Also the card doesn't drop from the map... It drops from the map boss only


Also palace is removed with the patch


lmao this is getting better and better :')


It's worse than that: It doesn't drop from the maps, it drops from the *bosses.* You guys remember the PoorFishWife deconstruction of how boss-specific cards ignore all forms of IQ/IR?


Do you have a link? I don't understand why IIR/IIQ wouldn't affect drops


[Here's the post](https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/vl52b6/hihi_reddit_whats_your_favourite_divination_card/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share), though I'd not be able to tell you *why* they decided to make IR/IQ not affect boss cards.


I'm just thinking back to how many divines I pumped into my ashes before it finally hit 30% gem quality. This shakeup will definitely result in a sizeable reduction in power or a sizeable increase in price for builds that rely on uniques. Hopefully, as you mentioned, harvest divines will remain intact for polishing up rare items.


Perfectly rolled uniques gonna be expensive AF compared to low rolled ones jesus.


Which is probably desired by GGG


It is desired by them, no question about it. It's why they introduced sacred orbs and armour quality in addition to the already present quality. Everything they do is more fuel for their Casino. No consistency allowed.


Vendor reroll recipe looking juicy now.


>A unique item can have its modifiers rerolled by vendoring it along with two more of the same unique item. The result is comparable to using a Divine Orb and a Blessed Orb. Actually. Uniques will be even more worth picking up for sure.


oh my fking goodness... 6 years of playing.. had no clue....


I used this for the achievement lmao


The recipe isn't that old. IIRC they added it in ultimatum so a yearish ago.


The bases alone will be expensive as fuck Let's say 100c per divine, that's 50c per base


The change instantly makes any half decent unique worth picking up and ID'ing, since perfect ones will certainly be worth a lot more now. Very exciting.


nah, sell them unidentified and make even more money


Ah yes the watchers eye effect. Although I can never resist. Even though the unid watchers eye literally pays off your elder fragments.


i just can't imagine choosing not to gamble in the gambling game


This was my first thought exactly! Near perfect or perfect prices skyrocketing.


They killed Leo and bestiary divine craft, very likely harvest divines aren't gonna make it through imo. Seems like they really don't want modifying rolls with tiers to be accessible at all. Sadge


I bet they keep harvest divines on rares. I took the change as they don't want as many perfect uniques or timeless jewels. Especially after the jewels got cracked.


They removed bestiary divine on rares.


Oof I missed that. Fingers crossed for Harvest.


OMG i just realized that timeless jewels are going to be nuts. I normally spend 100s of divines on them from all the corrupt 6 link divines i gather over a league. Dear lord...


If divines go from 10c to 200c, thats 20x as much... and it costed \~8 ex before to hit. Now it will be \~24,000c lol


This "shakeup" will mean a brothers stash card is worth 50c. ..huzzah. -_- They really should have duplicated all exalt cards into a divine orb form.


No they shouldn't that is the entire point. They want divines to be rare not overly accessible by cards. A good.rolled unique is going to jump up in price of this which gives people more options ti make money in trade as well as rise the value of divine's.


Less. And yes.


Perfect Ashes is going to cost now a Mageblood. How cool I need it for my unearth build xDDDDDDDD


Don't worry, they triple nerfed your Unearth build too


I don't like this change because it feels like they tipped the scales way into divines. There's way less divines to go around, and you need much more of them for the new uses. Exalts on the other hand aren't that useful outside of a few crafts now, but they are much easier to obtain due to cards and shards. Feels like there will be an excess of them. I would have rather they just removed the divine recipe and then left it as is.


Personally, I feel like they could have achieved similar results (making divining items have more of an opportunity cost, while making exalts more favorable to use as direct crafting currency) by having half of the metacrafts cost divines and half still cost exalts. That would have made more sense than just switching exalts for divines wholesale.


