It's like the Super Bowl when people just hated the Patriots more.


Good point it’s very similar to that, especially playing known cheaters




Patriot hate was a real thing. I was rooting for the Giants just so Brady wouldn’t have a perfect season.


I’m not from Philly and beating the Pats was like my squad winning the SB


Ew, this is getting upvoted?


I didn’t say I was proud of it.


Hahaha at least your honest! I’d rather not watch football than root for the Giants.


It’s kinda funny cus NFC East teams are the only ones to ever beat the Brady patriots in the SB And the Astros are just as hated as those patriots and have been beat by two underdog NL East teams in the WS. Just feels like 2017 all over again


There are still people that view the Astros as cheaters. They were somewhat let off the hook by their cheating being exposed during Covid. A full reckoning never occured. I am fine with America embracing the Phillies work ethic over cheaters.


We did get 2020 Spring Training when they kept getting plunked. That was fun.


Astros players didn’t even get suspended or fined. MLB was way way too light on the Astros, so it allowed the hate to continue. Fans feel the need to “punish” Astros in their own way. 1) strip the Astros of their World Series 2) suspend and fine players involved (this would have helped some reputations like altuve who didn’t cheat) 3) any pitchers who pitched in Houston during this time period should have those stats expunged from their career numbers (yu Darvish lost a ton of money. I’ve read other fringe MLB pitchers lost their jobs due to outlier numbers when pitching in Houston)


I'm in Italy on vacation, wearing my Phils hat, and people are coming up to me wishing us luck. That has never happened to me before as a Philly sports fan.


I was on Omaha Beach the other day and the same thing happened to me! "Yay Phillies!". Awesome


*There's a spider (spider, spider...)* *He's deep in my soul (soul...)* *He's lived here for years (years...)* *He just won't let go* *He's laying around* *He's got a mean bite* *Now he's ready to fight...* *And stand up for what he knows...* *I don't need your* *~~trophies~~* *or your gold* *I just want to tell you all* ***Go fuck yourselves...***


Oooh shit


Well hang on with that 3rd from the end line …. We all love Charlie but that one’s gotta go


fixed, good point!


Well to be fair the Astros are fucking cheaters so there's that aspect to it.


He’s right you know


I think it is support for the underdog role. Houston has a lot of resources that are going to make them difficult to beat. The one thing we've got going is that our players have gotten extremely hot at the absolute best time of the season.


Go into the Mets and Nationals subreddits to see that's not the case. In r/mlb it also looks like there's a fair amount of "the stros are the better team so they deserve it."


Nats fans are fluctuating between being beside themselves and an incoherent rage. I love it.


All 8 of them?


Remember when they all tried to convince themselves that losing Harper to the Phillies in free agency was actually a good thing because they got an "upgrade" in Juan Soto? lol


Lmao straight up clown shoes man.


Haha fuck the nats! And always fuck the Mets 😂


Yeah it’s probably just the flood of posts coming in here from other fanbases makes it feel a little more widespread, still weird though


How many of those people are Braves, Mets or Dodgers fans? Because we’ve seen them being losers over the fact that their 100+ win teams went one and done while a sub-90 win team from an infamous sports city is still alive.


I went back into r/mlb and I think you might be correct. I'm seeing a lot more pro Phillies posts than I saw last night.


It’s definitely weird. Mets fans congratulating me? And the Astros hate really seems to just be Altuve. And that’s for good reason - an obvious cheater who wasn’t punished and the TV media still blow him.


Bunch of cheaters on the Astros, but I don’t think Altuve was one of them. He for sure didn’t participate in the trash can banging scheme. And there wasn’t ever any evidence he (or anyone) was wearing any kind of buzzer device. So, I’m reluctant to call Altuve a cheater, but I sure as shit will call the whole Astros team a bunch of cheaters. Even if Altuve didn’t cheat, he kept his mouth shut about it. And he still benefited from the other players cheating (by having more guys on base in front of him and pitchers being rattled from getting hit a lot etc.). But Altuve at least seemed to go against his teammates in refusing to participate and had a little bit of ethics that I can at least respect somewhat. That all said, the fact that the Astros had a 100+ win season and are strolling into the World Series just two years after the cheating scandal broke just goes to show how BS the MLB’s punishment was. It should take waaay longer for an organization to come back from that.


