Among Us Developers Say They 'Burnt Out' After Twitch Success

Among Us Developers Say They 'Burnt Out' After Twitch Success


Honestly they should start on something new, there's a huge void in fun games you can easily play with casual friends.


Introducing the sequel Among Them


Amongst Them


Inside Them


Among Sus


Betwixt They


Upon thee


Apron Tree


In The Midst of We


My uncle is inside me


Sure, there's the pedophilic incest part... but why you're browsing reddit while he's inside you is the part that bugs me


Let’s not jump to conclusions here, this young man may be trying to explain that he’s thoroughly committed to impregnating his aunt or it’s entirely possible that he just had a big meal. Alternately, his uncle may be a dentist or a proctologist and he’s giving him some kind pro-bono treatment. Of course, it’s also possible that he’s paying for these services. Could be that they’re playing chess together and his Uncle has really gotten into his head. There are really a lot unknown factors here.




I didn't know my inner monologue had a Reddit account


Amongst Thee


Amidst Our Group.


They actually were already in the process of developing the sequel when the first game suddenly gained a huge popularity boost. So they abandoned the sequel and continued to work on the first game.


This is not a bad idea. A proper coop makes sense. I can't play among us because of the little kids


A lone crewmate infiltrates the impostor headquarters and has to try kill them all without raising alarm.. Wait..


A werewolf spin off called The Wolf Among Us.


The crossover sequel "Among (The Last Of) Us"


When the imposter is infected


Sequel: Among Us x Flappy Bird




Especially considering there's a good chance they just got lucky and nothing they make will live up to it. That happens to tons of devs, writers, anything creative.


They do, however, have a much greater chance of success with their next project than most people would. "Game by the devs of Among Us" would get some attention no matter what. Most indie devs would kill to have that level of free marketing. Alongside that, the money they made from AU would be more than enough to pay for some marketing for their next game. It doesn't mean their next game is certain to be a success, but they have opportunities few other indie game devs have.


Financial success maybe, but not necessarily something with longevity. I could easily see something selling well on the by the devs of thing being dead 3 weeks later. So great for their pocketbooks, but maybe not for further projects.


Considering that Henry the Stickman (their first game) was also at least somewhat popular I think they definitely have the potential to create another popular game.


Perfect example, look at PUBG or Notch(Minecraft)


> It's generally considered bad for business to just abandon something that has become this successful Mhm, also milking franchise till the last bit of spoiled pus that everyone is sick of is considered good for business. Doesn't mean everyone should be doing this




The suggestion on the table is to move on, not make a sequel. Releasing free updates was great, but they're never going to replicate their previous success in this game. They're best bet is to start making a new game all together rather than clinging to a declining game.




Right? This can be Terraria situation.


Yeah otherwise known as "don't fuck with the money." These guys essentially have a giant money printer now with Among Us. They would be insane to give that up. That is 100% not happening again. They might have success with other games. Never anything close to that success though.


> rather than clinging to a declining game. It's not as astronomically popular as it was, but it still has a pretty huge playerbase. They're a small dev team, so they're still making bank from it.


R* would like to have a word with you about GTAV


I am thinking now they should do like a Mario party type game but with among us characters.


I’d want that fuck the fancy controllers and consoles gimmie my own Mario party pc


Pummel Party is kibda what you're looking for.


As long as being family friendly isn't a need, Pummel Party is 100% the Mario Party for PC. Plus it can support up to 8?


It does support up to 8


pummel party is the mario party on PC, but it's too damn clunky and the boards are jank.


I enjoyed playing it with a couple friends, but it could certainly use a good coat of polish. I’d love to see a sequel.


Tap into popular board games and casualize and gamify them. That's kinda what Among Us is, it's sorta like that Mafia game or the Werewolf one.


Fall Guys was supposed to fill it and somehow just didn’t??? I don’t even know why I don’t want to play that game.


Man, this right here. I have the same feeling. Legit went from “this game is amazing so much fun.” To “ugh fall guys” soooo fast.