All they needed to do is just halve cost of Metamods or make cost hybrid. But making metamods more accessible wasn't their goal (even though it should have been, it's massive problem right now) - their goal was shifting Exalt and Divine, for whatever reason. I don't understand why they want to just shaft iconic Exalted Orb out of the blue like that. It's gonna be so weird trading in Divines.


They said why, they want perfectly rolled uniques to be way more special and valuable. It's gonna be weird but there's a clear *why* stated.


Honestly between corrupted 6L and tabulas just removing the recipe would probably make it worth as much as an exalt if not more. I’m guessing harvest divine crafts are probably gone too; GGG wants to hammer down on people not having perfect gear after recombobulators this league.


If they just removed the vendor recipe for divines and nothing else im sure their value would go up by a bunch, now instead exalts will be near useless and divines will be more expensive than exalts were due to the lack of shards and good div cards, leading to nobody using them for their intended purpose bc they are too valuable for metamods. Chris mentioned that he didnt want there to be one main currency for trading, but if only one currency is used for keep prefix/suffix that will be the main currency. Making keep pre cost divine and keep suff cost exalts seems like a good solution, would result in both being used for trading, their demand being similar so they will be similarly priced and make exalts cheaper so maybe someone will actually exalt slam and divines wont become just metamod tokens never used outside of the crafting bench.


> Chris mentioned that he didnt want there to be one main currency for trading, No matter how hard he tries, this is impossible. There is a reason why humanity left barter behind for currency and gaming communities will do the same.


Should have removed the vendor recipe and allowed people to use divines OR exalts to do benchcraft.


Honestly, exalts being that expensive made no sense - they simply add a new mod from the pool of 1000000 mods, which most of the time simply give +14 mana or +3flat dmg mod. Divines on the other hand - functionally are very strong currency, much stronger than exalts on average (ofc you can always get that 1 super lucky ex that hit something 1/30394828 chance). I like this change, shake-ups are good. Though now divines will be much rarer than ex used to be: - no divine shards from harbingers - less cards - no vendor recipe (full shaper/elder set) - etc. I wouldn't be surprised, if divines will cost like 400-500chaoses. (Considering how hard will be to get them, and chaoses will be less valuable due to no super good expensive Kirac mods (no Deli/ritual/harvest for 10c+).


Exalt value was directly linked to meta crafting. Not slamming items. Slams were worth 30-40c tft and that's just because exalts were 180c. Exalts will be 5-10c now just because people will slam maps to fill with mods.


That's nice that you like the change, but the people that would actually like to use a Divine Orb have a justified complaint.


Not to worry - Palace was deleted from the Atlas, so now you've got only one map to farm Divines from. Enjoy.


That's fine villas not bad


wait till you realize it's ONLY from the boss not the mobs, and div cards on bosses aren't affected by magic find either


This is a bad change, really bad. They needed to increase the amount of divines, or just keep the meta mods as exalt cost.


Buying base : 1ex, rolling base: 10ex, divining a base : 50ex


Buying base : 1d, rolling base: 10d, divining a base : 50d


why would anyone trade stuff for ex? xd everybody gonna want chaos or divines. ex is basicly a dead currency now :(


Divining rares might not take as much of a hit thanks to the much more accessible Harvest. Uniques on the other hand.... Omni and Melding prices are gonna be an absolute bloodbath.


Unlikely the harvest divine recipe survived since the harvest notes explicitly called out the removal of the betrayal divine craft.


Divines are up by 260% and ex down by 30% values stadly increasing. Ngl this doesn't really matter for temp leagues but rip exalted hoarders on Std. My guildmates are fuming. I always told them to just stock mirrors instead hehe


Tbf we expected them to nerf mirrors, not exalts


I mean mirrors are fine as is. But my main concern goes towards meta mods for casuals. Optaining divines will be tough as nails now. 6L gone, demand spiked, no good div cards. Not to mention that they even removed some other ways to reroll values on items (mostly beast). Going to be an interesting league for Trading. Listing items for divines instead of exalteds will be interesting.


F for thos ssf people. wanna multimod your item? haha get fucked nerd, here, play 3 weeks to get your two divine orbs, enjoy.


