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Shame all my cards have been by EVGA :(


Same. If they ever decided to partner with AMD, I’d probably switch from Nvidia. EVGA customer support and quality of product has always blown me away.


Never a single complaint about their customer service. One time I had an issue with a card (GTX 1050). They took it back in a shipping box they paid for, confirmed that it was indeed faulty, and sent back a GTX 1060 that I used in my computer until like 3 months ago.


Yup. One time I had a psu that was technically a few months out of warranty. They still replaced it for free.


This was my experience. I had a 650 watt die almost a year out of warranty. I asked if they have a repair service. They sent me a new one free. Best company in hardware, bar none.


One of the most shocking things to me regarding this reveal is the fact that EVGA only has 280 employees. Their customer service is so good I always assumed they had a much larger hardware division.


All employees are hand picked from the most polite and forgiving people, really hard to hire people because of it.


Holy shit my brother had the same! They took it straight back and sent a brand new one out. They definitely care about their customers.


Similar thing happened to me a long time ago, 6600gt died after a few years, they replaced it with one that had twice the vram, that card ended up being defective so they overnighted me a 7600gs to make up for it. The whole process took about a week and cost me nothing. Most other manufacturers wouldn't even have a warranty after 3+ years. If AMD is anywhere close on price/performance when I go for my next upgrade I will probably go that route because I'm salty that Nvidia screwed the one hardware company I trusted.


I have had EVGA my whole life at this point, it's gonna be such a change, I may just switch to AMD because Nvidia has pushed EVGA to the point where they want to stop selling Nvidia cards.


Well on the bright side at least they are still selling PSU's, to date all of mine have been EVGA and I have never been disappointed. I always recommend them for those too


Same here. EVGA + AMD would be a switch for me.


I think a lot of people are really hoping they do this. They might take a minute to switch but they're losing 80% of their revenue... It's kind of crazy from a business perspective and they have to have some idea on how to replace that lost revenue and utilize the factories/workforce. The whole thing is fucking crazy. Either EVGA is killing themselves or they've got something else in the pipe. No competent leadership team would let this happen otherwise.


Yeah agreed. Towards the end of the GN vid, he talks about how the CEO just wants to spend more time with family and scale it back. Well, seems like that feeling is going to hurt his staff, and the company. Better to switch to AMD (or Intel as mentioned in the vid, they need the help) and for the CEO to take a step back and let someone else go hard at the helm. That way everyone at EVGA gets to keep their jobs, the customers still get to have great EVGA cards, and the c-suite get to chill with their kids. Intel or AMD get a segment leader onboard, and the only loser is Nvidia. But hey, what do I know, I’m not running the thing.


I thought it was a bit odd for the CEO to make this decision partially on grounds that he wanted to spend more time with family. Totally fine to want to do that, but maybe taking a secondary role in the company is a better way. I would still like to see them pursue AMD in the future, but tonight on WAN show linus was saying that might permanently burn bridges with nVidia.


What's the problem with that though? From the sounds of it they have no interest in working with Nvidia again


They could switch to partnering with EtchaSketch and I would probably stick with them. I have had at least 5 GPUs, 2 Mobos and a power supply from EVGA and none of that hardware ever had a hardware fault. Rock solid company that puts out quality products.


Yeah, I literally have no idea who to go to now. I tried a number of other manufacturers and for a long time now I’ve settled on EVGA because they are the only ones they haven’t sucked. XFX was the absolute worst. Supposed lifetime warranty, but when we actually needed it, they claimed they lost their customer data and wouldn’t honor it. Fuck them. Also the only card I’ve ever had break. So what now? ASUS? I haven’t really been a fan of their stuff. Motherboard needed two repairs, and they stopped driver updates for my DX sound card pretty quickly. MSI? I use their motherboards, so I guess that’s where I’d go.


Reading the comments it seems like EVGA really had customer support down, I never had any issues with all my cards from them just goes to show how well made they were. Will be a shame but I’m sure some other market alternative will take its place.


