How is Daihatsu Charade?

How is Daihatsu Charade?


My first car and I absolutely loved it! I believe they stopped making it in 2000 though


Ummm...That isn't cheap for a 40 Year old car...You can buy a Suzuki Baleno 1999 Model for 6 lac...You can check it on PakWheels.com


Nowadays duties on cars are too high that's why the new cars cost more than the global prices. These cars are way old they have almost completed their life thats why they are cheaper.


If you could find any in good condition they are still better than those new model alto and cultus in terms of body and durability


Plus it should not cost more than 3 lacs if in best condition


Debatable. Those new cars have a ton of useful features (even in Pakistan). Airbags, abs, looks etc. But yeah obviously if you can't afford them then these old ones are good


Agreed, the new ones have good features but i am only comparing the solid body and strong build. The newer car's body is not very strong they have reduced the the mass to make it lightweight.


My family had this car, a two-door version. Love it! It worked well for 10+ years. We even drove on it all the way to Northern areas like Naran (back in 2004 and 2012), but like all cars it got worn out, eventually the steering column became quite stiff and the chassis started to rust. I guess if you find one in good condition it will be fine I guess. Just don't get a two-door car, it gets uncomfortable to duck into the backseat.


You think that's cheap for a ~40 year old car!!!! It's a cry for help. Either you're crazy or this was a r/woosh moment for me.


Now see, This car would be worth like 150 bucks in America, here in Pakistan vehicles are so expensive, even old ones, and Charade happens to be pretty cheap and it stood out to me. I mean you have freaking sonatas selling for like 70-80 lac when their actual worth is like 45-50. I hope you get my point


Maybe check out the listings for yourself before creating a false dichotomy whereby you’re too *woke* or the OP too crazy. That’s not how it works… Here’s an official listing of a [Charade](https://www.olx.com.pk/item/daihatsu-charade-1985-iid-1039213355), and it’s priced at PKR 3.15 Lakh with a **slightly smoking** engine! That’s not saying that the value of the car matches the price, that’s a whole ‘nother argument for economists but the prices themselves are undoubtedly higher in PK. Can’t (and shouldn’t) expect the buyer to do much about that.


I think my grand pa had that car . Are you buying this as antique ?




You will have a hard time finding spare parts of these cars. I’d suggest you to go for an old Corolla EE80, EE90 both are very popular models. Also try asking the same question in PakWheels forums. They may give you a better advice.


Because they're so old. You will have a hard time finding one that's not rusted or damaged or has a plethora of issues


Charade was my first car in the 90's when i was in 11th/12th grade. amazing car. diesel engine solid no issues