Ultimate Chicken Horse, Overcooked (1&2), Towerfall Ascension, Regular Human Basketball, Stick Fight the Game, and so on. Just to name a few indies. I wouldn't call it a "huge void", at least not anymore. edit: oh and I shall not forget Nidhogg (1&2)


Exactly tons of games in that space you just have to look. Project Winter, iDarb, Knight Squad, Golf with Friends, Human Fall Flat, Runbow, Speed Runners, Totaly Reliabe, Tricky Towers Plus countless boardgames that have been put out like Pandemic, Axis and Allies, Northgard, ect.


The Wolf Among Us 2


Yup. The game is fine as it is, we don't really need them to milk it to oblivion. For change they could just you know..make a new game. I know, novel idea in the modern gaming industry.


if you read the article, that's exactly what they planned to do, except the insane surprise success of the first game meant they had to come back to update it instead (which was a technical mess to do)


There's more they could do before they move on that I wouldn't consider "milking it" lol. Like adding a few more maps and customizable settings. I think if they gave it until the end of the year and then took a break and moved on to something else that would be perfectly fine.


[They proposed Among Us 2](https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us/devlog/171026/among-us-2), but the fans said no. Keep in mind the game got hugely popular 2 years after it was released. By that point, they wanted to move on to something else, but to people it didn't matter.


They can though, just look at the fnaf franchise. The problem with these devs is they took too long to take action at its highest point by not making multiple updates , spin offs etc. fnaf a garbage franchise had amassed so much money because of hype


You're aware that they tried to, right? At the peak of Among Us popularity, they announced Among Us 2, which created an uproar, because even though the game had been out for, what, 2 years by that point. So they said that instead, they would try to do in Among Us what they wanted to do with Among Us 2. One of their main argument is that they wanted to start fresh on a new engine and all that because Among us is kinda spaghetti code since it was their first game.


I don't blame them. Having a product go from relative obscurity to viral phenomenon overnight was always going to be stressful.


Like the Flappy Birds guy.


I think that dude just got a fat payday and dipped


Nah, he was so stressed from it's popularity that he regretted ever making it and removed it from the app store. The press kept bothering him and people kept bringing it up even though he just wanted to be an invisible indie developer.


Didn't a guy threaten to kill him? No doubt multiple people probably did. Also, A dude stabbed his brother over it or something?


IIRC he lived in a poor country/area and his sudden extreme wealth put targets on his family members


People are fucked


He did this *after* he was financially set for life, mind you


You're lying if you say you wouldn't have done the same thing.


I'm just saying that "got a fat payday and dipped" isn't an awful description of it. I'm not judging the man, I absolutely would do the same.


It is when you realize the main reason he dipped is because all of the negative attention he got. He never intended for it to be a huge hit, and when he started getting threats for shit as stupid as the low-quality of development, he got the fuck out. It's not taking the money and running, it's taking off because some psychos are taking things too seriously and you're not dealing with their bullshit.


More like got multiple fat paydays, but decided to stop getting fat paydays due to the stress and backlash he was facing from crazy people. Dude was making like a million bucks a day. Must’ve been fucking brutal to make him give that up lol


Yup gimme my money and I'll go live on an island somewhere quiet


If he were in for the pay, he could have kept going much longer. He chose to quit the app from the appstore, because he cared less about the money and more about the stressful attention. So, no. Neither do you know whether he is 'set for life' or 'set for 10 years' or 'set for 2 years'.


Yeah totally it was him being humble and not fear of a lawsuit for stealing nintendo assets and profitting of them, it was because he hated success.


Yeah he just willingly took down his money printer because reasons.


One of the the other reasons why he took it down is that he was afraid of getting sued by Nintendo because he ripped the pipe the pipe sprite from Super Mario Bros.


