You can buy a higher gain/dual band router and see if that helps Furthermore see if you can change what frequency band your router is operating on since you might be getting crosstalk from your neighbours Some good options might be found here https://uk.pcmag.com/routers/96497/the-best-gaming-routers-for-2020


Get a mesh network like a TP-Link Deco mesh network. You place units around the house that all communicate with the unit plugged into the modem. Each unit comes with its own Ethernet ports.


Just a warning that the Deco system, while really nice to have, can be a bit stupid. I have an x20 system and my PC will constantly disconnect from the closest Deco (that gives me full signal, 380mbps down and 12 up) to the Deco that is on the opposite end of my house that gives me lowest signal (just the dot in the windows 10 wifi symbol) and 12mbps down and 6 up. There's no way to make your device connect to only 1 Deco either. Finally got it to stop by putting the far away Deco it would always connect to in the back if a closet and some metal objects around it to block the signal enough so it doesn't reach my PC anymore lol


A tp link could help or getting a wifi extender Oh also happy cake day


Used routers on eBay are dirt cheap. Get a monster one. I picked up a Nighthawk R9000 (the older one) for like $50 a year ago. I lose sight of my home before my phone drops wifi now.


You can find a range extender or change to one of those mesh networks. Some mimo routers at 5ghz are fast but have short range. If you change to the 2.4 ghz connection you'll have a lower max speed but better range.


Buy a long ethernet cable. Or longer extension line cable to carry router near your PC.


What kind of wifi adapter do you have?


WiFi 6


Or run cable. Anything that can use ethernet and power over ethernet devices are all cable ran to my server rack.