Thanks y'all for helping in my onigiri quest - I ended up finding out that Fujiya Market's onigiri on-sale times are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays starting at 1:30 PM (and that you can call ahead and order them) and bought/inhaled like 6 onigiri out of sheer joy. I'm starting a new food quest to locate a place that serves the Portugese roast pork sandwich - the 'bifana'. Anyone know of anywhere in the valley that serves it?


I don’t have a recommendation but I’ll be here to read yours! These are both foods I enjoy a lot


Hope everyone has a awesome weekend!! I’m having some Barro’s wings and pizza delivered to help cure the hang over I acquired from drinking with pals last night!😁


hot fresh barro's is amazing. not the best re-heated for some reason I have not figured out.


Because you shouldn’t reheat any pizza. Cold is the only way to eat leftover pizza


Costco and domino's aren't bad. In fact I can't remember any pizza that's worse reheated in the oven than cold by any large margin. Well, cheap frozen pizza, but that isn't good fresh.


If anyone is available this weekend and wanted to make a couple of bucks, I could use some help taking a few pics for my online dating profile. I need it to look amateur, nothing professional. I wouldn’t think it would take too long.


Are you into little green ghouls?


I’m more into magnets


Private messaged! I have some cool spots that would look cool!


Not sure what happened but I was supposed to meet up with this guy and he flaked on me and deleted his account. If anyone else is available, I would be greatful🙏


Another day of perusing homes I cannot afford and prolonging my renting situation. I know homes will never come back down to what they were pre-2018 but looking at what’s happening here is incredibly disheartening. Prices are *slowly* coming down, but rates are up so your monthly cost is higher than say 6-8 months ago even with a cheaper house price. In some cases, the majority of the homes in a neighborhood are owned by single company with the only intent to rent them back out. Just feels futile and shitty.


I still see a lot of overpriced homes. Mortgages at the listing price are often more than what the rental rate would be. Sellers aren’t dropping their prices quickly enough to keep up with mortgage rate increases. If you find something you like that’s been on the market for a few weeks, don’t be afraid to come in under asking. If you are using a realtor, have them connect with the seller’s representatives to let them know that the offer is what you can afford.


Yes, I think the realtors are trying to “hold the line” on pricing to the MLS and financial market data overall as it’s in their interest. If the house is on the market for more than a month, coming in below ask by 5-10% could get it done. Real estate agents are happy to make a sale, the amount is kind of irrelevant to them. [Freakonomics Real Estate Agent](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aFYlgqv3T-w) Or you can make an offer on a house that you think will turn up some flaws and knock that off the price. Classic move.


Well, we could always have another 2008 style recession! Don't give up hope!


Not sure if this is serious or a joke, but either way its both funny and sad lmao smh


It's a joke, but it it definitely is sad.


Many Airbnbs and VRBOs were bought with financing with little to no underwriting like the house 15 years ago. Those loans are being packaged into bonds. Same old story. That said, the fallout won’t be as significant or widespread. [https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2022-06-14/airbnb-rentals-turn-into-real-estate-goldmines-with-easy-money-mortgages](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2022-06-14/airbnb-rentals-turn-into-real-estate-goldmines-with-easy-money-mortgages)


... I wasn't thinking it would be for the same reason, but, who am I kidding, It's not like we ever fix the laws so stuff like this doesn't repeat, or if we do, someone like Bill Clinton comes along and no-one even notices they got repealed until our economy collapses. Either that, or a Republican gets elected, and not only do they repeal safeguards, but they make new laws and executive orders and appoint people to the FTC that make things worse. I'm sure most democrats aren't much better, though.




Since you've never posted here before we are removing this as spam. Regulars talking about what they do is fine, but coming here just to do that is not.


Sorry! I read this subreddit every day so I guess I feel like a regular haha. I will try to participate more :)




Are we done with the storms? I love them except for the humidity and migraines. Oof. 🤯


this barometric pressure has been the worst- sooo sensitive to motion now!!


I've noticed the dewpoint is slowly dropping - the past couple of weeks it's been hovering around 65-70° but now it's down into the low 60s/high 50s so hopefully it will get back to more normal humidity values soon. C'mon October!


We still have a month left in the season, we’ll see what surprises it brings.


Now we get 109° instead.