The art symbol used in the flanks of the Unique Item Name header in this Cloak of Flame teaser is nonstandard. Instead of the usual "leaf and flower" iconography, it uses the (koru) spiral icon typically reserved for Relic Unique Items. [Here is a comparison,](https://i.imgur.com/fje5Rzs.png) with: * the header from this teaser on top; * an example Relic header in the middle; and * the current "leaf and flower" display on the bottom. The koru spiral has a lot of associated lore, notably as the mark of corruption or the sign of The Beast. [Even the Harbinger word for "The Beast" is a spiral.](https://i.imgur.com/TEGc5x8.png) Maybe this teaser's header icon is merely similar and not an actual koru, though. Regardless, it's different than normal.   *Update:* The player escupie figured this out! This is a crazy UI scaling quirk. Running the game at higher resolutions (e.g. escupie tested at "3840x2160 and 192 dpi") will transform the standard "leaves and flower" iconography into the koru spiral iconography.


So the actual teaser was the new icon


i swear i've seen this art for uniques elsewhere EDIT: https://old.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/udbmpu/i_decided_to_try_and_double_corrupt_a_mageblood/


Bruh you have crazy visual memory wtf


Even the OP's other unique items has the same art as well. https://imgur.com/a/FQnnUdq [https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/udbmpu/comment/i6h523d/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/udbmpu/comment/i6h523d/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


Huh this is actually crazy


Wat. Weird. Maybe it's a visual flag for tracking items acquired by certain means? Have mymultiboxbot.exe running and unis drop with this border. They then trade and sell it via RMT inheriting the plague of different borders and now the devs can follow it's lifecycle a little via an internal and visual flag? Iunno


I believe its the old version of what uniques all looked like back a few years ago, and the Console versions never switched over. Currently, its the icon for all relic uniques, but with a different gradient


This user has them on PC


Holy shit. I swear it's something I had never noticed before. I hope we can collect more info and rule things out as we do so.


i was like "oh man, I hope poorfishwife sees this oh...."


tikiheme sees all


not actually new, it seems. You can find this frame on some items at least in 3.17, probably older but I haven't done any real research edit: well shit, this is a little weird. its existed since at least 2016. Something's fucky


Crazy. Just fired up the game a 2160p and indeed the icon is quirky. It also krangles the symbol for rare items in quite an exquisite way.


While this change doesn't exactly blow my dick off, I will say that if the 100 unique buffs are on par with this kind of change I am at least cautiously optimistic


They turned a complete shit item into one I'd actually consider using if I got one early in a league on my first char Nothing hugely gamechanging, I probably still won't use one in the forseeable future, but reworking useless levelling uniques is still good even if they're never going to be endgame viable, especially with people being upset about the acts being harder.


The problem with unique armours is simply that a 6L is better and you don’t want to use fusings on a “meh it’s ok” armour


Yeah, but most people at 18~30 or whatever range this item is really relevant don't have 6l. Those of us regularly beating pinnacle bosses each league are not the typical player. I doubt most players see a tabula Plus that 40% is just high enough that I could see some POB wizards doing some bullshit


Yeah, if you can get to 100% conversion there are some neat options maybe, particularly with Arctic armor and Res cap boosting. Focus on raising fire res, get melding, have like 82% all res and like uhhh. Mmm I forget how many other sources of phys to fire there are, but at least like 70%+ conversion is kinda easy if you find a way to excuse fitting this on Chieftain. Now it's still probably not good enough because it needs more ES or life, like good god you're giving up a crazy amount by having no effective defenses on the chest at all, but at least there's some ghost of a chance for relevancy, not something that could be said about it before. Unless my wildest dreams are true and this is some OP bullshit crafting league where we can modify uniques.


