Super Odd Bruising. Is This Normal?

Super Odd Bruising. Is This Normal?


The needle is usually threaded a bit in the vein, and if she went through the vein (too deep into the arm) and caused a bruise inside your arm, it's possible that the bruise migrated to the back. Bruising is just a build up of blood in the tissue, and can migrate. Keep an eye on it just in case, but you should be fine.


Yea keeping an eye on it for sure in the meantime.


If she’s saying she messed up she more than likely missed the vein at first and did some fishing rather than proper readjusting, perhaps going through the vein and causing the bleeding beneath your skin (bruise). sometimes bruises don’t appear right away as they come/go in stages. You also use your arms a lot, so strain can cause discomfort around the puncture site. This is why we usually try to draw on your non dominant arm. In my opinion you have nothing to worry about unless the discomfort doesn’t go away, and the bruise continues to get worse. I’m not a doctor, nor can I diagnose from a photo, but a “disease” is highly unlikely.


Yeah, this whole time I've had some weird symptoms past 7 weeks so I'm on edge for any new symptoms in my body. So the bruising happening scared me since my biggest fear was leukemia or some sort of pancreatic cancer/liver issue. As far as blood tests everything came back normal & tests only found a swollen lymph node in the inguinal area & a varicocele in right groin. So I've been super anxious about any new symptoms. The new bruise on the bicep had me super freaked out because of how far it was from the needle sight & taking 8 days to appear. Thanks for the reassurance, just stressful time rn


Unless you had particularly bad pain while the needle was inserted and not moving, then you likely have nothing to worry about. My point is that this is a small bruise and could have been caused by several factors: did you tense us as you were stuck, after you were stuck, did the phleb dig around, etc. unfortunately, some people just bruise with blood draws. My sister bruises no matter who draws her blood... But, as others have stated, keep an eye on it and it should go away rather quickly and as always, be sure you ALWAYS know where your towel is.


Bruising is normal. Given that you didn’t see it until five days later I think you’re fine. The nursing looks minimal. It if changes shape/size/color and doesn’t end up disappearing, THEN I would be a bit more concerned.


Yea, I mean I was trying to figure out if this is normal from a blood draw or if this is caused by something else. Since most pictures I have seen from blood draws where a bruise appears is usually where the needle was inserted and then spreads down,etc and you can clearly tell it's caused by the blood draw. Both these bruises, especially the second image/bruise in on my inside bicep & further away as well as magically appeared 8 days later. So I was wondering if the bruise is even related to the blood draw or something else entirely unrelated.