I’m making sure windows thinks my pc is not compatible for 11 so that it will leave me alone




Ryzen 7 5800x, RTX 3080ti *


bios-> select anything except for TPM 2.0 and ur pc will not be compatible 👍


Jokes on you, I don't have to do that cuz my PC is already not compatible








Holy shit ... it takes fucking BIOS changes just to get Microsoft to leave you alone.


Even more fun when you command line disable Edge and it's always back with the next update.


Fucking whack a mole


You have to go into regedit and you can disable it from coming back.


The fact that you have to use regedit at all to remove a browser is ridiculous


Considering that, and the fact that it likes to open without your permission, I think the label “malware” fits nicely upon it.


Funny you say that, I just finished my build (5600x, 3060ti FE, 32gb RAM, 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 Gen4, 1tb ssd) and installed win10 Pro. "Your system is not compatible with Windows 11" ... lol what


What mobo is it? They don't all have Tpm chips and it may be disabled


AMD Ryzen 3 CPUs all have a firmware TPM integrated into the CPU but it's often disabled by default in BIOS settings.


Problem is I use TPM 2.0 for my bitlocker setup.


If you're on Windows 10 Pro, you can set your target update version to "Windows 10" in the Group Policy editor so it won't ever update to 11. You can also do something similar in the registry with every version. There are dozens of articles online that can walk you through it.


im sticking with windows 10 even tho i like the look of windows 11 better. because it seems like microsoft made every single easy and intuitive thing less easy and intuitive. like you're not allowed to drag a file and hover over an app in the taskbar to open it and place the file in it anymore. or how clicking right click on the desktop doesnt open the option of nvidia control panel but you need to press an extra button for it


These small details are the worst! I hate not having that kind of thing. Like in windows 10 where I can't get to the sound devices with a simple right click on the sound icon anymore. Now I need a third party app to completely replace the sound icon so I can get anything useful out of it. Windows 7 was really awesome... I wish we could just go back.




Obfuscating basic functions behind layers of pointless GUI has become microsofts thing now. I swear it's designed by people that have no idea how to use a computer.


And then when you finally find the UI element you need it's still the same fucking Windows 3.1 or XP interface that has been unchanged for 20 years, because it's a fundamental piece of the Windows operating system and changing it would break everything.


Lol @ the Network Adapters panel


I have to change my network settings frequently on my work laptop and i want to throw my PC out the window everytime.


Dude for real. Why can't we have saved network profiles? Or even *gasp* custom network settings per network?


I do vaguely remember years ago I had BAT files to switch between DHCP and static addressing on my PC, but it would be so much better as an accessible setting.


I actually prefer all the older UIs, not bullshit and straight to the point. All the new UIs somehow take up the entire screen, while only providing a handful of options....


It's designed *for* people who have no idea how to use a computer, so someone who *does* know how to use a computer can eventually figure out how to set it up but the actual user won't be able to figure out how to fuck it up.


But instead it just encourages layusers to fuck it up just as badly and now even semi-competant users are rendered dependent on IT services. Part of the reason is to sell MS Technician Certification courses.


This is why I told my mum to not upgrade to Windows 11 until I have it and used it for a while, and I'm not upgrading until I must. If she upgrades before I do and fucks something up, I'm going to have to spend half a day or more unfucking it because it works differently now, while in windows 10 she's now competent enough to fix some issues herself (and I'm so proud of her for that!) Mind you, she's a sweetheart and really scared to fuck something up. I have always solved any issue she came across with all the love, without complaint or a single bad thought about her. God knows she's helped me with a thousand and more other things. It's just easier to not out either of us in that position with some early-ish upgrade.


Apple school of design. There's so much shit hidden in weird menus. Same with Windows now. Just look at the control panel. It's awful. I just want the old style where everything was just straight forward to find.


it’s been years and navigating to the network page is more cumbersome than it has to be. i thought over time it’d just be another thing, but it has always been that small annoying nuance. lol. problems in life


I hate how relatable this is.


The Windows UI has deteriorated into a completely nonsensical mush. Even in Windows 10, all I ever use is Win+R and type in whatever I want to get to. At this point, I almost never use any menu. ... and what the actual fuck are MS doing with requiring a Microsoft account to install Windows 11 Pro? The ONLY reason I have Windows right now is because of audio/video/content creation software. When that bit is solved, it's Linux/macOS all the way.


They require a Microsoft account because Money. They want people to be "store ready".