I don't think you go with Melding, but with Transcendence and then pick up Taken as Fire Damage on everything that you can. You can get: 40% from Cloak of Flame 20% from Cheiftan Notable, Tasalio, Cleansing Water 20% from Dawnbreaker shield (along with 20% Lightning and Cold to fire, you can pick up another 50% Cold/Lightning to fire from Lethal Pride and the last 30% from Sublime Vision with Purity of Fire) 10% from Veiled Prefix on helm, or from Warlord influence 8% from Eater of Worlds Implicit on Helm (Worth noting that '30% of Fire Damage taken Recouped as Life' is a Searing Exarch helm implicit) The other 2% Phys taken as Fire can come from Lethal Pride as well, with the correct seed it can roll 5% Phys taken as Fire on notables. There is also Corrupted implicit on shield for 8% Phys taken as fire. So, you can get 100% Phys, Cold and Lightning Hits taken as Fire. Stack the Max Res with Purity of Fire so you'd have 90% damage reduction from essentially all sources (Except Chaos, but CI/Zealot's Oath is an option). e: This would make Ruby Flask essentially '20% less damage'


You can get way over 100%. 20% Chieftain 40% buffed CoF 10% PoF Watcher's Eye (possibly another 12% from PoEle) 20% Dawnbreaker (up to another 8% with corrupt) 10% Korell unveil helmet (also up to 10% on Eater implicit) And that's just fire. There are some uniques that can get to high conversion% if you're looking beyond just fire (ie Darkscorn 25% phys-as-chaos). I was thinking about something goofy involving Formless Inferno, this pushes me further in that direction.


It's definitely usable on the Reap Dawnbreaker Chieftain for sure


I honestly think LC is going to get similar treatment and that's gonna be where the bullshit begins, because as it stands it's so, so much worse than this item with actual tradeoffs and is actually rare. But even if nobody makes it work in maps, a levelling unique that's also good for HC/Hard mode(lol)/Private Challenge leagues is gonna get used by *someone* >Unless my wildest dreams are true and this is some OP bullshit crafting league where we can modify uniques. oh cool, I'm not the only one who immediately jumped to thinking of that based on the league name.


some dude allready did the math, with this chest we can now convert all damage except phys dots and chaos to 100% fire damage, yes, even lightning and cold. This new chest could create a whole new branch of really thicc HC builds.


With recombination and timeless jewels we were already doing that last league, can confirm it's very tanky


With recombinators, it was possible to really stack it, you could get 20% on head and 20% on chest, I think 30% if you did insane stuff. But gloves and boots and amulet don't offer anything, your best bet is to use Chieftan with certain keystones.


ruetoo did a 100% phys, light, and cold taken converted to fire build this league apparently.


The other thing is that i routinely get to maps with a 4 link because hunting for a 5 or 6 link is just less efficient than to continue playing. Few skills have really the need for more than 3 supports during the campaign...


Hell most of the corrupted six links I drop are better than like 70% of unique chests even on a build the uniques work on.


Here are the buffs for the 99%. But people are like "3 alch shards, trash, worse than mirror tier eldritch implicit chest". Jesus


transforming a 1 alch unique into possibly a 1 chaos unique is basically what I wanted them to do anyway


Agreed. I want the unique uniques to be able to be built around but not meta quality and the stat stick uniques to be useful but easily replaceable and this is a great example of the latter.


100% phys taken as fire builds are actually build-aroundable as it enables full efficiency of Brutal Charges. It's core to the Dawnbreaker Reap Chieftain spec.


yep, theres only a few uniques you can drop while leveling that make you excited, usually its one of the many desired leveling uniques (tabula rasa, goldrim, wanderlust, all the weapons which requires a lot more rng obviously as you want to drop a weapon you can actually use) it would be nice to have more exciting drops while leveling.


Don't forget about the Berek's rings. Requires level 20 but adds enough flat damage to carry non-minion builds for quite a while. A minimum roll on them is still as good as a level 8 Added Cold/Lightning Damage Support, supporting all Spell/Attacks.


If this remains tier 5 rarity, it's a 1 alch unique. Look at how good Wasp Nest (T4) is. How widely used it is early by characters all through the 80s and even to level 93 or so. How hard it is to craft better. That's 3c day 1. T5 is (about) 2.1 times as common as T4. Even if this item was made Wasp Nest power (and it hasn't been; this is more a buff to Searing Touch level) this is alch shards by day 2. Which is fine.


The idea that trade value for uniques is a good representation of their worth is a silly metric to use in the first place, which might be what you're implying. A 1 alch unique can still be build enabling in a niche build or elevate an under-serviced mechanic from useless to build defining.


I'm fine with some worthless items being very good. Black Sun Crest comes to mind especially in 3.17.


