I bought an ultrawide monitor after seeing someone play POE on one.. never looked back it is a huge improvement


I just play in stretched window mode after I saw that and it really helps me a lot. Not only do I get better performance because it's a lowe resolution but being able to click further away to the left and right is super nice.


I was doing Uber Sirus on RF + Fire Trap (stretched 1940x600), you can pretty much offscreen Sirus with Any Trap Skill because you can throw traps at larger distance if you hover over the enemy.




At least one streamer used Bane to kill Kosis similar way - by damaging him from distance far enough not to aggro.


I use an ahk macro bound to a stream deck to swap between stretched and regular. The qol has been enormous for me. I keep planning on purchasing an ultra wide for poe but I have been dragging my heels on finding a good model.


I'd watch out for VA panels with ghosting issues, bought one that I had to send back straight away due to the loot plates ghosted something awful. I ended up getting 2x LG 34GN850, IPS panels so a bit more expensive but well worth imo.


Yeah don't buy anything other than IPS honestly, TN and VA panels are so bad honestly. TN can do but if you view your monitor from slightly under angle you can forget about seeing anything.


Yeah it's great. I played a witch for the first time on my ultrawide the other day and even her basic attack reaches mobs that definitely wouldn't be visible at 16:9


helps a lot in maven after using this technique the fight felt easier so having a ultra wide monitor is literally p2w lol ggg should do what other games do and force everyone to play 16:9 or stop being stubborn and improve the zoom for every one


Ultrawide is p2w in almost all games. I see waaaay more on screen then others in LoL/Dota.


I started up Dead by Daylight recently and found out after a few matches that it's actually a massive downside. By default, it zooms in and doesn't show the top or bottom of the screen. They did add an option to force 16:9 in matches fairly recently.


In league/dota it doesnt give any advantage at all unless you play locked camera (which you shouldn't) edit: but in game such as PoE, Albion online its big.


Or you use fucked controll scheme like me and move your camera with wasd


Hey no keybindshaming!


> being able to click further away to the left and right Can you please clarify what you mean by this? Or maybe what your default resolution is? Skill use is still borked outside of the 'HD circle': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHVFxrB-slg


I can click further away than if I don't stretch it, give me a few minutes and I'll edit what I mean. My desktop resolution is 2560x1440. I don't have an ultrawide screen which is why I have to stretch it to get that to that resolution but that looks really weird because it doesn't work that way for me at that resolution. I just tested to see if I can get the same effect and I have to go down to 2500x900 before I run into the same issue and even then it is only in the corners. If I go to the far left and right in the center of my screen I can cast spells fine. Edit: An example here: https://i.imgur.com/ggzOfZu.png I can click on the patch of grass on the far left fine and walk or cast spells that way. If I go full screen: https://i.imgur.com/6X2vmpF.png I can't even see that patch of grass and thus obviously not click as far left.


Is that the same as people playing CS:GO in stretched 4:3 to make models wider or is it the opposite?


Stretched let's you click? Ultrawide doesn't recognize clicks outside normal resolution (16x9) area


Yeah I just tried it out with this resolution: https://i.imgur.com/Vr3SliY.png And it registers every click at the very left and very right.


No, it doesn't. Moving works, nothing else. As seen below I'm right


Even casting spells with always attack without moving works for me at that resolution, I'm trying it out right now in game. It's ~2500x950 fyi.


Skills used outside of the 'HD circle' are still ignored: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHVFxrB-slg [EDIT](https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/wj6siv/dear_ggg_please_let_us_zoom_out_more/ijj4lzj/?context=3): I believe blauli's point is that the 'HD circle' ('skill use area') extends past the side edges of the HD game client window. It does (especially when 'looking' uphill). A stretched resolution allows access to this extra bit of 'skill use area'. The skill use dead zones are still present (see vid above) and grow larger with wider resolutions. 2500x960 results in the dead zone ending about half-way down the edge of the screen. Wider resolutions will result in a larger deadzone (but *slightly* more visible usable area in the bottom corners) while narrower resolutions will result in a smaller deadzone with less visable usable area (creeping up the sides of the game window). **Remember, the area is circular (maybe elliptical now) centered on the character** (or maybe just center-screen as we found out with bugs where our characters would fly off-screen but could still be controlled)**, projected onto the terrain, and viewed through a rectangular game window.**


Then that would be a very recent change, I've been using ultrawide for ~ four years now and I remember that was point of many heated discussions. Something that still won't work however is targeting beyond the set range limit.