I was sitting in the EVGA queue for the 3000 series, but somewhere along the way stopped receiving e-mails from their notify system which I never noticed 'cause I was still getting newsletters. Learned that when I eventually went to their site to check things out and noticed I was supposed to have been notified about a 3060ti, but never was. Sent in a customer support ticket with a not-so-strongly worded yet firm "Yo, wtf?" and woke up the next day with a reply with a link to buy one. Those ~16 hours were a hell of an emotional roller coaster.


Sapphire is pretty good too!


I like Sapphire as well, but aren’t they specific to AMD?


My entire rig was an ~~EVGA pre build.~~ I was wrong, its just got a lot of EVGA periferals in it.


Decent have you got a pic or a link to it? Would be cool to see it as i never knew they did pre builds up until now :)


Me too.


Damn, only company I ever really considered for GPUs… Never had a bad experience with them.


EVGA and Sapphire. The best.


My first build had an EVGA, my current one has a Sapphire. Zero problems with either.


Yeah. Cooler is nice, software is nice. It also has a 4 pin ARGB connector to plug into the motherboard to sync the RGB better. Also dual bios


Sapphire has RGB header? So it sincs just like any RGB strip?




I don't think I've ever seen this and now I'm wondering why nobody else does this. It's just better. No garbage software in the OS to deal with, with any luck you can set everything in the BIOS and leave it forever.


sapphire told me to eff off when I had a brand new gpu with a dead fan (with an advertised feature of easily replaceable fans).


same here.


Yep this has happened to me more than once with high end sapphire gear. That's why I don't buy sapphire.


XFX is also great. I had a really good experience with them a while back. I had upgraded and was selling my old card (xfx r9 280x) on ebay. I guess I didn't package it well because one of the fans was broken when the buyer received it. We decided to message XFX before doing a return&refund, and XFX ended up sending a fully new cooler to the buyer with instructions for how to replace it for free. Never expected that. I wasn't even the original owner, and the card was also like 5 years old at that point


If I remember correctly XFX has a double lifetime warranty so it covers you and the next buyer if you ever sell it.


Really? I bought a second hand xfx rx6600 and the fan rattles alot Wonder if it's covered


They stopped doing the double lifetime warranty 8+ years ago.


XFX is on my "fuck you for life" list. Back in their Nvidia days they screwed me on an RMA multiple times, then sent me the wrong motherboard back and told me to take a leap.


Still running a 6 year old Sapphire....still chugging away with no issues RIP. EVGA


Still running an EVGA gtx 560ti. I think it’s a ten year old card now.


I just found my EVGA 7600GT, wasn't even looking for it. Odd timing.


Ups for Sapphire, they run forever. AMD is lucky to have some really solid partners, XFX is reliable, Power Color's high end Devil series is fantastic, but Sapphire is the gold standard, those things are fuckin *tanks.* If somebody reading this comment is about to buy their first AMD GPU, Sapphire is the brand to compare your purchase to.


Have a few extra bucks and want slightly better quality and framerates? Sapphire Want as much bang for your buck as possible while still getting great hardware? PowerColor


Sapphire made ati GPUs before it was cool. Seriously OG mofos


the best company :( still rocking the evga 1080


Yup my GF inherited my EVGA 1080 when I miraculously found a 3080ti for sale at around MSRP a little over a year ago....but it's a gigabyte :(


Only top-tier company left for Nvidia GPU's is ASUS


I had way too many failures with ASUS and their RMA kept sending me back my broken board or ones that others had obviously returned as broken


Literally the same thing mobos and GPUs literally send them in and have them returned with no change. Waste of time, and energy.


I would hardly consider them in the same league. Expect to see lots more reports of shitty customer service now that everyone who buys nvidia is gonna prob switch their way. Never trusted them in over a decade of them doing the same shit over and over. They make some solid boards, sure, but the amount of complaints I see is just too damn high. They were the number one brand for returns when I worked at Fry's years ago, by almost 3 to 1 vs other brands, despite sales numbers being comparable to other brands. EVGA during the same time span had so few, I remember in my entire time there, we had 3 EVGA motherboard returns, and they were all fully functional boards as well, so I'm pretty sure that issue was user error or an incompatibility issue that a bios update might have fixed. We did update those boards and they sold later, to people having builds done in our service center, with zero issues. I'm gonna fucking miss EVGA man, so reliable


I remember when they used to do lifetime warranties, I sent them a dead 7950 GX2 ( look it up it's really interesting) and they sent me a 9800 GTX+ an absolutely massive upgrade.