You have to remember that a lot of the shrillest complainers like to complain for it's own sake rather than for any real reason. FFS we had people stanning Blizzard as some great paragon of customer respect and design like Diablo Immortal isn't fresh in everyone's minds.


There were people claiming that the manifesto was equivalent to Diablo Immortal's monetization. Nerfs = Tens of Thousands of dollars in gambling for power to these people.


Probably not mega useful for most builds, but possibly very good for a niche build somewhere. That's what I like to see with uniques a lot of times.


I’m with this guy, let’s go GGG! Time for some dick blowing! Seriously tho, I agree with you, seems like a decent rework and I’m interested to see what else they’ve come up with. 👍


"Time for some dick blowing!" taking headhunter to a whole new level LMFAO


"you know, i'm something of a headhunter myself"


> Time for some dick blowing! it's never not time for that


Realistically speaking, I would predict 10-15 reworked uniques will see a significant increase in their usage in hig-level mapping. The rest will improve the overall early game and leveling experience. Those big-name reworked uniques will be content-specific uniques. The Perfect Form, Starforge, The Queen's Hunger, almost any of the expedition uniques, and The Tempest's Liberation are all prime examples of uniques that are content-specific and hard to acquire/rare.


Honestly if they made it so most uniques are a "oh nice" while leveling it'll be a W from me.


I mean right now in early acts cloak of flames dropping is like "cool an alch shard". With the rework it's like "oh 40% phys as fire is a pretty good defence, I'll rock this till like act 6 probably"


I'm predicting they buff Oni Goroshi just to torture us.


Oni Goroshi omni fire conversion lacerate inquisitor


yeah, oni-goroshi can be dual wielded!


If you equip both, then you have to listen to two goddesses bickering all the time. I'd farm them.


if they buff the ever living shit out of starforge i know what i am going to leaguestart


Bet they buffed some real shit ones a lot, which still won't see any use, and posts them to make people hype about big buffs. Then most will barely be buffed


Agreed. 40% phys mitigation is quite a bit.


You pair this with other sources of conversion and increased max res and you basically don’t need armor at all.


20% chief plus this you're already at 60% phys taken as fire and massive amount of fire res. that opens up a lot of possibilities for me in ssf with almost no investment


Pretty good early game defensive option


Let’s blow some dicks!!


This is the Poster chill Buff. Sadly, they tend to be cooler if they make an announcment.


They clearly cherry picked a good one to showcase here. How about they just dump all of them instead of teaser crap like this.


This exactly. I'm hyped. I want more!


40 phys taken as fire is actually pretty strong. Since it's global phys and not physical hits taken as


Is this a boneshatter buff


I dunno but CaptainLance made a [Boneshatter Raider](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH-VbhsJU1I) that converts all of its damage taken into elemental damage so maybe?


The real Boneshatter buff is Arctic Armor, it mitigates a lot of the self-damage.


some lunatic might find a use for this with a full phys taken as ele build, but the practical answer is no. There are already good ways to mitigate boneshatter recoil damage that don't otherwise suck (and jugg too I guess). Doesn't do a thing for boneshatter's main problem of how hugely reliant it is on hitting a boss for 10 consecutive seconds before it starts doing real damage. Basically the poison concoction problem without being a ranged skill.


Lunatic here. I had a 100% phys to ele chieftain with transcendence to mitigate boneshatter. I used Lightning Coil and this is 10x better. There's no negative resistance on it, which makes using Melding a bit easier, and it's an energy shield base which means I'm one step closer to being able to use chaos inoculation. And finally the conversion is ⅓ better, which makes crafting the helmet way easier.


It being ES base doesn't really help much when its providing like 50-60 ES only for a body armor slot, but yea 40% conversion is big and its only a low level unique. Even finding this while leveling will feel strong


Just FYI, it's possible to achieve 100% cold/light as Fire with a Sublime, which means you can skip Melding entirely.


Using 100% phys to fire conversion and transcendance might be very strong though. Formless inferno (8%), chieftain (20%), shield converting 20%phys to fire, this armor (40%), makes 88%. "Just" have to find another 12% (10% purity of fire watcher'eye ?) and you reach 100%, and super strong elemental resistance.