All div cards should be changed from ex to divines. There is no reasonable way to farm them now, why tho.


wont happen, they are community made. people need to start making divine orb cards now.


I know that it won't happen i was just memeing. The fact that they removed the main influx for divine orbs the same patch the increas their demand is just... Odd.


You new here? It's the GGG way, don't just nerf something once, beat that shit out of existence, and then take it's grandmother out back and shoot her too.


You're not wrong. Though, arguably the intent behind those cards from the makers was because of what exalts were for.


While overall I really like the change, it feels really shitty to disrespect the intent of all those div cards unlikely, but I hope GGG offers to let some of them change it


Was thinking the same, especially for cards with a backstory like Brother's Stash.


It's funny they're like "Craft Please" and then go and making applying metamod stupid expensive. This game desperately needs a competitor, they're shitting up the game on purpose for no fucking reason


On the other hand... my SSF ass just had my standard networth go through the fucking roof. Finish most leagues with 10s of divines, but only 1-5 ex. Sitting on like 3k divines from over the years. Lol.


Sorry but this absolutely matters for temp leagues too. Builds will increase in cost by the same amount because divines are going to be so rare.


Divines are significantly more rare than exalted orbs due to exalts having shards and cards. This change makes meta crafting unbelievably expensive. They should have instead made meta crafting have multiple currency payment options available.


Yeah I'm expecting between 300-500c per divine orb.


you also have less use for chaos this league. you dont need it for map device abundantly and the league mechanics gives but not takes.


I got 42 exalts and 23 divines in my sentinel stash, easy stonks apparently.


Watch, GGG will toss Palace off the next atlas, that's gonna make this change more hilarious . . .


confirmed, atlas changes are in the patch notes. only villa left for the card.


Villa meta!!


Farm Villa, eat Barilla


Villa is a hundred times better than Palace anyways. Domino doesn't have a phase and the map is very linear. Also it has half as many doors.


Man y’all are really comparing turds, both are actually some of the worst maps in the game


Play Cells once and eat your words


Cells/Dungeon I think is the other one that are on par with Palace/Villa for worst maps in PoE


Nowhere near the worst


Huh? Villa is so much better than non-linear shit like Maze/Cells/Dungeon/Vaal Temple. Sure it isn't Strand, but it's not too bad.


It has doors, it has isolated rooms and backtracking, it has tight corridors and obstacles. Also has wide open spaces just to make your build uncomfortable. 9.1/10 it has a little something for everyone.


I'm ok with backtracking a room that's 1 screen wide. I'm not ok with backtracking 5 screens, like Cells and Museum.


Museum is GGGs answer to the the question of "How many dead ends can we fit in one map?". I hate it with passion.


Villa isn't the worst map to be fair. Pretty linear layout


\>he doesn't know


Oh no no no


dont tell him yet pepeLaugh


I am super bummed out for all the reasons mentioned, but also because of the card I designed. Brother's stash was made with the idea that it would always be quite valuable as exalts had been the "defacto" trade currency for a very long time. While my brother and I got excited for exalt drops, we got excited because of the value of them, not because we slammed items (I am pretty sure he never used one to slam an item, ever. I have used quite a few, but I digress). Switching the values of the currency, and more than that really since there is no way to reliably farm divines and there is only 1 divine card and no shards, is going to tank the value of the exalt, and therefore, the card I designed. While I understand that making a card isn't a guarantee that the item is going to be "meta", the hope/idea of my card was that it would be something that would bring a great joy and happiness to people and now people are just going to laugh when they get the card. Kind of sucks.


You could probably contact them and talk about this, maybe they would be open to changing it to a 5 divine card


Yeah I think I'll send them an email later today.


This is honestly greatly needed unless we want to pay 300-500c per divine. EDIT: If you want to try to make a change, e-mail Chris via [email protected] and let him know your thoughts.


