So Amazon accidentally sent me an entire box of ram instead of a single 2x8gb pack

So Amazon accidentally sent me an entire box of ram instead of a single 2x8gb pack


That's nothing. Amazon mistakenly signed the company over to me instead of delivering 2 case fans.


damm you jeff bezos






Congratulations, you did it!


i may not be getting the joke but why am i getting links to songs named bezos


They are from Bo Burnham's new Netflix special "Inside". I really enjoyed it.


ahh okay thanks I'll give it a watch




I'm so glad it was this.




What fans tho


Noctua 200mm Company Ownership Transfer Mandate ZX.... ah now I see where the confusion was.


That's nothing. They mistakenly shot me into space.


​ wait. ​ What?!?!


Bruh, I love ur thing, ryzen 5800x + gt1030, Frick the market


I think this is a marketing strat, making a mistake in load of a product so people are going to talk about it so other people also order stuff in the hope they also get more than they ordered


I ordered a snuggie and ended up receiving a deed to the Moon.


Too bad amazon prime doesn't make any money. All of Amazon's money comes from AWS


Lol, of course it makes money. They just have really really good accountants that make it look like it isn't.


I bet they are building up the product / collection slowly .. and then before you know it they own everything


"Too bad there's not another giant big money vacuum in silicon valley that avoid tax" yeah because that creates a competitive market amassing literal lobbying power. Prop22 was a paid prop


im starting to think that these are no longer accidents


At this point either the posts are faked for attention, or Amazon's employees are just out of fucks to give about their jobs.


Seems plausible


as a former amazon employee, i can absolutely confirm it's the latter. i did essentially backstocking, not order packing, but the people who pick the orders are in the same area i was in, and they just grab the item or box they're pointed to by a projector that highlights the bin it's in, and toss it in a tote without a second thought. they don't know or care if it's wrong, most likely what happened here (if this is real) is that someone stowed the entire case instead of opening it and stowing the individual items, so when it came to a picker, they just grabbed the whole box


Usually when u scan the box tho it’ll tell you it’s the wrong item 🧐


i had that thought too, unless the asin for the individuals was on the outside of the box or something. also entirely possible that the post is just bs


Lots of vendors stick the single SKU label on the box. Should have been caught at ACW, but people running that station give less than zero fucks and, honestly, the false positive rate is very high so probably not their fault.


I know of someone who once got a box of 96 rolls of toilet paper for the price of 1 because of the single SKU being on the box.


"Fuck it, ship it."


Not my fuckin job


I work in a warehouse, on the outgoing side. Can confirm, I say this... more than I probably should lol


a man of word's i see


Many words. Big words.


Oh because vendors decide to put the single item barcode on the box and sometimes they don't check inside bc they just don't care half the time and leads to moments like this. Half the time everyone runs on autopilot and these things happen. Edit: Sometimes they aren't even marked as singles, usually HDDs come in boxes that are marked as singles on our FC research site and it comes down to offhand knowledge of the brand, like you know how it looks physically and it doesn't add up with what's on hand.


I second this as a former picker, God fucking damnit stow, open your boxes, I can't keep my UPH up if stow is not completing their job. That is why I preferred running totes, pushing that cart all night was bliss. Anyways fuck amazon, 300 UPH for 12 hours a night, all night is dumb. Fuck Christmas, fuck prime day. FUCK prime day, fuck it all to hell. Nothing like having to push 400 UPH for 30 minutes so I can go take a piss because you have to drink a fucking gallon of water a night. Because for some reason one of the most fucking advanced warehouses in the world can't be kept under 85 degrees in the middle of fucking winter when it is literally snowing. Anyways, got off topic. Yeah I second that, it happens


Former stow, had to stock every item individually. No gross skuing. Was "funx doing HID bulbs individually. Came in packs of 1000 individual single bulb boxes. 12 large boxes to one tote.