This is the way.


Agreed. Playing on one is a bummer https://imgur.com/a/5or8Ixz


I just upgraded from 21:9 to 32:9 and it's fucking glorious.


Welcome. I've been playing on a 49" Samsung for years, and I can never go back.


I just got an Odyssey G9. It's fantastic.


I just joined the "Ultrawide master race" a week ago. Looking forward to trying PoE this league just for that reason alone.


Whilst I'm here on my tiny desk that can barely fit a 1080p monitor, all these people just keep flexing.


Literally pay to win.


Everyone can do it, it's everything but p2w. Guys it's the truth, just change your resolution = same result


You can run an AHK script to go windowed with ultrawide aspect ratio on your existing hardware. AutoHotkey is free. edit: meant to reply to the same person you were replying to


You don't need a script at all, just set the desired resolution


That's literally the definition of p2w. You gotta pay 🤣 Edit, there seems to be a misunderstanding. The original post said everyone can do it [get an ultrawide monitor] it's not p2w. I'm not saying poe is p2w, I'm saying that the Statement "everyone can buy one" is the definition of paying for something. Lol


Except you don't have to pay anything, it works on literally any monitor


You don't need a ultrawide monitor, you can just play in windowed mode and stretch it out. This was probably what they were driving at.


and play like you have a tiny ultra wide monitor? thats still a significant disadvantage


You don't know how to read apparently, so I wouldn't suggest tinkering with your PC settings in this free for everyone tip this guy just gave you.


Like, can you read your own sentence? If everyone can pay for upgrades and those upgrades provide advantage, then you think it’s not p2w? How much did you spend on Diablo Immortal?


You don't need to pay anything, you can use it on your current Monitor


Aw you edited your comment, but yes anyone can do it, but you didn’t imply that originally


I added to it, but even without it nothing changed about the meaning. You people simply don't know.


You said, “Everyone can do it (in the context of buying a monitor), it’s anything but p2w” Context is key This is coming from someone who uses 21:9 on a 16:9 monitor


Yes, the context was and is using an ultrawide aspect ratio


Original comment was: “I bought an ultrawide monitor”


Problem: The playerbase wants to zoom out more. Solution: Allow the playerbase to zoom out 50% more. Monsters have 75% more detection and ability range.


This is a buff!


It is, kinda. The more monsters move to me, the less I have to waste time moving to them.


They already start targeting me with ranged attacks while they are off screen anyway


Exactly, I wish the entire map came at me when I enter. Just aim forward and kill shit while watching netflix, then loot everything at the same spot. Wait that's what Simulacrum is.


Problem: playerbase wants to zoom out more Solution: players can zoom out 50% more Problem: game performance is 50% worse


Watch the poe 2 gameplay trailers for things to come including more zoomed out gameplay


I’m convinced Poe 2 is a figment of my imagination at this point.


I mean we are so deep in "wait for poe 2" ... i believe it will bring peace to the world. Poe 2 is the universal answer for everything at that point. Some shitty going on in your life. Wait for poe2 ;)


I hope they realise that this is the sentiment for their playerbase and either deliver or tame the expectations otherwise they are setting up for a disaster


Judging how some players think poe 2 is the second coming of christ, and every problem will be fixed, id say they are already signing up for disappointment. Its near impossible to make something perfect EVERYBODY likes. Someone will always dislike it.


I thought people were generally disappointed? I am at least, not that it looks bad or anything, but the way they announced it would be implemented had it heavily worried. I can't see that incremental upgrade solving as much as a completely new game would. I smell spaghetti code, performance issues and deeply hidden bugs.


I mean sure, the issue here comes with how coped out some people are about what will improve. If PoE 2 doesn't have improved loot and GGG doesn't anounce that way in advance it's gonna be a shitshow.


I feel like the quantity of things chalked up to 'wait for poe2' has reached a point that there's no way anybody can keep track of them, and once it comes out there will be a flood of 'I thought thing X was getting fixed in poe2!?'


>I hope they realise They are the ones who started saying poe2 will fix everything


at this point I'll be surprised if it isn't a massive disappointment with how overhyped it's become lol I do hope I'm surprised though because I'd be really happy to play a reinvigorated PoE with a brand new campaign I don't despise with brand new stuff to explore and with the new links and new way some weapons and all that go... it just seems like it should be really cool but we'll see


The more people use the poe2 excuse, the bigger will be the disapointment imo.