It now competes with the new gravicius mod for that role. Could maybe be used by some who do not run perma taste of hate or Tasalio as in substitute to the lightning coil


> some lunatic might find a use for this with a full phys taken as ele build *steps forward*


My current goal is transcendence templar feat searing purity, I'm still trying not to need this but it's nice knowing I have the option


Hey at least i don't have to worry about fitting determinations on my builds with the new reservation nerfs :^ )


Petition for replacing the "damage taken from hits" with just "damage taken" on more of these uniques. It always sucks so hard when you look at something and realize that bleeds and some other sources will still melt your face off, until you are immune to everything lol.


The icon for unique item has changed


The new icon looks more modular like influence icons. Maybe uniques will have different kalandra influences.


Speculation obviously but we have not had a designed to go core league fir a while if we can modify uniques some how its possibly designed to go core


And it's not even symmetrical oh god




Considering this is level 18, its actually pretty strong for the early game especially helping out early game ignite with some survivability baked in.


You usually don't have much resistances while armour/evasion works pretty good that early upd. wait the cloak itself gives \~70 fire resistance, also on 18 lvl 100 fire damage reflect would be noticeable


Yeah, if you don't need all six links from a tabula while levelling (and at level 18 a lot of builds don't) then this is a really good amount of defense.


If your skill needs 6 links during the campaign - is it actually good?


It's not just from hits too now, this is big mitigation for bleeding. And don't forget we should be getting Ultimatum back this league, which means Tempered by War + Divine Flesh is a thing again through Mahuxotl's Machination where you convert 100% of Cold/Lightning damage taken to Fire/Chaos and just scale Fire/Chaos res (normally on Chieftain, since they get 110% fire res for free, and another 20% phys taken as fire). This will be a great addition to the build, since you will likely have far above regular fire res. I think focusing in on the identity of uniques and amping those up is a great way to rebalance them. So many uniques just have random stats on them which don't really need to be there. That being said, this method of rebalancing does have the age old issue of no life = unusable, so hopefully in cases where the unique isn't defensive in nature and substituting for HP by itself (like here) this is accounted for, or like people have speculated the lake of kalandra is going to let us change uniques in some way and put some HP on them. EDIT: As someone else has pointed out you can get 100% cold/lightning converted to Fire with Searing Exarch shield + Shaper jewel.


Brass dome has no life either and it is a thick body armour.


Brass dome has life. Negative life.


Not for omni!


I'm specifically talking about other uniques they will be rebalancing that aren't defensive in nature. Cloak of Flame doesn't need HP, but a lot of other uniques do.


We aren't likely getting Ultimatum back this league. Chris said in the 3.18 ZiggyD post stream interview they have big plans for Ultimatum coming back but it's not necessarily going to happen soon. My assumption is when it does come back it will be in a Vaal themed league.


Didnt chris literaly said ultimatum comeback will take a few leagues the last league????


A lot of folks have been assuming that Ultimatum is one of the 3 old leagues with big updates in 3.19 (not sure if there's actually been anything specific about it from GGG). We'll have to see, I personally hope it's 3 other league mechanics since I didn't enjoy Ultimatum.


Does that include leagues currently implemented? cuz fuck torment needs to leave or change. I only ever feel bad interacting with it. Ooooo, hopefully they don't touch shrines. I really like boppin hard on em if my builds feel a bit weak.


The quote from Chris Wilson was; "we're looking at three old leagues in the game, like three pieces of content that were previously released, including one that was released relatively recently, and giving them a coat of paint, revamping them". Ultimatum is really the only "recent" league with much need for an update, I think, unless Scourge is coming back. Ritual, Expedition and Heist are pretty much fine (aside from the problems folks have always had with Heist), although Harvest could be one revamped (fitting with Bex saying something in 3.19 would make TFT much less relevant).


Did they say we’re getting Ultimatum this league? Because I don’t think we’re getting it this league lol. It’ll come when they think it’s ready which could be whenever.


Chris and Bex both said a little while when Sentinel was coming out, nothing else since. I'd also be surprised if they meant this league by that.


Cloak of Flame has actually been used in HC in endgame in the past despite it not having life. I think the bigger problem here is no suppress on chest in current meta = unusable. That being said, this is: - 40% phys as fire here - 20% from Dawnbreaker - ~15% from helmet that adds up to about 75% phys taken as fire without having to rely on watcher's eyes or special legion jewel mods, just straight out very-SSF viable phys mitigation. Do it on a Chieftain and it becomes 95% phys as fire. If only molten shell wasn't so strong it would almost justify not running Determination anymore... You could also justify running the combo on a Raider for example, nearly 75% phys mit is plenty, and it'll be actually doable to suppress cap with it.