Does make me wonder how they'll handle the extended warranties on my 2 3090s... I guess they'll have to keep up on old stock and parts


Yeah they said they're going to keep some stock in house for RMS


Only bummer about that is you won’t get the free upgrades anymore on the extended warranty cards. Granted, it wasn’t a guarantee, but on three separate occasions I RMA’d the top end of their previous gen card and got a similar spec current gen card after using the card for 3-4 years.


Yeah no other company did that Edit: BFG rip Edit Edit: XFX


I RMA'd my Creative TNT2 and got a GeForce 256 back, but that's seriously dating me.


>I RMA'd my Creative TNT2 and got a GeForce 256 back, but that's seriously dating me. Woah TNT2 that takes me back. Used to play EverQuest on one of those. My buddy had a voodoo.


I wasn't aware that EVGA ever did lifetime warranties; that was always BFG's thing. I had a BFG 7800GT die, and ended up with a 7900GT as a replacement, which was pretty nice. I have an EVGA GTX 560Ti that had a 10 year warranty! Alas, it is still functional, so no "free upgrade" on that one.


Damn I’ve ever only used EVGA cards since I first started building. Never had a problem with them.


You know NVIDIA is awful when EVGA cuts 78% of their revenue because they're too difficult to work with. Love the product, hate the company.


According to Gamers Nexus, EVGA was losing money every high end video card they were w selling and at the same time being undercut by Nvidia with their founders edition cards. I recommend watching the video if you haven’t yet, it just came out earlier today.


Only recently losing money every sale


Losing money because price drops have cut into their margins on every card and the over supply of cards further drop the price. Which means they can't do anything about it.


Revenue ≠ profit, just because the company sold a bunch of cards and a high price, doesn't necessarily mean they profitted a bunch off of sellinf those cards. It was honestly probably a better decision to cease all business with NVIDIA and free up their own allocation to start producing more of the products they make decent profit on, or at least break even on (according to jayztwocents, EVGA said they are at a net loss in their current business plan with NVIDIA merchandise)


I think this last generation of cards put a burden on them finically. Just my assumption.


They were losing hundreds of dollars for every 3080 and above they were selling, Nvidia gave them a maximum and minimum price they could sell the cards at and then proceeded to undercut them with the FE cards


Also EVGA didn't sell cards for $3000+ during pandemic, and had a queue system in place instead. So no stonks when they could a make a fat stack.


yeah, because they were an honest company and didn't rip customers off, they lost millions in potential profit from not marking up their GPUs to insane levels like all the others.




EVGA, Valve, who else? Is Sapphire also private? Whenever I see a company absolutely loved by its customers it's nearly always a privately owned company.




yep. I finally am in a position to upgrade my 2060 and now am truly stuck. Asus is pretty much the only other company I would consider, and I think they are a long step down from eVga. especially when you are located in Australia like me. They treat you like crap in large markets like the USA, imagine how badly they treat small markets. they just don't care.,


The decision to end the nvidia partnership was more because of values and respect than finances. At least according to tech-Jesus.


Shit both J2C and tech Jesus have videos on this? At least I've got some good YouTube to look forward to tonight.


Yep, steve's video is almost 30 min and jay's is 20 min


Damn good shit.


I got a card through their queue system. Kind of sucks knowing that I got my card for a price that hurt the only company pushing them out in way that helped actual consumers get them.


Same here


My god


Gamers nexus said when nvidia sells the 3090ti founder for 1099, they still make profit. Evga told them even selling at 1200-1300 they lose money on that. They are competing with their partners, nvidia wants to be Apple which is why they tried to buy ARM. They need the other companies to help release the gpus but also wants to control everything.


Easy to make a profit when you set the cost and profit margin you sell the primary chip at


This will just lead to consolidation, they tried to buy ARM for a reason. Soon they will have enough manufacturing capability to where these companies will only get less than a percent to use their chips. Then the real price rises will occur.