Altuve most likely was part of the cheating. There’s a video of him motioning to his teammates who were waiting at home plate for him after a walk off HR to not let his jersey come off during the celebration. It is widely suspected that he did that because he had a buzzer under his jersey and didn’t want anyone to see.


He didn’t want them to take his shirt off because he had a shitty tattoo he wanted to get fixed/touched up. It sounded like a BS story, but it actually checked out. And there hasn’t been any evidence of anyone using buzzers. Edit: the YouTube channel “Baseball Doesn’t Exist” did a pretty good [video](https://youtu.be/tQTdEKA-nyM) about it all.


No because I feel like we earned it with the way they’ve been playing. I don’t feel like many people are just rooting against the Astros by default. A lot of people are really loving the way the Phillies are playing and are getting emotionally invested. I’ve seen tons of Mets and Nats fans saying so.


I like that take on it


Us: "Everybosy hates us and we don't care!" Everybody: "Go Phillies! Woohoo!" Us: "....?"




Two things to remember…. 1) No one likes us. 2) We don’t care.


I knew this was coming. I kind of wanted to play the Yankees for revenge purposes. But I like the Houston match up bc I think this team will get hella motivated to vanquish the universal villain. Plus people still kind of downplay our series win against the Rays so to win this would be perfect.


We represent all that is good and right with baseball. Houston represents all that is heinous and evil and dishonest.


Houston is a bunch of cheaters who in their bazillionth World Series in a row. Let them all on the wagon!!!


Nah mattress mack wins 75 mil if Astros win so we’re in a good spot


You guys are so corny sometimes lol


Yes in all seriousness none of this matters, just having some corny fun with it


I understand to desire to keep good things as your best kept secret. But for me I’ll take the well wishers when I can get them. Anything to start to change the negative perception of the fanbase, even if it’s only for part time bandwagon jumpers is a good thing. If we want to stop becoming the red headed step child from the media and other hypocritical fanbases, and we should, then it’s times like this when we should embrace the positivity from others, even though it might not be genuine or is probably temporary. This is a major sports market….it’s WAY past time that we, as fans, start acting like it.


Agreed. Because it’s in Houston, it’ll be all support, all day for the Astros. 😔


Phillies are the dogs. People like to see the dogs win. Money will be poured on Astros. -- You are not special.


Maybe people are just rallying behind a blue collar town that’s going against cheaters, I’m glad for the support it’s good for the cities economy, let’s not act like we didn’t all root for the cubs when they broke the curse


Phillies were never disliked nationally. That's more of an Eagles thing


Definitely more of an eagles thing, but I feel like theirs a national reputation about Philly fans in general and people dislike us bc of the bullshit the national media puts out


I’d throw in Flyers as well. Probably Sixers too. I think the Phils may the ONLY Philly team not universally hated.


I didn’t watch any of the NLDS. Are the Astros really good, or were the Yankees just really bad?


They did go 17 innings without scoring in game 3 of the ALDS, they were down in the other two games, the Yanks struggled to beat a mediocre Cleveland team... Jk, Houston is no joke they are very good


The Mariners were arguably the hottest team in the AL aside from Houston, and the Astros swept them despite being tied or losing during 30 out of 36 innings in that series. Game 1 of the ALDS they were down 7-3 in the 8th inning and somehow came back to win. Game two they were down 3-2 in the 7th and came back to win. Game 3 they outdueled the Mariners in an 18 inning marathon. With the Yankees they just outmuscled them and were the better team out and out. They are extremely timely in their hitting and the front 2/3 of their lineup is savage. Starting pitching is top notch and they have a super deep and talented bullpen. Make no mistake, this is one of the best teams MLB has seen in the last 30 years and on paper the best Astros team of all time.




This is peak Philly.


"This is a Phillies fan coming in peace. Go F yourselves."


Idk, but as a Phillies fan. I would not be surprised if the Astros won in 4. This year's Phillies have lived and died on playing streaky. I hope they can keep it going, but their record recently is in line with a slump coming soon if the season trend is accurate.