Went in for headphones Left with a $2000 hole in your pocket


That's what I was thinking. I was there a couple days ago and they had 4 3060's, about 8 3080ti's and two 3090's and the prices for the 3080 ti's and 3090's was about $2k each. I was like fuck off with that noise. Just find me a 3080 for $800 and I'll be fine. They had a shit ton of 6700 and 6900 but no one was buying those.


How much were the 6700s?


I honestly didn’t look. I’m sure the micro center website would have the prices listed.




Those prices are so fucking stupid


here were i live, video cards are extremely expensive, so we cant buy any :( GALAX RTX 3080: U$ 3054.82 (R$15.158 here)


Here in Brazil we have to decide if we buy a new car or a GPU


You wouldn’t download a GPU would you? (Actually I damn well would download, 3D print, or use alchemy to create a GPU at this point)


I suppose you are referring to a used car and in that case in most countries that comparison could be done. I live in Europe and I could also buy an old car for the same price as a 3080.


Sadly I think he's not referring to a used car. Afaik countries from that area have really bad import taxes that makes electronics really expensive because they barely manufacture, while they do manufacture cars.


Well, in that case it's expensive as f\*ck. I knew that iPhone was very expensive in Brazil and it was around $2000 and afaik you can't buy a new car in $2000 anywhere in the world. But if you can buy a new at same price as a graphics card than that means they are way more expensive than an iPhone 12 Pro Max in Brazil.


Opa kkkkkkkkk


Brazil gang here! The prices of GPUs here have been *insane*. But while overall availability seems to have improved a little, it will take a lot more time for the market to normalize here, too, if it ever will, that is. My wife and I are ok with GPUs for now (2070S & 1050Ti), but I can't get anything else for the spare rig I'm building. Can't even go with AMD AM4 (which is the platform I'd like to use) because even the AMD APUs are overpriced here (3200G & 3400G). I'll have to stick with an old Intel for the time being, just because of the integrated graphics.


Does the import tax situation in Brazil show any signs of changing in the near future? Imported electronics have been unobtainum for a a lot of Brazilians for quite some time, as far as I can remember. It's rare that we hear about it here in the US, and no one covers Brazilian opinion pieces here.


>Does the import tax situation in Brazil show any signs of changing in the near future? Not at all. Not by a long shot. Import taxes seem to be a macroeconomics tool for keeping the balance of payments leveled in here. There are lots of multinationals sending dollars out, so customs try their best to keep the regular Joe from importing their toys. There's just not enough strong foreign currency for everyone. There are areas that are firmly controlled, like cars and electronics, but others not so much. Cell phones and anything big and/or expensive is screened carefully. So they are likely to keep general import taxes high for a long time. For this reasons, and also because we don't have local production nor investment in the area, electronics have always been very expensive here. We get the worst in terms of quality overall, and markups are exceptionally high because it's hard to import. GPUs in particular had prices increased as elsewhere, but much more so in here, I think. There's virtually nothing left to buy except for 710's and 1030's and 3090's cost more than US$4,000 (!?!) Not at individual scalpers, but at the main Brazilian online store. Actually, the store *is* the scalper :( What's improving now is the exchange rate. We had a bit of a hard time with the pandemics, interest rates were lowered and that kept external investors dollars outside of Brazil. Now with the recovery of the economy, that's been reversed: interest rates are rising to keep inflation at bay and that's bringing lots of dollars to the economy. This in theory should lower GPU prices locally. But while the stores are really quick to raise prices in local currency when the dollar goes up, they are REALLY slow to lower prices when the dollar goes down. They keep the gains from the exchange rate difference for themselves as more markup. The problem is that there's no real competition, and customs help them out by giving us a hard time importing GPUs individually. So, yeah, the situation is even worse in here and it will take more time for prices to go down than in the rest of the world, if they ever will one day. Our only hope really is a flood of boards in developed markets, so that a few boards are left over for us. I was really lucky I got a 2070S for about US$ 600 back in November. Back then I was angry thinking the price was exorbitant, but, oh boy, little did I know. The last one I saw one new for sale around here was costing more than US$ 1300. If I'm ever left without a decent video card in this market, I swear I'll go back to consoles... or board games. Not really a good place to have PC building as a hobby down here. Sorry for the rant, but that's my view of it. Thanks for asking and reading :)






$700 when I was there last week


I’m assuming the 6700xts and 6900xts were significantly over MSRP as well? Because I managed to get mine pretty close to MSRP and it’s definitely worth it


My local online retailer has 6900xts in stock, but they're over $2000


Maybe? I don't know anything about AMD cards as I suckle upon the Nvidia teat. But the 6900XT is like $2200 which seems outrageous for any computer component. The 6700 XT was like $900ish - $1k depending on the company like Asus, ROG, etc.