Chieftain does have easy use of Immortal Call, which suddenly looks a lot better when dropping your endurance charges doesn't leave you a sitting duck to phys damage.


You could even run the alternate quality one that swaps the scaling Phys reduction for elemental reduction there.


They seem to be trying to get away from having everyone think suppression is mandatory for every build, same as before it was introduced and dodge was popular but only for some builds. Of course we need better/more alternatives for left side builds until that can be properly realized


You can get 23% on helmet in current league, and 18% without recombs


Yeah, my point was SSF viable next league though, you could also corrupt the shield for example


Then you can use Transcendence, The Formless Inferno and ~~Tempered by War~~ and be immune to damage EDIT: Never mind, thought Transcendence was on passive tree


You can't use loreweave with this though and with nerfed melding the -Max res of transcendence will be really hard to overcome


You can't have both Tempered by War and Transcendence since you can't have two Timeless Jewels.


...how can you get transcendence and tempered by war on the same build


Yeah my bad, thoughy Transcendence was on passive tree. I've updated my comment


On the bright side, mini-transcendence can now be acquired by forbiddens on Chieftain!


[You don't even really need the Machination to entirely convert cold and lightning damage](https://www.reddit.com/r/PathOfExileBuilds/comments/urvvn5/take_only_phys_and_fire_damage/)


Oh neat, yeah you can convert basically all damage taken to fire this way.


How sure you would say you are about ultimatum coming back? Didn't played that league and I honestly miss that clunky Shield


I think I'll take basically solving all of my phys damage issues without needing armour over whatever life I would get on a chest. Anyone on the Right side of the tree can just take this and run purity of fire instead of Determination, it's great.


Lightning Coil on a suicide watch.


If Cloak of Flame got reworked, chances are Lightning Coil will be reworked as well. It's on suicide watch now, but I don't think it will be there for long.


Lightning Coil now has +10% to maximum Lightning Resistance and no penalty to lightning ressitance.


Lightning Coil + Melding would instantly be the meta for a lot of characters if it was buffed like that, lol. I think they will remove the penalty or make it less harsh along with some other numerical buffs. Wait and see.


Making strong unique worth using is the idea. :) Not just alch shards received from better looking item.


Was looking for this, up you go. Hopefully it will get rebalanced too !


What's really interesting here is that buffing uniques, plus the lore of the league, implies strongly that the league mechanic interacts with uniques in some way. What if it's possible to get some life on that thing, or to move the phys as fire to another unique chest?


Moving item mods' onto a new base would be interesting for sure, making the copy mirrored, and it would make the 40% actually relevant if it's not on a 50 ES chest!


Very nice. Removed ignite chance, but increased fire resistance, ignite duration, and most importantly: 40% physical damage taken as fire. This is now a great item if your build struggles with physical damage reduction early on. Hopefully, all of the rebalanced uniques have their unique mechanics improved on this level.


> Hopefully, all of the rebalanced uniques have their unique mechanics improved on this level. If this is the actual level, it will have exceeded my expectations greatly. This could actually be useful all through leveling and in some builds a good stop gap if phys taken as ele is the defensive layer you are wanting to optimize around.


It may not even be a stop-gap, this currently is, if I'm not wrong, the best source of phys to x of any item without a severe downside and taking up a slot.


Yeah! It reduces some of the impact of the Dawnbreaker nerf, and a 30-39% physical damage reduction for DOTs is always nice for Arn's Anguish spec. Generic phys as X (not hit-only) is pretty rare.


This chest is good enough to wear it at least to yellow maps, even with no other investment, this chest gives you 30% less phys damage taken. That's pretty thicc on survivability.


Yeah the 40% phys as fire was what stuck out to me. That is an absolutely huge amount of phys damage mitigation. Makes up for the lack of life. Be really good on a build that can get up to 90% fire res.


Also increases effectiveness of your granite flask


Hmm. Jank Chieftain builds incoming.


I mean this is a lot of pbys as fire taken on a budget. Chieftain+this+Dawnbreaker is 80% Phys as fire, and it will barely cost anything


Did chieftain get buffed to 20?