They're trying to emulate the Apple aesthetic and trying to dumb it down in an attempt to swipe Apple users away. Fuck all the people who prefer the ease of access and easy customizability of old windows versions, I guess.


the hilarity of the matter is that apple still has a working fucking ui on mac os for all of this shit whereas microsoft is just a masterclass at wasting my fucking time either test your ui and make it workable (apple), or let me edit everything down to the last config file (linux) because at least that won't fail me


> or let me edit everything down to the last config file (linux) because at least ~~that won't fail me~~*then it will be my fault* FTFY




I have a simple .bat file on my Desktop to get into the “traditional” Sound Settings/Control Panel ([control mmsys.cpl sounds] saved in a .bat file)


I have all of it memorized. Win+R FTW. The menus are trash. Plain and simple.


Motherfuckers are going full circle, we'll have to resort back to DOS commands to do anything remotely advanced soon. Might as well switch to Linux at this point.


I swear I have lived through the horrors that are Windows 10 sound and network settings and never once thought to make a batch file to launch those menus, despite using several batch files for other uses. Thank you for activating some never-before-used neuron in my brain.


You don't need the additional layer of a .bat file. [Just make a shortcut to it.](https://imgur.com/FHkuxoT) `Target: \%windir%\system32\mmsys.cpl`


This is the worst thing Windows 10 has done, it irritates me weekly


20H2 and later let's you right-click the speaker icon in your system tray and open the old sound control panel albeit in the Sounds tab before devices. Still better than the settings app


Ear Trumpet is a must have little application! Works super smoothly.


Or having to right click a file just to click "more option" to see the original options you'd see on previous Windows


I'm not sure who thought some of those small changes would be good ideas. It's just adding extra clicks for no reason


It's about making it easy for people that don't know shit about computers, so they hid all the more advanced stuff to make it easier for them


This. But windows would do well to make a "I'm not a moron" mode that didn't hide all this stuff. Obviously you'd have to call it like "extra complicated advanced administrative mode" or something that would scare away the morons - because if you call it "I'm not a moron mode" then all the morons would activate it and fuck things up.


Run removetrainingwheels.exe


A simple terminal command would be enough too!


They could call it "Fundamental UI Complex Knowledge Update" or "FUCKU" for short.


That could just be simple option somewhere on preferences with default "I prefer simpler UI" or somewhere a little deeper check option "I do need advanced UI options in my everyday experience", prob with smaller font or somewhat else little more obscure. It's just so simple UX decision, still we don't have it.


They added back the drag a file and hover over an app already but I understand. Why remove it in the first place?


They've rebuilt many functions from the ground up as to get rid off legacy code and the problems that come with it. That also means that a lot of functionality was lost that is now being added back step by step.


So release the OS when it's finished


Why do that when everyone can be your beta tester *taps forehead


The sound bar is my biggest regret for downgrading to windows 11. If an annoying youtube video started playing I could easily mute or lower the volume by clicking the sound icon and moving my scroll wheel down from pretty much anywhere on the screen. Now it's not that simple and it takes much longer for the menu to come up. What JR designer did they pull out of 1st year college to make this shit?




There are at times 3 different ways to do same thing in Win 11


heh, there is shit in Windows you can do via old control panel, new control panel, command prompt, and powershell. They really didn't want you to run out of backwards compatibility it seems.


Don’t forget registry edits and the MMC. There are things I have to use the registry to do now at work that used to have options In The interface


I had an issue a while ago where the space between my desktop icons got set to negative size values and broke everything. Not sure how or why it broke, but it did. There used to be an option in the GUI to change the size of desktop icons, but I guess in order to be more Apple-like they removed that customization from the GUI to "simplify". I had to dig through the registry to solve things when it should have been (and used to be) a simple right click -> properties... Why do people seem to think that giving me fewer options is a better experience? At the very least let me turn on an "expert mode" or some shit and expose some of these things, I'm tired of doing things in powershell or the registry that I used to be able to do in XP and 7's gui.


Windows without backwards compatibility is dead in the water and everyone knows it. We only use windows because it works, not because it's the best.


Windows is the fusion of the "it just works" part of Apple with the customization of Linux. It's not the best at either, but it's the only option between the two extremes.


Control Panel-ception


I don't mind them having more than one way, keeping the old way and making a new big button metro panel for less tech savvy folk. It's when they blend them and clicking on an option in one jumps to the other that it gets annoying.