Still sane, exile?


Can you imagine it sooner please?


Believe me, I’ve tried!




Dw, it'll release around the same time as HL3.


It hasn't even been three years since the announcement. Covid made those years LONG though.


Man lets be real, 3 years with no release date in sight is not a short time. I think POE 2 will be amazing, but it's more akin to a large expansion than a whole new game. That's a crazy long development cycle.


Is it? It entirely depends on how many people are working on it. For all we know, they could have 3x as many people working on league/expansion content as PoE 2.


To be fair, we were told to expect a beta in late 2020 initially, so being more than two years late with the initial beta expectations definitely does make the wait feel longer.


3 years since poe 2 was a twinkle in Chris’s eye ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|stuck_out_tongue)


I don't have and source for this, maybe I dreamed it, but I remember Chris saying the release date wouldn't be announced until D4 had a release date. I probably dreamed it but, either way I feel like that is what will happen. They clearly want PoE2 to be the Diablo 4 competition.


I’m not sure how this would help their sales - considering that players will likely not play both games simultaneously.


They are probably aiming at few months after to see what people like in D4 and maybe steal some ideas as well as catch the playerbase that came to arpg market and left D4 (for whatever reason) and is looking for something new


Knowing me, I'll play D4 for two months then come back to PoE. I like Diablo but it just doesn't have the longevity that PoE has.


Bruh I want that boss life bar on the top like yesterday


And no off-screen deaths


Don't be so Innocent. The PoE 2 gameplay preview was just a trailer dude. You see the dude fighting 4 monsters at a time, attacks are slow and well telegraphed. On high juiced t16 I bet it will be same shit we have today. Ultra hyper quick game, zooming projectiles all over the place, bunch of spell effects that you can barely see what's going on. I mean I hope I'm wrong, I just think we're too far down on the hole of zoom zoom gameplay.


Chris or Rory explained that it wasn't actually zoomed out. The angle of the camera is inclined to give you the illusion that it is zoomed out.


Gonna be so sick in 2025.


Man I just hope poe2 will be more focused on quality over quantity. Less but better loot, less but harder mobs and so on. I want to pick gear from the ground and actually be excited about it.


Better get rid of those expectations right now. That's Copium speak


Pretty much. Mountains of loot with most of it being straight up ass is pretty much SOP for ARPGs. They do manage to capture the realism of "unique" gear not necessarily being good gear though


poe 2 will be just a big patch, like 3-4 leagues in 1 , but don't set your expectations too high, it's the same game


So basically, you just want a different game that PoE...


Expect a slightly bigger version of 3.0 (that added six acts and pantheon).


PoE 2 is the new Half Life 3.


It's far from being anything like Half Life 3.








For the life of me, I can't figure out why more people don't mention this. POE is, by far, the closest viewing angle of any ARPG I've ever played. You should easily be able to see Maven's entire arena.


Damn dude this has been my #1 wish for the game FOREVER. I know they already did it once a long time ago but it's still way more zoomed in at max than ANY other ARPG i can think of, in a game that needs that kind of limitation the least...


I really hate the default zoom. I feel like I'm forced to use a custom resolution or play in a shrunk window just to see better. Even a slight zoom like when it zooms out in the Sirus fight would be a million times better.






I would love an option to zoom out further. Its something that has bugged me for ages. It would allow far more awareness of things around you and I am certain would save many deaths in the process.


Game is designed, 3d model positioning in mind, balanced with the height of the screen size. This would imply reworking every zone to some extent. There's also a perimeter around the screen where monster and entities get put on pause if they are out of it. Would also need to be adjusted and probably would have an effect on performance in general. It been requested for a very long time but would be hard to implement at this point. So basically, if they just change the max zoom range in config without reworking a large amount of stuff, game would look like shit. The graphic wouldn't be worst but you would see stuff that you shouldn't, like half of a building unfinished because normally it it's half outside of the screen.


aren't widescreen monitors more "zoomed out" ? like when you put your game in windowed mode and you stretch your game on the sides it seems like it's more zoomed out without breaking the game it seems, I always assumed that was how it worked but im not 100% sure


Not exactly zoomed out but you do see more. The game also isnt scaled properly, you can put it into window mode and drag the bottom side up to make the game more rectangular and you will see what I mean. You can see MILES away to the sides then


Which begs the question, how exactly is that efficient from technical standpoint? The game is rendering TONS of stuff you can only see on ultra widescreen, but is rendering them regardless for everybody else, your typical player can only see like small percentage of what's being rendered by your graphics card.


