3.45 at Pride on Bethany Home going west right before the i17 north ramp


Get a Costco membership. The gas alone will make the membership worth it


3.25 today. Was surprised it was so low


How much cheaper is Costco gas compared to other places? I shop at Fry's right now, and while their prices are comparable, I usually get to use fuel points to take off 20-30¢ every few weeks.


In my experience it's 10-13 cents... every time.


Not sure if you can still do it, but years ago we would buy a 200 dollar visa gift card or frys gift card, get points for that and then buy the groceries with that and double up the points.


Yeah and if they are running a coupon that’s like 4x fuel points on gift cards, even better. Just have to remember your fuel points are for the next month or however they are doing it now.




I usually buy one of the visa giftcards when they have that deal and use the card just for gas.


I went yesterday expecting to get extra fuel points for buying gift cards. Did not happen...


I've only ever seen Costco *not* be cheaper than everywhere else, which was a month ago and they were the same price as everywhere but the Circle K by my house. Generally, they are $0.20 or so cheaper.


Right now, it's as much as 50 cents a gallon cheaper, so it's worth it.


If you can put up with the line.


Depends on the day/time. I get there Tues for shopping and not a soul to be seen


honestly waiting 15 minutes max is worth the 3.29 i saw it at today


Go around 730, never a line


I wonder how much gas people burn in the line and how much of the savings that eats up. I'd rather just skip the line and go to Fry's, QT, or Mobil. Plus they're closer to where I live.


You can just turn off the engine while you wait, at least for a good portion of the year lol. But yeah the Costco near me has lines no matter what time I go


If you have a Prius you can even run the AC with the engine off


Mornings are a breeze going through. Take a lunch break during the work week. Fill up the tank, then fill up your belly at the food court. If you can swing a 30-60min break at the nearest Costco that is.


Waiting in that line does not make it worth it for me


Yeah, if you want to wait in line for 45 minutes to save $2.00. I love Costco but I'm not about to sit in those long lines.


I thy that's only during summer and late afternoon when people start getting off work. I usually go close to closing time and I just pull up.


Is that the same case for sams club?






Get their visa card too and rack up the rewards. I think people complaining on here about the lines and everything don't understand hacking the system a bit. I guess we're lucky we don't need to shop and get gas when it's busy, we plan around it. Plus, their top tier gas is truly better than other places.


Shell, chevron based gas station pumps seem to always be the highest.


The Sinclair at 40th St and Camelback is always waaaaaaay higher than anywhere else


It’s because it’s across the street from the UHaul :)


The ones close to the airport car rental return are higher for the exact same reason


Whenever I've had to return a car to the airport lot, I've found that filling up at around Van Buren/16 got me better pricing but was close enough to still return the car with the tank full.


That doesn't correlate with any other uhaul location in Arizona though...


It’s also in Arcadia, a wealthier area.


Same with the chevrons on bethany and 7th ave and 21st?


That place on 7th Ave is ridiculous. I think they are a front, I never see more than one car at any Chevron station.


And across the street at circle k it’s always 30 cents per gallon cheaper. That chevron makes no sense


They are like that everywhere


yup this one is a really odd gas station, just a really of vibe i only bought gas once there and dude inside was rude, as if i were interrupting his work, very odd


That’s because they are considered a top tier fuel distributor


Many gas stations are “top tier”, including Costco.


Right but you only get there gas through a membership


QT is top tier as well. And while more expensive than Costco you don't need a membership. ARCO is surprisingly on this list as well but their cash/debit prices drive me nuts. https://www.toptiergas.com/licensed-brands/


They’re gonna be in a world of hurt when we switch over to EVs. Cue fanboys in 30 years claiming Chevron has “top tier electricity”


Shell sometimes takes Frys fuel points or has discounted prices if you use their credit card.


The Chevron at 43rd Ave and Union Hills is always at least 20 cents higher for regular and 40 cents higher for premium compared to the QT across the street. I've been driving by it several times per week for a few years now and have maybe only twice ever seen a single car actually buying gas there. I don't understand how they stay in business unless it's just a front for something else.


I used to work at a Chevron. I was told that most gas stations only make A few cents per gallon profit off fuel. It’s the store inside where the meaningful profits are made. Soda, snacks, beer, cigarettes. Personally I think QT is better for food and drinks, but if traffic is crazy and you just want a soda or pack of cigs you might settle for Chevron on the more convenient side of the street, and that’s how they stay open lol.