I think in the next few generations we'll see nvidia cut ties with all AIBs once they get distribution figured out.


I have always thought it was odd that Nvidia and AMD ever even went the AIB route while still selling their own cards.


Probably made sense before online retail got so big. Now they just have to figure out spinning up that section of the business without the AIBs jumping ship too soon.


Amd reference cards are mostly made by sapphire and sold by other aibs as well.


Some of the rumblings I am hearing is the 4000 series might be the last AIB one. Nvidia might be getting into just making them themselves and the difficulty with the 3000 series (and further difficulties with the 4000) that AIB’s are having with Nvidia are lending to that possibility. I think Steve mentioned it as an option, but making it not worth it for the AIB’s and constantly undercutting them is an easy way to drive that eventuality. This is it for me an Nvidia. I have bought over 25 GPU’s from them over the years. Time for Sapphire and AMD for my next upgrade.


This. There was an article I read today on this at work that showed a graph that the average margin for AIBs with Nvidia GPUs has fallen from over 20% in the early 2000s to maybe 5% now - it would be insane for them to stay heavily invested in such a volatile industry/field with such incredibly small margins. Every single even sort-of-related-to-sales job I have ever had aimed for an average of a 35% margin, even though it's not always attainable. ​ Nvidia directly dropping their own cards to prices below AIB company prices (like EVGA) without telling said companies seems to have been one of the last straws.


Well part of the problem is that there is revenue and there is profit. Keyboards and PSU's have a higher margin than GPUs. In the last gen Nvidia forced tiny margins on the GPU manufacturers. The fact of the matter is that if you played by Nvidia's rules during the mining boom you were making very little money on each GPU (which is why we saw brands literally scalping their own cards). Nvidia sets the price of the GPU and sets the price of how much you can sell it for and then competes against you by selling direct to consumers. Let's be real being in business solely relying on one entity who has a fiduciary obligation to their shareholders and not to you is pretty shit.


Just my opinion but EVGA should look to expand their motherboard lineups beyond their high end (presumably higher margin) halo products. I would personally welcome another competitor in that space and I'm sure it would be profitable enough for them.


I believe they plan on expanding their mobo lineup, so hopefully that is the case


I was thinking the same. They already have an expansive PSU range but their motherboards could most definitely benefit from expanded offerings.


I hope they stay in business. I have been a customer of theirs for 2 decades, and have always used their cards and motherboards both personally and in our IT enterprise. I have spent millions on their hardware and never been disappointed with their customer service.


As someone that has only bought two video cards from them, I feel the same way. Never been disappointed with them.


They said they will keep making mobos, psus, and periphials. Just no more GPUs. A shame but I'm glad they're staying because they make absolutely amazing products.


Millions? Do they even make enterprise equipment?


Derp, EVGA abandons GPU partnership with Nvidia. Hmm. That sucks.


Not just that. They stop doing GPU business altogether.


I can see Nvidia pushing to take that market share for themselves and squeeze out more of the partners.


They wanna be the apple of GPUs


Well let's hope AMD starts firing back with some bangers then.


AMD and Intel are both eating up NVIDIA's most profitable low end graphics card market with really good iGPUs.


We need a competitor to CUDA for AI, scientific computing and rendering. Without that Nvidia still has a stranglehold over a segment that's only going to get bigger. And it would have to be a lot better or cheaper for people to have a motivation to switch.


would be nice if AMD also reaches out on Software side like how Intel/Nvidia is doing , and not just dumping it on gpuopen.


Then they better copy Apple's order queue system because Apple excels at that while Nivida has the most barebones site ever.




And that's the day I'll switch to AMD cards. If ASUS gets pushed out of the GPU business as well that's both top-tier GPU makers out


Honestly I am definitely considering going AMD for my next upgrade. Hopefully AMD will do what they have with their CPUs and focus moreso on efficiency rather than pushing as much power as possible.