In 2019 my CPU or motherboard just stopped working, so I took the opportunity to build anew. I was so disappointed when I tried to install windows 7 and found it was no longer compatible. I was able to use the same product key so at least I didn't have to pay for windows 10, but I would definitely still be on 7 if I could. My wife just recently had an update that changed her default search engine to bing, in Firefox. Like... Wtf


Windows 7 really was peak Windows. It's all been downhill since then.


Up to windows 7, there have been more and more improvements and small details that make things easier. Windows 10 had a few downgrades. The main hesitation for many people was compatibility issues at first. But those who switched early got to witness some of the annoyances. Such as forced programs on your pc. And ads for games. And even when you disable them, new updates undid your work and re-enabled them. And people here have mentioned problems with sound settings on windows 10 as well. And Windows 11 just has so many more quality of life issues that have been taken away. Other than it being visually nice, I can't find a single thing it does better yet or any quality of life change that makes things easier. Windows 7? It was a nice upgrade from... Well... From XP or Vista since many people kept XP.


For me, it was all the unnecessary telemetry and usage data collection that Microsoft forced in Win10 (even with 3P deloating workarounds) that kept me on Win7 for the longest time. With Win7 losing native updates + increasing 3P software incompatibility issues here/there, I only jumped onto Win10 mid-2021... Forced obsolescence is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.


Oh fuck how did I forget about that. Absolutely good points as well. There was a lot working against it. And somehow the next solution is even worse than this.


Everytime i loathe that they are making things harder for power-users... The only reason i switched from 7 were because of W10-exclusive softwares. Same thing with W11 will happen with DirectStorage.




XP was fine and reliable, sure. But windows 7 looked *nice*. Consistent design language, lots of eye candy, and Aero Glass! It was everything good about XP with a really nice coat of paint imao. Shame that windows 8 right after that introduced the hideous design language called "Metro/Modern UI" of flat oversized squares that were a waste of space and an eyesore, not to mention the inconsistent styling and the partial conversion of settings.


Alternate view; the constant security holes and malware ecosystem allowed me to pay off my student debt and buy my first house. Windows XP was peak local computer shop making bank.


For a second there I thought you were developing ransomware haha Coming from an end-user, 7 was pretty good.




I did the same. I have a 256GB SATA SSD for VR, but I boot into it only once a month. All other gaming is on Pop_OS!.


Have you tried just running VR on Pop? I have only tried a couple games but they have all worked without any issue. It was so easy that my wife was able to get Beat Saber up and running on my Index in Pop-OS without me even being there. And it was her first time using Linux in her life. I was equally impressed with her and Pop.


It depends heavily on which headset you have. The Oculus quest for example has no Linux drivers at all, AFAIK.


Windows 11 made me finally upgrade to Linux. I'm never looking back.


Linux full time for over a year. Never going back.


If it aint broke no need to change


You see this is what I don't get about some of the changes they made to Windows 11. Why remove options from user, like putting the taskbar on the side? Was it really impossible to code that functionality in? Why this change? I never used that option, but I don't like having options removed, especially when there's seemingly no good reason for doing so. I don't give a shit about the shiny new centred taskbar either. I never had any problems with the taskbar extending across the entire width. I'll probably upgrade to Windows 11 at some point, but for now it's an unfinished OS as far as I'm concerned.


I HATE how I can't right click the taskbar and pull up task manager.


Ctrl+Shift+Esc has been my go to since I learned about it in school 2 decades ago. That and windows key+1 to launch Firefox has me looking at stupid stuff on YouTube in less exhausting clicks/mouse movement


Ctrl+Shift+Esc was like the first thing I learned from this subreddit


Also set your task manager to be "always on top" so incase your game or program freezes, task manager will always open above it




I feel like this could work as a meme response to just about anything


Except when it doesn't. I've got a couple of games where if they hang, TM will open underneath them even in always on top mode. Why? *How*? Who knows.


In that case I try to do win+tab to open a new desktop and open task manager there instead


>That and windows key+1 to launch Firefox Small correction, windows key + any number will actually just launch the corresponding app in order on the taskbar. So Windows key+1 opens your first app on the taskbar, 2 opens your second and so on.


Yup. Which is why now every computer I work at always has the icons on the same order and if they're not I'll make them that way. Win 8 is always calculator, win 0 is task manager, win 4 for excel and win 5 for outlook... Send help please.


Dang. TIL. I guess I'm about to rearrange my taskbar now. Thanks!