So when shoppers are having 'fun' buying stuff on prime day, the amazon employees are living in hell. Really puts things in to perspective for me. Things need to change, your labor is worth more than that.


Yeah, and we got so flooded that the conveyors would be backed up for hours while the packers just slaved away, and prime day usually causes 60 hour weeks


That’s pretty messed up alright. One reason I don’t even consider buying anything on Prime Day...especially in the southwest on weeks that we’re enduring the heatwave from hell—like right now, when even looking outside for too long can cause heat related illness


yeah the numbers are why i preferred spidering or pod transfer, always took those when offered. being treated like nothing but a number was the reason i left


Yeah, I never got to spider despite how bad I wanted to, I basically ran totes 90% of the time, I offered every night because I haaaaaated picking. Only good takeaway is that totes is a full body workout and I got semi ripped from drinking pre-workout and doing it 3 nights a week for 12 hours for 8 months. It gave me the push I needed and now I just maintain it. (It also gave me enough money to take an actual college course to get my realtor license which I'm working on if anyone care about that)


I care! That cool to hear for you. Congrats on getting there.


Good shit. I'm proud of you.


Self improvement when working your way ass off is one of the hardest things in the world from my pov. Respect to you G.


What is UPH?


UPH is units per hour, you're basically timed on how fast you can find and grab an item and then put it in its tote to prepare to send it down to pack. It doesn't seem that hard, but everything is usually poorly organized and jammed in these tiny little shelves and it's just a pain


Hey be nice to me I tried my best


Technically it's a receive error, not a pick error. Amazon has ALWAYS sucked at case pack/master pack. Supplier labeling is also terrible, leading to a lot of these errors. Only thing harder than case pack is multi pick. Not sure if that's ever gone right


I bought a pair of goggles for swimming over the winter and they sent me 8 in a box like OP's. I only wish they would do that with ram...


They have high turnover rates so the latter is actually pretty likely lol


This. It's also far from the first post like this I see. The one I remember the most is a guy who had ordered a Corsair keyboard and got five instead of one.


You have no reason to believe me but I received a box of 10 Samsung NVMe drives (500GB, 970 Pro) 18 months ago. I think the people packing these products are simply not opening the boxes to see there are ten and just packing up the entire box (so basically no fucks to give). It's most common with small items like RAM and SSDs based on posts from this sub.


My mom ordered a wallet for my dad and we got sent a case of wallets so its believable.


That doesn't look like it was shipped by Amazon.


It was likely shipped in an Amazon box. This is how my set of 10 SSDs arrived. Box in a box!


Wow wow wow, 10 SSDs would be like Christmas.


Yeah it was certainly very cool. I was very shocked when a larger box arrived in the mail as I had obviously ordered just one and it would usually ship in one of those puffy envelopes. And they are good SSDs. Samsung 970 Pro NVMe 500GB. This was 18 months ago. I feel like that's the one time I will win some kind of lottery.


It’s not just people getting lucky but people getting fucked over too. Ordered a razer laptop back in 2018 and they sent a Alienware so I returned it. They told me I sent the wrong item and until I send the razer back I’m not getting anything. Months of back and forth and I was out of $2k and I didn’t even get to keep the wrong laptop they sent me. When the employees don’t give a fuck, someone else ends up getting fucked. I’ve done warehouse work before so I understand how these people feel but man I sure got anal raped. Sorry for the tangent


I got a box of 1TB m.2s back in October instead of one from Amazon. It's definitely the second half


Nah realistically what is much more likely is the seller who sent these to sell mislabeled them. Each unit needs to have a bar code or a sticker, some units are required to have an Amazon sticker. A newer seller may have put a unit code on the box telling Amazon “this is one unit” when in reality the box is filled with units


I'm going with the latter because I had this happen recently. Ordered a rack mounted power strip... got a box with 8 of them. Amazon said "eh, just keep them".


Mistakes happen. I was actually a lucky recipient of a switcharoo recently. Ordered a G27Q for $250, but received a M27Q(starts at $310~ish). Very happy about it :)


It is one way to get the Amazon share price lowered.