Damn thats expensive. Thats only a little less than I spent on the 3080 ti at microcenter for a 6700xt


Yeah, MSRP for the 6900xt is $1000, and the 6700xt is supposed to be $480, so they’re both at or over double what they’re supposed to be, not surprised no one is going for that


The reference card is like $500, even at launch all the AIB cards were closer to $1k.


They keep the 3080s in the back, and only sell them if you build a computer. Source: I bought one from Micro Center three days ago, and they kept the Ti cards up front in the case.


So you're looking at unicorn cards only if you want that price (FE only - EVGA is still around $900). Well until card prices start coming down. Good luck.


>They had a shit ton of 6700 and 6900 but no one was buying those. May I ask why? From what I've heard both are quite good.


The stores with these in stock are asking almost twice the MSRP which makes them a bad deal (any card at 2x MSRP is a bad deal really).


No wonder the scalpers aren't buying them then lol


GPUs wont be a good deal until eth 2.0 makes mining unprofitable for a lot of people. gpu mining is dumb anyways. people should only be mining with asics and shouldn't be using any energy that fucks the climate to do so.


ETH 2.0's PoS won't replace PoW anytime soon. And Ether is ASIC-resistant. Plus miners aren't one of the primary causes for the ongoing GPU shortage; there's a worldwide silicon crisis at this time, with TSMC currently taking orders for Q3 of 2022. The ramifications of this technological drought run deep, further than imaginable. Every supply chain, even in other sectors, is disrupted. Automobile makers have literally returned to building cars with analogue dashboards. The current situation isn't likely to become any better anytime soon and all you're witnessing is what happens in capitalism with an explosive chain effect leading to a severe increase of demand, coupled with a significant scale-down of supply in part due to the pandemic. A perfect storm, and a new normal we'll have to deal with for a very long time.


Dude has motherboard, cpu, gpu, no headphones in sight. I'm gonna say he didn't go for headphones if you end up buying all this shit.


Not to mention the NVME drive and PSU


I couldn't tell what that last one was. But yeah... Dude went to buy a computer lol




Or maybe just threw everything in a cart, took the pic and walked out! We'll never know


Yeah, he never did mention that he planned to *pay* for it


He made the excuse to buy headphones so he had a reason to go to microcenter.


Many people were putting off a build because of no GPUs. So once you find that GPU, you get everything else. Of course, if you have the money in your account ready to go.


Exactly. People here are shocked at the price tag, but I just spent the last 15 months not spending money on ANYTHING and gaming on my PC from 2014. The limiting factor for me wasn’t just the price, it was more just finding the damn thing anywhere. I would’ve preferred a vanilla 3080, but I’m happy spending “too much” on a ti.


My boyfriend ordered a prebuilt pc from best buy.com with a 3080 in it and it was like 1800$ I normally wouldn't do that because I prefer to build my own but it was cheaper than just the card itself ETA: he got it last week


Last time I went for those free cans they were out


They sell them as MoBo/CPU bundles


I did get headphones, the Audio Technica M40x lol. My last PC was from 2014 with no upgrades since then, so I’ve been looking to do a full rebuild for a while now. I’ve been seeing the 3080 ti for like $2,500 on eBay, so spending $1,700 on it at Micro Center was a no-brainer for me. I know I spent too much, but I made peace with that.


Depending on the headphones you could have just saved yourself a thousand dollars. Looking at you r/headphones.


>saved yourself a thousand dollars Those are amateur numbers. You can pump that up a lot lol. IIRC Linus reviewed headphones that were like $50k once you factored in the amp+accessories you needed to make them shine.


I feel personally attacked. Waiting for my Verite C’s to arrive this month.




Yes, but with such combo you are covered for at least a decade.


And that's why there's no Sennheiser anymore.


Yes, indeed:(


But hey on the bright aide, they are still making headphones, they are just under new management per se


That's more than a $2000 hole, I see GPU, CPU, motherboard, Ram and probably an EVGA cooler. That's a whole new pc build. Happened to me before too.


As a Canadian, that 3080 is over $2000 alone. The 5800x is $800.


Really? I paid $650 for my 5800X and that was two months ago. Shits getting real expensive as time goes on.


