Getting tasered at the airport.

Getting tasered at the airport.


The fuck is wrong with people?


This Covid situation has exposed a lot of people as being horrifyingly stupid. I actually don’t want to speak to most of my “friends” anymore because of how much we are on different pages with this shit.


I've dropped a few as well. One, who had their cancer cured by our health system told me "I don't want a vaccine. I want a cure". I spent 5 minutes trying to explain how shit works and gave up.


“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” ― George Carlin


The other way of looking at this is how badly disinformation has brainwashed a good part of the population. Friend of mine, a lawyer, went to Dartmouth, like… reasonably smart and educated with what should be a critical mind. He asked me one day what I thought of hydrochloroquine. And it was like… fuck. He said that he didn’t know if he could trust the media anymore, and he wasn’t sure what was true and what wasn’t. And so could something like HCQ be viable? And then he went off on some Q shit. This is how brainwashing works. First you unmoor a person from whatever trusted authority they had. Then you confuse them. Offer them something with maybe a kernel of truth. And then lead them down some other path, and get them emotionally invested. At some point, that investment becomes sunken cost fallacy that it’s hard to go back. That’s what has been happening.


Yes it’s not an intelligence or educated thing, it’s a human nature, emotional thing. That’s how propaganda works.


Yeah, I’m sure your buddy who went to DARTMOUTH is brainwashed. Maybe, just maybe, he has a differing opinion than you.


Dude went far down the Q hole. Like really far. And I met him at Dartmouth.


Sounds like your anecdote about your educated friend saying stupid shit might have hurt someone’s feelings.


Funny how that works.


I completely agree. It makes me never want to have kids, because this will only get worse.


I was supposed to take off for Vegas at 4:00 pm. My first vacation in 2 years. I’m fully vaccinated, my GF a was hospitalized with Covid in December. I been through it I know the deal. The guys I’m going with are anti maskers, anti vaccine etc. Vegas reinstated a new mask mandate and all my friends bailed on the trip. We aren’t even getting a refund for the hotel or plane tickets they just refused to go. Like being asked to wear a mask in a casino is a legit reason to cancel a trip we had planned for months. I’m just done. I’m not on my flight, I’m not going anywhere except back to work tomorrow. I rearranged my whole summer for this trip but the most important thing to the people I was going with was to make a stance about masks. I just don’t want to live on this planet anymore I don’t think. Edit: sorry to vent but I’d like to see all the mother fuckers like this get tased. My one friend got vaccinated so he could see his grandmom on hospice. My other friend makes fun of him, even knowing this, for getting vaccinated. I’m just done with these kinds of people.


I would have said fuck it and went, especially if the flights and hotel was non-refundable. Wouldn't have been the same without friends there, but Vegas is one place you can go and have fun on a solo trip.


My gf wouldn’t have thought that was so cool. This was supposed to be a guys trip which is something I never do. I got a credit for the flight at least. Most anyone in the world I had booked with would have said “who cares we will still have fun.” I just happened to book with assholes so it’s probably best that it went this way. Everyone I’ve told about this situation seem to have the opinion that canceling the trip altogether was fucking crazy and that the people I was supposed to go with are stubborn assholes.


Yea that shit sucks… y’all still could have had fun. Thankfully you got a credit


Sometimes having no friends is better then having friends like that. I feel your pain.


I feel that way at this point in my life. I used to want to hang out with anyone than be alone. Now I’d rather be alone than hang out with most people.


Yeah I am lucky that I have a loving and supportive partner and two amazing kids. But I wouldn't have had them if I stayed around the stupid friends I had surrounding me.


Same here. I met my wife through my jerk former friends.


It’s just so many of them. The numbers are astounding. Everyday, unsolicited, someone says something really dumb to me about Covid. The true pandemic is the amount of misinformation and confidence in ignorance out there.


Yeah it really is mind boggling how many people are so scientifically illiterate and lack any semblance of critical thinking skills. Its gone so far in the other direction that they have literally been brainwashed into thinking all doctors and scientists are part of a massive global conspiracy. Its insane.


Scientifically illiterate I understand. I can get that. What I don’t understand is the denial of clear, objective reality altogether. We’ve raised such adult babies that they will deny what is playing out in front of their faces and around the world in order to avoid what they feel are lifestyle inconveniences. Then you tie in politics and political tribalism and political identities and it just gets worse. Even more fucked up, if no Covid virus ever existed and there was a fashion fad about paying $500 for a designer mask and wearing it, most of these same people would join right the fuck in like lemmings.


The only thing I can say to hopefully lessen the suck is the most stupid are usually the loudest; I don't know that it's so so many people, just that they love being stupid in public.


Fuck it just book a ticket with your gf and now you have a mostly paid trip for Vegas already.


She made other plans to be with her family in OCMD this weekend. These guys literally bailed on this trip about 28 hours before our flight time. Really didn’t leave anytime to change anything and my frustration over the whole things has me too jaded to really even snap up and make quick plans.