I get the impression this is a marketing stunt for them. This account is 7 years old but has never posted anything until this. If they can give people the impression that they have a chance to get lucky and get extra parts, it'll encourage them to shop more from Amazon. Just look at the comments of this thread.


This is a really good point. Could be a marketing stunt.


Do you want to partake in the silicon lottery or the possibly much more lucrative amazon lottery?


Amazon employees are overworked and underpaid. All it takes is one mistake and mislabeled box.


There are no accidents - Master Oogway


Amazon is a joke. And if you ever attempt to call them to troubleshoot, their "Product experts" will do like 3 steps with you and then call the manufacturer without telling you they aren't gonna do that and then they transfer you. They will do everything to not have to handle the return if you call them. Always call the manufacturer yourself and if you are within the return window through Amazon after determining the product is defective then set up the return online yourself without calling them. Oh and in case of block of wood, Amazon also will be like well we don't handle that and push you to the manufacturer. Amazon agents on phone calls don't ever wanna do their job from my experience.


Never had a problem getting Amazon to accept a return on anything.


Maybe it's just your experience? I've gotten an replacement through Amazon customer support a few times and it's always gone smoothly.


Live in the UK or Europe. We solved most of our retail problems with the principle that your contract is with the retailer. Add in cooling off for remote sales, statutory two year RTB warranties, extended repair for up 6 years, unlimited fault liability for injury...ok, we don't get weird three foot Cheetos, but you have to take tge rough with the smooth.


Well at least you didn’t receive a block of wood like another user did lol


With current lumber prices, that wouldn't even be too bad.


Might be worth more than the RAM depending on the type of wood


Hopefully it's some cocobolo. That shit slaps.




Rare Alpine Maple is a must have


Ah, a fellow commodities man


BLock of wdd? I received a box of plastics lol


damn tough luck


Yes. Hopefully, Amazon customer service trusts its customer. However, from that time onwards I started opening the package in front of the delivery agent to ensure the contents are right.


The fact that you can convince an Amazon driver to stand there for an extra minute amazes me, by the time I answer the door they're already peeling out


Just be polite and say few good words to them appreciating them for timely delivery helps mostly.


maybe everyone should do that


If it ain’t XO then it gotta go


Yessir 😉


You wouldn’t download ram, would you?


No but I would download a bear.


Make sure it’s not beer


I'd download that too. The bear might want some.


Drink with him!


I'd have to download myself to do that.


Bear sounds fun, download me too!






*A gigabyte of RAM should do the trick.*




Shame it wasn't a box of new Nvidia video cards, but still a nice surprise.


One dude had that happen. lol Ordered a Aorus 3080 and got a box of 6, IIRC.


Jesus, the odds of that happening is probably on par with winning a jackpot. Do you still have the link? I must witness this once in my life.


I don't unfortunately. lol I should have saved it. He was concerned they were going to ask for them back or end up charging him. Everyone was like "NO! Don't say anything!" lol


Even if they asked for it back he could refuse and they can't legally charge him.


Yep. That's from an old law put in place to stop businesses from sending their products to random people and demanding payment. Basically, if a business sends you something that you did not order, you own it and don't have to pay. There might be exceptions to this law.


Yeah the only exception to this law is if the package was not in your name. If you take the package and it has someone else's name on it then you are breaking the law. You can keep the contents of the package if it was addressed to your name.


An exception to this law is a bank depositing money into your account by mistake. If you don't give it back you're legally liable.


The odds of ordering one off Amazon at MSRP are basically lottery worthy at this point; screw getting the bonus.


If that happened to me, I wouldn’t have even posted it. Although I wouldn’t sell for scalper prices either.


Instant mining rig


That was me it was a box of 3070 aorus


lmao buddy got sent 3x 1660 Super instead of a monitor


I can imagine the email to the seller, ‘hey! I was supposed to get a monitor and instead I got 2 1660s!’.