My card wouldn't have that much of an effect on divine to drop it a whole bunch. Its already a pretty rare card, it is just a nice reward when it drops. To give a better example, when my card was introduced, exalt prices didn't budge. It adds a very tiny fraction of currency to the game, but it adds a really great feeling when you find one. I've found 3? I think now since it has been introduced. I don't play the absolute most amount of time, but that feels like a good amount to me.


it is dead RIP


Yeah pretty much.


When I realized the huge drop in value to exalts, I thought of your card and the story behind it and felt bad for you. I hope brothers stash can get that kind of value again. 5 divines? 5 mirror shards? ggg pls


I appreciate your thoughts. Mirror shards are waaaay more than I want the card to be worth. I want people to be able to find it, and it be a nice reward when they do. Maybe 1 every league or every other league if they aren't super juicers. My brother and I never found a mirror or a mirror shard either so it just wouldn't feel right.


My thoughts go out to you and wish you luck if you try to negotiate with GGG.




Hey Dude, I play SSF and your card brought me great joy. I think some of the bench crafts still require exalts just not the meta crafts so getting your card in SSF is still going to be super cool. Really like your card, even if they don't let you change it, it's still going to be a big moment to see it in SSF! Good luck.


I really don't get why they didn't just switch the effect of the orbs, so that the exalted orb was still at the top of the pile. I totally get why you are sad, it sucks. I'm sad too, because my big stash of std exalts, a horde I thought was really safe, got devalued overnight. I thought I had already taken enough precautions by not holding random currencies with high variance, or items etc. All that work converting everything down to exalts each league :( Should have bought more mirrors :((


That was a shitty move turning 5ex card into 5c card


It's like that quicksilver card being added the same time they nerfed the ms mod on quicksilver to the ground, heh


I doubt they were intentionally thinking of my brother and I when they decided to change the role of each currency but that doesn't make it feel any better knowing that the card is definitely not what it was intended to do (bring a big smile to someone who just got a nice big drop, and if they know the story, be thankful for the good things they have in their life).


Have you tried contacting them to see if they could swap the reward over to divines?


Not yet, it is all pretty new and fresh. I am sure they are enjoying their weekend. I doubt they would/could change things before launch anyway.


I mean they could change things and it would be extremely easy. Im assuming they are more then 3 neurons between them over at GGG and the reward for cards has to be an extremely simple system that would just require changing like only two values, the reward ID and the Amount. Then just update the card text. The question is would they and can they fit they find the time to slide it in before the final build is decided for launch day.


Yeah I didn't mean they were incompetent, just that they are bust 1 week before launch.


I mean, it's still a 5ex card...


I think you are underestimating the amount of divine orbs that came from corrupted 6 link farming in uber juiced content, removing this alone would make divines triple in price, together with all other changes, divines will be worth 500c +


I would not be surprised.


Divine orbs will be way north of 250c . Calling it now. - no farmable div cards (one card from boss drops) - no recepies - no heist trinket conversion - no harby shards - no mechanic farming outside of raw drops - high demand for metacrafting - very high demand for rolling build enabling uniques - extreme demand for rolling pinnacle drop uniques - very high demand for rolling uber uber uniques - very high demand for rolling legion jewels (or people will just buy in bulk more likely) - cant be realistically farmed by illegal means curbing supply (botting etc)


> The Heist Trinket modifiers that provide a chance for Regal Orbs to drop as Divine Orbs instead in Heists now provide up to 4% at the highest tier (previously 5%), to match Trinket modifiers that provide a chance for Regal Orbs to drop as Exalted Orbs.


Fair its nit gone - its nerfed. But realistically regals are much rarer drops than chaoses and so this will be even more bad if an conversion outcome. Still heist will be the inly place where divines can be “farmed” with a good setup.


Maybe someone in here will be able to help me with this one: What are exalts good for now? Can they be used for anything else than YOLO slams?


