Looks too good to be true, be careful


Everyone above was saying “ofc it’s sold out cuz it’s a great deal” but the cost of the parts in there refurbished is still over $1200 at MINIMUM (for that to happen, the thing would’ve had to be in really rough shape before the refurbishment).


If I’m not mistaken pc’s are one of the easier things to refurbish which leads to less mistakes


Not always, unseen minor issue due to previous use can be a timebomb for part failure


Yup. Bought a refurbished 2080Ti that worked for about a week before thermal issues started causing it to crash on boot. Luckily that one was under warranty.


my refurbished card's been fine for like 5 years now


thats the point , its hit or miss but when its a miss its a really big one


Yeah it's a gamble in the end.


Gamble with new products too. I bought a Cooler Master PSU last month and it was shutting off randomly out of the box. Unplugged everything, put back my old Corsair in the rig... rock solid.


Both my refurbished 1080ti's died within 6 months of use. Consecutively. I bought 2 as a package deal from a PC store in my area and within 6 months they were both dead. Luckily it was a store that backed their repairs and the second one died before the 6 month warranty was up. Never bought a refurbished again. Not worth the hassle.


One of the easier things to refurbish, yes. But also one of the easiest things to slap a new price tag on when it's still fundamentally broken.


dude the 3080 ti is worth more than the whole pc by itself


Not everything is sold for profit. Companies manage their inventory on a timer and this one is probably a few months away from being moved into dead stock. The more time passes the higher the chance 12th gen prebuilts approach near to the 1399usd MRP in price. They'd rather take the loss and recover some of the cost than have to literally throw it away.


Also, wholesale bulk buy on parts is a lot cheaper than retail prices.


But it doesn't have to be completely refurbished. Let'ss say someone returned it because it had problems because of a faulty GPU. Slap a new one on it, and since it is a prebuilt, it could be considered refurbushed.


Or, bulk buy returned systems, take that GPU from something that had a faulty motherboard.


It says its refurbished. Idc what price it is… i never trust a refurbished.


I have trusted a refurbished gpu once. It worked for over a year and i passed it down to a friend. The only reason why i trusted it is because i physically saw the repair that was done to the gpu. it was a really sturdy repair. But i totally see where you are coming from cause im nervous about trusting as well


I haven't owned a new GPU since GeForce 2. Always refurb or second hand. Never had issues. They worked for 2 years or more.


I just bought a refurbished phone, literally can't tell it's not new. Priced 250 below new. Refurbished can be a great way to save some money.


some are just too worried about used stuff, its fine


Yep, I almost always buy refurbished or second-hand off local marketplaces. It's bitten me in the ass a few times, which is the risk you take, but in the long run I've still saved so much more money than if I'd purchased everything new.


I can get an i7-4700 business machine for $100. That leaves $900 for repairs or upgrades. It's unreal when a brand new i7 chip is easily $400.


if it’s an apple device you wont be able to fix anything if it breaks, apple dont fix refurbished phones that are not refurbished by themselves. And there sre many many cases that 3rd party technicians cant fix on iphone


Why? I buy refurbished stuff all of the time. As long as it comes with some kind of warranty or buyer protection I really don't see that big of an issue. Just give it a good burn in and test if it works great if it has problems send it back for replacement or refund.


Even if it doesn't cost me, that returning process and waiting on the next part to potentially also be defective... That's enough stress for me not to bother. Plus the time involved in shipping means I'm weeks without a PC. If the discount is steep enough you do have a point though. It's all warranty covered (if not shady dealer) so the risk isn't that bad financially. I just value my time and stress a lot when it comes to PC building.


I guess it's down to personal experience. With the refurbished stuff i bought over the years it either broke shortly after purchase resulting in the hassle of returning it and potentially having to deal with uncooperative customer support or it broke shortly after the warranty expired. I'd rather buy new once every 6 years than refurbished every 3.


This is the way


I was about to say that’s cheaper than all the parts


And Newegg will find some way to screw you over.


Check the return policy. I would be willing to bet there isn't one. It's Newegg.


Thank you everybody for the information. I'll be sure to record me opening it on camera incase something is wrong. I have already received a shipping number and will be receiving it Thursday. Received PC check here for update if interested 😄: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/zn1gcp/update_on_pc_check_comments_4_more/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


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That won't do you much good. I sure hope you bought it using a credit card though


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The word on a previous r/buildapcsales post is that ABS is notorious for poor quality pre-builts and customer service. I.e. things may not be complete or may come DOA and then the company will try to claim it was your fault. I would exercise caution when you receive the item and verify the condition of all the parts and double check the connections.


This feels like a too good to be true price considering the 3080ti and the i9. Maybe it would be worth even just buying for the components even if the build quality is shit and reassembling from scratch?


