Blizzard has lost almost 29% of its overall active playerbase in three years

Blizzard has lost almost 29% of its overall active playerbase in three years


I realized the other day, they havent released a new game in like 5 or 6 years. Just remasters of shit they own from a time when the company was actually creative


Last game they released was Overwatch. Man did that start strong before their updates shit all over it.




Valve learned this lesson in TF2. Slows are ok. Cooldowns can be ok. Roots can be ok. Disarms can be ok. But never take away a player's control over their character entirely.


TF2 follows the philosophy of "fun to play with and fun to play against". OW just relies on the former and forgets about the latter.


there is no argument that can be used against yours while Mei exists


See that’s the problem with OW tho. No mei=ball doom and almost every other dive hero to do whatever they want which would be fine because you can play mei to counter. Except that when you play a hero like rein he gets dumpstered by an anti dive hero or walled off at a choke and shredded. They just do such a poor job of balancing it’s crazy. Now with echo (rant for a different time) you can be frozen or hacked for minutes on end


I really liked that game once. Then I had to scrim GOATs competitively as D.Va for a while. Haven't touched OW since.


Team Fortress 2 was also build up to be a casual game to be fair. As soon as it gets competetive you need so many rules and stuff and even then it's not entirely balanced and competetive. But it's odd that overwatch being designed to be competetive, uses so many cancer abilities that take away the importance of skill


Honestly though, I think there's a real lesson to be learned there. Maybe it's good to have your competitive game cut from the cloth of the main game, so to speak. Real sports work the same way, their rules have developed and evolved over time to deal with imbalances that players created. You could compare patching to this, but it's really not the same thing. Patching would be like making the football pitch slanted, or making the ball filled with water or something. Some of the greatest competitive games ever worked the same way. I'd argue that melee is one of the most broken games ever, but the community competitive ruleset turned it into something that has lasted decades and is very balanced. We shouldn't rely on the devs to make a competitive game, we can do that for ourselves if the game warrants it. The devs should focus on making fun games that they would want to play, I think that's how we get back to higher quality overall.


Nail meet head. Make a good game first and let the competitive scene decide whats acceptable and whats not. all these companies trying to force it and be the next LoL. LoL didn't start as this crazy competitive tour de force overnight. It took time to build and grow, and it was from the grassroots, supported by the devs.


Well... LoL was also a direct spin off of an already popular competitive game. I think they had a huge headstart because they weren't reinventing any wheels.


LoL came in at the perfect time. It was free (and thus PC Bang friendly), could run on lower end computers, was a little bit simpler and streamlined for new players, and most importantly, it was free. While their main competitor HoN was shit, needed better computers and cost a decent amount of money (especially for that young demographic, I think it was like 30 bucks). Dota2 was also a long time off from coming out. HoN was also a straight copy of Warcraft 3 Dota and it basically died as soon as Dota2 was announced.


They were never shy about this though. OW was the first real shooter I picked up on PC and part of that was a dev blog stating something along the lines of: "we wanted to create a game where mechanical skill and 'gamesense' were balanced. If you initially lack mechanical skill you can pick up a hero that is more ability-based and 'think around' fights. Obviously both will be required to play competitively but the barrier for entry is lower" I'm badly paraphrasing something I read years ago but that's how I got into overwatch a year or two after release.


I mean, that's not a bad philosophy, but they let every hero get too much power creep. There are what, 30 heroes now? Guess what, someone is going to be "last picked" on GM Diamond Got Tier Master level of play. That doesn't mean that's a bad character. That doesn't mean that character needs to be buffed up to Must Pick status for 1% of the player base at the top. Because that shit wrecks the lower tier gameplay. Especially with the massive level of smurf (sorry, "alt Accounts") cheating accounts.


I feel like Rainbow 6 is going in this exact direction. All the balancing is now done with data from Pro-league and top tier ranked play, totally disregarding that that is in no way representative of the majority of the playerbase.


Thats why I quit the game at 1400h, played since day 1, playing at high ranks is extremely toxic, playing at low ranks is a mess and still toxic. Made me lose my psssion for competitive shooters entirely


I actually quit because of alt accounts quite a few seasons ago... Kept getting 1-2 games away from masters, and there would always be someone who only played one of three characters: McCree, Widow, or Soldier, and they had a near 100% accuracy rating shitting on every single other player in the game. Then, you would notice games where the exact same people (it wasn’t uncommon to get the same players like this at high rankings during slower hours back then, not sure how it is now) would afk once their rating got too high to intentionally throw to stay shitting on lower ranked people. Shit was so dumb.


