Penpal gift idea?



Nationally, why not. But internationally it might make the shipping hard.


It depends on where you and your pen pal live. I'm in Europe and my pen pal is in Germany and sending little gifts like that is simple. But if I send anything more complicated than paper or stickers to my American pen pal, there has to be a customs declaration list on the envelope. It is a really cute idea, but I'd take a look at the shipping rules first.


This is a sweet idea! Though if it's anything more than a sachet of the cream you will need to send it as a parcel rather than a letter. The only non-stationery stuff I've been able to send via letters are tea packets really. Anything bulkier than that had to be a parcel/package. This is true for me for both local and international mail. Check with your post office first so that you know what to prepare for!