Just to clarify, Windows key+ 1 launches the first program on your taskbar. For me it's file explorer. Works up to Windows+0


Less clunky to right click start when youre remoted in to a machine though


The task bar was the first thing I looked. I always have in in the side. W11 didn’t have it so I didn’t look at any other feature for even a split second. I really hope side taskbar gets added in before w10 support stops.


> Why remove options from user This is every update for everything. Phones are having features and ports removed, software is getting more spyware and fewer features. Even cars are removing features and locking them away behind paywalls. At best an update just changes thing for change sake and doesn't remove features. Hell, even something as simple as buttons and icons are getting worse with no borders, indecipherable icons and removing colors, and shading. I'm old enough to remember when updates actually improved things and people were excited to get them.


Telemetrics allow management to say "see! not even 10% of people use this!" Guess what'll get the axe, every redesign.. All the willful regressions are the worst part about modern software. They know specifically what they can force people to tolerate, by the numbers.


Less than 5% of drivers ever needed seatbelts. Lets just remove seatbelts fromnour next car. \- Microsoft cars division


I miss the days when batteries weren't literally glued to your phones board.


Anyone who pretends that was a decision made for anything other than profit is full of shit.


I traded in my samsung Galaxy S20 + for a S22 + and to my surprise, the S22+ doesn't allow you to change the phone's resolution or refresh rate. On the S20+ I had several choices for resolution, etc. Just one more thing they removed on a 'new' phone. It doesn't make any sense when this happens with any technology. Removing simple features for what reason?


Well buddy do I have the solution for you! Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S-Hole, where you can change resolutions on the fly!* Get the Galaxy S-Hole now for $499.99. Ask about pay-over-time where you can pay ^as ^low ^as $50/m for 30 months! *Resolution suite sold separately. $19.99/m see stores for details.


video games to me are the most egregious example of this trend. every game sequel or expansion pack (at least for AAA titles) seems to REMOVE features or mechanics from previous games (world of warcraft, battlefield, etc)


One issue I have current on my Windows 11 desktop is how absolutely horrendous the WiFi functions. Random disconnects, refusal to reconnect, unable to reconnect for no fucking reason. It just has so many issues that I never had before on Windows 10. Yesterday I had to uninstall my WiFi drivers because it kept refusing to connect. I wish I had realised that sooner, so I didn't have to use a mobile hotspot to make my pc connect to some form of WiFi.


This problem is in windows 10 too, I think one of their patch broke it. It's really terrible. In some case I need to use some command line magic to get it working, and this is with some very common generic hardware. XP used to be rock solid on this front.


>like putting the taskbar on the side? What? I use a 32:9 ultrawide monitor and if I don't have it on the side it will take up so much more space.


Yeah well, apparently you can no longer put the taskbar there in Windows 11? Have they fixed that, or was I misinformed? As I was trying to say, it's not an option I've ever had cause to use myself, but the (seeming) decision to remove it for some unspecified and quite possibly asinine reason, betrays an awful approach to the user experience that makes me want to keep using Windows 10.


You can dock it at the bottom left, but you can't dock it vertically along the left border. Source: On W11 now and my bar is docked at the bottom left.


WTF that sucks, I always have it vertical on my extra monitor. Why would they ruin that. Guess I know not to upgrade now.


Same I have always preferred the side... It makes so much more sense with every monitor being wide for a decade.


i have it vertical period. wherever it shows, it takes up less space on the side, and in a browser i prefer to see more vertically as usually i scroll downwards, not sideways...


M$ sees things Apple is doing and is like "that's a good idea" What M$ doesn't see is all us Window's user seeing what Apple is doing and is like "that's a bad idea, hence why I use Windows instead"


IMO, Microsoft wants to create UI design fanatics the way Apple and Linux have. It's a shame they don't know their own strengths and failing to copy other's.


They dumbed it down for Grandma and Grandpa or new users pretty much. The power users no longer matter I guess. :-(


You missed the biggest issue with the new taskbar: no labels. Not everyone has the kind of visual memory where we can just remember a bunch of abstract corporate logos. Some people have specific handicaps which make it even harder. Task switchers/lists should always provide the option to show multiple types of data - icons, thumbnails, and **words.** Having to mouse over each icon individually to get a tooltip before eventually finding the right one loses people hours of productivity, never mind causing general frustration and being hostile to certain groups.


I transfered over to windows 11 and haven't seen to much of a difference between them, so I have no real comaonts about windows 11


My biggest complaint is you can't have the taskbar on only a non-primary monitor. You either have to have it on your primary monitor or ALL your monitors.