That's why I don't play competitive games. I'm well aware I'm not the 1% and honestly every single game being a struggle because you're against someone similar in skill to you is exhausting. Has to be balances around the 1% because they want to have a competitive scene, but that's just not in my interest anymore I'm 33. I'll chill with my strategy games and battlefront 2 where the smash some servers get smashed on others is well in effect.


Ultimates and having no way to telegraph moves are what sets Overwatch apart from TF2 balance wise. TF2 long since removed almost every item stat that grants a significant passive invisible buff because it was unfair to fight against something with no certainty of their ability. That's why items like the banners are visibly equipped and why the atomizer needs to be equipped in order for scout to triple jump, for example. The sandman also got nerfed to stop players from being stunned out of nowhere, as it was just not fun to play against. Meanwhile in Overwatch you can pop a super ability out of nowhere every now and again or use one of your MMO style abilities off of cooldown and there's no way to actually know what your opponent will use. In TF2, special abilities, with the exception of pyro's fire resistance, medic's self heal, scout's double jump, and soldier and demo's self blast damage resistance are all telegraphed by or tied to an equipped weapon.


There’s a huge reason why they repeatedly nerfed the Sandman until they finally removed the stun effect completely. Complete stuns are nothing short of annoying to be on the receiving end of as a player. I believe the only place a stun is still present are a few taunt kills and the Heavy’s festive mittens, both of which take extensive effort to make work


I stopped playing because I got tired of having to break through 3 shields to do damage to anyone.


It sucks because you're the only one who ever does it. Everyone, just hold your click on rein for 3 seconds and his shield is gone? No one? I guess I'll just spend the next 15 seconds doing it since I got nothing else to shoot anyway...


No no no, you don't get it, I just gotta sneak behind them as reaper, or fly above as Pharah, and I'm sure I can get around them! Or maybe I can just build up my charge as McCree and sneak up to _just_ the right spot for my ult. That always works and I surely won't die immediately, right? Sure, we could just wail on the shield and then _all_ my teammates could deal damage, but then I might not get a chance to do a cool sneaky showoff kill! Oh wait, I died.




The map rotation is truly tragic..




I like Junkertown personally. At least its not Havana, where one team gets totally dominated often enough to be annoying af.


My thoughts on why the game got so stale overall are how limiting and predictable the playing styles were for each character. OW had a lot of similarities to TF2, but TF2's loadout system just allows for so much more potential, whereas OW had to literally change or add a new character to accomplish what a new weapon could do in TF2. The other thing that disappointed me with OW was the story, it always felt lacking, with lots of interesting but totally disjointed details. Usually I wouldn't consider the story of an FPS that important, but they hyped it so much and had it so integrated into the gameplay, I couldn't help but get invested in the characters. I guess it just took too long for it to go somewhere and I got bored with it.


The story always felt shoehorned in for me. How am I expected to take any semblance of a plot and lore serious when I'm fighting on the same team with opposing factions and fighting clones of my allies on the enemy team, and myself even? I enjoyed the PvE modes regardless, just because I thought they were decent change of pace in between all the matchmaking. But I never got the appeal of looking any deeper into the 'plot'. It never had to be anything more than a multiplayer shooter


Yep. TF2’s plot was also shoehorned in, but it made sense, didn’t take itself too seriously and was entertaining, and didn’t really affect the gameplay. It never *explains* why there are Red and blue copies of each merc and why there can be several on each team, it’s just fun. Heavy has a PHD in Russian Literature, yet also enjoys mowing down people with a minigun. Soldier is completely unaware that his teammates are Russian, German, French and Scottish and thinks they’re American. But at the end of the day, that doesn’t change how TF2 is a really solid game all these years later.


Basically, write the story around the gameplay


TF2 does really well. The story is stupid simple: There are two gravel companies RED & BLU. They are lead by hella old brothers in a feud. They have clones of the same people and force them to fight over control of land. More or less that is the story. It explains why you are fighting and why each team is the exact same.


>They remove maps and can't even be bothered to have a small team rework them slightly to put them into comp OW diehard here. The entire assault gamemode has failed and will apparently be removed in OW2. There is no reworking of Paris and Horizon, those maps have failed in their entirity. They could probably rebuild them in the style of Anubis or Volskaya which are the least bad of that mode but they'd have to change so much that it's more of an entirely new map in the same setting than a rework.


That became my main complaint with the direction the game was going. They kept making characters that took away your control. I felt cheated everytime I was killed to this.


What? You don't like literally sleeping on the ground while your team gets pummeled?


Blizzard and Jeff Kaplan had 10 years of hard data proving CC was the most hated mechanic in WoW, so what did they do after they launched their brand new IP? stuffed it full of CC of course! for literally years in a row! absolute bots


That and Jeff, practically the face of Overwatch, just bounces lol


I truly believe that the game took a hit that it still struggles to recover from as soon as they released Doomfist.