He’s wrong. The 5800 X costs $500 cad, and the 3080 TI costs $2100 cad.


So what headphones did you get?


They were probably the free ones they give away to get you into the store and buy stuff and are out of stock by the end of the month anyway


Well, It obviously worked


Narrator: to this day, he doesn’t have headphones


I heard that in the Wonder Years narrator voice...lol


Marv from Home Alone.


I hear it in the narrator voice of the boys


I hear it in Emma Stones narrating voice. Just watched Cruella - the Disney movie. LMAO.


Let me put a sticker on that


I've accepted it and am super nice about it, make sure I get somebody's everytime even if I know what I'm getting (99% of the time). You guys just roll with it?


Oh hell yea. Usually if I need a cabinet item I flag someone down (or the first ask) after the usual shopping and have them sticker it up. Nothing against it.


Immensely confused, what do you mean sticker it?


Micro center employees in sales work off commission. They have a sticker they put on your item with their name and barcode for the checkout people to scan indicating they helped you and earn commission.


Ahh i see. Im not from the US so micro center doesnt exist here


Its borderline necessary. Micro Center employees on the sales floor makes $4 an hour. But don't feel too bad. Every item that's not tagged by an employee goes into a shared pool that gets split by all employees that sell in that respective department.


Nice, I'm just curious what other people do


Thank you


Damn those are some strange headphones, what brand?




PSA. The lottery system killed camping. Anyone who shows up before the store opens has an even shot


My MC is heavily enforcing no loitering now. Sings up to call police on any line before store hours.


Confirmed on Twitter with them that 8 to 830 to scan a qr code, lotto system will text you at 915 if you get a shot at that mornings card selection.


Good. Most adults have no time for that crap.




Basically theres a qr code or front that take you to a website to enter your info


Yeah... For "headphones". You got a whole ass PC in that cart bro


It happens sometimes. I was driving cross country when the 3060 ti was announced. I did a quick Google search and realized I was near a microcenter. The next morning I showed up around opening and stood in line just to see what would happen. I managed to snag a TUF 3060 ti at launch. I ended up leaving the store with the GPU, a cpu, a motherboard, some ram, and a NVME drive.


It really does. Me and my gf went to look in a shop, came out with a 1000$ TV lmao


And paid well over MSRP I’m sure


Easily $1.8k at least


Isn’t Microcenter charging the card makers MSRP?


They're charging over 50% more than MSRP




Bought a TUF 3080 in store for roughly $750 in December. Same gpu is listed for $1050 now on their website Edit: seems like all the AIB MSRP’s have increased since then, so while it’s at MSRP the prices have skyrocketed recently


That’s probably due to tariffs, the companies just push that price onto the consumer.


Not that easy to absorb a 20% tariff without raising prices.


ThAnK yOu CaPiTaLiSm




The cards I’ve seen there have been at what appeared to be the inflated MSRP.


I wouldnt know I've never been to a micro center but I just saw a post on here a few days ago and it was a pic of the gpu cabinet at microcenter and the cards were $400+ above FE msrp


Right, FE MSRP - I'm talking about the MSRP set by the card manufacturer. MicroCenter themselves isn't overpricing the cards or extorting people.


> I wouldnt know I've never been to a micro center Then why chime in? They charge MSRP. Period


MSRP is outdated as shit dude. Nothing is MSRP right now...even the manufacturers price...jesus


So we should just buy the things like regular even if they're horribly overpriced?




Which is also why the prices are so damn high


Omg now there is shortage of headphones cannot believe this lol!!


Must be at least $2000 for gpu alone








It will easily take you throught one two more years and by that time we will have a whole new catalogue of cards to choose from in the range of 300-500$.


That's basically the plan. By then we'll have AM5 and DDR5. That's when I'll build a new PC.


Agreed, no WAY is it worth paying $1,700 for a GPU. That used to be top-shelf entire build money. I saw an article today that said, ["GTX 1060: A good buy in 2021 for $300?"](https://www.techspot.com/review/2274-geforce-gtx-1060-revisit/) Like, HELL NAW! I remember during the GPU mining crash I saw more 1060's than you can imagine for under $100 in 2018. I get that market demand has driven prices crazy like this but come on, I did a full "build" in 2012 with equivalent specs of a 1060 for $500 flat. $300 is too much for a 1060, and $1,700 is asinine for a 3080 ti. Honestly, a $750 gaming laptop can service anyone's essential gaming needs for a few years until this craziness subsides.