Just throwing in my two cents here as someone who’s bought both but prefers Radeon The reputation Radeon has for driver issues is (at THIS point) unwarranted. Radeon drivers were rough as hell for awhile but (in my opinion) but got pretty good by the end of RX 5000 and have been great for the 6000 series (I managed a 6800XT at launch somehow) I’ve been immensely satisfied with Radeon and find their driver and all the built in tools to be super convenient. All my system monitoring and GPU overclocking is handled by the Radeon driver. It’s awesome. I didn’t have any issues with my Nvidia cards (980 and 1070) either. But I find the Radeon cards more tinker friendly and I enjoy their driver suite much more. Nvidia is still king when it comes to Ray Tracing, DLSS and FSR are close enough I find them to be the same now. Decide for yourself which you prefer. They’re both great choices. I just enjoy the Radeon drivers and their tools more along with more vram lol


The driver issues are why I’ve not gone back to AMD/Radeon. It’s good to hear this sort of comment though. Maybe I’ll reconsider when I do my next build.


That is interesting to hear. I personally would be interested in directly comparing something like my 3080 vs an amd equivalent. Personally I have been an AMD user since the start. I have only ever used their CPUs apart from one time when I got an i5 6600. My last AMD card however was an rx 570. My first GPU was a HD 6970, then later an R9 290 and my final and most recent one was an RX 570. After that I bought a 1080 Ti and it was such a leap I never went back. But now AMD is essentially on par with Nvidia they are looking tempting. I will see how the next gen of amd cards turn out and will probably buy them if they are good.


My problem with and is they're shit encoding ability. Really wish they'd offer competition to either quicksync or nvenc


Nvidia has a hilarious lead in encoding and AMD likely won’t catch up soon. I just game so the encoder doesn’t matter to me. But obviously encoding is massive for content creators.


Ok here’s my story from EVGA that happened a couple of months ago. Power supply went on sale. My dumbass apartment complex requires us to deliver packages to a third party who then delivers to us. I go to check out and they won’t ship to that address. So I change it to my moms house. Well that didn’t work because the billing address is different. Changed the address on my credit card and it worked. Figured I could contact customer support to change the address. Contacted support. They told me to just enter my address on a new order after I explained what happened. I told them it says they can’t ship to my address once again, and that it’s fine I can keep the original order. Dude says he canceled the order already. Nbd, just place a new order but the free item you got with the purchase was no longer in stock even though it was on the old purchase. I told him that. This has been like an 4 hour process so far. Anyway he said he would call me back. I honestly didn’t expect anything but he called me back a few hours later and said he has working on my ticket for a while and he managed to get the free item in the box but it won’t reflect it on the receipt. Just incredible service. He acknowledged he made a mistake by canceling the order and went well out of his way to try to make it right. Overall this is my dumbass apartment complex’s fault for using Fetch. EVGA did what they could for me and I appreciate that. No other company would have done that


as a delivery driver, fuck fetch indeed


Seriously, Fuck fetch


Too much of a middle man for not that big of a problem.


Non compete clause is such BS, hope not 🤧


Yeah, first thing I thought of when I heard they weren't working with and/Intel and wouldn't give a convincing reason why


God damn. EVGA was genuinely the only GPU company i’d buy from. Cards looked way better too.


Hopefully in the future if Nvidia stops being a dickhead, EVGA can resurrect this.


Don't hold your breath... you'll cease living.


By all accounts Nvidia's been a dickhead to other companies for decades. They couldn't even get it together for Apple, so I see no reason they'd do so for EVGA.


Nvidia stop being dickheads? Better chance of pigs flying than that happening.


NVIDIA are the company that instead of using the existing standards for video encoding, like VA-API, implemented their own, incompatible one (NVENC) to abuse their position as #1 most popular maker of GPU chips. Same thing with CUDA. This is literally a monopolistic practice, it goes only downhill from here


They want to be Apple so bad.


What exactly happened with CUDA?


I was going to sell my EVGA 2070 Super. I'll probably hold on to it now.


Hey it's going to be that novelty piece of hardware in a few decades. Remember when EVGA made GPUs. The same way we look at gateway computers.


Why they not go amd instead?