Humans aren't built for that. Like seriously. Most successful online figures get there after long, uneven, but ultimately steady rises in notariety. They get to practice how to handle scrutiny, trolls, criticism, and their community - at a scale where it still feels *important*, but not like... Career endingly bad if you screw up. Same goes for game devs. Most massive personal success comes after years working in games - although notable exceptions exist (stardew valley, for instance) But these guys went from a relatively unsuccessful 3 person team to literally the biggest online competitive game in the world over a few weeks - bringing them to the forefront of one of the most toxic demographics that exist online. No doubt it seriously, seriously fucked with them as people. Still... I am simultaneously very sure each of them could retire to a life of comfort if they wanted to - or at least take some time away to figure out what they really want out of life. It's up to them to figure their shit out.


I also think it has something to do with the game being largely unknown for years. I think that when you make something, you have that dream of that something becoming huge, but naturally it doesn't and it isn't a big deal, the game was a success for them and that's that. Then, a couple years later, out of absolutely nowhere, it's the biggest game in the planet, and now YOU have to deal with that. It is stressful as fuck.


*looks back at the code* The fuck I did here.


I wonder what these devs think about all the weird Among Us videos and animations that people produce to make a quick buck from Youtube, and litter kids' homepages with that shit?


I think spending years of your life on a product and see it fail miserably as you struggle to pay your rent (which is the way indie development normally goes) is just as stressful. The difference is it's a stress you've been expecting, whereas noone prepares themselves for instant success.


The ol’ Nirvanaroo


Among Us seems to be as good example, or victim I guess, of the expectations of video games and especially ones that see a huge spike in popularity. When it comes down to it, Among Us is basically a video game rendition of games like Mafia, Secret Hitler, Werewolf, Resistance, etc. Social deduction is popular in board/card games and Among Us was simply the video game take on it that got the most recognized (There have been others, just with nowhere near the popularity). But, unlike board games, video games seem to have an expectation to constantly update and add new content. It seems players aren't satisfied with a simple concept to be played for a set amount of time then let go, or to just be played every now and then with different people. They tried to keep things interesting with adding a new map which is fine, but I honestly I still find "The Skeld" still the best in the game, with the strongest level design. The Airship was just huge and while the new mini games were interesting for a bit, I thought the layout was more frustrating than anything else. I got a good 50 hours out of the game and I will probably get 20-30 more over the years when we get enough people to play. I honestly don't expect every game to be constantly adding in new content and staying fresh. There's no real reason a video game can't be like a board/game game where it simply stays the same. I guess with the sheer popularity people expect it, and Id rather just see the Devs create a new game at this point.


Remember when games had mod support and could like for decades on community support. Remember server communities? Edit: among us has this hell yeah!


Among Us has that actually


That’s awesome! Go Among Us devs!


I've seen some interesting mods that change the gameplay of Among Us


That’s like the best case scenario. Mod devs are heroes and it warms my heart to hear.


The attitude of “always needing constant updates” is one that has always irritated me. I don’t remember which game it was (it might have been Warzone), but I remember reading some comments once and they were complaining because the game hadn’t gotten any new content in a few weeks. I’m not even that old, but that made me feel old - “back in my day, we played multiplayer games because we enjoyed the game...”.


Even stranger is that multiplayer games from the "old days" that had a few dozen maps, everyone only played one or two of the maps anyway. Like who cares about anything but de_dust2 or cs_office?


de_nuke and de_port :( also played a lot of cs_compound


Assault has it's moments. I also enjoyed cbble, but no one liked that map. I was also an avid war3 mod player so that changed a lot of maps.


Man I'd love to go back and play some de_nuke on cs .62b


What's interesting there is that it points to the level itself being part of the game design. A good map that works in harmony with the mechanics is more than just content.


Blood Gulch


I legit only played cs_assault, I loved how unique it was. I've thought of getting into Rainbow 6: Siege because it seems like the basic concept of that game is inspired by it. Quick edit: I played source mostly, I forget if assault even existed in 1.6 but I liked the odd maps in that too like 747 and rats.