"Veiled Modifiers that had a Divine Orb cost when crafted now have an Exalted Orb or Chaos Orb cost instead." some crafts will now cost exalts


Also it seems that the non-meta crafts that previously costed exalts (e.g. high tier inc phys damage, +2 to socketed support gems, cannot be frozen boots) will still cost exalts. Coupled with cheap slams could make mid-tier items cheaper.


Back are the days where we ex slam our maps!


veiled crafts use ex instead of divines now


Exalts now great for closing your eyes!


Chaos, veiled chaos, anull's all have more use than ex now Ex are essentially worthless because they essentially add garbage to rares and thats it I guess your day 1-3 build you can fill up the mods on gear with ex you find till you buy or craft something better or any items you dont think are worth further crafting Actually exing maps probally may be their top use


Nah exalting jewels with three solid mods is probably their number one use.


Oh yeah thats a good point, i guess at least now i can do that Increased effect stat stacking jewels likley easier


Especially those 2 passive cluster jewels.


Now we are back to exalting maps!


> - drops in Villa (urgh) and Palace (uuurgh) More specifically *drops from Dominus*, I think you can get it in acts too but not so sure about that.


I wasn't even alive back when A3M Dom runs were meta.


My point was that general map juicing with breach, shrines, Alva etc. won't help drop it,


There is a reason exalts have so many divination cards. Now we will face the problem that divines don't. This divine/exalt shenanigans seems very not thought through.


Well, I’m happy I didn’t buy the exalt hoodie/shirt.


The poor folks who got tattoos lol


poor how, its legacy now :D


Exalts look cooler than divines


I think this was definitely a massive mistake that wasn't tested. There are 2 wildly significant changes here: 1. Removal of the recipe 2. switching meta crafting costs I think either of these changes *on their own* were pretty substantial. But together it's going to be ludicrous for your average player. The people who swim in mirrors every league won't notice a difference, but to everyone else? They made meta crafts *much less* accessible.


I think even significantly rich players are going to notice a difference. Getting max rolled items is going to practically be a thing of the past. Even if you're used to sitting on a thousand exalts or more, consider how max rolling an item could easily cost a hundred divines or more depending on the item in question. Even for extremely wealthy players, getting a max roll could cost them significantly. Overall, I think items with small roll ranges are going to become more popular, and just in general people will have to settle with "okay" rolls, which also means that every build effectively loses a bunch of stats all over the place from suboptimal rolls that are far too expensive to fix. Wealthy players will still look for better rolls, but something like a 90% roll will be as valuable as a 99% roll was in the past.


This change is super weird. So do I understand it right that crafting is about to become even worse with all the new item mods, divines super inaccessible and the unique items seem to drop less as well? Why would they do that since ppl cry for more accessible crafting for years? Especially after recombinator league this will feel horrible and I doubt harvest will fix this. Anyway, rip all the thousands of exalts of std players suddenly becoming a dust.


I drop more exalts than I do divines… I dropped two last league that weren’t from six links… I remember them because it never happens. and because no one’s gonna meta craft in the first week and complain about it they won’t change anything in the patch they do every league after the first week. Meta Crafting just turned into a 0.1% activity, instead of somthing everyone could do just with it being expensive. 100% harvest got nerfed into the ground too. suff/pref cannot be changed is for sure gone entirely, or outlandishly expensive.


Divine drop rate is exactly the same as exalt drop rate.


>The one reason Exalts held their value was the fact they were the requirement for meta crafting. I think a lot of ppl on reddit dont craft and therefore don't realize this. With the metamod recipe now costing divine orbs, exalted orbs are essentially worthless. People weren't using exalts to slam items just because they're expensive, but also because your chance to get anything good is incredibly slim and getting a bad affix is worse than an empty slot (cant do a crafted mod there). I can only imagine how ppl who play on standard feel now that their currency (and ability to craft) was essentially wiped.