My friends and I play "retro pugs" where we disable all the characters released after ana, and we get the chance to have fun in the game again.


Ana was the last hero I liked. Sniper healer was a great concept.


Ahh yes, when suddenly overwatch became 1st person street fighter. Bad movement and stun tech really ruined the game.


That stuff didn’t bother me much. Originally most games were close games. Then it turned into every game being a total blowout win/loss. Just constantly boring.


For me it was before that. Orisa added another tank with team shielding capabilities. Suddenly the only way to kill someone in less than 12 seconds was to flank or play bastion. The tanking was so boring, staying on target was easy, they could just easily rotate between rein orisa and winston, and only rein needed to keep facing the enemy team, the other two could drop shield and then turn to fight the flanker. i ended up playing a lot of bastion to counter this snorefest meta, which was boring too but at least it wasn't both teams sit on the payload for 20 mins an its a draw and everybody wants to commit suicide at the end of the game, it was more of a "i know everybody hates this meta but if you let me gun their tanks down we can slowly push/defend and win through attrition and superior fire power. the problem being if even one player decided to go do their own thing you wouldn't be able to 5v6 very well, and so playing with randoms was just as frustrating. This was also the patch that removed the no limits quick play game mode which is what sold me on the game in the first place, i never wanted to play comp and never will, and quickplay being a non ladder version of it wasnt what i wanted either. They took away the game mode i payed for.


As an old Rein main, Orisa is when I quit maining Rein, then stopped playing regularly. Shields were just everywhere. Then they go and add Brig? Sigma? Half the game is shields


Honestly, Ana was the only character they ever released that actually made the game better. The very first post-release hero. A couple others were fun to *play* but I don't think any of them actually made the game *healthier*.


I uninstalled the Bnet launcher ~3 years ago and that felt *really* strange. I've played every Blizzard game since Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and didn't think they could do wrong for a long time. (I did reinstall Bnet to play Warzone for a few months, but it's gone again now.) I think the first signs of Blizzard and I disagreeing started around 2010 (there were minor prior issues with specific patches, balance changes, and features like "dailies" introduced in TBC) when they didn't capitalize on DotA's popularity, Starcraft 2 botched custom/arcade games, and Heroes of Newerth gave players the "next-gen" DotA we wanted for years (LoL released earlier but wasn't exactly the same experience). I stopped playing WoW after Cataclysm (tried other MMOs instead), got hyped for Diablo 3 (instead of Mists of Pandaria), and that game obviously launched with tons of compromises/divisive choices (e.g. real-money AH, aesthetic/design departures, generic/simplified itemization, etc.). I still put 1000+ hours into it, but every game since felt like I was disagreeing with Blizzard more and seeking out videogame fun/fixes elsewhere. Hearthstone (2014) was a breath of fresh air after Wizards of the Coast spent so long supporting the archaic MTGO (2002!). I'm glad they finally put out MTGA in 2018, but man was that long overdue. By then, I had already given up on 1v1 magic and only play multiplayer EDH/Commander casually (hopefully we see a digital implementation). HS didn't last long, though. You have to spend quite a bit of money/time to continue playing (and have fun whilst doing so). Overwatch was fun for a bit. I don't think it hit as hard with me because it came at the cost of a next-gen MMO and our group played lots of TF2 years prior. It's just all a grind now... player retention, battlepasses, FOMO, seasonal content, loot boxes, dailies/weeklies, pay for this/that, etc. I've definitely been getting more picky, but also more disillusioned with videogames in general (at least what's currently available). I've also moved away from uber-competitive/sweaty multiplayer games. I can't wait for the next Battlefield, but stuff like Valorant seems to breed toxicity/stress (ironic coming from an ex-DotA player, I know lol). I watch so many friends/streamers flip out (in an unhealthy/unfunny manner) over misplays in competitive and it becomes so clear to me that I don't want to do the same. I think that my age (32), changing tastes/preferences, the industry growing (more games available), etc. definitely factor in and it isn't 100% Blizzard's fault. But I really wish they would've grown/adapted more gracefully, didn't let so much of the business side wear-down/push-out all the passion/creativity, and continued to lead the industry in innovation and player satisfaction. Diablo 4 is one of the last remaining hopes I have left for Blizzard (and possibly D2 Resurrected for a while). That or some super secret project that will blow us all away.


> It's just all a grind now... player retention, battlepasses, FOMO, seasonal content, loot boxes, dailies/weeklies, pay for this/that so much this. there is nothing than makes me quit a game faster than season passes etc. I want to play when **I want to play** not when the publisher wants to boost there numbers by giving out rewards that I will be never able to get afterwards.