What the fuck? That's absurd. why would they do that


This is my only issue as well. It's a small one all things considered, but I'm still irrationally annoyed about it.


Since XP it's all felt like, "We need to keep changing things, to keep our jobs."


If you are not changing pc then no need to change the os. But if you are changing pc, newer os does benefit you. For example, for 12gen of Intel, there are e-core and p-core. Win10 can't tell the difference but win11 can. It probably like changing the os to make better use of newer hardware.


Most of it is related to driver support, if the same was provided for XP it can run all the things in the world and more. Windows 7 did feel like a step in the right direction, but since then it's like Microsoft is following Apple and their cycle for releases.


same , except the task bar lost tons of features like you cant drag drop files on a folder in the taskbar and stuff. basic things the audio / network menu got worse , and right click menu got worse. ​ ( mostly all fixable )


> and right click menu got worse. That's the worst thing. It really shows even more that Windows doesn't care about professionals at all (things like not being able to disable the file extension change warning have already proven that this is the case though...).


Yeah. The right click thing is a head scratcher. And it shouldn't take a reg edit to restore previous, superior functionality.


Is there a way to disable the dogshit right click menu. Everyone i have to make an extra click to get the full menu


Imma be honest, probably going linux after this.


Im switching to linux when windows 10 loses support... Not in a big rush to switch operating systems


Fuck that. I want windows 7 back. No Cortana, no native advertising on the desktop, the search function actually worked. Edit: a lot of people seem to not know about windows 10 and native advertising. Here's a link about disabling it. It might have changed in more recent updates. https://www.howtogeek.com/269331/how-to-disable-all-of-windows-10s-built-in-advertising/


Honestly, if there were drivers for my machine, I'd go back...


i have no idea why people like 10. 7 have everything you need and more...


For the longest time Directx 12 didn't work on windows 7. Now that *bits of* it can, its tempting to reinstall 7 and avoid all the baked it advertising and terrible bloat. If only windows xp supported dx12 Edit for clarity


Windows XP had its own truckload of issues that basically rendered it obsolete. A lot of programs relying on DX9 can't run without fullscreen, and a lot of those that can will crash if you open more than 1 program using DX9.


Mind showing where directx 12 works on 7? I only heard a couple of devs porting 12 on win7. But those are just exceptions tho


Except security updates.


I'd go back to XP if I realistically could.


I could legit use a dedicated XP machine. I love playing old games. DosBox can handle a bunch and some others have unofficial ports, but I have Windows 3.1 through XP (32 bit) games that are a huge pain. And no matter what I do, emulators/virtual machines seem to hate me.


I can't say I have ever seen any active advertising on the desktop or any portion of Windows it's self... in browsers yes, but not Windows it's self...


Come to the dark side....... You don't have to deal with licensing issues. Everything is a file down here.


[Nvidia even did the unthinkable](https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-releases-open-source-gpu-kernel-modules/)


They kept their trade secrets and other important bits closed source by moving them to the firmware, which remained closed sourced. If it wasn’t for that Nvidia wouldn’t have open sourced the drivers.


Most of the functions are still not open-sourced, but it's a nice start.


Yeap. The penguin has until 2025 to get to the year of the desktop together and steam running well. Then JUMP I shall.


Im sticking with 10 untill enough people tell me win 11 has enough pros and that nothing bad happened to them.


There's only 2 things we hate here: 1) Change 2) The way things are.


Though you joke, most want Change for the better (which Windows 11 is not). Change is great as long as it's actually improving our experience.


I'm sticking to windows 10 for as short as possible. My AMD setup for running Linux is on its way.


In words of Crusader Kings 2: --------------- No reason to move


i would switch back to 7 in a heartbeat if i could


I'm moving to linuxes.


Steam Deck gave me the push I needed. Was a rocky few months to start but now I've seen the light. KDE Plasma is everything Windows dreams it could be. (So much so they stole their slogan, TWICE!)


Microsoft were right that Windows 10 would be the last Windows. Since with Proton maturing there soon won't be any reason to stay, at least for me.




Same. I'm waiting for my Steam Deck.


Switching to windows 11 further concrete's the idea that the hardware you paid for doesn't belong to you. The changes Microsoft makes goes beyond just the os. If I have to jump through hoops to make windows do or not do something then I might as well be on Linux. No Microsoft I don't want you to run that update again, the last time you did all my games would bluescreen my machine and I had to roll it back. I don't want an account that's also tied to my os. I don't even want my os talking to the internet. There's no reason for it other then updates (that I initiate).