Yeah, a while back.


with more investment, can get a shield corrupt and an elevated helmet mod for 100% conversion. Then you get to completely ignore getting armor. There's even watcher's eye mods for purity of fire/elements.


Yeah, the remaining 20 can come from several sources. What's interesting is that you can get 100% Phys, light and cold as fire with the right watchers eye mod and Tempered by War, although honestly trnascendence might be a very good option as well. Then you go CI and now you can only take fire damage loool. Purity of fire and ruby flask stonks


And if you do want it to cost something: sublime vision (purity of fire version) + tempered by war + perfect dawnbreaker = 100% ele as fire, and not just from hits. Toss in watcher's eye and a helmet with phys as fire when hit, and get 100% cold and lightning as fire, 100% phys as fire when hit (60% for dot, but pick up bleeding / corrupted blood immunity wherever), 90% fire res (probably not hard since you're using sublime vision) and a ruby flask with some flask effect. Total: all hits taken as fire or chaos (CI probably not worth it), no need for lightning/cold res, 90% fire res (effectively 93% with flask up or mageblood), chieftain regen. Seems worth the lack of life on chest to me, and obviously armour is irrelevant, but probably not worth the cost of a near-perfect dawnbreaker and sublime vision.


This is a good start, lets inject another dose of hopium


This is good design, strong phys mitigation early on without pushing mid-late game power creep. This chest will likely see little endgame usage, but that's where chase uniques and crafted rares *should* shine. For builds that aren't building armour, this is a solid one-stop-shop for phys mitigation until you can get a good 6l. If other uniques are this pushed defensively it will go a long way to building workable defenses at league start, ideally on bases that don't take up a 6l slot...


It's seriously impressive. 40% physical to fire is a serious defensive layer. ALSO, it's not physical damage from HITS. This includes DOTS, which is HUGE. Lightning coil was popular for a while because of the 30%. The ignite duration and fire resistances can be neat as well. Now don't get me wrong, this is not an endgame solution, but if you have some damage conversion already and use something like petrified blood (has troubles with DOTs), purchasing a 6L cloak as a mid-term solution will be a powermove. Not sure how to utilize the ignite though.


> Lightning coil was popular for a while because of the 30% LC was at 40% when it was popular. It got nerfed to 30% and usage dropped to near 0%


It got used in delve league to push past the 6k depth cap.


Seriously...the 40% nerf was in 2014. LC hasn't been used in 8 years.


It was used in immortal build during delve, but that's it.


Ignite will remain on corpses, so there's a lot of effective proliferation potential. EO ignites will stay longer on targets. I'm myself ignite enthusiast and this chest piece makes me warm inside


This will likely be my leveling chest for literally every build until maps. Unless arma/crema get dumpstered for some reason, getting a 6L arma setup in this with the extra ignite duration is going to be amazing pre-maps. Easy fire cap for massive phys mitigation early, never have bleed flasks setup at 18.


>Not sure how to utilize the ignite though. Replica Emberwake


I'm mostly just impressed that they turned a largely useless, even on SSF, unique into something genuinely build defining. If they are consistent and we get even just a dozen reworks into build defining uniques it should make for a very interesting equipment meta (and a lot of time for me theorising in PoB).


Isn't getting this w. "Ignites expire % faster" an exponential multiplier? Idk where you could get a lot of it though.


Ignites deal damage % faster can be found on: - Fire cluster right from witch - Hunter boots and scepters - Eldritch implicits on boots - Implicit mods on rings (synthesised) - Burning damage medium cluster jewel (2 notables = around 15%) - Dyadian Dawn belt (for attacks) I stacked a lot of this stat on my latest character in SSF. If I interpret this stat correctly 100% faster ignite halves its duration but gives huge boost to dps.


I'm surprised you didn't list Dyadian dawn


Well it is only for attacks, so that takes out a lot of builds.


While that's fair, the original question was just asking for additional sources without restricting it to attacks or no attacks.