Fuck it man I'd just go yourself. You have nothing to lose and you already paid. Wouldn't be shocked if one of them actually has covid and bailed for that reason.


Flight left a few hours ago. It’s over and done with


Eh well your friends showed you who they really are. Honestly you'll have a better weekend alone than with them and them making a scene about wearing a mask.


Exactly right. As soon as I woke up yesterday to their text, I checked out in my mind. I wasn’t going to try to talk these kinds of people into going and the idea of going out there only to get into cringeworthy confrontations with workers just doing their jobs was enough for me to say “this isn’t gonna work.”


That really sucks. I hope you and your gf get to go somewhere soon. I really don’t get it. I went on vacation in June and had to mask indoors. We were so excited just to go somewhere, who gives a shit about masking?


Grown babies, that’s who. Thanks for your empathy. Things happen the way they unfold and that’s that. We will have our own vacation soon enough. I guess I can at least take some solace in saving the few grand I probably would have blown this weekend. And I have an airline credit for the flight.


That sucks, better luck with your next adventure hopefully.


It'll only get worse if you *don't* have kids.....we gotta do our part to even the playing field. Yeah, it sucks for our kids, but you'd rather be here living than not, so what makes you think your kid(s) wouldn't, too, no matter how screwy the world gets?


It really shows people for the assholes they always were but pretended not to be. I totally agree.


Some people just need to fuck around so they can find out.


That's a cop not a security guard. Philly PD Sargent


He's got Spirit, yes he does He got Tazed Buzz, buzz, buzz


Zap, zap, take a nap!


Did people forget that the airport is the last place you want to act inappropriately?


[I always remember this scene and quote.](https://youtu.be/KINl_Eu9_ec)


That was great! I, too, hope to remember it next time I fly.


It's really funny to me and also true. Excellent show.


Being on a no fly list would seriously ruin my life.


"I'm selling this tape for $5.99." r/praisethecameraman


In true philly fashion, the hustle never stops.


That got me too lol


Like...why not just wear a mask though. This seems like an extreme length to go to to avoid wearing a mask. Doesn't he know he's not going to win this battle? I just don't understand


Miserable people who are down in life just don't like being told what to do. Could be the rural poor redneck type, the urban tough guy type, the dying elderly type, the white aggrieved type... doesn't really matter. People are way more likely to be cool with being told what to do if they perceive themselves to have agency in other aspects of their lives.


that’s a Philadelphia Police Sargent not a security guard. he asking to get tasted


Yea he done fucked up. Probably will never board an airplane again in his life




that’s 100% a Philly police sergeant and not airport security lmao, have fun never flying again 😂


Looks like that other airline was right to direct that woman to Spirit


I was just about to make an “ofc its Spirit” joke


My first thought, too. Spirit is the Brazil of airlines. (weak joke, but it's like there are so many videos of crazy robberies, and they're always in Brazil.....most of the dumb shit that happens on airlines is either Spirit or Frontier.)


She needs to be in handcuffs too for acting like that IMO


Oof, but that comment from the cameraman - “I’m sellin this tape for five ninety nine”


I'd pay that


a stable couple in a healthy relationship. GET OFF MY BABY!!! *30 seconds later* *(DIRECTLY OVER HIS FACE) shut up! shut up!*


I imagine her telling him to shut up would be in line with "anything you say can and will be used against you"


It’s the way he hopped to throw those punches in them tight ass jeans lmao


Came here to make a Spirit Airlines joke but people already beat me to it!


Walmart of the skies


The Greyhound of the skies.


Chinatown bus of the skies.


Upvotes for all all of you


Dollar General of the skies


The Brazil of the Airline Industry!


RIP Fung Wah


Speaking of getting beat...


"In Philadelphia" doing a lot of work in that submission title.


Also calling the cop a security guard




Parts of Terminal A lie in Delco (this made it into my awareness from a wacky story about implementing the beverage tax), but Spirit doesn't seem like the type of airline with the juice to rent a gate in Terminal A.


American is in Terminal A,B,C,F. All other airlines are in Terminals D (primarily Delta and United) and E (low cost carriers and JetBlue). The only exceptions are international arrivals all end up in Terminal A and Qatar, Lufthansa and British Airways operate out of A as well due to solely international flights.


Best food options in this terminal, IMO, despite being the furthest away. TBH I may be confusing it with the international terminal in Boston


Best food options (for me - weekly traveler pre-pandemic) were Chick-Fil-A in the B-C concourse, Popeyes in B and Independence Prime in B if you’re looking for a sit-down fancier meal (idk why you would if you’re at PHL, though).


Sky Asian Bistro in C is pretty good, too. Good sushi rolls and tasty cocktails, although obviously way overpriced.


Sky has a breakfast fried rice dish that’s very good.


I may be mistaking it with the international terminal in Boston


Damn that Walmart behavior lol.