This gave me flashback to looking only for Quake TF servers running 2fort.


Also a lot of games with high skill floor/ceiling still get complained about. Like Dota players say shit like "stale meta, will only play after update". Bruh, learn how to play the current patch first. There are 100+ heroes with trillions of possibilities.


I find that those are usually the types that watch the pros play, so they think they’re good when they’re usually not


Hell no. They're average MMR and they know it. They do the same things every game on auto pilot. No theory crafting, no learning from mistakes, no experimenting, nothing. Pros almost never consider a patch solved, especially MOBAs that are complicated as fuck.


I tried to get into dota but I just couldn't because of the players I was getting matched with. Nobody in NA who hasn't played that game for a long time plays it, so if you're new you're just gonna get shitstomped and be unable to learn.


There's not much I hate more, when it comes to Steam reviews, than seeing a review that doesn't recommend the game, with the description "Dead game, devs abandoned it, avoid," for a completed, full game on like version 1.5. Games are allowed to be "finished", especially if it's a single-player game.


Yup. I played counter strike on like 4 basic maps for 1000 hours and I played dota on one map with maybe one new hero a year for like 5000 hours. I've played hundreds of hours on PUBG with basically 3 maps and was fine with that variety. When the game is fun you play because of that. People are so demanding and expecting of overwhelming amounts of content these days. And if there are any issues or bugs with a new, free update every week they're incensed. I play a lot of path of exile and that's how the community is. Huge, free updates every 3 or 4 months and if there's a single issue on launch day people are fuming


Genshin Impact. For some reason people find it impossible to put it down between updates - instead they complete the update and then complain incessantly until the next one about how there's nothing to do. It's a single player game. I've never understood why you can't just stop playing in between updates.


It's not just video games, it's basically every software or computer application or website these days. Like Reddit's redesign which is ass. I guess designers need to keep their jobs and they gotta be busy with something even if it makes the product worse.


New reddit is so shitty its amazing someone tried.


The redesign is *so* ass. I remember at the time saying "Well I guess it must not be ass on mobile? They did this for mobile users?" and people were like "No, it's ass on mobile too." I'd like to know % of users are opted out. I sure as shit am.


Honestly, adding 15 player support and more customizability would have been more than enough to reasonably expand the concept


I couldn’t give two shits about new content. All I wanted was for them to fix the bugs and make it less annoying to join a game. Instead, every update was buggier than the last, so I stopped playing.


It’s pretty sad to me. Among Us is a great take on Mafia, and even if there are a lot of problems with it, it’s still an extremely fun game. The fact is, a team of 3 was never going to be able to do what everyone wanted. Map development is very hard. Pleasing everyone is impossible. There’s still a good amount of Twitch and YouTube content for Among Us, and it’s doing well. Now that Disguised Toast and Hafu have stopped, it’s lost a lot of viewers, but it’s still a good game that has a lot of life left in it. Especially with mods.


Isnt Town of Salem a better take on Mafia?


Isn't Town of Salem literally just a digital version of Mafia/Werewolf? Poster probably meant more along the lines of its a great take on social deduction games


It’s more true to the game, but I find Among Us much more fun as an online game. Also, it’s a completely different game balancing wise.


I enjoy watching KaraCorvus/CaptainSparklez/X33N/BaseTrade play the town of us mod on Twitch. The mods do add a lot of variety and fun that's almost impossible to get with the vanilla version.


Same here with Chilled, Ze and crew. Mr Fruit and the Dream Team have moved on to Gartic Phone now, but that shit was funny as hell (Dorkshadow on his own too). Still people playing it and having fun which makes me happy


Agreed, I've been a long time watcher of 5up, Chilled, Sparklez, Rifkin, etc. I also cannot play vanilla with my friends anymore. We played way too much of it when Among Us was first popular, and it's just hard to find it fun anymore. Mods add a lot of great options specifically for the impostors. Even if a lot of the roles are way too broken for crew, finding a good balance makes the game so fun.