You mean 1 1660s...


I mean 0 1660s; I just got an empty box, no monitor


1) Keep it until there is a crypto mined with ram 2) wait for ram shortage 3) ?????? 4) profit


Isn't there one that mines using HDDs somehow? Could probably use it for that but the storage requirements probably make it unfeasible even for this amount. I mean that's like 80 gigs of storage or 160 at best. Rent out virtual machine instances instead.


> Isn't there one that mines using HDDs somehow There's a few but the one that got really popular is "Chia" for being "greener" It really just transfers the wear on parts from a GPU to HDD/SSDs. More on the latter than former.


Yeah, and it [usually] kills storage drives much faster then GPUs are killed by mining cryptos like ethereum, so it's not actually much greener :/


If they didn't pay for it the first place it would be profit regardless of the state of the market


Man there's a lot of "Accident" in this sub


I'd laugh if there's just one member of the pcmr working at a fulfilment center doing this "on accident"


Corsair ad. OP 7 years on reddit yet never commented or posted ANYTHING. Stop upvoting these garbage.


With the recent news about Amazon workers burning out with high frequency, I'm starting to wonder if these "mistakes" are not attempts by some workers to do some good and feel a little better for all the shit they have to put through.


Corsair ad. OP 7 years on reddit yet never commented or posted ANYTHING. Stop upvoting these garbage.


somebody ordered a 2tb SSD but got a 4tb SSD. You ordered 1 2x8gb box of ram but got 10 2x8gb (going to assume) boxes of ram


Starting to thinks this is how Amazon warehouse employees fight the system


fuck amazon sell that shit off


Corsair ad. OP 7 years on reddit yet never commented or posted ANYTHING. Stop upvoting these garbage.


shit good spot


I've got a theory Amazon does this rarely but intentionally to persuade people who are on the fence about buying from them to shop on their site instead of elsewhere. I can't help but imagine it's profitable for them to lose a couple hundred dollars by "accidentally" sending a customer a case of RAM or storage or whatever with the assumption that X% of those customers will share their windfall on some form of social media. That, or the warehouse workers aren't paid enough to give a shit lol


It happens because intake labeled the whole box as one unit, rather than the individual items, and it's surprisingly common point of failure at the warehouses.


It's actually surprising that these kinds of fuck-ups don't happen more often with how insanely overworked Amazon warehouse employees are.


Warehouse workers aren't paid enough to give a shit. They rarely get in trouble for that, some are even stealing from Amazon. If you, along with many others, are forced to work shitty hours for shitty pay, you too wouldn't give a shit and just fulfill orders for the show.


This is true. Was a package handler for FedEx and Amazon. They both don't give a shit. They kinda do give a shit about your safety and heat (los angeles here). Actually I'm going to go with 50/50. Remembered that there was this kid, straight out of hightschool. His first job was FedEx at the time. Hard serious worker, but messed up his back multiple times and they still made him carry stupid heavy shit. In the end FedEx got sued for workers rights. Got a .63 cents check out of it.


Now.....the second of those theories is entirely plausible. Also sabotage from the inside to make Amazon lose at least a little cash out of spite. The way Amazon has been reported as exploiting its workforce, I wouldn't be surprised.


flair checks out


It’s the second one. I work at amazon and have worked in slam where things that weigh too much get kicked out. Every items in a fulfillment center has had its weight recorded but not all master packs get broken up at inbound. We had a slam operator override the weight of a master pack of Kingston 2tb ssd ($250 each last I checked) and the box had 20. She was moved out of slam immediately and permanently following that but didn’t get fired


cAn I hAvE oNe?


Time to make your money back and then some profit on top. Nice.


People look at the headlines about Amazon and they still think these are "accidents". No this is someone's last stand before rage quitting that horrible place.


plot twist: they are 8 2gb packs


Let’s see the original order you put in


160gb if ram you could open like 3 Google tabs with that


If you have that much you may as well live dangerously and open four tabs.