Yep, those exclusive rewards have done a whole lot to make me stop playing WoW. I have to buy a mount or I'll never be able to get it again? I did the first time. Didn't the second. Now I'll never be able to complete the mount collection... So no point in doing it ever again. I hope the "ooo shiny" crowd is worth losing the completionist crowd.


Ugh wow double dipping is getting on my nerves. You pay a monthly fee (and not a small one at that) and they still want 20-50$ for mounts, and thier server services, all of which are automated scripts, cost so much its a joke. To change servers and do a faction swap so I could play the game with friends would have run me over 140$ on top of my sub fee, for a single character. Fuck that.


This is what made me stop playing WoW. I started in vanilla and quit during cataclysm. I had to stop playing to focus on grad school and only wanted to play on extended weekends/breaks. That was already hard to justify paying for but then the idea of not being able to complete a collection *if I didn't play during specific times* ruined it for me. Every time I miss it and think about redownloading it I remember that it's just a grind now. Even if you had all the time in the world to play, the current set up is just grinding the same instances over and over...


> it isn't 100% Blizzard's fault Yes. It is.


Couldn't have happened to a better washed up has-been sold out shell of a company.


Crazy coming across this post, I literally just got a message on LinkedIn yesterday from a third party recruiter for Activision Blizzard media looking for Data Engineers for their "next-generation AI-driven Ads services platform". So yeah, that's what they're up to lately I guess.


God how little this surprises me.


They did ask us if we all had phones.


I was wondering what they thought would ever make anyone who played their games work for them now when I saw a similar message to that.


Yeah, I mean I already work for a soulless insurance company, not much of a point to move to a soulless gaming company where the work life balance is probably much worse.


> next-generation AI-driven Ads services platform that's a very complicated way to say 'battle.net launcher'


>"next-generation AI-driven Ads services platform" What an aggressively awful sentence.


And fuck Bobby Kotick too!


Fucking. Bobby.


That boy ain't right


Kinda what happens when you shit on the people who have supported you for 30 years, yeah.


Don’t you people have phones?!?


That one was one hell of a PR disaster


Yeah I mean we all have microwaves, but you don’t See me cooking a steak in it


Great analogy! I'm using that in the future.


damn that is actually a great argument I never thought about...


I just cook my steaks on my GPU, like an intellectual.


Their mistake was hyping up a Diablo announcement at Blizzcon... a place where almost exclusively PC gamers gather... and then announcing a mobile game. If mobile diablo was a side gig, nobody would care. Since they hyped it up, people were expecting something like Diablo 4.


This. All they had to do to avoid this disaster was hype this announcement as an announcement for something big in the mobile realm, and then make the fact that its diablo be the surprise, rather than making a big deal about a diablo announcement and then making the fact that its mobile be the surprise.


It was so comically disappointing, watching the audience's reaction they all expressed exactly what I felt. I genuinely thought they were joking, until they doubled down. They were so disconnected with their audience, I wonder what it's actually like inside that company...


> I genuinely thought they were joking I'm pretty sure a lot of us had that thought. I'll never forget that one guy asking if it was an April Fools joke.


Should have been followed by an activision manager mooning the audience and then lighting on fire some 100$ bills, and using them to set on fire his farts directed at the audience


Th.. ..that would actually have been pretty damn cool..


I went to BlizzCon for like, 8 years. The last one was the final straw. It’s all about them milking every attendee for their last dollar now. My old group of friends and I will need to find a new yearly trip.


What do you mean? Stockholders are first, as always.


This is the biggest problem. Putting stockholders first and customers second is a surefure way to ruin your company. Its happening to CDPR too, where releasing a game on schedule is more important than making an actually good game.


"Ruin" is a funny way of saying "purposefully bleed your company dry on a short term profits plan".


Grasshopper investors.


Same shit that steve jobs talked about with Xerox. The people that make the product and shape the vision of the company, aren't gamers nor are they developers. It's business folk with 6 degrees on bleeding a company dry, letting the talent leave, then buying the company they create again.


Dilbert's principle. Nature removes idiots from the production chain by promoting them to management


I've unfortunately seen this many times throughout my career. Idiots getting promoted just so their bosses don't have to deal with them anymore 🤦‍♂️


Also the opposite side of it. People who are skillful,talented,reliable,hard working are too precious to be promoted to management and lose precious labor skills


Well ya they shifted from a fun game that I WANT to spend all of my time playing to games that punish you if you DONT spent all of your time playing their game. It is the same shit that battle passes do. Play our game with all of your free time or you may not unlock everything you already paid for.


