 1st quarter)


I've had Cox tv with a Tivo for decades and for the longest time you needed to be on 1010 for HD. 10 was an SD signal. They remapped their own boxes, but it wasn't until 6 months ago that they did it for the people using cable cards (tivo, tvs with the capability). Still find myself hitting 1010, 1012, 1033 for football.


Urban Ale Trail today in downtown Phoenix. Come on down and have some fun!


good morning, everyone! dragging myself to the gym here in a minute. really loving these seemingly cooler temps in the morning.


They are amazing! Got to the gym about half an hour ago. Hopefully the evenings cool down the same way.


Oh, I can't wait for those nights. That's when we crack open our windows and just let all that cool air in to recycle the air in our apartment. Eee!


Tomorrow MCACC (Maricopa shelter) has scheduled 14 dogs to be euthanized. https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/newhope/ If interested in fostering please fill out this application www.shelterluv.com/matchme/foster/SDN/Dog


For those who don’t have anything to do Sunday. 2nd of October. Low rider cruise @ south plaza. Now that the weather is cooling down, I hope everyone has a great time.