Divines are going to cost a shit load. I can't decide how low exalts will drop. Might even be less valuable than chaos since map mods cost C and exalts now only add mods randomly to items unless I'm forgetting something.


btw they also removed Leo's divine craft so you won't be going there either


Doesn't bode well for harvest


I don't understand GGG decision. Exalt will now only be used for veil craft which will cost more than before. Crafting wand trigger for exemple was 12 chaos now it will cost 1 exalt (40 chaos+ ? ). Will people use exalt to slam item now ? is the "problem" fixed ? Im not even sure !! Divine is the new multimod but because we can't farm divine as easy as exalt ( no shard, shit div card, no more 6L recipe etc ... ) the multimod craft will be way more expensive. Divine currency purpose is to change numeric values of item but because it now so expensive, like old exalt divine will not be use to "slam" but instead be used as an currency trade. It's the new exalt with the same problem. What does those change fix exactly ?


The multi-mod won't just be way more expensive, it will be completely out of reach for players like me. I already had to save up for quite a while to do just a few multi-mods (for reference, I don't make more than 10ex per league) - now, I won't be using that feature at all it seems. I know it sounds stupid, but this change really ruins it for me. Exalts are iconic, and while I've never been a rich player, they were at least obtainable. The new divines? No, they won't be - and it will just lock me out of more crafting options than before (I liked divining items too, btw). I'll have to use all my copium to hope the community makes enough noise for them to revert it, or at least balance it out a little - but I don't see how I can enable the same options as before without investing even more time (that I don't have) into the game. It's just... less now.


Honestly... i find chaoses as a orb to be more useful then exalts as a orb... Depending on the crafts... chaos legit might end up more useful then exalts. Just because of how many exalt cards there are flooding the market.


This might be the worst change of the patch and people dont even realise that


Nothing. It's a change no one ever wanted or asked for. They're shaking up and changing a running system for nothing really. They destroyed HH, an iconic item to PoE, now they're destroying Exalts, another iconic item to PoE.


That's literally GGG the past 1.5 years. Shaking up shit and making changes no one asked for just for the sake of VISION.


>Will people use exalt to slam item now ? is the "problem" fixed ? Nope. People doesn't slam exalt only because it's pure RNG.




It sucks for trade too, don't worry...


Not being able to divine stuff anymore because its the trade currency is going to suck Like if im trying to buy something or meta craft something i cant really use divines anymore Also having to live search well rolled uniques fml This change actually un hypes me for the league considerably Even as a occasional standard player i liked being able to divine stuff there if the harvest divine is gone or requires boss currency we are fucked it can take 20 divines easily to get an ok roll on anything and divines will be more valuable than ex were because they have so many uses and fuck all extra sources EX essentially have no use next league a veiled chaos has more use than an ex, heck even a chaos is more useful day to day than an EX because it has multiple uses


The biggest joke is their language saying they want exalts to be used for "crafting" - no one in their right mind ever does the meme ex slam anymore, not for the last 5 years atleast when there are 100+ trash tier mods on every single slot now... don't know what meme planet GGG likes to live on.


Yep the "close your eyes" meme triggered them so much, they gave us 10c Ex now to punish us.


What was the ambush nerf?


Probably the 6link vendor recipe change. Farming boxes was mainly "divine orbs are my currency break even and maybe I luck out with a good card box and gain some profit"


Ya strongboxes likely aren't worth it for the box drops anymore, they will just be used for the extra packs for deli juicing and such.


corrupted boxes are a big source of 6links.


If it goes live this way - it's gonna be terrible. Exalt gonna cost 50c, and divine - something like 200c +? There are almost no div card for divines(only 1 dropped from villa boss, kek), there are no divine shards. Divine are waaay harder to obtain now, compared to exa. GGG complain that nobody slams items with exalts? Well, no nobody will divine their items with divines!Well rolled ashes gonna be hillarious expensive. Lgion jewels - vendor recipe to reroll them, rofl? I hope that harvest divines survived, And i pray that they gonna be usable on uniques. Otherwise we are totally screwed.