Battle passes disgust me to no end. Them adding battle pass to hearthstone actually was what finally made me stop playing after years and years.


Battle passes are just pay to grind shit. Sometimes you can even pay extra to skip said grind. Fuck that shit. Whoever started this battle pass trend fuck them.


I don’t know if fortnite started it but they definitely popularized it. Everyone and their mother had to have each season’s battle pass, it didn’t take long for every other game to see how lucrative it was. It really is a shame. Games that have no business having a battle pass end up getting one because money. I can’t complain too much, usually it’s just cosmetics that don’t affect gameplay, but it still creates FOMO which is incredibly scummy.




Probably that or CSGO operations. To be fair, I think Dota 2 battle passes are vastly better than any other game's battle passes witha massive variety of exclusive cosmetic content and part of the profits go towards the pro scene. I mean, at the end of the day, you don't have to buy it. I never understood bitching about battle passes when not getting one doesn't hinder your ability to play the game at all.


That would be valve with dota2


EXACTLY! Now they make you feel bad for not playing! And they make you feel like you HAVE TO play. smdh


This was it for me too. Wow became a list of chores rather than an adventure with friends.


Kinda weird how when they focused on making the best possible game, they crushed monthly active users numbers, and now that they focus on MAU their numbers suck.


What's "MAU"?


Monthly active users.


Monthly Active Users, the key metric which literally all the suits chase after now. It's also why I gave up on pursuing game design as a mid-career switch after a producer recommended me to take the test. All 8 questions of the test revolved around MAU boosting and revenue optimization. Sure, I absolutely killed it when I worked in hotel revenue optimization (and that history was why the producer made that move), but I didn't demonstrate any interest in GD for the sole purpose of boosting revenue again.


Profit profit profit. It's the only thing they care about. Obviously a company should and needs to make money but we're at a point where it's too much. Screw making a game that players actually want and enjoy, make a game that forces more play time so you can artificially inflate it and make sure profits this quarter are higher than the previous. WOW used to be a great game and for the last few expansions they've followed this shit model. Fire all the help, ignore player complaints during beta and 75% of the expansion, make the game fun during the last patch and go back to the beginning at the start of the next expansion.


slight correction: short term profits.


Exactly this. Long term profits are what you want a corporation to pursue.


Not if your CEO salary is tied to share price in the short term it isn't.


Warcraft reforged the current state of "we literally don't care about pvp we have 2 people in charge of pvp" was enough to see a sharp decline in the arena ladder. The company doesn't give 2 fucking shits at all. Hell they just told us they're changing how pvp and gearing works in areas for TBC despite it being the the opposite of what it was in TBC


Don't forget they also managed to trash the single player experience.


I just can't anymore. I WANT to. I'm not done with the game, but the game definitely seems to be done with me. And what really clamps my clankers is that when WOW inevitably fails, they'll meow some bullshit about how "Well, products just have a life cycle and wow ran its course..." Then my nerd rage will be complete.


Warlock dev and monk dev leaving confirmed that they still only have 2 people balancing all the classes. I can't believe that was happening in WoTLK and has stayed that way all these years. To me, that showed that nobody was concerned about the game. So it becomes a question of exactly what the real concern is? Oh, just chasing money and nothing else.


I still haven't forgiven them for Reforged and I never will


Reforged taught me to never trust blizzard ever again. No matter what. No more pre orders


I had a friend who basically gave up 10 years of a social life to play World of Warcraft. That reforged came out and he bought it day one. He now boycotts all Blizzard products.


I havent played in a long time. What is reforged?


They lost me after the anti Hong Kong stuff before that.


That's when I dropped them. My interest in anything from them was wanting, but that finished it off.


That’s when I left. Fucking betrayal.


Yeah I haven’t touched a blizzard game since then, used to be a regular hearthstone player and occasional WoW subscriber


I got into WoW Classic after missing out on it in my childhood... and then dropped it after a month due to the HK incident. Well, at least I found FFXIV that way.


Same. Hearthstone was a staple that I played every single day. I quit it then and never looked back.


Are you me? I played everyday for almost five years, and was on the cusp of all golden portraits. I quit immediately after they made clear they sided with China.


I have a friend that has always been a die hard fan of Blizzard and Blizzard games. After the anti Hong Kong controversy he say that "Blizzard is as good as dead to me". Many in my gaming circle also feels the same way, we basically stopped playing Owerwatch or any other Blizzard game after that. ​ You can't pretend to be a "good company", ignore basic civil rights just for money and expect people to be fine with it.


I dodged this bullet however we can see they’ve taken a turn for the worse as a company. I do still have a spot in my heart for Overwatch.