I like to think 4 tabs would mark you pc sound like a car hitting max revs and sounding like it will blow up


People still use Google?


I mean I'd rather us that gaming browser 😂




I see that as a total win.


good, fuck amazon.


Time to get a ramdrive


Looks like you can RAMp your builds up then. Don't worry I know where the door is, I will see myself out.


Damn that’s sweet enjoy them


i worked in both IDX and FC, IDX resceives from vendors and ships to FC, FC should have received these individually, most case whoever received this did not process it right and generated a single item label for a bulk shipment. However with Amazon's system it is impossible now days to make mistakes like these as auditing happens every minute where associates would check each "bin" or item to make sure that the label and description of box match etc. This is a very rare issue and eventually the inventory management system will figure out so a team of inventory quality and monitor associate will review the case and the associate will be put into re-training. As for the customer, they will be either called or who the f knows outside the scope of warehouse.


I guess you can get extra ram off the internet after all...


Amazon workers doing the right thing


I'm convinced this is amazon workers' revolting against the company and their low wages and overworked hours and if that is the case, its the best fuckin thing I've ever seen.


Bruh, i mean, if it's free it's free


Here come the redditors asking for free ram :/


No I would ask the speed and model, and then ask how much for 2 sticks.


First. This post isn't original and not yours. Second Amazon has automatic lines that all packages go down and weighs them before shipment. It knows the weight and only allows very VERY little room either way. That package would have been pushed to the side for review.


For the mistakes I seen amazon sent us that my mom ordered... Sent clothes for my son, got a bag of powder protein shakes that is definitely heavier then clothes. Just recently my mom sent a small inflatable pool for my son, got this giant floating mat instead but that might weigh more or same as the pool


Its fake. A post from an year ago


damn, i need to win the amazon lottery one of these days


Ramdisk time!


Time to build a server


I dont think it was an accident.




Install it all or else your trash


This happened to me, except with SSDs several years ago. Enjoy your RAM.


Silly Amazon, they did 2+8 instead of 2x8... lol


You sellin'?


Can Amazon start making these mistakes for me please?


So if these are all lies why people keep upvoting?


They accidentally sent 8x2Gb sticks instead.


Can I have 2


Wanna donate sum *0*


Order more!


I need to order more random hardware in hopes of getting one of these


Lucky man :)


Jeez you guys are having great days I went to the dentist and they told me I had AIDS


Pfft.. I need this same error in my name with some nice GPU's lol


Well. A picker, packer, and ICQA associate are being fired.


Fuck Amazon, keep them shits and sell them. If I were you I would not have even posted about it. They got plenty of money the CEO isnt using for its workers.


lol, now you have 128gb ram in your build. ​ Video editing intensifies.


If this is how Amazon employees ragequit, chances of winning the lottery are on the rise.


Take 2 pass it on...


That's nothing. Amazon once mistakenly sent me 16 Psyche, an asteroid worth several times Earths entire economy orbiting between Mars and Jupiter instead of an Amazon Choices mousepad.


I'm believing posts like this less and less. These should be posted with some kind of proof of order otherwise they're literally just all bullshit memes from google.


Yeah, that box is ram packed!


That’s called a master pack. We’re supposed to check the weight before they get a shipping label or they get kicked out. Yours got kicked out and the slam operator overrode the weight to save time There’s also the possibility the slam dude just didn’t give a fuck since it’s not his money and he just wants to help a brother out


One time I received a rifle strap.... Didn't even order it and I don't own any guns either


keep a spare and sell the rest below msrp, that'd be nice


I'd use 4 8gb sticks, then sell the rest for a profit


Stash if one of them breaks or crashes the PC as usual.


Nice pure profit


This would be an order pick mistake. They picked the master case instead of the individual case. You would think they would notice but they won’t. And if they do it’s on the employee who sent it out.