My wife's computer was set to both NOT download Windows updates, AND only do it at some weird hour in the middle of the night just in case. It **still** insists on downloading Windows updates **only** when we're in the middle of a WoW dungeon, which basically makes her game start locking up while she's trying to tank. There must **ALWAYS** be control over **IF AND WHEN** to download updates.


I'm sticking with windows 10 until VR is fixed on windows 11


I am also waiting until everybody tells me it is fine to switch. Read too much posts about people wasting days trying to make VR in Win11 have the same performance as Windows 10, and finally giving up and reverting back to Win10. It seems a fresh Windows 11 install works with VR, but hey, who wants to waste days of play to reinstall and reconfigure everything, just to say "hey I pleased Microsoft by installing the new version, but actually it does not improve anything!)


Wait, what's wrong with VR on 11? Is it something with specific hardware or games?


VR on windows eleven is super choppy. Might be specific to oculus headsets but I'm not sure Also happy cake day


Virtual desktop? Airlink? Or link cable?


Airlink and virtual desktop both have problems for me. I get random freezes, and random disconnections as well. And to eliminate doubt about it being hardware I'm running a $3k build with a RTX 3080ti and Ryzen 7 3800x Edit: also doesn't happen on my brothers windows 10 laptop with a 1070 in it. but his boneworks runs in potato


The rule of thumb with Windows new versions (despite the lie that windows 10 was the last version) is to wait 2 years after public release. From there you'll either know if they worked out the bugs and it's time to transition, or that this is another vista situation and we need to wait for the successor.


Tbf from what I hear Vista became pretty usable a couple years after release, but by that point 7 was nearly out and nobody cared about it.


Vista SP2 was the core of 7. They basically just polished it up and re-branded it to get away from the bad PR.


Can confirm, used Vista for a while when Win7 was the new OS getting all the kinks worked out, and it was totally fine.


Vista had a few issues. UAC was implemented badly, it had the usual new OS bugs, and it ran like ass on 90% of the computers at the time. UAC was slightly toned down, but not really fixed until 7 came out, the new OS bugs were fixed, and the performance issues went away once everyone had 4-8 GB of memory.


I'm still running 7 lmao. Got me all them service packs. But I'm finna switch to Linux once my second gpu comes in.


Fistbump for a fellow soldier of 7.


I will switch to Linux if they try to force W11 on me.


Welcome to the open source community! (because they will)


Unless Windows 12 comes out before Win 10 expires and completely reverses course on win 11 I will be switching to Linux for my home PC. UI is absolutely fine they're just going further and further into the space of ads, tracking, and privacy that I'm not comfortable actively supporting. Windows 10 was already flirting with it and to be honest I wasn't very comfortable with it there 11 just took it further. I will have to stick with Windows at work but that's completely different.


Linux Mint is made for people familiar with Windows. Thank me later.


Also Zorin


Same, only reason I haven't already jumped ship for linux is gaming, which hasn't reached 100% support yet from my understanding


Linux support for gaming is getting better, but it's definitely not 100% there yet. Most steam games will work with the most notable exceptions being big multi-player games with anticheat, but otherwise you should be fine. Check out protondb for any games you wanna be able to play, it's a place where linux users talk about how well a game runs on linux and if they needed to make any configurations, it's only for steam games though


100% agree. I’m working on getting my system dual booted as we speak so I can start getting familiar with Linux.


they are trying to force us to sign up with email to create account on win11. that's horrible.


That's how windows 8 was. And we all know how bad that went.


There was actually a way around it in 8 if you failed to create a Microsoft account 3 times it would let you create a local account.


That's still awful that they tried to force it from the start though.


I love trying to trick the most basic software on my computer into not betraying me this time.


They've forced me to fully switch to Linux. Never thought it'd happen.


I can't even upgrade to win 11 because my system is too old...


Doesn't even have to be that old. I7-7770k - 2017 rebuild, and I can't upgrade. My GPU is the bottleneck, haven't had any issues with rest of the system yet Feels bad needing a rebuild to get win11


Bought a new cpu just to get on win11 here and now my gpu driver crashes on full screen processes sometimes… pretty fucking subpar


linux 4 life


Even with Alder Lake I see no reason to upgrade. I tried it out, some stuff I like, some I don’t. Windows 10 does everything I need and plays nice with the things I run.


I went cheap on alder lake and got a 12400, since it’s only performance cores win 10 works perfectly


Upgrade to Linux instead


did just that, 0 regrets


Fuck that windows 7 gang for life