I think the ramifications of this change are massive and honestly do not think the game is balanced well around this new valuation, I really hope they reconsider this. All good points made, OP


Yeah, I kind of think this is a terrible choice by GGG, there's a number of items that require lots of divines just to be useable that people will just work around or find more on meta builds. If I'm honest this change is probably my most detested change forthcoming


For more context, for what they do Divines are like the next level blessed, they certainly shouldn't be more rare than exalts as, except for maybe a couple items, they often make your items worse. Say what you want about exalt slamming, it rarely makes your item worse, it just might not make it better.


The big problem I see with this change really is the div card one. If ex and divines had roughly the same amount of div cards feeding into them this change would merely swap them around roughly. So ~180c divines and 10-20c exalted. I actually would like that change , or at least am intrigued to see how it plays out. I think this would have a lot of positive effects. But that is not the case. Exalted div cards are plenty and divines only have 1 and it's even boss only. So exalted orbs are a very limited use currency now with a lot of extra supply via div cards and divines are extremely high use currency now (as their base use is more valuable than exalted AND they are used for metacrafting ) with incredibly limited extra supply via div cards. I think this will swing the pendulum to far. Imagine what exalted prices would have been in the past leagues without all those ex div cards existing AND people actually right clicking them on items like divines. I expect divine prices to be absolute Insanity. The sky is the limit honestly if I had to guess maybe 500c, maybe more. Basically forget diving items if you don't roll in mirrors. And ex will swing the other direction , I'd be shocked if they exceed 10c by a lot. Edit: also splinters, don't underestimate them. No divine splinters. And exa splinters are relatively common and probably make up a decent chunk of generated exalted orbs as well.


Even if had the cards, the use cases of divines are a lot higher. And there arent divine shards


We've had ages upon ages of new card sets that give exalted orbs in one way or another, shards vendor recipe, shard drops.. having no counterpart for that for divines + removing the only stable source of them via trash 6 links is a shakeup alright, I'm just wondering if it's the 'interesting' shakeup or 'let's see the world burn' shakeup


Plz add div cards at least GGG Sadge


The cards I didn't think of, and it seems ggg forgot too. I think for that reason alone they could have left the six-link recipe, in my opinion it would have changed the value of six-links to be higher, than anything else, which would make tabula a lot more expensive.


Something I've not really seen discussed much. If Divines are hitting 250c+/becoming ultra rare, how are items going to be priced on trade? Are people going to start pricing everything in Chaos? I worry if it's going to be super hard to get basic build enabling items early in the league. Like an Aegis and a Fang for a HOP spider build.


I feel like this change is partially to kill timeless jewel rolling lmao


Was planning to get an Ice Bite Shako this league to make a new flicker build later on but I guess that is off the table :sadge:


Well rolled unique is gonna be more pricey :)


i am just gonna live in heist the entire league doing unique contracts


Unique and currency, forever.


Yeah, I was already thinking I wanted to spec into Heist hard this league, just to shake things up, and everything I've seen so far has reinforced just how nuts that will be. Now it's just about finding a build to play.


This change also makes Harvest much more valueable on the atlas.


Beastiary as well but harvest divines are much more common IMO . . .


They already removed bestiary divine in patch notes. Also they removed some harvest crafts too (they did not mention which one), but I bet they removed divine from harvest also. Oh, btw, Palace is gone too to farm div card.


So we're now in a spot where divines, even if they drop at exalt rates will probably be 3ex:1div or more, yikes.


Ex is going to be WAYY less now, like they're basically going to switch places. Most people could use dozens of divines per character, almost nobody used exalts for anything but meta crafts. Now that exalts are not meta crafts their use cases are so low that they'll be <10c, but divines are so much more useful in general AND meta crafts now, so they'll top 200-300c easily. Probably a lot more than that even because there is only 1 divine card in the game in one map and no shards, compared to exalts having multiple cards, and shards. Like, 500+c isn't even impossible, even though unlikely, that's how insane it'll be. Also going to edit to add that because of price memory exalts will start out higher at the beginning of the league, and divines lower, but because the supply of divines will probably never meet demand it'll increase to whatever the tipping point is where people stop buying it because it's not worth it (probably pretty high because of giga juicers). The opposite will happen with exalts where exalts will start higher because of price memory, and drop down to 10c or less over time because supply will far outpace demand because their only use cases are yoloing and a couple crafts on the bench (same crafts divines used to have, except again people are yolo exalting WAY less than people divined, so much less use)