# **~~W O R L D S T A R~~** Um... # **K A O T I C**


Ah, r/publicfreakout. My portal to all that is bad in humanity.




I just have one thing to say. Landscape.


I think we lost that war a decade ago.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Yeah, they have no tolerance for shenanigans at airports. Don't want to wear a mask? Don't fly.


Ahh yes spirit


when keeping it real goes wrong


And this is why I don’t fly spirit 🤷🏿‍♂️


my girl with the block on his gf


Trashy fucking people. Fuck em.


He fucked around and found out


Bad things happen in Philly


That's why I don't fly Spirit.


This would be like the fifth most irritating thing about any given Spirit flight.


At least the shit went down when they were still in the terminal. They could have been on the plane either on the runway or in the air, and then this clown decided to get a mask attitude, and then it messes up everybody else's day, too.


Spirit Airlines - allowing the hood to fly to Miami for $89


Thank you for choosing Spirit! You can call me a bitch, but you're gonna do it from the ground.


This video is more than a year old. It is not from 2021.


oof. Choices.


Yep paying extra to avoid this shit


I flew out of PHL on election day last year on Southwest, and the police had to arrest a belligerent asshole who refused to wear a mask, then started attacking a father who said "please wear a mask for the kids" while his kid was right there. Keep it classy, Philly.


They are not going on that trip.


When keeping it real goes wrong.


The airport seems like a very bad place to throw a punch


Never fly spirit . China bus with wings


Welcome to the No Fly list idiot


Man, a lot of people need therapy.


612,000 people have died of Covid in the US alone, and people are still anti mask. I just... I can't fathom it anymore.


Maybe he was [confused about the mask policy.](https://twitter.com/DrewHolden360/status/1420442551136489475?s=20) It can definitely be [difficult to keep up with the rules](https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/great-day-america-vaccinated-largely-ditch-masks-77683411) ya know?


Except the rules regarding air travel have never changed so try again.


Nahh dude, [I'm good.](https://news.yahoo.com/fugitive-texas-democrat-admits-got-170100634.html) If people want to ignore the blatant hypocrisy on all sides, then that's on them.


Which proves nothing as, again, the rules regarding air travel have never changed.




Keep the personal insults coming. Really great.




¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


Hey /u/DavidLieberMintz you feel better now that you've launched personal attacks and insults at an internet stranger? I'll leave my comments here since I typically don't resort to insults when talking to someone I disagree with. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


>Good to see the ole "boTh siDez" is still going strong amongst the intellectually challenged. -- /u/DavidLieberMintz Imagine living life but never being able to adapt your behavior based on new information. It must suck to be that stupid. -- /u/DavidLieberMintz


Masks did nothing.




Wouldn't it have been easier to just wear a mask?


Looks deserved


Spirit Airlines is constantly on Secret Flying Facebook group with posts like this. That's the Spirit!


I know my rights! My brother Mookie was in jail muthafukas!


I almost acted out enough to get myself tased at PHL this morning because I was so angry at how many of the TSA employees and airport staff weren't wearing masks properly or requiring people to wear them. If they're gonna get punched, then I kind of get it, I just think they should have been able to shoot the puncher, not tase him. We're all doing a thing here, and no one likes masks, but almost everyone is wearing them right. You don't HAVE to fly if you don't want to wear a mask FFS.


Spending all that unemployment on spirit flights. I recognize that yellow ass sign anyway. Philly dudes walking tough in them right ass jeans.


Can't hit a cop, cops have a monopoly on violence EDIT: Downvote brigade, what did I say that was untrue?


You're being a fucking jerkoff and you know you are, stop playing dumb.


40% of cops beat their wives


No. No they don’t. That is a commonly quoted comically incorrect statistic. The rates of DV amongst law enforcement are very close to the background rate overall.


If they made it illegal for domestic abusers to own guns, there'd be no cops




Cops only have a monopoly on violence when it comes to interactions with the police. There's plenty of non cop related violence throughout the city.


Is the non-cop violence illegal or legal?


Ohhh so you meant to say that cops have a monopoly on legal violence. Even that's not true, but it's also not what you said.


I'm not fan of the police. But he was being non violent and only reacted once he was assaulted.


This is obviously a cop he punched.


Honestly can’t decide who’s more annoying in this thread the low key racists the apologists or the anti maskers lol. Dh was out of line


man thats difficult to watch, that guy is probably having a mental health crises


Really? Because he just seems like a dickhead to me


you might be right im just getting tired of watching these videos


Taze the fuck out of any of these jerkoffs who insist on putting other people's health at risk.


Nah don't give him an out like that. There's no reason to suggest a mental health crisis over just being a dick. It's insulting to people with mental health problems issues.


Need a roll of duct tape


Two dumbasses!!


Spirit airlines is allowing a lot of magical videos to happen lately.


I wonder if our mans missed his flight?


these people are a special kind of stupid