They lost Jeff Kaplan tho, Overwatch might get worst quickly.


jeff quit the team. that sealed the deal for me.


Not making good games leads to players doing something else news at 11


Don't forget pulling the plug on games with very active playerbases (like Starcraft 2 and HoTs) and diverting all the money to develop mobile games for Chinese market;


This is really disappointing, mobile games are literally poisoning the gaming market. That was the reason why Kojima left Konami. I really wonder if an average mobile gamer spends more money than you and I do for games. I kinda compare it to like mcdonalds and any michelin star restaurant. McD is bigger obv. But who is "better"? Are we the wine snobs of the industry now?


The problem is how the money comes in with a mobile game versus a AAA console game. Used to be that we all go out and drop $60 and get the game and that was that. As a group, we had power cause each person spent a medium amount of money and if we all decided that a game wasn’t worth the money we wouldn’t buy it. But now with mobile games, the majority of their player bases spends very little, if any money at all and the game is proped up by a handful of whales. The whales have all the power cause even if millions of people stop playing, the whales will stay and the game won’t lose any revenue.


> The problem is how the money comes in with a mobile game versus a AAA console game. The markets don't have all that strong of overlap though. Profiting from both is very possible.


Sadly that's not entirely true as there are tons of bad games with active playerbases


It's still jarring to me just how instantly Blizzard cracked. In 2017, Blizzard was firing on all cylinders. Overwatch was great, Heroes of the Storm 2.0 launched to massive fan love, and Wow was getting its best content streak in almost a decade. They weren't perfect (sorry Diablo fans), but things couldn't get much better if you were a Blizzard fan. Then 2018 happened. Brigitte came out for Overwatch which would lead to the whole game falling off its wheels. Heroes kept releasing broken hero after broken hero, and the playerbase receded (I stopped after playing 10 games one day and 7 had leavers on my team). Wow came out with a new expansion that was designed by crayon eaters. It was like the clock hit 12 and Blizzarella had to leave the ball. For as much shit as they (and by they I don't mean Activision) deserve for everything, I think attention should be payed more to the speed. They held the world in their hands, then watched as it slipped away like a fistful of sand.


Absolutely. I got sick of Overwatch around when Brigette came out. Still love HOTS. Don’t play any other Blizzard games.


Speaking of HoTS, is it still Christmas time? Saw a post like last month memeing about ever lasting christmas.


Christmas never ends in the Nexus!


The time to give Blizz money is year-round... Yes. No patch since March 2.


Still say Hots is underrated. Its just a hero and their abilities. There's no item shop with 400 different objects. You just have to learn positioning and the map objectives. Simple enough for a dumb fuck like me to pick up without being overwhelmed. And a large enough hero lineup to make it interesting.


I have to agree HoTS is my favorite Moba. I've tried Lol and Dota2 and they are both pretty good; but the simplicity of builds and the different maps in HoTS keep it way above the others for me. Also playing many of Blizzards games over the years gives the Heroes something special for a player like myself.


I have like 5k hours into dota2 and I still think hots has executed the moba formula in the most fun way possible.


I never got into Overwatch. But what was so bad about Brigitte?


Rendered a bunch of heroes useless or hard to use as she effectively countered every flank, and could stun tanks through their shields. Just poor game design.


Brigette also gave rise to GOATS meta, which pretty much directly caused role queue.


What's goats meta?


All tank and healer meta. Over 50% of Characters were dps but you couldn't play literally any of them because 3 tank 3 healer was too strong for like a year


"The gamedesigner is on vacation. He'll get your memo when he comes back from his trekking in Tibet".


It was a meta created and popularized by the team GOATS. It consisted of 3 tanks (Rein/D.Va/ Zarya) and 3 healers (Bridgette/Lucio/Moira). There are some variations but that's the core. The team composition completely countered Dive teams (Winston/D.Va/Tracer/Genji/Zen/Lucio) and shifted the meta towards GOATS vs GOATS.


GOATS vs GOATS was such an awful meta. There was never any variation in the League games because they all played it. Even in those very rare times where Sombra might be a better pick on defence, as soon as they lost the 1st point it was immediately back to GOATS.


She’s a hero with a shield, a cc ability, a knock back ability, a flail, and she heals. She made the game very tanky and slow. It lost a lot of excitement.


She was single handedly responsible for GOATS meta.