They were asked why not do AMD or Intel and they gave a flat no they are out of the GPU business. They're going to focus on power supplies motherboards and their other peripherals. Watch the gamers Nexus and Jay's two cents videos


Maan fuck nvidia and fuck jensen for this shitty mentality that they treat their customers and board partners with.


Glad they're still in the psu business. My psu is an evga supernova 550 gold and man, it's working wonderfully. I'll watch the GN video because it's weird they're leaving gpu business.


They're in the PSU reseller business. As stated above, they're just another custom-branded seasonic.


Someone said they're mostly Superflower ones.


As a person currently owning defective ones... They're peripherals aren't wat they're good at. I think they gotta stay in the gpu business.


Well good thing they now have less to focus on and can put more effort towards those products.


Their power supplies are really good though




AFAIK no one except seasonic actually makes their own Edit: Yes there are obviously other manufacturers, but you don't typically buy superflower or FSP branded psus do you.


From what I remember there’s 2 main PSU manufacturers, Seasonic and a different brand. I believe my Asus THOR PSU is just a seasonic one, as far as cable replacements


They're are quite a few. HEC, FSP, Superflower, Andyson, Channel Well, Great Wall, Delta, AcBell, Lite-On, Topower, Solytech, and Enhance are just some.


EVGA is mostly Superflower last I checked.


Makes sense because last year evga entered many new markets like India and it's psu prices are already competitive to gain market share to get the lost revenue from gpu business


I'm pretty sure NVidia have a non-compete clause with EVGA, so basically that means if they partner with AMD or Intel, NVidia can sue EVGA.


Maybe EVGA can't but EGVA does?


From Extreme Video Georgia to Extreme Graphics Virginia.




XFX was once a an exclusive nVidia partner, and they managed to switch around.


XFX is awesome, only had one issue with a fan over 10+ years of buying their GPUs. Great customer service


Can they do that even if the contract is closed? tf


I'm not into law but if I'm not mistaken(please if someone knows better correct me), these type of non-compete clauses can be by time(e.g. EVGA can only work with other companies after X amount of time) or while EVGA still sells RTX 3000(as in the moment, they're selling cards until they run out of stock).


Why would have have a non compete but basically every other manufacturer does both


Long live Sapphire I suppose....


Lowkey happy I own one of their cards I deem to come from the best looking series. Gonna look nice on my wall when it inevitably gives up on me.


I cannot wait to frame my FTW3 3080 when it kicks the bucket.


Wait evga closed???!!


the GPU section of their company closed. They still make PSUs and peripherals but they will no longer make GPUs.


What??? That sucks!! EVGA (is?/was?) my top brand! Their customer service and RMA processes were top notch! When I disassembled my GPU and put water cooling on it, I (misplaced...) some of those tiny screws and wanted to have them just Incase I wanted to put the original back on. I sent them an email, for a couple bucks they sent me every single screw that goes on the stock GPU. When I had issues with my GPU down the line (a year and a half later, died while playing no man's sky o.o) they RMA'd it knowing I had taken it apart (I also mentioned this in the RMA ). I've heard stories of other companies and RMA and don't think they would of helped out at all. EVGA FTW is right!


One of my GPU fans died a couple years back. I'd bought it second hand, and it was well out of warranty, and EVGA still RMAd it and replaced the fan for free. Those guys were chads, they would have always been my first pick for new GPUs...


What does this mean for our GPU warranties?


They will still be supported by EVGA as the company will still be there and they will hold a supply of cards for any issues needing replacement.


I don't have insider information for EVGA of course, but in past cases where manufactures have ceased productions typically they will stock the usual amount of parts and replacements for RMA / Repairs. Thus their warranty teams will continue with business as normal. Four+ years down the line they will likely start running low on parts/replacements so if a valid warranty is present they will typically provide a pro-rated cost for buying out the product.


They are holding onto a number of cards for warranty, but once they are gone, they are gone and no more warranty replacements will be possible. Of course if the company goes bankrupt, those cards would probably be liquidated and warranty obligations would be voided.


Nah, they stopped working with nvidia due to bad business practices from nvidia's side.


Shit man, had the 980ti classified and now the 3080 ftw3. Best brand to buy from hands down.