The biggest lump of unexpected work is due to platform differences requiring constant tweaks, testing, updating. Even if you build a game on a solid cross-platform engine, all kinds of shitty details come to light. Someone on a Samsung with a 16:10 screen, someone else with their Switch Lite docked, someone else with exactly 1MB free on their PS4 Pro, or Steam revises their rules, it's always some crap you don't want to fix but you know you have to.


Wait, their team is only 3 people?


I think it’s 5 now. They added Blaustoise, who was one of those really good players in the original big streamer lobbies. Someone else too, I think.


I'm burnt out on that game and I've never even played it.


Likewise. We have a local playground with a rocket, and it's been graffiti'd all over with "among us", "sus", "imposter was here", etc


IRL amogus shitposting


When the playground is sus 😳😳😳




C'mon don't be a sussy baka




Local playground is always going to have garffitti. When I was a kid it was Weird S, cusswords, penises, and mean comments about stuff kids liked at the time, pokemon sucks, etc. Actually pretty cute way to mark the generations, those are baby zoomer slangs those kids will grow up that will always sound somewhat alien to the the older gens. New gens making new culture in the fly.


Is garffitti what it’s called when you draw garfield illegally?


Whatever needs to be done to keep the beast at bay.




If you remember the weird s (stussy s for me) fondly, this 20 minutes documentary is worth your time: https://youtu.be/RQdxHi4_Pvc Not my content, just one of the more cool things I've seen in the internet.


We always called it a Super S


I guess I must have lived upper middle class all my life because I've never seen playground graffiti.


Yep we all just stayin in the hood


It might be more city playgrounds, never really had graffiti on playgrounds in suburban Dallas


Gonna have to place that one in your powers of observation and memory, playgrounds are such a natural spot for kids to scribble and scratch on. Upper middle class might mean someone comes round to cleanup during maintenance or something, but rich kids still do kid graffiti.


I only play with people I know during virtual game nights. It's a LOT of fun that way.


This... Jesus... It's like hearing someone mention cards against humanity at a party of people who've seen every card thrice... Eesh


It’s fun but it gets boring very quickly And the fanbase is cancer


if you can't play among us with friends, don't play it at all. It blows my mind anyone would even try to play mafia type games with randoms. Those games require some amount of sportsmanship to even work, and you can always trust randoms to find any way to cheat.


> but it gets boring very quickly They key for longer appeal with Among Us is a variety in players. Its almost entirely dependent on your group and how fun it is to play a deduction game with them. Some people can make it a miserable experience. But even with people who play well, it can get boring once you know their tendencies and such. Its better if you can mix it up and bring in new players. Among Us is sort of just a video game version of a social deduction party game like Secret Hitler or Mafia. Better to play just once in a little while with different people.


I played it for a bit but.. uh.. the fanbase is cancer. It's a lot more enjoyable with a group of friends instead of randoms.


Yeah I never played with randoms and I'm glad I didn't. It was tons of fun with friends thoug




Kerbal Space Program fans are pretty chill.


Factorio has awesome devs and fanbase. I'd say it's any game that has superhype where fanbases get toxic.


It's no coincidence you both mentioned single player games.


Warframe is f2p and online and has a very helpful community. And as much as everyone shits on Fallout 76, it also has a great community if you can believe it


/r/MonsterHunter Bunch of chill people helping each other learn how to batter a tyrannosaur with a guitar. You get a salty boi in there every so often but it's pretty rare.


Deep rock galactic players are very nice over all from the ones I've met on the server.


DRG is the only multiplayer game I've been called a "niggerfaggot" in since I played Halo2 on xbox. I'd like to say it was a rare occurrence to be heavily racially insulted in the game, but DRG in-game, maybe not the "community," is far from a wholesome place in my experiences.


I don't see the problem. It's just a regular spelling bee word.


Can I get the country of origin?


Maybe that particular sub, but I've heard multiple streamers say they don't stream MH because the fans get super toxic in chat.