> crayon eaters Lmao


These 2 year expansions are catching up with them. Not sure how much longer they can keep pumping them out. Legions had so much content because they cut development for WOD. I can’t think of any expansion that had as much content as legion and it got 3 full patches and entire zones. BFA had a lot of content but half of it was a complete waste. Island expeditions and war fronts were a waste of developer time and resources. They were too gimmicky and never felt like something most did after the first few times. They just never seemed ready or prepared for the launch or Shadowlands. Sure the pandemic and all but it just never had the content. I mean you are bound to hit a wall eventually if you ain’t willing to change things and Blizzard don’t seem like they’ve went to change anything with WoW. It almost feels like WoW needs a proper full blown sequel like WoW 2 to reinvigorate the franchise or go back to the RTS genre to tell a proper story. BFA and Shadowlands have both suffered from terrible writing, plot and character leads.


Unfortunately they've locked themselves into a cycle now. They'd likely end up doing even more damage if they cut Shadowlands early to funnel dev time into 10.0 than they'd recoup even if 10.0 was the second coming of Wrath and Legion combined. We're already six months into a content drought **at the start of the expansion**. What would a year, or even a year and a half, drought at the end as well do? It'd probably be devastating.


Felt like all my friends dissappear after brig, truly horrific design


This for me is also the last year I still wanted to play hearthstone. Now it's only unique trait is being the most expensive ccg online.


Splendid. On to the next 71%! You guys are familiar with [Frost Giant Games](https://www.frostgiant.com/)? New studio from veteran Blizzard devs aiming to bring back the glorious days. Really looking forward to it.


Anybody remember them bending over for China? I remember. To add on to this, they made it so that at this point in time you had to provide a picture of your driver's license or ID in order to continue with your account close request. Scummy company.


That's why I stopped playing their games. How long ago was that btw?


Same. I was having an absolute blast on WoW classic until that. I canceled my subscription and haven't looked at Blizzard since.


Same. Glad to know that I am not the only one.


so say we all


Thanks for that, this is one way for us to fight back, with our wallets.


Same. After that came out with that I just lost all desire to play any of their games.


Remember them banning players and commentators for mentioning Hong Kong? It's still not allowed. Also remember ESL telling their staff not to mention Hong Kong for the same reason? I wish people would make Hong Kong a thing again. Nothing changed in HK. And the companies are happy everything went back to silence so their Chinese overlords are happy. Pathetic.


Exactly why I deleted their games and launcher


Blizzard, which hasn’t released a new game in *5 years,* has lost active players? Big surprise.


What about that mobile diablo thing that must be close by now


Well their model is based on fewer games with high retention through content updates. Kinda hard to maintain that retention though when you cease producing original content and instead go for generic gameplay loops with no real teeth or hook


As a heartbroken Starcraft fan, good. It’s my honest opinion that they killed the game. Little to no effort to balance the game, along with the release of LOTV which made the game harder (faster) to play and less noob friendly. Along with the game being really unbalanced for quite awhile. David Kim, I still blame you.


It genuinely amazed me that an apparent professional whose entire job is based around balancing a game and has near limitless amounts of data at his fingertips can repeatedly make incredibly short sighted decisions. He would either leave the game utterly broken for long periods of time before doing too little, too late; or make wild and over reaching adjustments to totally fuck a new, emerging meta before even letting the player base and competitive scene explore potential counters to it.


Blizzard: We have done nothing new in 10 years. Why aren't people giving us money?!


False, they did constantly add and remove systems to "keep our interest" in-between the daily quest grinds of every expansion.


Because they doing nothing creative. Starcraft is on life support. Diablo is going mobile, while D4 is losing members of its dev team constantly, that game is years away. Warcraft is so absolutely boring, with Ion constantly battling with the playerbase instead of working with them, Shadowlands was good.... for 2 weeks, then people hit the wall of either an endless grind in M+ or just drop the game (dropped the game myself once the 'story' was done for my convenant). Overwatch... man.. look, I love OW and its gameplay loop, however we have had nothing new for a while, Echo was the last new addition, nothing since, just some skins on events and those are a bit weak lately. OW2 might be okay.. who knows. HotS... its still Xmas in HotS... in May..... I mean, that says it all about Blizzards forgotten bastard child. Hearthstone... I dunno, lost interest in that a few years ago. With Blizzard falling apart at the seams, it's not looking great.


