Large 3-alarm junkyard fire erupts in Philadelphia

We should just schedule this post to go out every 3 days


We should just schedule this post to go out every 3 days


We could use some rain... And some new junkyard regulations and enforcement apparently.


I will say it’s tougher than ever. We had a fire when we crushed a car. It started cuz of a lithium battery from a vape pen mushed in the crack of the back seat. I’m not sure what the answer is but recycling is important and you don’t want trash to mount up in the city.


A, B, C, and D fire extinguishers in a prominent place at each junkyard. Maybe requiring fire extinguishing systems to be installed in certain areas like they do in restaurants Proper storage of junk and making sure it doesn't get close to things that can start fires (like a crushing machine) Limits on how much junk can be stored, the type of junk, and for how long it can sit on a given lot size. Also, setbacks so it's not right on the fenceline and can spread to other properties if it does catch on fire Fire safety plans so everyone knows what to do and where to go if a fire starts. And regular practice. Many industries with flammable materials have these plans and practice them Enforcement of rules by a competent and sufficiently funded regulatory agency. Just some thoughts I would implement if I were king for a day, but will end up dying in this comment


These are very reasonable expectations. I’ll vote for you.


Yea we actually have a lot of this. I’m at one of the bigger scrap yards. I can’t speak on the mom/pop smaller yards. We definitely have extinguishers in key areas, undergo fire training regularly through toolbox talks and the fire department comes in to train my guys annually. Plus our safety manager brings the virtual set up quarterly. We do store our scrap in the middle of the yard on a concrete pad. But we keep a bailer near the scrap pile. It’s to minimize the hazards to the customers dropping off scrap. I can’t have a crane moving around customers trucks and dropping metal on them or damaging their vehicles. A lot of it has to do with what customers bring in too. People from the public. I mean we have signs all over the place. Don’t bring in batteries, propane/ oxygen tanks, Freon tanks, radioactive debris, etc. But alot of times they don’t want to pay for proper disposal elsewhere and cram them into Fridges and what not. It’s really hard to inspect a load when they have a truck crammed full of stuff. We do have quality control people watching what people dump but they have to look out for a lot of things besides flammables. Like city property / tips of stolen property. We probably buy 100 tons of scrap a day and ship out what we bring in daily.


Well it is a day that ends in -y


[philly public health is recommending those who live nearby to close windows!](https://twitter.com/PHLPublicHealth/status/1663993115789742082?cxt=HHwWhMC-9YW72JcuAAAA)


Nova Scotia can take its smoke back. We make enough air pollution on our own.


Payback time! We all just need to blow towards Canada.


Nah, if your mom shows up the rest of us can go home.


It hurts because it’s true 🥲


Why the fuck are there soo many junkyard fires. How is the city not cracking down on these fucking morons who operate these junkyards. The average IQ of our city council is probably on par with junkyard owners. That is why this keeps happening. This city really is a fucking joke sometimes


>Why the fuck are there soo many junkyard fires. Lithium batteries are *everywhere* now. Do you know what happens when a lithium battery gets punctured? It turns into a fucking *flamethrower.* https://youtu.be/AAZ62tUtc0w Every single pair of wireless earbuds is *three. different. batteries.* Every fucking vape pen, cell phone, ereader, tablet, smartwatch, laptop, anything you plug into a charger these days is at least one lithium battery. https://www.scrapware.com/blog/industry-consumer-steps-needed-to-combat-scrap-yard-lithium-ion-battery-fires/


I definitely appreciate the insight. Do we know that these are the causes of these fires? It seems we average a junkyard fire every 3 weeks but I don't see a follow-up investigation and cause. cigarettes, arsonists, gas tanks, and barrel fire that gets out of hand also seem plausible.


The tradition continues!


Why's it smell like bloody sinuses?


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The smell of trash surrounds youuu


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I'm having trouble breathing for the first time in my life this week. I think all the smoke is taking a toll on me. We can't do much about wildfires in Canada but something needs to be done about the junkyards. The frequency at which we're forced to inhale toxic (more toxic than usual) air due to junkyard fires is alarming


I went to urgent care yesterday because i was having trouble breathing—it’s been really bad recently!


Inb4 the next “what is that smell” post


Ahh, the end of the month tradition. Where did the time go?


That’s going to be an apartment building in 3 months. Seen it happen before.


Another day another Philadelphia junkyard fire


Good name for a band


> Firefighters say that due to train tracks and buildings surrounding the junkyard, the fire was difficult to manage. Well none of that was new yesterday so seems like a failure of imagination and planning


This shit seems to be on fire every few months.