Same. The amount of hype and memeing is exhausting, and I've even seen people acting like 'imposter syndrome' was an Among Us reference.


Tried once. Wasn't digging it much but I could see how some would like it. Then the meme inundation just absolutely killed it for me as far as trying it again went.


Ya I thought it looked boring and didn’t want to bother with it at all. Well one friend of mine thought it was the coolest thing and kept begging me to buy it cause it’s “so much fun.” I told him I wouldn’t pick it up if it was free so he bought it for me. I played like 5 games and never touched it again.


[there's free game that uses similiar system & several improvement](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1568590/Goose_Goose_Duck?snr=1_7_15__13) maybe have him try that one if he liked that genre


Wait, are you telling me game players have wildly incorrect ideas about software engineering? /s Setting expectations low and knowing when to ignore customers is a good thing. I am a hobbyist game dev and people have no idea how much it costs to make a game. It takes a lot of work to set something up so the user only has to think about a made up world and not the mechanics. One thing that comforts me is as a hobbyist, I dont need sales. If people hate it, oh well. I probably wont even listen to feedback for a while (its coming out in a few mos). I already have a huge list of things that I know suck about it. Adding to that list at this point doesnt really help my morale and this is supposed to be a hobby. But when people play your game, they often feel entitled to tell you what to do - even if its free (which mine is). If you react with “ok thanks” and pretty much ignore it, they get all butthurt.


I'm a hobbyist game developer. I've lost count of the number of times I have spent 40+ hours on a game idea, only to realise that it would have been rubbish. Out of about 20 decent attempts at a game idea, only one worked out reasonably well.


On the flip side there have been a lot of good mods for this game to spice things up and make it a better and longer lasting experience. The same goes for other game, like Valheim, that became a massive success but struggle to release new stuff. But modders manage to make a lot of community requested content like it's nothing. I think some of those smaller games would do well to simply allow easier modded content, through Steam Workshop or other means.


I think down the line this game will be a prime example of how "flash success" games (or honestly, any software product) should be best handled - namely, "laugh to the bank, and ignore the rest". While the well-earned money/fame flew in, there was no way that a completely unprepared team could have handle the community pressure and sudden challenges on all fronts. Especially since this product was 2 years old and "abandoned", even if they had low-key developed a successor. Every game developer craves success, but with enough wiseness one can see the pitfalls, and say "thanks, but I'm over it". Beyond the base success, every further step is an uphill battle for a fraction of the return value.


So I’m sure this will get buried, or no one will believe me, but whatever. I actually went to high school with both Marcus and Amy (the developers interviewed) and while I’m happy their product is a ginormous success, talking to Amy’s brother, who’s my friend, he told me the stress that team is under. Be nice to them and let them do their thing.


How could I forget r/PCgaming and the masterful software devs who all could clearly shit out a better game than these devs and not even tire from it. Jesus christ shut up, "hurr durr how did they get burntout it's hardly game" Shockingly some people don't sit at their computer all day, smoke weed, pet their cat, and drink soda, while they play their 83rd match of League that day.


I’m just astonished by the lack of empathy and sheer entitlement of these comments. Have none of these people ever worked on a project that last a long time or got thrown back into something they thought they were done with? I have to wonder what makes these people so full of vitriol over such a benign and understandable thing that doesn’t effect them.


They’re probably mostly teenagers who don’t even know what working a job is and think making any game that makes good money will be fun forever.


Adding to what you said, it's not just about your work, it's about life as a whole. When you have work and other responsibilities it's a complete different experience than just sitting and working 24/7.


Completely agree


Haha yep. Every time I see absurd behavior on Reddit I have to remind myself that I’m the old guy here (mid-thirties).


Turning 32 in October :D it’s hard to remember sometimes haha


We're still young ;')


26, whole heartedly agree. A lot of kids in the gaming community are obnoxious as fuck towards devs.