Yep its basic supply and demand. Demand for divines is now higher due to metamods, while the supply got gutted due to the removal of the vendor recipe. As they were already a decently valuable currency, their price will sky rocket. Meanwhile exalted orb supply will be roughly the same, but the demand is going to plummet as their only use is now yolo slamming. Which even if they are cheap still isn't particularly valuable to most crafting processes. So their price will plummet.


3ex current ex prices yes. Divines will be ~300+ chaos, exalts will be 3-10 chaos.


Really really hoping they do something about this before league launch. Genuinely think this will be the biggest nerf to player power of this patch if this change goes through.


I really wish they had just swapped the functionality of the orbs but kept the orbs themselves as they are, rarity wise. I say this because I am struggling to find it fair that the 10k exalts I had saved up are now worth a fraction of their value. I *know* nothing is set in stone but who the fuck expected the core currency to be changed, I was converting everything TO ex because it was the gold standard. Feeling a bit robbed, tbh.


Wait until you hear about the federal reserve.




The worst part is that my first exalt drop of the league, I'm absolutely going to have that Pavlovian response of 'OH FUCK YEAH!', and then remember that it's basically worthless now.


It's such a "change for the sake of change" decision. Just looking at the position of Exalts vs Divines in the currency tab shows Exalts right in the center next to Mirrors and Divines off to the side underneath a niche currency. I like the idea of unique rolls mattering but just doing this change the way it is seems absolutely insane. They could have just dropped the recipe and other sources for the effect and had the same shake up without invalidating div cards that people purchased or deleting an iconic part of the game. Got a bit of excitement back about the league only to have it crushed and brought even lower than it was after the manifesto. Going from one of the best crafting leagues ever to this just seems like a recipe for losing players in droves. I'm not even sure I want to league start at this rate.


Exiles, relax. Seriously. This has been tested extensively.


Yeah this change seemed okay to me but now that I think about aaaallll those exalt cards Im not sure anymore...


Rolling timeless jewels is also not a thing probably.


Getting enough divine vessels is going to be a pain in the ass now, even if its not completely necessary.


I always explained poe currency to my friends whove never played as chaos being $1 bills, exalts being $180 bills, and mirrors being $50k (50k just cuz its a huge jump and they dont need to know the actual conversion rate). Who knows they might end up being around $50 dollar bills now? (prayge) At least hold some value to make trading a little less clicky. Hopefully exalts still stay around at a decent price so we dont have to use chaos anywhere near as much for trading. I always hated having to click so much chaos constantly. Id also love to not feel as bad using them to roll maps. scour alch is so annoying.


Think about Ventors Gamble. Gosh, I was about to start a mf character =(


Well rolled ashes of the stars now worth a ton.


But a well-rolled T3-T1 unique will actually matter now


They should've just swapped the texts of Divines and Exalts. edit: Also who tf wants to look at Divine orb's "face", Ex is Ex son.


GGG was so close to make a God tier league but they chose to pull a ZOS eso update 35 on divine orbs.


On Standard, Mirrors are now 2000ex or 1300div that obviously a very small amount of people can afford. They managed to destroy a 10 year built economy in 1 day without even announcing it in the manifesto. excellent job GGG


"economy", unless you're an active RMT'er I doubt it's that important.


First thought, WE Just lost one way to mod items and got nothing for it... Leo and beast slams where fine to add mods.


How often did you use those divine crafts previously? They're not particularly common so if that is the main use they won't retain much value. Divines had value because you actually used them, and Exalts had value because of the crafting bench. Now Divines won't get used outside of the bench and Exalts lost their main use without being given anything back.