I enjoy grabbing a pie from la rosa and seeing if any junky at broad and snyder is wearing any of my t shirts that got swiped from my stoop.


>"Twice is kind of insane," said Tanya Brandona, when she learned her mail carrier had been robbed twice in a week. The Postman Always ~~Rings~~ Gets Robbed Twice


Isn't theft of mail or assault of a mail carrier a federal offense? I'd imagine that this could wind up bring the federal government in and when they catch these criminals that they will really get a very harsh penalty.


DeJoy has ratfucked the Postal Inspection Service's Postal Police, [by restricting them to Post Offices only](https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/14/postal-service-police-union-sues-dejoy-414537).


DeJoy still in there fucking things up after he tried delaying our mail in ballots by destroying sorting machines and removing mail boxes. He should be in prison.


I was thinking that the FBI would be called in for this type of thing. Don't forget that classified material can be sent by mail. So it's a security thing.


Informed Delivery is the way to go. This is how I know the mail thieves missed the $25 visa gift card from my aunt but they got the Christmas card (obvious what it was due to envelope) with only a picture of a friend's new kid.


Businesses, unfortunately, or anyone with a commercial address, are ineligible for informed delivery. It's really quite annoying.




Unfortunately bc of all the fuckery from the top, I don't even know who my mail carrier is going to be, let alone when they're going to come. I'd love to give my regular guy a tip, if I actually had a regular guy, and I'm def not leaving anything in the mailbox for a random asshole to steal so I gotta be here when they come.


copsucking conservatives are straining their obedient dog brains trying to figure out how to blame this on kenney and krasner


your comments are just as dopey as those you think you’re railing against. Maybe more so.


i just respect law enforcement so much. the soft strike is really proving their image, little blue stripe and all that jazz 🐷


You read this article and your first and biggest concern is that CoNSerVatiVeS will blame Kenney and Krasner AND you live in the suburbs. You sound very immature and make zero fucking sense.


You’re at the cusp of painful acceptance that the police are not here to protect you


i live in the suburbs. these overfunded chuds have never “protected” out here, just harass minorities and extort motorists. in the city, where they need to protect people, they still don’t. just show up after the fact to “file a report” and chalk out the bodies. waste of taxpayer dollars. should be reallocated to programs that actually reduce crime: housing, rehabilitation, and education.




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police need more money and less accountability. i’m sure they’d snap into action. brave handsome hero mode activated.


Lmao, I got a parking ticket on an off street in a residential area because I didn't know it was 2hr parking zone at 8:30pm on a dark, cold AF Saturday but the police can't keep the mail running smoothly???


How drunk are you?


Dafuq you talking about? this happened weeks ago. Venting about the incompetents of the police force and the waste of my tax dollars on their lazy asses.


Neither parking tickets nor mail delivery have anything to do with the police


The police literally collect parking tickets, otherwise all these parking ticket fellas aint got jack to enforce it. And yes the Police dont deliver the mail, but if mail is being interrupted the Police should be solving why it is and stopping it, or hell walking the beat with the mailman so he doesnt get fucking mugged. But I digress, its going to be the feds cracking down on mail theft that will fix this. Just like with the string of car jackings, took the fucking FBI to be involved to get anything to stop.


Sorry I agree- when it comes to collecting petty money this city is TOP NOTCH… even though it sucks at everything else. Makes me wonder if that’s actually the point? Can’t do shit except suck up money like a vampire, but outsource the collection to someone else and cant invest it here!