>exponential multiplier What do you mean? Since you can only have one ignite on an enemy at a time, ignite duration is _mostly_ a dead stat -- unless your ignites are running out before you get the chance to apply another, ignite duration is functionally useless. I think you'd have to get a pretty large amount of "ignites expire % faster" (or be running something like replica emberwake that reduces ignite duration by a significant amount) for the ignite duration mod to be particularly useful. The rest of the chest is still really good, though, so it's kind of alright that ignite duration is mostly a dead mod. Edit: As someone mentioned in another comment, ignite duration makes prolif a bit more comfy since the duration applies to the ignite that proliferates from the corpse. I guess that's a pretty nice bonus, even if it doesn't really help with single target at all.


You're wrong about the terms you're using, but this has great synergy with Replica Emberwake.


I'm not sure about being literally exponential, but my understanding is that you're roughly right: "deals damage x% faster" shortens the ailment duration but keeps its total damage the same (so you do more damage in less time), and then increased duration will extend how long that new, bigger DoT DPS keeps dealing damage (so it doesn't "stretch" the damage out over the new duration). Off the top of my head: Dirty Techniques is 10% faster, Deadly Draw is another 10% for bow skills, Dyadian Dawn is 35% for ignite, and there's a Delve mod for gloves that can give 10% for specific DoT types. So a non-bow build that gets to the Duelist area could pretty easily get 55% faster ignite damage for one unique, a glove mod, and the DoT cluster by Versatile Combatant. Not sure what other gear mods exist that could up that number even more, but it's definitely worth taking a look at. I've got most of that on my current EA character and each "x% faster" was noticeable as far as how the build feels to play. EDIT: see below, Betaateb has a much better list that isn't as limited in scope as mine!


For ignites you can get to 107% relatively easily. 20% from Searing Heat and Faster Ignite on the tree, 10% from Gloves mod, 10% from EoW boots implicit, 15% from Hunter influenced Sceptre, 52% from 4x Blowback/Wasting Affliction Medium Clusters. Could get another 10% by allocating Dirty Techniques(probably not worth it over Charisma). Dyadian Dawn doesn't work for a lot of Ignite builds because it is only Ignites from Attacks, not spells.


No, ignite duration doesn't affect damage per second, and faster ignites really just acts as its own multiplier. 50% faster ignites is a 1.5x dps multipler, though it does stack additively with other sources of the same mod iirc. Larger durations don't change this.


It would be really nice to see the old version in the same picture with the new version. Just because I really cannot remember some of these uniques off the top of my head.


Substantial change here! Promising for the other coming changed uniques.


Alright yeah that's really cool, 100% physical damage taken as fire is now like, way easier to get with it right?


Absolutely love it!


Lightning Coil is back baby. Also all Physical Damage not just hits. This is incredibly strong anyone who thinks this is a weak rework is clueless.


Phys taken as ele as a very strong stat even if you're invested into armour. For example, with 4k life and 10k armour, this chest takes your max phys hit from 5.5k to 9.2k and reduces phys dot by 30% at 75% fire resistance. Definitely a strong option for leveling and up to at least yellow maps, would for sure want to 4L this. This makes me curious if Lightning Coil is reworked and what the rework will be (remember, way back LC used to be 40% phys taken as lightning).


Most people sleep on this because they fail to consider that hits being transferred into ele resists also helps a ton with phys mitigation.


seesm like 50% of people posting here are sleeping or came from D3


Pretty good target for double corruption to get +4 socketed gems. Maybe we will see some build using it with Dawnbreaker and Tempered by War to see full fire conversion defence.


Looks great!


I mean this is a sick change. Hope the rest are this level.


This may confirm the teory that Kalandra is the creator of unique items and she is probably a God.


There is lore about her. She is indeed the one making the uniques or copies them from an original.


Where is there lore about Kalandra?


Huh. Yeah, while this isn't setting the world on fire (ironically enough), this is a damn bit better than it was. The fact that it's flat phys>Fire and not just "from hits" is pretty damn nice, given how nasty some of the DOTs we've been seeing are. I was already cautiously optimistic, but I legitimately feel that this Rework might actually fire this time. I look forward to seeing what else they do.


Maybe i can give my old transcendence discharge chieftain another go.


Biggest change would be to up the drop rate of those low level unique a bit, I want to have fun leveling


The frame is different. Might mean something


Yo GGG lets see the buffed phys weapons please


it's not crazy but for a level 18 unique it's pretty strong, some of these reworks might be strong.


its definitely a very strong buff from 20%(from hits) to 40% phys to fire. i'm hoping incandescent heart gets a doubling of its damage taken as, i'm gonna definitely try a build with it if it does.


incandescent heart would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too insane. its already worth using right now.