It real easy to make a perfect and amazing "X" that exists only in your head there reality can't reach it.


No but they’ve written a buggy Python script once or twice and finished sophomore year of high school, so they know all about software projects.


Reddit is mostly children.


Reddit is mostly adults who act like children.


Sir, I say Sir, how DARE you call me out in this fashion. I do declare that I shall log my 4567th hour in CSGO today.


dota not league, thank you very much


This sub just doesn’t want to admit that its not boring ass isometric wrpgs or ancient shooters that make the scene. It’s League, Rocket League, Valorant, and flavor of the month stuff that have made PC Gaming boom in recent years.


Honestly, I would aim to sell the rights to a sequel.


henry stickmin still best game.


Sort by controversial to lose faith in humanity


A game that fell victim to it's own success. Few pieces of media can make that claim.


Seems like the worst thing that can happen to a game company is to have a wildly successful game.


Of course, they never expected this to become popular at all, it was meant to be another side game project that get seen by a hundred people and disappear into obscurity. Not everyone is built for getting under the spotlight and becomr famous, I know I personally would have an hard time with this. But on the other hand, they didn't have to step up to the expectations, they didn't have to go to conferences and events and give interviews and release on other platforms and interact with the fanbase and the public. They could have raked the money and just do nothing. They choose to step up. It's sad that they went through an hard time, but I'm sure they are happy they did, and are now filthy rich. Most famous person complain about fame too, but usually restrain to do it publicly. It's kinda a slap to the face of the multiple hundreds of other development studios that did much more complex and advanced games that completely went by unnoticed and did not make enough profit to make up for the development costs.


Yah I understand that. It is probably a lot of pressure when suddenly your game is the hot topic and everyone wants more from you. That being said the chances of capturing this popularity twice are extremely low to the point it was probably worth their time to make some updates. Of course now their next title is guaranteed to be known as the game "from the creators of Among Us" but stuff like that doesn't carry as much weight as it used to. Just look at how thats going for Back 4 Blood.


I'd take "burnt out" and "millions in bank account", please.


I'm burnt out from my job yet I am not filthy rich as them. Yet.


This is why I couldn't care less, they made a game and struck gold 2 years later, 3 people became millionaires thanks to youtubers/twitch. There have been tons of crazy mods added to the game. People saying "it's like saying just work 60 hours instead of 40" are delusional, pay me 6 figures for that extra 20 hours and I'd gladly take it.


Being that the game was out for like two years before it got popular, I’m assuming by “burnt out” they mean they’re as tired of hearing about the game as anybody else.


If you read the article you won't have to assume


But how am I gonna share hot takes if I actually read the article?


I am too and I just hear about it, idk seemed sorta odd to me, people kept explaining it to me like it was a new concept of something. Like have they never played TTT,SS13, secret hitler, or werewolf? Honestly this game plus the ones that followed its trend are so toxic it’s hard to play them.


Thats the nature of going viral online. It can happen to anyone anywhere with anything.


I think the benefit this game had in gaining the viral trend it got was it wasn't 60 or even 20 dollars... It was 5. So yes even if you have played games like that if your vaguely interested you might as well buy it


Damn, this thread is full of whiny manchildren.


Anyone who has tried to go from shit infrastructure with no CI/CD in a software/developer-driven environment to scalable CI/CD infrastructure overnight can tell you the horror stories.


I didn't even find this that fun, it was kind of frustrating and boring most of the time


There’s reasons there are marketing teams with their own levels of turnover separately tabulated from the other departments. It’s one measure of separation of productivity from consumption. Saw the devs on multiple streams just fielding a never ending deluge of feature requests and critiques from other streamers they were playing with, let alone the streams of consciousness from the best gamers on the interbutts


Yeah that's gonna happen it's a simple concept and basically all devs get burnt out by the end of the dev cycle


They and us, let amogus die...


Burnt out on counting their Benjies


I Love how 70% of the Website is empty with ad Blocker on a Phone haha