Depends on your propensity for risk. Personally I try to use as many forms of paying with other people's money before using my own before I gamble on something. Such as Amazon(merchant protection)>PayPal ( their guarantee and protection from theft or misuse of your payment details)>Credit Card (ability to chargeback).


I’m confused, so you buy on Amazon with PayPal and the PayPal is linked to your CC?


Bingo. I do the same. Especially with how rampant scammers are on Amazon now. Get as much buyer protection as you can.


Amazon's always had amazing refund/ replacment support I had a Christmas Santa statue that came in the wrong variation 5 times at the end they said the keep the ine before and made sure I got the exact one and it was


There is no risk lol, even debit cards have fraud protection.


CCs have more protection than debit. I would never use my debit card on the internet.


there is a risk, you could buy it, and all you get is a bunch of rocks, broken components or fake ones


I agree, cpu and gpu worth the price alone by themselves.


In EU the 3080ti alone would be 1200€ right now (\~$1000 without import tax) It was briefly available for \~1000€ to be fair though. The 13900KF would be another 650€. Anyway the full system around here would be at least 2000€.


Op. I'd recommend making an unboxing video of it just in case the company tries to claim wrongdoing on your behalf. Literally free insurance.


Yeah definitely will do.


TBH, we can make a video of anything at any time, it does not really prove anything at all.


He means befire even unsealing it, and potentially straight from receiving it ^


yes, I understand what an unboxing video looks like. Do you understand that I can make a fake one?


Motherboard might be Chinese junk. Or you just bought a really expensive 3080ti. Or you might just gotten lucky. Hopefully!


I already have a PC so I'll just be swapping out the graphics card and CPU. plan on selling the rest to a friend for a good price if everything goes well. Thank you for the info.🙏


Thoroughly check everything you receive to make sure the CPU is actually the listed one and the GPU isn’t fake, though I’m not aware of fake 3080 Tis, but they may exist. The fact it’s on Newegg makes this really not worth the risk, Newegg is known to be a shit company who will outright deny a return just to fuck over a customer. They also used to scalp GPUs by bundling known fire-hazard PSUs with them for a massive markup to try to get unsuspecting customers to take the dangerous power supplies off their hands.


Yeah I bought an ABS back in 2015 and it lasted me 5 years so I felt okay buying another one in 2020 to get a 3070. Well the only original parts that I didn’t end up replacing were the solid Zotac 3070 and the functional case. It had cheap RAM (that was ~~actually DDR3 despite being advertised as DDR4~~ advertised as having a speed that the MB and CPU didn’t support), garbage CPU cooler, cheap motherboard that went out after 6 months while taking the CPU with it somehow, cheap SSD that I replaced with an M.2, and a cheap 650W PSU that I ended up replacing with a good quality 850W as a preemptive before getting a 40-series card. I pretty much built a whole new computer, which ironically increased my confidence enough to where I’ll never buy another prebuilt ever again.


>It had cheap RAM (that was actually DDR3 despite being advertised as DDR4 on newegg) Cheap RAM i get, but DDR3 instead of 4? Those are not backwards compatible. DDR3 won't go in a MB equipped for DDR4 which is based on the processor generation and motherboard. Were you fooled due to lack of research and understanding on your part or are you confused now?


It goes to show that I’m still learning this stuff because I just looked at the old RAM and it was DDR4 but what was misrepresented was the speed. It was advertised as 3000 mhz when both the MB and CPU didn’t support that speed.


If it’s real, that’s a damn good buy.


If that’s actually real (and not just a painting of a pc,) thats not just a steal, that’s an entire fucking bank robbery.


Lots of people saying "it's a steal" what does that mean? I'm not familiar with this language yet


Means that it's super cheap and therefore a good deal (it basically means it's so cheap it's almost like stealing).


It's an American saying. You found an item or service at an extreme discount and if you purchase at it's low price then it's as if you stole it. Since stealing is technically free.


It's an English language saying. Considering the US only has a couple of centuries of it...


And in that short time we’ve given the world electric light bulbs, cinema, the telephone, airplanes, the internet, jazz music, and more. I’m sure an idiom or two could have snuck in at some point.


Electric light bulbs: Marconi, maybe earlier, Edison invented the first mass production Cinema: Again mainstreamed by Edison The telephone: Alexander Graham Bell, scotsman Airplanes: Correct The internet: Correct But yeah, fair. Could well be one of yours. It's not a particularly modern word though. I get the yanks think they've done/are the best at everything but... ya know...


