I think the best way is to post here and make it as sarcastic and self indulgent as possible


they actually do read the "feedback" and "bug reports" forums on the official site. but if you think your issue has enough relevance to generate 1000+ reddit upvotes, nothing beats the angry mob. also, no, they are not interested in our "solutions"; just what we consider to be problems.


Write your feedback down on paper. Put it in an envelope. Throw it in the trash. But for seriously... Send a polite email.


i hear 75 page manifestos are pretty popular right now. maybe you could try that


You won't be heard. You won't be taken seriously. They have their plan, they have their vision. And they don't give a single fk about your (or someone's else) feedback and suggestions. Just accept it.


The best feedback is stop giving them money and stop playing the game.


i do this since 4 league, doesn't seem to Work for me


The past 4 leagues did not have this much community backlash. This next league is going to be the one that tells us where PoE is going towards.


Don’t give them money


If something feels bad, look at the bug threads and reread the patch notes. If it's not obviously working as intended, it's still likely "working as intended"; that said, some bugs are genuinely unintentional. See if you can file a bug report; if it's a more pervasive issue, shoot them an email (MAKE IT SUPER SHORT AND TO THE POINT DO NOT WASTE THEIR TIME OR MAKE THEM ROLL THEIR EYES AT YOUR RUSSIAN NOVEL OF NITPICKS). No response?


By expressing your frustration with your wallet.


By not buying anything from them.


the best way is to stop buying their macrotransactions and packs until they release a good league and unfuck the core game


Step 1: call Chris a \[REDACTED\] in order to attract attention Step 2: get banned for violating ToS Step 3: ???? Step 4: profit? /s ​ No but in seriousness I think the most the average POE player can do is post on reddit and mirror it on the forums. Streamers and community tool developers, esp. those that have a closer relationship w/ GGG, have a bit more privilege perhaps, or so I would imagine, in getting their perspective heard. But when even closed testers reportedly gave feedback which in their words went ignored (and this has remained unaddressed by GGG to this day), I think this should be taken as a sign that the communication channels between GGG and the community have deteriorated from lack of responsiveness (no offense to Bex, I'm sure she is constrained by the responsibilities of her position, but I feel that even she could do more). Label me a cynic, doomsayer, or whatnot, but actions speak louder than words. I'm still not entirely satisfied with the drastic changes they've made (and subsequent bandaid patches), and have even [posted my own feedback](https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/wv4rgh/the_main_problem_the_abrupt_nature_of_changes/). If anything, it would keep my hopes up if they've even acknowledged reading any of it. But that hope remains elusive. Oh, and it doesn't help when many redditors just jump on the negativity bandwagon, making it even undesirable for GGG to positively interact with the constructive parts of the community.


Your wallet


Make a short and to the point list of issues in the feedback section of the official forums. You don't really even need to explain the points. I.E. -AN on white maps and early yellow maps feels overtuned. -loot on high end maps feels too scarce. -Lake of Kalandra still feels unrewarding for time spent compared to other league mechanics.


Attach your feedback to a rock and throw it into the abyss. They might read it but the vision wants what the vision wants.


Nothing. They're past the "we care about our playerbase"-era


You simply don't. Vote with your wallet/time.