Reminds me of when a friend ordered a 3090 but cancelled the order because $1500 was too much to spend on a gpu, so they got a 3080 for like $900. Oh how a few short months can change things.


Man to by fair tho... That's a huge chunk of change for, admittedly I'm not sure the performance upgrade, but I can't imagine it's really worth that.


For gaming purposes only the richest of the rich need 3090 and that too just for flexing purposes. 24 vram lmfao i dont have that much RAM in total even when combining all my pc's.


It's useful for workloads that need a ton of vram tho. Super nice when rendering a scene that needs 12 to 18 gigs vram especially if having a super huge sample count, or also useful when doing a lot of 4k60fps renderings and tasks with say DaVinci Resolve. Tho it's useful for encoding after using Premiere Pro too. Edit: should note cuda cores also scale almost linearly in workloads that fully utilize cuda rendering.


> For gaming purposes


For me, it was. I was running a 2014 rig before, and even for 2014 it was low-to-middle end. So over the last couple of years I’ve been saving and I had a budget of about $2,500. Never thought I’d spend so much on the GPU, but I have absolutely no regrets.


Smart friend. I get what you’re saying but saving $600 is fucking huge building a pc. That’s a mobo, and a slick cpu for me. Hurry up EVGA line… January seems so long ago. I have 90% of my build bought. But I kinda don’t want to put it together until the 3080 arrives


I stood in line and was lucky enough to get a 3070 for $600. 1 week later msrp jumped to more than what I paid with tax and well, we all know what it’s like now.


Indeed! Such waste of money, doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, it's a bloody waste. In 1 year from now it's worth less than 40% of that. People still wonder why leather jacket man is so rich? Stop buying into the hype for c. sake.


He wears that jacket even in summers.


Either the dude doesn't sweat at all or he does...


>Such a waste of money Depends on who you ask. I built my PC in 2014, so I had reached a point where modern games would be basically unplayable even on low settings. My PC is my only hobby besides reading. I’ve been sitting at home for 18 months not spending money on anything else. So for me, dropping $2k on a new build was an easy decision. For other people, it’s not. I get that. But I think the limiting factor for some of us is availability, rather than (retail) price. People who think these things are going back to MSRP anytime soon are out of their minds.


This. Best thing you can do is try to get a card at Micro Center if in the U.S. then pay for their replacement warranty. Can have ANY issue towards the end of the 2-3 years take it in and get whatever you PAID back on a gift card for something new. Just did this wth a 2080 Ti and upgraded to a 3090 (mostly because thats all they had avaialble at the moment.)




Not worth.


Still lotsssss of money. Enjoy your gpu anyway.


ooof - looks like someone'll be eating Ramen the next few weeks. Nice find though!


> the next few weeks the next 16,363.63 weeks.


$1800 "MSRP" GPU


It is MSRP since it's an AIB MSRP. Nvidia's MSRP only applies to FE cards and nothing else.


Obviously the card is not actually worth more than $1000


Yea in a regular market it's not worth more than a grand for sure. Problem is this isn't a normal market so that goes out the window. If you can snag a FE it's a steal since the 3080 is almost vaporware. Might fall flat with some AIBs though but hey, 3000 in general is ultra expensive and FEs are nearly impossible to obtain.


It's not a steal if the prices are going to crash down in a years time, prices are already coming down a bit. I'm sure there are some cases where people *need* a new gpu, but I really wouldn't be able to justify buying a gpu for twice MSRP when 'going out to buy headphones', when you could wait a year and buy 2 for the same price


The world is healing


Did you still have money for the headphones lmao


Watch the new stuff made here video, he's giving out a code at the end of the video where everyone who visits microcenter gets a free pair of Bluetooth headsets, apparently you don't even have to purchase something


Nature is healing


How much are they selling for? Over MSRP?


The AIBs set the MSRP. FE cards, being direct from Nvidia, are sold at Nvidia’s MSRP. Micro center charges MSRP.


I'm not gonna speak for the company but as someone who works there at their hq, we sell graphics cards and most higher end products for the same amount as we buy them for and make almost nothing. Trying to buy GPUs, CPUs, Laptops, Desktops, and TVs with the employee discount quickly shows you that there isn't any money to save. Not that any of that is bad from a customer point of view.


Wow, so even the AIB companies are taking advantage of the market and "overcharging"


AIB cards were always above MSRP (at least the better models)


Yeah but in the past you had the FE (and AMD equivalent) cards for like €400 and the AIB would be maybe €450 which is fine as those usually had better cooling and higher clocks. But nowadays AIB cards are like +50% in price at least and without offering any noticeable performance advantage.