If I was AMD despite EVGA saying they're out the game I'd come knocking. The brand power of EVGA could sway some customers away from NVidia.


I would probably consider it.


Once upon a time this was XFX. Me thinks nvidia might be the problem here


I have an XFX 6700XT I had never heard of the brand before I was building my own PC. It's worked great so far. No complaints here.


XFX is amazing. They used to make the best air cooled nvidia cards on the market. Nvidia bullied them right into making only ati cards. Made me sad. I still have a rig running dual XFX GTX9800 Black Editions in SLI. Mostly for nostalgia.


Everyone who talks to people informally in the industry seems to be aware that Nvidia are awful partners.


Such a waste that they won't partner with AMD. Something like a ftw3 7900xt would've gone hard


That’s insane EVGA cards went hard. I’ve only ever bought EVGA because of their quality and reputation. Damn that takes balls to do and I respect it.


I just wish it would hurt Nvidia enough to force them to make amends but Nvidia is just going to monopolize the market share more and push out as many board partners as possible. GPUs are not at all like cars. Board partners provide significant, tangible value to the customer, a dubious proposition for dealerships.




EVGA close relationship with Nvidia, because the winning margins are to low and they think Nvidia is fucking them by restricting their prices and selling FE versions at a lower price at the same time. They stopped their work of the 4000s series and say they won't work with AMD or Intel, so they stop making GPUs until is favor to their business even thought GPUs were 80% of their sales.


Thats fucking sad.. Never owned an EVGA card, but they sure do make some of the best looking, so it's just sad.


>so they stop making GPUs **until is favor to their business** **They didn't say this** They said they are ***DONE*** with GPUs. PERIOD.


I was actually planning to buy their GPU in the future. This is sad.


They're already at loss no profit margin at all


Damn was gonna get an evga 4000 series too


I hope they can partner with AMD in the future. I had their 3070 for a year before I realized it had a built-in PWM and ARGB connector.


I think my 6600XT Sapphire Nitro+ has one too. You can connect it to the MB for synced RGB control. You can still control it via Sapphire TRIXX. EVGA and Sapphire. Two of the best graphics card manufactures of all time imo.


I agree! I just love the idea of being to buy a product and knowing it that the manufacturer stands behind it. Luckily they will still sell power supplies! But still they will be sorely missed in the gpu market. Less competition for other manufacturers to be better is always a bad thing.


Another reason to switch to AMD, if you haven't already. Their practices during the great GPU shortage they caused were awful. The only company that didn't price gouge Nvidia products during the shortage or caters to miners is out of the market. MSI got caught selling GPUs under a scalper subsidiary at double MSRP. Gigabyte had their RMA system backlogged for over six months, and THOUSANDS of RMA's got lost. ASUS sold their graphics cards on huge pallets directly to miners. Nvidia sold over 175 million worth of graphics cards directly to miners. That is a lot of founders' editions that never ended up on the market.


I’ve only ever used EVGA graphics cards (970, 1070, 3080). I feel conflicted.


I was loyal to EVGA with my 1st purchase of a 8800 in 2007. Later i bought a 980Ti and also used EVGA in multiple other builds i did for people. Their no questions asked customer support used to be fantastic


I won an 8800GT at Quakecon one year, and I emailed EVGA to see if I could get a steam key (It was supposed to come with a free game, but I didn't have any proof of purchase since I didn't buy it.) They ended up giving me that game, and a completely different one that they were currently offering with new cards.


Welp that's balls


I was messing with my evga boxes, putting away a card, and thought to myself "evga is such a good gpu company." Then this happens.


Amen to that. I had a EVGA 1080 Classified that randomly black screened in games. After going through all the troubleshooting we could think of, we could never it get it working. They sent another 1080. When that one didn’t work, they sent a 2070 and called it even. Haven’t had an issue with it to this day.




Thats just sad. All of the cards I ever bought have come from EVGA :( Top notch product every time.


Second best, kids these days don't remember BFG.


EVGA was only ever second to BFG imo. Tough to beat a lifetime warranty! But then it was no surprise that that was likely the cause of BFG's demise. I've been happy with all my EVGA cards, and had intended to continue to buy their cards going forward.