The game probably isn't rendering those things unless you can see them. [Frustum Culling](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden-surface_determination#Viewing-frustum_culling) is determined by the aspect ratio of the display, usually.


It isn't. People are using stupid technical definitions but you literally do see more with widescreen, it is in fact zoomed out, your character is literally smaller. Also there is bannable software that zooms PoE out, the game runs just fine.


You don't need a software, the game literally has ultrawide resolution in it's settings if you add it to your monitor's resolution choices.


Yeah, that zooms it out too. I'm saying there is bannable software where you can maintain your aspect ratio and zoom out. No matter the method, zooming out is perfectly fine lol. People who are saying the game breaks down after zooming out have no idea what they're talking about.


Game rendering efficiency is like a whole type of science, especially for 3D games. Anyone can make a scene, but to make a scene run well is difficult


You get more horizontal field of view from the same distance. That's why I'm probably getting an ultrawide after upgrading my GPU. ~~Advantages~~ Better QoL in lots of games that don't have an FOV slider.


I'm also considering getting myself a wide monitor for my birthday soon, it looks really comfy to play with a bigger fov when i watch streamers or YouTubers with wide monitors


It's really great, I have dual ultrawides and will never look back. Some games don't support them natively but there's often mods to allow it. Streaming applications also usually don't support them so you can end up with both pillar and letterboxing but there's Chrome and Firefox extensions to fix those too.


It really is comfy, I already play Sea of Thieves in a 21:9 window, and I had to play Stray in a custom 21:9 resolution with black bars, because it's unbearable to play with 60° FOV. Also in Lost Ark which is slightly similar to PoE I've enabled the built-in 21:9 toggle and never turned it off.


They are, but there are issues with using the stretched, ultra-widescreen res that some players use. Mobs at the edge of the screen often won't have their AI activated properly, or at least won't be aggressive. That's quite a challenging thing to account for, without having stuff that's well off-screen for the vast majority of players just aggro onto them from miles away. There'd be a tonne of issues linking aggro range to player resolution. I do agree with PoE feeling quite close. It's especially noticeable if coming from another ARPG like D2R. However, speaking for myself at least, I do feel that I adapt to it reasonably quickly, even if it is jarring at first. I'd still like the ability to zoom out further, and the change in camera perspective with the PoE2 footage achieves that feeling really well, even if it isn't actually zoomed out further (not sure if it is, seem to remember them saying that it wasn't actually further, just the higher angle giving better FoV), so they're clearly aware of it and have some stuff in the works. Changing the camera angle is going to have issues with textures and models not being rendered properly, or having gaps, so I could see it being quite a bit of work to implement in normal PoE.


It's the same view distance just a wider view range, can simulate it on normal screen just by playing windowed. It's pretty good if you don't mind stuff looking smaller and you can see monster pausing if you stretch enough. And it's all about the height of the screen size not how wide it is.


I see, thanks for the explanation


> if you don't mind stuff looking smaller So zoomed out


No. You're making the game window smaller. You're not zooming out.


Now imagine how game models would look if you zoomed out.


https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/985323222578909244/1006182211051069450/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/985323222578909244/1006182250255233094/unknown.png Looks the same to me.


Ugh, no, that's not how it work. Things being smaller on your monitor doesn't translate to a farther view distance. If let say you have a 1080p monitor and you stretch the game to fit but with a wider window. The height of the character is still the same proportionally to what it was, it's just smaller because there's less pixels to display it. Think of it like watching a 720p movie on a 1080p monitor. It's smaller but there's the same amount of pixel displayed.


> Think of it like watching a 720p movie on a 1080p monitor. It's smaller but there's the same amount of pixel displayed. This is not accurate. Many more pixels are displayed. I don't know why you're sticking by your argument. Clearly, the game looks the same as it would if you zoomed out. And it doesn't look like shit. Besides, there is software that lets you zoom out and a lot of people I know use that software for several years now. Their game doesn't look like shit nor is there any significant performance penalty. Do whatever you will with this information. Just don't pretend you carry some sacred knowledge no one else does. GGG's stance on this topic is bullshit and it saddens me to see that the majority of the community buys it.