MSRP is "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price". NVidia isn't the manufacturer of AIB cards. NVidia MSRP holds true only for FE cards.


You lucky SOB


I wouldn't feel that lucky for spending $1700 on a GPU lol. Those are scalper prices


Yeah if I wanted to pay almost 2 grand for one I would have done that already on ebay


Exact words.


Nature is healing


I don't see the headphones. Did you forget them ?


I think Chinas crackdown on mining will help a lot by end of year. At this point though, I might as well wait for the 4 series.


how much?


Went for headphones Came out bankrupted This is how a real gamer buys headphones


* Put product in basket * take photo * return product to shelf * post photo to reddit


Not that people don't commonly do what you're suggesting, but there isn't a place on earth right now where you can walk in and place a gpu in your cart. Microcenter has everything behind locked glass or an employee only area. Same for their processors. Once you want one they don't even hand it to you, they just send it up to the register for you to pay. Considering that and the recognizeable metal baskets from MC filled other computer parts, along with the fact that they're not in a plastic bag, which they stopped using, I'd say legit.


The Micro Center near me still uses plastic bags.


I guess I assumed it was a company wide policy change, as mine does not. My mistake


That’s a parking lot surface beneath the cart, right? And a car behind it? I don’t want to suggest everything posted here should be taken at face value but there’s no way they’d let him leave the store with those things if he didn’t pay up


Yo. But where is the headphones?? Also want micro center was this?


Nice score. Can't wait till I can order one instead of driving 6 hours to a micro center.


So did you get the headphones


Seeing people with retail cards fills me with an odd mix of envy and hope lmao


That's not true! That's impossible!


Do you mean the free headphones because is so, Micro Center has really benefited from getting you inside the store.




I'm filing for shared custody.




Next fad..


Was able to order a 3060 yesterday from EVGA and will be here next week. My nearest Micro Center is 5 hours away lol. Just glad I was able to get one at msrp.


What did you end up paying?


Your number #15 on the list for luckiest bitch in the world/ micro center bookmark store


i hope MSI doesnt ruin it for you(:


Which CPU is that?


POV: I'm looking at 3 am at rich people on my 2007 laptop




If that’s a 5800x they run hot. And that’s ok.




looks fresh.


Microcenter is the Target of PC gamers. Go in for something small then come out with hundreds of dollars worth of shit.


Strange as a hardware nerd. The msi Gaming "X" is on cold ice and was change to msi gaming "Z". Kinda suprised there is a 3080 TI X Version out there


I had to buy a whole computer around my 3080FTW just a couple weeks back. HBU, OP?


Hope you enjoy it sir


Plot twist: OP put the shit back after taking the photo because they didn’t want to pay over $2k


Similar experience. Went to grab a hard drive and walked with a hard drive and a 3080 FTW3 Ultra. But, to be fair.. I was already in the market for one.


Super excited for you but the 3080 Ti gaming x trios run super duper hot, hotter than 3080's and 3090's. There are a few of reviews out there of the memory hitting 105c under loads which is absolutely nuts for a 3080 Ti! Keep your eye on those memory temps!


Thanks for the tip!


Congrats man but you def overpaid, they only have stock since it’s way above msrp lol


Damn that’s sick. Lucky guy! 3080 Ti is a beast of a card. I wish I had one. I only have a lowly 3080


I just have a 3070 ti...


I really wish there was a microcenter in my area. I think I would just go there and hang out all day.


yeah I seem to find 3080TIs everywhere, congrates on that :D


My guess is the 3080Ti is the quickest card to have regular supply pop up because A, it's by far the worst card value wise in the entire lineup B. The 3090, 3080ti, and 3080 all share the same die (with 3080tis and 3080s being cut down 3090s that didn't make the silicon cut). You can bet your sweet ass that Nvidia is putting every core they possibly can into a 3080Ti +2 extra gigs of VRAM for that +50 percent msrp. It seems to be happening already.


What's your house address bro, I just wanna come and talk a bit with you.


and then you get mugged 🙂


People are still blaming "scalpers" for the increased prices, but no one seems to blame the actual stores from selling gear WAAAAY over MSRP. They are the real scalpers.


Micro Center sells at MSRP. The AIBs set their MSRP much higher than Nvidia's FE MSRP.


MSRP is set by the AIB companies. MC can’t help the fact that they’ve raised prices for them.