Hearthstone is also pretty meh right now, really just a cash grab at this point. Who wants to spend 60 bucks 3 times a year on expansions, and still not have nearly enough of the collection to keep up. Hearthstone is probably the most expensive game I’ve ever played. This worked for them when hearthstone had no real competition, then Riot released a better alternative with Legends of Runeterra, a game that’s honestly better, and much less expensive (you can actually get away with not spending anything as long as you play fairly often). Legends of Runeterra makes it much easier to craft specific cards (it’s actually the only way to spend money on cards), that way you can craft whatever deck you wanna use relatively early on because the major in game currency’s can all be used to craft individual cards, plus you get “wildcards” that can be used to craft any card of a given rarity. Plus if you get more than 3 of a specific card, instead of getting dust worth much less than the value of the card, you get a wild card of that rarity, so basically if you get a duplicate, you get to pick any other card of that rarity to replace it. In hearthstone your forced to spend money to keep up, in Legends of Runeterra Ive only spent money on cosmetic stuff like card backs, emotes, and game boards. It feels a lot better to spend money on a game because I like the game enough to want to spend on cosmetics, and want to help out the devs, than to be forced to spend a fortune to stay current in a “free to play” game. I think that Legends of Runeterra will become the new top dog of the digital card game market. It’s sad because I’ve played hearthstone since the beta and dropped a lot of money on it, but I haven’t looked back once since starting Legends of Runeterra. Well that’s much more than I intended to comment.


Blizzard's anti-Hong Kong stance really rubbed me the wrong way. I actually cancelled my Classic subscription because of it. And not sure why, but Blizzard has a pretty shitty track record when it comes to esports. From SC2 to Overwatch, it's a big part of the reason I stay interested in games.


Oh yes, i too stoped playing classic after that desaster


Same as you. I loved Classic, but this was so shameless that I decided to stop.


You can only milk a cow for so long before it has nothing left. People are getting bored and moving on to the new hotness. Come on Blizzard where is your new hotness.


Have I got good news for you. Do you own a mobile phone?


Do you not have one!?


Is this an out of season april fools joke?


This makes me so happy. Activision Blizzard is the worst company in the sector imho, the more they get in trouble for they shitty behavior, the happier i am.


Make shit games and people stop playing your shit games.


Fuck Blizzard


As an old school gamer who remembers when Blizzard was essentially the savior of the industry, this still feels a little weird to hear people say, though I wholly agree with the sentiment.


We got phones now...


Well, at least they are on good terms with China, right?


Finally some good news. i stopped playing their games like 2-3 years ago too, i still have 100euro in blizzards wallet for like 3 years too, theres nothing of worth in their store


I deleted my account when they banned BlitzChung.


Same here. Every time I start to think "hey, diablo IV looks pretty cool" I immediately see an article like "Bobby Kotick gives himself a $100m bonus and hires this dude who thinks torture is pretty neat." It's almost like being a shitty company doing shitty things run by shitty people has consequences.


Same. I’m far from an “activist”, I’ve never really boycotted a company before, but their actions and their “apology” was genuinely offensive to me and what I believe in. And it makes so much of what they did with games like Overwatch having this inclusive messages and narratives so hollow and hypocritical. I deleted my account with 10 years of stuff and thousands of dollars of things. So many memories gone. All my HS decks. Years of fun with SC2 from launch. Good few years with HotS. Years of time in D3. Will never get to play D4. Ngl it feels bad man. I've thought once or twice about if it was a mistake. I do miss some of the games. But, that's what makes it meaningful right? At least to me. I doubt my protest will be noticed by anyone, least of all blizzard, but it feels good to have some values that are more than just words.


> I doubt my protest will be noticed by anyone, least of all blizzard, Seems they noticed about 30 percent. And I'm right there with you.


I stopped playing Hearthstone over this. I was a pretty dedicated player and what Blizzard did and the subsequent aftermath was so disappointing.


yeah but they got their chinese overlords to take care of them.


Shocking. I feel shocked. I guess I'd be in that 29% since reforged was such a knife in the back. They still haven't even added ranked ladders and custom campaigns back in. And everybody is still excited about Diablo 2 reforged for some reason. Crazy to me.


Diablo 2 has some hope because Vicarious Visions is developing it, and their last 2 games were Tony Hawk and Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, both which were well done remasters.


Ah so this is why they finally decided to remaster Diablo 2. 10 years too late. This is a last attempt to pander to what we've been asking


Why buy an old game like Diablo 2 when you can just play Diablo Immortal instead? Don't you have a phone?


It’s crazy how Diablo immortal isn’t even out yet. Like what the fuck are they doing


Currently there are no great blizzard games


Good. Blizzard has been dead for a while. Its truly Activison Blizzard now. They fuckup even the most basic stuff now. IIRC they started going down since 2018 and it was all downhill from there.


I wonder how many of those players jumped ship because of the whole Free Hong Kong fiasco? I actually backed up my disgust for that damn company with action. I deleted my Blizzard account and I will never ever go back. Fuck em.


The HK controversy did not coincide with a significant drop in players. Shadowlands and the fall-off of Overwatch after Brigitte’s release are the two major factors.


I haven't unsubbed so fast from a WoW expansion as fast as I did this one, I think I made it like a month in. Hearthstone costs too much to keep up with and Overwatch gets like a hero a year and no change