Marconi did not invent the light bulb, he was 6 years old when Edisons team made the first working bulb. Marconi invented the radio. And Edison didn't invent mass production, that was Henry Ford with the advent of assembly line production techniques. Edison is credited with the invention but it was more of a group effort by his team that he had relatively little part in. I would argue the biggest contributer was Joseph Swan, who invented the first fillament to be used. He was british. Later on the design was vastly improved by Lewis Lattimer making it an actually viable product. You should study your history more.


Nah, fair, low effort replies on my part (for once) I should know better. telephone n AGB was at least on the mark with a Huwu mistake (and shock-horror nothing mentioned on that) but yeah.


It’s real.


Where I live the 3080 itself cost more than 1000.


Dude it’s sold out. Of course worth it for $1000


I bought it earlier this morning after a friend recommended it to me. Just wanted to get y'alls thoughts as it's refurbished should have clarified.


It’s awesome.


It's a fucking steal dude.


It’s a steal unless that video card is almost dead… I’m always skeptical of buying second hand. Always that chance of it having close to dead parts. Not saying this one is.. but that price might have something to do with it


Even if the card was mined on since release, it would be fine. Going from hot to cold (load and idle) is what causes the most damage. Also the 30 series isn’t even that old so worst case scenario it still has a couple years left in it.


I like how u describe silicone chip as dead, coz it was used.


not sold by newegg so if it actually shows up in working condition good deal. the seller probably has a no returns policy.


Sold by nutrend who has a 30 day return policy if something is wrong.


If you bought it with a credit card (which you should) then you probably have pretty decent buyers protection in case something is wrong. A great example of why it's so important to use credit cards when buying things, especially electronics is I paid like $600 for a computer case that was in a preproduction state. I watched as updates slowed and then stopped. Finally their site went offline like 6 months after and I messaged amex and within maybe 3 days I had all my money back.


Lmk if they’re trustworthy lol


They’re a subsidiary of Newegg. Should be completely fine.


You are possibly getting fucked but man if not good deal


Do yourself a failure and stress test that thing when you get it. I don't trust refurbished PC's.


So good a deal i would think it was a scam, only the gpu is that pricey already




It's also a refurb so something could be wrong with it or someone swapped parts and returned


It’s why I’d suggest always videoing the unboxing of expensive electronics that are refurbished or bought on eBay and just confirm it’s a 3080ti with the serial numbers in the video. Worst case he has to return it, best case it’s worth like $1200 used.


Good idea, I'll def record me opening it.


This doesn't stand as evidence of anything at all actually.... think about it. Edit for the oblivious & idiot down voters: filming proves absolutely nothing. One could open it, steal the part they want, and reclose the box with packaging tape. That is how this would be sealed. And a second layer of packaging tape will not be visible from that recording. Which, by the way a heat gun could even remove the original tape layer. Then you could pretend to be opening it for the first time, even though you've already opened it. Source: was a large scale whole seller for a long time and this is more common than you think.


Ain't it, it would be simple to open it swap the item close it and re tape then whip out a phone to record you opening it for the 'first time'! I still record myself but it proves fuck all!


This doesn't stand as evidence of anything at all actually....


That's a steal, mate. Hope it turns out.


Turns on**




Looks like a steal. Hope it’s not an Amazon scam




Yep, got it from Newegg.


no its from 3rd party seller on newegg NUTREND.


I can't trust Newegg after my last incident with them losing all records to a purchase


What happened?


They prolly lost all his records to his purchase


Oh, I'm stupid


But what really happened ?


They lost the records to his purchase I believe


Lolz redditry, sorry. Ok to answer that with a genuine elaboration. >be me >ordered graphics card >cheap 200$ nothing too interesting just a mild upgrade from stock build. >very large package arrives. >aorus b550 mbd >try to do the right thing and call to send it back >"anon, we have no record of that order" >mfw > go to microcenter and buy everything else > build new pc with it. >can play games on ultra. > thanks Newegg, but also fuck you still.


REFURBISHED Not new. Second hand. Be wary.


To put it into value - I’m selling my 3080ti for 750$ tomorrow


*Missing psu + mobo* /s


Too good to be true. I really hope it isn't a scam, record unboxing and make pictures. Make sure there is no transport damage, especially with the gpu, that choker is heavy and can easily rip our the pcie slot. Good luck bro✌️


No way it's selling for that price. The RTX 3080TI alone is more than 1000$. I hope you used a credit card. Might have to charge back. I'm hoping it's legit, that would be the best deal I've ever seen in my life... BY FAR.


Used my debit card, and thanks! I get it Thursday so I'll update.


If this is true and not a scam then this is a steal


Do you have to suck off the seller? If yes then perhaps...


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That would be a crazy good deal. So good in fact that there’s no way it’s real.


this looks like a scam but then again it's refurbished so if it's going this low i imagine there must be some pretty bad damage i mean what site is this just asking cause a friend of mine also showed me a site that had deals too good to be true and was obviously a scam.