This + the belt + dawnbreaker + taste of hate or chieftain ascendency is a 95% conversion to ele for hits at least, great easy phys mitigation


New fire cool nice


Whether this is good or not I don't know, but this is what uniques need to be. They need to have stats that truly allow you to consider them over a well rolled rare in the same slot. If it ends up being too good, make it a rarer item and drive the price of it up. Don't nerf it.


I would be very comfortable wearing this until I can find ilvl86 body armor to craft. 30% phys DR is gonna be so huge through leveling and will make those bleeds in acts so much easier to deal with.


I'm trying to look at it from three perspectives First one being endgame. The 40 Phys as fire is nice, but the chest has no life and needs to compete with so many good uniques and stronger rare chests, which can be crafted from temple mod bases. You can use other chests and still get to very high {Phys as ele} %, so this chest isn't essential. It doesn't seem very attractive this way Second perspective as a holdover chest at league start whilst leveling (like between act 4 and act 10). I often judge a piece of gear by thinking if it's worth throwing my net worth (eg 25jews and like 4 fusings) into, to try to get 4L. In a trade league I think some people would, I personally wouldn't. Maybe this is what GGG is aiming for? Third perspective is ssf/hcssfbtw, then hell yeah I think it's worth getting it to 6s 5L and used for early maps So while looking at the chest itself seems meh, I think it's kinda landed exactly where GGG wants it to


Nice work GGG. Can't wait to see the rest. Anyone expecting them all to be endgame viable are delusional.


The passive-aggressive streamers who craft mirror tier items every league shitting on it are pretty cringe.


Damn just a straight big buff AND doesn't only convert hits. Pretty big phys dot mitigation. Dunno if that makes it good enough for any build but if all the weaker uniques are getting gains like this I think MANY will become used. Since this is a Scholars Robe and therefore supposed to be a leveling unique, I can see this being the league they finally increase leveling unique drops in earlier zones. Would be a great item to level an ignite char especially through a4.


GGG Please show ranges on these teasers.


/u/Bex_GGG can you show the current version as well please Here is the current cloak of flame if you want to know what changed: https://poedb.tw/us/Cloak_of_Flame


I like it. I wish all 'taken as' were for global damage, not only for hits (in most instances).


Probably not meta defining, but strong for sure. Bigger numbers on increased ignite duration helps a bit with proliferation clearing. More fire resistance to make it easier to cap resistances and a whopping 40% phys damage taken as fire. At 0 armor and 75% fire res, it translates to 30% less physical damage taken, right? Maybe this will allow ignite based builds to play without investing a lot into armor or using determination? If you are playing a channeling spell or selfcast build, maybe there is some synergy with the buffed Arctic Armour, which will further reduce both fire and physical damage *from hits* while you're stationary. I don't know, I feel like there is potential, we just gotta tap into it.


this pretty much guarantees that lightning coil gets a rework too, since this one has no downside


Yo. This thing is awesome now. For physical defense it's a great piece of gear in a pinch. That's an instant 30% of phys damage gone with 75% fire resist.


Pretty cool. Can reflected damage ignite?


**reflected** damage like from `Reflects 100 Fire Damage to Melee Attackers` cannot ignite melee attackers taken physical damage as fire like from `40% of Physical Damage taken as Fire Damage` cannot ignite you, it used to be the case, but was changed in 3.0 within DoT rework


ever since i started playing mokous embrace always seemed really cool. reminds me of fire mage combustion from wow. i have no idea how ignites work, but aside from the defensive side of this, how good is ignite duration? i see its only on enemies but is that even good? Can i make a fire mage larp build that just machine guns fireballs now?


This is the shit for leveling elementalist now. How to feel tanky in acts? EZ fire res cap and 40 damn % phys as fire. Tabula Rasa is a thing of the past. And slap some ignite leveling skill on top of it.


im blocked by the poe twitter for some reason, despite never having replied to their tweets or posting to them?


Seems like we will get a shit ton of potentially build enabling uniques if this is the direction they are going for the buffs. Also if these are very subtantial unique buffs across the board there is a chance that they were scared to buff a lot of skills because the uniques might buff them too much then. Maybe.