Explain the original Sirus fight then. The game zooms out just fine until you are near an edge , which is why you should not fight Sirus on the steps when you can avoid it. The “limitation” on our ability to zoom out is set too close to the action still. The game can go further, but only does so for certain aspect ratios or particular game scenarios.


Imo yes the default max zoom is too close and feel uncomfortable, I can't argue against that. Sirus zooms out is designed this way, but my guess is the area of the fight was made with the intent to have a farther view distance unlike most of the other areas. It's not that it can't be done, but that it would probably require devs to go check every zone to see where it need some fix.


It's fine performance wise. I play with poe unzoomed past its limits all the time


no, you see there are hypothetical coding reasons why this thing you currently are doing is impossible /s


How do you zoom out past the limit?


Wrote it in another comments. Beware it's bannable


This is such an uninformed take. Ultra widescreen monitors already achieve basically the same thing as OP is requesting, and it's fully supported. You can also play it in windowed mode and stretch it and it will also increase the fov. So no, nothing you mentioned is an issue that needs "reworking"


I just want to zoom out In Uber maven fight. Can't see everything for memory game sometimes




I never said it can't be done, I basically said it would take dev time and tried to explain what could be the possible impact to just switch the max view distance to a different one because op seems to imply it was as simple as changing the number in the config file. At the end, your opinion isn't better or worst then mine on the subject but don't put word in my mouth or intentionally miss interpret what I said to fit your "no bullshit" narrative, it's logical to assume that the game was designed with the view distance in mind, every games are. The way you come at me is annoying as fuck tbh.




Dude even just 10% inc fov would be nice and probably wouldnt impact too much i’d imagine.


I'm not advocating against it, just that it's dev time that is most likely better spent on something else at this point since we slowly moving toward 4.0


Good thing we traded +2 camera radius for +2 cleave radius


This isn't true. Even 1% would greatly impact the game's performance, and would probably affect some mechanical aspects of the game as well. The entire game is built with the FoV and fixed view in mind. They are pushing everything to limit (as games always do) and taking full advantage of the view limitations. The best thing you can do is get an ultrawide monitor. It's a huge difference.




It's not really about breaking the game, it's an optimization issue mostly. The question really come down to would it be worth it for dev to spend time fixing the small details in most zones so it render well with a new view distance in all case, they did design it around the one we have. They probably would have to do an optimization pass too, lowering the number of objects etc. Or would it better to just focus on something else. Like "poe 2" new zones that can be designed with the intent to give a farther view distance from the start. Personally I think the view is too close but I'd rather they focus on making new stuff. At the end it's just a matter of opinion. Just because you have anecdotal evidence that it work just fine, doesn't mean it would work fine as is with a new view distance in all case, quite funny that you say "people in reddit just talk out of their ass without knowing anything lmao" when all you have to back your argument is your personal experience :>


all i was saying is zooming out is not required. game is just fine as it is. there are plenty of things to fix in this game and i don't think zooming is one of them. let them fix performance, game balance, monster balance, build viability, etc. pretty sure nobody will leave the game because they can't zoom out 10 more pixels




i am nothing but a layman , but from working/playing with zoom mods in other games i would expect this is easier said than done. Also more zoom = more stuff on the screen = performance cost = people suddenly screaming even more about shitty performance.


> = people suddenly screaming even more about shitty performance. It's not like there's a legitimate excuse for the state of performance on modern hardware for this game. They just keep throwing in more and more cluttered effects that literally no one is asking for.


PoE is not a game that is bottlenecked by graphics capability. It is bottlenecked by CPU. The expensive part is the logic calculations that have to be made every frame. Yes, the effects aren't helping, but when you have 1000 sparks on screen and each one is cursing on hit and causing herald explosions, you're gonna get slowdown.


Also true




didnt they said already thats its not that easy to do .. like alot more work then just pulling a slider.


Hope it's in poe2, after playing grim dawn for a bit I kept trying to zoom out lol


But but it won't follow Chris Wilson "Vision" like putting in a auction house that everyone wants in the game to have fun. We don't do that around here.


This would be heavily appreciated , stretching a windowed client in certain scenarios to not feel left out for not having an ultra-wide monitor is no fun. Reminds me of the old days in racing , where having an SSD could get you to the end of races minutes before others.