The price is weird usually it's like 999.99 or 1099 or something


lil bit sketchy


The gpu alone is worth 1000$ ...


That's really cheap. Just the CPU and gfx are over $1500


Looks like a scam


I got a prebuilt from ABS and it has been really awesome, they are also really good with support. Instantly replaced the AIO cooler when they thought it might be making too much noise, and they even still support problems and help with issues outside of their 1 year warranty on the pc.


For those wondering, yes it’s real. I got a great discount on my ABS computer a month ago. And yes, ABS is quality and they use name brand parts.


Negative Ghostrider. The pattern is full. 😐


Oh, it was sounding good until I read "refurbished". Wouldn't touch it.


That's almost too good of a deal. If it's legit, it seems like they've put the budget where it matters, and haven't gone with stupid amounts of RAM or storage. It'd be interesting to see what PSU they put in.




So? 3080Ti sell for $750 used. Even if you value the CPU and mobo at $200 combined, the others parts put it well over $1000.


Nothing to do with specs on the parts and value....these are made from returned items...1000$ is alill to much for refrub product with no guarantees


You think it'll still work well?


For what its worth, I started out with an ABS prebuilt myself a couple years ago, and it treated me well. They seem to have better pricing than most.


That way too good to be true bro


I'd say good value, just prepare yourself to swap the ram


A 3080Ti on its own goes for more than a grand where I'm from. If this is legit and you got the cash it's a no-brainer. But that is a big if and you should do your due diligence to make sure it's legit.


I call bullshit. The processor and GPU alone are worth over 1000$


It’s a full PC for the price of a graphics card.


3080ti is like 1200$ alone ,be carefull


Bro is this photoshopped or what 💀💀


Looks like a scam to me...just the 3080 is more than that


They really need to make that refurbished marker bigger could just be me my eye sight isn't the best


Feels too good to be real🧐


I checked their Newegg page and they sell mostly car parts and refurbished prebuilts, A few of the bad ratings mention that they never received the gaming computer and that they just received a fake tracking number. So be weary.


Too cheap. Wouldnt trust it


3080tis cost about that much. Seems like a deal to me


Why do I enjoy wearing women's clothing so much?... Oh, the computer


you could buy it but i would upgrade the ram


That's an absolute steal


Any updates?


Yoo came here after I set a reminder, did you get it?


Give us an update


Yeah that's not arriving. Here you'd be looking at 1660 and a 3 year old i5 for 1k


I wouldn't go with a pre-built, heard too many horror stories of supporting components like the motherboard or Ram being cheaped out on to save cash, causing the name components that are very good to be held back significantly by a lack of data delivery speed.


Insane deal


Haha good luck on that one...


That's actually a pretty good price. Just check everything when you get it.


Your money your choice.


just buy this for the graphics card and scrap the rest


16gigs of ram on a 1000 dollar build?


100% there selling Pcs with 2nd hand mining cards


https://preview.redd.it/2a5hqx4p2u5a1.jpeg?width=650&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=43f02884aa2a55ed1da91ddf612e8d2a529f100e Looks like a ripoff of my rosewill case lol


A rip off of a rip off lol nice. Rosewell is already pretty d tier


Lol it’s just a case bro


Scam.. Has to be..


Might be scam... price is too good to be true Be careful please


i got a GTX 1080 in January for like $500 (unused). RTX 3080 Ti seems fishy lol. HOW used is it then? lmao


3080ti build for 1k? lol. fake.


It says refurbished. Huge red flag cause the parts could be repaired and may not last very long. I don't mess with refurbished PCs


Definitely would expect a bit better ram with a 3080ti and i9


Hey man it’s an 11th gen but an i9 so you’re golden


11th Gen chips weren’t great because of the pricing and uplift at the time. For this price an 11900K in this PC is a steal.


That’s why I told him that he was golden


Even if it was an 11700K he would be getting a great deal.


Does it meet your needs and budget? When you buy a car does you ask others which one to buy?


Something has to be wrong this is a fucking steal


I would run away fast. Take a look at the power supply. It's probably some 500-650v cheapie that couldn't hope to support a legit video card. I expect this is all a total knock-off, full of cloned parts. It'll look good-ish for a little while, then fail and you'll have no recourse. That proc is about $400 and the board is not mentioned (presume $200-ish) The video card is listed at $1500 all by itself. The numbers don't add up, even at full price. This is just a box of cloned parts.


Says refurbished, so maybe all single parts are refurbished;


Even at its listed full price, it doesn't nearly add up.


Motherboard prolly gives you zero opportunity to upgrade down the road. 16GB of ram is also doo doo fart


Gotta be fake


Hopefully it last you a while