I've always wondered how they operate with the QT literally ACROSS the street,


Chevron at 43rd Ave and Union Hills is nearly $5/gallon for 91. QT across the street is $4.05 for 91. Not sure why anyone would voluntarily pay for Chevron. Also, Costco is literally the best deal for gas. Top Tier (not a joke) and cheaper than pretty much anywhere.


QT is also top tier supposably


I was told that the gas at Shell and Chevron are better than lost places so that’s why they’re always higher than everywhere else. Don’t know if it’s true just what I’ve heard from multiple people.


Shell and chevron have cleaning additives and higher cleaning standards for the tanks. Thus the higher price.


Shell is always expensive even mid-pandemic prices that started last year. But I use a gas app and get cash back from circle k’s that i can put into my bank account or gift cards. They have shells on the app to but i try to never go to shell under any circumstance.


Are you referring to the GetUpside app? I frequently hear it mentioned on the radio and I've been intrigued by it, but I checked out in the Google Play Store and saw some of the reviews and they seem to be critical, saying that it's generally difficult to find gas stations that actually offer more than a $.01 or $.02 discount. Assuming this is the app that you're using, what have been your actual experiences with it? Would you recommend it? And is it easy to find gas stations that actually have a significant discount available, $0.10 or 25 cents or more, per gallon?


GasBuddy is less of a pain, and just shows nearby prices. Sometimes circle k will have a promo with it for 24c off or something.


So that is the app i use. I checked right now a shell in my area has .25 cents back per gallon. Imo I like the app. I will say this and I live in Tempe. 1) All the gas stations currently on the app are circle K and Shells only. I only go to CK like i said above. 2) Not all gas stations give the same amount back(even from shell to shell or Circle K to Circle K) . I checked and in my area some CK have .22 cents back to .25 so you just have to check before you go to a gas station. 3) You get money back for some food locations. I have had issues with it working a smoothie place near me but its honestly my banks fault because transactions show up late and the app uses your credit/debit card that you make purchases with to verify you spent money on the gas or food there. I paid $16 for some Popeyes the other day and got $6 and some change back. 4) The app can give you good money back if you refer people. I sent it to my dad he owns multiple cars and the other day he got 30 gallons of gas and i got .30 cent to my account .1 for every gallon. When i signed up they had an incentive to get $20 for every referral and i made $60 on top of the money i had from gas and my referrals gas. I put that money into my bank account and got a art piece for my apartment. The way the app works for gas is you add the cards you pay for gas with. Click claim on the gas station you’d like to go to. Once there you click check in within the app then just buy the gas. I usually get the money in app the next day. So it does work it and its for something we all don’t wanna pay full price for. [I’ll give my link here but you don’t have to use it as I’m not pushy about it. ](https://upside.app.link/Z93ENS) If you have other questions I’d be happy to help.


Also the app says it has grocery store cash back but it has none in the tempe/phx area that i’ve seen. Likely because they know people would be getting cash back on nearly every purchase.


Circle K is not top tier gas though so I try to avoid that place.


Silly wabbit… trix are for kids! Also I paid $2.69/ga this week when I filled my tank up ($1.00 off per gallon) because I do the frys fuel points and buy as many gift cards to pay bills as I can when they have 4x fuel points rewards on gift cards (ie. Netflix for my membership, Amazon for my Amazon purchases etc…) the fuel points add up fast!


That’s actually genius


Once it hits 4.20 then it’ll be high lol 😂


Shell always seems inflated. QT was $3.69 last night.


Shell is always .35 more than everyone else


You at a shell on top of being so close to sky harbor. Go further out


Lmao it’s Shell. Go to a real gas station.


You expected an energy company to give up profit willingly?!


Shell markets themselves as “premium tier” gas provider. They’re prices are always at least 20cents higher than other place. Besides Chevron who is also “premium tier”. QT on the other hand also provides premium tier gas at much more competitive prices, that’s why they’re my go to.


Thanks Biden /s


QT was $3.79 for regular this morning on Cave Creek and Union Hills. $3.69 at the QT west of Bell and Cave Creek.


You are being fleeced, again, by oil companies. They are rolling in profit. Edit- downvote me? You are blind


You're at a Shell


You’re at a gas station near the airport, what do you expect


Shell is always priced ridiculously more than any other gas station nearby. I think its even more than Chevron. They probably put gold flakes in their gas is what I am guessin.


3.63 in the hood this morning.


Gas is always more expensive at Shell.


That’s Ducey taxing the shit out of you.


Laughs in electric vehicle


Laughs in bicycle


Laughs in walking


I did (without initially realizing it) walk back and forth to work for a solid year, July to June IIRC.


Uphill both ways?