The technology just isn't there, ignore the times when the game does it on its own


Guys, wtf coding stuff are you talking about? You can already see more via windowed mode, wide monitors, or in specific places like gate of templar courts or maven fight. There is literally no need to code anything. Don't try to act smart, you look dumb ffs.


Extending your screen isn't the same thing as zooming out. You're playing on a 16:9 monitor while most games support ultra-wide up to 21:9. You CAN play with a 21:9 ratio on your current monitor, but it's going to look like crap as you probably noticed when you stretched your screen in windowed mode. You can also set your native screen resolution to 1920x800 to achieve the 21:9 ratio. True zoom out would require an immense amount of work and would likely require them rebuilding every zone.


I’m sorry, but this comment is the only thing looking dumb right now. You are confusing zooming out with just being able to see more to your left and right. I’m not going into the specific's because it’s against the rules, but there are already tools that can unlock the camera for this game and let you zoom out. Note, these can get you banned if detected, which they are and people have been banned for using them. The problem goes beyond rendering a few more things that are already “visible”. The terrain breaks, the lighting breaks, the game balance breaks, you can see beyond the render ranges, so many things just don’t work because they weren’t intended to work. Your camera can move behind 2D planes that only render from one direction, your camera can move behind point light sources that aren’t intended to be seen, and so many other things. “There is literally no need to code anything” has to be one of the most ignorant statements I’ve seen in awhile. Tell me you know nothing about coding and game development without telling me you know nothing about coding and game development. It’s not impossible for them to implement it, but please don’t pretend like it’s just a hidden feature they already full implemented and is ready for a production release. You will just make yourself look incredibly stupid.


So these visual artifacts you're talking about, are they present in ultrawide? If not I don't see why zooming out wouldn't be possible, they are already capable of rendering more of the terrain than you can actually see, as evidenced by ultra wide. Surely they could just extend that vertically as well.


Some are, some aren't until you actually start pulling the actual camera out. Think of the difference between switching to an ultra wide lenses on a physical camera and not moving it, vs. actually stepping backwards with the camera itself to see more in the same viewing ratio. The ultrawide keeps the camera in the same place, but just has more viewing space left and right. Now pretend that the light source from your photo is right behind you, or there is a wall there. If you move the camera behind the light source or the wall, you can get some very unintended effects to your photo. You can see some issues with ultrawides for sure, but it's not really enough to cause a problem. Mostly just objects not being rendered out so far away from a wall or things. It's not until you actually start pulling the camera "back" out in space so you can see more on a more standard 16:9 ratio that things can really get outside of the scope the developers intended.


I love when people with no coding experience talks about it. Would it be relatively easy? Maybe, don't know how their stuff is programmed and if its just being held together by hopes and dreams. Could be easy, could also require something difficult. Code in one area, even affecting a number unrelated to something else, could break that something else. Would it require no code? No, thats not how it works, there would at the very least be a little. Its not just a slider they have called "zoom slider", if they want to change anything they need to code. Finally, you can see more on ultra wide monitors, if you could zoom out more on normal monitors you could see even more on ultra wide, maybe the issue with zooming out isn't the normal monitors, but because making it zoom out would screw stuff up for the ultra wide? I could be wrong, maybe they could just flip a switch, but you don't know either. There's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than what it may appear to be. Dont assume everything is as easy as it may seem. Depending in what you want to do, and with what programming language, it could take thousands of lines a code to make a window pop up that has a pink triangle on a blue background. Could be their code just isn't in a position to do that. And those ones you're talking about zooming out forgive me if I'm wrong, but those are small areas? Performance issues perhaps? Don't know, nobody really does, except for GGG.


It's literally a float for camera position lol But I agree, the game is balanced for it's current zoom level and decreasing the zoom just breaks the game as it is right now. It looks like in poe2 they've moved it out slightly but that may just be teasers


This is the most fucking ignorant comment on here. Do you even know anything about game design or coding languages?




Altering the game with cheat engine is guaranteed to be a bannable offense


That will definitely get you banned. Modifying the game memory is a big no-no, I'm surprised they don't even have measures against that.


I'm surprised it's not actually officially supported in hideout, it makes placing decorations so much easier. Camera rotation would be even better


This has existed since open beta. You won't get banned for just that


How to get banned from a) the game and b) the subreddit in one easy step.




Doesn't mean they enjoy it, just notifying people that it's bannable.


Says the /r/conspiracy user All I did was tell them their comment was highly likely to get them banned. Grow up/touch grass/etc/etc


I'm playing in a narrow window since I discovered that I can see much more that way. I doesn't help up / down that much but still a much better experience.


10-20% zoom out would be fine


GGG: "No."


As a classic 4:3 enjoyer, agreed


Heroes of the storm had that ... then they let us zoom out like 15% and it felt like a world diffrence. Its insane what 15% zoom can do. And dont give me "but rendering" monsters can offscreen you already. It think its fair we see what is killing us


I still don't understand why they're saving THIS tweak for POE2 specifically. Sure some maps might have visible borders then but... So what? This game already has so much visual spam that it wouldn't be noticable. Everything in the game in the last few leagues feels like it was designed around being able to see it coming when you literally cannot.


They need to balance the game properly by letting us zoom out more. Stop giving a literal P2W advantage to ultrawide monitors. As a company that reputes themselves so highly on not being P2W, fucking fix that shit.


But 8k tv, play in 1080 window, drag window to left and right edges of screen.


This would be a technical and balance nightmare. I assume performance would decrease by 90% at least.


Bullshit, back in the early days when the game was even more poorly optimized, a decent portion of the playerbase used zoomhacks before GGG figured out how to detect them and it didn't cause any performance issues at all. What it did do is give a huge advantage to bow characters, especially tornado shot.


They won't, can't see mtx if you zoom out


I want to believe!


I don't condone this, but when I first started POE way back on release, there were apps(cheats/hacks) that allowed you to zoom out more than intended. Mobs would be spawned in but have no AI at certain ranges, so a ranged attack could kill them with no risk, and you could aim for them knowing where they all are. I assume the main reason we don't get further zoom is because the mobs still spawn in the same way.


You could just cap the zoom out distance to the distance where monsters stop working. It would still be a huge improvement and you wouldn't run into this problem. The real reason is, as others have said, graphical fidelity / bugs. The game would break in so many ways GGG would have a shit ton of effort. Which is no reason not to do it, it's just the reason why it takes time.


more of a reason is server load. You cannot keep the monster active area as big as the screen size because that would mean you could just freeze stuff by kiting, so zooming further out means more of the world needs to be kept alive (monster ai, projectile tracking etc).


If you read what I said, my proposal wouldn't require more server load at all


Imagine trying to zoom out on a console. Which is already thermal throttling. And getting 10fps. Consoles were a mistake, and they make the game worse.


It's an ARPG. The entire game is built with the fixed view in mind (the resolution of the world, art assets, effects, characters, AI). That's why you can zoom in but not out. This will never happen. Get an ultrawide - you'll never go back.




Dude I've been a dev for decades, I'm not just making stuff up. I'm telling you they likely won't do it for the reasons I've said. There is a very carefully controlled render budget. Such a change would involve potentially massive rework. Any third party hacks that allow zoom out will also show visual artifacts (tile popping etc). The game has been built from the ground up to service the locked view. You will see this happening in other ARPG's when you use an ultra wide - D3 and D2R for example both have the issue (which is why they limited the screen view in D2R on ultra wides). PoE's engine, in contrast, deals with ultra wide resolutions perfectly. That's apart from the obvious ToS violation. Anyone using those hacks is risking their account. But don't let the truth stop you nerd raging.




I don't know what else to say to you bud. The issue is much (much) more complex than you understand. If this is the hill you've chosen to die on... All the best. I hope I'm proved wrong.


There’s non technical reasons why ggg wouldn’t want to zoom it out. I mean there’s a reason they picked the current zoom level. Presumably because they like it.


I’d like the screen to zoom out when using flicker strike especially if it chains and clears a large mob


I wish ggg could just come and give a proper answer sometimes. We all know the answer though: technical debt. They probably have a bunch of systems that rely on currency proportions and the time investment to let you zoom out would be better invested in more important stuff.


Gigigi hates zoom.


This would be an indirect buff to ranged builds, or a nerf to melee if you think about it proportionately.


don't worry they would just design longer range monster attacks so we could get out of screen oneshot with even more screen clutter and less fps.


At the very least give us more info on the minimap. Flame dashing right back into a pair of mega essence monsters is gonna be some early league pain i'm not looking forward to repeating.


GGG please let us have the option to turn off our own skill graphics, its fries my pc