Laughs in being able to drive more than 250 miles on a tank


Jokes on you my EV gets 400 miles


Really? What EV has more than a 380 mile range?


Just the Model S and Lucid Air. But realistically charging infrastructure is more important right now than having 400 miles of range.


Oh yeah? Well my gas car gets 480 miles!!! If I'm driving on a flat interstate in cruise control and I never have to speed up or slow down lol... Now we wait for a Prius owner to comment and kick both our butts!


Good job cherry picking a higher gas price.


Oh yeah like 3.79 is much better


Go put an "I did that" sticker on the pump clown.


Oh nice! Grew up in Phoenix, moved California after college. Seeing California gas prices in Phoenix makes me miss home less ;-)


I was thinking that it looked like California prices 🙄


definitely not , i just moved here and gas where i lived was close to or over $6 (but i do use premium )


please go up 1 more cent...


You were wrong.




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Nothing is going down ever again and we are all gonna die. Rely on it


Build back better baby




President has nothing to do with gas prices.




Biden has nothing to do with gas btw.




Be nice. You do not have to agree with everyone, but by choosing not to be rude you increase the overall civility of the community and make it better for all of us. Personal attacks, racist comments or any comments of perceived intolerance/hate are never tolerated.


You always pay more in the ghetto.


:( a cent away from $4.20 jackpot


Nope. Going to keep going up, along with inflation and interest rates the first part of 2022. Must be Trump’s fault


Crude Oil production fell by 8% in 2020, which is the single largest decline in recorded history. Then the US basically shut down, and people drove considerably less. Supply dropped huge, which usually causes a price spike... but demand dropped at the same time, so we didn't see any big price swings. Over the past 6 months we have seen demand pick back up as people return to the office, and the supply is still lower (the supply chain crisis is not helping either). Now, if you want to blame Biden's admin for our high inflation, yes that is happening now, and I do believe they could be doing a lot more about it; however the inflation was not caused by anything Biden has done (as he has not really done a lot), but by the policy actions of the previous administration. Special shout out: Biden has done some moves to fight climate change which absolutely will affect the energy sector; I don't think those moves are affecting us.... yet. If gas prices go up in 2022, Biden will own the issue much more.


Our president is steering this ship. Poor guy is overwhelmed. Bless his little old heart. Such a sweetheart. Only so much he can do! Build back better! Don’t complain or debate! Just vote.


President has nothing to do with gas prices. Educate yourself.


Fry’s on Higley and Baseline had it for 3.8 the other day


I am a diesel user... $3.97 on the norm... $3.88 on the low end.. and $4.40 on the high end in the west valley depending on time of day, proximity to the 101, and brand of the station.. its nuts


Man I don’t even wanna drive at this point I have to use premium 😩


Shell has always been high


Almost 420!


$3.79 at Circle K in Mesa


$3.19 at Walmart gas station in El Paso rn


91 is like 5 something lol


Just paid $3.69 at Fry’s in Queen Creek earlier today. I wasn’t complaining, granted that was with my $0.10 off/gallon VIP discount


I get 530 miles to the tank, ~43mpg and I always use cash at AMPM on McKellips/Center. They seem to be the cheapest without an app or a membership. $3.57 yesterday.


4.24 91 grade at shell tempe on Wed 🤬


Yeah they’re going down a couple of cents.


$5.49 in LA this week when I was there 😱


Its just 1 cent away from getting high


Yo I just realized how many of you guys are like braindead and don’t know simple stuff and it’s sad. Yes chevron charges more for gas because they claim their gas is more “premium” and better for your vehicle. Sinclair is going to be expensive no matter what I mean they litterly pump your gas for you. Further you go away from city the more the prices drop which is common sense but reading this it doesn’t seem like a lot of you have that goin for you


That just shell. They are ways expensive.


Well hopefully electric cars only keep getting cheaper and then we can let Arabs eat sand.


if it's something you *must* buy, prices never go down in the long run. Food, housing, transportation, energy, healthcare, education, etc.


3.29 at costco


7th st just south of the I10 on the east side $3.29 cash. Best deal I have found.


Since Shell works with Fry's fuel discounts, Shell gas is always 10 cents more regardless, just saying.


Your at fucking Shell! Notorious for being 40 cents too high. The other two bucks well...


The shell represents all the marine life that were killed or injured in the name of off shore drilling, oil spills and seismic blasting. Also stands for the $$ I won't be shelling out any time soon.


Shell is always a ripoff.




He never said that nor does he have the power to.


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President has nothing to do with gas prices. Google is free. Try learning shit.


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Time to cop the tesla haha


Holy cow. I didn't see that high before when they were bad




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